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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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hour from new york wearing trousers. >> sean: really? your torturing me. you're doing it just to torture me.. >> tucker: i am. >> sean: i need to prepare myself and be mentally strong. is this going to be every night? i just need to know ahead of time. a >> tucker: there is an undertone of cruelty to it, i'll admit that but i just can't help it. sean hannity and pants. >> sean: i am wearing my signature jeans, as i always do, and sneakers. all right, thank you. welcome to "hannity." tonight joe biden needs to pick up the phone and i suggest calll mar-a-lago and, yeah, bring unity to the country as he says he so desperately wants and thank president donald trump because a few moments ago he tried to take credit for everything that donald trump did on covid-19. three vaccines thanks to
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donald trump's operation warp speed. there were already a million vaccines being administered to peoples arms every day when biden was sworn in, 36 million doses at already been rpdistributed. according to joe it was the biden administration that stepped in, heroically saved america from covid-19, none of this is true. where's the unity, joe? >> president biden: i'm using every power i have as president of the united states to put us on a war footing to get the job done. it sounds like hyperbole but i mean it, war footing. and thank god we are making some real progress now. now because all the work we've done emma we will have enough vaccine supply for all adults in america by the end of may. that's months ahead of schedule. >> sean: that would be moderna, pfizer, that would be johnson & johnson and that would be her predecessor, president trump, operation warp speed.
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all due respect to the president, he didn'tti have anything to do with that vaccine and had nothing to do with the mars rover either. there you have it. joe biden, unity president thatt he is taking credit for someone else's work. joe, you want unity? why don't you just think donald trump? you want us all to get along, you say. no trump, no vaccine, joe. stop taking credit for something frankly you have nothing to do with. nothing. but i do need to give joe biden a congratulations tonight. he stayed up in our past his betty time after days and days of practice. he was able to read from the teleprompter for almost 20 whole minutes without making a total full lot of himself. the problem with this is, c, hannity, he did it, he did it! johnny hit the baseball! good job! is that the lowest bar possible for a president? isn't it a little kind of sad that we even have to wonder or even discuss it? it's kind of sad to me.
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let's be clear, biden's ability to remain lucid tonight for 20 long minutes shouldn't be cause for celebration. this is a guy who is clearly not doing well and thehe last three weeks alone have been extremely hralarming. that is the sad truth. since the early days of the campaign, we have been watching joe and his daily struggles, that is whenal his campaign rary would allow him to leave the basement bunker, yes, rare, but now joe is clearly getting worse and again what we have seen just these past three weeks, not tonight, he practiced and practiced and practiced and lo and behold he got through the speech without fumbling the ball. this is the last three weeks leading into tonight and the hours and hours of practice before tonight. take a look. >> president biden: i want to thank the former general, i keep calling him general. my -- the guy who runs that over there.
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the vast majority of economists left, right, and center from wall street to the private economic polling initiatives. am i supposed to speak? representatives show -- sheila jackson lee, al green, sylvia garcia -- excuse me and what am i doing here? that over 500 -- i have a card, i carry a card with me every day with the total number of folks who have been affected. >> sean:. okay. so you see why joe has gone 50 days without official press conference. that's a higher bar, it's going to take a lot more practice. biden administration knows the biggest liability for joe biden is joe biden himself. you can spare script a prime time address in practice, practice.
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you can script the state of the union and let me be honest, that's the easiest speech for any president to you walk in to applause, shake a few hands, lead a few runs, you get more applause. more rest time, but it's a little harder to script or press conference. that's going to take for more practice and of course a compliant news media and when joe actually decides to hold an official press or, so far it'sar longer than any president in the last hundred years, i think administration will probably of course try to orchestrate the entire event just like they did the few times he did it on e the campaign trail preselecting a handful of pro biden reporters. in the meantime they gently don't want joe answering any prompter -- on proctor questions. last three days, only one event on joe's schedule. just one. after joe signed the massive $2 trillion schumer-pelosi payoff into law, only 9% is
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emergency covid relief. take a look. >> president biden: got it. thank you all, appreciate it. [indiscernible]. >> sean: he did good tonight, he didn't have joe biden or kamala harris next to him. that's a rare thing. just to put this into perspective, when president trump was in office, members of the media mob, they had a mental breakdown if trump didn't respond to jim acosta at a fake news cnn and personality at his insults hurled across the white house lawn. now joe biden signs one of the biggest boondoggle spending bills that has zero basically for emergency covid relief. not a lot, 9%. after refusing to give one single rest conference during
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his entire time in office, the media mob barely yawns. there's a guy in the oval office allegedly running the country who appears to be struggling cognitively when the mob cannot be bothered to do their jobs. they are actively willfully putting their heads in the sand. that would be nbc, abc, cbs, msdnc, fake news cnn. do any of you guys have any news divisions at all? do have journalists working for you are not? be honest with you and your viewers. if you're just a mouthpiece for the dnc, in other words if you want to be a talk show host. i'm a member of the press but iu am a talk show host. i have opinions, i tell everybody up front i'm registered conservative and yeah i like donald trump as president because during the trump administration, the coverage was a little more aggressive, don't you think? according to nearly all of their coverage, donald trump could into a single thing right.
