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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  March 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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(rocket ship) hey! hey! heads up. thank you! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio >> hello everyone ben dominic along with leo terrell and rachel, and welcome to the big saturday show. predecessors policies. >> the most secure border under president trump and theyer toret all down and not trying to secure the border, they're actually facilitating illegal entry by moving detention centers into welcoming centers how quick can we release them they're not detaining them and releasings them with no covid test.
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>> i.c.e. is now warning the number of unaccompany minors and families in 2021 is expected to be the highest we've seen in over 20 years. this is more than a hundred illegal immigrants released by border patrol in texas during past month have all tested positive for covid-19. republicans are urging the administration to reenstate a national emergency. while house minority leader kevin mccarthy requested a meeting with commander in chief. the president has ordered senior members of his team to head to the border and his administration is now considering housing unaccompany child migrants a at military base in virginia. >> look this is an incredibly significant development in the early days of the biden administration it is a lot of people concerned about the ramifications of the choices that he's made. rachel, i'm curious what your response is to this given everything we saw during the 2020 campaign really allowed the
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then candidate biden to basically ignore any difficult questions about what the ramifications would be for his change in immigration policy away from what president trump was doing. >> yeah, that's such a great point by the way how interesting that he said i'm going to sending my advisorrings down knee to see what's going down at the border from uma or border towns, you would have liked them come down before they reversed the trump policies that are so popular along the border, even in these very hispanic communities. why would you wait until after to go see what would happen? this is a crisis, it is made by him. why would you reverse remaining mexico policy that trump had put in place probably within of the most popular effective policies we've had in a long time along border and i have to tell you ben i'm ang rei as they do this and as they destroy everything that trurp did to bring a little
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bit more calm and order to the border, that they claim that this is humanitarian. this is an outrage. what they're doing by insent vising desperate parents to not only come with their children but in many cases alone with drug cartels, is slot obscene. it should not be allowed that they can claim this as humanitarian opposite and it is dangerous as they try to hold donald trump accountable on every child who was separated from a parent they too should be held accountable for every child killed along this dangerous border. >> leo to rachel's point one of the lines that we have heard a lot from this administration certainly from jan psaki at the white house is basically that the trump policy was inhumane she said that over and over again she uses that word inhumane yet we see this situation now happening along the border where we have, you know, facilities that were only
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supposed to have 50% capacity pushed to 100%. we have people being released who then test positive for covid-19. is this really a more humane policy that we're seeing in terms of the approach along the border? and is it really incentivizing thousands and thousands of people to make this trek and to go through the kind of experiences rachel was talking about is that something that can be referred to as humane? >> let me think about that ben, no. this is outrageous this is insulting to every american for preeftion four years donald trump put americans first. joe biden has put a green light at the border and told everyone to come on across the border, if you got covid no big deal. americans have been locked up for over 12 months denied right to go to school, denied the right to open their business, we have been locked up and guess what, we're watching illegal aliens come across the border
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and those same cages in which they krus if crucify trump for d president trump put americans first. joe biden put americans last and this is the point that is so oven the first 45 days of his press -- presidency should be pouking on vaccinating americans first, opening schools, and opening economy. instead, he wants to be the president of mexico and central america. focus on this country first, joe biden. >> so carly toipght ask you a little bit about it this as well and one of the things that i think you should respond to is back and forth between president biden and governor of texas, greg abbott. >> last thing we need is neanderthal thinking in the meantime everything is fine. take off your mask. forget it. it's still marts.
