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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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family from -- there we go. save his family from a bobcat who attacks his wife here, springs into action. grabs the cat, throws it out. saves his family. >> that's a bobcat. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says mass shootings such as the one in indianapolis overnight that left eight people dead are national embarrassment in his words. the president saying they happen, she's shootings every single day around america. his comment comes as he gets into a political fight with his own base over immigration restrictions. white house correspondent kristin fisher fresh from the rose garden starts us off tonight. good evening, kristin. >> good evening, bret. well, today was all about sending a strong signal to china and north korea. standing alongside the prime minister of japan president
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biden said confirmed ironclad support and work together to prove that democracies can compete and win in the 21st century. but, on the day after another mass shooting in america, the very first question at this news conference was about guns. the folks who own weapons and own guns they support universal background checks. the majority of them think we should not be selling assaults weapons. who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds? or 40 rounds or 20 rounds? it's just wrong. and i'm not going to give up until it's done. >> now, the other part of that question was should the president reprioritize some of his legislative agenda and move things like gun control reform to the top of the list? well another issue that some democrats would like president biden to move on getting rid of the filibuster and packing the supreme court. >> thank you all so much. >> one day after the chairman of the house judiciary committee introduced a bill to add four
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justices to the supreme court, republicans are calling it an unprecedented political power grab. >> they are drunk with power and they will do nothing to try to seize more power and more control over the lives of americans. it is dangerous and it threatens to undermine fundamental principles like the rule of law in america. >> it's worth calling biden out for what he is doing and that's leading a left wing takeover of the courts. >> the white house and the speaker of the house say they are against the bill. >> i have no plans to bring it to the floor, no. >> speaker pelosi wants to wait until the president's newly formed commission to study expanding the supreme court releases it report. this morning the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee congressman shawna lone agreed and urged his colleagues to stay focused despite their anger. >> what the speaker is saying is that this democratic majority is laser-focused on jobs and the economy and ending the pandemic. i understand why people are upset that mitch mcconnell and donald trump jammed through a replacement for ruth bader ginsburg. >> there are fears among democrats that they could lose another supreme court seat in a
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future republican administration which is why congressman mondaire jones asked a sitting liberal justice to step down today there. >> is no question that justice breyer, for whom i have great respect, should retire at the end of this term. i mean, my goodness, have we not learned our lesson? >> as for the president, the white house press secretary says his view on packing the court is the same as it was during the campaign. >> i would not get in a court-packing. >> and we will see if the president changes his mind when the commission studying this issue releases its report in about six months. bret? >> bret: kristin fisher live from the north lawn. kristin, thank you. we will have details on that shooting at the fedex facility in indianapolis. we will take you there a bit later along with stories on the latest violence in minnesota, chicago, and texas. meantime, as we mentioned at the top, the biden administration is quickly backtracking tonight after president biden signed an order keeping the u.s. refugee cap at an historically low 15,000.
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that is the limit instituted by former president trump. correspondent rich edson is live tonight from southern texas with that story at first. good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. it took only a few hours after widespread condemnation from democrats and aid groups. the white house now says by may 15th it will release an updated higher refugee number. this is a busy day for u.s. immigration policy and another busy day here at the southwest border. >> officials and agents at the southwest border say they expect this migrant surge to grow. to reduce that flow, the white house announced monday that the administration had recently obtained commitments from central governments and mexico. >> we have secured agreements for them to put more troops on their own border. mexico, honduras and guatemala have all agreed to do this. >> however, diplomats in those countries say the additional security is the result of their own initiatives and not the result of an agreement with the biden administration.
