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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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"fantasy island." not "love boat." spend it with the ones you love and we will see you monday. the weekend is here. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday night. we are tracking multiple stories governor desantis will join us with the latest smears. we will have on the radical far left democratic parties, the state power grab that would wreck the foundation of this great republic. and of course, radicals in charge of the week, the frail, the cognitive belief struggling, releasing joe biden pretty much, he is along for the ride. we have a full report tonight plus stay tuned a huge
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announcement again with the program. but first once again we turn our attention to chicago and the police involved in the shooting of 13-year-old teenager named adam toledo. it doesn't matter how you look at it, this is a tragedy. 13 years old. children are a national treasure. about as always, we don't rush to judgment. we believe in due process and presumption of innocence. by the way, instead, we report the facts of the case with important context that the rest of the media seems to want to ignore it. same with politicians. we know that in the early morning hours of monday, march 29th, 13-year-old adam toledo was out on the streets of chicago. he was with a 21-year-old convict on parole named ruben roman. let's think about this, a 13-year-old kid on what would be normally a school night whether in person learning or even online learning with a 21-year-old on probation.
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that in and of itself should never happen. that is a tragedy. he should have been at home, in bed. now from video that we will show you in just a moment in full, you will see surveillance of the pair shooting at a moving car. according to the police come it was a roman who fired the shots. next, you will hear the dispatch call as the police respond to the scene after reports of shots fired. and you will see adam toledo gun in hand attempting to flee the scene. you will also see toledo ditching the gun around the wall, literally, milliseconds before the fatal shot. and finally, you will see the officer involved attempting to perform cpr. take a look. [shots fired]
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>> 2356 on the corner street. >> stop! stop! show me your [bleep] hands! stop, stop! >> in the alley, west alley! gunshot victim. shots fired by the police. >> by the police? >> where are you shocked? where are you shot? stay with me, stay with me. stay with me. stay awake! i'm going to start cpr because i don't feel a heartbeat. >> stay away, bud. stay awake. >> sean: so sad. the gun toledo was carrying was recovered right there on the scene. next to the wall where toledo was shot. his right hand contain gunshot residue, which is evidence that he was at least holding the weapon.
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now, meanwhile, officers recovered a pair of gloves belonging to that of ruben roman and gunshot. let me be clear kemeny life, any lost life is one too many. it is a horrific tragedy, and contacts it always matters, facts matter. distorting the truth that so many have for political gain and broadly vilifying all the police after every shooting is wrong. it makes their hard job even harder. for example, squad member congresswoman pressley accusing the chicago police of executing a 13-year-old. so much for due process. alexandria ocasio-cortez said the police are guilty of killing a child. democrat nina turner claiming the police of murdered adam toledo. bill de blasio, comrade de blasio tweeting, "when will this
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country stop killing brown and black people?" they executed adam a boy not yet in high school. get this, cbs news, talk about unfair and not balanced, they literally cropped the body can produce to prevent viewers from actually seeing that adam toledo was holding a gun. so you see what they are doing here appear they are distorting the truth, demonizing the polic? for a political agenda. no, if that is not the case, where is the outrage over 129 murders and 565 shootings in chicago this year? last year seven kids were murdered over a two week stretch in july. think for a second, do you know their names? that included a 20-month-old. now while writing in his car with his mom, where is the outrage from the democratic party when this young baby boy was murdered? his life mattered. look at your screen.
