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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 14, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hate crimes. he's behind bars right now at a time when he's told that white supremacy and or trump rhetoric has caused this increase in hate crimes against asian americans. i took a look at the numbers. it's just not there. it's being committed overwhelmingly by blacks in this region. >> tucker: thank you. sean hannity from new york. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to hannity. we begin with this. tomorrow house democrats will now introduce the bill we warned you about this sponsored by jerry nadler to pack the u.s. supreme court reportedly democrats want to expand the number of justices from nine to 13. this is nothing but an unbridled, unconstitutional, authoritarian power grab. the future of our public is at stake. we have a lot more coming up this hour but first tonight
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americans in multiple major cities now across the country, they are bracing for a fourth night of chaos following the police-involved shooting death of daunte wright. we've seen widespread looting, arson and vandalism and violence directed towards police. now the brooklyn center minnesota officer who fired that fatal shot, a 25-year veteran, she has resigned and is now charged with second-degree manslaughter. there will be a full investigation and trial if, in fact, she's convicted she could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine or both. but instead of calling for calm and justice, the left in this country continues to pour fuel on the fire. multiple democratic members of congress now referring to policing as racist, demanding that all law enforcement everywhere will completely abolished except, of course, at the capitol and joe biden claimed that america is
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backsliding into the jim crow era. he said that with al sharpton. putting aside that many big cities in america, yes, they have majority minority police departments. look at that list. that would include new york. that would be atlanta. that would be los angeles. baltimore. and dozens of others. we'll keep scrolling and i guess joe forgot that he once worked side by side with a former klansmen. wants to talk about jim crow 2.0. let's talk about joe biden 1.0 with robert byrd kkk. he joined with robert byrd to stop the integration of our schools because according to biden, his words, not mine, he didn't want kids going to schools that were racial jungles. a lot more on this coming up but first joining us with the very latest on the ground again tonight in the brooklyn center, in minnesota, our very own mike tobin. mike, it looks a lot like last night and last night did not end particularly well. >> the crowd is certainly
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growing out here. an update on the officer. potter has been released from the jail with a hundred thousand dollar bond. her initial appearance is tomorrow. an affidavit said her duty belt was designed with the taser on the left side and the glock on the right side and designed to be used with a corresponding hand. a statement from the county attorney's office says she'll be vigorously prosecuted to prove that she abrogated her responsibility to the public when she used a firearm instead of the taser. and when you talk about the crowd that's gathering here. so far tonight, they are growing in numbers. you do see a lot of people from out of town but mostly what we're getting is a lot of noise out of the crowd. they were shaking the fence. a few projectiles have been thrown at police. we'll see how the night progresses. >> sean: we'll be checking back in throughout the evening. sadly these rye cots are -- riots are not limited to minnesota. there has been sit damage,
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remember, earlier this week the ice building was set ablaze. officers were inside and then blockaded inside at the time. not exactly a conservative aggressively chased away from a daunte wright protest because he wasn't anti-police enough for the crowd. hewitt hard core left wing and in washington, d.c. protestors chanting, every city and town, burn the precinct to the ground. take a look. [chanting] [burn it down] [burn it down] >> sean: now we should keep in mind that the officer who shot
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daunte wright has been arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. now former police chief stated the shooting was an accidental discharge and that now former officer potter meant to reach for her taser and instead deployed her firearm. on the body cam footage you can clearly hear officer potter shouting, i'll tase, i'll tase, followed by taser, taser, taser, followed immediately thereafter by holy shi -- i just shot him. at the time, he was resisting arrest, attempting to flee the scene. a serious situation. right had an arrest warrant after allegedly joking and robbing him at gunpoint. he was out on a hundred thousand dollar bail. that was rejoked because of firearms violations and, of course, this does not in any way mitigate the tragedy in any way but this began with him resisting arrest and attempting
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to flee and now there is a full scale investigation ongoing, and former police officer potter has been officially charged but the left doesn't really want justice. they want revenge. officer potter's home address was just leaked to the public. that forced law enforcement to erect a fence and guard the property. this comes as we have brand footage of a scary situation in georgia. early monday morning when three police officers were shot by an individual during a high-speed pursuit. take a look. >> [gunshots] >> sean: want to be a cop today? the suspect was ultimately killed not but seriously injuring three officers in that case. out of new mexico, we got the video on monday of the police officer so-called routine traffic stop. anything but routine. he was murdered, and we saw the