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>> we never described it as a formal declaration or a formal agreement but additional steps that they were taking to increase personnel at the border. >> one republican charges that the white house mislead the public to manufacture headlines of diplomatic progress. >> i don't believe this is genuine or honest in any way, shape, or form. >> just as the white house announced its reversing its pledge to welcome more refugees in the u.s. this year, a group of three dozen democrats, including congresswoman ilhan omar, alexandria ocasio-cortez, among other progressives urged the president to begin implementing the higher number, writing, quote: there is immense and growing urgency on this issue, lives depend on it and as democrats and republicans debate immigration policy, former president george w. bush asks in the "the washington post," quote: how is it that in a country nor generous to new arrivals than any other immigration policy is the source of so much rancor and ill will? the short answer is that the
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answer has been exploited in ways that do credit to either party. >> now, the former president is releasing a book of paintings and stories about immigration, immigrants in the united states. he also weighs into immigration policy and, among several suggestions, calls on a border that is both secure and efficient and one that also can be welcoming and lawful. bret, back to you. >> bret: rich edson along the southern border in texas. rich, thank you. >> a dreamer. >> my students. >> future citizen. >> lucky. >> brave. >> seeking the shiny city on the hill. >> someone loved by god. >> one word for immigrant. that was the question asked by polster frank luntz. we bring him in tonight. frank, good evening, you received some really surprising answers from your focus group last week on immigration. i want to play another soundbite from this what people think about immigrants who crossing the southern border and then we will get your take.
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>> skill and they can't contribute which is untrue. >> they are trying to find all the resources and milk the system for whatever it can when it's really not true. >> they are human beings. deserving of respect. deserving of love. >> they are not being provocative. i was not expecting this response. >> bret: not expecting it, frank. what was your take from talking to all those folks? >> well, all of those folks have one thing in common. they voted for donald trump for president in 2020. and most of them voted for him for president in 2016. what i was surprised to hear is how pro-immigrant they actually are. we have to find some way to separate these two issues the border security, which clearly is a crisis and it's not being handled well with the fact that most americans and a majority of trump voters do support immigration. and they see -- in fact, our
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biggest surprise of all is that they supported not only immigration but they support the idea of the dream act. and the comments that i got from them were incredibly powerful and emotional. in favor of those individuals who came to america through no fault of their own and now seek a pathway to citizenship as well as keeping the border safe and secure for all americans. bret, they want us to do both. >> bret: yeah, these are trump voters from around the country. here's a soundbite about the root cause of the chaos at the border. >> root cause at the border are free entitlements and no laws. >> lack of enforcement, lack of finishing the wall. >> every time we switch administration we switching up immigration laws. >> he did away with a lot of very good policies that president trump had instituted simply out of trump hatred.
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>> bret: frank, there is a lot of empathy here but there is a lot of talk about enforcement as well. >> yes. they still want some sort of border. they want a wall or a barrier or a fence, whatever you want to call it, because they believe that that is inherent in american security. and they also believe that not only is america a nation of rules and laws, we're a nation of immigrants, and they respect and appreciate the roles that they are going to provide. virtually all those people said that immigrants work even harder than those who are here. they will take jobs americans won't take. and the level of empathy and sympathy for them is great. how do we get both done? i'm hoping that we'll find some way to reach that compromise between the building that barrier and respecting those who come here and giving them a chance at a better future. >> bret: well, we will see. congress has been notoriously poor about these comprehensive bills when it deals with all of that but, if they listen to the people, you never know. frank, as always, thank you.
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russia is reacting tonight to a series of actions from the biden administration, including sanctions over a number of delicate topics between the two super powers. national security correspondent jennifer griffin report tonight from the pentagon. >> russian president vladimir putin responded to the new u.s. sanctions and diplomatic expullses by banning 8 former and current u.s. officials entering russia. an indication this is by no means check mate, game over. >> we will respond, reciprocally to this measure. we will propose 10 diplomats to the russian federation to leave our country. >> moscow's foreign minister limits on america's nongovernmental organizations which he says interfere in russian domestic politics. president biden invited putin to meet this summer and is not rescinding his invitation to a virtual summit on the climate next week. >> we have put sanctions in place in order to send a clear message that there should be consequences for the actions.
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the europeans are also done that what the president is offering is a bridge back. >> the u.s. stopped short of sanctioning putin cronies and russian oligarchs which could have cornered putin and did not sanction the nor stream two gas line to europe. the sanctions designed to hurt russia the most is the sovereign debt but the u.s. will still allow international investors to buy russian bonds on secondary markets. russia's finance minister says moscow plans to bypass by issuing a euro bond. the u.s. has sanctioned russia every year since russia invaded crirm i can't in 2014. pentagon officials are concerned about new russian forces on crimea's border. >> be more transparent about what they are doing and why they are doing it and not further aggravate what is already a very tense situation. >> now it's putin's move and with 40,000 troops on the border with ukraine, some u.s.
