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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  March 22, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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maybe buy 12 and give an extra one and give away one. i thought it was nice. >> bill: very cool. happy monday to you. we're off and running, right? >> dana: here is the "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: former president trump is tearing into president biden for the escalating crisis at our southern border saying biden turned the most secure border in history into a national disaster causing death and human tragedy. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". president biden is still not calling it a crisis as you know. and shrugging off lawmakers' request for him to travel to the southern border immediately to see the situation for himself. he told reporters he will go eventually. >> are you thinking of going to the border >> president biden: at some point, yes. i know what's going on in those
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facilities. >> harris: he has yet to hold a solo news conference where he would actually face more questions on all this as you might imagine that as well. but we're expecting one from him on thursday. details coming. meanwhile, the department of homeland security secretary mayorkas says it is not biden's policies but trump's policies that are to blame for the migrant surge. watch. >> do you not see a connection between the surge at the border and the policy changes that joe biden has made in his first two months? >> chris, i do not. what i am seeing is the result and what we are seeing is the result of president trump's dismantlement of the safe and orderly immigration processes that were built over many, many years by presidents of both parties. >> harris: he also recently said the border is closed.
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but unaccompanied minors will not be deported. republicans say the border is wide open and migrants know it. and we've actually seen some migrants say exactly the same thing. >> why did you decide to come now? >> take advantage of the opportunities the president has given to the people who come from central america to come with their families. >> would you have tried to do this when donald trump was president? >> definitely not. >> did you come here because joe biden was elected president? >> basically. the main thing was the violence in my country and the circumstance was joe biden and, you know, is like with my hope. >> biden says we can cross with minors. >> harris: exclusively live by phone former president donald j. trump. mr. trump, you are with me?
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>> yes, i am. >> harris: let's start with why you are calling this a national disaster. >> well, they are destroying our country. the gentleman said the violence in his country. we're bringing the violence to our country because many of the people coming are not non-violent people. they are violent people. many of the people coming. these countries don't send out their finest and in some cases i'm sure you have wonderful, fine people, but you also have criminals, you have murderers, you have sex traffickers, you have a lot of very bad people coming into our country. and they are doing nothing about it. they will be released or already being released. yesterday they announced they are going to let them go into the country, no courts, no nothing. it is crazy. they are destroying our country. this is just like with the vaccine where they say let's blame trump. we had record positive numbers and frankly in another couple of weeks we could have finished up the wall.
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they ended construction and the only reason it didn't get finished it took me 2 1/2 years to win the 11 lawsuits that we had, many of them by the democrats in congress. so the wall is incredible how it has worked in the large sections we have almost 500 miles built and the large sections where you have it, where you don't have an entry point it has been incredible. where you have an entry point they just have to put guards there. those points get closed up over a short period of time they were just open to bring all the equipment and everything back into the united states. frankly we would rather not leave it in mexico. >> harris: what you are talking about makes me wonder how in the world you close the border. when i heard dhs secretary mayorkas say that i sat back and said you have all these gaps. we've been showing them. mcall en texas and other areas. can you close the border? what is that like? >> president biden: easily.
