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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 3, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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"fox news @ night" is next. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night" pete i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight. the cdc is taking heat from critics following the revelation that one of the nation's most powerful teachers unions influenced official guidelines. on one school should reopen following all of these pandemic shutdowns. what we discovered and a live report, minutes away. and mixed messaging on masks continuing keeping americans confused. plus, why some think washington, d.c., is taking a page out of the 1980s movie
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"footloose" by banning dancing at weddings. as they are trying to ease things up a bit and progressives demanding d.c. go backwards, not forwards. plus, exclusive messy new video. body cam video footage of california tonight. a woman in a traffic stop hurling repeated insults at an officer, calling him a murderer and a over and over again. a live report on what happened, next. coming up. we'll begin tonight with president biden taking a pressure from the left on the refugee camps. and facing mounting pressure from the right on how the cdc is setting guidelines. several states say, hey, we are just fully reopened now. a report wrecking all the latest developments tonight. good to see you, kevin. >> thank you and good evening. the american federation of teachers is a fairly powerful lobbying group. as a union. and actually lobbied the cdc and offered for the agencies school
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reopening guidance back in february. that is according to emails between the union, the cdc, and the white house. and i don't happened. just before the agency's recommendation putting the brakes on full and in-person classroom learning. >> the emails obtained by fox news thanks to a freedom of information act requests by americans for public trust and also provided to "the new york post" show a flurry of activity between cdc director dr. rochelle walensky, her advisors, you know visuals, and the white house. the link in the days before the for grade 12 announcement on school reopening guidelines. one such email from the union thing to the cdc for taking part in a rich discussion about forthcoming cdc guidance and for your openness to suggestions. adding "we were able to review a copy of the draft document over the weekend, and were able to provide some initial feedback about possible ways to strengthen the documents. "that's a very scary situation
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instead of saying the independent arbiter of the science, we see that they are in fact influenced by a very strong lobby group. speak of the final cdc guidance won high praise from the amt which wrote in a statement the cdc -- still others questioned whether the cdc's guidance did in fact follow the signs. particularly given evidence showing school-age children were not a primary source of covert infections. >> we should have a politicized public health bureaucracy like the cdc answering at the beck and call of the teachers unions. we need kids in schools with their teachers now. >> in a statement fox news, aft acknowledged it has been in regular touch with agencies setting policy that affects their work and lives, including the cdc. however, they point out "we contacted the agency more in 2020 during the trump administration then we have during the biden administration in 2021. "their afflictions come as the
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biden administration has followed through on a plan to expand or hold a number of refugees allowed into the u.s. this year. raising the nation's cap on refugee admissions 262,500 this year. up from 15,000, the trump air limits. >> quite a dramatic rise there. now back to the teacher union controversy for just a moment. aft and its abilities have long been one of the most reliable and deep-pocketed donor constituencies of the democratic party. dropping, wait for it, almost $20 million to elect party members during the 2020 election cycle alone. that's according to the center for responsive politics. so it does stand to reason they would have the ear of the powerful democrats but the white house and obviously congress. aft spokeswoman added that the union did work very closely with the trump administration, so we are not supposed to read too much into their willingness to collaborate with the biden administration. shannon. >> shannon: okay. all right, kevin. as we talk about the schools
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getting reopened, the guidelines, some mixed messages tonight from the biden administration as the president has not been following the latest guidance from the cdc to dig or mask outdoors if you have been fully vaccinated. to listen to it no top white house advisor said and then will get your response on the other side. >> we do take some extra precautions for him because he is the president of the united states. but i would say that people should follow the cdc guidelines. and they should take advantage of getting the vaccine, getting fully vaccinated, and taking that mask off. >> shannon: okay, so one message the president is sending even if it is doing it inadvertently about the efficacy of the vaccine. speak a very interesting because if you are saying he is taking an extra precaution, it does make you wonder, why then would we all not to be taking an extra precaution? although i talked to a researcher who is actually done a great deal of study on this topic. i don't want to divulge the name, but they are very learned and they work over in maryland. and she suggested to me that
