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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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watch every episode. thanks for watching. that's it. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world" with i'm jesse watters. break them up. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. the digital revolution and age of the internet was supposed to give us access to anything we wanted to know and communicate whenever we wanted to to anybody we wanted to. information was he supposed to be democratized. but in the last few years powerful interests have re-consolidated control over information and are selling lies
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for profit. tom clancy observed the control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of information, knowledge is power. if you can control information, you can control people. never before in american history have a handful of companies had so much power. these companies dominate americans communications, news and information. big media and big tech have officially merged with one political party. the same party that now controls the state. the merger presents an unprecedented danger to the american people. a danger to the truth because we are being manipulated for money. but to name names. the big media parent company. that's where the action is. cnn which is owned by warner media is owned by at&t.
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msnbc owned by comcast. cbs owned bid via com. the "new york times" is owned by disney. and the "washington post" owned by amazon jeff bezos, the world's richest man. these big media companies and their parent companies control nearly 100% of american news content. they control the negative. if they don't cover something, it doesn't exist. they create the scandals or cover them up. they employ thousands of producers, anchors, writers, almost every news element you can consume, they have their hands all on it. and they have their hands in
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elections too. employees and pa ys donated over $37 million to democrats. only $11 million to republicans. 70% went to democrats, 30% to the gop. can big media companies shower the democratic party with multi millions in donations and cover them fairly. pretending to be the umpire? big tech is even worse. facebook, twitter, google and apple control how americans communicate. what we see and don't see. even what type of people we can interact with online. and even what language we are allowed to use. and we are adults. big tech employees donated $36
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million to democrats last election and under $3 million to republicans. 92% went to democrats, 8% went to republicans. there is no competition. a tight knit band of corporate democrats control how we process information and what exactly that information is. their news product and their agenda has merged with the democratic party just as it's taken full control of the executive and legislative branch. what are they selling? fear. why? money and control. project veritas went undercover and spoke to a director at cnn and admitted playing the covid fear card for rates. >> bad news back to back doesn't do well in the it affects them directly.
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covid, gaining busters. -- gang busters. telling them how much people die every day. they are going to be like -- it's nothing that you are doing right now that makes we want to stick. put the numbers back up because that's the most enticing thing that we have. jesse: cnn fear mongered the virus for ratings. making cnn viewers the least informed viewers. they believed 30-year-olds were dropping deader time they stepped outside.
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it was lockdown. prolonging the and ding mentality justifies emergency spending in the trillions. never let a crisis go to waste. the other design was to knock trump out of office. >> i can't believe it. if it wasn't for cnn i don't know that trump would have got voted out. >> jesse: why would cnn's parent company at & t want trump out of the white house. trump was tough and china and at & t has billions at stake in that communist country. trump's trade war were good for the american people, but bad for business at at & t. the company has been in china
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for 30 years. extensive networks throughout the mainland. you name it, at&t had china wired. at&t does work with china telecom. trump slapped sanctions on china telecom and delisted them from our stock exchange. top executives contacting the white house begging trump to relax. remember how much they donated to the democrats? get someone friendly to china. beijing biden. the chinese communist party released a virus out of wuhan and covered it up. but biden didn't find the time
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to confront the chinese president about that. >> did you ask if the reports are true that china maybe misled the world at the beginning? >> no, i have not had that conversation with president xi. thank you. jesse: two hours, didn't come up. the democrats in the media can't place the blame on china. they have to place the blame for the virus on donald trump. the perception of the pandemic were shaped by democrat donors who had big business in chain a and project veritas' hidden cameras uncovered cnn's mind control techniques here. >> it alters the perception on anything.