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it's little sections. you want some point you want entry points it is a security point. you have people coming in helping the farmers. they've been coming in for years. if we ever stopped that with our farmers the farmers would go out of business in california, wine country, various other places. so you take them in. but what happens is you do have some open points because obviously we have people coming back and forth. but you also have in some cases areas which weren't completed like gate areas and other areas which would have been completed very quickly. you could have had it done in a month. these are contractors that have been largely paid for the work to get it done. now they are going the want money not to get it done. they'll ask for more money not to do it. they're professionals. they're contractors. it's a shame. i heard him, he must be incompetent. we had unbelievable numbers and we will have numbers like
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nobody has had once the rest of the wall is closed up. it will be many, many times worse. it will only get worse. they like to blame the previous administration. just like they said oh no, we didn't produce the vaccine. they produced the vaccine. biden got his shot in december. you know, they produced the vaccine. they didn't produce anything. all they did is take our policy. our policy was incredible. operation warp speed was incredible. all they did was take our policy. they are saying they did the vaccine. they didn't do the vaccine, i did the vaccine by pushing the fda. it would have taken five years and probably never would have had a vaccine. it would have taken five years to get it approved and i got it done in nine months. we have a vaccine and a vaccine that works really well. and we have -- by the way we have many vaccines. we have now four companies that have them. that's only because of the trump administration. it has nothing to do with the
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mess you are watching now that are destroying our country. and taking away freedom of speech and taking away people's rights. >> harris: you know, i want to get to this because it just happened now and i want to double-check this with our producers. the dhs secretary mayorkas has resigned, mr. president. >> i'm not surprised. good. that's a big victory for our country. >> harris: hold on. let me stop. let me listen to my team one more time. forgive me. forgive me. that has not happened but -- i apologize listening to the team and you. >> cross out that victory. >> harris: you issued a statement last night and you called for that, though. and you are just talking about him just to clarify as somebody you feel is not competent to handle what's going on. let me clean up and aisle seven with my error. he hasn't resigned and let me move to what you are calling for and others, too, for him to
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move out of the way and possibly get somebody who can do the job. your thoughts. >> i think that will eventually happen. he is way over his head. all he had to do is sit down in his chair, the systems were taking care of themselves. we had great people there. a lot of those people were removed. the policies were removed. we had stay in mexico because what happened is hundreds of thousands of people were coming into our country. our laws were so bad. we had to change and get things changed. rules, regulations, laws, what we went through was incredible over a two-year period, especially the first two years. then we got it and it was so beautiful. you look at the numbers. it was so beautiful. then they came in and i think just because we did such a good job and because it was me they went the opposite. now it was just announced they are allowing everybody to walk through and just come in and they're not taking anything. they have no information about
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the people. that's the people they know about. how about the people they don't know about? all those thousands of people that are coming in where there is no protection? the border patrol, who are phenomenal and ice they are like babysitters right now. mexico is no longer protecting us. i had 28,000 soldiers compliments of mexico protecting our country because i said if you don't put them there we'll charge you tariffs on your products that you sell into the united states and make the fortune. that's the only reason we had them. we had great numbers. all they had to do is continue our policies. even -- i was -- we won the election as far as i'm concerned. we had a great election. almost 75 million votes. we were going to make it even more stringent with the understanding that we want people to come into our country but they have to come in legally. very simple. >> harris: let me ask you this.
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i want to get back a moment and revisit the covid-19. you ran on -- very strongly on the border. that was a single issue for you. the pandemic hadn't happened. biden ran strongly on covid-19. yet i'm learning from chad wolf your former acting dhs secretary and democrats as well that people are crossing the border and sometimes we can test them and sometimes we can't. as a former president you know a lot of details we don't have access right now to because we haven't had our first solo news conference with biden. i will ask you a couple of questions from a president's perspective. title 42, what would it do to stem the tide in terms of covid-19 right now? is it being applied in your estimation? you created that. >> they are applying nothing. they aren't doing title 42 or any title. people are just pouring into our country and they will destroy our country. they will destroy our country. you can't take millions of people.
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they'll have millions of people before this mess is over. they've got some kind of political theory, i guess, that it's a good thing. i think it's a very bad thing for our country. again, we want people to come in but they have to be able to help our country. they have to come in through merit and come in legally. right now you don't have anything protecting our country. you have people just flowing through, coming through. the numbers are so vast nobody has ever seen anything like it. if they said 20 years i bet it's maybe forever. maybe it's from the beginning of this whole mess. it is much more than 20 years. they said the worst in 20 years. they will destroy our country. in other ways too if you look at what's going on. you'll have pack the court, big tax increases, they will take your guns away. take a look at what they're doing with -- take a look at what's coming up. i predicted it all. i must say i never thought that