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officials worry this may be more than a bluff and the russian leader may try to divert attention from u.s. sanctions by, again, invading his neighbor. bret? >> bret: jennifer, there is some reporting out there that russia is trying to block warships from going into the black sea. >> this was a report from moscow today that russia has banned any international warships in the black sea until october. this will really challenge the pentagon, which has tried not to escalate tensions in the black sea by sending warships there but they are going to have to prove that there is freedom of navigation and i think the jury is out as to how the u.s. and nato allies will respond at this point. >> bret: now, this is a story to watch. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. a report by the state department inspector general says then secretary of state mike pompeo violated rules on the use of department resources. pompeo is currently a fox news contributor. the report cites the booking of
3:13 pm
salon appointments, the purchase of a gold in the bowl and request of department employees to carry out personal tasks. now a lawyer for pompeo calls the report, quote: a comp place of complaints cherry picked in an effort to twist innocent routine and even parades worthyy behavior into something nefarious. up next how the media are characterizing president biden's plans to get out of afghanistan compared to the reporting when then president trump revealed his proposal to do that. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york tony winter karen oliv oo says she will not return to mulan ruj over frustration to reactions over allegations of alleged bad behavior of producer scott rooten. mulan rouge was not produced by him. it comes a week after the hollywood story contained accounts bowls, staplers and baked potatoes at former
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employees. fox 35 in orlando with the arrival of the crew for the third astronaut launch under a year by spacex. nasa has given approval of next week's planned flight. nasa also announced today it has awarded spacex with a nearly 3-million-dollar contract to send astronauts to the moon. and, this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate fox 2 the golden gate bridge there. one of the big stories there tonight, a team at the university of california berkeley says 2.5 billion members of the tier ran know source rex species roamed the earth 2.5 billion years. sexual maturity and the creature's energy needs. there you have it. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we couldn't really find a song so jurassic park sounded really good. we'll be right back.
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...and learn how much you can save at ♪ ♪ >> bret: the world's largest maker of vaccines is asking president biden to lift the embargo on exporting raw
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materials needed to make the formula. the chief executive of the serum institute of india made the plea today on twitter. meantime the cdc says almost 81 million americans are now fully vaccinated there are more than 31 million cases recorded with more than 562,000 deaths. cdc also saying approximately 5800 fully vaccinated americans have been infected with covid-19. that's according to the "wall street journal." the positive test results that occur at least two weeks after a person gets the final coronavirus vaccine dose are called break through cases. the agency says 74 such people have died. it's not clear which vaccine they received. if they were at high risk groups or if there were any other contributing circumstances but all numbers obviously minuscule compared to how many vaccines have been given around the country. rioters is reporting a higher risk of brain blood clot from covid-19 infection than there is anything vaccines against the
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disease. british researchers saying the risk of clots is 8 to 10 times higher following infection than from any of the existing vaccines there was unexpected flyover by a pair of f-22 warplanes in washington it occurred at the same time as the white house press briefing. caught some people's attention. planes part of a world war i centennial commission's inaugural raising of the u.s. flag at a new memorial. that tribute opens to the public tomorrow. tonight, a study in contrast. we look at how the mainstream media are reporting on president biden's decision to withdrawal all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th of this year compared to the reaction to then president trump's plan for withdrawal by may 1st. here is fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz. >> the media are giving a mostly positive reception to president biden's announced withdrawal of all u.s. forces from afghanistan.
3:21 pm
>> most americans, i think, will likely support this president's view because they will say. >> such a long. >> 20 years is enough. >> applauded for biden far from president trump's with the taliban to leave the country. "time" then can donald trump accept a defeat in afghanistan? "time" now biden's move brings an end to america's longest war. while some pundits are warning of a possible taliban takeover, the overall tone is relief as biden finishes what trump started. the white house is also walking back an allegation of russian bounty withs first reported by the "new york times" 10 months ago that sparked a media frenzy. >> the reports that donald trump has done absolutely nothing about it. >> it's the greatest dereliction of duty in the history of the country. >> get this, "the washington post" is now reporting that the alleged russian bounties, the taliban fighters in afghanistan are believed to have resulted in the deaths of u.s. troops. >> the "times" had cited unnamed
3:22 pm
sources saying u.s. intelligence concluded the russian military was paying taliban linked militants to kill american troops, which trump disputed. >> many of them didn't believe it happened at all. i think it's a hoax. i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats. >> now the biden team says the evidence stunt support sanctions against moscow. >> they assessed with low to moderate confidence as you alluded to that russian intelligence officers sought to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel afghanistan. >> in fairness some of the caveat in the times story got lost as it bounced around the tv echo chamber. as the paper noted today the afghan detainees describing the purported arrangement were never in the room with russian intel officials leaving a murky tale at best. bret? >> bret: howie, thanks. howie will have more on the coverage of the afghan withdrawal and the bounty stories as well as other things on media buzz sunday 11:00 a.m.