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all of the victims that we have featured all of their lives mattered. on this program, we have been scrolling the names of people shop and then people shot and murdered in chicago for years. we are doing it in the obama/biden era. obama's home city, he never lifted a single finger to help his hometown. biden never lifted a finger to stop this violence. rahm emanuel, "dead fish" lori lightweight needs to is making things worse. murders are up this year alone 33% over last year's record increase. by the way, again shouldn't have to say this but all lives matter and that means, the police have a right to go home too to their families. multiple officers have been shot in the line of duty just this week including another officer to date in san antonio. sadly, democrats only seem to care about violence and
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destruction of human life if they can use it to bludgeon for political gain. the people of chicago, the people of this country deserve law and order and safety and security. joining us now with reaction chicago police union president, john is with us. john, thank you for being here. all right i'm i can show the pictures, and i will show that still pictures. you can see clearly that adam toledo has a gun in his right hand. it is less than a second. the police officer has to decide is as he is turning, it seems like he flipped the gun. is that what you see? >> that is absolutely what happened. eight tenths of a second. >> sean: that is it. you can see the gun in the picture. right behind that barrier, that wall there, that is where the gun was found. so it seemed to be flipped or
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dropped by adam toledo. how does the officer possibly know whether when he is there seeing the gun, turning, putting his hands up that he flipped it, he doesn't know that clement did he? >> no he had no idea it left his hand by the time it popped up behind the fence. again, i've said it time and time again, our officers not only in chicago, illinois or in this country are in no obligation to be fired upon or struck by gunfire before defending their own life. we are not and it should never be. i don't know if that is the attendant of policy that we have to subject ourselves to gunfire before we take action but it is absolutely ridiculous. >> sean: let's talk a little bit more about the need for body cameras because i think footage, you know, helps us tell the whole story here. so in this case, if this police officer didn't have his body cam on, would it be a very different
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future for him at this point? >> well, i think it would be a lot murkier. i think the fact that the weapon was recovered right there, you still have the video from the high school that showed the long shot down the alley. it clearly shows the subject discarding something behind the fence. but you know, there was a disgusting press conference yesterday but before we get to there, you talk about the victims in chicago. less than 1 mile away where that incident occurred last night, a 17-year-old girl was struck by a bullet and ended up dying at the hospital traveling in a car 7:00 p.m. in broad daylight right down the street from where that happened. subject at the same silly, nonreckless actions at those two took that night by shooting at a vehicle. this is a common occurrence there. but the mayor and her press conference never once mentioned the word gangs, not once. but talked about the police department and systemic racism and everything else under the sun, but never anything about the gangs. >> sean: i'm trying to
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understand and wrap my arms around and i will plead guilty to when my kids were younger being a helicopter parent. i'm having a hard time coming to grips with this young man, 13 years old, on a monday night, out with a 21-year-old convict with a gun violation and being out at 2:30 in the morning. nothing good as my father used to say, nothing good happens after midnight. nothing good is ever going to happen to a 13-year-old at that time in the morning out with somebody with that track record. >> i agree. you know, i caution going hard after the mother. i was a school resource officer for four years. >> sean: i'm not attacking the mother. >> no, no, i'm saying, i know where you are going. >> sean: it has had. >> i agree but there's a lot of conversation about the mother and him not being home again,
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not reported missing a second time. but my point was, i have seen this many, many times where parents are at wits' end with kids being led astray. they don't know what to do with them especially at that age when so impressionable. it does fall on cps's doorstep. if the teachers were in school teaching and he was in school learning, whether in bed waiting for the next day or something, somewhere a teacher or counselor may have been able to get his attention and steer him in a different direction rather than for 21-year-old in the latin kings gang. >> sean: john, john catanzara, thank you for being with us. this week we focus on the growing tensions of america's major cities, democratic party has been very busy. this we predicted on the campaign trail, the left is plotting to cement their power in perpetuity with a series of illicit moves. next week the house will vote on a plan for d.c. statehood and i'm sure puerto rico to follow. that would increase the
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democrats majority in the senate, they are hoping ultimately with four, reliable, so they think, so they believe, democratic senators so they could maintain a senate majority in perpetuity. now, of course, the plan would be to have both puerto rico and d.c., but they were moving first with d.c. now, also, that would be and probably no period of time at all. a few days ago, jerry nadler introduced a bill to pack the u.s. supreme court in a proposal that would add four new active justices there. that would be a move that would ruin the integrity and the function of our judicial branch forever. jerry nadler is lying and calling it "unpacking the supreme court." joe biden said it was a boneheaded idea then but now he and the blue state bailout relief bill, that was a lie and just like democrats referring to child care and pre-k and