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biden -- it's not biden, it's other people that are putting stuff in front of him but i never thought that biden in a million years would be worse. nobody did, would be far worse than bernie sanders. this is bernie sanders on steroids. this is what he is doing with all -- you haven't seen anything yet. so the second amendment is going to be obliterated, there is no stopping them. our leadership, mitch isn't strong enough to stop people. never was. it's like one of the big secrets. but he had the majority. but now that he is not in the majority, he is not doing his thing. he is not doing what he should be doing. there are ways to stop some of this stuff that's happening but you will see packing the courts. you will see the biggest tax increase in history. you will see the second amendment just absolutely obliterated. you will see many other things. the green new deal will be put into effect. people used to laugh at it when it was proposed three years ago by people that knew nothing
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about the environment and they'll raise taxes to a level and spend a lot of the money foolishly on green new deal stuff that doesn't work. >> harris: i want to ask my team to put up a couple of numbers. we're showing some information for our viewers, mr. president, as you are talking and matching up a little bit. you were talking about the surge at the border. let's go back to the southwest border. adults up 188%. unaccompanied minors, i want to talk about the children because that's the mark against our soul and your administration took criticism because we were taking in unaccompanied minors and they were getting separated from the adults at the border and you see that everybody on the screen, 92% increase of unaccompanied minors now in 2021 versus 2020. we're only three months in. as we look at the screen i want to match that now. mr. president, when you look at
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these numbers, and you look at what wiped away on the first day of president biden's administration an executive order, what exactly were you doing that was working better than what we see now? i understand that people were flowing over now but there were some things that you did, you had agreements with honduras, ecuador, guatemala, mexico. i want the audience to understand some of what was wiped away more than just well it had my name on it. those numbers that we're looking at now are a mark against us. these children, their lives are forever different if they make it. >> the only problem with giving you this answer, you don't have enough time. you need about two hours to explain what we've done. what we did is incredible. but in a nutshell i do want to start off by saying they built the cages. they built cages for children. we didn't build them, they built them. famous picture appeared about
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the cages built and fortunately somebody remembered and fortunately we have guys like morgan and tom homan, such professionals. i watch them on your show. they really know their business. they are not involved with this. they have people that have no idea. they built cages in 2014 but that was during the obama administration. and they blamed them on us. we didn't build the cages. they did. very sad when they had a picture in the "new york times" of children in cages and it turned out it was them. the newspaper didn't want to do restrak shuns even though now everybody knows that's the fact. but as far as other countries are concerned. so we had guatemala, honduras, el salvador and others. we were paying those three countries approximately $500 million a year. who knows what they were doing with the money. you can imagine. they were supposed to use that
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money for economic development and keep people there. it sounds good but it wasn't being used for that. people were flowing in. they wouldn't take ms-13 gang members back. they wouldn't take anybody back for obama. they wouldn't do it. they said nope, don't ever land your plane here or bring your buses here, don't ever send a boat, nothing. we won't take them back. turn around. they were turning our people around treating us like amateurs, which is what they were. and so i said well, they were doing that at the beginning of mine, too. how much money do we pay these countries? $500 million. i said stop payment. as soon as i stopped payment all of a sudden they said we would welcome our ms-13 gang members back into our country. we would welcome. i got along very well with those three countries and really well with mexico. the president of mexico is a friend of mine, a great guy. >> harris: i know i'll have to let you go soon. i want to get this in there. is that part of what's gone?
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is biden maintaining these relationships? we can't do this without the countries south of the border. we had video and we can go back to tijuana, mexico, there were tent cities that have set up on the border waiting to get back into the united states. waiting. >> all those people will come flooding in. i kept them in mexico. by keeping them in mexico mexico becomes much tougher at their northern border and they don't want anymore. i said to mexico if you are going to do any of this stuff that's bad for us i'll put tariffs on all the cars you make for the united states because before my administration they sell 32% of our auto making business. the unions don't realize that. union members realize it but the heads of the unions that all support democrats no matter who they are don't realize it. they took 32% of our automobile business. all those cars you make will be tear ariffed. mexico was great. >> harris: they aren't doing
8:18 am
that anymore. >> they have a field day. they have people rank amateurs, they have people that talk about ideology but it is not even good ideology. why would it work? why are we supposed to take care of the world? in many cases the world's criminals. they're coming over not from the three countries plus mexico. they're coming from yemen, from the middle east. who the hell knows what we're taking in? these people are destroying our country. i said it was going to happen during the campaign. that's why i got 75 million votes. probably much more than that. and it is a disgrace what has been allowed to happen to our country and they are persecuting people. they are stopping them from talking. they are stopping free speech and they are persecuting great americans. >> harris: let's get into that. let's get into the fact that as media we cannot get into this border situation. that there is a lid on us with regard to those facilities.