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in fact, theyco predicted the president's plan to develop and distribute covid-19 vaccines -- yes, known as operation warp speed -- would be an utter failure. he not only got it done and got a million in peoples arms a day, 36 million total, but he did it while being impeached and tried twice. pretty amazing, you might remember. >> i think this is just further evidence that the trump administration had no plan for distribution.ea operation warp speed was really just a plan to address markethe failures and manufacturing and developing and manufacturing of vaccines. >> we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. is that possible in your view? >> oh, you know, if another date of potus in wonderland here. it is preposterous to make that statement. >> our warning, that kind of timeline may be overly ambitious and some have even argued it'sst perhaps dangerous. >> coronavirus vaccine trump
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says could come of this year, happy talk that he's doing about the vaccine, experts say he would need a miracle to be right.ul >> here's the thing, you cannot talk yourself into a vaccine. the fastest a vaccine has ever been produced from start to finish is five years. >> sean: you're right. donald trump did it in 1 and you never give him credit for anything. nothing he does is right. that wasn't happy talk, was it? operation warp speed thankfully for the sake of the country and the world was a huge success. thank god for our great medical researchers and scientists and doctors and first responders.d they did an amazing job. we all owe them a debt of gratitude, but there will be no retractions, no apologies, they will never correct the record. instead, they will continue to act as cheerleaders for the radical democrat socialist party, whoever's running the show with the white house. hereou with reaction, kayleigh mcenany along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus. all right, so both of you, okay,
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you served donald trump. now, did donald trump usually practice a speech before he gave a speech? because i tend -- my sources told me it was hard to even get him to read through a speech before he gave the speech. am i right or is the immediate -- did he have to practice as much as joe, reince? >> no, he did not. and you know, the funny thing is, i was thinking back at his first press conference after 27 days and that was a day that he just came -- that was not planned. he came into the oval office and he said you know what, i'm feeling it today, let's do a press conference and we can't do that, hang on a second, we got to think through this. he says no, i'm feeling it today, we are doing c it today that was the first press conference and we called the white house staff, set up the east room, put all of the chairs out. that was the first big press conference and he took question after question after question, but look, i think maybe biden is following one of
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abraham lincoln's famous directives when abraham lincoln said it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove allan doubt. so look, it's prevent defense, we can burn is, no risk, whatever you want to call it, that's the game they're playing and you know, at some point, you've -- you can't hide forever, you're going to have to come out and answer the question. >> sean: how accurate is stephen miller's assessment to me that he would goll in the president 's office, the oval office, the president would dictate aa speech, he would go n and on i want this, i want this, this, this, this, stephen miller would go do his thing and in the process he would get ten calls to add this and this, take thatt out, isn't that how it went? >> that's exactly right and then he would get the speech and he
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has the infamous sharpie and he would go line by line through the speech and make further edits there, but your right to say this is not something he had to practice ten times on the teleprompter. oftentimes he wouldn't even breeze through it once on the teleprompter after his edits. he was not afraid of questions, we would be shouting questions at him as he was approaching the briefing room and that would be the extent of his preparation because he was speaking from his heart. it was authenticity, it was transparency, the diametric opposite of what you're getting from the biden basement strategy administration. >> sean: you know, it's funny because i was actually behind the scenes doing my coverage and i would see the hardest job on the "hannity" show me surprise people. it's being the teleprompter operator. i happen to be a radio host. i do three hours of unscripted radio day, no script, whatsoever, not one line written and often -- i have a script but i go off script all night. thomas r prompter operator somehow manages to find the right place at the right time. is that donald trump to what did you think of joe biden's and it? >> yeah. i mean, that's donald trump. i'd be standing in the back of a
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speech or a rally and i'd be standing there with stephen miller and i'd be telling him he's off script, he's off script and then slowly but surely, he'd get right back on and then gabe would start scrolling the thing. look, the bigger problem i think for biden is about his speech tonight and you hit on it in your monologue, is based his s presidency on two things. transparency, which is what we were just talking about, him not doing any press briefings, but the other thing was unity. and so far we've got a wre progressive freight train and the fact that he didn't even mention just a little hat tip, a crumb to the previous administration to say you know what, let's give it to them, they did a good job on these -- getting the shots and vaccines put together but he didn't do it. and that's a failure. >> sean: let me pick up on this point. we only have 30 seconds. you know, it could have -- none of this happened under joe's watch.