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medicare, medicaid expansion and massive tax increase infrastructure. everything is infrastructure. we would say packing the courts is infrastructure. naturally, in order to get the radical plans through congress, democrats are also working on a way to abolish the legislative filibuster in the senate. so we are watching, the status, authoritarian measures that are insane and forever change the country in ways people cannot imagine. by the way, last year, candidate joe biden flatly told we come of the american people, that yeah,e supported none of these proposals. maybe he forgot. he doesn't even seem to know what day of the week it is. take a look. >> speaking of other candidates, several have proposed major structural reforms to government and democracy. these include abolishing electoral college, expanding the fisa supreme court and term limits for justices abolishing
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the filibuster and which of these do you support? >> none. because the structural change requires constitutional amendment. it raises problems that are more damaging than the problem exists. >> sean: oh, only a year ago. remember a few decades ago from a joe biden called "packing, court packing" a boneheaded idea. in the coming weeks we will see if joe biden is actually in charge. because he seems to be led by the most radical elements in his party. the radical socialist, the squad seems to be in control of pretty much everything. so is he going to stand by his decades long convictions, or will he change his position at the drop of a hat because he is governed by the radical socialists? i wonder what will happen? the suspense is not killing me. by the way, today, >> vice president harris: here harris welcomed japan's prime minister to the white house. joe, that is your job, where was joe biden, nap time running a
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little long today and also after the biden administration announced that it will keep the trumpet eric closed on refugees, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez got rather unhinged tweeting "completely and utterly unacceptable. biden promised to welcome immigrants and people voted for him based on promised spirit upholding the xenophobic race has policies of trump administration is flat out wrong!" and intending to clarify their position and increase refugees in the coming months. as i have been saying, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez seems to be the real leader of the democratic party. she certainly runs the house. nancy pelosi speaker in name only. here with direction former trump white house senior advisor stephen miller along with fox news contributor jason chaffetz. jason, i will start with you. i never thought we would see a major political party go this
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hard socialist left, but they did. and they are. now, the question is, will they be successful in packing the courts? and think the legislative filibuster? will they be successful in all the power grab efforts? >> i hope not. they are trying to. if they can get back the filibuster, then all the other things roll from packing the supreme court to adding the d.c. statehood, which i think is constitutionally untenable in those types of things. but i do think you are right. we have puppeteers in the white house. susan rice and other people that are radical to the left. but the squad, you look at congresswoman tlaib just said in the last day or so where she said she didn't want law enforcement and she obviously doesn't want a southern border. she doesn't believe there should be incarceration. kamala harris, the vice president who last summer was taking these people over rioting and breaking the law and allegations of breaking the law,
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bailing them out of jail just as quick as she could do. so if joe biden was supposedly going to bring things back to the norm into the center and work and be united, i haven't seen 1 ounce of that coming up close to 100 days in office now. >> sean: stephen miller? >> what we are seeing right now is a single greatest attempt of power grab in american history. what the left is doing is they are trying to use this brief window where they are in power to keep themselves and their policies in power forever. that is why they are trying to add democrat senate seats. that is why they are trying to end legislative filibuster. that is why they are trying to pack the supreme court with radical left justices to abolish the right to bear arms from a right to free speech, right to life, right to have a sovereign country with borders. that is what is at stake sean and all of this. you mentioned it. we saw today in the span of minutes, the biden administration announced they
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were not going to raise the refugee cap. and then aoc said unacceptable. change it at once. and then joe biden salutes and said, absolutely, i will do as i'm told. more refugees coming to the usa. so aoc is running the country, not joe biden. >> sean: do you think that the u.s. senate. this is a situation where kamala harris cannot break a tie. you need at least one republican in a 50/50 senate to create a quorum. now, can mitch mcconnell keep the likes of ben sasse, lisa murkowski, met romney, and others? i will ask you, jason, because met romney is a good friend of yours. >> you never know with these folks. and that is the problem. you just don't absolutely know.
