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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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ones you love, the great sean hannity takes over from a state north of here. >> sean: one that is too highly taxed with too much bureaucracy. thank you. welcome to "hannity," we begin with this fox news alert, the city of chicago is on edge bracing for a night of potential unrest, none so far thankfully. hours ago new footage showing the officer involved in the shooting death of 13-year-old adam toledo, a teenager, tonight as always we are not going to rush to judgment, but we have learned an awful lot from the body cam footage and reports. these are the facts from the case so far, this incident took place around 2:30 a.m. in the morning on monday march 29th, at the time 13-year-old teenager adam was hanging out with at 21-year-old individual named ruben roman, and he was on probation because of a gun
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conviction, just after 2:30 a.m., video shows police responding to the scene because of a shooting that was just reported. specifically prosecutors claim that a local gunshot detector, guess you need them in chicago, never heard of that before, because ruben roman was shooting at a passing car although the investigation on that is still ongoing. video shows one officer chasing adam toledo down an alley. reporting that he was carrying a firearm which you can see rightn there. that location is very important, we will tell you why in a minute. the gun was later recovered at the scene.yll toledo's right hand had gunshot residue which was evidence that he was at least holding the weapon. no fingerprints to report as of now. but gloves found near the scene belonging to toledo's friend, meanwhile showing him ditching the gun at the very last second and from what we can tell when
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we go frame by frame breaking this down is that toledo ditched the gun just as he was turning to put his hands up and that ish the moment when he was shot. it is hard to determine this just by watching the video especially in real time, the police officer who fired the fatal shot, his name is officerm eric stillman who joined the force in 2015 reportedly a former decorated military t veteran. again, just bringing you the facts of this case as we know them tonight. for more detail here is the footage with audio you will hear when the officer turns the mic on. it was off at the beginning of the video. you are warning, this is extremely graphic. we are going to show it to you in itsyo entirety.
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>> stop! stop right now! hey, come here, show me your hands! stop it! >> sean: with all of this release tonight they are still so many unanswered questions about this horrible scene. meanwhile there are reports from the "chicago sun-times" that the violent latin kings gang could be planning to retaliate against chicago is bracing for what could be another night of unrest in that city. joining us now is the f very latest from the ground in chicago tonight is our own garrett tenney, what's going on? >> yes, sean, a couple of protesters popping up tonight including one that took off here at millennium park, so far everything is peaceful, make no mistake about it, there is a lot of anger and frustration over the latest officer-involved shooting in the video that was released showing that 13-year-old boy would lose his life at the hands of
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law enforcement. the key to the case all along has been did adam toledo have a gun in his hand when he faced the officer? mayor lori lightfoot adjusted as much last week and a prosecutor with a state attorney's office stated in court that that's what happened. however the body cam released today showed while the teenager did have something in his hand while he was running, less than a second later his hands were empty when he turned around and wased his hands just as he shot by police. surrounding video from a nearby building shows toledo throwing something behind the fence before he turns around with his hands raised, and minutes later body cam footage shows officers finding the handgun in the same area. the officers involved have been placed on administrative duties while an investigation into the shooting is underway. as for then toledo family, this evening there attorney described the shooting as an assassination and said that they are exploring legal action against the officer.ti there is a lot of concern over protest turning ugly in the
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release. chicago is still reeling from the riots that took placehe in e fall and summer of last year that caused millions of dollars in damage to the city's downtown. this time around leaders are not taking any chances. there is a significant police presence here, downtown, as well as in the surrounding community is to try to prevent anything like that from happening again. we will see how the rest of the night and thet day tomorrow unfolds. raseveral additional protests already scheduled for tomorrow. >> sean: garrett, thank you, we will monitor the situation in chicago, my full monologue moments away, but let's check ie on the ground in brooklyn center in minnesota which has been rocked by violent riots all week. with a live full report, mike tobin. what's going on tonight? it looks like the last few nights. >> it certainly does. another crowd gathering tonight. not the biggest crowd yet, but i would ballpark at about 500 people, one thing we know about the crowd that gathered last