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because the vaccines are not 100%, they are still 95 or 97, it's a good idea to go ahead and take the extra precaution. although i think you are fair to point out that if you are saying you are vaccinated and that should return america to normal life. it does make you wonder why a lot of people, such as the president, are still wearing a mask even though they are vaccinated. >> shannon: or doubling their mask when their room from front of all the people who are also vaccinated. so there's lots more to this mass confusion here in d.c. where you and i live and work. mayor muriel backtrack. she was going to loosen the restrictions for believe dominic fully vaccinated adults paper tell us about how that went over and what is happening now? >> what a mess. and this is one of the great things about living in a city like washington which is truly unique among american cities and yet is also vexing because you know that sometimes what happens politically nationally it really impacts the way this particular city is run. you mentioned it. earlier, muriel bowser really backtracked because she was trying to reopen the city just a
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little bit more. get people who have been vaccinated even more freedom. but now she has backed out of that just a bed. including an idea that would prohibit dancing at weddings without a mask. which i am just trying to figure -- you are not going to stop people from doing the electric slide. i'm just telling you. i'm just putting that out there, shane appeared to be one listen, i'm only up to date arena which is like 15 or 20 years old. so anything beyond that i slopped to work >> you have some work to do, my friend. >> shannon: i deftly do. thank you very much grade we will talk to you a little bit later. thanks, kevin. former new york city mayor and presidential attorney rudy giuliani demanding some of the nation's top media outlets reveal their sources after the publication of a false accusation against him. this case is once again shining a light on how the media makes corrections after
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attention-getting reports turned out to be inaccurate or wrong. here's fox news media analyze and post a fox news media buzz howard kurtz. >> this much is true. federal investigators did see his electronic devices from the rudy giuliani after searching his home and office. then three news organizations, "the washington post," followed by "the new york times" and nbc nose took it a step further. charging the fbi had given donald trump's former lawyer a dire warning. >> this warning was given by the fbi counterintelligence division back in 2019. nbc news confirming this washington news reporting. >> and that is a significant blow to the credibility, turns out to be false. over the weekend, they made a correction per "the new york times" self edited its peace to remove the false accusation then publish a correction. and nbc ran a correction as well. but the bogus allegation echoed across the media landscape, and the corrections are drawing little attention even though
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cable news today is still talking about the former new york mayor and the probe into his dealings with ukraine. >> giuliani told fox news today the media gets caught in a terrible liar. he has called the poe story defamatory and demanded both papers reveal their sources who targeted an american citizen. when it comes to trump in russia, there is a long trail of media blunders and exaggerations. >> these mistakes that the media always make, have you noticed they never are in republicans favor? no one sees a correction. >> how to take he was the story? nbc says it based its on one source. and some are questioning such leaks, which are illegal. >> if i am running a law enforcement agency and my people keep leaking stuff like this, they are fired. >> by msnbc's joe scarborough did mention the retracted nbc report. these mistakes don't undermine the seriousness of the julianna probe but highlight the media's
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risk of relying on anonymous informants. and there's long been an understanding that news outlets can disclose the name sources if they conclude the sources live. shane m. >> shannon: howie kurtz. thank you. next up, it's tonight's "real news roundup." a minneapolis target store that was burned and looted during last summer's george floyd riots and reopen months later now has an interesting artwork on site. we girls displayed outside the store include one depicting a burning building with protesters raising their arms. merrill by five young black artists were created in collaboration with target and a minneapolis nontarget the back public this weekend was proposition b renton center in austin. by vote of 57% to 42%, local residents brought back the ban on a potential permanent charges for a legal homeless encampments which have exploded there in recent years. residents and business owners
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form saved also now which held to push for the measure's. in another -- voters in lubbock approving a measure that would outlaw abortion within city limits. the ordinance passing by a 62 to 37% margin now has residents referring to lubbock as a sanctuary city for the unborn. the vote is expected to quickly draw a legal challenge. former president donald trump will learn his facebook face this wednesday when the company's 20 person independent oversight board will issue a decision on whether to agree and state has access following january's indefinite suspension. facebook has pledged to adhere by the panel's decision. tonight, president biden getting some important covid data. well, not exactly right. >> when i got elected, i said in the first 100 days we would get 100 million people vaccinated. i was wrong. we got 230 million vaccinated. >> shannon: let's get to the