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you can't rely on them to actually do it. but it will fundamentally change the way everything works. because it is the biggest power grab we have ever seen. that is all they want, that is what h.r. 1 is about, to federalize the election. the change of the supreme court to add more members. anything to be in power and perpetuity. that is all they want. >> sean: last 15 seconds, stephen miller. >> i think this comes down to this question, can for senate republicans stand up, stick together, stay together, to be the last line of defense for american freedom? the fate of our country depends upon it, and what every american needs to be paying attention to right now is the biden administration ramps up its attacks on american freedom. >> sean: stephen miller, jason chaffetz, when we come back the latest on yesterday's heated congressional hearing with dr. flip-flop fauci and aimed at preventing riots. and as we check in with florida governor desantis and later,
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♪ ♪ beco welcome to fox news live and decided to take a different approach on six night a protest. the mayor there says there will be no curfew tonight. hundreds of people have gathered nightly following the death of daunte wright killed by an officer who said she accidentally used her gun. instead of a taser pure demonstrators taking to the streets in chicago. they adam toledo. the police say they found a gun at the scene, but body cam video appears to show him without a ngun in his hand when he was shot. ohio team was arrested at times square subway station after officer say they spotted him with a semiautomatic gun.
6:25 pm
the play say the man was approach after removing the weapon from the back and also carrying ammo and a gas mask. for all the headlines, log on to, i am jeff paul. back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: right now, doom and gloom, flip-flop dr. fauci and tough line of questions from jim jordan yesterday as he struggled to answer when we would return to normal and failed to explain why he has been so wrong, so often. that doesn't seem to stop maxine waters from losing her cool, snapping at congressman jordan because i guess his questions were a little too tough on flip-flopping fauci. take a look. >> you will see the level of infection come down and down and gradually, there will be more flexibility for doing the things that you are talking about. >> where does it get to come up when it comes down, what number did we their liberties back, tell me the number? tell me the number.
6:26 pm
>> 90% of the members have congressman get vaccinated. you are not a doctor, mr. chairman i don't want you to ask the question, the american people want dr. fauci to answer the question. what does it have to be? your time is expired, you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> sean: well met, shut your mouth, painful. thankfully in florida ron desantis has gotten right from the start. he didn't surrender to the mistakes of the so-called experts. he protected the elderly. one thing they got right, this impacted older people for much harder than younger people. it protected the nursing homes. he mobilized every state agency to protect seniors and prioritize getting seniors vaccinated and safely reopen the state and he respected the dignity of working people. and then you can compare that to the nursing homes, executive order disasters of cuomo and murphy, and wolf, governor gretchen whitmer. they got it wrong. they continue to fail their
6:27 pm
citizens every single day. however desantis is exceeding everywhere but they are failing on the issue of law and order and the governor soon to sign a bill that is antiriot bill. that would hold demonstrators accountable with stiff penalties if any violence is committed to. here to explain more as the governor, great state of florida, ron desantis. you know, i'm an idiot. i will start off. you should be my governor. i don't have a governor. the governor is not going to take my call. i don't have a senator in new york. i don't have a congressman in new york that will take my call, and now new york, city and state income taxes, 15%. i live in the second highest property tax county in the country. i'm an idiot. i should be in florida. you should be my governor. >> and sean, they will take a bigger pound of flesh of you as you know with the tax increase is coming down the pike there. here is an interesting fact.
