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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[laughter] it's adorable. it's because so many moms can relate to that. >> i don't know if you call that good parenting or bad parenting, but it's just parenting. >> parenting. >> that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> bret: thank you, jesse. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, another indication of just how severe the crisis is along the u.s. southern border. border patrol official confirms today that the minor facility and is incredibly overcrowded. and the numbers? they will astound you. >> the capacity for this location for covid purposes is 250. previous to covid, the total capacity was 1,000. but i'm holding, like i said, we are holding over 4100 subjects in this location alone. so you do the math. we are way over capacity.
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we are 700% over capacity >> bret: we have fox team coverage along the border in southern california where migrants from all over the world are heading into the u.s. but we would began with white house correspondent kristin fisher and the administration finally allowing the media inside a migrant housing center. >> brett, this is the first time the biden administration has allowed the press and the american people to see what it's really like inside one of these crowded border patrol facilities. steps in the right direction towards more transparency at the border. >> this is where the actual processing takes place. >> acting officer in the rio grande valley, a sector that's become ground zero for the recent surge in illegal border crossings. he says the capacity and the temporary processing facility down in texas is just 250 people during the pandemic, 1,000 during normal time, but now they are at more than 4,000. >> we are way overcapacity, 700%
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overcapacity. >> 1200 our children and 39 have been held here for over 15 days. the legal limit is just 72 hours. >> what boxes down is the fact that we are having to take care of 1,200 kids that we've artie completed the border patrol process. if we could take them off of our hands, will be better for everybody. >> the biden administration says it's doing every thing possible to create more space. using convention centers in cities across texas and even military bases. but republicans of tour of the same facilities and say they are not moving fast enough. to speak of god to be honest with you, i'm stick to sick to my stomach. it lays squarely on the feet of joe biden. >> last week it appeared vice president kamala harris would be leading the ministrations efforts down at the border. but the white house now says
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that she's only in charge of the diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from central america. >> could you provide a bit more insight into why the white house felt the need over -- to really clarify the vice president's role at the border? was that something that she wanted clarification on? >> actually think that members of the media deserve to have an understanding of what your exact role was. the president, when he was the vice president, played a very specific too. he was running point in the northern triangle. >> it appeared he missed the clarification. governor sent a letter to the vice president saying "giving your new role at the ministrations borders, i urge you to visit the border, to see the crisis for yourself." >> as of tonight, still no plans for either the vice president or the president to fly to texas to see with the media sought today first end. bret. >> bret: kristin schiffer, thank you. texas is now the only state
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struggling with the border surge. and latin america is not the only point of origin for the migrants. national correspondent shows us tonight from the california border. >> after crossing three continents and thousands of miles, two african men turn themselves into a border agent near san diego. >> you are both under arrest for being in the united states illegally. >> both request protection. >> unlike the surge of unaccompanied minors in south texas, the largest in arizona and california is among single adults, year-over-year from 103% in el centro to more than 300%. that is tijuana in the distance, we are about 1 mile from the border fence on the border patrol caught this group of 12 all mexicans, nine men and three women, coming up a trail. >> under former president trump
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pandemic protection law that president biden has yet to revoke, these mexicans are going back tonight. >> they will be processed very quickly. >> the latest lawmaker to see the revolving door on america southern border with family still in the u.s., this man says he will be back. >> if you get deported, will you try again? >> yes. >> the migrants exploited these holes in the fence. nearby, another consequence of the president's actions. teenage girls arrive at the san diego convention center, turned shelter, waiting to be released into the country. >> there's no question now that a section of america thinks that open borders are fine, but for the people of san diego who see their convention center filled with young kids, they know that this is wrong, that this chaos is unacceptable. >> bret, this is the most secure