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night, 24 people were arrested and there were indeed out-of-towners amongst them. people from chicago, people from wisconsin and florida who were all pickedm up. weapons were seized as well, firearms that were seized, the one kind that is missing is an organization bringing people here along with law enforcement of whom source i've been communicating thinks it is individuals gravitating to scenes likent this. as far as talking about antifafa or anarchists in the crowd, unless they identify themselves, it's hard to make a positive match. one of the things you can see is the uniform and the gear that some of them take. we have a lot of helmetsr in the crowd, the pain or respirators, the black hoodie is coming the makeshift shields, i see one atl a particle board and also directing you further, one thing i want to show you is that police have further fortified headquarters. the barriers and fencing his two deep. we will see how that works throughout the evening, because
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what we have seen with the third precinct in the twin cities if you don't say off it, these demonstrators can make easy work of those fences, so we will see how things develop i tonight, anticipate that itit will be lie last night. >> sean: we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground in minnesota and in chicago all night. it is beyond sad as you look at this case.ti and we will be showing you the full video in a moment. a 13-year-old teenager died in this video. i have said it often. every city, every town in this country needs and deserves the law and order and safety and security. for every american, children are a national treasure. it is sad this young teenager is now dead out at 2:30 in the morning, gun residue on his hands, he has 13 years old. he has a child. none of this should happen in america to our national treasure. and now all of a sudden chicago violence and death suddenly seems to matter to the
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democrats, the media mob, really? because for years while this program right here on the show, we have been sounding the alarm about violent crime and the crisis thatis is every weekend n chicago without exception, everyone on the left ignored it. way back during the obama administration, remember? we can remind you we started to scroll the names of thousands of murder victims in obama's hometown. names most people never heard of before, precious lives lost, every single solitary weekend. families devastated, thisea numr of people shot, this number of people shot and killed. as we are pleading for help way back when looking for solutions way back when, obama andor biden never lifted a finger. they would not even acknowledge a problem in obama's hometown. home city. for reference, this program many years ago, we scrolled the names of chicago murder victims and
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those that were just shot in chicago and people that were pleading for help.t look at to your screen, these people's lives, they all mattered. you probably have never heard these names before, i wish that we could read all of their names out loud just to make a point and go into detail about their tragic unnecessary deaths, but there are just too many and the number continues to grow even still this past weekend. week after week after week after week in the week before adam toledo's death, 60 people were shot, 15 were murdered in the city of chicago. i doubt any of you can name them.he this past summer, remember that little girl shot on the fourth of july playing at her grandmother's house? so far this year 129 people have been murdered in chicago. that is a whopping 33% increase over last year's record increase. and where is chicago's mayor lori lightweight? what is she doing to stop this. what did ron fisher and emmanuel
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do. what did obama or biden do? nothing, absolutely nothing. 3,500 murders during obama and biden's eight years. maybe now they will finally join us in caring about, yes, lives that matter that are being lost in chicago. the shootings, murder, mayhem, that is a weekly occurrence in chicago. instead of trying to score political points and smearing defunding the police, maybe they will actually look at the facts and look for real solutions. rudy giuliani paved the way in new york. dropping the murder rate from 3,000 a year to the low hundreds. according to a new report from the law enforcement legal defense fund, murder sword as police pulled back among last summer's protest and the defunding efforts inli new york city as her rest dropped by 30% murders one at 58%. louisville, as traffic stops dipping 35%, with murderers and 87%.
