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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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second pass or go for it. >> harold: 30 years ago lsu fiji brothers paid off the mortgage of their fraternity cook ms. jesse hamilton. bless you and bless your family. >> dana: that's a great story. >> greg: sorry, dagen, next time. all right, "special report" is up next with a guy named bret baier. good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier democrats are calling democratic proposals to expand the number of justices on the u.s. supreme court an assault on judicial independence. several democrats are bringing forward a bill to add four new seats to the supreme court which would be selected by president biden and confirmed by a democrat run senate already seeking to eliminate the filibuster. kristin fisher has details on this tonight live from the north lawn. kristin. >> few things more controversial
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in washington right now than killing the filibuster and packing the supreme court but today a group of congressional democrats tied the two together by introducing a bill to 13 and they say they know it would require getting rid of the filibuster to do it? >> some say we are packing the court we are not packing it, we are unpacking it. >> making the case on the steps of the supreme court that it's time to add four new justices to the highest court in the land. democratic senator ed markey blames republicans. >> the republicans stole two seats on the supreme court and now it is up to us to repair that damage republicans say look no further than the words of ruth bathed quincy goldberg to explain why packing the court is a bad thing. >> if anything would make the court appear partisan it would be that. in 1983 joe biden called.
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>> it was a bone head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> today republicans on capitol hill reminded now president biden of what he said nearly 40 years ago. >> we may not agree on much when it comes to policy president biden and i certainly agree on this point that it ask a terrible terrible mistake to make. >> it was a bad idea when fdr tried to do it it's a terrible idea now. >> on the campaign trail then candidate biden said he still was not a fan of adding more justices to the supreme court. >> i would not get in court-packing. >> when pressed where the president stood today the white house press secretary said: >> his position was not changed. >> but just last week the president created a commission to study expanding the supreme court. house speaker nancy pelosi said today that she supports it and shot down the bill proposed by chairman nadler just minutes before he announced it. >> i have no plans to bring it to the floor, no. >> the bill would face a steep
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klein in the senate but senator markey made it explicitly clear how he intends to get through. >> we must expand the court and we must abolish the filibuster to do it. >> is the white house comfortable with a democratic senator explicitly linking those two ideas from the steps of the supreme court? >> the president believes that in freedom of speech. he has his own view. and he looks forward to seeing the recommendations from -- that comes out of this court commission. >> that commission now has about six months to release its report. you heard the house speaker say that she wants at the very least to wait until then but, remember, she could always bring this bill to the floor at that point, bret? >> bret: kristin fisher live on the north lawn. kristin, thanks. more on this with the panel. also breaking tonight authorities in and around minneapolis bracing for another night of violence following last weekend's death of daunte wright at the hands of a now former
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police officer. that officer made her first appearance today. senior correspondent mike tobin is in brooklyn center minnesota again tonight. >> faces a single charge of second degree manslaughter with 10 years in prison. she is out on bond. third time a police officer has are faced charges after confuse ago side arm with a taser daunte wright was killed. civil rights attorney ben crump representing wright's family does not believe it was a mistake. >> a glock 17 and a taser. it's very difficult for this family to accept that this is an accident. >> the head of the peace officer's association says wright made the fatal mistake. >> daunte wright, if he would have just complied, he was told he was under arrest. they were arresting him on a
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warrant for weapons. he set off a chain of events that unfortunately led to his death. >> demonstrations, riots and clashes have stretched for four nights, police say 140 businesses have been impacted. with the brooklyn city center council banning the use of tear gas operation safety net used pepper spray instead as demonstrators threatened the fence surrounding the police department. law enforcement circled the demonstrators and moved, in resulting in the arrest of two dozen. that brought condemnation from anti-police activist such as minneapolis council president lisa bender who tweeted the force used against protesters and journalists brooklyn center by operation safety net is unacceptable. we are in an endless cycle of violence and force and the only way to break out is to do things differently. the county sheriff invoked the memory of minneapolis burning and the abandonment of the third precinct. >> all of these from the state minnesota national guard and
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others will not -- again, will not abandon the people of brooklyn center. >> a law enforcement source tells me three guns were seized here last night. of the out of towners arrested they were from chicago, wisconsin, and florida. still the source says there is no information about an organized group bringing people in from out of town. bret? >> mike tobin live in brooklyn center. mike, thanks. the defense has concluded its case in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused in the death of george floyd. derek chauvin did not take the stand in his own defense. correspondent matt phipp is in minneapolis tonight. >> your honor at this time the defense rests. >> 14 days into evidence and testimony, the defense and prosecution rested in the derek chauvin murder trial of george floyd. >> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> in court today chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer charged with killing floyd chose not to testify in his own defense. >> is this your decision not to testify? >> it is, your honor.