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20 miles of border in the united states, yet in the last hour we've seen two large groups apprehended, brazilians and nicaraguans, mexicans and hondurans. what concerns them is that those they catch, but the identity of those they don't. without changes in the asylum laws or deterrence by setting people back to their home country, they say don't expected to to change. bret. >> bret: live along the border, william, thanks. coming up in a few minutes we will show you how the border surge is making a huge backlog of cases in the immigration court system much worse. meantime, jurors in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer charged in the george floyd death, we heard from some people on the scene last may. mark fenn has details for minneapolis. >> a day of eyewitnesses who testified they feel they watched george floyd died in front of them. minneapolis firefighter jenny jennifer hansen was seen bleedio
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chauvin to get off of floyd. >> that wasn't done either. >> are you frustrated? >> yes. >> another witness testified that last summer she walked to cub foods with her then teenage cousin ph she walk the girl into the store before coming back outside to record the incident on her phone. it was her video that was seen around the world in a time that she said still haunts her. >> apologizing to george floyd for not doing more, not saving his life. >> the younger cousin who is now nine years old made her way outside of the food store and
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saw chauvin's knee on floyd's neck. >> tell us why? >> it felt like he was stopping his breathing and he was kind of hurting him. >> another eye witness testified he is a seasoned mixed martial artist and quickly identified chauvin's neck restraint is potentially fatal. >> in that statement you said "i really wanted to beat the [bleep] out of the police officers." you said that? >> yeah, i did. that's how i felt. >> you were angry? >> that firefighter just wrapped her testimony, she will be back first thing tomorrow morning. on the stand today she said there ended up being no point to
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trying to reason with the officers, because they "just killed someone." bret. >> bret: outside the courthouse, matt, thanks but let's talk about the dumb like othersubjects. >> good to see you, bret. it's because this is an emotional trial going back to that moment. the uphill battle to really take it from both sides, with the prosecution is doing and what the defense is doing. at least so far, as we've seen opening statements and now the questioning. >> yeah, these days are going to be very emotional when you are hearing from witnesses that were there on the scene. one of them was an off-duty firefighter who was also an emt. she was very concerned about what she was seen there on the situation, so she actually called 911. many people did from that spot during that day. as they were watching this play out. she apparently has had several exchanges with former officer chauvin there and at one point they cleared the jurors out at a
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pair and they had a conversation with her that she needed to stop being so combative with impaired her response was, if you seen someone die, the troubling thing to go through. it's going to be a lot of emotions as we continue to proceed through the prosecution. with the defense doing some cross-examining, but waiting their turn to put on the defense in full. >> bret: the defense in the opening statement said that the crowd there had something to do with taking the eyes of what the officers were doing. trying to restrain george floyd. at least that's how they presented it. >> yeah, there was a question from chauvin's defense attorney saying "how would you have felt if you were there trying to respond or handle a situation and people were harassing you"? that was one of the questions she pushed back on. >> bret: i want to turn to another legal issue, the biden administration prick president biden putting out judicial nominees, 11 of them in
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all, nine women, two men. you see a different breakdown of ethnicities, ages, three from the private sector. your thoughts on this list and who stands out? >> the president has said he wanted to have a very diverse list of judicial nominees moving forward. remember, he has been pledging since during the campaign but that he would name the first african-american female to be a justice on the supreme court. so of course, our eyes all go to the three african-american women who were on this list thinking they've got to be in a short list, potentially begets the supreme court opening. a judge, very well respected come about 50 years old. so young in the supreme court nominations. and she clerked for justice breyer, who is now the oldest member of the court and is facing pressure from the left to step down sometime in the next couple of years pair they want to make sure that his seat is secure and filled by a democratic president, president biden. spewing i'd be remiss to fight and talk about your big project coming out, the women of the bible about strong women in the
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bible. a lot of them actually, 16 in this book? >> yeah, i went back and looked at the stories, the book is out today and there's been such a great response. i think people are looking for encouragement, these women are faithful and courageous. they delete in their faith, they didn't always have that at their fingertips. they found it, these stories show them as flawed people, because we all are. it shows that god works they're all different kinds of people. i hope folks will be encouraged by the book, because we need that these days i think. >> bret: congrats, shannon. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: see you tonight. up next, president biden continues to ask for trillions of your tax dollars. some of it would go for a new version of the green new deal. we will explain that. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covered tonight. the board has begun to review ballots of amazon workers in alabama on whether to join a union paired organizers say it would lead to better working