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minneapolis 42% decrease what traffic stops, a 64% increase in and los angeles 33% fewer arrests, 51% more murders and i can go on and on. in 60 of the largest city's murder has gone up by 33%, all of them human lives and all gone in an instant. and make no mistake, this violent crime disproportionately affects minority communities. we owe it to every american that they live safe andan secure. and as you can see, policing is a critical important element here. that's what rudy did in new york, they can put aside politics and ask him how he did it. and by the way, i should not have to say this, their lives all matter. so far this year nearly 100 police officers, yeah, they have been killed in the line of duty. just yesterday texas police officer ambushed and other routine stop and shot in the
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neck during that traffic stop miraculously he is expected thankfully to her cover. earlier this week three georgia police officers were shot during a high-speed pursuit. we showed you the horrific footage out of new mexico where darian jarrett getting shot and killed point-blank range during what they say is a routine traffic stop and have this mayor in minneapolis suggesting, well, maybe police should not have weapons during routine traffic stops. outside of this network and a few shows on this network, the national media mob rarely covers police that are murdered in the line of duty. day in and day out come of them men and women of law enforcement are on the front lines and facing the danger around every turn and during every stop. there is nond routine traffic stop. their jobs are incredibly hard and they have gotten harder. of course, yes, there are cops make mistakes as that 1% that are bad apples. you have to weed them out and they must be held accountable on a case-by-case basis. to the widespread vilification of police has tos stop state, shouldfederal government
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be looking for ways to improve policing. i'm looking for solutions whether it be new tactics, more training, better training, community-based education. may be we to teach our citizenry how to interact better with police and communicate with the police. of course nonlethal tools like tasers, which is shown those in action many times, nonlethal weapons, earlier this week we showed you something that i have purpose just come of the burner gun which shoots nonlethal projectiles filled with chemical irritants and tear gas. and something called the bolo wrap that discharges wrapping legsd the subjects arms or on the feet. and another that could be helpful called the saber, pepper spray launcher, one version
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launches nonlethal pepper spray. and a gel of some kind, again, i don't have all of the answers, but nonlethal actions helpful to citizens and the police, we need every tool available. one thing i know for certain is defunding the police won't save lives, demonizing the police and using broad sweeping generalizations is not going to save lives and in the end all of america will pay the price. here with reaction, fox news contributor dan bongino.a let me run the tape again. i want to re-rack from the time the audio starts here and then i will show you a few still pictures, you're in law enforcement with the nypd and with the secret service, and went to get your professional opinion. we can roll the tape? we don't have it, apparently. guys, do we have the tape anywhere? talk about what you've seen
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earlier. >> yeah, i've seen the tape. i was actually in a very similar foot pursuit. i see it playing right now. i was in a similar foot pursuit in my time in the 75 precinct in new york. ran down a dark alley maybe 1:00, midnight, i do remember the exact time, but looking at this through the dash is this a justifiable shooting legally or not, i'm not talking about the morals are the ethics, people can draw their own opinions on that. i'm talking about strictly justifiable or not from the legal lens, you have to get in the law enforcement officers had somehow. how would you do it? you talk to them number one and see what he was thinking, but you have to look at the other variables, late at night, reports of local gunfire through a gunfire detector. foot pursuit, subject fleas and does not stop. not necessarily a reason to engage in deadly force, but fleeing is a variable. you see that looks like the video from when i am seeing on the screen is about 10 feet
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away, i would guess. i would thinks the officer at this point is probably seen the firearm. if you have gone through law enforcement training even citizens police academy and gone through the faxx machine, firearms training simulator. whenever there is a gun and a scene which was brought toin the scene by apparently this young man from what we can see in the video, your eyeses automatically gravitate to the firearm. every time. if you have ever taken any training, you would know that. for obvious reasons, it is the imminent threat. showing the stills of this when you see him turn around and now the gun is out of his hand, yes, i get it. those are prettyy damning still, but you have to remember when eyou put all of them together in the fact that his heart rate is elevated where he is breathing heavy and screaming orders, he may have legitimately thought to that the subject was turning on him to fire at him. i don't know that, we are going to have to hear what he says. obviously will be some
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proceeding where the facts will comeac out, but you have to getn his head and determine did he believe he was under threat of serious physical injury or death at the time he deployed his firearm? >> sean: okay, let me play it with the audio through the end start to finish and will go through this again slowly. >> stop, stop! hey, show me your hands! stop it! look at me, are you all right? where you shot, man, where you shot? stay with me, stay with me. somebody bring that medical kit
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now. >> okay, can. someone -- >> stay with me. >> stay awake! i'm going to start cpr, i'm not feeling a heartbeat. i have to get his chest moving. stay awake, bud. come on, bud, stay awake. >> sean: now i want to show the three pictures, the still pictures if wean can put them u, and you can see very clearly in the still pictures, you can see, number one, right where this young man was is where it looks like, just prior to the police, that's what he is tossed. look at the picture and the location where he flicks it just behind that wall and then turns around with it.
