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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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great coverage as always. thank you. unfortunately it's all the time we have left. we'll be back tomorrow. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we are always independent. we'll never be the media mob. news you won't get from the mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. see you tomorrow. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. for the fourth night, protesters and some criminals in brooklyn center, minnesota, are looking for excuses to riot, cause trouble. for a second straight night, the mayor has decided not to enforce any curfew until 10:00 p.m. central. we know nothing happens before then. that is 11:00 eastern. we're going to monitor the situation on the ground throughout the hour and bring you live reporting and developments as they occur. your hearing the banging and various theatrics going on on the street. we'll see them play out and we have reporters on the scene as
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well. but first, and on a related note, we are going to get to something we wanted to hit last night but we were overwhelmed by the stories in the ground in minnesota but this is related. ghost stories, yes. ghost stories. that's the focus of tonight's angle. i'm sure you've noticed when media outlets devote hours and hours of nonstop coverage certain stories but drop others that are equally if not more important. it happens all the time. so when a police officer mistakenly shoots a black man who resisted arrest during a traffic stop, is treated as part of a nationwide epidemic. but in actual national trend of brutal acts of violence being committed against minorities in urban america rarely rises above local broadcasts. so if we should know daunte wright's name, should we not know the name of 75-year-old immigrant who was brutally murdered in chicago.
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he was stabbed numerous times teresa go. allegedly by this man, cashed johnson. why haven't we heard the name also of d'angelo, 22 years of age. david loera. they were senselessly gunned down on april 1st for the crime of standing at a bus stop. they were charged in the murder elias chavez and another man. they were both charged. the killings are part of a continuum of violence. it doesn't fit the left's narrative that of course all violence in america is rooted in racism. that's what they want you to think. so if you just come out of a year-long, to watch the news today, you would think american law enforcement officers wake up every single die with the goal of harassing and abusing as many minorities as possible. he wouldn't know much about how much officers have been targeted and ambushed. since the death of george floyd.
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i bet you don't know the name of mitchum, corporal with the two tulane police department shock killed allegedly by this man. while providing security for high school basketball game. mitchum was trying to stop a fight. it cost him his life. within hours of daunte wright's death we learned the name of the officer who mistakenly shot him, kim potter. we know that she's a 26 year vet of the brooklyn center policed force and former union president. somehow, somehow we still don't know the identity of the officer who intentionally shot ashli babbitt at the u.s. capitol. she was unarmed. she was a military vet. other killings at the hands of law enforcement the great wall-to-wall coverage, there was dramatic video.
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but do america's journalists, hell-bent on advancing one narrative, her life didn't matter. not to the media, apparently not to the biden doj. they just announced today that no charges will be filed against the unnamed officer who shot and killed babbitt. meanwhile, kim potter is being charged with second degree manslaughter for accidentally shooting daunte wright. tragic mistake. not only issue facing jail time, potter was also forced to resign from the police force. that after two nights of destructive riots, the brooklyn center police chief also resigned. on top of that, the city manager was fired for factually stating that kim potter has actual due process rights, if you can believe that one. despite all of this, the usual suspects are using this
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opportunity to foment more anger, more animosity and violence. chief among them is attorney ben crump who said among potter's second game manslaughter charge, it was no accident. it was intentional, deliberate and unlawful use of force. driving low black continues to resolve in a death sentence, he said. the medium eyes were on hand to do their part. cnn's chris cuomo tweeted "second degree. probably the lowest homicide available." besides the fact that he doesn't know the law. accountability. how about holding the media accountable for fueling the riots, fueling the unrest by viciously smearing law enforcement as systemically racist. >> policing in this country is rooted deeply in racist presuppositions about the criminality of black and brown folk.
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>> the policing methodology that we have in the country right now is both dumb and dangerous and discriminatory. >> we need to abolish american policing as it currently exists. >> laura: this is what propaganda looks like. it's how the soviet union brainwashed and controlled multiple generations. this time instead of being good little leninist of the media are trying to create an entire generation of americans who hate their own country and want to tear down its evil and racist institutions. the reason they are doing it is simple. their democrat masters pelosi and schumer have made a cynical and socially corrosive calculation. they have decided democrats need the spectra racism in order to win my collections. they need to convince minority voters that it's full of bigots in the system is rigged. that life in 2021 is virtually the same as 1965 selma, alabama. no progress whatsoever.