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conditions and respect. amazon says it already pays twice the minimum wage. denver, police officers slain in last week's supermarket shooting is honored at a memorial service before he's laid to rest. more than 500 law enforcement vehicles took part in a procession that escorted the hearse carrying officer eric's body. ten people were killed, he was credited with preventing even more deaths there appeared this is a live look at orlando from our affiliate, fox 35. one of the big stories there, a spacex flight fills its two remaining seats. a scientist and a teacher from arizona will be on that voyage along with a data engineer whose college friend actually won a spot, but gave him the prize. they will join flight sponsor derek isaac men and another passenger for three days in
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orbit this fall. pretty cool. that's tonight's live look. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: stocks were down on wall street today, the dow lost 104p of the s&p 500 fell for a team. nasa was 14. the pentagon's new diversity chief has been reassigned amid an investigation of past social media posts including a comparison of former president trump to adolf hitler. a u.s. defense official confirms to fox news, it they have been investigating the social media activity just days after he was announced as its new head of diversity and inclusion. a spokesman said he has not been fired, but rather assigned to other duties pending the results of this investigation. we expect to learn new details about president biden president biden's infrastructure plan tomorrow. the green new deal is believed to have a prominent place in the
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program. tonight, we look at a related plan until the president plans to pay for all of this. or at least talking about that. here's congressional correspondent, chad. >> it's a costly cousin of the green new deal. >> the agenda invests $1 trillion over the next ten years. to speak of his alarms of publicans after congress forked out a whopping $6 trillion so far for the pandemic. >> even after what we did last year, our national debt became the size of our economy. >> democrats going beyond conventional infrastructure. >> every road we fix, every bridge we build, we can either do it in a way that's better for the climates or worse for the climate. >> this also addresses social inequities. >> we need this plan to also fight systemic racism. protect public health and drastically cut down on climate pollution. to speak accused democrats of touting -- >> it is a trojan hor
3:20 pm
the auspices of new roads and bridges. >> he also believes that more than can be done to make the corporate tax code fare. >> it would likely jump to 28% in democrats with about the trump tax cuts restoring the rate to nearly 40% for those earning more than $400,000 a year. >> whether you tax it or borrow it, you are now going to dictate how it gets use to the economy. >> the goals of those revenue raisers should be to make our tax systems fairer and more just. >> democrats seem to skate around a filibuster using a filibuster proof tactic. they use that to pass the $1.9 trillion covid package a month ago, but there are limits to using it and democrats may test those limits to enact their bills. bret.
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>> bret: chat, thanks. there are new details tonight about how new york governor governor cuomo allegedly put friends and family at the head of the line for coronavirus testing in the early days of the pandemic. we also have new details of alleged intimidation of those involved in one of the governor's many ongoing scandals. here's correspondent bryan llenas. >> i would think that each and every medical director at these facilities should feel personal jeopardy for their medical licenses. >> the leak phone call, two of the top aides and health commissioner howard zucker appeared to threaten nursing home operators for failing to pick up covid-19 vaccine shipments they supposedly order. critics say it's another example of the toxic work environment
3:22 pm
and bullying behavior under governor cuomo's leadership. this is "the washington post" reports new details alleging the governor prioritized covid-19 tests for his vip friends and family. more than 100 people received priority testing including clothing designer kevin cole. the governor's brother in law. state troopers were reportedly on standby to rush covid-19 tests to the lab to be expedited while at the top physician whose job was to ordinate testing and nursing homes made multiple visits to does the governor's brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo at his home in the hamptons. they were treated like royalty, a nurse at beard i didn't understand why they were able to jump the line. >> he said it's absurd, that sources are twisting and distorting the facts. on monday, ninth woman accused governor cuomo of misconduct. she said he kissed her twice
3:23 pm
while serving flood damage at her home in 2017. >> he wedged his face between the dock and mine and kissed me on the other cheek. and what i felt was a highly manner. >> she says her client contacted the state attorney general's office which indicated they wanted to interview her as part of their independent investigation into sex claims against cuomo. >> bret: thanks come up next, the migrant surge and backlog in migration courts even worse. and later, a grim picture for people in many parts of the world. we will hear from an american who learned firsthand of iran's abuses. >> i myself wonder, and i decided i need to be vocal and debunk their regime. and malign behavior. ♪ ♪
