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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ steve: welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton. last week, we laid out origins of wokeism. hateful ideology, captured america with cruel culture cancer it is more dangerous. not a fad that exploded after death of george floyd, wokeism is a campaign that began at frank -- frankfurt university.
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targeting faith, family and culture, in eyes of critical theorists. those were the tools of oppression. now, here we are. wokeism is today the biggest internal threat that america faces it is the enemy within. it is recruiting new allies all of the time. latest corporate america. in last few weeks starting with georgia voting bill, heads of mayor companies enter -- major companies have entered political arena as democrat activists, saying claiming they are defending our democracy, when they say, that a recite democrat talking points, there is no proposal in georgia or anywhere else to undermine the right to slow the, the ceos are either
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lying or waves into america's most inflammatory issues with out knowing what they are talking about. pushes banana republic atrocities like ballot harvesting, replacing one person, one vote with one union activist, 500 votes. unbelievably corporate america is lining up behind this partisan power grab. tonight, we have a message for woke ceos, you think you can beoff the mob with pandering pas press releases, you want to behave like democrat politicians, fine, that is how we'll treat you, you have no idea how painful this will get for your companies and you personally, start with ed bastion, ceo of delta, saying on
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march 1: that is wrong he said, no, you are wrong, georgia's new law makes it easier to vote in georgia, and easier than many democrat run states, but facts are irrelevant to delta ceo. he said rationale for the bill was based on a lie, no your statement is a lie, proof you are a liar provided by your own company previous statement in support of georgia law, but. he took our tack money in -- tax money in bailout dollar to help employees gave it to managers, and senior vice presidents, what a nasty piece of work. , worse is this man, brad smith. president of microsoft.
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also -- implies that georgia law. for years he bought off criticism and regulation by bribing -- i am sorry, making donations to members of congress, microsoft has given 20 million to convince them they are not part of big tech, they are worse than big tech, everyone republican member of congress, policy maker wined and dined and financed by grad brad smith. china, to view windows code. china uses access to microsoft source code to help blot -- plot cyber warfare, on and on it goes
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year after year microsoft the ally of our biggest enemy, china. now ally of our most internal enemy, wokeism. microsoft is china soft. if you work with brad smith. and microsoft, you are sides with the enemies of america. but not just microsoft, you need to cut ties with, this is coca-cola ceo. james quincy, he lined up coca-cola behind hr1 to rig the voting rules in democrat's favor. he said to protect black people's rights, but james quincy targets black people, black kids see twice as many of its ads as white kids, james quincy increased his ad spending 80% linking his product to poor health, he encourages racism in
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his own company, coca-cola employees told to be less white as part of their diversity training, and europe his coca-cola claims -- continuing to be one of the biggest polluters of our ocean. here is another disgusting two-faced corporate hypocrite, larry fink. chief executive world's largest investment firm. if concerned about efforts that could limit access so ballot for everyone, he is concerned about social justice but not concerned enough to do it in his own company. 3% of his senior leaders are black. 5% of his hus -- u.s. workforce.