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donald trump did all of this. reince is right. i believe if he's mr. unity you could have said you know what, operation warp speed helped us a lot, but no. >> exactly. exactly. you even have "the new york times" pointing out that biden is only here because of president trump. yes, the fake news "new york times," abc news says biden refuses to acknowledge what trump has given him. you even have the liberal media outlets acknowledging the truth but biden can't tip his hat, although his covert advisor today went on fox news and said pointblank i tip my hat to the trump administration, i'm grateful for what they've given us, so he won't acknowledge it, his advisor who was pulling the strings will. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. tonight, the left doesn't seem to have any problem with migrants affected with covid-19. president didn't mention this tonight, pouring across our southern border. why is joe lecturing you on masks while simultaneously allowing covid-positive illegal immigrants into the country? but they are outraged that texas and mississippi have lifted
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covid-19 restrictions and mandatory mask wearing. they're also furious that younger adults are heading to the beaches for florida spring break. americans being free and making our decisions, every adult now knows about social distancing and mask wearing. i urge you to protect grandma and grandpa, mom and dad. you young kids, please take care of them, do it for them. anyway, people make up their own mind. that seems to make democrats angry. they want all of us, every state, to follow the lead of new york and new jersey and california and michigan? never ending draconian lockdowns, restrictions? but here's a pretty important fact that the left doesn't want you to see. these two states, new york, new jersey, they have the highest covid-19 death rates in the entire country. new jersey is number one. new york number two. michigan, pennsylvania, california not far behind. now, they are not success stories. they did a lot of things wrong, especially during the deadly
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nursing home directive. in michigan, in new jersey, in new york and pennsylvania. meanwhile, governor abbott, governor desantis, governor christie gnome, many other republican governors protectedyl their states, vulnerable populations, that made all the difference. they didn't send patients infected with covid-19 back into nursing homes and then try to cover up instead of fixing it when they knew in june it was wrong. and by the way, schools are open in texas, they've been open in florida, they are open now in mississippi. fear not according to biden if we just trust dr. fauci, a guy one year ago this week that said a mask isn't going to help, don't wear a mask, mask does nothing. one year ago, we played itgo earlier in the week, everything is going to be fine, we trust him, take a look. >> president biden: we've got work to do to ensure that everyone has confidence and safety in all three vaccines. it's our message to you is this.
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listen to dr. fauci.e the most distinguished and trusted voices in the world. he's assured us the vaccines are safe. >> sean: one year ago he said masks are going to help. here with more from the hoover institute, dr. scott atlas. one year ago, masks won't help, he set it on "60 minutes," >> well, sean, you know, the hypocrisy topic is a big one really and it's unending in this -- i mean, it's amazing. there's nothing more hypocritical to me and nothing more heinous than listening to the politicians who cast doubt on the safety of the vaccines while they were running for the election and then they rushed to the front of the line and get the vaccine themselves and try to take credit for the vaccines. so you know, to undermine the credibility of the safety of the vaccine isis so dangerous becaue you are actually going to kill people who need the vaccine. i'm talking about the high risk
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elderly people. that's point number one about the hypocrisy. the other point about this not caring about the rules inle certain settings,, like you mentioned in the immigration situation, the hypocrisy there is reminiscent of governor gavih newsom, my governor, eating dinner inside a restaurant while everyone else was forbidden, or dr. birx enjoying her thanksgiving holiday with her multigenerational family after making sure that no one else could possibly do that. this kind of hypocrisy is not just despicable, it shows people -- it should show people they don't even believe in the seriousness of these rules in these rules, a lot of them, are not science at all and i applaud governor abbott for opening, governor desantis knew what he was doing, he understood the data, governor desantis stayed with the second-highest number of people over 65.
