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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  April 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's all about you, eric. that was really good. [laughter] it is nice, and congratulations, josh with. that does it for us. we we will see you here again next weekend. please join us then. right now, enjoy your evening. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. kristin soltis anderson here along with trace gallagher, lisa boothe and tyrus and welcome to "the big sunday show. here's what's on tap tonight. trace? >> there is a mass exodus in the nypd, and now squad member ilhan omar has her own idea to reimagine policing with a new government-run board. >> lisa? >> kristin, there's a growing underground network of parents fighting the new woke culture many schools and trying to put a stop to anti-racism teaching in the classroom. >> and tyrus?
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>> what it is. what's wrong with the way florida governor ron desantis eats pizza? some on the left sayst it's disturbing. -- say it's disturbingment some of the notable democrat pizza etiquette which may be even more disturbing. >> but first, the fox flight team at the border as brand new fox news polling finds voters think the situation at the border was better two years ago when former president trump was in office compared to under president biden. a whopping 46% now say border security is worse than it was two years ago. maybe it's because of his recent change of tune on the border crisis. >> is there a crisis at the border, sir? >> >> [inaudible] problem was that refugees --
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>> and shocking images keep comingn like this one. new, horrific videos of a 2-year-old and 6-year-old being lowered down a 30-foot border wall. more fox news polling showing that the majority of americans believe the current crisis is the current president's fault. in his first hundred days, wilden scores the worst on, you guessed it, immigration and border security. on immigration, 52% disapprove. on border security, 51% disapprove while 35% approve. he's tapped kamala harris to lead the response to the border crisis more than a month ago, but she still hasn't taken a trip down. but, she says, she's working on it. >> we're working on the plan to get there. we have to deal with covid issues, but i can't get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there. it's not going to be solved overnight. it's a complex issue. listen, if this were easy, it would have been handled where years ago.
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years ago. >> well, let's talk about this, trace, i want to come to you first. the issue of immigration clearly not a strong suit for the biden administration. they seem pretty eager the change the topic of conversation. how long will they be able to evade having this issue dominate the headlines? >> i think as long as they want really. it's just a matter of how much and how long this stays in the media. but i've got to tell you looking at those numbers, kristin, i'm a little bit stunned that biden's approval rate on the border is 34%. you look at those numbers, and the bottom line is that means 34% of voters think it's okay, it's fine what's happening down there on the border when, in fact, no opinion, this is fact, it's a crisis down there. it's a disaster down at the border, and you've got 34% approval. they're either not paying attention or they're playing politics because the real number here should be zero. it's unacceptable, what's happening on the border, and everybody should be on the same page on that. and for those who believe that it's hue haven to. incentivize -- humane to incentivize people coming up,
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migrants coming up and crossing the border, they they have cleay never been down there. my first job in television 35 years ago was in yuma, arizona, along the border. we covered stories just like what's happening right now, and people who have never seen 30-year-old bones in the desert, never seen suvs with bodies, human beings stacked 28 people in an suv, we had an accident just a few weeks ago where an suv collided with a truck. 13 migrants were killed because there were 26 in the back of them in this ford explorer. so the people who believe this is humane haven't realized the cartels are taking drastic advantage of these people. the sexual abuse among women and children that are coming up north is unbelievable. and you have the cartels that are also getting involved in this, and kamala harris, as we have seen, no time at all has she planned to go to the border that we know of. he says she wants to, but it's
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not happening. if we can just play this sound bite of kamala harris, this is kind of where she stands. watch. >> we are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate, we're looking at drought in an area and a region where agriculture is one of the most traditionally important bases for the economy. we're looking at what's happening in terms of food scarcity as a result of that and, in fact, incredible food insecurity which, you know, we used to call hunger. food insecurity. when you look at the root causes, we're also looking at issues of corruption. again, we're looking at the issue of crime and resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity. >> we had 176,000 migrant encounters with border patrol last month, that's the highest ever. we've got 23,000 unaccompanied minors that we do not know what to do with, and kamala harris is blaming it on climate change. it kind of gives you an idea of