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videotape. policing is a tough and dangerous job. there are no routine stops. top democrats are now just looking to score their cheap political points. congresswoman ocasio-cortez -- congresswoman omar stating that violence is a basic part of police interactions with minorities. congresswoman talib writing that american policing is intentionally racist and calls for there to be "no more policing, incarceration and militarization that can't be reformed." i wonder what that america would look like. the squad leaders of the democratic socialist party, they are the ones that are leading. they are the ones setting the agenda. biden, pelosi, and schumer, yep, they are the ones they listen to. these inflammatory statements
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are obviously detached from any truth or any reality. none of the congresswomen have made efforts to ban or defund their own police at the u.s. capitol nor should they but according to them and the rest of america policing is evil. it's bigoted, it needs to be abolished. remember just a few weeks ago there was a political firestorm surrounding some of the bizarre and incendiary statements made by marjorie taylor green when she wasn't even a member of congress. she apologized about class comments was stripped of all committee assignments. now, when democrats say abhorrent things like abolish the police, there is a shrug and that's it. they need to be held accountable of their dangerous comments. you think nancy pelosi will have the courage. do you think joe has the
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courage? do you think chuck has the courage to stand up to them? they don't. as usual there are two standards. democrats, they can spread their conspiracy theories like the russia hoax, and, of course, the world would be ending in 12 years, so they tell us, they are allowed to call all policing racist. they are allowed to demand law enforcement be abolished. of course, the mob, the media, the willing accomplices and propaganda arm will never hold them accountable. they fully agree with the radical left in washington and then there is the ever so sleepy and tired and weak and frail joe biden. he's actually pouring fuel on the fire, and making an incredible tense situation worse as he visited with his good friend, reverend al sharpton at the national action network headquarters and actually was online and said this about georgia's new voting law yet again. take a look. >> parts of our country are backsliding into the days of jim crow, passing laws that harken
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back to the era of poll taxes when black people were made to guess how many beans, how many jellybeans were in a jar or count the number of bubbles in a bar of soap because they could cast their ballot. it was unamerican then and it's unamerican today. >> sean: let's set the record straight, shall we? for the record, in case you care about some level of truth, the new georgia voting law making voting -- it makes voting more accessible than before. it makes more accommodating than the laws on the books in joe biden's home state. remember, he said i come from a slave state that one called delaware. for example, delaware has no in person early voting at all. none. georgia now has 17 days in person early voting. and delaware, there are no drop boxes for absentee ballots. in georgia, drop boxes for absentee ballots are available at every county's election office.
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both states require, yes, voter i.d., so why would joe biden never tell the truth about anything? joe, are you saying that delaware is jim crow 2.0? and why didn't you lift a finger for 50 plus years, representing delaware, joe, if you felt so strongly about it? joe's mentor in the senate as i mentioned earlier, a former klansmen, robert byrd. joe worked hand in hand with the former klansmen to stop the integration of schools and he didn't want kids going to schools that were racial jungles. his own vice president all but pretty much called him a bigot on the campaign trail in a debate. joe biden wants to lecture us about jim crow 2.0 because of georgia election law that makes voting more accessible than joe's home state that he's represented for 50 years. now dozens of companies have teamed up wunderlich condemning the georgia voting law.
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george clooney, why don't you read about georgia voting laws. it has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with politics. so tonight while the left is seeking to divide america there are good ways to fix policing around the country, many are already in effect including extensive martial arts training. i've been talking about nonlethal alternatives to policing so they don't have just one option. a firearm. nonlethal weapons are available. as many of you know all police departments have access to tasers, but there are also other options. i mentioned one last night. tonight i'll mention another one. this is what they call a bola wrap. i know it sounds nuts but it seems pretty effective and it's a hand-held remote restrained device that discharges a lengthy tether to wrap around subject's legs or arms at an effective range of 10 to 15 feet.