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that's why nine months ago we warned you against buying into biden's false promise that he could bring calm and healing to the nation. if he were elected after the summer riots. >> his election will not lead to more calm. it's going to lead to unrest. electing him will not satisfy the violent radicals. it will only embolden them. my message to suburban women and older voters, biden is not going to deliver the calm that you think you might. this is what biden presidency will bring. it's not going to calm down. just ask minnesota hall calm things are to make. now that biden is in the white house. or portland. the candidates that benefited from the devastating george floyd riots, it was never going to bring tranquility to the nation. helping to fuel it. since getting elected biden has
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embraced the anti-american rhetoric that has continued to bolden the radical left violence. >> parts of our country are backsliding to the days of jim crow, passing laws that hearken back to the area of poll taxes, one black people were made to guess how many beings, how many jelly beans in a jar or coat the number of bubbles in a bar of soap before they could cast a ballot. >> laura: cynical, dangerous, yeah. that's what that strategy is and it's going to continue to spur riots, looting, and bloodshed and of course animosity between the races. it will lead to more good officers leaving the force. look at the police officer. no one is going to hurt the very communities that need safee most. i don't believe this is what any racial group in america wants. most of us do not believe that america is systemically racist. people are afraid to say so may
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be but most don't believe it. of course racists do exist and ironically the most influential today among them are in academia and hollywood, raking in millions by making sweeping generalizations about people based on skin color alone. you travel around the country and you will see most americans want to live in harmony and determine their own destiny. maybe their kids can get a decent education. we know that's not really what the media is looking for. it's not what the left wants. they want chaos so they can bring about the ultimate reordering of every aspect of american society. what does that mean? it means less freedom and prosperity for you and more for them. that's the angle. joining me now is a former deputy assistant director of the fbi's counterterror division. and former congressman and texas
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g.o.p. chair. we pretend to this almost a year ago. no end to the unrest and violence as long as the democrats and the media keep pushing the poisonous narrative. thoughts tonight. >> absolutely, laura. this is exactly what's happening. all the ghost stories, all the stories and examples that gave about the narrative they don't approve of have one thing in common. they want to keep us focused on the idea that america is a terrible place. the american founding papers are racist in their own nature and that the police are the real culprit here. all of this comes down to the first or the second revolution that we experienced back in the ' 60s in '70s that we talked about extensively last year. one of the major themes was that the police are systemically racist institution and that they have to be done away with. and then we are back to the third attempt at that
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revolution. the democratic party is the difference today. the democratic party is the wild card. back in the '60s in '70s, the democrats and republicans agreed they were not going to let people cause us to be divided and start hating each other and destroy our constitution and our country. today the democratic party is absolutely penetrated by marxists and marxist ideology. we can get into a lot of examples but i'll stop at that and just say over and over again when you hear these statements, some of these congressmen and senators make that are in the democratic party right now, they are totally in sync with the weather underground which identified itself as communist minded men and women and outlined the strategy that could be used for a future revolution. that's what we're hearing today. only from inside. this is the insider threat. >> laura: this is a marxist playbook clearly of talked about this and warned the country this was coming. now we are seeing play out on the streets tonight. carl west, there has been an
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interesting shift among americans. according to a recent poll, since june of last year trust in law enforcement has increased 13 points. trust in black lives matter has fallen by 10. alan, are you hopeful the american people are seeing these scenes play out and they don't want this in their neighborhood? >> absolutely right. good to be with you. this past saturday i was with a thin blue line gala that had a memorial service looking at these officers would lost their lives. when you look at black lives matter, this is a marxist ideological movement. you question that you have to ask is which black lives matter? i think you've forgotten about captain david dorn, black police officer, 77 years of age he was killed by another black individual in st. louis, st. lo, missouri. remember the videotape of him bleeding out and dying. here in houston, texas, we had 65-year-old sergeant harold preston who shot and killed by a
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criminal illegal immigrant. i didn't hear black lives matter saying anything about that. what we see happening is the marxist organization that has replaced class warfare with racial warfare, racial divisiveness in order to confirm their ideological agenda. really they only care about those lives which you have stated advance a leftist ideological agenda that tries to get people to believe that our law enforcement officers are out there targeting minorities, which is not the case. i think it's very important that the american people start realizing that these groups, these organizations are very subversive. they are domestic terrorist organizations. look what is going on with the head of black lives matter. $90 million they have pretty much shaken corporations down for pay she has got three multimillion dollar properties. >> laura: yeah. it's disgusting. we knew it was coming. we knew that the money was going to bleed into ulcers of luxury items. there's a limousine leninist. we have limousine liberals.