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did your administration ever consider some of the things that the biden administration is doing, closing down a border? i still don't understand, by the way, mr. president how it would work if it's so porous the way it is. >> that's why you needed the wall. i built almost 500 miles of wall. it is a much easier situation now. when i took over it was a disaster. i built 500 miles of wall and now you have vast sections. you see some opening but the openings get closed. you have to close them. those contracts have been given a long time ago. again, that was to get people through but these are small openings. but that has to get closed. but the wall has made it so much easier for these people. frankly, i mean, i even hear they want to tear down the wall if you can believe it. tear down the wall, you know? this is not the way you heard it from ronald reagan. this is not a wall that should be torn down. this wall has made a tremendous difference of stopping sex
8:20 am
traffickers, human traffickers, drug dealers, drugs, you know, drugs were way down under my administration that last year. because we had the wall, we had 28,000 mexican soldiers guarding for free, zero. >> harris: can you stay with me through the commercial if we have to take it? >> i would only because it's you. i will. >> harris: thank you. i know we have so much to cover here. this topic of the border is so wide. so i want to scoot to this transparency and where you think we are with transparency not just on this issue but overall with this current president. 64 days on thursday it will have been by the time we see a solo news conference. as you can imagine this will be a big part of the questioning. the media already started this weekend. they had to catch up to fox on this and some others. it took you 27 days, obama 20, the second most with time was g. w. bush.
8:21 am
clinton 9 days. 64 days on thursday. you can bet people will want to know about border situation. what do you say about the transparency with the current administration? >> there is none. there is none. i guess you are supposed to have a press conference on thursday. but the questions will all be soft balls. i've watched the interviews. i like george stephanopolous but i watched those couple of interviews and it was a joke, just like a softball, anybody could answer them and yet you almost couldn't answer them. you know that. so it will be interesting. i hear the questions are all vetted. you don't have the same people in there. you might have the same people but it is a whole different set of questions. it is ridiculous the questions that they're asking. what did you have for dinner? what kind of ice cream do you have as he walks out? they never talked to me that way. that's okay. i had a lot of press conferences. i enjoyed them. the only way to get an honest
8:22 am
word out because the press is really not a free press. the press is not a free press in our country, okay? the way you get the press out is with press conferences. the press protects him totally. if that were me that hasn't had a press conference with all the things going on, especially at the border, but really you have things as big as the border. we won't be energy independent within three months. think of that. i worked so hard first time ever we were energy independent. we didn't need russia, we didn't need the middle east, we didn't need anybody. we were energy independence and now it is being thrown away. all those countries, by the way, including ukraine, where his son has an interest, big interest, are going to make a fortune. they'll make a fortune. look at the way gasoline prices are going up at the pump. >> harris: they are going up. these are all things if you had
8:23 am
a traditional news conference a few weeks ago we wouldn't be playing catch-up on this. i don't know that you can get all of this done on thursday. and you know, when he was asked about the president of the united states there we see video on the screen, joe biden. he was asked about going to the border. i want to toggle back a little bit and the gag order that's on all of us there. when he was asked whether or not he would go he said at some point. you've been to the border, mr. trump. and you know that when you go or the first lady goes, as she did, melania trump, when you go to the border you bring a different level of attention to whatever is going on down there. democrats are not calling this a crisis, yet they sent in fema and hhs. i want to talk with you about the transparency specifically with this issue. should border agents be able to talk with us openly? griff jenkins had to really get in there and follow some. we can't even do ride alongs right now. what is going on behind the
8:24 am
scenes that we can't see? that's a lot of questions so i will let you go at it. >> i let the border patrol speak as you know. i spoke a lot. i went to the border. i went to the border also to learn because as an example i was going to build a pre-cast concrete wall with nothing you can't see through it. i went with the border patrol. they wanted it steel and concrete insets and rebar and wanted different things. they needed vision. they had to have great vision through the wall. i wouldn't have built the wall we had, i would have built a different wall. it would have been less expensive and gone up in many ways easier but it wouldn't have been as good. this one has everything. all the bells and whistles. all of the tremendous security wiring. all wired for various forms of security and drones and everything you can possibly have. i so i learned from being there. if i didn't talk to them i would have had something that would not have worked like this one is working. so you have to go there.