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facts. the former camp line thought -- and host of the next revolution steve hilton for gentlemen, welcome both of you. >> high shannon. good to be with you. >> shannon: biden overstates how many americans have been immunized. altogether, 140 million people have gotten at least one dose and close to 106 million have been fully vaccinated. knots 230 million as of monday. most 247 million shots have been given according to the centers for disease control and prevention. steve, a slip of the tongue? >> it's more than that because we see one of these almost every single time that biden opens his mouth. and people use the word senile to describe the president. the real meaning of that is not supposed to be an insult. it describes someone of a certain age whose mental capacity are declining. and it's clear that is the case of the president. doesn't mean he's not in control. doesn't mean he's not in charge. it's not an insult. it just means that he's
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constantly making these mistakes every single time he goes out. the serious point, however, is that actually the strategy on vaccinations is getting in the way of what we all need to see, which is the opening up the country. what he is doing, for example, by flouting his own cdc guidelines on mask wearing is increasing vaccine hesitancy. it's actually making it less likely that people will get the vaccine. and what it all adds up to, i think, is the sense that biden and the people around them, the public health authorities, it's like they want some type of permanent pandemic. they actually love the control they have over our lives. they love spending money to alleviate the consequences of their lockdown. that is the real point. knots the verbal stumbles that i'm afraid we are going to have to get used to because that is what we have for president. >> kevin reported earlier about this mixed messaging. and how it can be confusing for people about why he is still wearing a mask outside. he is been vaccinated for quite a bit of time.
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in his prime layer around other people have been vaccinated. but the cdc says you're outside, if you're fully back sunday, you don't have to wear a mask. even the senior advisors of this history, he said i thinks the president takes the cdc guidelines very seriously. and he always taken his role as sending a signal to follow the science very seriously as well. but kevin, what he is doing with the outside mask wearing after being fully vaccinated doesn't seem to line up with what the cdc is saying. >> yeah, it's a good question. i think you were going to see them start to take that mask off more when he is outside. obviously websites when he is inside and in those situations. but this president is leading when it comes to this vaccine rollout, as you point out with ap reporting. over 250 million americans at least have one child in their arm. over a hundred 6 million americans are fully vaccinated. he is widespread support grade four in ten republicans even support when it comes to leadership when it comes to covid at 65% of americans support his job approval when it
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comes to covid-19 piece of this is a president that is leading on this. compare that to the previous guy who said inject bleach, for example, as opposed to the cove in 19 vaccine. so i think this president -- i really don't understand this kind of right-wing attack on the slope of the tongue with regards to this manufactured controversy. spewing okay. and we will be as at the bleach comments are now because that isn't a whole nother debate we can have about that and how they may characterize. but they said hundred 40 million people have gotten at least one dose. two and 47 million shots i begin with. okay, quickly and went to get you guys to the comment on something some trends in texas. they have a special election. no democratics finished well enough to go into the runoff. it is now two republicans there. dallas and a suburb there has rejected what they call the opponent called "woke social school curriculum" and local elections i prayed and also has voted to bring back the ban on homeless and commence. we also voted about lubbock boating itself a sanctuary city for the on board and a ban on abortion. quick comments from you bolt. what does it say to you about
9:16 pm
how average americans are feeling about cursive issues, but democrats, and what he could signal for 2022. steve. >> i think what it tells me is something i've heard from someone who's really been studying the rise of this woke ideology is ideas i have documented on my show is not something that has popped up after the george floyd protest. this has been a work in academia and elsewhere for about 100 years. the woke ideology. and the points that was made to me was that the moments when people start to find back is when the woke ideology comes for your children. when it starts being applied and schools. when kids come home from schools and tell their parents i've been told today that i am a racist because of my skin color. at that point, the people rise up against it. that is what we are seeing now. this is a very encouraging sign events, and i hope to see much more events. all across the country. >> shannon: kevin, does have
9:17 pm
you nervous at all that special election with a house eat and these other message that seem to be saying no to progressive policies? speak up we have had this conversation before. i'm a democrat, so i'm always nervous when it comes to elections. i wouldn't read too much into a 23 person special election feel down in texas. one of the people they got through that election is a widow -- i think it's still also surly. 550 days to read anything into the midterms at this point. >> shannon: kevin is keeping the content clock for us. we will check back with you with how many days away. all right. it will be here before we know it. thank you both very much. come back soon. the internet's cracking over a little baby's surprising voice and this adorable pop now a sensation for a pretty unique skill. look at how quick he has. my dog he could never do that. today's best viral videos, next.
