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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: the next hour begins with the man we new york's finest. >> we are two days removed from the tragic police involved shooting death of daunte wright in the situation on the ground at this hour remains incredibly tense as curfew now approaches, the crowd is estimated tonight at 2,000, much larger than last nights and coming up his the investigation unfolds, we will bring you important context, new information, footage, other critical information that you probably won't see on other fake
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news networks. also later tonight, and explosive new undercover video we will unveil right here from project veritas featuring a cnn employee bragging that that network that they worked overtime beat donald trump in the 2020 election and as always we will report, you will decide, here's a preview. >> it was to get trump out of office, right? >> sean: that's only the tip of the iceberg, so will any of the hannity fox news psycho stockers at fake news cnn ever have the courage to hold their own network accountable? we did tweet out to our good friend in james o'keefe, he went after his friend oliver somebody, joins a straight ahead. we have exclusive footage from this bombshell investigation but first, we turn our attention back to what is a very, very
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tense situation on the ground tonight in minnesota. on monday, we witness a second straight night of looting and right so it's anybody's guess. in brooklyn center minnesota, our very own mike tobin, much bigger crowd tonight than last night and new restrictions have been put on the police tonight as well. >> certainly the biggest crowd we have seen to this point, i can give you a look as they are standing in front of the brooklyn center police headquarters here, you can see the big crowd of people, one of the things i can point out as we are seeing now, a lot of the uniform, the black hoods, the backpacks, the gas masks, goggles, leaf blowers in the crowd there and just beyond that you have the police force, national guard combined with a number of different police agencies, spotters up on the
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rooftop, they were a number of big developments today, the resignation of the police chief tim gannon, the resignation of kim potter, the woman who was the police officer at the center of all of this, i asked people in the crowd what they think of that and they don't care. there is word out of the washington county prosecutor's office speaking with her minneapolis affiliate telling them that he could announce charges against this officer as early as tomorrow in the crowd doesn't care. what i get is they are angry and out here to make our voices heard. >> sean: mike tobin on the ground, thank you. we will be going to you throughout the evening. over the past few days, dozens of businesses have been looted and vandalized, police have been attacked, struck with projectiles, assaulted, the brooklyn center city council, how did they respond? they passed a resolution banning police from using a variety of nonlethal control measures including teargas and rubber bullets in a tactic known as
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using police lines to corral rioters and make arrests, that would leave the police totally, completely, and utterly defenseless and if police are left completely defenseless, they have every right to stay home and we saw that happen in the west coast city over the summer where the police chief saying i can't protect my officers, i'm not asking them to do this job and meanwhile the city manager has been fired for the simple idea of believing in and calling for due process, even weak and frail like i usually rushes to judgment joe biden said the same thing, more on that in a minute. now officer kim potter who fire that shot has now resigned after 26 years as a police officer. the brooklyn center police chief also has resigned today. so let's talk about due process, what are the facts as we know
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them tonight? police claim the shooting was an accident, the officer in this case meant to reach for her taser and instead deployed her firearm. the police chief said this was an accidental discharge. on the body came footage, you can clearly hear officer potter shouting i will tase you, i will tase you, taser, taser, taser followed by the shot. and i just shot him. if you are warning, this is graphic footage. >> i will tase you! i will tase you! taser, taser, taser! i just shot him.
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>> sean: expired tags after placing them under arrest, it was a warrant outstanding for him, to fund charges involving police attempting to flee the scene in the vehicle went out to be clear, that does not change the fact this is a horrible tragedy. the young man is now dead, there will be and must be a full investigation and no rush to judgment, due process for everybody. as i mentioned even joe biden was right for once, he called for a full-blown investigation to determine if this was an accident or if it was intentional. unfortunately, the radical socialist party don't agree, they are out for vengeance, always politicize events that suit their narrative and rush to judgment and denied due process but only to republicans emma they defend democrats. simply stated, there are some
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who want to score cheap political points by vilifying all police because they want to defund the police. squad member, one of them tweeting "it wasn't an accident, policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist, no more policing, incarceration, and militarization. it can't be reformed. not to be outdone, congresswoman ilhan omar said it is a required action when policing minorities. tim walz literally declaring on twitter that this was another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. earlier today, brooklyn center minnesota mayor mike elliott said that maybe officers should not have weapons during a traffic stop. really? take a look. >> i don't believe that officers need to necessarily have weapons
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every time they are making a traffic stop. or engaged in situations that don't necessarily call for weapons. >> sean: so that genius mayor actually wants to leave cops totally completely defenseless and there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop, because no cop knows what's behind or has any idea of what be waiting for them during any encounter with a car that they pull over. the danger is always there. every stop, every day, every week, every month, every year. last night, we showed you this appalling footage that was released yesterday. police officer being murdered, shot and killed at point-blank range range after a routine traffic stop, wasn't so routine. you are warning again.