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eastern time. up next, police protest in american cities after officer-involved fatal shootings. we will bring you there first, beyond our borders tonight. iran begins enriching uranium to its highest ever purity 60%. that is triple what it once produced. and edges iran closer to weapons grade levels. you heard the president comment on that earlier. meantime cuba's communist party begins historic four day congress that will see the last castro exit the political stage after six decades of rule by brothers fidel and raúl. the younger castro raúl has signaled he will step aside as communist secretary first secretary the most powerful job in cuba. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ this is ours. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months.
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police officer fatally shooting a teenager who had been carrying a weapon. correspondent garrett tenney has the latest. >> in that video the truth came out. adam had his hands up. he should be charged with capital murder. >> community leaders are calling for action against the chicago police officer who fatally shot 13-year-old adam toledo last month. body camera video released yesterday shows officers pulling into the scene around 2:30 in the morning after reports of
3:28 pm
shots fired in chicago's little village neighborhood. a strong hold of the violent latin king's gang. two suspects start running away. adam toledo and 21-year-old reuben roman. >> stop, stop. >> the seventh grader is holding what appears to be a ghun his right hand as he reaches an opening in the fence. >> hey, show me your hands. stop it. >> what isn't visible from the officer's point of view is that toledo appears to toss the gun behind the fence just before he turns around with his hands raised and is shot in the chest. >> stop it. [gunshot] >> the 34-year-old officer a marine veteran is now on administrative duty while the case is being investigated. theo today the white house seemed to suggest it's already made up its mind about this case. >> those of house did watch that video, it is certainly chilling, too often in this country law enforcement uses unnecessary force too often resulting the in the death of black and brown americans. >> alderman ray lopez disagrees
3:29 pm
and says the officer had to make a split second decision to protect his own life and that gangs not cops are responsible for toledo's death. >> adam toledo was only out at 2:30 in the morning because a 21-year-old six time arrested gang member was actively trying to recruit him. if it had not been for that gang life sometime, adam toledo and that officer probably would have never met and adam would be alive today. >> so far protests have been peaceful. more are scheduled for tonight and over the weekend. and there has been a heavy police presence across the city this week to try and ensure those demonstrations remain peaceful. bret? >> bret: garrett tenney in chicago tonight. garrett, thank you. the family of the man killed by a police officer last weekend in brooklyn center, minnesota, near minneapolis, wants the charges against the now former officer made more serious. now former officer kim potter is charged with second degree manslaughter in the death of daunte wright. last night hundreds of
3:30 pm
protesters filled the streets again confronting police as they have done really all week. meanwhile, closing arguments begin monday in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused in the george floyd death. a police officer in san antonio fatally shot two people in a vehicle during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. the police chief says the truck driver then pulled out a gun and started opening fire. the officer was wounded in the hand but returned fire and killed the driver and a male passenger. a female passenger was taken to the hospital. the chief says there is no known motive at this time. authorities say the man who killed eight people at a fedex facility in indianapolis overnight then took his own life was a former employee there. still no word on why 19-year-old brandon scott carried out that attack. the fbi is tell fox news tonight the suspect's mother contacted law enforcement in march of 2020 to report that hole her son
3:31 pm
might try to commit suicide by cop. a shotgun was seized at his home and he was brood by the fbi in april of last year. but agents found no criminal violation or racially motivated extremist ideology. this is the third mass shooting in indianapolis this year. on the markets, records closes again today for the s&p 500 and the dow. the industrial average rose 165 the s&p gained 15. the nasdaq edged up 1. for the week, the dow gained 1.5 percentage points, the s&p 500 was up one and a third and the nasdaq arose one and a tenth. tonight we take a look at the politics of something called the salt cap. put in place by the trump administration. it puts a limit on some taxpayers' deductions and whether this policy survives could determine the fate of the infrastructure spending bill. fox business correspondent jackie deangela's is in new york with details tonight about what this all means. good evening to you. >> good evening to you, bret.