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>> all right, has anyone promised anything or threatened you in any way to keep from you testifying. >> no promises or threats, your honor. >> after the defense rested today the state recalled its witness dr. martin tobin again to rebutt some of the defense including testimony from dr. david fowler who testified yesterday floyd could have died in part from carbon monoxide poisoning from the police car. but dr. tobin testified floyd's blood oxygen level was 98%, well below the lethal threshold of 50% according to minnesota's mayo clinic. >> the maximum amount of carbon monoxide would be 2%. >> dr. tobin and the defense's dr. david fowler emerged this week as key medical experts contradicting each other on the trial's central question how floyd died testifying floyd died from lack of oxygen shown by constraints placing floyd in a prone position even highlighting where he thinks video shows
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floyd died. >> that's the moment the light goes out of his body. >> dr. fowler telling the jury floyd's manner of death is undetermined. testifying floyd died from a heart condition combined with chauvin's restraint but also testifying that floyd's drugs, carbon monoxide, and physical exertion are conflicting and could be a leading cause of death. >> it's very difficult to say which of those is the most accurate so i would fall back to undetermined. >> closing arguments are scheduled for monday. the jury will then be sequestered during deliberations. today the judge instructed the jury to pack for long and hope for short. bret? >> bret: we will continue to follow it matt finn in minneapolis. thanks. we are getting a look tonight at body camera footage of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13-year-old boy last month. a warning here, this video is disturbing. the civilian office of police accountability released the images of the march 29th shooting death of adam.
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it also released third party video, arrest reports, and recordings of shots being fired in the area that led police to respond. police say the boy was carrying a handgun when he fled from police and was shot. chicago's mayor is asking for calm we live in a city that is traumatized by long history of police violence and misconduct. why we don't have the enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation, is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling an all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. >> bret: light foot says too many young people are vulnerable to systemic failures that must be fix dollars. "the chicago tribune" is reporting that 163 people have been killed in chicago this year. that is 23 more than all of last year. there have been 26 people killed in just the month of april. texas republican senator ted
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cruz is criticizing president biden's pick for a top justice department post over her alleged support for the defund the police movement. cruz grilled assistant attorney general for civil rights nominee kristin clark today. >> so you believe you were wrong last year when you called for defunding the police and investing less in the police. >> that's a poor title chosen. >> not just a title your text we must invest less in police. three paragraphs begin with those words you wrote those words. do you agree with those words today? >> without the power of the purse string i wrote those words but president biden is committing more resources to police and i think that's a great thing, senator. >> bret: the article referred to there is a "newsweek" op-ed written by clarke last year. the u.s. is rasping up pressure on russia tonight on a variety of fronts. new sanctions over election interference, accusations the kremlin was behind the solar winds hack but there is a new take on that story that russia
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may have encouraged taliban forces to attack u.s. troops in afghanistan. all of this announces withdrawal from afghanistan on 9/11 and top u.s. diplomat makes unannounced visit there national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the specifics tonight from the pentagon we can't allow foreign fewer interfere in democratic process. >> 32 entities that helped russia interfere in u.s. elections going back to 2016 and for the first time blazed the blame for the cyber hack known as solar wind on russia's intelligence service. the new sanctions meant to harm russia's ability to raise money for its sovereign debt by barring u.s. financial institutions from buying russian bonds. six russian companies are targeted for helping russia's spy agency with its cyber hacks. 10 russian diplomats will be expelled. >> i was clear with president putin that we could have gone
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further. but i chose not to do so much, i chose to be proportionate. russia continues to interfere with our democracy. i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. >> now it's moscow's move. >> we denounce any call for sanctions. we consider them unlawful. >> notably absent from today's sanctions punishment for alleged bounties paid by russian agents to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan. during the presidential debate, president biden criticized former president trump for not holding russia accountable. >> he is putin's puppy. he still refuses to even say anything to putin about the bounty on the heads of american soldiers. >> today a senior administration official said the u.s. intelligence community had a, quote, low to moderate degree of confidence that those bounties had ever been paid. on capitol hill, u.s. intelligence chiefs were asked about russia's build-up of 40,000 troops on ukraine's border. >> build-up has proceeded to the point where there is the capacity to take further aggressive action as well, which is why we took it so seriously.