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mr. mayor, the video was just released yesterday, that officer was dead, wants to disarm the police completely, can't overstate how extraordinarily dangerous and difficult it is to be a police officer in america and it's harder now than ever especially now, police everywhere have been vilified for political gain and make no mistake, this constant war of words has real-world consequences in many cities, sweeping budget cuts, the defund the police moment in full effect, new rules prohibiting as we reported earlier, actually enforcing the law all over the country, facing harassment, random attacks. not too long ago, nypd officers all over new york city you might remember with buckets and buckets of water, other unknown liquids and just this week, a
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group of individuals had toy pigs surrounding a squad harassing, taunting the officers inside their squad car. watch. >> at the [bleep] out. >> sean: anybody want to sign up to be a police officer? that's how bad it's gotten. of course, none of this compares to the nearly 100 police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty so far this year. how many of their names have you heard in the media? how many times have their names been listed for their cases talked about?
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given the life-and-death situations that police encounter every day, i want them to have the tools, the training they need at their disposal to do a difficult job to protect and serve all of us, the 99% of good cops, nonlethal weapons, i am a big advocate of. more training i'm a huge advocate of. it could be a great option. i've stated many times i'm not particularly a big fan of tasers has they can only be used in close range," or situations. the accuracy is not great. at best, you get two shots in only two shots. recently, another nonlethal weapon caught my attention, i bought this weapon from a company called burner technologies. i'm just a customer, i own several of their nonlethal weapons because i have the license in new york full disclosure but i've become a fan of this technology. as an option for homeowners and police officers, would have
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another option short of the lethal option of a gun in the training to shoot upper body mass, look at your screen, you see it shoots caliber projectiles, it's filled with two different pepper sprays, it dispenses upon impact rendering the target incapacitated and with more detail, they put out videos, i asked them today for these videos, look at the effects on fully grown men, the one with tattoos happens to be a law enforcement officer, take a look and you decide. >> it's in my throat, it's in my nose. >> if i was an assailant trying to come after somebody, no, i'm good. as soon as they may contact.
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i'm burning everywhere. so definitely would rather take a taser than this any day of the week. >> sean: a cop makes a mistake on the homeowner makes a mistake, no one's dead, uncomfortable, sure. you can see the reaction, look at the reaction, somebody holding something and they are ready to throw up and they can't see and they can open their eyes and that would allow somebody an opportunity to apprehend a suspect or flee the scene of a crime. as you can see, since a longer range than a taser, clearly effective, this might be and i believe it should be a great tool to law enforcement and for the public. i have purchased those items myself, i own them. one thing i do know is police need better, more effective, nonlethal options with the training to back it up. either way, i had to get the special projectile that is new york compliant because
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new york is on what you owe anything for the most part. if democrats want to reform policing, they should put aside the vitriol and defunding efforts and start using their brains and give police the tools and training that they need but don't expect any reasonable solutions from the left, they only seem to care about their own twisted narrative. here with reaction, he's been a cop himself working with the secret service and now is a fox news contributor and has an easy job, simple job, basic job, fox news contributor -- just teasing on that part. we don't pay cops a lot of money to him it's a thankless job. every cop i know, everyone, it's a calling mama it's not a career. like teachers, like firemen, like doctors and nurses and first responders, they are called to do this. you work the streets of new york, you know how hard it is, you see what's going on,
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what's your reaction? >> 25 or 30 people in my group and the nypd police academy, it was a large class but one of them is dead, one of them was shot and one of them was basically permanently disabled while rendering aid and a motorist off duty to the side of the road and so the odds are very good. so last night i was so upset and still am today about many people out there injecting race into this, clearly what happened in this incident with a female officer and young black male is a tragedy. if there is nothing else to add to that right now other than it was tragic. how young man lost his life, this woman's life will be altered forever, probably going to face criminal charges, but she is entitled to due process. but the immediate injection of racist motives with no evidence