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i still like the one i showed last night. my preference. police departments can decide. we want to improve policing year after year and use new technologies, nonlethal technologies, and include more training, but villifying police won't achieve any of that. here with reaction, fox news contributor dan bon geno. i'm sorry, geraldo, i'm tired of your president out there playing the race card. he's been relating the state of delaware for 50 years, geraldo, and all the real leaders in congress because we know chuck, a sense and joe are afraid to stand up to the squad talking about abandoning the police and getting rid of the police department. you like to consider yourself center right. what do you have to say to joe biden and the squad tonight? >> these ideas are stupid ideas.
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forget about them. nobody wants these ideas but an elite few on the far left, they have no application in real-life. but sean, before we go in, let me talk about what's happening in minneapolis and these other cities, i must say something about perhaps the unintentional misrepresentation of my experience by my esteemed colleague dan bon gino on monday night. i've been covering cops for over 50 years. i'm perhaps the most deeply experienced reporter in television history. i have done hundreds of stories over thousands of hours with cops, everything from shootdowns to executing arrest warrants to road blocks to drug raids, you name it. i've been to too many cop funerals to think about. they are horrible. i'm a total buff when it comes to cops. cops like me. i like cops. this accident that happened in
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minneapolis was unintentional, but involuntary manslaughter doesn't require intent. this was reckless or grossly negligent behavior. i have the solution to the problem. cops wear their main weapon, their .9 millimeter usually these days on their dominant hand. their right hand. so this is the hand that has the done. the taser is on the left hand. your secondary hand. so they are thought use your -- use the taser in nonlethal situations. my suggestion is, reverse it. make the taser the first weapon of choice for a cop. put the taser in the dominant hand and the .9 millimeter on the secondary hand. it takes half a second to get that if you need that in a life and death situation. but if you have the taser in your dominant hand you're more likely to use it than the nonlethal weapon and you could avoid the 18 accidental police
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shootings where a cop thought he or she was using the taser. >> sean: dan? >> i don't even know how to respond to that. give me a second to digest the stupidity of that. >> you're nothing but a name caller. a cheap shot. >> sean: geraldo, you've got to let him have his say. dan? >> i never talk when he talks because i like him to say these things because they are so easy to refute but he can't stop talking when i do but getting to his first point there is a big difference between reporting on baseball game and playing it, geraldo. you never wore a badge. period. i'm not interested in your reporting on it because reporters deal with facts and you brought the race card into it the other night when we had this debate despite having no facts to back that up, and when i brought up the facts -- >> how about this blacks.
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blacks are twice as likely to be shot by cops than whites per capital. how about that fact. how about that fact? >> you clearly haven't seen the harvard study. >> sean: one at a time. >> the "washington post" -- >> sean: geraldo -- let him finish his thought and then you go. >> why do we bother, geraldo knows everybody. >> sean: it's your turn. you have the mic. >> they found no systemic racism. it was the department of justice, bureau of justice statistics but he doesn't know any of that. baloney. i know more -- what did you have a -- >> sean: geraldo -- >> you've been running for office for the last 20 years. >> take a valium. >> sean: let him talk. >> you've got to pipe down. my gosh, you're a 70-year-old man. calm down. get a hold of yourself.
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>> sean: dan. >> if you put the firearm on the other side, the firearm, way probably have to cross -- would you want to fire with your dominant hand. if you're a cop you know that but you reported on policing. what's the problem with a cross -- the problem is when you're tackledened put on the ground the weapon is more accessenle to the bad guy than it is to you. but because you've never done policing, never done control tactics, but you've reported on it, you wouldn't know any of that. so maybe a little bit of humble pie, back off, stop telling everybody about your great reporting, deal with facts, and realize you don't know what you think you know. you just know what you think you reported on. those are two separate things. i don't pretend to a journalist. stop pretending to be a cop. >> again, what he does is make me the issue. is anything that he has just
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said useful on this topic? we're dealing with tension from coast-to-coast. cities where there is now violence and rage. i condemn the rioters. i think defame the memory of the slain people. the situation, you notice he just interrupted me despite his -- pontification. we have to reassure the black mothers. there were 991 cop shooting deaths last year. more than two times as many black people per capital, mostly young black men, were killed than white people. if you have that absolute fact, and you're trying to reassure a black mother, you have to have some solution. you have to say, we have to stop these trivial traffic stops.
