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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 24, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> well, that concludes our program once again. happy birthday to kathy doocy. if you see her today say happy birthday. >> don't forget to download the app. if you have some time run for the radio show. watch that on fox nation, too. >> have a good day, everyone. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning. previously undisclosed intel on the possible origins of covid. the "wall street journal" reporting several researchers at a lab in wuhan, china, became sick, were treated at a local hospital in november of 2019. follow the timeline as we work through the story. hope you had an awesome weekend. welcome to a new week. >> dana: i'm great. how are you? happy monday. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." the story about the lab is huge in 2020 and now big in may of
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2021 and good reason. >> bill: this theory is coming back into mainstream. three of these researchers working at the wuhan lab are now reported to have been treated at the hospital. what happened at that point? who were they exposed to? either at the hospital, en route or perhaps at home. all these questions are out there to try to be solved. >> dana: even dr. anthony fauci says he is not convinced covid developed naturally and called for an investigation on the matter. john ratcliffe slammed the biden administration for not doing enough to confront china. >> they put a 200 page plan on covid-19 not one word on the origins of covid-19 even though there is increasingly intelligence and evidence that indicates that the origins was a lab leak from the wuhan institute of virology. they aren't helping themselves by putting people in with ties with the chinese communist
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party or doing work for china and the chinese communist party into this administration. >> bill: we'll talk to former secretary of state mike pompeo about all of this. first rich edson leads our coverage from the state department this morning. hello, rich. >> good morning, bill. three researchers from the wuhan institute of virology were sick enough in november of 2019 that they went to the hospital. this is according to a report in the "wall street journal." in january the state department revealed that the u.s. government had reason to believe that several researchers there had become sick in the autumn of 2019. former state department official who worked here during the trump administration tells fox that foreign government contacts informed the u.s. about several scientists who were tied to covid research at the lab falling sick in november of 2019. china's government disputes that. the wuhan lab director just told chinese state media these reports are a completely. though there are growing calls
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among international scientists to at least investigate whether the covid-19 pandemic began in a lab. >> are you still confident it develop naturally? >> i'm not convinced about that. i think that we should continue to investigate what went on in china until we find out to the best of our ability exactly what happened. >> early this year world health organization team visited china. its report claimed the virus most likely spread from bats to another animal and then to humans. they noted a lab leak was extremely unlikely. though scientists say china's government is withholding records and samples. scientists should continue to study whether the virus leaked from a lab. state department has called for a more thorough investigation though it is unclear how the biden administration would compel it. >> bill: thanks, rich edson leading our coverage from the
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state department. >> dana: more now with mike pompeo. we're glad to have you here this morning. i want to take you back to may of 2020 and what the media was saying about this idea. "the new york times" headline senator tom cotton repeating a fringe theory. trump is saying it but no evidence. "washington post" said this is possibly media misinformation from conservatives. here we are a year later. the reason i always paid attention to what -- i always pay attention to what you're saying but on this in particular you were in a position to know about this intelligence. is there anything you can say today that perhaps you weren't able to say a year ago? >> dana, we spent a lot of time working on this problem and january we were able to declassify a lot of material i knew about much earlier. i made remarks in may of 2020 talking about this risk. and it was outrageous to see scientists, even government, u.s. government scientists denying this when they have
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surely must have seen the same information i saw. that includes dr. fauci as well. we need to know what happened here. the chinese communist party knows what happened here and where it began. these three individuals who became sick, symptoms were consistent with what someone would get if they had covid-19. wuhan virus. we need to get to the bottom of it. it could happen again. they're conducting research in the same laboratories today done in ways similar to what happened back over a year ago. this is dangerous. we could end up with something much like this again being set upon the world. the united states has a responsibility to demand the chinese communist party gives us the things they know. they know the answer to these things and refuse to hand over this information. >> bill: the world may demand it along the way but the party in beijing acts differently. who is to say we'll ever get a straight answer?