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to back that up whatsoever by many people in the media out there, can you think of a more destructive force in america than to not even understand the basic facts of the case and to immediately jump to "this was definitely racist." your first question should be do you have any evidence of that at all or are you just purposely trying to make sure the united states burns to the ground by creating racial strife? there is no option c on that one. >> sean: i just showed this nonlethal weapon. i'm not a big fan of the taser. i don't know how you feel about it, close range weapon only, very specific circumstances, i showed this, you saw the videos tonight maybe for the first time but i talk to you about it, i know i've discussed it with you and i'm a big fan of it and i've
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talked to the owner and the manufacturer, i like these people and i've taken it to target practice and hit my target 40 feet away and if you're not a marksman, you can get it with a laser, you can't miss but it's an option for police, an option for homeowners, do you like the idea? you saw the reaction. >> i like the taser, i have one myself, they can be effective but it looks like a great idea and one of the things i talked with you about specifically is its incredible just about every industry out there we've had massive technological improvements, but think about policing, the exact same weapons they had 100 years ago maybe gone into a little bit and a firearm, it's almost the exact same equipment, policing
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technology hasn't gone anywhere. that's what upsets me so much. going back to my original point. >> sean: i want to save lives, i want cops to go home at night, i want them to have another option. the training actually, they teach you for example you can get an orange one, a pink one, yellow, or a black one, whatever color you want, but you put that in holster that on the other side so you're not going to make the mistake of which when you're reaching for her. you heard the cop and officer potter's surname, 2026 years, i will tase you and then after she shot her firearm, it sounds like she made a mistake, that's how i hear it. >> but none of this is going to get it rectified because of my original point, we are spending
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so much time dealing with these lunatic leftists every single opportunity to attribute it to police shooting that serious issues like modern police technology, improving use of force, improving technologies to use use of force for nonlethal, all of that stuff, i can guarantee these people on capitol hill have never heard of any of this because they are too busy saying how do i attribute a racial narrative to this and cause more racial strife so i can hopefully get reelected. forget about training a new equipment, they are talking about defunding the police. that tweet by rashida tlaib is insane. this is an elected member of congress basically calling for a book of eli anarchy in the middle of the streets, no cops and no military, this is an elected member of congress for
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that entire conversation about technology which you bring up is gone because everybody is concerned on the left when attributing racist narratives to everything. >> sean: bongino, thank you. leo terrel, nationally syndicated host larry one point oh, never needed to change, never threw down his microphone or your piece on the show or left the show, larry elder, thank you. i want to ask you the reaction, police are taught crowd control measures, you know about teargas, they are going to take that away from cops. the only option you got is a firearm. deadly weapon. bad idea and teargas is uncomfortable, but is not going to kill you. >> i saw this incompetent mayor
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basically tie the officer's hands behind their back, extended curfew, eliminated curfew, that mayor is incompetent. honestly, i felt he was working for the criminals because he basically was allowing his city to riot tonight. the police are basically defenseless. what i've seen in minneapolis and minnesota today by that mayor's incompetence, the chief of police quit and only because both the chief of police on the officer are both entitled to due process, what bothers me today not only about what she said is in the capitol building, officer gave his life to defend them in america and what dan said is absolutely true. if they have a solution, they would lose this argument so what she said today is so outrageous, will never happen but it's a
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talking point and in my 30 years of fighting against racism, never in my life has everything that the democrats look at, even in evergreen and portland. >> sean: i want people and neighborhoods protected, i want law and order, safety and security for every resident, when people turn on the cops the way we see in new york or we saw this weekend we saw last year with the water, now going to take away the nonlethal options of police and defunding the police, i don't see this ending well. we are going to have more mayhem, more chaos, more violence, we see the murder rate in the city skyrocketing. >> dr. fauci told supporters to take the vaccine because he felt
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donald trump had that much clout and power and persuasiveness. think about barack obama, one of the most admired men in this country and he's not an idiot, he knows what you and i know, he knows the studies do not show that the cops are out killing blacks because they are black, he is saying the black harvard economist who was shocked when he found out the police were more hesitant and reluctant to pull the trigger on a black suspect in a white suspect, you see in the work heather mcdonald, c and the work done by washington state professors going over decades find in the more hesitant and reluctant to pull the trigger, obama knows there were more unarmed whites than black and nose out of the homicide victims, one-third of 1% were unarmed killed by cops. obama knows all of this but also knows if he doesn't get 13% of the population black people angry about systemic racism,