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(vo) the subaru outback. dog tested. dog approved. ♪ ♪ >> bret: one byproduct of immigration served as a huge backlog in the courts with migrants don't like where are supposed to go. the process can literally take years. >> the process is supposed to be streamlined. someone crosses the border illegally, they receive a notice of a court hearing, then appear before a judge in a timely manner. in 2021, nothing is timely leaving people waiting in the
3:28 pm
united states three, four, even five years for a hearing before an immigration judge. >> it's a tsunami of cases. the growth of the backlog has been exponential. to speak of retired immigration judge denise laban set on the bench for 24 years. she says today's backlog of nearly 1.3 million cases is disturbing and that number is from early january, before the recent surge at the southern border. the million plus figure is not strictly border related and includes migrants for more than 200 country. two countries. >> we are going to make sure that the process runs more smoothly and get rid of the backlog. >> fox news was first to report that border patrol agents are letting migrants go. without a notice to appear in court. >> to hear they're going to be releasing without his -- it's a
3:29 pm
failure. >> immigration judges are employees of the department of justice meaning they are not independent like judges on state and federal court benches. >> somebody joked we were u.s. imitation judges said that's hard to be independent when you are sitting in the executive office when you're under the control of the president. >> they are growing calls from multiple legal agencies to separate immigration judges from the executive branch. it could take time, meaning the backlog will only continue to grow. bret. >> bret: david, thanks. we are getting new information tonight about the terrible conditions for some persecuted people around the world. the data is in the latest human rights report. one of the stories behind the numbers. >> a captive of the iranian government for 40 months. before his release, he says
3:30 pm
those prisoners had a request. >> we need you to tell the world, for the world to better understand the malign behavior and the oppression of the regime. and today, i think i must do that. >> a princeton graduate student, he was studying persian language and history in 2016 when iranian authorities arrested him. >> they told me explicitly that you are here because you are american. and because we want a deal to get iranian prisoners back from the united states. >> the state department just released its annual report on human rights, evaluating near than 200 countries. >> the human rights seems to continue in the wrong direction. >> "systematic abuse and arbitrary imprisonment, harsh and life-threatening prison conditions, hundreds of political prisoners and detainees."
3:31 pm
before his release and a 2019 prisoner exchange, he lived human rights abuses in iran. he is now warning the biden administration to avoid the same playbook. >> team biden has already given excessive confectionery signals to iran. >> this report also reaffirm the decision to accused china of against minority muslims. the details of abuses in venezuela, burma, ethiopia. >> bret: thank you. today is the 40th university of the attempted assassination of ronald reagan. here is a preview. to speak of the president was having trouble breathing. and was in excruciating pain. he knew others had been shot, but didn't yet realize he had been hit.
3:32 pm
knowing the world was watching, he waved off wheelchair and walked to the hospital. >> when he got out of the curb, he was able to stand up and he walked just a few steps. >> about 30 feet in the door, he starts to struggle, while blame. >> collapsed and that's when they picked him up and brought him back. >> it was the moment reagan learned he'd been shot too. >> bret: the attempted assassination of ronald reagan is available now on fox nation. a florida republican congressman matt gaetz reportedly is being investigated by the justice department for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the 17-year-old girl. that was first reported by "the new york times." somes confirmed the federal investigation to axios saying "the allegations against me are as searing as they are falls." he goes on to say that the
3:33 pm
allegations are rooted in an extortion effort against his family for $25 million. "new york times" reported the allegation include that he paid for this girl to travel with him, he says the justice department is trying to criminalize his conduct when he was "a single guy." and that no one was underage beard we will continue to follow this developing story. up next, the panel on who's in charge of the border at what the vice president is actually doing or not doing. first, beyond our borders tonight, attackers killed three women working to administer the polio vaccine in eastern afghanistan. they say it happened the day after they launched a new campaign against the crippling children's disease. authorities say no arrests have been made there and there's no claim of responsibility. japan and indonesia signed affect down like pact, the agreement came as
3:34 pm
they share concerns about china's growing influence and territorial claims in the east and south china seas. the investigation is beginning into the suez canal logjam caused by that ship blocking the waterway. experts boarded the ship today after it was free to monday. a service provider says that more than 300 vessels carrying everything from crude oil to cattle are still waiting their turn through the canal in a process that will take days. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ to meet the world's needs while creating a cleaner future for all. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations, investing in lower-carbon technologies, and exploring renewable fuels of the future. we work hard to care for the homes we love. but it's only human... to protect the one we share.