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he is one of the biggest investors in private prison that hurt black people. he has been investing in bomb manufacturers and profiting from endless war and violence. his behavior described as bullying. safe maybe someone will look into it. larry fink is not only sickening wall street hypocrite. the grand estimate most pompous of them all, jamie dimon. voting must be equit inand accessible. in a paid a 24 million settlement to black official
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advisors who accused j.p. morgan of discrimination. when they are not discriminating against people by race, they destroy local communities and shipping jobs overseas. they are bribing public officials that cost them a quarter billion dollar settlement in 2016. jamie dimon, who resided over this corporate crimes again society says, companies like ours have an extraordinary capability to help, with developing strong public policy, fantastic. instead of people we elect it is corrupt ghouls of wall street writing our laws. why don't youal do some activism on your conscious, you are everything that is wrong with
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american capitalism, you make the rich, richer, the poor, poorer, you hurt black people in this country. spare us the woke virtue signaling, now that you joined the democrats, you can be sure the g.o.p. won't save you from them either, when they raise taxes, you are on your own, when they break you up and beat you down, you are on your own, new republican party, a multiracial working palace coalition, now holds corporate america in contempt. go ahead, boycott their brand, hound their ceos, make their lives a misery, that is the next revolution we need. share this message when we post it. >> joining me now. kayleigh mcenany. fox news contributor president of independent women's voice tammy bruce, and director of free enterprise project justin
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danhof. all this alignment of corporate america with the democrats to me in one sense it is helpful, it confirms realignment lead by president trump to make the working party. >> there is ary -- realign am this should frighten every american, you had joe biden calling for this. he said he supports this, wink, whisker. go ahead do it. now he tries to back peddle amid criticism, we know that democrat control social media they
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covered up for hunter biden. they control media. which like wise covered up that story. we know they control hollywood, and now the big time corporations that can just decide based on no facts, georgia expanded voting rights, just on that, they can just pull the lever and bankrupt 100 million-dollars from this state. and hurt minority owned businesses that makes no sense that is frightening. >> and as i said, these ceos are lying. they are lying, because i said in my opening statement, either they are lying or they don't know what they are talking about, you have to believe that the ceos with weather staff -- with their staff, they know what they are doing. so, you have to assume they are lying, that outrageous. >> yes. you are right.
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look at the law does, it makes permanent ballot drop boxes, expanding days you can vote, and add voter i.d. in georgia, 33 other states have. but if up to ceos just remove the entire economy. of the 33 states. because of voter i.d., 75% of americans support. steve: tammy? >> you know it is the irony is that the corporations say it because they care about people of color, they care about black america. this major league baseball move, as charles payne over fox business noted took out 50 million from the pockets of black workers and black owned businesses, you can listen to
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what they say, watch what in a do, in the meantime, if we talk about equity, dealing with securing the election, election integrity, means that the vote of every american every person who votes in atlanta, including the people of color who are voting, would matter, otherwise when you have someone a foreign or, or voting 4 times racing the legitimate votes of american people, last i checks that is all people, many, women, transgender people, gay people, none of us win when our vote gets erased. what they are doing is reinforcing a framework that suggests people of color are too dumb to understand how to get idea, that is absurd and racist. but taking money out of the pockets of these people with atlanta hit as hard if not harder with the pandemic as
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every other american city it is hypocritical it is damaging it does the opposite of what they say it will do, and with lying or dumb, remember that people surrounding these ceos 94 -- a generation that emerged from the woke academy, they want to business school or law school, they went to journalism school. and they are all in there and that is what they are trained in this kind of nuclear war against logic and reason. and the older individuals perhaps are thinking they wouldn't lie to me, they must know when they are talk about they don't, this is a combination of mel -- feeding information to the naive. it is going to damage a number of american corporations. steve: right. i want to explain origins of wokeism. people might think it popped up
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last summer, no this has been in development, concurred american university starts in 1960s, and has been moving through, a long process. justin. in response to what i said lack week, people say what can we do about it. you see the corporations that control so much of our economy. how can we stand up to this? you have a practical answer. >> i have a great idea that is simple. let's vote. let's vote the bums out. i'm not talking about voting out swamp in dc, not political votes. every publicly traded company 24 sets of important votes, every year. first is for corporate directors. second is for sharehold proposal, you are mad at