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the police new shots had been fired, now from that angle i can see the gun. you see it as well, do you not? >> i do. and here's the problem, if you notice and that still, his body is slated o off. at the firearm is clearly in the right arm, it is bleated off so you can fully see his left arm and hand. as a cop, i don't need to see your arm, i see your hand, elbows don't shoot, fingers do. you can see his left hand, but -- >> sean: it seems like, and we need a full investigation, trying to figure this out, seems like it went like this and got ditched andhi outcome of the has and that's when the fire came out. the question i want to know is did they see the gun? it would appear that he probably did. >> listen, i am not jumping to the defense of anyone. i'm simply suggesting that the way the subject is belated off, look where -- forgets his arm, it's where his hand is. elbows don't shoot, hands do.rm
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the way that his body is belated off as he turns around to show his hands it appears in the still, it is in fact empty, there is absolutely no way for the police officer to know if the subject is now surrendering or the subject is goings to fire on him. i'm not justifying anything. we will have a court case on it. i am simply suggesting that there were a bunch of mistakes here made. blading off your body that way where you are appearing to hide something and then turn around so he can't see -- >> sean: you say mistakes made, by who though? >> by the subject here, at some point if you have a firearm in your hand, you either drop to your knees or drop it right away. you don't make any for bird movements towards a police officer with a gun in your hand after you have been through a foot pursuit and reports of gunshots late at night at 2:00 in the morning in the middle of a dark alley.
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look at the picture right here. you see how dark that d is? are you legitimately telling me with your heart rate at 180 after a foot pursuit and shots fired that you with a straight face know that the subject is not trying to shoot you right now? a if you are willing to go on the record with that, more power to you, i'm not sure this officer knew that. >> sean: dan bongino, here with more reaction is former chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy with us, from chicago 15th ward alderman raymond we will start with you, your take. >> it's traumatic, watching that video, it is something you would see out of the movies or tv show, but it is unfortunate that the loss of life happened, but i agree with dan. you don't know what is going on in that officer's mind, and responding to the shots, chasing down a subject and seeing him turn without knowing what happened to the weapon, this very well could've been a justifiable shooting. and i think what is more dangerous element to all of this is the fact that the armed mayor lori lightfoot allowed the
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video to be kept secret for 16 days fueling suspicion and anger in our communities that now we have to try to walk back from it at explain the facts over and over to people who would never believe in their own eyes what is on that video. >> sean: gary, what do you see? >> first of all, while dan was chasing people in the 75, i was doing the same thing in the bronx. and while i have enormous respect for alderman lopez, i have to disagree, because you know what, i know what is in that ordinance is mine, because i've done it before. i've chased people with guns. and on it as a superintendent, and by the way, very depressed listening to what is going on in chicago, because the fact is, i it has gone back in 2015. the bottom line is we know how to do this. we are not doing it. and we are not doing it for a number of reasons, but the single most important factor is the politics of this country today, what i am seeing is tons of newspaper people, news folks trying to make what is apparently a good shooting bad. i know it was going through that officer's head, because i had so many times.usve w >> sean: let me give a quick last word, alderman, last 15, 20 seconds, sir. >> i will make it really quick, i agree with gary, we used to have great facts, and now we don't, politics is in the way of the public safety where we have coddled the criminal and embry stood the gang banger over those that are protecting the community and keeping y them sa.
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>> sean: i have been talking about this and scrolling names were too many years now. and nobody listens.