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3:39 pm
custody appeared the capacity for this location for covid purposes is 250. previous to covid, the total capacity was 1,000. but i'm holding, like i said, we are holding over 4100 subjects in this location alone. so you do the math, we are way over capacity. we are like 700% over capacity. >> bret: border control facility there in donna texas opened up for the first time to a reporter and camera, giving interviews about the situation be it if look at the video, it is just packed with humanity, many of them unaccompanied children. and they are filled to the brim they are people and a place that's not supposed to hold this many people. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, editor at the dispatch. steve, it was a democrat from texas that first came forward
3:40 pm
with those pictures of that facility. but when you see this video and the reporters are actually going in, it does change the talking points that come out of washington. it's a different thing when you see it see it. >> it sure is. i think you are right to point to congressman quiros photograph is the beginning of the crumbling of the biden administration talking points. let come of the biden administration has a very difficult time describing what is going on. they have shifted their messaging on this, again and again and again. at first, it was the trump administration's fault, then it was a challenge, then it was something they had to deal with in the long term. you've seen these arguments change, but the reality of the situation as we are facing a surge on the border. two decades greater than when we've seen in two decades. you've had mainstream media reporting on the reasons for this. and it is certainly some combination of biden
3:41 pm
administration policies and unnatural surge. but the biden administration is now focusing on efforts on talking about route causes and looking at the places that many of these migrants are coming from. that is fine, that's overdue in some respects. it's one of the thing the biden administration said from the beginning that it intended to deal. would it also did at the beginning was immediately reversed a number of trump administration policies that were holding back the dam. and that is why we have this urge, it is sort of incredible that they didn't seem to have many plans out affecting and addressing that first part of the situation more effectively. >> bret: wright, talking about that, the incentives -- they are a couple of different takes on it. and they have evolved, chuck, take a listen. >> we don't apologize for the fact that this is a president who has a more humane policy, but i do think we have to make sure people understand that the border is not open, the message to migrants is that in fact do
3:42 pm
not come this way. >> i've never seen so many incentives for illegal immigration as i see today. if you are 16 and younger, we are going to make sure you never leave the country. if you have a family member here illegally, we are going to pay to reunite the family illegally. that incentivizes more illegal immigration brit if they don't change policy, nothing is going to change. it's only going to get worse. >> bret: chuck, where does this go from here? >> look, the incentive to leave central america or mexico to try to find a better life in the united states has always been very large. it ebbs and flows, but that is the big picture here. and so there has to be at some point some kind of constraint or deterrence put in by the united states. you asked me where i think it goes from here? i look to the path of my looked in 1980 and the marielle boat lift when jimmy carter was president and 1994, a similar
3:43 pm
boat lift from cuba when bill clinton was president. and they both went through a cycle beer there was at first a phase of kind of welcoming and sane we could handle this, then as the situation escalated, the president, both democrats and those cases, became under more pressure and ultimately and to stop the flow paid that similar to what happened in 2014 when barack obama was president and joe biden was vice president bid i'm not surprised if we go through a similar cycle on this one. >> bret: kamala harris was a little bit vague as far as the beginning. it was thought that she was taking over responsibility for policy along the border. he is an exchange about this today. >> the president, when he was the vice president, played a very specific role too. where he was running point in the northern triangle purity dolomite.
3:44 pm
he wants the vice president to have a similar role. >> was it always for her to focus on the northern triangle countries? as opposed to the border, or did something change? >> that was also the planet that was the announcement. >> asked her, the vp, today, she is most qualified. with mexico in the northern triangle. >> bret: très, what about this? >> bret, it is hard to get to the left. kamala harris has managed to do it. she still the left of obama and biden on immigration. so putting someone who voted against dhaka, a path to citizenship, not enough. try getting her to identify any category of people that she wants to deport. so putting someone to the left of president biden in charge of fixing this problem, i am fine if she doesn't want to go to the
3:45 pm
border between mexico and texas. but how about the border of -- why are you still here? go talk to the leaders of these countries. >> one of the issues is covid, and testing these kids, dealing with covid spread along the border, i wanted to play the sound bite. this is from the cdc director talking about a vaccine. take a look. >> we are vaccinating so very fast, our data from the cdc suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick. it's not just in the clinical trial, but it's also in real world data. and yet, on the other side, i'm watching the cases pick up. i'm watching all of us have increased numbers of hyper transmissible variance. spew on that first part, where vaccinated people do not carry the virus, remember that back and forth with rand paul and
3:46 pm
dr. fauci up on capitol hill? just thought that was interesting for the cdc director to say, steve. >> yeah, extraordinary comment. i think it's very, very good news. it's very suggestive of the more people give vaccinated the sooner they're likely to get out of this. this is in hand with the administration's push to get more people vaccinated. the president of course setting not terribly ambitious goals over delivering on his not terribly ambitious goals or goals he was likely to meet anyway. this is unqualified good news, very good news from the cdc director. >> bret: definitely peered up next, the infrastructure plan. president biden taxes, spending, where is this going? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> $1.9 trillion that we just passed, what they claimed was covid relief, but only 9% of it had to do with covid relief. if we had spent that extra money on transportation, we wouldn't have to worry about increasing people's taxes, any more money to what they are pain when they can barely afford to put food on the table now. >> we will be hearing a lot more details in the coming days about how we envision to being able to fund this.