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they cannot win. so obama is telling the country one thing do you think he tells them when you're pulled over by the cops, resist, mouth off, don't cooperate or comply and sort things out and he knows what i'm saying is true but he also knows that he wants his party to windsor never mind that this causing black men to comply with the police causing them to pull back there for the thugs no that they can run around and now called and has not said one word. mr. former president, act like a statesman and not a politician and do something about this, you have the power to do so. >> sean: want to thank both of you, thank you so much for being with us. when we come back, biden continues pushing his radical agenda this time exploring the idea of court packing,
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lindsey graham response to all of that. fake news cnn caught red handed with propaganda and much more straight ahead. find more ways to grow at
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>> sean: joe biden continues to go further and further to the left, ordering a study to look at the effects of judicial reform in what is just a step closer towards packing the court and turning the judicial branch into an arm of the democratic socialist party, also developing tonight, biden announcing plans for all u.s. troops withdrawn from afghanistan by september 11th 2021 coming here to react to this and much more, south carolina set under, not
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sure if tim scott is not the senior senator and i don't know, he was on my radio show. so you see trillions of reckless spending, not infrastructure or not for emergency relief, amnesty and open borders and abusive cages and then you see appeasement, aggression by china and russia and appeasement towards now pulling out of afghanistan, what is your overall feeling about where we are headed? >> joe biden's become an incredibly destabilizing american president, he took a border that was pretty calm and turned it into chaos, the mideast had been transformed donald trump's watch with the arabs working with the israelis, he has taken iran and led them out of the box, talking about enriching uranium at 50% now
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which is a direct threat to the existence of the state of israel, the russians are challenging him in the ukraine and now he is putting more forces in afghanistan against sound military advice. to all of you listening, he remember where you were at, our military told president biden that if you withdraw all of our forces, al qaeda and isis will come roaring back, afghanistan would disintegrate into civil war and you can avoid all of that by having three to 5,000 american forces making sure that isis and al qaeda never come back to hurt us. he rejected that advice, going to deteriorate pretty rapidly, he is paving the way for another 9/11, i think on foreign policy has been completely incompetent and destabilizing.
6:32 pm
everything we've accomplished in the mideast, i hope and pray that i'm wrong but i know what was going to happen in iraq and afghanistan is going to be worse. >> sean: let me ask you this, there's never been a major political party that has turned this radical. new green deal, reckless spending, all the things we talk about. my political instincts if i've learned anything in 33 years of doing this, i would tell you there's going to be a major backlash and the first task whether i'm not i'm right will be you couldn't pick a more perfect map for the u.s. senate, i think republicans have a good chance of taking control of the house, that would be good but in the senate you have florida, georgia, north carolina and new hampshire. you have ohio, arizona, wisconsin. those are all the states that matter for 2024 but you have senate races in 2022. your thoughts on what the agenda should be moving forward and who should lead it.
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>> i think president trump is the leader of the party and i'm hoping he will come out fairly soon with an american first agenda that includes simple things like finish the wall and make sure that we are safe when it comes to foreign policy, think the pressure on iran and don't take it off so i hope we can come up with an agenda led by president trump that we unite the republican party. expanding the number of supreme court justices, a democratic appointee and justice ginsburg said it would be a bad idea. just imagine every time you change power in washington you change the number of justices on the court, he has left the iranians to run wild, given a second lease on life go by withdrawing our forces in afghanistan that would pave the way for another 9/11, taken a border that was pretty secure and created chaos.
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i think this will all be on the ballot and if we get our acts together, it will come roaring back. >> sean: senator lindsey graham, thank you. when we come back, cnn caught red handed from a project veritas once again exposing the staggering abuse biased fake news from the mob and fake news cnn, james o'keefe will share us the video and much more as we continue, stay with us.