11:24 pm
>> i agree with you. i will say that i have done that. >> sean: i am very aware you have and you have taken a lot of heat for it. when we come back, we will continue our discussion on this policing in america, we will have updates out of chicago, updates out of minnesota, we will be joined by dana loesch next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now of course the media mob continue to only cover one side of every story especially involving the police
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continued to downplay thein violence taking place during some of these large protests dating back to last summer, same with the democratic party that downplay the attacks against the brave men and women in law enforcement. and this show, i'm not rushing to judgment, we are trying to figure it out. we have a lot of new information tonight with a case in chicago where they take us, they take us, unlike fake news cnn, don lemon won't even use the word "riot." humpty dumpty ignored an attack on the cnn crew in minnesota in a daily newspaper. radio talk show host nationally syndicated dana loesch along with civil rights attorney fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell. run through, we just ran the video, we showed the still pictures, what do you see? >> i see a justified shooting, any civil rights attorney that goes out and says otherwise, any police officer who says otherwise, they are lying to the american public, this officer in the freeze frame from the time of that young kid had the gun in
11:30 pm
his hand to the time he turned around was less than a second, less than a second. and i would submit to you that this case will never be fired criminal charges, because he had a justified shooting, period, end of story, not even close. don't try to compare it, it is not a war between the police and my people of color, this is a justified shooting end of story. >> sean: dana, what do you see and why would anyone want to be a cop anymore? >> i know and agree with everything leo justt sat there, and it's heartbreaking to watch this, and this 13 years old, 13 years old and all of the people doing the keyboard analytics here, but then none of these individuals ever had someone ever engage someone in an alley with a gun at night. i bet that none of those individuals that are writing this cop right now i have ever happen to them. not h every instance insula sam. not every police involved shooting is the same. this officer had a split second to react.
11:31 pm
i looked at the video just the same as everyone else, you can see that there is a gun, you can see that he has something in his hand and he drops it. he drops it, but it's .8 seconds, something insane. this officer had to make a split decision. let me ask this too, sean, we always talk about people's lives mattering, and i'm toledo's life matters, but adam toledo's life mattered enough that the people around of should not have allowed a 13-year-old child in an alleyway in the city in the middle of the night with an armed 21-year-old who is a prohibited possessor. no one is having that s conversation. he lives matter and they matter enough to take care of them, sean. lives matter enough that they don't allow children to get into the situation, so if everyone is going to go off on this cop, we are all the adults in adam toledo's life right now, that is not politically incorrect, that is the correct thing people should be saying right now! >> sean: leo.. >> i agree with her 100%.
11:32 pm
this situation was a perfect situation where the officer followed everything right and you don't hear any type of applause or acknowledgment on the partyp of the left. you know what, sean, if you are on the left it's bad to be a police officer. if you are a democratic politician coming to downplay any type of law enforcement experience. that's how wack the left is. they have a war against law enforcement. that's why the defining the police, it is not politically correct to be a t democrat and support law enforcement. that is the number one reason why i left. the democratic party is no longer a law and order a party, it's not the jfk party, it's not even the bill clinton party, it is a socialist party run by the squad with aoc and talib which is inconsistent with protecting a civilized society. >> sean: it is sad, children
11:33 pm
are our national treasure, no other wayld to put it. every child deserves law and order and to be safe and secure. this is not ahi safe city. mrs. i've been talking, dana and scrolling the names that nobody ever hears of, people in chicago shot, people in chicago shot and murdered. we have been talking about this and scrolling those names on this program since obama and biden were in the white house. nobody ever lifts a finger. a 13-year-old kid, he has a kid. he is out at 2:30 in the morning, gun residue on his hands, it's so sad the whole picture is sad. and nobody seems to lift a finger to solve these problems. >> exactly, what is going on in this child's life that he felt the need, i was reading there was gang activity involved, and he felt the need to seek out inclusion in again, what ist going on in this life that he is out with a 21-year-old. where i come from, 21-year-olds hanging out with 13-year-olds,
11:34 pm
you're right kid touch her or child trafficking or something. what is happening here? that's a weird situation. in an alley at night, and i sawg this officer and watched it from start to finish, and all of the other body cam footage on all of the other officers available and i know there was security footage that one of the local news stations had in a watch that. and at the very end of this that officer, you can tell from the body cam and you can hear him stopping come of the moment that happened he ran over therere too everything he could, he did not know the age of this person. he just sees someone who is tall and adult male in an alley. he does not know he is 13 years old.d. you can't see that at night. he saw a gun and knew his life was in danger. and he is sobbing, you can hear it and he is just standing in that parking lot befored he sits down on one of those parking concrete things and his hands are out. he is devastated. you can't -- what does that do to you emotionally, so i want everyone to remember that when they are coming down on him. t and if adam toledo's life