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that's a limousine leninist. i want to show some security footage from a security camera that we have attained exclusively. we walked these neighborhoods on east lake street back in august of this past year. the owner of the store come out like liquors, told me around the store. after the floyd death. looted and destroyed. he began to build it back. now the rights of course after they took hold this week, this happen. sped up security footage. a swarm of people running in and stealing cases of tequila, vodka, beer, destroying someone's livelihood. it's quite something to see. people doing this, to this business. they are very upset about the life of a black man taken at the hands of law enforcement clearly. >> absolutely. last year when all this was happening, the black lives matter leader in chicago said this is all right.
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it's kind of an advance on our reparations for all the terrible things that were done to us. this is just absurd and it's another piece of proof that shows that as we've said it's not about black lives matter ring. it's about marxism. it's about the focus on their narrative and with respect to the police is definitely about ending the independence of american police. ending the independence of american police is just one step away from making america a country of tyranny. that has been what has set us apart. the rule of law and the fact of the police know no colors. i think that's really in jeopardy. we are going to see crowds being used so we can have legislation addressing the terrible wrongs. >> laura: they want to nationalize a police force. young black men today are being told over and over again by a
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dominant media, corporate media, that if you're pulled over by the police, they're going to shoot you. are they not being told -- basically sending that message to young black men, that you're going to be shot if you're pulled over, so run. run, leave, speed away. that's when you have problems. you had it with george floyd who resisted arrest. you had it in this case. tragic circumstances, horrific. but they're running away. maybe for a warrant but they are being told they're going to be shot in the matter what, correct? >> yeah, that's very much the correctness part of a marxist propaganda tool that the left is using. i grew up in a inner-city neighborhood in atlanta, georgia. i never had a problem with any police officers. one my brother got back from vietnam, the first thing he wanted to do was become an atlanta police officer and i was very proud of him. that's what we need to get back to, having trust and confidence in not having the media trained on a minor police officers out
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there putting their lives on the line for us. >> laura: police of all backgrounds, ethnicities and colors and experience trying to do their best. they're not perfect. but my goodness this is just -- it's heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time for minnesota tonight. gentlemen, thank you. more updates on the ground from minnesota as protesters have started to chant f your curfew at the cops. brilliant. what's really behind the announcement that democrats are going to seek to pack the supreme court. an angle later in the hour. a angle later in the hour.
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>> laura: as plutocrats join progressive on corporate boards and liberal billionaires look to put a stranglehold on the media, case in point. the top bidder to buy the tribune newspaper group is a globalist swiss billionaire. what should you know about him? why is he important? for starters he is longtime friend of the clintons on the liberal liberal mega donor whose givens of hundreds of millions to advance left-wing causes. his most insidious venture is something called the hub product. "new york times" describes it as
7:23 pm
an operation that attacks republicans and promoted democratic causes. the hub project is housed within two nonprofits. arabella advisors. one of those nonprofits, the 1630 fund, has at least 10.8 million from the foundation. the 1630 fund is most notable for funding honest and reputable organizations like the lincoln project. remember those guys? the 1630 fund also gave money to a pro-biden super pac. so the foundations wears none of its money went toward political campaigns. why? it's unclear if he is a u.s. citizen and it's illegal for foreign nationals without green cards to donate to political campaigns. here's the bottom line, if you care about free and fair elections, free and fair press, he is the last person you want at the home of a media empire.