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>> defense secretary lloyd austin drew a line in the sand at nato. >> we call upon russia to cease their provocations. >> the new executive order signed today gives the president a broad ability to react if russia continues to escalate. part of the u.s. response, we're told, will involve disclosing russian cyber trade. bret? >> bret: jennifer, secretary of state blinken showed up in kabul, surprise visit there? >> that's right. it comes less than 24 hours after president biden announced all u.s. troops would leave afghanistan by september 11th. blinken hoped to convince the afghan government the u.s. was not abandoning afghanistan. but female afghan lawmakers expressed skepticism during a meeting at the u.s. embassy. most fear a complete taliban takeover after the u.s. leaves. most senior u.s. military commanders recommended leaving 2500 u.s. troops in afghanistan but biden overruled them, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. up next, the tremendous influx
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of underaged minors along the southern border is forcing the biden administration to take drastic steps. we will take you to the border. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 8 in new orleans as the search continues for 12 people believed to be missing after a 129-foot boat capsized during a strong storm tuesday afternoon. six people had been rescued alive so far. one body was found floating in the water. fox 13 in tampa as the republican dominated florida house passes a bill to ban transgender females from playing on girls and women's high school and college sports teams. supporters say it's about fairness. democrats there called it the measure of purely political. and this is a live look at atlanta from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there tonight major league baseball celebrates jackie robinson day. all players, managers, coaches and umpires wear number 42 to honor the breaking of the sports color barrier in 1947.
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♪ these little town blues ♪ >> bret: the new york philharmonic -- say that three times is pack. it gave it first public performance last night after historic hiatus of more than 1 months caused by the coronavirus pandemic. there was a reduced force, 23 strings, all masked. and no brass or wood winds for a program that lasted about an hour. once you can pronounce it they are actually really good. the president's chief science officer for the covid-19 task force says the u.s. is preparing for the possibility, a booster shot will be needed for people who take the two dose pfizer coronavirus vaccine. a booster in 9 to 12 months. the company's chief executive says the scenario is likely and that annual shots may be needed.
3:20 pm
the centers for disease control and prevention has learned of a seventh woman who developed a rare and severe type of blood clot after receiving the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. it's also looking into an incident involving a man which occurred during a clinical trial but could not be linked to the shot at the time. the centers for disease control says almost 79 million americans are now fully vaccinated. there had been 31 million cases in the u.s. with 561,000 deaths. fireworks at a house subcommittee hearing on the pandemic today. tensions ran high when ohio republican congressman jim jordan pressed dr. anthony fauci on when restrictions can be lifted. >> you are going to see the level of infection come down and down and gradually there will be more flexibility for doing the things that you are talking about. >> where does it get to? when it comes down, what number do we get our liberties back? tell me the number. [gavel] >> the american people want dr. fauci to answer the
3:21 pm
question. >> well. >> your time has expired, sir. you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> bret: earlier, speaking there democratic congresswoman watters concluded her time questioning fauci by saying that she loves him. the dow closed above 34,000 for the first time after gaining 305. that's a record and the s&p 500 was up 46 to a new record close. nasdaq jumping 181 today. big day on the market. former vice president mike pence is resting tonight after receiving a heart pacemaker device during surgery wednesday. pence had previously disclosed a heart condition. a spokesman says pence underwent the procedure after experiencing symptoms associated with a slow heart rate over the past two weeks. is he expected to fully recover. we send our best. we have new information tonight about a major expansion of one of the key immigrant holding facilities on the border. it's the latest indication of the problems associated with the thousands of children crammed
3:22 pm
into spaces meant to fit hundreds. correspondent rich edson shows us tonight from donna, texas? three weeks ago this was a federal facility designed to process migrants crossing the nearby border with mexico. and this is it now. a footprint about triple the size in less than a month. >> border patrol is in this unique situation it where they can't refuse to take these kids into custody. they have to be handled in a very specific way before they can be sent to the shelters. >> this expansion in donna, texas, is a newly opened facility the government calls an emergency intake site for unaccompanied children. the department of health and human services runs this expanded site and officials says it shelters 13 to 17-year-old boys and girls. the federal government says agents apprehended nearly 500 unaccompanied children yesterday with nearly 3,000 in customs and border protection custody and over all more than 19,000 transferred to hhs.