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the tone and the tenor of how this administration is handling this, kristin. >> certainly. and, lisa, you and i have both worked in the world of polling and numbers. what's your reaction when you see these numbers for the biden administration? >> well, i think the american people are seeing what's happening on the southern border, but i'm hear to tell them the biden administration doesn't care about solving this crisis. they aren't interested in solving this crisis. they support lawlessness at the southern border, they support open borders. go back to the democrat primary in the 2020 election, they were all falling over themselves who could be the most for open borders. we had democrats raising their hands to give out health care to illegal immigrants, talking about moratoriums on deportations which is something that joe biden did when taking office, decriminalizing border crossings. and then when joe biden takes office, what does he do? gets rid of things like the remain in mexico policy which was actually deincentivizing, but of course they want it, so
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they don't care, so they reversed that. in my opinion, it's about creating a new poll of voter that are beholden to the welfare state and beholden to the democrat party. and, ironically, obama had it right in his 2006 book, "the audacity of hope," when he said for this illegal activity, illegal immigrants depress wages for blue collar workers and overburden an already overburdened welfare state, and that's what's happening. obviously, democrats changed their tune since then. >> tyrus, i want to get your reaction the then what the biden administration should be doing about all of this. we've got some headlines from this week saying that kamala harris is going to be talking to leaders in mexico about doing things like planting trees in addition to talking about things like citizenship. from your perspective, what would you like to see the biden administration do to try to tackle this crisis? >> well, you know what would be with great would be a little bit of honesty. this is 100% the progressive
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agenda. when i talked about there was a three-headed monster that is the democratic party where we have socialists, progressive, moderate. this is part of the progressive deal. this is what they want, they want open borders. so there's no reason to go this. but at least be honest about it. you don't know when you can get there? you've got air force one, two and three. brother tyler perry is loaning his plane out, he got brother sharpton to minnesota. if you're going to go there, go there. if you're not just say, listen, we want open borders, this is a deal we made with progressives, and that's where it's at. that's what we really need to hear because it's not a crisis to them, it's part of the plan. >> but it's all going to be -- [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, sorry. >> go ahead. >> no, i was going to say, obviously, it's all going the to be solved by planting trees and then, you know, once these migrant children get kamala harris' children's book, which they're giving out, i guess, on
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behalf of the taxpayers paying for it, you know, it's all going to get solved. >> hashtag bestseller. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> -- your book sale numbers. [laughter] >> in that fox poll, we see that those issues where biden is getting the worst numbers, again, border security, immigration. but also on the issue of guns. and it strikes me as nateing that these are -- fascinating where democrats seem to think they have a political advantage, and yet the polling data doesn't seem to show it. lisa, i want to hear from you what you think the political implications of something like this could be by the time we yet to the midterms next year. >> well, my hope is we've just seen a lot of overreach over the past few months, and i hope that leads to, you know, independent voters as well as republicans who maybe weren't so keen on president trump turning out for republicans in the midterm elections. we've seen democrats abuse their power with government lockdowns, and now we're seeing democrats
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wanting to push unpopular policies like getting rid of voter id which is something the vast majority of americans support, court packings which is something americans do not support and really just abusing their power in government. so my hope is that americans awaken and wake up to what democrats want to do in this country, and they turn out in droves in the midterm elections because i'm not sure how much longer is sustainable if democrats continue down this path of trying to establish one-party rule in america. >> well, trace, lisa, tyrus, thank you for that. one member of the squad has a new way of reimagining police as shootings surged this weekend in democratic-run states. and there's a new problem for police departments, a mass exodus in their force. that's next. ♪♪ good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ]
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so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. ♪ -- to the moon ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." as cities grapple with a spike in shooting, police officers in new york city are looking for an exit. new data shows retirements among officers in america's largest city up 75%.