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he did very well, he's been open for months. he had nursing home facilities -- not that he ordered infected people into like some of the states you mentioned, he actually had nursing facilities that were for covid-only patients. so here's this governor who actually was thinking and not just panicking and reacting. i mean, the hypocrisy, the lack of science, the fact that thesek people keep saying they are following signs when they don'tt even know what they're talking about is really maddening, but i think god that we are coming to the end of this. operation warp speed is president trump's success, period. anybody who doesn't see that is either a liar or a politician, although that's redundant. >> sean: okay, i will second that motion. thank you, dr. atlas, thanks for being with us. now let's turn to the crisis of the southern border. another example of covid-19 mass hypocrisy playing out tonight. so the cdc, they have a recommendation that you the american people, that you don't travel to central america
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because of the pandemic. now thousands of central americans are traveling here. as we speak, there are soav many migrants pouring across the southern border that our facilities are overflowing. in other words, there's no social distancing room. it is not even enough masks apparently and testing capabilities are incredibly limited. another major problem, alsopa on the rise, dangerous mexican cartels, they're getting rich from smuggling migrants, human trafficking across the border. according to chuckie schumer,n that's donald trump's fault. if the dog bites, bee stings,ge you're feeling sad, blame donald trump, of course. take a look. >> joe biden inherited a huge mess on immigration and it's not going to be cleaned up in a month. he's only been in office, you know, since january 20th, about six weeks i guess it is, but he's different, his view of immigration is not like donald trump, who was nasty, negative, horrible to immigrants. one of the problems with the
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trumpet mr. risch and if they had such incompetence. so they are rolling up their sleeves and working on this. i think it will get better in the next few months. if it doesn't, i will go to them and say you've got to do better. >> sean: more people in a month, over 100,000 and i'd like to see the inside of the cargogo shipping containers where you're dumping kids with bars on the small window. all right. here to help understand more actually what's going on from the great state of arizona, fox news investigative reporter and contributor sarara carter. live from yuma tonight in arizona as we continue our ongoing investigation the last few weeks. >> hey, sean. we spent the day out here covering the border here in yuma. i am actually literally right now on the border right near the mexican township. i can tell you that today i've seen a flow -- a consistent flow of migrants just turning themselves in to border patrol. the day is filled with not only that but with people coming from
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all over the world. with all residents, from cuba, people coming in from india, as far away as india, just through this small open gateway right here in yuma, arizona. i spent the day with sheriff leon wilmont. he gave me a tour of the border and you won't believe what he had to say. it's absolutely incredible. >> the area right now, it's part of the dash we've gotten roughly 120 miles of international boundary with mexico and arizona. >> this corridor is known for -- >> a lot of traffic with migrants coming across. >> people are getting through that area. >> what we're worried about right now is getting anywhere from 200 to 600 a day.
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>> americans out there that really don't understand because they don't live along the border, they are not visually seeing what we are witnessing here. right now. what would be the warning that you would give to them? why should they care? >> they need to care because everything that they're seeing down here on the border, they are not staying here. they are coming to their community and they are going to be relying on that community to fund them. so they're coming to your hospitals, they're coming to your grocery stores, they're coming to all of that. >> and what about the criminal element? >> and you're going to have to deal with s our criminal elemen. all that's coming into the interior of the united states. that includes the cartels, the ms-13. they are engaged in all of this as well. it's all part of that. cartels are keeping border patrol busy, tied up, doing all this with the migration, so they can get their narcoticss into
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this country and for our administration not to recognize that, past history has shown it, so they are >> you think american people are not being well informed? >> they areot not. you've got 29,000 -- over 29,000 juveniles in custody right now in the last two months. when president biden decide to sign that executor order, that created this monster. >> sean, i got to tell you just before we came in the air with you there was so much commotion going on behind me was a family that came through here, a woman that was getting very close to delivery. she was exhausted, they contacted an ambulance, they had the fire department here and this is what, youed know, sheriff wilmont is saying, the services, the city of yuma are providing to the migrants are, you know, very difficult for the city to maintain, and the flow that's coming in is not just, you know, the innocent migrants, which the majority of them are, but there's a lot of criminal