3:23 pm
the idea is to move those children to u.s.-based family members or shelters. in the "the washington post," the governors of texas and arizona joined republican calls for president biden to travel to the border amid this massive migration surge. they write, quote: the administration's policies and communications have encouraged thousands of people to make dangerous trips to our southern border. this has caused a humanitarian crisis. they are urging the administration to restore trump-era policies by trying to keep migrants in mexico while they wait for the federal government to rule on their immigration status. >> i don't think we have any intention to rethink our approach to treating kids humanely and ensuring that they are safe when they cross the border. >> officials in the region tell us their projections show this problem could be getting worse with the migrant surge expected to continue in the coming weeks or even months. bret? >> bret: rich edson along the border. relationship, thanks. up next hollywood elite putting
3:24 pm
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3:28 pm
name celebrities signing on to a show of force against potential new election laws around the country writing notice a new add in the "the washington post" for american democracy to work for any of us we must ensure the right to vote for all of us. we all should feel a responsibility to defend the write to vote and to oppose any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot. some huge names are resisting what some critics have labeled corporate peer pressure in a letter to walmart employees this week doug mcmillan notes we are, of course, a business. we are not in the business of partisan politics. so we try to stay out of them. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has urged corporate america to stay out of it. noting democrats in congress are obsessed with changing how americans vote. >> we could learn tomorrow that an asteroid was hurdling toward earth and democrats would say
3:29 pm
our only hope was to pass hr 1. washington democrats want to rewrite all 50 states election laws. >> a jp morgan chase spokesperson tells fox the financial giant prefers to speak out in its own voice and quote we publicly made our own strong statement last month about the critical importance of every citizen being able to exercise their fundamental right to vote. in georgia, home of a controversial voting law companies such as coca-cola, delta airlines and home depot are also trying to stay out of this big push. home depot telling fox quote we decided that the most appropriate approach for us to take is to continue to underscore our statement that all elections should be accessible, fair, and secure and support broad voter participation. the high profile pressure to sign on continues and the consequences for saying no or trying to stay out of it so far are unknown. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you.