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and just this weekend with alone shootings skyrocket, 15 people were hurt. so far shootings across new york city, 2 were killed and 14 uninjured in chicago and philadelphia, 7 people shot. and in los angeles, a shocking scene unfolds when police shot a man wearing body armor. all of this as democrats are calling for police reform amid a massive spike in gun violence as ilhan omar calls for a federal board to up dependently investigate -- independently investigate police misconduct. you know, tyrus, we mentioned a 75% increase of police officers retiring in new york city, the exact number,5, 300 police officers retired in 2020. 75% increase from 2019. what's going on, in your estimation? >> i don't blame 'em. and it's not just that we're losing police officers. we're losing veterans, we're losing wisdom, experience. they're all gone. the bad apples that everyone talks about that they think are
2:16 pm
in giant numbers aren't there, and those ones aren't going anywhere. so we're literally shooting ourselves in the foot. here's the thing that bothers me the most about this, i have always been a big proponent of taking away qualified immunity from politicians. so governors and senators have to be accountable for their words. qualified immunity is to protect police officers from frivolous lawsuits. we live in a time where we have lawsuits for every little thing. police officers without qualified immunity would literally be spending their salaries just to defend themselves. it's outrageous. and why would you even want to take a risk with today the way everything's polarized and completely blown out of proportion? every time you arrest somebody, it is in fashion to resist arrest because, one, you can get the cop fired, two, suddenly your crimes don't mean anything. that's not the issue anymore. it's police officers. not only is it a thankless job, it is a dangerous job for you
2:17 pm
and your family and for your livelihood. i don't see this is going to stop. we're not protecting our police officers. you want to do things to improve them, give them more vacation time, give them higher pay and salary, give them crisis management, give them tools that they need, more training. but don't take everything away from them and say on top of that every time you look at me the long way, i'm going to sue you. i wouldn't wear a badge either. >> i want to play this sound bite from lynn city graham and get your reaction, kristin, watch. >> qualified immunity is a very big deal. if you want to destroy policing in america, make sure every cop can be sued when they leave the house. there's a way to find qualified immunity reform, take the cops out of it. >> take the cop out of it. kristin, your thoughts on that. >> yeah, clearly this has been a centerpiece of a lot of debate around policing reform. but in this case when he talks about folks who want to destroy policing in america, you now actually have a movement to not
2:18 pm
just defund the police, but to abolish the police that have been pushed by some who are pretty prominent in democratic circles. now, i want to be bipartisan here and say there are some democrats who, i think, have the right approach on this issue. let's listen to something bill maher had to say over the weekend on his take on young democrats' push for things like abolishing the police. >> you know the reason why advertisers in this country love the 18 to 34 demographic? because it's the most gullible. yeah. a third of people under 35 say they're in favor of abollerring the -- abolishing the police. 36% of millennials think it might be a good idea to try communism. but much of the world did try it. i know millennials think that doesn't count because they weren't alive when it happened, but it did happen. [laughter] so when you say, you're old, you don't get it. get what? abolish the police and the border patrol and capitalism and cancel lincoln? no, i get it.
2:19 pm
the problem isn't that i don't get what you're saying or that i'm old, the problem is that your ideas are stupid. >> these are the sorts of things where you have a very small but very loud group of progressives that are really pushing things that are totally out of step with the mainstream of america. >> yeah. and i disagree with much of what bill bill maher says, lisa, but he makes a good point there. a lot of these ideas we know, we see that when police officers, the numbers go down, crime goes up in every instance across the board. your thoughts. >> well, yeah, and it's minority communities that end up suffering as a result of the very people that a lot of these individuals who are, you know, say that they're in this fight to, you know, try to protect black lives purport to care about. but the problem in america right now is we have too many people that are benefiting from exploitation of racial divisions in this country. we have certain networks who are exploiting it for ratingsing, we have politicians who are exploiting it for votes. nancy pelosi thanked george
2:20 pm
floyd for dying. we have people like leaders of the black lives matter movement going out and spending millions of dollars on houses or cashing in off of this, creating a crisis in america, and all you have too look at the ma'khia bryant situation to realize the situation police officers are in in america. a white cop saves a black life, and yet somehow he's still a bad police officer because of the color of his skip. and this is not even -- his skin. this is not even about police shootings. 1,021 is people shot and killed by police in 2020, almost 45% were white. black lives matter going to rally in minnesota for an individual and left when they found out that person was white. this isn't even about policing, this is about exploiting racial divisions in america and creating that division and crisis in this country, and it's wrong. >> and i want to put an exclamation point on what lisa's saying. in chicago so far this year
2:21 pm
there have been 177 murders so far this year, that's 32 more than at this same time last year. most of those killed young, black men. and as lisa kind of alluded to, we have seen no marches, we have seen no protests over these people who are being killed in south and west chicago, in south baltimore. you have not seen that kind of outrage, and some say, you know, maybe now it's necessary. meantime, there is a growing underground network of parents fighting anti-racism in their kids' woke schools. we'll take you inside, next. ♪ ♪ we don't need no thought control ♪♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye.