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♪ ♪ spew and check it out. a kayaker paddling along the irish coast enjoying a moment with two humpback whales. recording the large creatures and circling his kayak before they decided to some way. he said they seemed very curious as to what i was and they came very close, but not so much as to put me in danger. what an encounter. well, multiple plants about sightings recorded by the national weather service and aurora nebraska. check this one out. catching the thrilling phenomenon while driving. land spouts are smaller and weaker than most great plains tornadoes, but i can still quite dangerous. i would have been driving in the opposite direction.
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>> mama? >> mama. [laughter] >> shannon: okay. that is not a trick. apparently the 16-month-old irish baby cropping up the internet with a surprising voice. aiden, also known as a.j., was casually munching on various when he was asked to say mama. both have, his parents were caught off guard by his robust response they say. and mom and dad's a little a.j. still sounds like that saying mama. i love it. well, the anaconda from boston going into her annual medical exam. she is 13 years old. weighs about 80 pounds. measures 4 meters. was it in feet? i don't know. long. wilson has a clean bill of health. and by the way, not pregnant. takes a certain rat filed has pressed dido genesis, which is certainly the his seat ability to reproduce without a male partner. a georgia man going viral after running into his garage sure while attempting to chug
9:25 pm
sparkling water without burping. ouch. i'm not sure that is legit, but in the comments he says he hurt his head but he has since recovered. the video has amassed more than 1.6 million likes on tiktok e. and finally, this adorable toxin has become a viral sensation for balancing a series of random objects on his head. his owner said they were amazed to discover his hidden talents after jokingly placing a squeaky toy on his head and watching as he stood there still is a statue. the balancing hound house more than 170,000 followers on the instagram, though i'm told us not cool to call it "the graham." we have an exclusive story with body can video to show you tonight have a traffic stop in los angeles county where a women being cited for using her cell phone while driving launched into a lengthy verbal
9:26 pm
attack on the ticketing officer. who also was recording it. bill has a story lifer is tonight from our west coast newsroom. and welcome officially to the fox family in fox news and nine, gets you, bill. >> good to see. glad to be on board. the video here, it is pretty stunning. it is really a grade a example of the kind of hostility that some officers face when they are out there on the streets just doing their job grade the footage you are about to see here is not from the l.a. county sheriff department's official body cam video. they are still in the process of being rolled out to all of their deputies. instead, the video actually comes from a deputy who tells me he decided to invest in his own personal body camera kind of to protect himself from any false allegations while he is out there on the job. now, he says this all started off as just a simple traffic stop a couple weeks ago. but the woman suddenly for the berating him and then started making racist comments. take a listen to the video. >> i pulled you over because -- >> because you are my to read.