3:30 pm
speaking of georgia. republicans in georgia already lining up to take on the newly elected democratic senator raphael warnock in 2022. that's a special election. let's bring in latham sadler a former navy seal, banking executive, former trump white house officials. latham, thank you for being here. you were considering running for this seat has the decision been made. >> hey, bret, thank you so much to have me on the oshow here. yes, the decision has been made and we have announced today that i am seeking the office of united states senate to challenge senator raphael warnock here in georgia. a lot of excitement today around this. a lot of build-up to it. and we have been overwhelmed the phones have been ringing off the hooks all day and i'm getting used to this new life which is quite different than what i was doing before. >> bret: you mentioned what you were doing before. you are a former navy seal. did you tours in iraq and afghanistan. you also served in the trump
3:31 pm
white house. why go this root? route? what do you think you have to bring georgia? makes the guy, the republicans, independents should choose. >> yeah, bret. i appreciate the question. and thank you for the comment on my background. i would like to just first say that my brothers and sisters in the military are still out there doing the job and i want the glory to be on them, not me. i'm in a comfortable jacket here right now. but, as to why i'm doing this, i mean, simply put, bret, i just love this country to its core. and it's the way i was brought up with my family, 9/11 happened while i was in college and it completely changed my life. and led me to go down that pathway to serving in uniform. and, you know, i think it's time for next generation of leaders to step up and serve. and i think most of us that love this country right now are not
3:32 pm
happy with what we have seen. especially over the past year. and since i view everything through a national security lens, you mentioned that i deployed to iraq and afghanistan. my last assignment was in the trump white house. as director for intelligence programs, and i have got a first-hand view of what our adversaries are doing to seek to supplant us. when you look at the environment today, i think we have two simultaneous existential threats facing our nation right. >> now the first is external and it's communist china. and they are on a speedway to supplant us. and the other threat is internal and it's we're tearing ourselves apart as a country. i think the answer right now is authentic and enlightened leadership. from my generation and i have had hundreds of conversations with georgians over the past couple months about my prospects in doing this and the most common theme that i receive in feedback is finally, a conservative leader here in
3:33 pm
georgia from your generation with the leadership background and a vision for the future is ready and willing to step in this arena and take the mantel of leadership and so i think that that's the answer for the country. and i just so happen to come from georgia where we have conservative values and principles and it's the reason why georgia is the number one state to do business n the country seven straight years in a row. i think we need to bring those sort of values to d.c. >> bret: obviously this comes in the wake of major league baseball pulling out about the georgia election law. how -- your reflections on that and how senator warnock kind of dealt with that. >> yeah, bret. this has been a really disappointing one. i mean, it start with a pretty bad misinformation campaign that really did not paint an accurate picture of what this bill was and is. which actually expanded pathways to voting. secured the election and it gave
3:34 pm
people the opportunity to have the sanctity of secret ballot. and it -- what's happened here in georgia has really hurt everyday georgians. it's hurt businesses here and i would say on top of that, it's hurt our way of life. i mean, a lot of people were looking forward to this all-star game. most americans don't want to get involved in a bunch of controversy. they just want to take their kids do go watch baseball. and when that starts getting stripped out of our way of life, due to a political agenda, that's a problem. and folks have been asking where is the leadership? where's the leadership from our senators and i can tell you something, if georgians elect me to the united states senate, i will be fighting for them every day. and i would be honored to do it. >> bret: yeah. just to point out the 2022 race is the race that was scheduled. this special election was the one that raphael warnock won. you might not be alone. it looks like you might have some challenges on the republican side. one of them may be herschel
3:35 pm
walker. he has hinted at it. will you seek the endorsement from former president trump? >> so, for me right now, my north star is hitting the ground in georgia and seeking the endorsement of georgians here on the ground. i can tell you as it relates to herschel walker entering this race, he is a childhood hero of mine. and i will say georgia deserves to have the best and brightest come and compete for this seat. and the opportunity to beat raphael warnock. and i hope we have a lot of good georgians step up and try and serve in this capacity and, look, i also realize as an outsider i have got a lot of work ahead. and i'm going to have to earn it. and it's going to be a challenging pathway. for my view for a united states senate senate georgia is it should be a challenging pathway. for me, i'm focused on the
3:36 pm
endorsement in georgia for the people in georgia. i think i'm an attractive candidate for the former president to endorse. i'm probably the only candidate in this race that has actually served in the trump white house. of course, as a military officer, then as a white house fellow. but i'm proud of the work that i got to do taking it to the adversary and then as a white house fellow helping get the first step act passed. >> bret: thank you for your time. we have now had a couple senate candidates announce on the show. glad to have you on, and we will follow your race. >> bret, thank you. and if i could just say for folks that want to join the mission come to latham we have a ton of folks excited to do this and we will take this seat back for georgia. thanks, bret. >> bret: thank you, sir. have a good one. up next, ufos not a joke anymore. videos from navy ships and pilots have many people asking if extra terrestrials are already here. >> this is probably the best ufo
3:37 pm
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>> bret: there are growing questions in the american mainstream about a subject that used to be taken seriously only on the fringe. ufos. navy ships and pilots have been capturing these images. we are hearing harrowing stories of aircraft capable of maneuvers thought to be physically impossible. correspondent bryan llenas takes a look tonight. >> this is probably the best ufo military film footage, certainly that i have ever seen but i think also that the world has ever seen. >> this night vision video shows three pyramid shaped ufos flying over the uss russell off the coast it of california in july 2019. they hovered 700 feet above the stern of the navy destroyer.