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like ... forcing a story. in coal is the future of energy. jesse: later in the video the cnn director said the network will be pivoting to going green. for cnn's parent company at&t who just a few years ago bought a jienld amount of wind power and hopes to cash in with biden's ask green blowout for
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infrastructure. politicians turn their backs on the chinese slave labor camps. you remember the cleution hoax. the russia bounty story. but when real news breaks. line hunter's laptop, the internet and big media and big tech shut it down. journalists are complicit in the cover-up. they force need you the most preposterous lies to where you believe it's the truth. they told us the protests last summer were mostly peaceful as fires lit up the skyline. they told us trump was a russian agent. the most pro business american business nant last quarter
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century. it was described as a technique from communist china. in my study of communist societies, i came to the conclusion that the purpose of propaganda was to -- but to humiliate. the less it corresponded to reality the better. when they are forced to remain silent. when they are being told the most obviouslies. even worse. when they are forced to reathlete the lies. -- forced to repeat the lies they lose their sense of probity. the society of emasculated liars is easy to control. american society bludgeoned into
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submission by lies is incapable of standing up for themselves. we are basically easy to control once we have been humiliated. corporate america gets everything they want. even if it destroys the middle class, and we just sit here and take it. corporate america and biden's donors get open borders. keeping their properties perfect and american wages down. chinese slave labor to keep profit margins fat at the expense of human rights. trillions in spending. the fed prints it and we rack up debt to china. wall street loves it because it juices the index. and years later nell get bailed out when the market crashes. meanwhile the media keeps us
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divided and distracted by the race car. race -- by the race card. big objection is described as bigoted or racist or homophobic. corporate america runs tail at the slightest controversy so the mob doesn't come for them. most news consumers casual. we are busy. we glance at the headlines. most americans lives are filled with work, family, commuting, sports and dealing with the house. and it takes a lot of effort to dig deep past the front page. but it's become so blatant now that even casual news consumers see the distortions. trust in the media hit an
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all-time low and now the majority of americans want to break up the big tech company. the american people need to communicate to their politicians that it's time to go back to the teddy roosevelt days of trump busting. the very essence of the youths america is at stake. joining me to react. glenn greenwald. author of "securing democracy." we could all see that corporate media has adopted the language and agenda of the democratic party and they are participating in partisan politics more than i have seen it in my lifetime and they do it under the guise of compassion and open-mindedness. but tell us what you think is really going on. >> a couple of things are going on. number one, i think all of those
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trends you just identified severely worsening during the trump area. beginning in 2016 they had no expectation trump would win. when he did, it was an incredible shock to the system of media and political experts who felt they loss control over the discourse. they convinced themselves what they were dealing with was not a president hop they thanked ideological disagreements. but actually a hitler figure. they would say that's explicitly over the last couple years. if you believe that, that you are on the front lines where you are defending american democracy from a nazi movement and half the country supports this evil,
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you are willing to do anything to advance your agenda. and in' ways they became mirror images of what they have claimed trump was. they threw out all standard and ethics to achieve a political goal. they know they are losing trust and faith. their ability to control the flow of information is slipping out of their fingers. and as they do they are resorting to dispottic censorship by getting them kicked off the internet or cable tv. they are explicitly advocating for that in the case of fox news. their tactics are becoming more dishonest and dishoneored. jesse: james o'keefe from
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jesse: signs of disloyalty from kamala harris are starting to show. this was a big concern for joe biden when he decided to tap her for vp. the book "lucky," details how excuse yaight the decision was. biden's head told him kamala was the right pick but his heart told him otherwise. harris didn't endorse biden when it mattered and that was a sticking points. another sticking points was her accusation in the debate that he
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was racist. there were questions about her loyalty and concerned she would use the position to seek the presidency at the first available opening. putting her interests at odds with the administration. the black caucus wasn't. she aggressively campaigned for the vp spot. she leaked negative stories about her female competition. guiden wanted to pick susan rice and wound up going with his head over his heart. he wasn't comfortable that he could take harris to take marching orders as a running mate. now she is refusing to take marching orders as vice president. joe biden put harris in charge
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of the border crisis. and then the white house has to walk it back when she refused. the president doesn't want to get his hands dirty and has other things going on. so it's the vps duty to salute and dive in head first. harris stuck her to in the water and said no. >> this president has asked secretary majorkas to address what's going on at the border. and i have been asked to lead dealing with root causes in the northern triangle. >> dhs is going to do the border and i'll handle the diplomacy. there you have it, her first moment of disloyal i. not a team player. while the administration plays political games, illegal
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immigrants are flooding the border. the largest number ever record. the cartels are getting more ruthless by the day, using children to smuggle whatever they want into the united states. texas governor greg abbott has a solution. designate the cartels as terrorists. joining me with an exclusive report from the border is lara logan. trump threatened the mexican president. he was going to designate the cartels as terrorists and that snapped his butt in order and he moved troops to the border. what have you found out about the trafficking situation regarding children. jesse: you touched on one of the most distressing aspects of the border. the biden administration knows
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full well all of the children coming across the border are being processed too quickly for anyone to know who they are and where they are going. some sources have been learning from some of the people. as soon as the kids are out of border patrol's custody, they are trained to say i'm coming go to school or for a better life. how do you know that? they all say exactly the same thing. when they are transported to the gnos outside of health and human services and border patrol. what a number of kids are saying i don't know why i'm here. my parents sold me for $100 or $200. as the administration uses taxpayer dollars. every taxpayer in america. when they use their funds to transport these kids all over the country and send them into
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different markets. different areas for the cartels, different markets for sex trafficking. so they are effectively trafficking these children on the last leg on behalf of the cartels. and the numbers is an escalation of revenue for the cartels. we are subsidizing human trafficking of children and adults. men and women. jesse: the truth will ratings and police shootings. losing a tooth didn't stop you but your partial can act like a bacteria magnet, putting natural teeth at risk. new polident propartial helps purify your partial and strengthens and protects natural teeth. so, are you gonna lose another tooth? not on my watch!