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>> same day he said that in texas, the biden administration was releasing illegal immigrant, illegal immigrants into our communities who had covid. the biden administration was exposing texans to covid, that is nee angder that will type approach to dealing with the covid situation. wow go ahead. >> i think this is so incredible because it is so irresponsible and it is actually not even our border patrol people who were testing them for covid it is nonprofit catholic nonprofits testing those already been released. go ahead. >> the ceo of greyhound bus is concerned because there are people that are getting on -- the greyhound bus that have covid-19, and he's asking for federal funding because he doesn't have you have in money to continue to transport these people. i think the reason the biden administration is even sending folks down to border to scope is
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out because they're not concerned about number of people and not going to reverse their policies in terms of strengthening their borders but concerned a pr crisis of, you know, a group of migrants and border facility in the era of covid-19 without masks, and if a picture like that leaks out what it could look like for him and the comparison to kids in cages. so it is not like he's going to -- continue to strengthen our boartds that's not why he's sending folks down there. a hundred thousand migrants reportedly have been detained by border patrol in month of february that's highest number since 2006. and they are running of space there. they're considering putting people in hotel rooms because they're running of space o.c. this is crisis if you think if you are a strong border person. i do think this is largely going to according to plan for folks within the bide an administration who adopt to see an influx of illegal immigration which is why -- he stopped the border construction stopped remain in
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mexico which was perfect policy to keep people in mexico -- who were going through the -- through the process to come over the country keep them in mexico before having them into the interior of the country all of those things have been filled, of course, a influx of people will come over. >> can i just say then that carly brings up -- >> sure. >> go -- i was going to say carly brings up a good point why people are coming down from biden administration to look and alarmed by democrat politicians at the border area who are saying wow, this is not going well for us they're raising alarms and their concern that they're going to lose their seats if this policy continues because these policies were actually very popular with hispanic constituents in particular along that border. and many of them, by the way are also concerned about the fact that they've stopped border construction. those are jobs. those are jobs that border towns, could using right now --
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coming out of this pandemic so there's a lot of political problems that they've unleashed with this really unwise policy. >> can i just say -- >> went in the same -- >> sure. >> i want to say one more thing. the fashion that leo brought to his answer is really how a lot of americans feel about this. as it relate it is to what president trump did, and i think that president biden should be worried about that in terms of the master's degree term election because he's so far left when it comes to illegal immigration that could very, very much be used in 2022. >> to rachel's point -- >> we'll have a republican house -- we'll have a republican house in 2022. >> absolutely showed itself in 2020 and a lot of those border towns. and regions, the cincinnati is approving a massive covid relief bill today. after a long session with a price tag of nearly $2 trillion. the measure moving forward
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>> welcome back to the big saturday show. the senate today approving president biden nearly $2 trillion relief package as democrats rush to sepgd out fresh round of covid aid. >> i can't hear him. let me -- measure nearly approved in chamber with a vote of 50/49 down party lean bill passage taig a shot at former president donald trump. >> when iftion elected i said we were going get the government out of the business of battling on twitter. and back in the business of delivering for the american people.
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making difference in their lives giving everyone a chance, a fighting chance. of showing the american people that their government can work for them. and pass in the american rescue plan will do that. >> man, i'm going with you first. in law school if i learned most important question is why. there's over one trillion dollars that have not been spent from the previous stimulus bill why was it necessary to pass a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill today? or at least to the senate. >> the answer leo is that it wasn't, it wasn't necessary. in fact, i mean most recent job numbers everything that we have in terms of our indications from economic measures -- all across the board are that america is coming back without the need for a massive amount of government spending. the they thinkings that are in this bill -- they're pretty amazing, i mean,
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i have a list here of all of the different things that are in it that includes obamacare subsidies for six figure earners, 350 billion for blue states which they have half a trillion last year even though their tax revenues haven't dropped off the way they were expected to. you've got 1400 dollar checks and including for people who are in prison for violent creams. it's sort of just a grab bag of all of this manner of pork -- you know huge amounts of spending i'll tell you this, in an evenly divide washington leo one thing that a lot of people are in favor of is spending your money, and that's what just happened here is an enormous expendture totally unnecessary going on to your children's debt, and absolutely something that i think we should find to be completely abhorrent it is not about giving people a fighting chance. it's about bailing out a lot of states that just wanted more money from the feds and from your pocket. >> so true. yes sounds like belting out new
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york and california let me go to carly carly in previous stimulus bill, there was bipartisan support on inauguration day joe biden said he's the president for all americans. tell me and tell everybody else why not a single republican senator voted for this stimulus bill. >> i think it is because of xeangt what ben just outlined. this bill just has a fraction of money allocated to covid-19 relief but it does include millionings of dollars for things like art and humanities and all of that other stuff that doesn't have anything to do what this bill is all about. i also think that -- because so much money has been spent throughout this pandemic, you really drk people become numb to how much 1.9 trillion dollars really is. that is -- that is the tenth of the size of the u.s. economy, and i believe it is the entire size of canada's economy i think ben sasse is person ho pointed out why don't we buy kngd then so
2:18 pm
this is -- we are one year into this pandemic. the economy has greatly is already greatly starting to turn around. so a 1.9 trillion stimulus bill doesn't feel like it fits the crisis at hand. rachel you know what bill has to go back to the house and joe biden is taking a victory lap the $15 minimum wage deleted from this bill is it a fore gone conclusion or will aoc and bock at this when it goes back to the house? >> there's just too many democrat goodies in this bill it will pass and by the way carly we didn't have to buy canada we could just give every american $10,000 which frankly i think would have been better -- than planned parent hood giving money to planned parent hood giving money to, you know, very wealthy institutionings $40 billion went to universities sitting on, you know, billions of dollars of endowments. you know, you can go on and on
2:19 pm
with the social justice farming, by the way. here's what i get from this because ben you brought up an interesting point about our children. this debt is getting passed on our children and common thread crisis with the -- what in thes are willing to do and put children in danger by insent vising them to come to border and what we have seen with our schoolings an our unions, and how they're ruining our children childhood and education by refusing to open up what you see is that democrats are always willing to even sacrifice our children. at the alter of politics -- and ideology -- and power, and that is a really sad statement and i -- breaks my heart to say it but it's true. >> well let me do this. ask a we can question yes or from from each of you is joe manchin new power broker in washington, d.c. ben, yes or no?