7:24 pm
dinesh d'souza, from jeff bezos to mr. weiss, it seems like left-wing billionaires are just buying up struggling media conglomerates so what's the ang? >> we are returning to an earlier age where these newspapers would have wealthy patrons and the patrons are not doing it because they want to make money. they are doing it because they want to push an agenda. in this case the agenda of the tribune newspaper tends to be left leaning anyway, as does "the washington post," owned by jeff bezos. for the billionaires, it's kind of a vanity project, it's a way to push their ideological agenda. the remarkable thing is that conservatives, wealthy people on the other side of the aisle, they are very blind to the importance of influence and culture. when "the washington post" came up for sale several years ago $250 billion, it's a big price tag. there's a bunch of people on the right who could have written
7:25 pm
that check without having to blink. they don't think that way. conservatives don't think, what's the return? is it a sensible investment? i thought newspapers were less important economically than they used to be. the liberals don't care. they want to write the check because they want the cultural and political impact. >> laura: 250 million. point made. you have to put your money where your mouth is. they actually think it's important to control the media. so for the most part they dominate the media and control the media as far as the different organs. we have a great audience at fox. the corporate media is also out to punish ceos who don't do enough to advance the agenda that you're seeing play out there on the video in minnesota tonight. "the new york times" is building a hit list of corporate leaders that didn't sign on to a public letter opposing voter integrity
7:26 pm
laws like georgia's. coca-cola, delta spoke about the georgia law after it was passed, declined to add their names. jpmorgan chase also declined to sign the statement. they love black list so i guess it's going to be a long list. >> "the new york times" in such different paper than it used to be even ten years ago when at least they made some effort to separate what happened between the news pages and the opinion pages. now if you follow the project very toss lawsuit, it's very illuminating because they had accused project veritas of quote disinformation. project veritas test prove it, show us. "the new york times" goes we don't have to prove it because what you we are saying is not fact but opinion. it's based on articles that appeared in the news pages of the times. the times, at least in its legal division, they're openly admitting they are not a newspaper in the normal sense of the term. they are more like a magazine that publishes left-wing views
7:27 pm
on the news page and the editorial page. >> laura: the consumers of this news and i'm not saying that they are sitting down and reading a newspaper necessarily cover to cover. they're getting invites ice formed. the people on the streets tonight in minnesota, they are ingesting this point of view. other than a few media outlets, and some websites and talk radio, there's not a lot to counteract. those folks are buying what people like these globalist billionaires are trying to sell. coming invites ice form on social media. >> that's the point the conservative billionaires don't realize. when you buy "the washington post," you're not buying just "the washington post." "washington post," "new york times," a handful of newspapers are setting the agenda for abc and cbs and nbc so it's a much wider orbit of influence. >> laura: yeah, i don't know what those other guys would do without "the new york times." it's not like they have a lot of
7:28 pm
investigative reporters. thank you. hansjorg wyss isn't the only elite hell-bent on using the immediate to push the agenda. asian-american elites have embraced and endorsed the radical left policies and rhetoric based on critical race theory. as a result the streets and communities were less wealthy asian-americans live and work will only become more dangerous. here is helen rolle, senior contributor at "the federalist" and author of backlash, how china's aggression has backfired. helen, why isn't anyone talking about this issue of the divide among asian-americans and how they are looking at the issue. >> the first reason that most of the asians are not politically active, and the general notion that asian-americans are successful and have higher education attainment so there shouldn't be a problem, the demographic has been overlooked for too long. >> laura: headline after
7:29 pm
headline in some of the newspapers that we've been talking about blame white supremacy. overwhelmingly it's a white pharmacy problem that is the root of all race-related violence in the united states. that was a headline on april 8th. "the conversation," a popular website. when a black person attacks an asian person, perhaps fueled by racism but more specifically by white supremacy. white supremacy does not require a white person to perpetuate the violence. how does that work? i white supremacy is -- they are responsible for these attacks even if white people don't carry them out. can you explain that? >> it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to reach that conclusion. as you know, many of the crimes that have been were committed by nonwhite perpetrators. they happened and some of the most progressive cities in
7:30 pm
america. working-class asian-americans. by blaming white supremacy for all this race related crime, it has two effects. it strips away the agencies of black people and asian-americans. it strips away our ability. it's endorsing the very white supremacist theory that those critics try to condemn. that's one. the second is by blaming everything, every crime on white supremacy, it's actually, it's been used by left-leaning radical activists to justify doubling down on social justice based policies instead of making an effort in reducing crime. our communities are not any safer. >> laura: and we add to that the discrimination, in some cases against asian-americans applying to universities. a lot of liberal elites don't
7:31 pm
want them and dominating universities or even in some cases having fair access to the application process. that's also going on, a separate issue but somewhat related. helen, thank you. good to see you tonight. why does biden think a bunch of celebs will help convince americans to take the covid vaccine? raymond arroyo has all the details of the tv spectacular coming your way. "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment will re-unpack the cultural stories of the day. we turn to the author of the thief who stole heaven, fox news contributor raymond arroyo. ray, biden announced his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan today. >> as of today, there are 2,488 u.s. troops and personnel who
7:37 pm