8:25 am
this is a major problem. it shows the level of dishonesty. so they will say something like we did the vaccine, not trump. okay. and you have to respond to that. then they'll say the same thing here, it was trump's fault. and we had record good numbers and this is not 20 years as i said before, this is many, many years it has never been like this. nobody has ever seen anything like what is happening now. i also said before wait until you see what happens because it will get worse. look at the numbers of people that are heading up here. harris, look at the numbers of people. >> harris: it's true. they have now officially done what they think they can do. there is more to come. we don't know it will look like. before i let you go real quickly most ex presidents don't weigh in at this level. why did you feel you needed to on this issue? >> you called me, i didn't call you in all fairness. the reason i weigh in. >> harris: you wrote a statement last night. >> i put out a statement.
8:26 am
but the reason i weigh in is very simple. they are destroying our country. very simple. it can't get more simple than that. they are destroying our country and they will destroy it with tax increases the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. in order to accomplish the green new deal nonsense. they are destroying it with woke. when china looks at woke and they see the biggest problem we have is dr. seuss in the meantime they're building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways, they laugh at us. they think we're so -- frankly, they think our country is stupid when they look at this, when our competitors look at what is going on in our country. taking down the statues to great heroes and so many other things. i do it because i want to do what's right and they are destroying our country. >> harris: mr. president, the 45th president of the united states, and we did call you and we're glad you did and we have
8:27 am
more information than we had on some of the issues with your border policies as well and thankful for your time. good to see you. >> thank you, appreciate it. thank you, bye. >> harris: bye. my next guest knows what it is like firsthand at our border. as you heard the former president talking about it there and what he needed to see up close. and now the current president saying he will get there at some point. art del cueto is here to react to my interview i just had with the president. then there is this. >> there is a curfew in effect from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. are you commanded to immediately disperse. >> harris: chaos in miami beach. curfews extended add spring break crowds overwhelm the city. what will it take to get that situation under control? >> too many people are coming here with bad intentions. at night there is no question that it becomes a place that
8:28 am
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>> they're destroying our country. the gentleman said the violence in this country. we're bringing the violence to our country. many of the people coming are not non-violent people. they are violent people. many of the people coming. these countries don't send out their finest. and in some cases i'm sure you have wonderful, fine people but you also have criminals, you have murderers, you have sex traffickers, you have a lot of very bad people coming into our country. >> harris: that was former president trump ton migrant crisis at the southern border under president biden now. my next guest has firsthand experience serving at our border. he is vice president of the national border patrol council. you watched the president there. he was talking about some of the things going on now that they've wiped away his policies
8:34 am
via executive order, the president has, president biden. what is your response to some of what you heard from president trump just moments ago? >> thank you for having me. first and foremost for someone that is no longer president of the united states he sure is on point with everything that is going on down there. i think a lot of it is not failed policies from the current administration but the removal of policies that worked from the last administration. that is part of the problem. >> harris: you know, you heard the president talk about how important it was when he went down to the border. by the way, some of these pictures are coming from a democratic congressman henry cuellar in texas and wants everybody to see. art, you've seen this in arizona, this is going on along the states where we share a border, southern border with other countries with mexico, and then people coming from even more south of that. but the president talked about how important it was to put eyes on this because in order
8:35 am
to fix it you had to know what to do and the border agents like yourself were really important to talk with. what are your thoughts about the fact the media can't even talk to you? griff jenkins had to surup tishously follow because because we can't ride along with you. >> i was in griff in texas but happening across the entire border and it is important to note a lot of the issues that we're seeing is in the places where there is a barrier and where the wall has been built, that's where you get a lot of individuals turning themselves in. unaccompanied juveniles. for all the talk that was done in the past separating families, these people have been separating themselves. one of my concerns and things that i question is, you know, on these unaccompanied juveniles coming across, where are the parents? why haven't parents reached out to try to find their children? when you look at areas where the border wall was not built
8:36 am
yet, that's where we're seeing a huge number of gotaways. individuals crossing into the united states. we don't know their intentions or who they are. there is no way to actually tell how many are actually coming through those areas. and those areas are happening in arizona. i think that's where you hard core criminals are coming through. known gang members, drug smugglers, sex traffickers and everything else that was mentioned by president trump. >> harris: i want to just quickly get to this. so you know that the former president is going to take some heat today saying that there are so many violent people coming in our directions. people with violent intentions. i've talked with the a.g.s in arizona and montana. the meth crime in the state of montana with the porous nature in the 61 days from the border has gone up 88% violent and drug crime in that area and tie
8:37 am
it correctly to the movement of drug cartels picking up from the southern border. last thought, your thoughts on it. >> harris, it is heroin, meth, drug smugglers have r having a bon an za tt corner border. it's not about race. we must defend our nation's border. >> harris: good to see you art, thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: so we'll move now to something that has picked up steam just because it is all about the cancel culture. you even heard the former president trump talk about the woke and cancel and so on and so forth. teen vogue hypocrisy. some senior staffers at the magazine locking down their twitter accounts now after one of their colleagues was exposed for using the n word in tweets.