2:20 pm
>> absolutely, yes. >> yes. [laughter] >> carly bingo yes absolutely. >> yes. but he does as democrats more than republicans. >> well -- i feel like one thing we should have -- dmnchts party -- >> go ahead, ben. >> one thing we should appreciate about this is look washington no matter what else happens threk be divided they can be gridlocked they can be deadlock on sorts of things but on spending your money time and again they find a way they all find way for washington had it comes to spending your money. [laughter] >> republicans didn't vote for the bill ben this was not a bipartisan bill of spending. [laughter] >> all right well look, guys, there's a new development on double scandals facing new york governor andrew cuomo. this as one of the accusers sits down for an interview and a new report claims cuomo -- on covid deaths in nursing
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only at t-mobile. >> governor cuomo said he's never propositions anybody do you believe he was propositioning you -- >> yes. >> for what? >> he's looking for a girlfriend, he's lonely, he's tired. he asked me if age difference mattered. he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22. i thought he's trying to sleep with me. the governor is trying to sleep with me. >> welcome back to the big saturday show, that was andrew cuomo former ?angt one of three women accusing new york's governor of sexual harassment. meanwhile a pair of bombshell reports reveilings that cuomo's aids pushed to alter data on nursing home deaths in a report
2:26 pm
last july to leave out patients who died in hospitals after being infected at nursing homes. and true extent of the death toll reporting this extraordinary intervention came at the same time cuomo was starting to write a book about his pandemic achievements. so rachel how do you feel about that? i feel like everything is crashing down around governor cuomo because of his own arrogance, the book the emmy, and lindsay boylan said she tweeted her sexual harassment allegation in july when she found out that he was being floated as a potential candidate for attorney general. so it seems like he was rising in the pandemic while everyone else was suffering. >> yeah. and he did it with the complicity of the media i feel bad for these women these sexual harassment charges are sad. i'm sure it was very uncomfortable for those girls. but and those women but the
2:27 pm
truth is, that they are not at the level of 15,000, you know, elderly grandparents diagnose that is the real reason why governor cuomo should go. that is the real reason why he should be in hot water and it steams me that the media continues to put these me too allegations which are bad but not on the same scale as the deaths of 15,000 people. and i think the reason they're not doing it is very obvious they have they want to hold him up as hero and foil against drurch who was doing everything bad and they were on to the fact that things were going bad because janice dean way back in may was pointing the way or parking lot media to lead these investigations. and they didn't want to follow through with it until after the election. and that is wrong -- that is bad. and they should be held accountable for that. the real hero of this story, of course, is janice dean, and
2:28 pm
there are many people who criticized her not just, you know, people on the left but many in the media mean girls in the media who said stay in your lane, and you be, who are you you're just a weather girl. i saw those on twitter. and they should apologize to her she's the hero of this sthoir did it not just for her family and plats form and voice to stand for so many others and it is so nice that it is finally coming to light. but it is coming to light at a very convenient time post donald trump election. >> ace amen rachel bring up the media to take a little walk down memory lane and listen to media coverage of governor cuomo throughout this pandemic. let's take a listen. >> real leadership are the kind of the president of the united states should have provided to the american people throughout this crisis and has not. >> you are only one who is telling us anything you gave us part truth and didn't sugar coat. >> so dehydrated for real leadership when he came on scene you know looking like this big
2:29 pm
italian hunk like wear a mask i'll wear a mask i'll put a mask on every part of my body. >> boy with yeah so ben i was reading some tweets too and anna these qoa moe press conferences are chicken soup for the soul chelsea hanged her you heard she she wrote a love letter to cuomo thanking him for being such an honest leader. respond this however you like but that i think those tweets and that media coverage is definitely something that should get attention today. >> look, you had people calling themselves openly cuomo sexuals. you know they were finding him to be just this like, you know, example of american leadership and manhood and reality was that he was box whole thing he was botching everything. and not just in wayings that can i think be judged now you know in the sense of having 20/20 hindsight but covering up at the time not wanting to fen engage
2:30 pm