11:35 pm
matters, than it is worth it to ask why didn't the people around him valuate enough to keep him out of that alley as a mother, i am asking! i've teenagers, no way i would allow my teenage kids to be running around in an alley at night. >> sean: sad. ed has been going on for years. there was a young girl killed in july. a young girl playing in her grandma's yard on the fourth of july weekend. every weekend, wear can give it the count of how many were shot, how many were murdered in chicago.o. does anybody lift a finger? they don't lift a finger to help the city. it's gone on for way too long. thank you both, let me come back, biden and the left continue to push their dangerous radical agenda. we will move closer to court packing kevin mccarthy weighs in, the latest out of chicago and the latest out of minnesota tonight straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the far left unhinged radical social agenda was on display at again today, extreme democratic socialist led by jerry nadler unveiled a corrupt scheme to pack the court and expand the number of justices from nine to 13 and what is nothing more than a brazen power grab to destroy separation ofn powers and add power in perpetuity and corrupt one of the most sacred institutions and get this, for the irony, the democrats court packing debacle is being undermined by their own actions because remember, they are "we need nine" campaign in support of merrick garland in 2016, don't forget before joe biden was completely controlled by this radical left socialist group, he thought court packing was a boneheaded
11:41 pm
idea. he was right then and wrong now, take a look. >> so we are here as a coalition of beginning the efforts to ensure that we restoreco justice to the supreme court. >> it was a boneheaded idea. to speak of the united states supreme court is broken. it is out of balance. and it needs to bee fixed. >> it was a boneheaded idea. some people say we are packing the court. we are not packing it, we are unpacking it. senator mcconnell and the republicans pack the court over the last couple of years. it was a boneheaded idea. >> it's time to go back to the tradition and have at least 13 justices. >> it was a boneheaded idea. >> when those seats are filled, we will finally have a court committed to government by the people. >> it was a boneheaded idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make, and to put in question that for an entire
11:42 pm
decade the independence of the most significant body including the congress, in my view, the most significant body in this country, the supreme court of the united states of america. >> sean: you see what i mean? joe biden today is nothing like that guy. now pelosi claims she will not bring it toat the floor, but you can't really believe her and then added, oh, yeah, she wants to hear from biden's commission which she will recommend court packing a next up on the docket for democrats, d.c. statehood, puerto rico's statehood, reparations, yeah, ending the legislative filibuster and abolishing even the electoral college bred here for, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. first let's get your reaction to these incidents involving the police and the unrest we see in the country tonight, sir. >> well, my heart goes out for all, what you find from democrats as they don't just want to defund the police, they want to remove all police
11:43 pm
officers. that's the new crime. and we are finding what you play here, they want to dismantle the supreme court because they are trying to dissolve the american way. three coequal branches have two branches right now. the only thing that holds them back from theiral socialist vies going forward that are unconstitutional like a d.c. statehood is the supreme court that would stand up for the american people. they want to pack the court to protect their power. it's all about one thing, control. do not trust nancy pelosi when she said she will not move it. remember, that's what she said about impeachment before she moved impeachment twice. we have watched her time and time again to come to what thed socialists actually ask for, she surrendered to the socialist many times before and she will do it again. >> sean: so we have the squad now, they want to totally eliminate the police, courte packing, d.c. corporate statehood and the filibuster.
11:44 pm
amnesty, of course now -- >> nhr 1. >> sean: nhr 1, put it altogether and now we have a situation where we have 50 republican senators and you doow you have confidence that lisa murkowski, confidence and ben sasse and mitt romney that if need beli that mitch mcconnell can say to every republican we are leaving and not providing them a forum if they are going to abuse this power? >> the greatest confidence i have is if we had three more republicans in the house, we would be in the majority right now. that would be the greatest check and balance. and remember, sean, if you study history, hugo chavezez did not have a resolution to take over venezuela and make it a socialist nation. he won democracy and then change the constitution and the courts. it seems a lot like what the democrats are doing now. first with hr 1, they changed the election law to create their power. heeit is equally bipartisan ink packet where the democrats have control.