3:42 pm
other cell phone images taking by a navy pilot flying near australia in march 2019 show three unidentified crafts reportedly performing extraordinary capabilities like staying stationary in high winds. investigative filmmaker jeremy and george knap an investigative reporter from las vegas obtained the video and images. >> these are unknown, meaning they have already ruled out the typical things that you would expect like balloons or baseball drones from another country. >> pentagon confirms u.s. navy personnel captured the images and incidents are under investigation by the unidentified aerial phenomenal task force. corbel says these photos were taken on board the uss omaha they show a object diving into the ocean and disappearing. >> ufos are real and they are here. but we don't know who they are on or about the intent according to the national ufo reporting
3:43 pm
center sightings from doubled in the last year. the u.s. government is set to release a highly anticipated ufo report in june. bret? >> bret: we will be all other that one. bryan, thank you. up next the panel on the democratic moves to pack the u.s. supreme court, where they are heading where republican efforts to stop them. first, beyond our borders tonight an explosion rock as market in east baghdad kill one person, injuring 12 others. the iraqi military saying the blast on the capitol sadr city neighborhood car laden with highwayly explosive materials that blew up while passing through a popular used furniture market. no one immediately claiming responsibility for this bombing. a senior japanese ruling party official says canceling this year's olympics in tokyo remains an option if the coronavirus crisis becomes too dire. the tokyo olympics organizing committee is responding that all of those involved in preparing for the games remain fully focused on hosting them this summer. just some of the other stories
3:44 pm
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>> senators i'm not going to answer the question. >> why won't you answer the question. >> the question is. >> radical left. >> will you shut up, man?
3:48 pm
>> don't the voters deserve to know. >> no they don't. i'm not going to play his game. he would love me to talk about -- i have already said something on pack -- court packing. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the united states congress a frofl pack the court. it was totally within his right to do it. he violated no law. he was legalistically absolutely correct. but it was a bone head idea. >> bret: well then senator biden was very clear how he thought about court-packing adding justices to the supreme court. now president biden has this commission studiying that but there are several democrats who are launching a bill to add four u.s. supreme court justices to the court. let's bring in our panel jonathan swann reporter for axios. morgan ortagus former state departments spokesperson and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. be she is not going to bring up this bill going to wait for the commission.
3:49 pm
it does seem like it's putting it out there. >> bret, this is a gift from god. that is the only way to describe it. it has no chance ever of becoming law with the current congress but it will be used to bludgeon democrat candidates in 2022 which is why you saw that motley group of only four that can't even wait for biden's commission. so republicans rejoice that jerry nadler is handling strategy for 2022. you are guaranteed to retake the house and the senate. >> bret: all right. well, it all depends on doing away with the filibuster. there are a number of things that tie to that take a listen to chuck schumer answering a question on that and then the key vote, joe manchin. >> what do you see getting done in the senate in a traditional 60 vote margin? >> well, as i said we are going to try to work with republicans wherever we can. but we must get bold change and if our republican friends block
3:50 pm
it, we're going to put our heads together and figure out the best way to go. everything's on the table. it's plain and simple. >> whether it be packing the courts or ending the filibuster, i will not vote to do that. i will not vote to pack the courts. i think and i will note vote to end the filibuster. >> bret: jonathan, where do you think this goes? >> well, biden has tried to defer it with this commission. that was just, you know, him trying to buy himself some time, you know, the left is not really buying it. they are coming out and doing this regardless. but it all comes as you said it comes down to joe manchin. kyrsten sinema opposes eliminating the filibuster. manchin is dug in on this issue. you talk to people who know him well, he the senate at the fate of robert byrd from west virginia he talks about him with reverence. one of those things he seems very, very dug in on.