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elements as well that are coming in. >> sean: so you've got catch and release is gone. now we have a covid problem, you know, that is severe. then you've got construction of the wall has stopped and then you've got kids in cargo shipping containers. you've been trying for the lasts few weeks to get inside one of those cargo shipping containers with the bar and a small window but we are told butterflies on the wall. is there a reason they won't let you see even one of them? >> well, yes. i'm hearing from agents all across the border, from texas to arizona, that they just don't want us in. dhs has sent an edict across the border for reporters not to be given any i was also told there were very angry but the photographs that we share those exclusive photographs of the tenants what was happening inside the tents, but i've got to tell you this, border patrol agents, dea agents, federal agents that are working along the border, they want the american people to know the truth, they want them to know what's going on here and
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just like sheriff wilmont here in yuma, arizona, the only way to fix this problem is to tell the truth to the american people and find a solution together. if they are refusing to see the truth, then it's going to get far worse and believe me, they are expecting more than 100,000 coming into the united states this month. >> sean: all right, sarah, thank you for that report again. been in texas, been in arizona, it's bad. highest numbers since apostate zero six. top story for tonight, joe biden oppressing the nation about covid-19, the pandemic, even kind of taking credit forr everything. f the vaccines he had nothing to do with and it was not any thanks for the trump administration and, 50 days and counting, joining us now live from the white house, fox news white house correspondent doocy. joe says he likes you. will joe do a sitdown?ll he says i like the tough
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questions. okay, when do we get peter doocy versus joe? i'm dying to see that. >> maybe tomorrow. it's a new day, you never know, we can ask. it doesn't hurt to ask. >> sean: you want to do an over under on that, peter? because i don't think you're ergoing to win. >> you never know if you don't ask, but sean, we are doing some detective work at the white house here. today the president said in the next couple days he'll be ablee to take reporter questions. jen psaki has said he's going to do a press conference before the end of the month. that's march. some back of the napkin math, 14 workdays left in march. we don't know which one it is going to be, but they set a deadline for themselves. now, a former solo press conference per se, but on january 2015 did talk to reporters in a back-and-forth for about 20 minutes. during the campaign we were with him all over the country. he only ever really did like an informal gaggle and he took questions and then once we gotoo
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to wilmington, they would put him up on a stage and they would take questions from five reporters are so every two or three weeks. that was a situation where they did have a staff are to the side with a list of people to call on. we were never on the list but we still had a lot of luck because he would listen for my shouts at the t end with the questions abt whatever, so my experience with biden has all is been that he likes to mix it up. he has told me on camera that he knows that hard question with an edge is coming in the 50 days does sound like a long time and are brain room has unconfirmed for us that along with a new president has gone in the modern era without one of these press conferences. however, at one point during the coronavirus lockdowns last year he went 89 days without a press conference. it was when he was apart from the press corps for sociall distancing reasons and he was not traveling. we could not get close enough to shout. the neighbors there in wilmington would have been really upsetug if we were trying
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that. but so 50 days, a long time fore a president, but maybe not for joe biden at least based on recent history. >> sean: one quick last question, only have a second. does circle back jen psaki circle back ever? that she get back to? >> she does, or somebody from the staff does, yes. >> sean: they circle back? >> it happens. s >> sean: i love circling back. if i send elective questions, they don't seem to answer my requests. i would love to interview jen psaki, she's welcome on for a full hour. lot of questions for her. joe can have a full day, i'll give him three hours of radio and an hour of tv, see if he can hang. peter doocy, thank you, appreciate you being with us. our reaction to the address in a moment, but first, things just a keep getting worse for andrew cuomo in the state oft new york. today the state government filed a police report about the latest