3:32 pm
a cap of $10,000 that president trump imposed on state and local tax deductions. it's applied to every state. but it hurt people in blue states most because their taxes are the highest. now, according to the nonpartisan joint committee on taxation it's the $10,000 cap were lifted more than half of those benefits would flow to households making a million dollars or more annually. and those benefits, well, they add up to revenue generation of roughly $80 billion a year for the federal government. so, what does this have to do with infrastructure? well, a group of house democrats are now saying they won't vote to pass the infrastructure bill if the president doesn't do away with the salt cap. congressman josh gottheimer of new jersey, he was one of the most vocal, listen. >> the average salt deduction in my district i know this effect all of our districts was more than $24,000 in 2017. and so on a $10,000 cap, taxes went up for the families in my district i represent not down
3:33 pm
and has had a major impact on the cost of living in northern new jersey and sent a lot of people and jobs packing for other states. especially for the red states or moocher states that stuck us with the tax bill in 2017. >> now, there is an irony here the items who generally support higher taxes and spending don't support it in this case even though it impacts wealthier earners because it contributed to an exodus from their states. but some democrats do say salt should stay and infrastructure should pass like aoc who said this: i don't think we should be holding the infrastructure package hostage for 100 percent repeal of salt especially in the case of a full repeal. personally, i can't stress how much that i believe that is a give away to the rich. well the white house has been careful not to give its hand away on this issue just yet, bret. >> bret: jackie dean his in new york. jackie, thanks. up next the panel on president biden's comments on gun control
3:34 pm
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. >> no one has worked harder to teal with the violence to deal with individuals using weapons than i have. i strongly strongly urge my republican friends in the congress who refuse to bring up the house passed bill to bring it up now. this has to end. it's a national embarrassment. the folks who own guns they support universal background checks. the majority of them think we should not be selling assault weapons. who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds? and i'm not going to give up until it's done. >> bret: president biden this afternoon in the rose gashed with the japanese prime minister asked a question about gun control legislation after a
3:39 pm
series of recent event shootings, including last night in indianapolis the killing of 8 at that fedex facility. we will start there with our panel. let's bring in bill bennett former education secretary host of the bill bennett show podcast. harold ford empowerment and inclusion capitol tom bevan co-founder and president. tom, i want to start with you. at one point the president said in pushing for this legislation that these shootings happen every day. what doesn't get talked about a lot is what happens in chicago on the streets of chicago and you are right there. what about the prospects of any kind of gun legislation? there are multiple efforts by democrats but the prospects in this environment? >> yeah. biden can talk all he wants and certainly he has used his executive authority to do what he can but it's really nibbling around the edges. the only way anything is going to get done is if it gets done through congress you look at a 50/50 senate the bill passed
3:40 pm
house and not pass the senate. look at joe biden approval rating from quinnipiac that came out earlier this week 39% on guns. and only 6% among republicans, 34% among independents and so you put all those things together and it does not seem he can stand up threatened talk and implore republicans to act. unless he is able to sit down and republicans in the senate to find out what is doable and what can pass to congress nothing is going to get done. >> bill, it depends on the issue that he asked about as far as the latest polling on his approval pugh overall about the biden approval is at 59% for the presidency. he was asked a question about priorities. and legislation. where do you think guns fall? >> oh, you are asking me. >> bret: bill bennett, yes, sir. >> sorry, sorry. well, you know, about that question, it was curious. i don't have a reporter's ear.