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welcome to fox news live, i am actually. imposing 11:00 p.m. curfew tonight, this is the seventh night of protests over the fatal shooting of dante flight. officer kim potter shot the 20-year-old black male during a traffic, authorities say she meant to reach for her taser but grabbed her gun instead. one hundred people were arrested last night. protesters gathering in other cities like nation's capitol. at least one small fire was set in police in the capitol moving in moments ago to arrest several
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people in the crowd, we are told things have now called down in d.c. closing arguments slated to start monday derek chauvin's murder trial, verdict is expected next week. some cities are increasing security letters and national guard troops have been deployed in minneapolis. now back to "watters world". follow headlines on fox ♪♪ to "watters' world." jesse: the media continues to push the race narrative when it comes to police shootings. but facts matter. miranda devine reports that 52 black people were shot by police 3 of whom were unarmed. while 10 white people were shot, 56 them unarmed. >> her partner was a black male
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and dawn he half white, half black. he was pulled over for expired tags and he had warrants for misdemeanor selling drugs, disorderly conduct. he had a case in the summer involving fleeing and carrying a pistol without a permit and just caught a charge six weeks ago for aggravated robbery where he was let out with no bail. when he was pulled over. you have got to bring something in like that obviously. he resisted. a scuffle ensued. despite good training she pulled the wrong weapon. police officers kill twice as many whites as blacks. and those are mostly armed. when you go unarmed. more whites killed that are unarmed than blacks unarmed. so when you see a story like this. you have to think, what is the
8:33 pm
media selling? they are selling racism. the daily beast will attack if you. rashida thlaib says policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist. no more policing, incarceration and militarization. and the media tries to cancel the truth to fit their narrative. >> this is a country that does not like the browning of america. black lives matter -- >> policing in this country is road deeply in racist
8:34 pm
presupposition. >> when you talk about daunte wright, he was shot by police officers for an air freshener violation. jesse: you just heard "the view" say this guy was shot because of an air fresher in. that's just a flat-out lie. every time you tell the truth about race and homicide and police-involved shootings, you are attacked by the media because they don't want you to know the truth. why do you think the media perpetuates this narrative that police are just hunting down black men and murdering them when the statistics don't bear that out? >> there are two lays taking place. one is the -- there are lies
8:35 pm
taking place. one is if you are a black man in america law enforcement singled you out and they are going on a killing spree. the evidence shows nothing of the sort is taking place. as the count continues, we have had almost 50 law enforcement officers dead this year from just armed people that they encountered who shot them. there are more than that who died in other parts of their activities as officers. but the second lie is that to be black means that you believe these things are true. black americans have been trying to express a contrary view to that of the squad, to that of east coast or west coast media and other progressive elites. they tell us in every survey that they were asked this summer
8:36 pm
that if we are choosing between more police or less police, we want more police. if we have to choose between less funds or more funding for the police, we want more funding for the police. black americans are actually joining in the effort to lawfully obtain firearms. why is that? because they recognize that's as the media narrative have gone forward, that it's actually the bad police and systemic racism that is your threat. people aren't noticing that grandma got shot or mugged, or my sister got raped, or some other major, serious felony attack on people who happen to be minority. black americans recognize this threat, and they are taking steps to minimize it.
8:37 pm
to preswrenlt it. to protect -- to protect themselves. the lie that blacks agree with this is just that. a lie. jesse: right. and the media totally distorts that at the expense of black lives. horace, thank you very much for your insight. follow the money. the "watters' world" the "watters' world" investigation into black lives the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. du more with less asthma. talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. [♪♪♪] jesse: follow the money. black lives matter. spoiler alert. blm co-founder and self-described marxist cull patrissecullors went on a buyin.