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coca-cola good, if you are investor, vote the whole board out. not just the ceo, if you are mad at delta, vote, ed bastion out. what happens at annual corporate meetings is shameful. we have equivalent of a purple state election that goes blue every year because left coalitis their organization together and their money to don't. as you mentioned, politics is downstream from culture that what lift knows, that is what right ignores, i'm glad or over the target today talking about it talk about second subset of votes sharehold pro posals they seem nuanced or mundane they are important. i run only organization on right for last decade been filing
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shareholder resolutions at woke companies to try to course correct, dozens of liberal groups that represent hundreds of billion of dollar engage and mile hundreds of resolutions every year. what left wing activist push today, that is what is mainstream and 4 years. let's look at it. 3 or 4 years ago jesse jackson, were demanding afirmtive act for boards, it is goldman sachs, who said they won't finance your ipo unless your board is sufficiently woke, and nasdaq with a plan to delist any of their own companies from their exchange. that are not sufficiently woke or diverse in their eyes. so, in 3 or 4 years, agent of change, from jesse jackson. to goldman sachs. and the nasdaq. that is why we have to stop them in their infancy. steve: quickly, you can tell us,
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where they can go to find out more about this. >> national center dot org . that is stop corporate tyranny dot org . >> thank you. >> i just think that consumers choice is the answer, it is confounding that mlb would choose to try to be the nfl. their players started a kneeling campaign they suffered for it. for mlb to proactively make the choice it is confounding, i think consumer choice will be the remedy to this. steve: right, we have got to put
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pressure on. and we have to kind of realize that we have to organize. and fight back against this, this is not going away. last week, and this week, and we'll keep talking about this on this show, kayleigh mcenany, and justin danhof thank you. >> tammy we'll see you in a bit. steve: coming up one republican member of congress may have found a perfect way for g.o.p. to fight back against woke corporate
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steve: welcome back, mitch mcconnell got in a muddle after saying corporate america to stay out of politics. >> my advice to corporate ceos of america, to stay out of politics. don't pick sides. in the big fights. >> not talking political contributions. >> not about. then he walked to back. >> i didn't say that very artfully yesterday, they are entitled to be involved in politics. steve: it was wrong. and familiar face who named reason why. >> i did calleds of wall street, and every company in america, and i would blow away every
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record, but i don't want to do that, it puts me in a bad position. steve: right. big donors expect favors in return that matters. corporate america has sided with the democrats in woke left. how can you take them on if you take their money. one member of congress thought about this. a new strategy, stop sucking up to big business. and become a real party of the working class, funded by small dollar donations, congressman jim banks, great to see you, i love the memo you wrote about the subjects, i would love you to explain it. >> thank you. the reason i wrote that memo, to leader mccarthy, it has becam clear that donald trump gave republican party a really important gift. not sure all my colleagues
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understand, that gift is still sitting in france of us -- in front of us, for first time --working class voters in ameria identify themselves as republicans more than before, donald trump cemented a relationship with blue collar working palace voters and -- class voters. that is why i wrote the 5 mainl. memo, talk about republicans seizing an agenda that puts americans first, with immigration policy afraid policy, holding a china account accountable. there is a shift where republican party is no longer party of big business, the democrats are. you see this in political donations and voting behaviors of working class voters.
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it is now american to cement the relationship, make our party the party of working class voters, if we do we'll win back majority in 2022, and white house in 24. steve: right. that line that -- the dem demogs are against the republican party. it is old white people, it is' opposite. it is a multiracial coalition, a growing group. that is secret to political success. one aspect, your personal story. in your district how you did better as a result of moving away from big corporate donations. >> yes. i learned a lesson after
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january 6, a number of pacs, from corporate america, said we're not giving you money. a lot more because of i am a conservative, taken stuff stances in favor of pro-life, i have been warned for a long time by lobbyists and pacs those beliefs in votes are falling out of line and favor out of big corporate woke ceos in wall street. had a pac eli lilly, they went to media trying to make it a negative news targeted today me. i got more pats on the back, more small dollar donations for
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people who understand and appreciated i represent people not big companies and ceos, i putin rest of my -- i put the interest of my voters, and not big woke corporations and ceos instead. the republicans who don't figure that out, they will get left behind, you saw asa hutcheson fall flat on his face. and not follow the lead of the hutchesons and weak republicans. steve: thank you, your memo is fantastic. i hope you can come back. i really believe that is the road map for many years.
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congressman banks if you. >> thank you. steve: coming up as humanitarian crisis at border gets worse by the day, person is charge is nowhere to be found. where is kamala harris? perhaps charlie kirk and tammy bruce know. they join us next.