have died in operation enduring freedom and operation freedom sentinel. throughout the process my northstar has been remembering what it was like when my late son was deployed to iraq. >> this is more of the biden empathy indemnity where he offers up his personal emotional narrative rather than facts or . it's probably the right move to pull the troops out. giving the taliban a withdrawal date and making it 9/11 is probably bad policy as well as deeply insensitive. to heighten the emotion, immediately following that speech, biden visited arlington and he did a photo op at the graves of those killed in iraq and afghanistan. maybe you can explain why he is postvaccination wearing a mask alone in a cemetery. that i do not understand. this whole policy shift is
7:38 pm
concerning. there were more troops at the capital than we have in afghanistan. >> laura: well, look, donald trump wanted to pull the troops out of afghanistan but i don't think the republicans in the senate were going to confirm a secretary or defense would basically follow those orders. he wanted the pull the troops back but said no, can't do it. it's always going to be dangerous when we pull our troops out of harm's way, that's the fact. the mask outside is more theater. rand paul is 100% right. >> the timing of this. the 9/11 deadline. >> laura: if we should pull the troops out, pull them out. we don't need to say that we are leaving on 9/11. that gives them another opportunity to wreak havoc. >> i know you'll be watching this weekend. president biden, the obamas in a glittering cast of stars from j.lo to demi lovato are bringing america just what they wanted, and nbc star-studded vaccine
7:39 pm
special called "roll up your sleeves" and cover your ears. >> seeing light at the end of the tunnel. >> it's a star-studded special event to spread the word. >> we are encouraging america to get vaccinated. >> with the johnson & johnson vaccine on pause nationally. and with side effects dogging some of these foreign vaccines. the biden administration is going whole hog to get americans backs took a vaccinated prayer part of the problem with this ve extravaganza, few people resonate in red state america the people there's mostly trying to reach. when manual is not kelly clarksn omaha. if they wanted to produce a vaccine special i could impact middle america, they might try something like this. >> ♪♪ vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine ♪♪
7:40 pm
>> ♪♪ hands washing hands ♪♪ >> please wash your hands. >> ♪♪ don't touch me ♪ ♪ i won't touch you ♪♪ >> -- >> laura: those arms that we don't want to see. i can't wait for the neck special. maybe it will be called night at 100 colonoscopies. if they wanted to spend their time helping people towards better health, obesity and heart disease has plagued the country. they should do it they do best. diet, improve and help people. a speedy arraignment, raiment, raiment, raymond. michelle obama already tackled that. let's move. come on. she had the garden, the white house garden. she already did that. you're very demanding. she solved the obesity problem. we reported that will smith and his producing partner are pulling their $120 million film
7:41 pm
called emancipation out of georgia due to the recently passed laws outrageously requiring people to show i.d. at the polls, they move the film to new orleans. >> new orleans is a welcoming city. we believe that's why will smith and his production is joining us. we are glad to have him. >> i'm glad they're coming. it's my home city. but don't tell will smith our voting laws in louisiana are tougher than georgia. we have less early voting. we require an i.d. unlike georgia, you need a reason for an absentee ballot here. if they want to check every political box to bring their film into town, might i suggest they go to the wild, wild west. >> laura: oh, that movie, that movie. you're really pulling out all the stops. >> i am reaching back. >> laura: raymond, thank you so much. i'm going to dvr the special this weekend.
7:42 pm
south dakota governor kristi noem has sent a clear message the biden administration over the potential resettling of illegal immigrants in her state. she is here on that and the reaction to what's happening in minnesota. stay there.
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>> laura: if the biden administration tries resettling illegal aliens in south dakota, they are going to have to get past governor kristi noem. she tweeted "south dakota won't be taking any illegal immigrants the biden administration wants to relocate. my message to illegal immigrants: call me when you're an american." governor noem joined me now. good to see you. how would this work? how would you enforce it? >> well, there's always a request made to the states where the federal government will put the request in and ask. what i am determined by watching the actions of this president is that he is making america unsafe. these are people that are crossing our border illegally. we do not know who they are. multiple news sources have told us we have people on the terrorist watch list getting in the country this way and they're not going to find a place here in south dakota. >> laura: are they legally required to alert you to this, since they say and i've heard them say this before, governor,
7:48 pm
that this is a federal authority. so we're going to resettle them where we think as a federal authority that makes sense. >> they have in the past always communicated with governors. i wouldn't put it past this administration to do it very differently or do it in a way they didn't have the authority to. from what we are seeing happen at the southern border and what we are seeing happening so many of our cities that this administration isn't shutting down, it's dangerous. it's dangerous to america, the people that live here it's going to take governors standing up and setting down the rules of what's going to happen in their states. >> laura: speaking of governors, we are seeing these scenes play out again tonight in minnesota, your neighboring state. your counterpart, tim walz, is again dealing with a night of unrest. a lot of people now thinking he brought this on himself after the way they reacted early on at
7:49 pm
least last summer. >> well, the people of minnesota are suffering. we are their neighbors and we've seen a lot of them moving to south dakota frankly to get away from that type of leadership. you need to have strength, make decisive decisions that are best for your people and you need to support your law enforcement officers. listen, laura, i did a national campaign recruiting law enforcement officers specifically to the state of south dakota because i want them to know that in our state they'll be respected. that we want them here. make their homes here and raise their families here. we recruited hundreds of law enforcement officers from 41 different states. i'm going to launch that campaign again for an we are seeing so many law enforcement officers discouraged. they've spent their life in public service and we want them to know that there are people in this country the value them. >> laura: governor walz endorsed a package of these really radical police, so-called reforms last summer.