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>> sean: another explosive tape tonight from project veritas exposing fake news cnn's abusive bias, fraudulent fake news, outright corruption. you don't have to take my word
6:39 pm
for it, just listen to cnn staffer in his own words telling the truth about cnn and laying out how the network is out to destroy trump at all costs and spread as much fake news and as many lives as much propaganda as possible along the way. you decide. >> look what we did. it wasn't for cnn, i don't know that trump would have. >> it was to get trump out of office, not saying it, but that's what it was. >> we brought in so many medical people to all tell a story that is all speculation that he was neurologically damaged and losing it, unfit whatever. we were creating the story there. if we know anything about it, i
6:40 pm
think that's propaganda. >> sean: it's even worse because the same cnn technical director totally blows the lid on how the network targets and smears people they don't like and in this case, it's congressman matt gaetz. take a look again, you decide. >> matt gaetz right now, he is a problem for the democratic party, and he can cause a lot of pickups so it would be great to get him out so we are going to keep running the stories to make it so it can't be buried, that's propaganda. >> sean: talk about zero integrity, zero credibility, inside this is fake news cnn and we did reach out to the network for comment and he never got back to us, i tweeted out and he didn't get back to us, but get
6:41 pm
this, james o'keefe actually caught up with the man you see in that video. we have that tape, take a look. >> is this seat taken? i am james o'keefe with project veritas, your on camera talking about the importance of getting trump out of office without saying that's what you're intending. i want to ask you. i can stand 6 feet away from you and ask a question. >> you're not going to get me to talk about anything. >> you also said it was in your words propaganda. you're admitting that you're wanting to hide it, why hide it? why hide it? they never have the courage to say publicly what they will say privately about that's courage right there, that's courage.
6:42 pm
>> sean: so fox obsessed stalker or his sidekick oliver whoever his name is chiming in on their networks massive corruption, guess what? is now on tape for the entire world to see. they ignored this story all day, i wonder why? anyway, remember it's the same network that had three straight years of russia lies, one conspiracy theory after another, one fraudulent hoax after another on you the american people and are being exposed for who they really are. they lack the courage, the wherewithal, to take responsibility for being propagandists lying to the american people day in and day out. are they going to take responsibility for running which is nothing but an anti-trump pro-democratic socialist propaganda channel under the guise of news?
6:43 pm
they have an ounce of integrity left to admit what a massive corruption of the core, the same companies say they wanted the platform fox news hosts. okay, one difference between me and them as i'm honest about who i am. i'm a member of the press but unlike the entire newspaper, we do news, breaking news, investigative reporting, obama's radical associations, the deep state, the dirty dossier, stuff they wouldn't cover, we do opinion, i am a conservative and i say so upfront publicly. we talk about culture and sports. i'm a conservative and i'm honest about it. they claim that their unbiased news when they are liberal socialist tax and propagandists. here with reaction, ceo and founder james o'keefe. we've been covering your work for a long time, you have two big cases now, this is an
6:44 pm
explosive tape you got today and also had a huge victory against "the new york times" by the new york supreme court that grants you discovery and i am very interested in that case and following both your case for very selfish reasons very closely, let's talk about this tape first. >> this is truly an extraordinary series of events. have been coming on your show for ten years and i've known you for a long time, the biggest story for what it represents, this directorate cnn, he is admitting the network is propaganda, he says they were trying to get trump out without admitting that's what they were doing and saw me confront him about that, i just want him to be honest, they are deceiving and he says that they are helping biden in order to help him when this aviator shades of this is an extraordinary mission, the number two trending story globally on twitter which is ironic because jack dorsey
6:45 pm
banned us from twitter, that means the truth is getting out there no matter what and this is what we've suspected, doesn't shock your audience but it is amazing that the man was caught on tape, not just an unwitting whistle-blower, he is participating in what he knows is wrong, as charlie chester the director says in his hidden camera reporting, he says see yourselves. >> you also discovered some other things in terms of how we identified himself on social media and how he's identifying himself now and tell us about some of the changes you try to get comment from the network, i guess he got in contact with oliver, the guy that wants to be him but that guy. >> we spoke to him today, he hung up the phone on me, one of their top media personalities, the communications force at cnn. >> sean: let's not overstate the fact. his aspiration in life is to take over his spot one day, not
6:46 pm
exactly a high bar, but go ahead. >> and used to work for the conservative leadership institute but i guess flipped and now chases glory, but we talked to all of her dorsey up the phone on me, another spokesperson we try to get in touch with but interestingly enough, this guy has deleted his linkedin page, taken down his account, he said on linkedin that he played a pivotal role in the 2020 election at cnn so i don't know if this is a violation but the implications are staggering because they prefer cnn and their algorithms and cnn considers themselves the most trusted name in news but here they are admitting they are trying to help certain political candidates and trying to hide that but there's been radio silence from cnn, no one has been able to get a comment on this so we intend to release part two tomorrow which we think is even worse talking about