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so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. steve: welcome back, two and a half weeks ago biden dumped border crisis he created in kamala's lap. how is she doing? the numbers have surged. not content with spending
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checking checks to everyone, they want to send cash payment to millions in central america, and vice president harris, who is supposed to be in change, has been just about everywhere, including gavin newsom's house and a bakery, but everywhere except the border, joining us again tammy bruce and charlie cl kirk. >> does not seem as if they have a desire to try to fix it. to first the problem, you must acknowledge you have a problem. i don't know if they are unwilling to recognize we have a border or a border crisis, like a suggested line drawn between texas and mexico, if people come and cross so be it, this is arguably the worst border crisis in american history, to put
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kamala harris in charge, that is the new strategy out of the white house, saying don't worry we have a person not yet visited with no understanding of the issue. i am worried for our country. this amount of illegal entry is not good. i really hope that some form of bipartisan compromise can be struck. to solve this crisis on the border, the numbers are beyond unprecedented. steve: yeah. individual stories are so heartbreaking. tammy, look at how media and the democrats, okay could say thing, treated, trump administration. about chaos and incompetence. look at here. even the announcement they would give it to kamala harris to sort
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out that is a clear evidence of lack of seriousness. you have a humanitarian crisis growing by the day. and president of united states, said i don't want to do it, it's' pr move, let's just say kamala is in charge, then she does something different. these people are not serious. >> that is it. let's say, if you gave the job to mike pence there would be action. people can see it, but democrat and media think they can control, weres are noticing -- americans are noticing what is happening on border. so close on heels of president trump being successful at closing border while still dealing with claims of asylum, and being compassion. this is directly from joe
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biden's decision. kamala harris is unhappy this was given to her, it is already failing, she is referred to in the news, but she does not think she needs to go. she goes to california to campaign for gavin newsom, you have a pipeline, steve you are in california, a pipeline from sacramento to dc. about newsom, and pelosi. and harris now. and you know newsom will be recalled. they are only thinking about themselves in that bubble. in the meantime american people see what is happening, they don't like it harris is tone deaf on nature of what is happening, no wonder she could not get further in presidential race, this will bite them. it will not bode well for newsom or harris or joe biden in 2022, statement will be made, first recall of newsom. then the 2022 midterms.
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steve: charlie, the sheer cruelty, that is so horrifying, language they used to trump era of concentration camps. i think that was aoc. it is worse now, this is a deliberate result of their policies this was no accident. this is a direct result of their policy decisions, their cruelty on this plate. >> right, i am wondering where is the outrage from the well funded activists up dpraik inte- immigration groups, they used million to sue donald trump and his administration. for all upper middle class liberal donors that chipped in 250 to 500, don't you fill
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jipped what you asked to fight trump administration. now it is worse than it was when trump solved the issue, that is an interesting question, if new york times and "washington post" wanted to do a full expose, there are the press releases and lawsuits, are they in 9th circuit right now. and if donald trump drank a diet coke incorrectly they would see in 9th circuit and get overturned it is silence now. >> also, this is during a pandemic. this is what is so wild. we're in middle of a pandemic that has -- because of politicians diseases has almost destroyed personal lives of american citizens, and now there is this wild chaos at the
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border. with people yemenis, people other than mexicans as an official term, coming from all over, terrorism, people on no-fly list, it is insane, and kamala harris is going to a bakery. this -- this is how muc contempt democrats have for this country this is mind boggling. >> and because of the pandemic, massive unemployment, particularly in hospitality, low wageworkers, many of them from immigrant families, they want to import more low wageworkers, the -- we could go on all night, thank you, tammy, charlie we'll see you later on. >> coming up biden administration's infrastructure plan contains a litany of progressive policies. a republican member of
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infrastructure committee is here with details and their plan to fight it, n
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steve: welcome back, real investment in real infrastructure helps american families. but the biden -- was not a infrastructure plan it was a cover for corrupt payoff to democrat union donors, less than 6% spent on roads and bridges it is a con. helping us with congressman nancy mace. you care about infrastructure, we talked about it before, what do you make of this. >> i think that biden