with mistakes they have made and yes that scandal really should be at the center of the conversation about andrew cuomo instead shifting to me too allegations, obviously, are serious but 15,000 plus deaths in these nursing homes things that we've known for a long time thanks to conservative media like "the daily caller" eve to give credit to them for reporting this story originally. but this is something that i think just speaks to how biased our media is and how much they were interested in building up people like michael avenatti and trying to sort of use anybody who they could against president trump. >> such a good point. >> should have been paying more attention to what andrew cuomo was actually doing. >> leo i want to bring you in here quinnipiac released a poll they said 55% of new york percent believe he should remain in office. 55 that's high to me. >> let me say simply say this. piferl i agree janice dean is hero but i think you also have
2:31 pm
to look at this i think from nursings home death which i agree rachel is horrible. it is a real story. i think because democrats have basically relied on the bread and butter issue gender politic, me too movement, that's going bring him down. if he's going to be -- going to resign or be impeached it is going to be because of the sexual harassment issue. that woman is credible tremendously credible. she went on national tv and told her story and basically that's out there. so i think yes. the nursing home death horrible situation, should be brought down on that and he'll wiggle out of that he can not wiggle out of the sexual harassment. his ego is mindset of being such a power struggling guy, it is a reason why he'll be brought down on sexual harassment charges. >> yeah. he is facing -- bipartisan pressure to step down to resign, and also facing multiple investigations on both of those front seat so i'm sure
2:32 pm
he's not getting a lot of sleep at night. meantime let's look at this. ebay polls six dr. seuss books from its virtual shelves for violating retailers offensive material policy meanwhile plenty of controversial items including a book by hitler remain on sale. is this evidence of selective censorship. we'll answer that, next. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at at visionworks, we want you to feel safe and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!" but if you get home and your "ooh" is more of a "hmm..." you have 100 days to change your mind. that's the visionworks difference. visionworks. see the difference.
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ebay is now working to block listings of 6 dr. seuss books pulled bit publisher earlier this week after several images were deemed too offensive to remain in precinct and that was according to the spokesperson for the company and despite several controversial works still being sold on the website including a book authored by yep, adolf hitler ebay says that dr. seuss books were removed for violating ebay offensive material policy. all right i'm going to go to you leo for this one first shouldn't consumer just be allowed to decide what they want to read, and is this really the equivalent of book burning? >> as a former school teacher, a lawyer, a person who read dr. seuss books a person who uses dr. seuss books in classroom as a school teacher i'm insulted by this. because i want more information out there. and i'm not offended by negative in those books it was a sign of
2:38 pm
the times. and we have e evolved we are a better country, a better nation and striving to improve and i want to know one thing rachel who is complaining? identify these people i've been asking that all week on fox a first name and last name who is offended i'm not offended. at all and i think that it is wrong this cancel culture has to stop now. >> it is so true. it is such a great point there. they're the minority we're the majority. let me go to another tom topic many people are warning that young writers are self-centering out of fear of being called canceled. now carly i see this firsthand i'm a writer so my kids bring papers to me to edit and what they bring them to me they'll say mom would you edit my paper and i had to write what the teacher says so -- yeah. this is already happens in junior high and high school, so you know, what is the effect what is the cultural effect in
2:39 pm
long-term of this kind of self-censorship. >> i think it is a lot of fear but i heard somebody say it is so true that a majority of americans probably fear that silent minority or i'm sorry that loud minority more than they do the big scary trump supporters. i just in the break i jotted down a few things that have been canceled or deemed controversial over the last year dr. seuss, of course, being one, the muppets formally known as mr. potato head i should say the show cops, actual police, the founding fathers, and paw patrol and all of those things are good and wonderful and lovely things i think that they think that really -- makes cancel culture so terrifying because society never falls back on these they thinkings these ideas get bigger an more progress eve and loud sore question is if these things are getting canceled today what is it going to be like ten years
2:40 pm
from now what are kids going to be saying that are babies now in ten years when they're -- when they're older and then you had a baby so something i'm sure you're concerned about yourself. >> it is also something that i -- very aware of because i read dr. seuss books to my daughter very regularly, in fact, i did just the other night, and i have to say -- that there are two aspects this have we talk about cancel culture but on one hand you have elements of a revolution things that should concern us about the destruction of the past. of individuals held up or put on pedestals literal up as statue and other aspect i think is a better definition of cancel culture which rachel was talking about which is about cans pling people who aren't famous. who haven't been put on pedestals who aren't, you know, at the center of our historical knowledge.