6:47 pm
covid and some of the fraud and misrepresentation the network does as it relates to covid so we are going to keep releasing new tapes and we do think either this man will be terminated or cnn will have to issue a comment. >> sean: which i would be interested in, how many days worth of material should we expect so i can book you in advance? >> at least if you come i hope to come on your program tomorrow and talk about the tape tomorrow. >> sean: we will look forward to tomorrow. >> you mention the lawsuit, we did win in the supreme court of new york, getting past motion to dismiss and i intend to suit cnn for defamation, though post up lied about us and said that we were taken down for she mention misinformation and that's not so. actual malice is the standard and we believe we can win against cnn so i'm announcing on your show i will sue cnn for
6:48 pm
defamation. i think a lot of people need to start suing the media for defamation. now they are caught and if charlie chester has not been fired, i'm pretty sure that by tomorrow, he will be. >> sean: might be filing some myself. we will see you tomorrow night, thank you, great job. an unlawful assembly by the way he has now been declared in brooklyn center minnesota, things are getting very tense right now between protesters and police, we go back to mike tobin on the ground with breaking news. >> i can tell you the police have been on the long range acoustics device at least four times now him given the minute morning. you heard a flash bang just go off. every time they get on the device, the protesters shout and bang the drum's and things
6:49 pm
nature intent on defying it but what you see is this constant hail of drinking bottles that are going up over the crowds being thrown, tactical vehicle there and it pretty good concentration of police, certainly much more and a lot of these water bottles deflecting off the shields of the riot cops and you see them with their truncheons at the ready. but i don't see is what we saw last night the police officer came outside of the fence, the concentration of people here, one large tactical vehicle, land going into police headquarters, keep in mind that the makeshift gate that was all built yesterday and what that is is concrete at the base holding up the chain link fence, this is the kind that's not going to hold unless it is backed up by manpower. now looking at the scene out here, there was one flash bang
6:50 pm
for some smoke that came out of it so probably gas and unfortunately coming in this direction, seen one of the demonstrators out there has one of the leaf blowers and that was that technically saw pioneered on the west coast in portland and seattle where they tried to blow the gas back at the cops and their riot gear but the cops out there, can't really see right now if they are messed up, certainly have their riot gear and truncheons at the ready and using gas, would make sense they are messed up and you see a lot of these demonstrators right now coughing, big cloud of smoke so i assume that's more gas they are using the northwest corner of the police headquarters here trying to get some demonstrators out of there and that is the area also where we saw the demonstrators two nights in a row really going out that shaking and trying to do some damage and topple it if you will. >> sean: i thought they were banned from using tear gas but there using it tonight?
6:51 pm
>> i've picked up some whiffs of something with some kind of a chemical irritant in it, but i'm certainly hearing the bangs and seeing the smoke but not a big concentration again, nothing like we got last night. >> sean: we will keep these images up, go back to mike tobin in mere minutes has this now is getting very tense at this hour like we've been telling you, the only way democrats can pass their extreme radical socialist agenda and lie to you about it, it wasn't about emergency covert relief, infrastructure bill wasn't about what they said, everything is now being defined as infrastructure, false claims about the georgia election law with nothing more than an attempt to smear republicans, corporate cowards to go along with their lies, senator ted cruz is standing strong moving ahead with the bill with senator josh hawley to hold major league baseball accountable by moving it to increase its antitrust scrutiny after the league for the all-star game from georgia and
6:52 pm
moved to colorado ironically, george's new law is far more inclusive than what they have in colorado or delaware or new york. here was a reaction, senator cruz. i'd be negligent if i didn't ask you about what's unfolding in minnesota tonight again and now they have a mayor talking about taking away a blocked nonlethal for police. >> what's unfolding in minnesota is horrific on the violence we are seeing has the potential to spill out and get out of control, it began with what now appears to be a tragic accident, an accident where a man's life was taken through a mistake. unfortunately in the course of interactions with law enforcement sometimes, there are accidents that occur but this is a situation where the racial powder keg that we see the left willing to light the
6:53 pm
fire of an insight violence, insight murders that we saw all across the country, murders of police officers, fires and burning of stores is wrong and it's horrific. the shooting needs to be fully investigated, gotten to the bottom of why that happened, but the answer is not engaging in violent riots and there are a whole lot of democratic politicians who celebrate and encourage this kind of lawlessness and resort to violence and it has become a central part of the democratic party. >> sean: i want to go to the georgia election law for this reason, the president has called it jim crow 2.0 twice, he spent in politics over 50 years, george's election laws as the reforms go in place are much more accessible to everybody in georgia than the very rigid laws which we've gone over into deep