3:41 pm
you do. but that was the first question by the a.p. he rattled off an answer, six, seven items. at the know that question was coming just a question i have. i think it's a very high priority for him because he thinks that's a very powerful issue for his base and he is right. that is a powerful issue for his base. but as tom just pointed out, the polls don't go his way. the other problem that he has is something called the second amendment of the constitution of the united states. he is wrong about the mass shootings in terms of the numbers. i'm glad you brought up chicago. you know, add up the number of people killed in so-called mass shootings, which get tons of publicity, put that up against the chicago weekend shootings by criminals, not necessarily by the mentally deranged but by criminals and you will see that the chicago numbers are higher. so there are a lot of obstacles to this and looking in the wrong place. a lot of these problems having to do with the so-called mass shootings are mental illness problems and we, you know, opened up our institutions in
3:42 pm
the 1980s and 90's. 90% of people in those mental institutions got out. a lot of them should have, but a lot of them shouldn't have. >> bret: harold, as far as priorities, there's a lot that this administration is trying to do with a very small majority in both chambers. thoughts? >> well, as it relates to guns and thanks for having me on happy friday. as it relates to guns, 90% of americans support common sense background checks. i believe that's last polling tata, 85 to 90%. that's something congress should just do. i do agree that the violence on the streets and a lot of urban areas across the country they have got to address that differently. without question, the talk around whether or not we should be able to track these guns because most of these guns in these communities and these urban areas where a lot -- the gang violence that's happening. these people are not going into gun shows. they are going to gun stores and buying these guns.
3:43 pm
we should have some way of tracking how those guns make it to gang members wherever they may be in the country. but that's a broader conversation. i hope the president is will to tackle it. i'm glad he is willing to put that 60% approval rating on the line on a matter. it's serious and it's devastating and as we saw yesterday in indianapolis, it's fatal as that can be. >> bret: tom, just very quickly wrapping up this topic, chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. >> we do. and it does. it comes down. our problem in chicago is gang violence. i mean, it ravages certain sections of the city. and it's been a problem that the mayors of this town, who have all been democrats, have just been unwilling to address. i mean, they all, you know, give lip service to it. but, the fundamental what actually has to happen to solve the issue, they haven't been willing to tackle. so it remains a problem. and remains a problem not just
3:44 pm
in chicago but in other urban areas around the country. >> bret: all right. i want to save some time for the friday lightning round so we will toss to break. friday lightening round with the panel. we are definitely going to get to a number of topics including winners and losers. ♪ ♪ i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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>> we do not support and do not think it's at all helpful that iran says it's going to enrich to 60%. it is contrary to the agreement. we are though, nonetheless, pleased that iran has continued to agree to engage in discussions, in direct discussions with us and with our partners. >> president biden this afternoon talking about iran and trying to get back into a nuclear deal as iran, we mentioned that president's almost 60% approval ratings. well, another 60% figure, 60% enriched uranium, iran jacking that up in the basically thumbing its nose at world powers on the nuclear front. we're back with our panel. bill, kind of a big deal that iran makes this announcement and, yet, the message from the president is well, we don't like it but we are still happy they are talking. >> yeah, no, this is real happy
3:49 pm
talk about going back to iran. maybe billions of dollars will be going through too. i don't know why these people cannot be trusted. they wish us nothing but destruction and evil. the sanctions were working. some of them still are working. i wish he would just give this project up because they wish us no good. and they still won't even let us inspect the sites or anyone else inspect all those sites. >> bret: harold? >> so i think always being at the table is probably a positive thing. i would concur with secretary bennett that the sanction, the parts of the sanctions that were working we should not walk away from. i don't get a sense that president biden is going to too that. i think the fact that they want to revisit the table and revisit this issue suggests that there is an understanding on the biden administration's part and secretary blinken's part that some of this is not working. and obviously, with the iranian declaring what they had is not working. i do hope as we think about afghanistan and there have been
3:50 pm
questions raised by members of the democrat and republican party in the senate about whether we should withdraw on september 11, i would imagine that secretary blinken, jake sullivan, the president are thinking about this, understand a presence in afghanistan probably helps buffer that a bit. but i will defer this team. they seem to be thoughtful and they seem to understand the severity and the gravity of what we are dealing with. >> bret: but, tom, you talked to the trump people in foreign policy and they say they were really having success against iran and making changes and seeing changes from the iranian regime. does that all go by the wayside, perhaps? >> well, it may, one of trump's biggest assets i think as a negotiator is he was always willing to walk away. if he didn't like what was going on, he had no problem in throwing his hands up and saying i'm not going to do this. the biden administration they are desperate to get back in this deal so what does iran do? they go to 60%. now they have injected something into the debate to leverage that they can now negotiate with and