11:45 pm
they make the taxpayer pay for that campaign, if you get $1 from somebody come the taxpayer has to pay you $6. that is what we are talking about. total control of what the democrats want to do and the only thing that can stop them right now is the constitution, which of the supreme court will uphold. and what do they want to do? packet to protect their power. >> sean: they can never get done legislatively or at the ballot box. all right, kevin mccarthy, thank you for being with us. we have breaking news and go back to mike tobin on the ground in minnesota. >> one thing that has changed is that the curfew has been set for 10:00. what we saw last night is right at 10:00, that's when the law enforcement appeared in great numbers, they essentially corralled the entire area and then moved in. that had the effect of scattering the demonstrators and
11:46 pm
those who were not scattered were zipped struck and 24 people were arrested. as far as the scene, concentrating and more showing up, there are umbrellas and shields out there. we see a couple of bottles over the top of the crowd, but what has changed tonight we have the two rows of fencing and barricades now and the law enforcement looks like national guard is a good distance back. so if you wanted to hit them with a projectile over the crowd, you will need a good arm. right now the law enforcement is probably lower profile than we have seen in previous nights, their technique does change up a little bitn and you have fewer numbers out there, they are a little further back at come up with at 10:00 and now looking behind me i have a lot of shields and a lot ofth those umbrellas moving forward. we predicted that they would eventually go for that fence and they are going for right now. more projectiles over the top and you get bottles and rocks, one of the things they will do as they will pull papers and bricks to the ground and break them up into smaller pieces and make those a throwable size and throw them over the top.
11:47 pm
they are going for the fence. motorcycles are revving, people shouting, and it looks like what ever is going on in that fence looks like it has calmed down, but you still have this group with the umbrellas who came and pushed up to the fence, and now they are backing off. so that is the scene. it looks like it's a bit of a repeat of what we saw last night, picking up in energy and picking up in numbers. >> sean: yeah, as you see the crowd, do they seem as agitated as they have been in past nights? and where do we stand? i guess it is day by day on the issue of crowd disbursement tools and the police officers being told to eat not to use like tear gas and rubber bullets, is that still in effect? >> i'm having a hard time hearing you with all of the motorcycles, but yes, you did have the city council say that they don't want people, police using the teargas, but you just had the hennepin county police chief association today addressed publicly the fact that they want to see -- they want the police to have every tool at their disposal, and thaty tfiatb
11:48 pm
includes the less lethal method, like teargas, pepper spray and looking behind me, they have all of the motorcycles going making a lot of noise, and that is attracting a lot of attention, so to answer your earlier question -- >> sean: mike tobin on the ground in minnesota. in other news tonight, now yet another tape explosive from project veritas showing the fake news cnn staffer we have been showing you all week admitting that the network is "trying to help black lives matter and wants to further the left-wing agenda." take a look. >> people are getting back? >> a budget? >> i'm like,ud what are you doi?
11:49 pm
trying with the blm, like -- it's individuals, individual people. you know? let's not go the opposite of that. >> sean: remember that same cnn employee admitting that the network is covid death numbers for ratings,>> and of course a political benefit of the left and get this, earlier today but twitter ban project veritas owner just as these news videoso were trending on that platform in response, says that he is suing twitter for defamation. and falsely claiming that he was operating fake accounts. here to explain more is james o'keefe along with his attorney dhillon is with us. i don't know if you oror your lawyer last night coming at told us that you would be suing fake news cnn number one, and let'st talk about suing at t jacket twitter and casey has not heard about it yet.