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why are six cops responding -- >> sean: let me go to dan. dan, we have a hundred dead cops already this year that were killed by gunfire. almost a hundred cops. that happens every year. america doesn't know their names. we scrolled a lot of them the other night. my point is, defunding the police is not the answer. there are answers. nonlethal alternatives. i've been talking about them. certainly more training. at the end of the day we can't have what's happening in cities like new york and portland and seattle and around the country, where cops are being pelted with bottles and rocks and bricks and molotov cocktails and precincts are being burned to the ground either. >> why does that happen? geraldo completely misses it. why is that happening, sean? it's happening because people like geraldo don't to pump out a
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race narrative with no data to back it up at all. there are hundreds -- >> sean: i just gave you the facts -- >> you only accept facts that you agree with. >> in the course of each day. if there was a plague of police officers, hunting black men down at night, then i don't understand if that's happening, where is this massive body count? >> sean, this man is why they have that rage. with this baloney he doesn't know anything about that woman. he's injecting racism into the argument. >> this is rhetoric. >> that's why. >> you tell that to the black families that see their son -- being killed at twice the rate of whites. that's a fact. >> you've got nothing -- >> you just want to see the country burn.
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you just want to see the country burn. >> i want to see the country burn, you son of a [ bleep ] you're nothing but a punk. >> you wouldn't tell me that to my face. >> sean: we'll leave it there. continuing to sow division. we'll also cover what's going on live in minnesota and much more. stay with us. i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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a way better way to watch. >> sean: unfortunate tonight democrats continue to rush to judgment involving officer involved shootings before the facts are known to fuel vicious anti-cop rhetoric. they vilify officers regularly.
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folks will keep trying if we don't fully address racial injustice and inquality in our country. from implicit bias to broken systems. is this proved to be what happened, madam vice president from minnesota? talib wanting to abolish the police altogether. i guess the next time you get into trouble call a crack head. senator, it does raise a fundamental question, okay? let's imagine the squads vision is reality. okay. somebody is breaking into your house. wants to bring harm to you and your family. who are you going to call and what are you going to do? i know what i'm going to do? i'm pretty sure i know you well enough that you know what you would do. >> well, i'm going to call a cop. and you may not, and i think most people will.
11:28 pm
you may not believe in god, you may not believe in guns, but if somebody breaks into your house, it -- >> sean: it might be too late, senator, if you're waiting for a cop. >> if they break into my house, i mean, i have weapons to defend myself. in terms of this entire discussion about police officers and race, i can tell you what i believe, sean. i don't think most or even many americans are racist. i don't think most americans even think that much about race. i think they think about character. i don't think that most cops or even many cops are racist. in fact, many of our police departments are majority minority. i think they do the best they can. the horrible incident that happened north of minneapolis, i
11:29 pm
think it was yesterday, that dan and geraldo were discussing, i was thinking as they were talking, and i hope nobody got stabbed in that last segment, but as they were talking, i was thinking how many interactions did police officers in this country yesterday have with the american people? and my guess is it was in the thousands. tens of thousands. and this instant that happened, it was horrible. it was horrible for the person killed, person's family. it was horrible for the police officer. we owe it to ourselves and to them to let's just wait and try to get the facts about what happened. it doesn't appear to me that the officer did it intentionally. and i'm not pretending to be a criminal lawyer and say she
11:30 pm
committed this crime or that crime, but i think we owe to it all of us, ourselves and themselves to wait and let's just get the facts. but i meant what i said. if you think, you know, one other quick point, when a radical muslim jihadist blows up a school we're always told, don't judge all people of the muslim faith by the acts of a few. and i agree with that. how come the same rule doesn't apply to police officers? and that's why i said, if you hate cops, just because they are cops, i'm not defending bad policing, but if you the hate cops just because they are cops, then you're wrong, and the next time you get in trouble, just, you know, call a crack head and see how that works out for you. >> sean: senator, we now have the body cam footage. i will tase, i will tase you, taser, taser, taser, discharge,