7:50 pm
it seems like this is the result. we had this officer charged. she's been charged with second-degree manslaughter. we still don't know much more about her except that she was charged with manslaughter. 26 year veteran of the force. what's been solved by this community policing? >> i don't know what community policing looks like to everybody, what that definition. one of the saddest thing that i saw was when that man lost his position for just saying that there is such a thing as due process. that's what we have to make sure, that we are protecting this country is people's ability to have due process. and we need to make sure that people who speak the truth and stand for it are defended, not removed from their positions. >> laura: right now. >> what governor walz is enduring. >> laura: go ahead. >> what governor walz is doing
7:51 pm
in minnesota is tragic. it's harmful to state and to his people. i think that a lot of us need to call out the fact that leadership has consequences and we are seeing it play out on the streets of minneapolis tonight. >> laura: red state america has tried to lead on a whole bunch of issues. we see things playing out in california, washington state, on the streets of new york city and baltimore. crime is out of control. governor, do you see this trend continuing where crime is going to continue to get worse? really quickly. >> it will get worse unless they change their actions, absolutely. >> laura: governor, thank you so much. good to see you tonight. shannon bream is going to have continuing coverage of minnesota at midnight tonight but up next, packing the court, that's the democrats' planned. what will it look like and what will it create for america?
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>> laura: we just learned that
7:57 pm
legislation will be dropped by jerry nadler among others to pack the supreme court. now, reportedly the plan is to ad four justices to the existing nine and four rubber stamps to give democrats absolute power. you can't say that donald trump didn't warn us. >> they will pack the supreme court with far left radicals who will unilaterally transform american society and impose a socialist vision from the bench that could never pass at the ballot box. >> laura: well, unfortunately he was right. so what do democrats want? he hinted at it. it's simple. when they agree on a policy on climate change or anti-gun policy, immigration lockdowns, they want those policies to become law as soon as possible. that means no constitutional scrutiny, no oversight by the judicial branch and this move
7:58 pm
makes it official. democrats don't care about the system of checks and balances. remember, they were all for protecting our norms from donald trump? their norm-busts now. they hate our history and traditions. today's biden u.n. ambassador didn't mince words how racist to the core america is. >> we have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union. the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy in the founding documents and principles. >> laura: they hate the country to its core. democrats know that their policies will lead to a lower standard of living for most americans. what do they have to do? rig the election but gutting voter i.d. requirements and now rig the court by packing it with legal activists. people shouldn't think this can't happen or joe manchin will save the day and save the court. maybe he will, maybe he won't.
7:59 pm
we don't know. the fact is that democrats only believe in an independent judiciary when it votes their way. so as long as they had republican appointees like kennedy and roberts and sutter on the court, they would tolerate the court's makeup. for years the court gave them victory on victory on every major social issue. now there's a solid 5-4 majority on issues like religious liberty and the lockdowns, nadler and the left won't tolerate that. we have the freest and greatest country that has ever existed. we are going to resist this hateful move at every turn. it is cynical and it is poisonous. when the newly radicalized democrat party tries to take our power away and turn our storied institutions into their political play grounds, we will expose them and we will defeat them.
8:00 pm
after this effort goes down in flames, jerry nadler can retire and move to florida. that's all the time we have tonight. set your dvr every monday through friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern so you don't miss "the ingraham angle." greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> so people can go to work, that's investing in infrastructure. ships like the one i have here, these chips, these wafers, batteries, broad band, it's all infrastructure, this is infrastructure. >> greg: no one has the heart to tell president no, that is the lid to your pasta. - [cheers & applause] >> greg: it was day two of protests


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