9:27 pm
i started record because you are a matter of. >> you can't be on your cell phone while you are driving could speak out i was recording you because you scared me. >> you can be on your cell phone -- may have your driver's license? >> it is at my apartment. and i am perfectly legal. and i am a teacher. so they. >> congratulations. so i will cite you for using your cell phone while driving. >> for him being a mexican race this? >> a citation, ma'am. >> you're always going to be a mexican. you are never going to be white, you know that, right? speak up some cringe inducing, say. now fox news has learned the name of this woman. however, this time we are not identifying her. we have reached out to her multiple times for a comments. and so far we just haven't gotten to a response yet. i did speak with l.a. county sheriff alex via nueva about this incident. he told me he was appalled by what he saw and that video there but he prays the deputy in the
9:28 pm
deputy is a 14-year-old veteran the mike bell my family 14 year veteran and props to him for staying cool and staying professional during that period take a listen. >> it just shows you how abusive people can be when we just trying to do our job. god bless them. totally unflappable. no matter which he threw with that him, he didn't take the bait. he was very calm, very professional. i just want to commence the deputy. they were extremely professional. >> now here's the kicker. the sheriff's department confirmed to me today that the woman in the video you saw there, she actually called internal affairs afterward and filed a harassment complaint against the deputy right after that traffic stop. the department also tells me she has a history of making false claims against deputies. so shannon, fantastic idea for the deputy to get that personal body cam. it might end up protecting him here. spew and yeah. and that has been such a
9:29 pm
discussion of that's over the last figure is making sure it's available so that people who feel like they are wronged by the police and provides a full of fisher for the officer. now, they'll be, because it is her first official night as part of the fox news family, we're going to ask you to do a little double duty. we had planned to have sheriff with us on the next story. we are having some technical difficulty. so i can pick your brain a little bit for this is another la-based story. west coast bay story. the headlines out of the ap that 76,000 california inmates could be released earlier with good behavior. and they going to say this. these can include violence and repeat felons. the idea is that more than 63,000 inmates convicted a violent crime will be eligible for good behavior credits that shorten their sentences by one-third. how is this going over out there out west? >> there's a bipartisan amounts of people freaking out to be honest. because you have to keep in mind, this idea what they are
9:30 pm
proposing here, that is artie on top of the fact that the state flat-out thousands of inmates during the covid 19 pandemic. and ultimately when the states want to do, they want to close presence down. i went to the close at least two of them down. so by doing this, they believe it's going to help decompress everything and it's going to look at on the books. but the question is what is the expense going to be as public safety because you munched at. these are not just people who are writing hot checks. these are people who have violent felony criminal histories here. adw suspects. everything on the umbrella they are considering leeson as long as is somebody serving life with the possibility of parole. so what happens from here or what happens from here is going to remain to be seen, but 76,000, that is not a small number when you compare the fact that we have artie had thousands of inmates already went out here in california. and we have crime on the rise, especially here in l.a. homicides are shooting to the roof.
9:31 pm
>> shannon: well, and you have covered, as we follow the story is too the prosecutor in l.a. who is doing things like this painting or renaming or watering down things like the hard-core gang unit. deciding not to prosecute -- deciding on the clued enhancements of the prosecution. i have to imagine a lot of people there locally, especially law enforcement, are frustrated with one after another thing that seems like the work they are doing out there on the streets is not always carried through at the prosecutorial level read and people it'd been able to get convicted and behind bars for legitimate crimes. speak out going speak of the share of who you are going to have on has actually told me before that he thinks the combination of what rda here is doing and releasing all these inmates is what he calls a suicide pact because you are right. our new day out tear, george gascon, no gun enhancements, no gang enhancement, not prosecuting juveniles as adults. no special circumstances.
9:32 pm
no death penalty. notes and believe in cash bill. but when you put that in combination with tens of thousands of potentially violent inmates being released, by law enforcement officials say it's just not good. and public safety is going to think ahead. speak all right. bill doing triple duty basically force on all the stories out there. we will see you again soon. a disney fairy tale under fire from the left over egg has. and caitlin jenna weighs in on transgender students participating in sports on the lightning round, next. s worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living.
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principal. for all it's worth.
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speakman final after more than 100 days, the assailant has reopened in southern california. but the new and improved snow white enchanted wish ride is already coming under fire all because of prince charming's kiss without her consent while she is under a curse and to sleep. and to be fair, he did think she was dead.