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>> welcome back to "the big sunday show." so critical race theory is being taught in schools across the country, and now a group of parents in new york city are fighting what they believe is undue focus on race in schools. one parent, harvey goldman, saying, first and foremost, neither i nor my child have white privilege, nor do we need to apologize for it. this parent is not the only one who's upset. so has the new woke culture gone too far in america? you know, tyrus, i want to start with that quote we just heard from that parent, harvey gold match, and hi actually -- he actually ended up pulling his father out of school in new york and talking his family down to florida. why are we teaching 9-year-olds to feel shame for the color of their skin? >> first of all, there's just no place for it in the education system. supposed to be a melting pot of ideas, and you try to stick with
2:27 pm
fact. the name of the class alone i have an issue with as a former teacher. critical racial theory which means it's an important idea or opinion. it's someone pushing their beliefs on you. it's no different if you were to take the race part out and put religion in. i would have an issue with that. young adults in their senior high year, their freshman year in college you can destruct ab tract ideas and formulate your own, not when you're learning your as and bs and 123s. also, by the way, i'm a bad person because i'm white. that's ridiculous are. if it was the same person to where they were putting it on black children or asian children, we'd be outraged. woke in itself is past tense which means you missed it. you woke up late. they don't get it. even in the last segment you made that great point about brothers being killed in the streets and no one's talking
2:28 pm
about it. why? because they can't get donations for it. it's the same thing with the education system. they're coming with these radical, untested, stupid ideas, shove it down the schools, and the school superintendents get nervous and scared because they don't want to be labeled racist because racism is the new comma. doesn't matter if you disagree with me. anyone disagrees with me, i'll just say you're racist. i mean, that's really what it's come down to. there's no place for it in education, at all. >> what grades did you teach? i didn't know you were a teacher. >> oh, yeah, yeah, i had third through fifth graders. yeah, i had the little monsters, and i got 'em in line. i stuck to the facts. >> i have no doubt, my friend. trace, i want to play this clip, this sound bite from "fox & friends" this morning. i just think he lays it out so clearly.
2:29 pm
let's listen to this. >> look, in the name of anti-racism, there is a new form of racism spreading like wildfire across the country, and it is anti-white racism on its face. it tells white kids they're inherently privileged, they need . you can call anybody a racist, and the person who makes that charge has zero consequences. the person who is called a racist now has all of the burden. he or she has to prove that they are not a racist. that's how this whole thing works now. and what he's saying kind of goes back. it seems like this is gaining a
2:30 pm
little bit of traction. we had these new parents this week pulling their kids out of school because, saying, you know, kids are being shamed for their race. week, the early part of last week a man named paul rossi, right, from grace church school in manhattan, he was a math teacher there, he lost his job because he blew the whistle on the school shaming kids about race, and he's the one who recorded the principal, remember? and the principal agreed saying, yeah, we're villainizing these kids because of their race. we are making whiteness evil, is what the principal was saying. and, of course, the principal said, no, i was taken out of context. you can't take something like that out of context. the tape was played in its entirety. he said a what he said, and that was the way it is. you had andrew gutman, right, the parent of the school who said, look, i'm pulling my daughter out of this school because i will not have my daughter judged by the color of her skin. this is anathema to everything that martin luther king fought
2:31 pm
the civil rights movement for back in the '-- and died for, you know? the whole thing is that's exactly what this is going against and now some of these parents are starting to speak up, and it's gaining traction and becoming effective. >> well, and, kristin, a lot of these parents are seeing more than they ever did before what their kids are actually being taught in school. because a lot of these kids are being taught at home, i actually interviewed the former secretary ofest, betsy devos about this, she says it could lead to school choice. in the numbers are you seeing perceptions change on the way, you know, parents view our education system? >> well, i know that a majority of parents want to make sure that we come out of this pandemic with schools that are rethought rather than going babb to normal. i think a lot of parents have had a wake-up call, have seen how much time or lack thereof of instructional time their kids
2:32 pm
getting. if you said your child's going to be learning about a racial justice in school would have assumed that's meaning they're learning to judge people by their actions, not the color of their skin. the way that racism has shaped some of our institutions and also the progress that we've made. and instead they're finding their kids in sessions where they are actually session regating the white kids from the students of color in search of social justice. and it just with, it astonishes me that we are now at a place where things like outright segregating students on the basis of the color of their skin is used as touting social justice? it makes no sense. >> a lot of these proponents of anti-racism are ultimately pushing racism is. great discussion, guy, very interesting. moving on, so up next, elon musk hosting "saturday night live." but people are outraged. some even want him pulled. it's a head-scratcher, and that's after the break. stay tuned.