6:54 pm
detail for example in joe's state of delaware. if he's going to claim jim crow 2.0 in georgia, why didn't he lift a finger in delaware and why was he partnering with the former klansman to stop the integration of public schools because he didn't want them to become racial jungles he said mack >> you're exactly right, joe biden unfortunately has a long history of engaging in a race baiting and inciting racial conflict and divisions that had a prior election cycle, he went before the naacp and said they're going to put you back in chains which is incendiary, a grotesque lie when he accuses anything he dislikes of being the new jim crow, somehow joe biden never seems to acknowledge that jim crow laws were written by democrats. bull connor was a democrat, the founders of the ku klux klan were democrats and you don't have to go back 100 years to
6:55 pm
find that, joe biden a decade ago gave the eulogy, the majority leader of the democratic party, joe biden a decade ago was willing to celebrate his life of an avowed klansman so it's horrific and now the democratic party immediately tries to inflame racial divisions was designed to protect the right to vote, protect the integrity of the right to vote and joe biden and democrats are lying about it and they know they're lying about it but they also know the compliant press, i watch the piece you just did on cnn, cnn is not going to cover the truth, they will repeat the lies because that's what propaganda outlets do but it was amazing, joe biden's allies were so bad that "the washington post," no
6:56 pm
right wing organization usually a reliable left-wing mouthpiece, they fact-check joe biden on the georgia election law and gave for pinocchio's, said he was flat out lying and yet it doesn't stop the democrats from repeating those lies over and over again. >> sean: let me go back to what they really don't want his voter i.d., but you need an i.d. to buy a six-pack or to get in the capital or the white house. i want to go back to this violence and all throughout the summer, neither the media mob nor the democratic party you would even call riots what they are. and they were riots and 3,000 police officers were hurt and other injuries, we have 30 people killed over the summer, they didn't utter a word of this at the dnc convention, kamala harris saying not only helping with the bail fund but
6:57 pm
they're not going to stop, they shouldn't stop, we are not going to stop and be where on all levels that this is going to continue. if i don't hear enough outrage from democrats now, i thought they were against insurrections. >> there is none whatsoever. the radical leftist democratic congresswoman said in response we need to end policing, so they're not even hiding their agenda is to abolish the police and if they succeed in doing that, the people who will be hurt the most are low income americans, many of them african-american, many hispanic, they are the ones were often the victims of murder and violence but the democrats are willing to do this to get power, just talking about the georgia voting law. when major league baseball decided to hypocritically behave like they woke the woke enforcers for the democratic party, they yanked
6:58 pm
the all-star game out of atlanta, moved it to denver, atlanta is 51% african-american, denver is 9% african-american, explained to me how a racial social justice warrior takes $100 million out of atlanta, hammers the state of georgia to move to a state, colorado, where they have two fewer days of early voting than they do in georgia. this is pure politics and they don't care about the african-american small businesses, the workers in atlanta that they hurt through their political gesture. >> sean: we thank you for being with us. tensions as you can see on the screen remain high and brooklyn center minnesota, and unlawful to assembly now declared. showing no signs of leaving. things have ratcheted up considerably since we came on the air 58 minutes ago. >> they certainly have. now watch the officers advancing here, rose and rose, nonlethal
6:59 pm
weaponry, you hear the command coming out of a police officer to move back, move back, moved back, they are advancing a little bit, you can hear the officers called out to hold, now compare that, going to swing around here and look to the northwest with us the concentration of people the last time we were on the air and you couldn't see the very front of that all the umbrellas that are in the front of that, you go back to some of those techniques they pioneered on the west coast and in portland and seattle to put those with the intent of blocking the less than lethal weaponry they are standing right at the corner of what would be a gate, the makeshift gate that has gone up -- the state troopers are saying we need to disburse so i'm going to go along with what they're saying. if rows and rows of police are getting ready to move. >> sean: we will be following it throughout the night.
7:00 pm
thoughts and prayers with you and with the people in minnesota tonight. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. we do hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode, we will never be the fake mob and the good news is let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by to take over >> laura: thanks, sean. continued concern for unrest in minneapolis tonight, all across the region. we'll be on top of every angle. mike tobin has been told to move out. we're seeing on social media that there's various groups urging hundreds if not thousands of people to join the frey tonight. we'll be covering every aspect of this as this could quickly escalate. there's concern that there's a


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