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holy -- and i just shot the guy. i can't make a conclusion yet. we need a full investigation, i do believe in something that's called due process, the city manager got fired for saying that even joe biden got something right and he said it, too, that we need a full investigation. this officer of 25 years deserves due process. we talk about a fog of war. this was an instance where somebody was out on bail, firearm offense, and this person attempted -- resisted arrest and attempted to flee. i don't know if it's similar but adrenaline is flowing. do you see that that's a possibility, that this was, in fact, an accidental discharge? >> well, of course, but look, let's cut to the chase here, sean. instead of cursing the darkness why don't we try lighting a
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candle. let's call it like it is. this is a debate about crime and its relationship to race. that's what this is about. and just as it's a statistical fact that more men than women commit crimes, just as it is a fact statistically that more young people than older people commit crimes, it is a fact that some ethnic groups have higher crime rates. why? poverty. okay. duh! nobody wants to be poor. if my democratic friends really want to solve this problem, they will do two things. they will help us clean up some of our inner-city schools and stop them from being failure factories, and number two, we'll have a frank discussion in this country about family formation, and the fact that a child of a
11:33 pm
single parent is six times more likely to grow up poor than the child of a two parent household. i'm not saying a single mother cannot be a good parent. i'm not saying that. i am saying that two incomes are better than one. now, if you want to do something about poverty -- >> sean: senator, let me just interrupt you for a second. i want to bring something up here because we now have seen these deep blue states run by democrats for decades, cities run by democrats for decades, we pay more per capital for child on education with the worst results, and if you look at the cities that are -- that are less safe and secure, rudy giuliani cleaned up new york city, he saved lives by doing it. it could be duplicated in places like chicago. they don't do it, and i would argue that if we care about our national treasure, our children, in every town and in every city we owe to it them to keep them
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safe and secure with law and order. and we owe to it them that they get a quality education, and that's not happened because they have failed spectacularly. >> accuse me, i'm sorry. you know what i would do in new york if i were king for a day tomorrow? i would take all of the money that state and local government puts up for elementary and secondary education, and i would go to the parent or parents of every child in a c, d, or f school in new york, and i would say, here's a check. take it and go spend it at any school you want to. >> sean: i don't disagree. >> let's have vouchers. let's have charter schools. let's have competition. it will make public schools better. it will help break the cycle of poverty, because so many of our schools, if you go there, you will see that violence is common and learning is rare, and so
11:35 pm
often that's determined by zip code, and the people who need an education the most are in the worst possible schools, and i don't see how my democratic friends can possibly want to keep people trapped in failure factories. >> sean: i got to run, senator, because we've got some breaking news, but we appreciate you being on. thank you, sir. we go back now. things are getting a little heated on the ground in minnesota. we go back to our own mike tobin who is in the middle of all of it. mike? >> sean, it's kind of a repeat of what we saw last night. as the sun went down the tensions came up. the back and forth started at the fence. one of the things i can show you is that the sheriff's deputies in the riot gear, they approached the fence this time about five or 10 minutes ago, they cam out with a pepper spray against anybody who was at the fence. you may notice around here, in fact, i'll show you, what's laying around here, sean, are
11:36 pm
these bottles of milk and what we've seen the demonstrators doing, as soon as they get hit with pepper spray they pour the milk on their faces with the idea that the milk will soothe the burn a little bit but it's this back and forth. we've had fireworks fired in the direction of law enforcement. fireworks fired in the air, and you've got the people up at the fence now. the projectiles have gone over the fence and you've got the sheriff's deputies tonight instead of the state troopers who are holding the integrity of that fence, if you will. and this back and forth will continue. curfew is set at 10:00 and we're just going to have to watch how it progresses but frankly i think it will be rather predictable. it will develop very similar to what we saw last night if i can look into the future, sean. >> sean: mike, let me ask you, there has been talk in the city about prohibiting police officers from being able to use tear gas or rubber bullets as a means of dispersing crowds. what's an update on that and is
11:37 pm
there anybody there that wants to tell you why they are there and what they think of the police and why they are participating in activities where they are throwing projectiles at cops? apparently it looks like a man of the cloth or somebody, i don't know if that's a suit, it may be a clergymen of some kind. i might be wrong. i don't know -- but anyway. anybody want to talk to you and are they still throwing things at the cops? >> yes, they are still throwing things at the cops. the first part of your question, city council here did vote to ban the use of gas. however, in terms of the law enforcement response to the rioting, demonstrations and the curfew enforcement, it's the hennepin county sheriff who is calling the shots. he doesn't necessarily fall into agreement with the city council. i can tell you there is some kind of a chemical i would at that particular time in the air tonight. we've seen the pepper spray