6:28 pm
new york has about 3 million fewer people than florida, yet new york's budget is twice as much as florida. yet going down to florida and driving. yeah, more than twice if you drive on our roads, look at the different services. we have better infrastructure and we perform better through k-12 education. you are getting taxed to high heavens but you are not getting everything for all the spending. >> sean: okay, this is pretty fascinating. so 3 million more people in florida that spend less, twice as much in new york. i'm speaking from experience. the absolute worst infrastructure and some of the worst in the country, especially new york city. and florida schools are better. florida infrastructure is better. how is it possible that there is much waste for abuse and don't you think it is unfair that the emergency covid bailout state bill will now take money from
6:29 pm
your citizens of florida and give it to new york state to the tune of billions of dollars? >> well, it is very unfair. it rewards them overall for being more profitable in their spending. but specifically, it rewarded them for locking compass time. they said if you have low unemployment like florida does, you get less. if you have high unemployment, you get more. so we get less per capita share in new york and california getting much more. it is really incentivizing these lockdowns, which is a huge mistake. but you know, sean, when you look at all of this stuff, you mentioned the rioting bill. obviously the open state, open schools is important but over the summer, we were one of the states that said we are not having riots in the state of florida. so we put our foot down and protected our folks. the bill i will sign soon is the strongest set of reforms in the country to even strengthen more. for example, a local government tries to defund the police, we
6:30 pm
have the state can stop that. we are able to put people in jail if they riots or assault a police officer. in fact, if you assault a police officer during a riot, you have a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months. we also have provisions to prevent mob intimidation tactics. i think it is probably the most comprehensive piece of law and order legislation i have seen. >> sean: it is the antiriot, which by the way, in new york, we have images of all the people that have been rioting and attacking police officers. we don't use that video to arrest them and charge them. by the way, if they did do that, you know new york state has a zero bail bill. bank robbers, they go in and they get booked. and then take it in instantly released. everybody gets released. >> and we are doing the exact opposite. if you are writing and get arrested, you go to jail and you stay in jail until you have your
6:31 pm
first appearance. obviously the judge can determine whether you get a bond or not. but we would not just have somebody go into the police station, take a mug shot and go back on the streets to reoffend again. we also have a provision, which i think you will appreciate because some of these local governments in the deep blue areas, they told the police to stand back. they let some of this happen. or a bill, the local government if they do that and breached their duty to protect the public, then if you are damaged, you can sue the local government for damage to yourself or to your property. >> sean: is there anything you are planning to mitigate if the democrats move forward with h.rt the constitutional role of state legislatures as it relates to the time, means and the way elections occur in state? >> well, you would immediately see constitutional challenges mounted from florida and other states about the overall constitutionality of it. i think it is unconstitutional.
6:32 pm
but even in the most favorable light, clearly, it can't be constitutionally applied to a presidential election. constitution is very clear that state legislature, not the congress selects the electors. it also can't be applied to state elections. of governors, state legislatures, state senator, there is no way to reach that. so i think it would be a massive mess but i do think the courts would strike it down, but we absolutely would not allow that to apply to a presidential election or to a state election. >> sean: you've got to have a certain sense of personal satisfaction considering 60 minutes tried their headpiece on you and it blew up in their face. >> yeah, well, look, sean, they came down for three months. all they were trying to do was smear me. we had a lot of people doing things like going to my website, ron, they have been helping out. a lot of people have gotten our backs on this. but the fact is, the truth is
6:33 pm
the truth. "60 minutes" lied, they tried to smear and fortunately we had the facts on our side appear to have the platform able to defend myself. you know, sean look and see how that media operates as corporate media but what about the people they smeared over the years who are not governors and don't have a platform to fight back? they have gotten away with being there smear nomex mirroring people for years and years and i'm willing to fight back. so yes it blew up in their face and honestly it serves them right for what they are doing and it's disgraceful. >> governor think you more lies about russia continue to be exposed but despite being pushed several democratic congressman, now we will explain, joe concha, ric grenell next and at the end of the show, we have an announcement that you are not going to want to miss straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now, we also learned this week that another media hype russia bombshell turned out to be complete, utter fake news because get this from the u.s. intel is now walking back they are play from this summer which became a campaign issue about russia offering bounties on u.s. troops in the middle east. what is yet another complete debacle and embarrassment for the corrupt compromise democratic socialist media mob and the democratic party. they spared a lot of this fake news, actually saying yeah, the odds are very little debt that happen despite obvious holes in the story from the very start. by the way, i talked to my sources people like adam schiff, leaders in congress, people in the house intel committee. they were all told this is not true. this is yet another russia hoax. when in doubt, blame russia. that was used to try to bludgeon
6:39 pm
donald trump, despite no evidence that the story was true. fake news cnn and "the new york times," daily beast, all of our friends, theyy theory and even the washington compost, they even claimed that trump lied when he said the story wasn't true. so is there going to be an attraction, an apology, anything like that? is there any integrity in the mob yet and congenital layer adam schiff and eric swalwell, they are at the center of it all, lying about it on msdnc. >> take a look. america is reading this and their reaction is to be horrified by what russia is doing and the public reporting is accurate, not in the story but elsewhere these bounties are offered by the same russian unit that was involved and interfering in the election. i have reviewed many of the materials around this allegation. i'm very concerned it is not a hoax. >> sean: they were all told the truth, and they all spread the lie.