9:38 pm
let's talk about it and other items on a woke america hitless. lightning rod for of hate crimes post professor wilford miley paid welcome back, professor. >> always great to be on the show. >> shannon: okay. this is what he says about it. the kids he gives to her without her consent while she is asleep, which cannot possibly be true love -- they are not happy about the ride. what say you? >> i was more a tarzan and dr. doolittle boy, but i mean, as i recall, snow white, the only thing that could wake her up was true love's kiss. that is part of the fairy tale. so consent is obviously important, but that's an interesting metaphor. a prince charming had followed every rule today, she would eventually house died there alone. >> shannon: well, and i don't think he was trying to make out there. she thought she was dead. it could've been a goodbye kiss. but i wonder what you think disney will do now because we have seen a lot of corporations that have run into all kinds of
9:39 pm
different criticism and have really backpedaled when they do. >> well, fairy tales, from a grim area of human history. generally, they are just unrealistically remade them, so the pirate no longer run with bags of money and women. they are sort of consensual option. they can find some type of a contract, snow white and the prince. i don't know how it can be handled. >> shannon: okay. we will watch paid will keep an eye on the right page is happy it is back, and families skin going to enjoy paid in the meantime, caitlyn jenner who has claimed to be part of the rent to try to get rid of gavin governor newsom, also weighed in on sports and it is sparking some backlash. here's the quote. >> there's the question of fairness. that was why i oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girl sports in schools. >> shannon: so a tweet from ricky donna law, says starting
9:40 pm
out her campaign as i knew she would, manga -- loon agrees with g.o.p. bigots that trans children should be banned from all sports. she is in no way and i way to the lgbtq community. she is a formal, selfish, opportunistic fraud. q. we have seen this from other members of the community when they come out with something that doesn't agree with more progressive part of the community. they are just basically told to get out. you don't represent us at all. >> yeah, that wasn't exactly a fair and balanced tweet, if you will. i think jenner makes an obvious point that you at the very least have to take seriously. at the very least have to debate. most people aren't transphobic in the literal sense of being terrified of trans people. people have very practical questions of fairness and trans competitions. because any nonintersects trans women in purely biological terms is going to be biologically male. and we can't just dismiss that.
9:41 pm
we can't pretend that's not a question. and caitlyn jenner is someone who is an olympic athlete while a man. i knows that. >> shannon: okay. that's another one will keep an eye on. meanwhile, i want to touch on this one. a jeopardy contestant, i think we've a little bit video of this. had just one i believe another round of jeopardy and made a hand gesture that caused a meltdown. okay. i can hear it, but i don't know if we can see it. he makes a gesture where he is holding a three and cupping his fingers to his chest. a letter went out from form a jeopardy contest since that side regardless of its state of intent, the gesture is a racist dog whistle, some of the first people to notice it or people of color who needless to say are attuned to racist messaging which and did not allow the symbol to be broadcast. this guy said he was horrified. he rejects everything about racism and white supremacy.
9:42 pm
he was making a gesture that he had won three times in a row. that's not good enough for some folks. >> yeah. he was making the three-point sign or okay sign. this was a joke that's began on 4. the idea was that many leftists were so sensitive that you could attempt to reinvent the okay sign as a symbol of white supremacy and people would fall for it. see you not have these controversies where people are playing the circle game or they are holding up three because i just won three in a row, which is literally with this guy's doing, and they are being accused of being racist. so it's really amazing that the small group of burros on the internet is able to influence culture to this extent. i will say that. >> shannon: well, it is just a lesson to all of us that we need to take a breath, give each other a chance to explain regardless of what side you're on so we can at least go after things largely to mail you need to be attacked as evil. and not make a show of destroying someone's life potentially over something that was full of innocent intentions
9:43 pm
as it appears it was here. professor, great to have you. thank you. >> always good to come on. >> shannon: a guy makes a single mortgage payment then refuses to leave the house for 23 years. how he abuse the core system to fight off numerous tends to actually evict him. "night court" is next. you are the jury. [sfx: kids laughing] [sfx: bikes passing]
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: time now for "night court." the pandemic has turned up a lot of legal trouble for landlords and tenants, but one long island native taking his property or to a whole new level. he has filed multiple lawsuits and in claims all to avoid eviction. he even was once offered $20,000 to leave the house that you see there. that photo from daily mail. instead of taking it, he filed for bankruptcy again. now a new lawsuit says it is time for this occupancy to end. it has been 23 years. to get tonight's legal eagle, ryan. an attorney, kelly hyman. happy to have both of you back with us tonight. hi, shannon. spew in our age, guys. i couldn't believe as i was reading this one. let's start with exhibit a, which is this.