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and most serious allegation and in fact governor cuomo groped in aid. democrats turning on him. now the speaker of the new york assembly, a democrat, signing off on an impeachment inquiryy against the governor. and even new york city mayor constant faux comrade de blasio is calling for cuomo to step down. take a look. >> it's not one it's not too it's not three, it's not for, it's not five, it's six women who have come forward. it's deeply troubling, the specific allegation. he can no longer serve as governor. it's as simple as that. accusations, the exact same time cuomo is being investigated over his handling of the covert crisis and cover-up in new york c nursing homes. remember march last year, medical director for a retirement community, new york, they called into the mark levin show. his radio show. nationally syndicated. here's what happened. >> i wanted to bring to your attention in the listeners
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attention what is about to happen in new york with respect to nursing homes. and the governor has ordered that all nursing homes must accept covid-positive patients that are actually potentially still infectious into their facilities. >> why would you send somebody who has this virus into a population thaty can kill peopl? >> thank you. >> no, no, are you serious? >> i am serious. >> sean: anyway, i call him the great one, host of life, liberty, live in.ou eight pms were here on fox, nationally syndicated radio host, the great one, there's two other things that need to be addressed. one, the beds that donald trump failed, manned, and provided all the ppe for all the medicines for all the hospital ships. they were made 80% empty.wo t it was like they didn't have a place to send these people. that's number one. then when they found out in june -- he did this at the end of march -- that 9,000 people
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had died in nursing homes. rather than change course and admit they were wrong, he went back to writing his book and doubled down on covering it all up. thoughts. >> let me just say this. i'm very troubled by the director of your program here. first of all. the way you are treating joe biden. you know, i used to think joe biden was a doddering fool, he couldn't tell his sister from his wife and he didn't know the name of the secretary of defense and there you are with peter doocyre mocking him for nt having press conferences.en now i know why he doesn't have press conferences. he's busy inventing the viruses and figuring out how to distribute them. in seven weeks' time, this man will have killed the t virus, joe biden, 50 years in the senate, not one profound thing i'm a joe biden had to cheat his way through law school. joe biden, who was plagiarizing from people even as a senator and little did we know, is not a
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doddering old fool, an egomaniac and a narcissist taking creditit for the work of donald trump and all these other people. he has been working like no president in americann history. he is the modern-day jonas salk. he is -- he's thomas edison. he has -- with never had a president like this. it's fantastic. it may tell you something about this guy biden. he's a liar, he's a plagiarist, he has been since he's been in high school and i want to give you the facts, the american people. as for cuomo, he needs to resign. everybody knows what he is and what he's done, and that last woman, number six, she's accusing him, just to remind america, of exactly what tara reade accused joe biden of. notice joe biden, no or spots ability for joe biden whatsoever. ladies and gentlemen, pfizer was contracted by the trump
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administration last summer to produce 100 million doses of the vaccine that hadn't been approved yet. moderna was contracted to produce 100 million doses of a vaccine that they didn't have yet. johnson & johnson, 100 million doses. astrazeneca, 300 million doses. 100 million doses, flexeril smithkline, 100 million doses. the trump administration last summer before we had a vaccine, just in case one of these would work, contracted and paid for 800 million doses to cover 400 million people. on december 23rd, when only pfizer and moderna had received emergency authorizations, the trump administration went in and they ordered another 200 million vaccinations. where you think these vaccines are coming from? you think they're coming from joe biden in the basement? they didn't have any idea what was going on. in terms of the distribution process, trump brought in the defense department and hhs and other experts. this distribution process that they're using now through the
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states, through pharmaceutical companies, through walmart and everything, that was the brainchild of the trump administration and operation warp speed. so january comes along. then johnson & johnson working all through warp speed, theyld have a one-shot vaccine, and what happens? they don't have the capacity to make enough of them. so they start on their own talking to merck and they've this throughout. these companies have been sharing their science. they didn't need joe biden. they've been sharing their information, and now they are sharing their assembly lines to get this stuff done. why? because the private sector isoe patriotic! because people working hard in the private sector did this. not seven weeks of missed or is that my sister, is that my wife, and so what happened? so they quickly ordered more of the johnson & johnson vaccines. in the end, before donald trump left office, he had contracted & for enough approved vaccines to inoculate 550 million people. it takes time to ramp up. you've got to have the candles of production.