11:38 pm
being used so i can't necessarily tell you if that was tear gas, explicitly named by the city council in terms of what they said can't be used. talking to people in the crowd, i don't know if it's necessarily going to make live tv because normally they will say something horrible if i go and interview them. they want to be hostile when we try to get their viewpoints out. i do that off the air and generally what we're getting from people, they are not satisfied with the charges. they don't think they are severe enough. haven't got an whole lot of reaction since the police officer in question bonded out. but that's the situation there. hostile. angry, consistent as it's been thought this process, sean. >> sean: mike tobin, we'll be going back to you throughout the evening. we really appreciate it. also tonight some foreign leaders are beginning to hold bide opinion accountable for a self-inflicted border crisis. for example, now the president of guatemala revealing in a recent interview that it was
11:39 pm
biden's confusing message on immigration that spurred what's now an unmitigated disaster of migrants in central america, surging to our southern border. remember donald trump secured the border. joe bide been opened it back up. enticed people to come. welcomed people to come. that's now emboldening smugglers and human traffickers and coyotes and the democrats' reckless radical agenda. breaking tonight, democrats tomorrow will unveil legislation to literally pack the u.s. supreme court. what frankly is the biggest power grab in over a century. now, bill being led by jerry nadler in the house, that radical would expand the court from nine justices to 13, and basically turn the court into a rubber stamp for their extremist socialist agenda. here's reaction to this and the breaking news tonight, republican congressman jim jordan and former white house chief-of-staff mark meadows. mark, before i get to the issue of the border which is an
11:40 pm
unmitigated disaster let me go to the issue of policing, donald trump showed everybody how to handle moments like this, and yet it's not being duplicated. i'm not sure why. >> well, i mean, where is joe biden in the condemnation? where is kamala harris in the condemnation? they were very quick to call on president trump to condemn any kind of violence and he was quick to do that. not only in places like portland, and washington, d.c., but in minnesota as well. and yet, what we see is the sound of silence. and really, this is all about an agenda that's tearing at the very fabric of who we are as a nation. it's time that we support our law enforcement officers, let due process take place and unfortunately, we see very strong weakness out of the white house right now. >> sean: yes. your take, jim jordan? >> yes. condemning the violence, secure
11:41 pm
the board by putting into place president trump's policies and don't pack the court for goodness sake. this is common sense but this is how radical the left have become, sean. think about this. the left controls everything. they control big media, big tech, sports, hollywood, higher education, congress, the white house, and now because they don't have control of the supreme court, they are going to add four people to the court. they control everything. this is a radical takeover of our country and we better -- we're in committee right now, sean, we're going to offer an amendment to begin to address this court issue because we asked nadler, is the truth that was reported about an hour ago. he wouldn't answer the question. now we hear there is a press conference tomorrow where they are going to brag about taking over the court. this is how radical the left is today and every single one of us have to stand up and defend the values and principles that made our country special. this is scary where they want to go. >> sean, jim is exactly right. jim is exactly right. what they are doing right now is
11:42 pm
tearing down the very institutions that they started to blame donald trump tearing down. this is the democratic left that's become the norm. moderate joe biden no longer exists. what they want to do is they couldn't beat donald trump at the ballot box so they change the election laws. they couldn't actually get the rule of law to go in their favor and support their left it agenda so they are going to back the courts to get the kind of ruling there. americans won't stand for it. i'm glad we've got people like jim jordan on the judiciary committee, and his fellow colleagues that are going to fight back. all of america needs to fight back on this issue. >> sean: packing the courts, amnesty, we see -- can you imagine if donald trump built the cages that joe bide isn't putting these kids in and then shipping them all over the country in the middle of a pandemic? and then you've got states like, now the governor of new jersey is offering $40 million in
11:43 pm