3:51 pm
again, these are carefully thought through responsible ideas that are ultimately going to be a win for the economy and need to be compared to the unaffordable costs of the status quo. >> bret: going big with this infrastructure speech, possibly a $3 trillion package. we are starting to get nuggets about what may be in here. going to the matter on for a tax increase is worth about $1.8 trillion to help pay for this. the biggest would be a corporate rate from 21% to 28%. over ten years, that 730 billion. impose a global minimum tax from foreign subsidiaries, tax capital gains as regular income for the wealthy, and tax unrealized capital gains at depth, 370 billion, then return the top individual rate for those making over 400,000 to 49.6%. could be more too.
3:52 pm
there's a lot of money in there. >> it's going to be fascinating political theater. remember this conversation about your marks? worse yet, be a republican and to be opposed to earmarks. so therefore you don't participate in the eight participation bill i haven't heard a lot over deficits in the last few years. going to be different hearing republicans talk about a fiscal responsibility. and when you are defending a corporation, you expose the draft in the party between conservatism and populism. we are lucky we have a doctor or an air conservative on the panel with us tonight, steve hayes. but populism seems to be taking over the party. it's when to be fascinating to watch. spew on the republican party has not talked about this. how are they approaching this heading into what's going to be -- it looks like a steamroller -- of democrats trying to get -- heard the cats
3:53 pm
on this vote. it's bigelow, i think you are right but this is going to be a hard argument for democrats to . i think the key to point out is what the biden administration is actually proposing here. setting aside the tax, just look at the spending pieces. you've had to had already $3.5 trillion of covid relief, i know you are talking about two plus trillion dollars of infrastructure of which roughly one-third of it is going to be infrastructure spending in the first package and then likely a second package according to jennifer psaki at the white house. you are talking about throwing trillions of dollars at the time when we don't have the money to do it. >> bret: chuck? >> well, according to them, they will have the money to do it once they are done soaking the rich and corporations. it's interesting to me that this is a climate related package that doesn't pay for the
3:54 pm
transportation with a gas tax or vehicle miles tax. clearly they shrank from anything that would touch people, ordinary people, who make less than 400k. >> bret: yeah, transportation secretary talking about that, but then it was shot down in all corners on capitol hill peered when we come back, tomorrow's headlines, tonight. ♪ ♪ . . spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines. back with the panel. steve? >> you read my mind earlier. we touched upon it briefly. vaccinated people do not carry the virus. hugely important headline. should be what everybody is talking about tonight. and tomorrow. we have had a lot of bad news over the past year about the coronavirus. we have had good news on the vaccines again and again and again. i got my first shot today. i hope people will take it
3:59 pm
seriously and go get their vaccine. >> bret: that is a big deal for her to say that all right, chuck? >> the headline is biden prepares announcement of tax increases on the rich to pay for infrastructure and the subhead is republicans struggle to explain why that's a bad idea. i think he is going to have the political initiative with this because those two things both poll very well and is he putting them together. >> bret: all right. trey? >> house democrats reaffirm the sanctity of state certified election results. except in iowa. >> bret: iowa congressional district 2. they are still -- we're following that story. we will see what happens. panel, thank you, tomorrow on "special report" president biden heads to pennsylvania to sell that infrastructure plan we will take to you an ohio town that is actually struggling with the decline of fossil fuels. and as we mentioned earlier, this is the 40th anniversary of
4:00 pm
the attempted assassination of ronald reagan. check out this new special on fox nation streaming now, thank for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts right now. rachel? >> rachel: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. and tonight we have brand new images from inside an h.h.s. facility in donna, texas. thousands of migrant children packed end to end in a cramped facility meant to hold just 250. it's truly a dire situation made worse every day by the biden administration's open border immigration policies. we're going to talk about this escalating crisis and how it's benefiting child traffickers later in the show. but, first, we examine america's misplaced priorities. new outrage is growing


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