3:51 pm
he put out an op-ed. he said a million times on the record i don't see any sign that he is softening on this issue whatsoever. >> bret: democrats are going to come after him to try to change that i mean 'what the voting bill. >> okay, bret, to what effect? it's west virginia? it's plus 40 for trump. i mean, joe manchin says bring them on. come down and campaign it only helps me when left wing activists come and pick at him in west virginia. >> bret: yeah, that's right. more dan? >> yeah, i think congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez summed it up today in a fox news article i was reading she was quoted as saying how does the current structure benefit us? that is the attitude of the most liberal members of the congress and i have got tell you this makes me think about the actions packing the court. packing the court is the actions two bit dictator would take this. is something we would see how of chavez or maybe maduro this.
3:52 pm
is undermining democracy and, in fact, when i was state department spokesperson if we had a fledgling packing the court dictator get their way i would be issuing statements condemning behavior we are seeing from some members of the house and senate and the democratic party. this is very serious erosion of democracy. it is very, very serious authoritarian behavior. and they are doing this quite simply because they do not control an institution that they think they need to control. so, the logistics behind this don't make sense. they will get this passed. have four supreme court justices confirmed doesn't make any sense. >> bret: yeah. rate. somebody like lindsey graham was on our air today saying this is about putting it out there. the commission comes out and people say no, no, no. we are not going to go for the four justices. we are going to do something else. here is ro khanna on our air today. >> i would rather take a different approach which is term limits for supreme court justices and i'm for term limits for members of congress and
3:53 pm
senators as well. i have a bill that says 18 years you serve on the supreme court and then you go back on to a circuit. you shouldn't be there for 40 years, 50 years. and i hope the president's commission will look at that but, it seems to be that may be less polarizing at a time where our country is deeply divided. >> bret: so there you go. it kind of advances the ball, trey, and somehow the commission comes up with something else. >> well, the constitution doesn't say for life. it says for the period of good behavior and if republicans really want to get worried about something, go back and look at the terrible choices you have made. who gave us brennan? who gave us blackman? who gave us warren? who gave us suit tore? if republicans want to worry about something get your own supreme court picks right. >> bret: and the choices. jonathan, what's the thing we are not thinking about newswise? >> russia, russia, russia. seriously, amassing troops around ukraine and from what i am understanding here setting up
3:54 pm
blood banks and things like that? you never know if he is bluffing or not. but they could well seize more territory in ukraine. and you know, it's going to be one of biden's potentially one of his first really serious tests and, you know, he is sending mixed signals. he put out this saxes package today which is less than meets the eye. they turned around navy ships that were headed towards -- there is no sense they are going to do anything militarily there. that's something i'm watching really closely. >> bret: yeah, that's good. we will have many panels about that. when we come back, panel, tomorrow's headlines. get those ready. ♪ ♪ i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ my garden brings us together. my garden is my therapy.
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3:59 pm
on about the state and local deduction, and she came out today and said that she doesn't support reinstating this deduction. that is a huge battle inside the democratic party right now, and her colleagues in the northeastern state, typically new york, new jersey, really want this in there, so i expect they are going to fight back. >> bret: all right, morgan? >> well, we have a lot of news out of afghanistan this week, and i think once the taliban realized that we are leaving and taking our money with us, the headline will be "the taliban condemns the united states plan to terminate the economic stimulus in september." >> bret: [laughs] okay. trey? >> my headline, bret, is "congressman hank johnson says he is not worried for a new supreme court justices will make warm tip over into the ocean." >> bret: you always have the best headlines. thank you, panel. coming up tomorrow, how voters are responding to immigration crisis.
4:00 pm
the republican pollster shares his findings. i want to end with a congratulations to nicholas backstrom on the washington capitals 1,000 games as of tonight, congrats. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report. a fair, balanced, and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: hey, bret. great show as always. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ hi, i'm lawrence jones, and tonight, the high court hijacking is underway. a coalition of far left democrats convened this afternoon to roll out their most radical agenda point and yet, the supreme court. >> the united states supreme court is broken. it is out of balance. leader mitch mcconnell, his senate republican colleagues, and donald trump broke it. the republicans stole two seats on the


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