money, covid emergency relief money to illegal immigrants in new york state? they are offering checks to illegal immigrants as high as $15,000. jim jordan, we look at spending, $2 trillion here, $4 trillion in new taxes, we'll call infrastructure anything we want even though it's not infrastructure and say it's covid emergency relief when only 9% goes to emergency relief. >> it's radical, sean. imagine -- they are going to go from 9 to 13 on the court. imagine if we went in the other direction. we said we're going to take it from nine to five. we'll keep thomas, kavanaugh and barrett but we'll get rid of roberts and -- tomorrow when they introduce this bill on top of what you just said this is frightening where they want to take the country. i keep saying it. we've all got to keep doing this
11:44 pm
because it's a dangerous direction that they are going with immigration policy, where they are going with the court policy, they want to control everything, and it's scary. >> sean: republicans need, especially mark meadows and the senate, they need to hold the line. >> they need a quorum. >> sean: meaning the democrats, and the legislative filibuster. the things they want to do. they need a quorum. that's not a tie-break vote that kamala harris can cast. so all 50 republicans that would include mitt romney, and ben sas and lisa murkowski, that means they would have to go along with mitch mcconnell and make sure they don't give them the quorum when they want to pull these maneuvers and power grabs. are you confident republicans in the u.s. senate, all 50 of them, with no exception, stand together? >> i am confident because the left has gone, not just lurching to the left, they have gone so far left that they have ended up in california. i can tell you that right now,
11:45 pm
what jim was talking about, this open border situation that we have, this is not incompetence. it was a little bit of incompetence at first. this is intentional. they have gone from incompetent behavior to intentional behavior, and what they are doing, whether it's in new jersey giving taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants, or whether it's sending your money to guatemala and el salvador in in between as a bribe to try to keep people from coming here, americans are sick of it, and i believe our senators will stand up to it. >> sean: all right. jim jordan and mark meadows, thank you both. when we return, we have new tape tonight, project veritas exposing cnn's abuse, bias. that tape straight ahead. through the dirt. i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at
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>> sean: getting back to mike tobin in a moment for the latest out of minnesota but now yet another explosive video from project veritas. this may be the most revealing yet as fake news cnn has a staff and a man named charlie chester outright admitting that cnn uses covid to fear monger, spread panic, drive ratings purposefully using a numbers in a pandemic to drive ratings for political advantage. you can't make this up. pretty sick. take a look. >> bad news back-to-back-to-back doesn't do well unless it directly affects them. gangbusters. where detailing how many people died every day. i have looked at it.
11:51 pm
you look at and be like, why isn't it high enough? it would make our points better if it was higher. it's like another network. there's nothing you're doing right now that makes me want to stick. put the numbers back up. that's the most enticing things >> sean: fake news, cnn, they refused to comment at all following these disturbing remarks. i'm ask again, mr. potato head or fox obsessed hannity stalker, humpty-dumpty or his sidekick, oliver, whatever his name is, when are they going to take responsibility for their networks' outright fraud, fear mongering and just fake news? what is it going to take for these far left democratic extremists and the media mob to
11:52 pm
admit they are intentionally lying to viewers for profit, intentionally spreading baseless stories because they are obsessed with hating conservatives and hating all things donald trump. three straight years, trump russia hoax lies. three years of nothing but conspiracy theories proven wrong. outright lying, propaganda, misinformation, all with an agenda to destroy donald trump. on this program we're honest. we're members of the press. we talk about breaking news, we do investigative reporting, i'm a conservative, i say so up front. we give opinion. we even talk about sports and culture, but we're honest about who we are. they aren't. we seek the truth and we follow the facts. everywhere cnn has been proven wrong. we've been proven right. the russia hoax. we were right. they couldn't have been more wrong. we expose lies and the rush to judgment against justice kavanaugh. all they did was pedal conspiracy theories with people
11:53 pm
who had zero evidence of credibility. we also helped to expose the smallit hate crime hoax, cnn fake news, they actually had to settle their defamation case filed by nick sand man. we exposed the lies, the violence, rising crime across major cities last summer. i don't care if it's a riot at the capitol or a riot in any city, a riot is a riot and it's wrong. they were calling it fiery but mostly peaceful. look at that. fire. mostly peaceful. if you want to go back even further, duke lacrosse, uva, rolling stone, ferguson, baltimore, and so many more. we get it right. they always get it wrong. here now with reaction, project veritas ceo and founder james o'keefe. let's talk about what we just heard. what i hear -- go ahead. >> sean, journalism is about
11:54 pm