8:38 am
opposed the hiring of another person for her previous tweets. one used the offensive slur in tweets more than a decade ago now and davitt of irish and filipino descent had said going public with her letter complaining of mchammond has apologized for tweets a decade ago parted ways from teen vogue before her job even started. lawrence jones is with me now. lawrence, top line thoughts on the hypocrisy here. >> well, many of us called this was going to happen. she still has her job, though. the thing about alexi many of her remarks i disagreed with. she was a rising star in the movement. this wasn't some scoop. she presented this to axios, apologized for it and said she was a child and had grown from
8:39 am
this moment. she did the same thing with teen vogue. was very transparent about her past remarks. wanted some redemption, and these people went after her and one of the people leading the charge has racist tweets of her own but she still gets to keep her job. the thing that bothers me, it is not just the hypocrisy. in this cancel culture movement, what is the barometer and what are the steps? what actually gets you canceled? no one knows. and so it leaves room for anybody to be canceled. as i often say, cancel culture, if you pour gasoline in it, don't be surprised when the fire shoots right back at you. that's what we're seeing at this moment. what is the publication going to do, though, with this editor of social media manager? if she led the charge. i'm not anti--- i'm not for
8:40 am
cancel culture but if she held alexi to this standard, shouldn't she honor the same standard she set out there? >> harris: the answer is yes. the question is will that happen? i don't see any signs of that happening. you ask a great one. it doesn't have anything to do with race. that's why we gave the demographics of this editor. this didn't happen as some have argued because of alexi's race or anything like this. this has to do with canceling based on some reason we don't know why. if people will lock down their twitter that doesn't change anything? >> you know what, harris? if they want the play this game. the person that led the charge said because she is from filipino descent. she is asia. alexi said it defended her culture. but she was staying enough
8:41 am
offensive to black people. it just goes to show you everyone has offenses. we'll offend each other and make mistakes as children and i'll make plenty more mistakes in my life. but it is the standard of grace and redemption that allows us to grow as human beings. if we don't have that, you know, i hate to bring religion into this, this is why i'm a christian to begin with is because that author of redemption and the man that paid it all for us because we do a lot of screwing up paid a price so we can screw up. and i just wish more people would live by that standard. >> harris: you are talking about grace and you wonder whether or not people will show it to each other. we will make mistakes. i have a teenager now and i tell her what you do is permanent. you won't have the grace that i was shown and that you were shown, lawrence, growing up. we didn't have twitter. you are much younger than i am. we didn't have that.
8:42 am
lawrence jones, good to see you today. thank you. days away from president biden's first solo news conference. you heard me talking about it with former president trump and plenty to talk about from the president's health to the border crisis with our commander-in-chief. now will he be forthcoming with the press?
8:43 am
8:44 am
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>> i guess you are supposed to have a press conference on thursday. the questions will all be softballs. i've watched the interviews. i watched the george stephanopolous interviews. it was a joke, just like a softball -- anybody could answer them. yet he almost couldn't answer them to be honest with you. you know that. so it will be interesting. i hear the questions are all vetted. he doesn't need them. the press protects him. >> harris: that's former president trump on his successor's transparency or lack there of with the press. just three days before president biden's first solo news conference. it has been decades since the president waited this long to take formal questions from the news media. power panel now. a former surrogate for bernie sanders and host of a show and
8:48 am
sean duffy former republican congressman from wisconsin and fox news contributors. nomiki, i want to come to you first. 64 days on thursday. we've got what is going on as a crisis, disaster, whatever you want to call it at the border, fema, hhs are honed on it. secretary mayorkas has closed down the border. a lot to get to that's not going well right now with the biden administration and the importance of being able to talk to him. your thoughts. >> as former president trump said president biden has met with the press. he has sat down for extensive interviews. they have press briefings as you guys know every single day with jen psaki and other officials. might reremember this time last year president trump hadn't held a briefing in over 300 days. by far the longest any president has ever gone without holding a general white house preefg with the actual press secretary. might we all remember in the first days of the president
8:49 am
trump's administration steve bannon called the press the free press the opposition party. might we remember that they kicked out press that was not friendly to them. this is an administration that inherited several crises from the trump administration due to their lack of response, adequate response to the covid pandemic due to their failures at the economy. there is a lot on his plate and but at least there are press briefings every single weekday. >> harris: jen psaki is not the same as having access to the president of the united states. >> donald trump as he went out to the helicopter every other day he was holding press gag also. people asked him questions all the time. on the news media all the time. might not have been in the press briefing room but questions asked consistently of this president. joe biden doesn't have the mental acuity to answer questions that haven't been pre-screened. >> that's cheap.