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she has a 3-bedroom home in inglewood, california which they bought in 2016 for half a million. 2014 she bought a house in l.a. for $400,000. and she bought a home in georgia with an airplane hangar and swimming pool and a place to fit a small a kraift craft for repair. the first home we mentioned is in topanga can beyond which is mostly white. if you dare mention that on twitter, you get kicked off twitter. facebook censoring the story. facebook has blocked people from sharing the story saying it goes
8:43 pm
against their community guidelines. blm announced that she has only been paid $120,000 in the last three years. she testified herself on instagram saying it's a tactic of terror meant to harass her. she says she doesn't get a salary or benefits from blm. where is she getting the money from? maybe it's from the media. she signed a deal with warner brothers to create black contents. barner brothers is owned by at&t which is also owned by cnn. she is also the author of a back to titled "when they call you a
8:44 pm
terrorist." hawk newsom is demanding an investigation to determine how blm spent its money. bap got an exclusive look at their finances. all they got was they spent $27 million in front funding and $8.4 million in expenses. where did the rest of the $90 million they made last year go? they won't say. even a group of 10 chapters is demanding more financial transparency. blm doesn't have a federal donation exemption. half of half bluff donations came from untraceable and unemployed donors. raising suspicions about
8:45 pm
possible foreign involvement. blm members are raising questions about why the organization won't share information about their donors. they said it's best practice to publicly refrain from sharing information on how we analyze contributions. the movement may be losing steam. blm trust has dropped while trust for law enforcement is growing. fraud in the black lives matter world is growing. toledoman was even dated for money laundering and wire fraud. he defrauded donors for over $450,000. james ordered the black lives matter foundation to stop taking
8:46 pm
donations because it hadn't registered as a charitable organization in new york. so it's illegal. in 2018cnn reported the most popular with black lives matter fb are page with 700,000 followers was a scam made by an an -- an australian man. they may not be open about their finances. but one thing is clear. with millions spent on homes and allegations of fraud, someone must be hiding something. is cancel culture coming for the simpsons? jamie kennedy steps into "watters' world." age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein.
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>> it does not work. julie. today i am truly an american citizen. jesse: the simpsons who ran the quickie mart.
8:51 pm
he quit after a documentary blasted the stereotype. now he's joining the hollywood apology tour. >> i apologize for my part in creating that and participating that. i feel like i need to go to every single indian person in this country and personally apologize. jesse: he's apologizing for portraying a cartoon indian on a show written by liberals. the creators of simpson, he's a liberal guy, they secured conservatives for decades. they have an irish custodian, a sleazy political guy. a rich and evil corporate overlorpd and mr. burns.
8:52 pm
is hollywood not allowed to portray anyone who is different any more *. >> i had this conversation last night. a friends of mine said acting may be dead. i think we should definitely -- we have to grow and have much more inclusion within our business. obviously and all stories need to be told. but he's an amazing actor. 30 years. i don't know why he quit. but he had to quit because he feels it's insensitive. it's just a car toonl character. but this is happening a lot. jesse: it's happening everywhere. if they get rid of acting, then your screwed because that's what you do for a living. in this case it's a cartoon.
8:53 pm
so it's even less real. i want to play some sound from bill maher last week who once in a while just nails it in my opinion. saying movies hollywood is putting out these days make you want to crawl up into a little ball and cry. >> academy nominations used to say look what good movies we make. now it's about suffering, yours. if your movement is so woke, how come i'm falling asleep. jesse: you and i grew up taken in era where they had great films and blockbusters and feel good about what they saw. i haven't heard of anything nominated and each screenplay looks like it's written by a guy who needs a pro zeak -- a prozac
8:54 pm
prescription. >> i think hollywood is operating within its own echo chamber. i love it and i am lucky to be a part of it for 30 years. but it's becoming more and more -- it's like it's making content for itself. when i go out to middle america people say i didn't see that movie either. and i get the screeners. it's closing the circle. jesse: they are making movies for themselves. your movie, "last call," i don't think it's like the things they are putting out. it's a feel good movie. it's about a man who turns things around in his community
8:55 pm
in pennsylvania. go on demand, see "last call" jamie kennedy. it will be a good one. >> it's about a local bar in philly. you have a cheesecake and you go home. jesse: thanks so much for coming on "watters' world." up next, "last call." up next, "last call." water? why?! ahhhh! incoming! ahhhahh! i'm saved! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio. ..
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ah, a package! you know what this human ordered? a backache. consider pain, delivered. pain says you can't. advil says you can. jesse: as you probably noticed i was not hear the past two weeks. my son jesse bailey watters junior has been keeping me busy. he's doing great. em as a mom is doing very well.
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and i'm very happy to be back. thank you. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. the most dangerous profession in the united states is law enforcement. members of congress are promoting that we simply get rid of cops. take, for example rashida tlaib. she wants no pol


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