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you've got to have the material. you are competing overseas with other companies and other countries. the idea -- this speech that joe biden gave is the most disgusting propagandistic speech that a demagogue, even a politician has ever given. it is pathetic. it is pathetic, and you'll spokesperson his jen psaki never tell us exactly what they've done and exactly who's done it.wh that is so different from the trump administration. this is so appalling. this man has exploited this pandemic like no politician has ever exploited a pandemic. when he's sitting in his basement eating his oatmeal that's dripping on his loafers, what does he h do? he accuses president trump of killing hundreds of thousands of people when it's trump who gets the testing done, when it's trump was getting the
10:37 pm
ventilators and the respirators. when it's trump was getting the ppe! one it's trump was bailing out fools like cuomo with hospital beds and so forth and so on. the democrat party has been a disaster! the democratic governors have destroyed their economies, people can't get out of their states fast enough to go to republican states. this is a disgrace, what joe biden did, and by the way, he says it's a war on the virus. well, who started the war? communist china, his friends. what did he say about communist china today? not a thing. press conference from joe biden, what's the point? i'm done. >> sean: mark levin, the great one. thank you sir. coming up, new york city, one new york city school put out an exclusive guiden: -- yeah, theye warning against the use of terms
10:38 pm
like mommy and daddy and even happy holidays. forget about merry christmas. get reaction, dan bongino and geraldo next, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ for every idea out there, that gets the love it should ♪ ♪ there are 5 more that don't succeed ♪ ♪ and so are lost for good ♪ ♪ and some of them are pretty flawed ♪ ♪ and some of them are slightly odd ♪ ♪ but many are small businesses that simply lack the tool ♪ ♪ to find excited people who will stop and say 'that's cool'♪ ♪ and these two, they like this idea ♪ ♪ and those three like that one.♪ ♪ and that's 'cause personalized ads ♪ ♪ find good ideas for everyone ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: cancel culture, it has struck again. grace church school in new york city is now warning against using the controversial terms mom and dad in what is now their inclusivegr language guid. the school no longer says merry christmas. can't even say happy holidays oh ladies and gentlemen, among other phrases. they invited someone from the school on the program tonight. they declined, but they are standing by their language guide. this is madness, this has gone way too far. yeah, it's fine to call moms moms and dads dads. the walk left cancel culture, they want to cancel his, dr. seuss, mr. and mrs. but teo
10:43 pm
pepe le pew, dumbo, peter pan or on the chopping block. there seems to be no end in sight. look at what happened with ebay. take a look at this. you can today purchase the book by adolf hitler. it's called "mein kampf," but you can't buy the six band dr.. seuss books? you can buy the anarchist cookbook but not dr. seuss to enough is enough. we are not careful. well, look at what's happening in great britain. the investigation, government investigation into pierce morgan for expressing his point of view.g if it can happen there, yeah, it can happen here. that is scary. dan bongino, geraldo rivero are with us. geraldo, are you really thinking of running for the senate? you really thinking about it? because you're going to have to get dan bongino's endorsement. >> no chance. so glad you asked me, because -- you know, erica and i were thinking about it, our dreams got ahead of our plan.
10:44 pm
you know, i regret that we went public with this before we had formulated an idea., you know, anything more than an idea, i apologize for it. i'm not running for the senate seat in the great state of ohio. i thought i could do good as a republican moderate, but you know, it is a daunting task and i will leave it to a younger person. >> sean: dan, thank goodness. no l offense to our your friend geraldo. >> you can't run as a moderate republican on open borders! it doesn't work! sorry, no one's going to go for that. >> i'm not for open borders, i don't know we are talking about. i don't believe in open borders. >> sean: let's get to moms, dads, cancel culture, dr. seuss, mr. potato head, dumbo, peter pan. you can even say happy holidays. this has got to i stop. we got to be able to speak our minds and not act all offended at any one term or one book
10:45 pm
because i think people are full of crap. geraldo. >> you asking me? i think that the stories are i think that the vaccine story and a failure or the reluctance to give credit to donald trump is related to the story because it shows the mean-spirited, narrow-mindedness of people who profess to be among the spprogressive among us. you can't say parents, you have to say my grown-ups. you know, grace church, ironically, it's a nice school, a little refined, it's not one of the snobby upper east side schools but like every prep school in the country, i submit, it has fallen into this epidemis of political correctness. i lament it.of you know, i don't think that it's catastrophic. a good friend of our family went to grace church. her sisters come visit us here in c c florida next week. the family is black and
10:46 pm
dominican, they love grace church government, but i mean, when every teacher, every administrator in the private school system is this ultraliberal, ultra progressive -- it's getting worse and it has ever been. you are correct to point it out, but i think that you can't avoid -- >> sean: let me go to dan. >> nice cool with good children. >> sean: dan, i don't want to live in a country where people that don't like my opinions can't call me words that began with a bcd ef -- i want people to let it loose. let it ride. i'll take it all. i'll take it all anyways whether i like it or not. you know, i want to live in a country where they can say what they want. >> yeah. so do and listen, this is catastrophic. and i'll tell you why. the stories, they sound dumb, just when you think we've reached a peak stupid, like