8:50 am
>> he had a couple questions yesterday and gave half answers to the questions he got walking into the white house. i think his team which they should do, they're trying to protect him and keep him from taking tough questions. four years of donald trump getting really hard questions from a mean press. you'll see at this press conference at joe biden a lovely, kind, accommodating press not pushing him. tax increases on the horizon, a crisis at the border and they won't be hard on him at all like they were with donald trump. >> harris: all right. we do have a little bit of president biden having some trouble with his words. we call them gaffes as we might. i want to come back to you nomiki and find out what is fair and what's not. a few recent gaffes. >> for secretary of health and education i nominate javier becerra, e cues me. i want to thank you both and i
8:51 am
want to thank the former general, i keep calling him general -- my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. when president harris and i took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona. >> harris: the second time he referred to kamala harris, the president as president. nomiki. >> this has nothing to do with his mental acuity. he has been notorious for gaffes since the 80s. other presidents had gaffes. we have a pandemic. 100 million people. >> harris: you call it a crisis but the president doesn't. >> he didn't call the border crisis a crisis but i did and other democratic lawmakers have as well. that's the priority. talking about gaffes is a deflection what what we need to focus on. president biden needs to be
8:52 am
focusing on these crises. >> harris: good to see you both. thank you. spring break chaos, crowds descend on miami, watch. >> why can't we go? >> it's not fair. we're on spring break. >> harris: police coming in to break up the party over the weekend. what they're now doing to make sure celebrations don't get too wild. oh, they're wild. plus check it out. "outnumbered" top of the hour moments from now. usa. refiplus lets you refinance at today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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8:58 am
declared a state of emergency and 8:00 p.m. curfew was extended for another three weeks to get through all of the different spring break. so you showed us this on friday and it got worse through the weekend. >> it absolutely did, in fact the state of emergency was declared saturday afternoon and that added even more chaos to people who didn't know there was a new way to clock curfew and didn't know about the new inbound traffic restrictions limiting it to residents and hotel guests last night was night number two of the city's declared state emergency but it didn't quite end entirely. despite a large police presence to enforce the curfew, it was defiant until the end even jumping on top of one car and bumping it until police finally push the people out back to their hotels in the mainland.
8:59 am
bottom line, new rules, party over a period of around ten last night outside of the restricted entertainment zone, there was this, tourists again not giving up in the middle of a residential street. numerous have seen chaotic fights sometimes nightly with groups of people exploding with flying fists involving men and women in and of course crowds running for cover. so much chaos city leaders declared a state of emergency in all restaurants and bars now close at 7:00 which is costing them tens of thousands of dollars every single night which they were hoping to make up for this last year of the pandemic. if all their april 11th. you see this banner, asking
9:00 am
everyone to vacation responsibly hasn't worked effectively because police have made about 1,000 arrests since the season started. back to you. >> harris: 1,000 arrests. phil keating, thank you. thank you for watching the "faulkner focus." big hour today and another one now. if "outnumbered." we will begin with this fox news alert, former president trump in an exclusive interview on the "faulkner focus" moments ago with the growing crisis along our southern border after the biden team blamed term policies for the migrant search but the former president says the rollback of his border security policies has led to a national disaster and it's only just beginning. >> there destroying our country, the violence in this country, bringing the violence to our country because many of the people coming are not nonviolent people. they are violent people. many of the people coming. these countries don't send out


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