11:50 pm
>> yes, sean, a lot of lawsuits from project veritas, we won against "the new york times" for defamation and we will go ahead and sue twitter for suspending my account and falsely and maliciously claiming that i did something that i did not do. and i speak on behalf of a lot of people. i started this because i was fighting against injustice. it's wrong what they arepl doin. they defame millions of people. they defame people every day. and we will not lose. in fact, you know, we are going to get discovery into twitter's operations. we can't afford to lose. we can't lose. we have never lost a lawsuit and we are going to prove malice here. we are going to file are complat on monday. she will be helping me file the lawsuit, sean, and they did this after we released all of these bombshell recordings into cnn
11:51 pm
showing them and calling themselves propaganda. it's pretty extraordinary timing, but there are fundamental principles that wet have to fight for, and i am confident that we will create an army of people that will follow in her footsteps. we have no other option. so we are suing twitter on monday. >> sean: let's talk about this supreme court case in new york that allows discovery of "the new york times," that is" huge. that is a big threshold to cross, times the sullivan is a big case. reckless disregard, malice has to be proven. apparently the stander was enough, but this goes to the discovery phase, the same in the palin lawsuit against "the new york times." t this has not happened veryam ofn at all, maybe eight times in history since times at v sullivan. and the case against cnn and you will bringing an twitter. >> yes, absolutely, thanks, sean. you are absolutely correct.
11:52 pm
we have seen it be very difficult for public figures to sue media entities because of the number of doctrines under the first amendment. but we are seeing it turn. and the first protections that these companies enjoy is not absolute. still like the new york case that you mention and like the special circumstance, twitter made statements about our client to that are false, and even with the malice standard, those are actionable. because twitter controls that information. if so twitter has used this type of device to make a false smear allegations against individuals to suspend then time and again. very few f individuals, very few targets have the resources and frankly the spine that project veritas shows time and again, so for every james o'keefe there are thousands of americans that write to this issue and don't wherewithal to stand up. so i am grateful as a lawyer who practice first amendment law to see people standing up, because there are two sides.
11:53 pm
and what these companies are doing is coordinating. it is no accident that devastating critique of cnn than came out a day after day this week resulted in censorship and permanent suspension of this voice. it is cartel-type behavior and we as citizens must stand up against it in the court and i am glad to see that we are having some of this discussed. >> sean: a very high standard. i speak very selfishly on this. james o'keefe, believe me, i am watching this very closely for my own personal reasons, and issues that i have and lies that have been told about me by certain media, but this is a really high bar. interestingly in every legal case, you have not lost a case yet. the fact that you have discovery of "new york times," same with the governor sarah palin, if you get the discovery of cnn, i can even imagine the treasure trove of information you will be able to gather. >> not only discovery, but dismissing supreme court, a lot
11:54 pm
of people are going to be suing. this is about people's definition, so many people are lied about by the media, and this is about fundamental principles taking on tyranny. a guy at cnn propaganda, and yet twitter suspends me, so we are not going, we cannot afford to lose. we will depose twitter people about what they wrote, i will publish them on youtube we are the only ones who can do it. i will be the tip of that spear and we will create a movement of people. i don't want to sue. i never thought i would be doing this. i have no other option. it's the only way to hold them accountable. we are going to win. we have already won against "the new york times." we are suing on monday and itga will be a lot more lawsuits. i will also sue cnn for what anna cabrera said about me and that will pass motion to dismiss as well. w >> sean: all right, harmeet, last 20 seconds. >> this is very important.
11:55 pm
we have seen the assault of free speech on these companies for years now, and i am proud to be a part of the movement to fight back. and this is just one chapter. there will be many more in this fight. >> sean: thank you for will be watching these cases very closely. m when we come back, our villain of the day, maxine waters. you won't believe how she conducted herself with jim jordan at a hearing earlier today. we will explain straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: new protests started to break out, we are monitoring the situation and will provide you with the very latest, laura will be covering next. earlier today in washington from a far left congress when maxine waters had a complete meltdown during a house hearing one congressman jim jordan dared to question the great dr. doom and gloom flip-flop fauci, take a look. >> i don't want you to answer my
12:00 am
question, the american people want dr. fauci to answer. >> your time has expired, you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> sean: shut your mouth. wow, peace and love in the capital. please set your dvr, we'll never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled, busy news night for you tonight. will: we have packed up and nothing says respect the chair like saying shut your mouth. they had to run into rescue the damsel in distress, so i can't wait to find out the behind-the-scenes. jim jordan is like a fuzzy teddy bear. can't answer a few questions? we get all the answers from the chinese?


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