6:40 pm
now, it is just like we told you over and over again on this program, the democrat signifies in the mob and the media, they don't care about the truth. they don't care about facts. they don't care about reality. they use lies, smears, this parchment, hoaxes if it helps democrats and hurts republic republicans and hurts donald trump. and all on this for years now and lied about steele dossier, and paid for by hillary clinton, and yell russian disinformation, never verifiable. they lied when they claim there was no fisa abuse. we now know there was premeditated fraud on the fisa court and they lied no illegal spying even when it was laid out an inspector general borowitz report while the partisan mob and media lied to this country for years, years. that is right. more fake news upon fake news. here with reaction medium
6:41 pm
columnist for the health fox news contributor joe concha with former director of national intelligence ric grenell. let me start with you. now from what i've heard and my sources have told me that this was done on purpose by the intel community or high ranking members of the intel community. and that they knew that it was a little likelihood if at all true, but yet, they pushed it also. so there is some culpability with them as well, isn't there? >> look, i don't know exactly who was pushing this, but i can tell you it was an anonymous sources because on the record, there were multiple people like the nse at the white house and dni, cia that were saying that this hype from "the new york times" is not accurate. now come i want to point something out about what adam schiff did there in the clip you showed. he talked instead of talking
6:42 pm
about intelligence, remember he's the intelligence of chair committee, instead of talking about intelligence he was briefed on and he knows the story is hyped, he then switched and talked about the public reporting of the hype. instead of giving us caution, he went with the hype. this is how you manipulate intelligence, and yet, he is the head of the intelligence committee. this is like the ninth time that we have now seen him live. he should be removed as the chairman of the intelligence committee. he does not know how to deal with it. >> sean: let me bring in joe concha. the media, this is what they have done for years. lies, conspiracy theories, one hoax after another, they get their facts wrong, they spread propaganda misinformation as project veritas revealed this week. no retraction ever, no apology ever. and then they go onto the next set of lies. how did they get away with it?
6:43 pm
>> that is the thing, sean, you will hear the excuse, well, we are human beings i made a mistake. a bad source that lead us astray. it is funny during the entire trump administration those four years, five years if you include the campaign, the mistakes went one direction, didn't they? overwhelmingly against the trump administration and president trump. in these situations, of course, the allegation gets 1,000 times the coverage than the exoneration we see today. we could go through this, it is incredible to "new york times" story which had three bylines on it by the way, other news organizations then came in to confirm the story. how did they do that? did they go to the b.s. source or just claimed that they were confirming that story? "the new york times" was the sickest and all of this peer they actually contacted family members of those killed in action and presented their repot and said, boy, what do you think about this? one family member, when father said if it does turn out as truth, obviously the heart ache
6:44 pm
would be terrible. in other words, donald trump may have helped get your son killed and what you think about our report? well they apologize to those families or to the american public? we do not hear from the current president who exploited the story for his campaign in order to get elected. apologies are in short supply here. this is yet another example of why so many people at home say that the media not only makes mistakes so to speak, but they purposely mislead the public appearance survey axios, i'm sorry surveymonkey and axios say independents believe that news organizations sometimes push stories that they know to be false peer that appears to be the case in this situation, sea. >> sean: now to shift gears, to ric grenell with a recall effort of gavin newsom underway, i know there have been people that are speculating that you might get in the race and run for governor. would you like to make your
6:45 pm
announcement now? >> i promise you, sean, that when i'm ready to make the announcement come i will come on your show with my decision. you will be the first. >> sean: fred i'm ready to make the announcement, it sounds like you will make the announcement. >> the decision, the decision. i'm not 100% convinced. >> sean: that is the first time you have ever sound like an a politician. no, no, the decision. now you sound like adam schiff. i'm kidding that is the worst thing i can say. joe, would he win in california? i think he would have a shot. >> he can't make the announcement now because he has to wear a tie. >> sean: all in favor of banning ties forever. >> sean. >> sean: when we come back -- conservatives under fire again. you will not believe what the newspaper the salt lake city tribune due to congressman burgess owens. we will talk to him.
6:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to fox news live come i'm jeff paul and protest around the country tonight in response to recent police shootings. scores of people or demonstrating on the streets of new york with video from the same showings civil unrest and in chicago, the police are out in full force as well as police protests. the police shooting of 13-year-old adam toledo. the police had they found a gun at the scene, but body cam video appears to show him without a gun in his hand when he was shot. >> the gunman accused of shootig eight people at the facility in indianapolis was questioned by the fbi last year. that is after his mother told the police, she peered the 19-year-old might commit
6:51 pm
"suicide by cop." they took a shotgun away but he was not charged. the former fed ex employee took his own life after the shooting rampage on thursday night. all your headlines, log on to now back to "hannity." >> sean: for more of the just despicable smear tax as the salt lake tribune with african-american congressman for the fourth district in utah burgess owens, get this to the ku klux klan. the opportunity is disgusting, you're reprehensible but unfortunately the repugnant behavior we have seen way too often from the mob and the media. by the way, the meeting never really cover the story about joe biden praising and eulogizing the former member of the kkk, robert byrd. even working with former klansmen to stop them in the ohmic integration of our schools because joe said he didn't want
6:52 pm
our schools to become racial jungles. is the media ever going to cover that? salt lake tribune ever going to cover that? republican congressman fourth district of utah burgess owens. burgess, we have been a stomach become very good friends and you are off and on my radio show. i think the world of you. i want to apologize and i want a retraction from the salt lake city tribune. what are your words and i don't want to put words in your mouth. this was despicable to me. >> yeah, first of all, don't expect any apology. one thing, they are very cocky about the way they feel. they think their worldview is shared by everybody. in the deep south end '60s at the age of 16 to my was getting a chance to be with white americans. it came to the conclusion what racist looks like a southern and a northern. seven where people hated black communities. but at least you knew it. you know what they stood for and knew they were trying to delete you, a, whatever they could
6:53 pm
appear than the north, called elite to the list. these smile on your face, they say they love you and put their arms around you and stab you in the back. as soon as they found out you don't agree with what they think and the way black people should be thinking. these people, the racist trip could care less about black people, care less about hispanic victims across the border. talking about these kids peer they have an agenda. what they want to do is divide us.. they want bullies and cowards to hide behind newspapers that are complacent and attack good-hearted democrats and attack and call these people out. and let america know, you are not with these racist people who you think they are. they are projecting exactly who they are. >> sean: okay, i know you as a man of deep they don't make, impeccable character, a strong s your entire life and career. you live by example. is there anything you can do
6:54 pm
legally. have you spoken to any lawyers? >> no, and i don't plan on coming that direction. i want the american people just to know and in particular times, don't take this idea that they have decided to double down. and that they represent utah. these people are outliers. they did the same thing to me a love. they did the same thing with black lives matter killing, blacks dying all that summer, hundreds of black businesses burnt down. and they were applauding the rioting. and then they call out our police, kkk members. the american people will take care of this. i believe it is a free market and we will tune off and turn off to racism no matter where it comes from, including those who wrap themselves in compassion. but at the same time, show that they really could care less about my race. >> sean: do you think it is a racist? >> no question, no question. listen, i grew up around it.
6:55 pm
and know exactly what racism looks like, no matter how subtle they are. at the hand of the day, they would not treat my delegates, my other friends this way. they would not treat their other white friends this way. no, they want to destroy the idea of black independent people, those middle-class, those who do not need them here they will destroy us anyway they can. and in this country, we will overcome this and see the them for who they are and move on. >> sean: keep doing the great job you are doing. we appreciated, burgess owens. when we come back, a big announcement. you will not want to miss it. that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: before we go. a special programming announcement. next week i will be interviewing former president donald trump from a full hour and get his
7:00 pm
take on the leftest agenda on biden and the democrats and 2024. you don't want to miss it. laura ingraham is up next. have a great welcome. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in chicago by a police officer set the city on edge. after body cam video was released activiyactivity -- act are calling this a state sponsored execution. first reading, writing and wokism. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." if you thought that left wing radicalism is


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