9:49 pm
the daily mail reporting on this since three different odors have tried to take him from the easement a home since he was foreclosed on and 2,000. 2,000. that's 20 years ago. but he drowned each of the three hunters and legal actions. he has made only one mortgage payment of $1,602.37 before defaulting. brian. >> shannon, this case has everything to do with an indictment of our existing bankruptcy laws and our existing laws and the civil court system. i have bad news for the bank and for the lender that wants to get this property back. i would argue that under the laws in new york. the squatter has a legal right now to adverse possession. why? because in new york, if you stay in a property and its open and notorious to the bank. in other words, the bank knows that you are in that's property. and another element is you
9:50 pm
actively live in that property for ten years. under new york law, this guide should be filing a lawsuit to get title to the property under adverse possession. don't shoot the messenger. shoot your legislators who need to rework the laws like in bankruptcy court. why do we have an automatic stay if somebody files for bankruptcy and they are behind on their mortgage? that is not fair. so let's change the laws and let's give this guy the property. >> shannon: so no one is shooting anyone. but you do point the right finger at the lawmakers of. like hey, if you like it, get to change a pair that takes us to exhibit b. it says he claims in court papers that trace committed blatant fraud in 2010 by trying to evict him when he didn't have proper title to the home. and accuse the bank and withholding surplus funds from a previous option of the property. kelly, he says the bank didn't get this right when they try to kick me out.
9:51 pm
>> right. while everybody's entitled to the day" but people shouldn't abuse the system. and based on the allegations, it appears that he is abusing the system. he has filed bankruptcy numerous times. he filed numerous lawsuits that have been dismissed. enough is enough. something has to change. this is just not right. >> shannon: well, and we have more in that from exhibit c. this is also from the daily mail's reporting. he filed for lawsuits claiming bankruptcy for seven times since he bought the house at 2468 kenmore street for $200,000 in 1990. as i said, he is only made one payment. so for $1600, he at a place to live for 23 years. and he is game the systems -- date filed bankruptcy because that gives them this automatic pause where the creditors can come after him. >> just to explain for your viewers, when you file for bankruptcy, it stays all the proceedings.
9:52 pm
but you are allowed under bankruptcy law to pursue a lawsuit for example if there is fraud. you can avert the modern state. so maybe we need to create a new law and bankruptcy courts that doesn't allow you that automatic stay. that allows the bank to continue to litigate in the bankruptcy court so that we can remove this individual from the property. so again, we really need to rework the laws in our country. >> shannon: okay. and kelly we bring up exhibit b for you. reporting on this. on this issue of landlords and tenants in the possession. he says all it takes is 30 days of being in a property before a squatter is upgraded from a legal trespasser to legal tenant under new york state law. at that point, evicting them requires the same lengthy and costly process that evicting a legal tenant would. so once he made it past 30 days, kelly, there was a whole fight to get him out. it has been 23 years. is brian right that maybe it is
9:53 pm
about changing the laws of this point? we can't blame the guy making the most of the system as he found it. >> right. usually people use the bankruptcy system have good intentions, but there are a few bad apples as well. i think we have to think about whether the bankruptcy court when this case comes before them says that anyone lives at this address that is a going forward were also coordinates with the state court as well. i think that's important. and i think that would help going forward in these types of cases. >> shannon: already, kelly, and brian, thank you both for weighing in on this case. and tonight "night court." by the way at home, i think you have some ideas about how this works and if you have your own mortgage. let us know what you think at "fox news @ night." attorneys, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you. >> shannon: and before we say good night, some good news. 79 men from alberta, canada, check this out, went to a local beauty store. wanted to learn how to do hair and makeup for his wife after
9:54 pm
her vision sort of feeling. she always kept yourself together. one student taught him how to curled hair using a mannequin. even learned some things like applying mascara. and since a lesson, the couple has gone back to the school to think everyone who are very impressed with his new school. this is one of the sweetest things i've ever heard. >> that if such a great story. i love stuff like that, because i think we all want somebody to be there when we especially need it in our senior year spread i want to leave you this. going to take you to the great state of colorado. my home state. that just love the story. this is buttercup. and buttercup is a companion for the school resource officer at a school in douglas county. that is just south of denver. you know, has been an awful tough year for student and parents to be fair. but buttercup who has been through extensive training both in the state of florida and around the country gets there to make sure that the kids know it's going to be all right. love love buttercup. love douglas county for doing that for the kids. >> shannon: i love it.
9:55 pm
he has such a sweet little face and you can see is kindness. kevin, love that story. want to get a chance to chat with you. we will see you back here tomorrow night. that is it for us from washington. good night. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪ the bowls are back. applebee's irresist-a-bowls all just $8.99. not all 5g networks are created equal.
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