2:41 pm
people who don't have the ability to even defend themselves and people who can be canceled for and a tweet a bad joke you know a tiktok et cetera, and that to me is -- it is part of the same thing. but it is even more concerning in a way because it is about the weakest members of our society it is about youngster, it's about high school earls as rachel says who don't have the ability to go on fox news or to -- to, you know, have a platform to defend themselves they won't have a hoard of people, you know, going out there saying wait a minute no this statue is more valuable. those are the people who i'm most concerned about in this moment because -- as weaker members of our society it is a lot easier to bend the knee easier to go along with what these atore leftist want to direct what you're allowed to say that to me is utterly unamerican and ought to destroy it. >> can i -- drop on his point.
2:42 pm
>> absolutely because -- can i just -- goad what. >> yeah. go ahead. >> what he said is very important. the private citizen cannot be protected but what we're doing right now access deterrent to help present those individuals we talk about the dr. seuss and hopefully this triples down so that there's sort of a slope that helps these people who are just high school student the person who is being basically challenged and they don't have the platform that we have. what we're doing right now i think helps them. having kids that are older what is interesting is self-censorship and live around totalitarian government when you stop thinking for yourself because to you self-sensor enough times you just stop thinking for yourself, and i'm already seeing it so much with young people there's a conformity, that i did not recall from my younger years, that's what scares me are we
2:43 pm
going to come out of for example this pandemic when you know where we seen a lot of this stuff on overdrive. are we going to come out of this looking more like americans or more like chinese and this is a concern that i think many parents have that we're not, we're not hearing enough about. so this is a great discussion but we have to move on because we have a huge yes for everybody out there. can you quit amazon? one woman is giving up the convenience of one day delivery she's a brave woman. but she's calling on the company she's saying they're bad they're bad for small business. and we're going take a closer look at world's large etion online retailer see if you can cancel amazon next. [laughter] ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away.
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. >> welcome back to the big saturday show. a woman who used amazon prime for years says that she's if done with her online shopping membership. joy who is an employee of mine says that she's tired of spending so much time browsing
2:48 pm
cheap products made in chinese factories and may or may not work properly and claims that amazon is bad for small business despite its claim to support mom and pop retailers. but let me ask you, would you be able to give up your amazon prime membership like she did? i mean this is a tough question for all of you carly you're laughing goil to you first. but -- i absolutely missed stwhing joy told me that she wanted to write this article for us at the federalist i said you know, i consider you my carbonoff set equivalent because -- i order from amazon almost every day. [laughter] >> doing very good thing. she deserves a raise that joy. i have to admit i started using amazon during pandemic which i was looking for a thermometer remember when everybody was told to get thermometer and i didn't have one so i went to see if i could buy one like wait a second they have test plangts and cheap jewelry that look expense eve so
2:49 pm
i have used amazon basically -- only for the last year which may come as a surprise but my husband can attest that i shop so much i can support both small business and amazon just fine. let me ask you something that's been a challenge during this pandemic just with a young child is that amazon is very convenient very quick, and that you can get a lot of things, you know, very quickly, and have some confidence in that delivery when so many other people supply chains have been disruptive and the like would you be able to give up your amazon prime membership? >> well, you know, i feel confessional i love feeling of this segment i feel like i'm in confession. well, listen, here's the deal. i actually i read the article and i tried to do it after i did that. i wanted to buy a xylophone for my bean told he was over it and target and i was going to order it on amazon can you pick up at
2:50 pm
target and he couldn't find it that's the problem by the way that so many of us have. and i live in rural wisconsin, so you know, my ability to go to find things is even harder but i think joy brings up a great point i love this article so much. because she's like you know sometimes something like convenient should go, you know, beneath something like slave labor, for example. one is more important than the other, in terms of our valuings and what we care about and so she didn't just talk about that. she gave really great advice on how to do it and she said if you find for example, a book retailer that you think, you know, has the value it is that you care about, amazon and yapght think of a company i mate more than amazon which is irony for all of us right that buy from there. and so -- you know, put that company on auto, you know, click so it is just convenient as amazon because that's our -- crutch it makes it easy to push
2:51 pm
check and sent and done and we do have to think about ways to do this, you know, because it is we are supporting something that i think is very bad. >> leo fortunately i have to move on but i do think this is one of those challenges -- >> no problem i can get rid of almost any other company but not sure i can get rid of amazon myself. how many of you have tweets you wish that you could undo -- well the social media giant is working on a way to make that happen. but at a cost -- the panel weighs in and shares some tweets we would take back coming up next. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ordinary tissues burn when theo blows.