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♪ >> -- that america's seen in 50 years. >> i agree. >> yeah. i think we do need to make sure that, you know, people from california don't inadvertently recreate the issues that caused them to move in the first place. >> yeah. >> elon musk got a lot of attention when he relocated from california to texas and taking one of his tesla plants with him. next week he's hosting "saturday night live," and believe it or not, people are outraged. "vanity fair" went with the headline, elon musk will host "saturday night live" for some reason.
2:38 pm
and cnn with elon musk will host snh in may. yes, that elon musk. one person tweeting april fool's day was, like, three weeks ago. another tweet reading every aspiring exceed yap's dream is to one get on snl and help launder the reputation of a anyville man each week. "saturday night live" got in hot water a few years ago for having donald trump the host, so they know this world of getting into trouble for picking controversial figures. tyrus, i want to start with you. what's your reaction to elon musk getting this esteemed role in. >> yeah. i -- word? elon miss, huh? why would you -- elon musk, huh? why would you let a guy like that in it's not like he's the foremost capitalist we've seen in the last decades and eons. he's a billionaire. he's taking people to trips on the moon. i won't even drive an uber car, this guy's taking people to the
2:39 pm
moon. absolutely not. why would you want some loser like this guy on your show? i mean, literally every time he does something, the entire world stops to tweet about it. so wouldn't it be -- i mean, i'm surprised, we would have had him on this show today, but trace wouldn't give up his seat. [laughter] you want to have someone like that. he is a pariah, he is a star in and out of the business world, and, yeah, of course, haters are gonna hate, but until you start, you know, flying us to the moon, i don't want to hear it. [laughter] >> trace, since you didn't give up your seat to elon musk -- >> nor should you, mr. gallagher. >> elon musk knocks on the door right now, i get up, he can sit down. that really is the crux of this whole thing. elon musk has 52 million followers on twitter. somebody somewhere wants to hear what this guy has to say, and, you know, and the bottom line is if you listen to elon musk and you read some of his tweets,
2:40 pm
he's kind of clever, he's kind of funny. he kind of steals some stuff, you know, and sticks it in there. listen, he's controversial. he's the kind of guy that people are going to want to see. "saturday night live"'s ratings haven't been great, why not see if you can boost them up? 996 they had steve forbes. he quit the presidential race the month before. they had george steinbrenner who used to own the new york yankees. he was terrible, but people were fascinated by it, it raised the ratings and and made for good controversy, and i think's what this is really all about. and i think elon musk is going to be, he's going to do a fine job as the host of "saturday night live." >> so i'm in the same boat as you. i think him being a controversial figure, i'm going to tune in to watch, and i don't watch on a regular basis. but, lisa, part of the reason why he's so controversial is he does not tow any party line. he is often caught saying things
2:41 pm
that are considered outside the bounds of politically correct discourse. do you think that this backlash is going to continue? what's your to elon musk being chosen for this role in. >> well, that's why i love him. that's why i like him, is the fact that he is not beholden to anyone, and he basically tells people to go fly a kite. there's people that want to watch him, i raised my hand, but i'm one of them. tyrus, i thought we were going of to have to thousand down because i thought you were talking smack, and then i quickly realized you were joking. [laughter] i think elon musk is hilarious. he told "the washington post" to give my regards to your puppet master to a report who was trying to do a hit piece on him. i think that's funny. and i agree as he said himself on twitter, i appreciate the comments he has made throughout the lockdown, he's tweeted out give americans their freedom, give them their freedom back. he's taken aim at things like big tech censorship.