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administration should rename package as green new deal, almost half money spent, could be spend on green new deal type of wasteful spending, you have left defining redefining child care as infrastructure. social justice as infrastructure. care giving as infrastructure, vast majority of bill, 70% has nothing to do with what we would call transportation and infrastructure. i don't know how you sell this to american people with a straight face, steve. steve: what do you think will happen in congress, you hear they talking we hope it will be a bipartisan bill. what do you think would happen? >> they said same thing with the last round of covid stimulus package. they said it would be bipartisan, unity. and there was not, they did it through budget reconciliation process, we're hearing that
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could happen with this. we have to fight the wasteful spending this is not an infrastructure package, not bipartisan, so far this year in biden administration they talk about 7 trillion in new spending, when you add this up. i don't know how you do. this and in meantime, to afford this package, they want to present the largest tax hike in american history in middle of a pandemic. i don't see how we could move forward with this at all. steve: just on infrastructure, what would you like to see, if you could write a product a -- infrastructure bill. >> i would invest more in the roads and bridges, more than 5% of the package, there is 1% to airports, less than 1% to ports and inland water ways, we have so much to recover from, from
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pandemic, we have supply chain, and issues with the sports, we should invest in infrastructure across the board, we should not see investment there is 175 billion in electric vehicles invested, i would love to own an electric vehicle, i have friended that own them, but you can't -- that investment should be done in private vec door, --sector, and they am spend 200 billion for power grid greener. steve: thank you, you summed it up. nancy mace thank you. >> thank you. steve: coming up biden swamp gets more disgusting every week, they keep breaking their pledge not to hire lobbyists. we have the story ahead, don't miss it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. the revolving door keep spinning at the white house with a string of corrupt new hires including a new lobbyist. in direct opposition. [inaudible] here is the executive director for the revolving door project
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lobbying that is constitutional protected. corporate lobbying is bad but union lobbying is okay. got it. generally not an issue, the issue corporate lobbyists could with one exemption skew hundreds of billions of dollars to their former industry, but if you're going to skew the money to government unions, the luxury pensions and healthcare, lobby away say the good government groups. bring them into the white house, private sector sector corruption bad. these have destroyed their credibility and shown all of us that the entire world that the nonprofit advocacy has been completely captured by the left. back now is charlie kirk. this is just like what you
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were talking about earlier in relation to immigration. all those groups condemning the trump administration and what was happening at the border. they're totally silent. here they are they used to scream about revolving door and lobbying in the administration and now it's fine but it's union lobbyist doing it. >> totally. during the trump administration there was a multibillion-dollar infrastructure from media to nonprofit groups that were daily pressure on the trump administration. only one of the media organizations had any sense of democracy dying in darkness. i asked a liberal friend of mine i said can you name three people who work in the white house that's not jen saki and they couldn't. that's a really interesting point that the trump administration, we had a daily roster report of where they were traveling. we criticize them for being over-the-top, but in some sense i think we always admitted that look, we would rather have a press that is trying to understand what's happening in our government and in some way i think the trump administration admitted that it kept them in line, it
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made them always act in a way that was beneficial to their promises. there is no such accountability, zero, and all of these organizations and groups, the only thing they can possibly focus on is whether or not donald trump has a good golf game over the weekend or what he said to some donor over the weekend. meanwhile we have border immigration, international climate agreements, trade treaties, foreign policy and very little understanding of what's actually happening in the media organization in the multibillion nonprofit groups are on the team of the white house. >> exactly. the point very quickly, the corporate lobbying, we agree that's bad, but the union lobbying, why is that just as corrupt when it ends up with trillions of dollars going to the people who give the donation, the same thing. >> in some ways it's almost even worse. the way corporations are going, you have these public-sector unions and the
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american federation of teachers, meanwhile they're not opening schools and they're just giving free passes. it's disgusting [sound of gunfire] >> it is monday april 12th fox news alert shots fired a the a minnesota police station. stores looted cop car damaged vinyl protest after an officer shoots and kills a man pleaing a traffic stop. we will have a lye report. j there are a lot of different analysis about just how many million jobs this is going to create. >> secretary you're the one -- you're the one who cited athletics 19 million and tweal 2.7 million. >> fox news


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