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>> welcome back to the big saturday show. have you ever wished you could take back a tweet? twitter is reportedly working on an undo option that would allow subscribers to retract their corrected tweet it for it officially post on the platform. you are a man of many -- i can imagine you'd want to take any of them back. >> never. i posted over 5000 tweets and i'm proud, don't take them back, don't need it. >> i like that. true to your convictions.
2:56 pm
what about you? >> well i have to say well i don't have the level of perfection that leo does i'm not a big fan of tweets. i will say that i've had a couple of intemperate tweets about a decade ago about someone named meghan mccain. i didn't want to go on a date with her and we talked about going on a date and i compared a music video with a blonde going out of control to what dating her might be like. of course she is now my wife. i still stand by that huizar tree. it's totally accurate and it turned out to be true but now she's the mother of our daughter so i feel like undoing those might be something that would not a good. >> i think it officially ended those tweets when you asked her to be your partner for life. rachel how do you feel about this? >> well you know i'm with leo on
2:57 pm
this. i wish we lived in a society that had more mercy unless vindictiveness. i went back to my own reality tv days. i'm not proud of every moment that i don't want to take them back and that's how i feel about the tweets. i think about my favorite, one of my favorite of many of them trump's tweets. let's put this one up because we wouldn't have this moment if people could undo their tweets. despite the constant negative, what would happen if we had the ability to undo tweets? many people change their twitter handles and he gave us many weeks of fun. for those of us who are that let the tweets live. >> that is so true and of course you have to pay to do this. this is really going to be like, this is all a possibility of something that might happen on the platform.
2:58 pm
you need a little timer timer or use a something awful. i shouldn't say that right now. you can take it back that i have to ask about your wife. did that ever come up on your first date? the she know that you posted this tweet about her? >> she is well aware. i have written articles about it. absolutely. it was a hook for the conversations and it was actually a good thing. it was an icebreaker so i think it was a good justification. you never know where your own sort of red track if mistake might lead you in terms of your future. let the tweets live and definitely don't give jack murphy more money. just move on. the guy is a lunatic. let's not give him more money. >> no more money for amazon?
2:59 pm
all the big tech platforms. i am constantly amazed at how grown adults can be on social media and say really awful nasty things. >> and most no impulse. >> it's so true so i don't know maybe this button would be a good idea. do you think it would make twitter a nicer place? >> i will say right now, no. twitter is an open forum and is a civil attorney i want people to think what they want with free expression. emotional impact, maybe. >> i was struggling to find it myself because i'm cautious on twitter. i was looking for all the tweets that i've posted and they are mostly on mean videos and segments that i am bashing. >> right, yes. rachel your final thoughts on the story.
3:00 pm
>> i'm with leo if we let people say what they want to say they will be less violent. that's it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for the big sunday show, "the fox report" is next. republicans sounding the alarm on what they call a crisis at the southern border. the biden administration insists the challenge or whatever you call it illegal crossing by migrant children and families continue to rise threatening to overwhelm border patrol agents and facilities. good evening i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." more than two dozen republicans writing a letter to president biden urging him to reinstate a national emergency declaration for the u.s. southern border. they claim the administration's refusal to enforce


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