2:42 pm
i think he's made some really smart comments. i admire the fact he left california to go to texas. i did something similar, leaving new york to go to florida. i like elon musk probably for the very reasons there's all those negative headlines because the people who hate him are people who probably hate me. >> well, we are going to talk next about your governor down in florida, because the left also seems to hate governor ron desantis' response to the coronavirus. but it also, they hate how he's bringing the economy back in florida, but in particular i guess how he eats pizza? we'll show you what's so outrageous and the reaction that he's getting, up next. ♪♪
2:43 pm
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>> what it is. welcome to "the big sunday show." florida democratic operative -- is that such a thing -- thomas kennedy wasn't afraid to criticize saying ron desantis eating pizza is a is extremely
2:47 pm
disturbing. in my opinion, watching somebody eat pizza is even more disturbing. i can't speak for the good people of new york, but i would imagine with the governor if their only issue was how he ate pizza, it would be a much happier place. the man has done a phenomenal job dealing with the coronavirus. he protected his elderly population, he's got the economy going again and, look, the foldover just fine. you want to see creepy, run that bloomberg spot real quick with the double dip. let's take a look at that. and, lisa, please grade his effectiveness. >> i will. i'm standing by. >> do we have it? >> we have the clip? >> watch closely. watch closely, okay? [laughter] all right? uh-huh, uh-huh. no! [laughter] the double dip? >> in the pandemic --
2:48 pm
>> now, that's -- >> explain this to me. >> i can't. it's beyond words. he's a freak of nature. that's disgusting, the lick aringing your fingers, putting it back in. people have to go through there. they don't know that michael bloomberg was licking his fingers and putting it back in the same box. that's disturbing. what desantis did is perfectly normal. this is a guy who likes beer, who eats his pizza like the rest of us. this is a guy who likes freedom. this is the guy who should be the next president of the united states of america. yet somehow i guarantee cnn is doing a segment about somehow this is an indictment of his character like they did when donald trump when they found out he likes two scoops of ice cream. do you remember that? >> two scoops? >> trump was, like, a bad person. who doesn't want two scoops of ice cream? >> me, i prefer four, but there we go. so we'll say the foldover, he
2:49 pm
made it past the bloomberg route. kristin, i throw it to you. can he survive the overelitist approach? we've got the kasich film? run it. is the foldover worse than this? take a look at this and give me your opinion. fork and knife. >> ooh. now we just have to stare -- [laughter] >> all i've got to say is when we watched that first clip of desantis just folding the pizza over, i kind of wanted a piece of pizza. and then you show showed me that bloomberg clip, and now it's like, i'm good. i'm going to think of something else for dinner. here's what's most befuddle about this. ron desantis is someone who has rocketed up the charts in terms of early 2024 republican presidential speculation. if trump doesn't run, desantis at the moment is kind of the
2:50 pm
front-runner in that world. and so part of his appeal is that he's constantly getting attacked by the media over things like his handling of covid which has turned out to be okay in florida, over his many decisions he fights back, and that is actually a big piece of why so many republicans like him. every time democrats do some goofy, stupid hit like this on him, it only makes him stronger. >> so he folds up and they've got to eat their own words. mr. gallagher, is this just distraction? is this the ability -- they won't just say, good job. they won't say, wow, you know what? you're pretty quick because you read and followed the science and did the right thing and protected your people. but you fold your pizza over. is it just distraction in your opinion. >> >> yeah, tyrus, this is the same story we did yesterday with tim scott. they're not going after him because of his policies, they're not going after him for anything except for the fact that he is a republican, and he is beginning to gain traction, and they view
2:51 pm
him as a threat. same thing with ron desantis. they don't care how he eats his pizza, they care that he's resonating in the state of florida for the way he handles cocovid, that he's now resonating nationally for some of the common sense decisions he's made, and that means he's becoming more powerful, and that's why they're going to go after everything from the way he eats pizza to the way he walks, to the way he combs his hair for the next couple of weeks. and we should note, the foldover is called the new york fold orr. -- foldover. every time you walk down the street, you see somebody eating a slice of pizza, and you always fold itover because -- >> you don't want to get it on your suit. protecting the suit. >> that's exactly right. >> he's protecting the suit! >> that's the proper way to eat pizza when you're standing up. you fold it over the stuff doesn't come down on your suit, and that's how they've been doing it in new york for hundreds of years. >> topnotch journalism.