10:47 pm
cartoon characters -- guys, this sounds really weird, why are we arguing about about cartoon characters? it's not about cartoon characters. that'll most is nothing to do with it. this is an actual strategy. the control of the language in the control of people's thoughts and who has power over whom. you have to remember when you determine a power structure, always determine what you can or can't say and who told you what you can or can't say. those are the real people in power and don't ever forget this. these are control tactics by the left. this is not a joke. the fact that it's filtered down to schools and there are useful idiots and it doesn't make it any less pernicious. sean, when you control the language, the rest of the arguments are irrelevant. if this is what is been a tactic. wait, before we go, i want to read this. don't ever forget this sentence. the simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.s. don't take part in the library don't participate in this b.s. don't do it. >> sean: geraldo, you know what the best news of the last
10:48 pm
month is? our buddy dan bongino, clean bill of health. oget in the octagon. >> geraldo said he wasn't going to -- now we know since i'm healthy he's not going easy on o me anymore. i saw that on twitter. >> sean: more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪cry for it?♪ ♪die for it?♪ ♪would you?♪ ♪i believe♪ ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe♪ ♪yeah♪ kids dream big. as parents it's our job to make sure nothing gets
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in the way of those dreams. like human papillomavirus, a common virus that can cause cancer later in life. but there's a vaccine that prevents hpv and the six types of cancer it can cause. a vaccine that helps protect their dreams. get your sons and daughters the hpv vaccine starting at nine to keep cancer out of their futures. ♪ ♪ >> sean: democrats aren't even trying to hide their bias in the covid bill, specifically created a fund meant to help disadvantaged -- here's an idea, when we help every farmer? every farmer helps feed all of us and it's hard work every day and every farmer is important and every farmer matters. they are the backbone of this country. every time you go in the store and you get food that is very inexpensive and you have the greatest variety, he can thank our farmers and our truckers. why is farming becoming a i result -- racial issue? leo y terrel, larry 1.0.
10:53 pm
i see you don't have your hat yet. why didn't you get it? >> right there, baby. one of my fans designed it for me. >> sean: putut it in the center. i can't see it fully. take that fall long shot, i want to see this! now, did leo give you that or did you get it on your own? >> yeah, i gave it to him! i made it for him! i made it! >> one of my listeners designed it, named joe d'amico and he told me to alert him when i was going to hold it up on your show. about this issue, if you come to my house i've got to go massive houseplants. question, does that qualify me as a black farmer? also, remember the 1999
10:54 pm
settlement? that was paid directly to farmers -- loan forgiveness who weren't denied loans and now the loans are being forgiven, talking about pitting one race against the other, i thought this was supposed to be a unity president. i can't think of anything more divisive and probably a violation of the fourth amendment than what they've done right here. it's absurd. >> sean: i want to -- should be helped.di we'll them all due credit -- a debt of gratitude. leo. >> this is in my wheelhouse. this is a race to spill it does violate the protection. it's an plea gives money to people of color because of color and that's -- excludes people who are white and it alleges it gives people hispanic, asian, who never have been victims of discrimination! plus it gives them 120% of the loan, which gives them more money and look, barack obama was president for eight years. he didn't have to pass this
10:55 pm
bill. this is a bill to divide people based on race and someone should file a lawsuit because it's unconstitutional. i know that for a fact. >> sean: all right. it larry, up that had again. can we buy those hats? we need to sell those hats. go ahead. >> real quickly. when these papers -- is this going to be in addition to operation or in lieu of reparations? >> sean: i don't know. joe keeps talking about united country. we help the farmers and american workers and not build bridges and tunnels. u more "hannity" after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that will be all the time we have left this evening. we hope you set your dvr, hope you never miss an episode, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific every night. t we are independent, we will give you the news the mob will never give you and we want you to join us, we hope you will. we can't do the show without
11:00 pm
you, we don't say thank you enough. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, i'm dying to hear what you think of the speech. >> laura: well, i think it was supposed to be inspiring. it seemed a tad like a funeral for america, however. so that's my quick take, t but e are loaded up tonight, hannity. i love live in. >> sean: your loaded up. spilling it on his loafers! >> laura: he is like all right, that's all i have time.ty i love him. >> sean: that's at, i'm done. >> laura: all right, we've got to roll, hannity, great show. >> sean: go ahead. >> laura: we will see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we do have a lot to get to so we are going to dive right in. the real secret service. that's the focus of tonight's angle.on


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