3:51 pm
say we will stop enriching to 60% if you lift the sanctions, so suddenly the biden administration has not only -- they have put another obstacle in the way of these talks and they are going to have to give something up to get them. that is a bad position to be in. >> bret: i want to quickly get to this topic. this is about refugees, the cap on the number. it was at 15,000 the trump administration historically low. asked about that today. jen psaki, here you go. >> is it true that president biden stunt want to raise refugee cap while the situation at the border is like it is right now. >> it is a factor. >> bret: basically said it's going to stay at 15,000. well, there is all this uproar, bill, and late today the white house releases a statement that says, do you know what? we are going to revisit that and we may be 62,000. we're going to make that decision next month. it seemed like it kind of really changed in about two hours of progressive pushback. >> yeah, well he can be pushed
3:52 pm
around by iran and he can be pushed around by others. this was amazing this turn around. he got some flack from the radical immigration left. and flipped. tossed. this is where he is in a lot of things. you know, you had the court-packing recommendation from these people who, you know, want to pack the court. the president has a study. where is the president? no opinion. he is not looking very strong here. and weaker by the day. >> bret: all right. let's do some winners and losers. >> harold, you start. winner first? >> the winner today is the 58th anniversary of dr. king's letter from the birmingham jail. those words obviously his sacrifice still sustain us today. the loser, i believe are those lawmakers who continue to believe that common sense pack ground checks should not be passed. i hope they have a changed opinion on that. >> bret: tom, winner and loser? >> winner our workers in bessemer, alabama at the amazon facility who overwhelmingly
3:53 pm
rejected the idea of unionizing this week and as jason riley pointed out in a great column in the "wall street journal" earlier this week 85% of those workers are african-american and voted for their own economic interest. my loser this week is twitter who once again proved that they are malicious and incompetent or some combination of both in their handling of free speech issues they banned permanently. james o'keefe after he published some videos that were damaging to cnn and also stories that were critical of one of the blm co-founders. >> bret: all right, winner and loser, bill? >> yeah, quick. greg abbott sent a letter to the administration something that would really make a difference designate the mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. gives us great latitude to act. well done governor abbott. loser, is the big cities. they are losing cops. they are losing cops left and right, their best cops because of criticism even from the
3:54 pm
podium and the white house. the press podium. defund movements and so on. the big cities which need the best cops the most are going to lose a lot of them and they are going to have to higher much lower down. >> bret: all right. my winner d.c. health officials got my vaccine today. very smooth. and worked out well. all right, panel, thank you very much. when we come back, notable quobles. "notable quotables."
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visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪ stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> bret: before we go tonight quick clean up outside the beltway i said nasa had contracted with spacex $3 million to send astronauts to the moon that was nearly $3 billion. i knew that was cheap but wanted to clean it up here. finally tonight, it is friday. that means "notable quotables." >> we could learn tomorrow that an asteroid was hurdling toward earth and democrats would say our only hope was to pass hr-1. >> some people will say we're packing the court.
3:59 pm
we are not packing it. we are unpacking it. >> mr. chairman, i don't want to you answer my question. the american people want dr. fauci to answer the question. >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> i concluded that it's time to end america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. >> is this your decision not to testify? >> it is, your honor. >> do you hate cops just because they are cops? you don't know anything about them. then next time you get in trouble call a crack head. >> this is a taser. but no, my nephew was killed with this. >> this is explosive information this. is probably the best ufo military film footage that i have ever seen. but i think also that the world has ever seen. >> your likelihood of developing blood clots or especially these dangerous blood clots is extremely rare. >> the president has said, vice president harris is in charm of the border. vice president harris said she was not in charge of the border. nobody seems to be in charge. >> stepped on her toes a little
4:00 pm
bit. it's okay. it doesn't cost anything to be nice. >> bret: end with a kiss. quick viewing note. martha maccallum hosts special coverage of prince philip's funeral make sure to tune in for that. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. fox news prime time hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. have a great weekend, lawrence. >> lawrence: thanks, bret, i enjoyed the "notable quotables." [laughter] >> bret: see you, buddy. >> lawrence: thanks, my friend. welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ >> lawrence: hi, i'm lawrence jones. and tonight the media is slowly starting to catch up. ever since he burst onto the national scene last year, dr. anthony fauci has become one of the most recognizable people in america. he is everywhere, on every channel, at every briefer. he is even on every cover of every magazine. dr. fauci is on the national tv more than j low but he


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