2:52 pm
[laughter] yes, of course he did -- >> after he ate it. >> pick on him for pizza, it's whatever. tonight hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for the oscars. whoo hoo. and all of us, while all of us are suffering the pandemic, celebrities will get a swag bag worth more than $2,000. wow, that's nice. we'll show you what's in that bag next. ♪♪ we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa.
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♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." hollywood rolling out the red carpet tonight for the 93rd academy awards. and while the country is still in the coronavirus pandemic, one thing has not changed, oscar nominees are once again being showered with expensive swag bags with a price tag of $205,000. an oscars producer recently told "the new york times" the minute by minute show ratings analysis indicated that vast flocks of people turn off their tvs when celebrity it is start to opine if on politics. first of all, i want to pull up what is in this swag bag. i think we've got it. well, this extensive amount of things. they have 24-carat gold vape
2:57 pm
cartridges. a three-night stay at a swanky place in sweden, the list goes on. you know, tyrus, celebrities, they're really just like us, right? >> ivan got to be honest, i thought it was $2,000. [laughter] $205,000? for a bag of swag? i mean, it's my wife's birthday tomorrow. happy birthday, ingrid, and she ain't getting a swag bag like that and i love her to death, but, damn. maybe i could invoke my woke privilege and any of those elitists, those white privileged actors want to doe the nate a mother -- donate a brother a bag, i'm all in it. this is the ridiculousness that is the oscars. as an actor, i hate to say this because one of the dreams, you want to say i'd like to thank the academy and, by the way, please be polite to fur seals.
2:58 pm
it's gotten completely out of whack. of course it's political. the last book at the bottom, anti-racist children's book. two, three things that should never be put together, so it's 100% political, and people willl do what they've been doing, changing the channel. it'll be click, click, binge watch something else tonight. >> well, and ricky gervais had it so right in that monologue at the golden globes. i think we've got the quote when he said, yes, it was perfect. he said -- can we pull it up here? born into the tv game with a morning show, a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweat shops in china. and it went on to say that basically, you know, if any of these people had to sign up, you know that you'd be calling your agent. that's a fact, trace. that's why people hate these celebrities, they're all just a bunch of hypocrites. >> listen, i don't think it's going to be as political a because trump's going out of
2:59 pm
office, and what are they going to do, rag on joe biden for the border crisis? i don't think it's going to happen. it's going to be a ratings flop because there was no box office of. no movies were in theaters, no buzz. you don't really know what the best movies of the year were because you didn't have the top ten list. some people saw them, some people didn't, but you don't really have the energy you had when you went and saw titanic or top gun in the big theater and you got a chance to kind of feel what it was all about. nobody is really invested in the oscars this year with. of. >> trace -- [inaudible conversations] >> look, i'm excited about the dresses, although there'll be less of that because i think there's still a social distancing aspect. but titanic, that was the last time i really care about who won for best picture. leonardo dicaprio got rob robbed. >> king kong v. godzilla should win it. i'm telling you now. >> trace, are you --
3:00 pm
[inaudible] >> no, i'm not. i didn't see any of the movies, so i don't have a reason to really watch. >> because i'm not going to lie, i didn't want even know it was on tonight. that, sadly, does it for us this weekend. "the fox report" with jon scott starts now. ♪♪ jon: just in to fox news, the family of andrew brown jr., a black man shot and killed by police in north carolina last wednesday, will get to view the body cam video of the incident. good evening. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon after increasing pressure to make that body cam video public, the sheriff says andrew brown's family and their lawyers will receive a private viewing tomorrow morning. it'll be the first time anyone outside the sheriff's and district attorney's office has seen it. griff jenkins is live in elizabeth city, north carolina. so if the family will get to see the video, griff, why is the sheriff not releasing it


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