getting to the bottom of things. getting to the truth. and this man, who is a director of cnn, actually says in this tape, that they are telling people what to say. they don't actually let people on cnn, this is a director at cnn saying, the only people they actually let on the program are people who "take the bait." now, this is not the only thing he said. this is the most damming thing of all the things he said in this part two series. he implicates zucker. he said the special bat phone ring, red phone, he implicates the head of the network. project veritas is truth. i hide from nothing. i defend our methods and techniques. darcy, everyone has been called. there is a total cone of silence after these tapes which means that they can't, sean, defend what this man is saying. there is no defense. in fact, this guy, charlie chester, in these tapes, he's upset about what he's doing. he says it's wrong for us to put
11:55 pm
these numbers on the screen and take advantage of death and want more death for ratings. he knows it wrong but he does it anyway because in his words, fear sells. this is awful. it's the farthermost thing from journalism imaginable and the fact that there is such silence about this, sean, speaks volumes. >> sean: and we want the numbers higher. he's talking about the number of dead people. dead americans. in the middle of a pandemic. for political gain and political agenda, more important? >> yes, he expresses in this tape, he says, quote, there is a problem that we're doing that. he says it's wrong that we're doing it. but if you watch this tape, he says that they have got a call from jeff zucker, the ceo of the network, he asked, put those numbers back on the screen. we want those death numbers
11:56 pm
higher. we see it on cnn every day. the purpose of journalism is to tell the truth. to get to the bottom of things. to focus on, to illuminate, and he calls it propaganda, and he says these are the quiet things that you never are supposed to say out loud. >> sean: last night, he said it was to get donald trump. a full on network agenda. that's what he said. >> and oliver darcy hung up the phone on me. we've had "newsweek," the "new york times," a lot of people are calling this network for comment but no comment is being given because there is no defense. that's why veritas will keep coming out with expo says. >> sean: do you have any more coming tomorrow? >> we have one more coming tomorrow and it's veritas tips -- thank you, brave insiders, for coming to us so we
11:57 pm
can get this information out to people. >> sean: project veritas, president, ceo, founder, james o'keefe. we go back on the ground, things are heating up again in minnesota. mike tobin is there for us. mike? >> sean, it is heating up but it's a lot of the pattern that we've seen with bottles, fireworks going off, police are mostly trying to get these demonstrators off the fence and we're about an hour after the curfew. this guy, doesn't want to use his name but ex-navy, said he served on the uss princeton. show the viewers. that's a real big's head on the stick with a cop said. obviously you know what that means. first of all, why did you put this together? >> i was out here last night, and i was simply over there having some words with officers. somebody else shown a flashlight on them and i got maced in the
11:58 pm
face for the second time in my life. it hurt really bad and i went and got this pig head. >> sean has a question for you. >> sean: what about the people throwing rocks, bottles, bricks and other projectiles at the cops, and does he paint with such a broad brush and characterize all cops like pigs the way he's holding up this? >> two parts to this question. first of all what about the people throwing rocks, bottles and bricks, and how is that different? >> we don't use tear gas. gas is against the geneva convention. >> sean: but harmful is harmful. >> of course, but that's the only way they are going to learn anything. that's the only way that things will change if they start throwing things. >> sean: are you painting with a broad brush, when you bring out a symbol like this, you mean all cops are bad? >> i think the institution is
11:59 pm
bad. there are some good folks but they have terrible jobs. >> what do you want instead? >> a different way of policing. get rid of their guns, stand down. >> so an entirely different way of policing what do you mean by that? >> no, i'm not qualified to make that decision but i know smarter people that are and it certainly isn't what we have now. >> who are the smarter people because we're not seeing that out of any city council? >> that's true. you can probably talk to them in this crowd. a lot of them are giving speeches. >> let me get your reaction as far as potter, she was released on bond today, second-degree manslaughter? >> to me, that's pretty much an outrage. i think this lady essentially worked for an occupying force here and she committed an act of war on somebody. i consider that an act of war and she should not be out on bond. it is not manslaughter. an act of war. >> sean: mike tobin, great
12:00 am
coverage as always. thank you. unfortunately that's all the time we have left. we'll be back tomorrow night. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we're always independent. we'll never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is next. see you tomorrow. laura: for the fourth night, protesters and some criminals in minnesota looking for excuses to riot, caused trouble and for a second straight night the mayor decided not to enforce any curfew until 10:00 pm central because we know nothing happens before then. that is 11:00 eastern so we will monitor the situation on the ground throughout the hour and bring live reports and elements as they occur. you are hearing but bag,


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