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>> will, i think we eventually will. somebody will have worked in that laboratory and decide they can sneak out of china and tell the truth i'm convinced. sadly, i don't think it will happen in a timely fashion. what can the world do and hold china accountable? many ways. why on earth would you rejoin the world health organization that rewards the chinese. they colluded to keep this information out of the hands of the world. so there are many things the united states government could do to impose real costs on the chinese communist party until they come clean. we know they covered up this virus. i'm confident we'll find the evidence consistent with a lab leak and that's what we'll see. if i'm wrong i hope the chinese communist party will come forward and make a fool out of me. >> bill: if this is true and it happened in november of 2019, if only the world would have
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known. think about how much grief this planet would have been spared. >> bill, i remember talking with dr. redfield about this at great length. we were working so hard. hhs, we were working so hard to get this information in early january of 2020 when we were trying to figure out what was about to hit the world. the chinese communist party had gone completely dark. they wouldn't take phone calls or answer our questions. we sent inquiries. we couldn't get a straight answer. ambassador couldn't get a straight answer. chinese communist party knew they had the problem and didn't want the world to know it and they still have a problem they still don't want us to know it. >> dana: the worst manmade disaster in the history of the planet. someone needs to be held accountable. this is brazen over the weekend ruse belarus hijacked a plane
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to divert the plane saying there was a bomb threat. four russian citizens are taken off the plane when it lands and the opposition leader to the belarus president basically arrested and thrown in jail. anthony blinken who has the secretary of state position said this. we strongly condemn the regime's shocking act to divert a commercial flight and arrest a journalist. we're coordinating on next steps. we stand with the people of belarus. what else needs to be done here? >> there are lots of things the administration could do. the first instance this is the e.u.'s responsibility traveling across the european places. they have lots of influence. nato has the ability to do things as well. there are multiple entities that could take real action to impose costs on the belarus leadership that demanded this. it is outrageous to pull a commercial airplane out of the air just to get your hands around the journalist.
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this wasn't like there was a terrorist on the plane or a immediate threat to anybody on the airplane. an effort to get at someone who was going to say something they didn't like. >> bill: thank you for your time. come back. >> thank you all very much. >> bill: we'll follow the story out of china and see where it loads. four russians got off the plane which would suggest there was security forces on board doing the work of belarus and perhaps vladimir putin. these questions are out there as well. >> dana: someone said belarus couldn't have done it on their own. they say there is a bomb on the flight and then the pilots are basically escorted to land in minsk. >> dana: search for suspect in new jersey after two people killed and 12 wounded in a shooting at a house party on saturday night. over 100 people were there. here is what one witness had to say. >> i heard what i thought was
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fireworks. good, they'll end the party, i can get some rest. but then i listened more. it was in rapid succession and about a minute or two after that is when you heard the -- >> dana: we're live in bridgeton, new jersey this morning. >> good morning. behind me is the home where a couple hundred people were enjoying a 90 theme birthday party saturday when on the outside of the home shots were fired. about 35 shots fired according to at least one witness. the home the zone of a mass shooting. tents are still up from the party. solo cups on the ground as people ran for their lives. 14 people were shot, 12 wounded, 2 dead on the scene. 30-year-old man and 25-year-old woman identified by friends and families as asia hester, a healthcare worker. one person is in critical condition. the new jersey state police
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have made no arrests, no motive has been given. we don't know whether there was one shooter or multiple shooters. witnesses recall hearing multiple shots, some coming from the nearby woods. >> folks who were there felt like bullets were coming from more than one place. they were outside. as they were leaving the scene they were experiencing gunfire from different angles. >> i thought it was -- my dad thought it was firecrackers. i thought it sounded like gunshots. >> this could be the result of gang violence reportedly a decades long turf war. fairfield township is 50 miles south of philadelphia and cumberland county. a tight knit community of 6,000 people. they have been having weekly meetings with gang violence er the last few weeks.
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governor murphy will hold a press conference this morning. the state of this manhunt. you can see that's the woods they are talking about. people were out here enjoying is summer day when all the gunshots were fired. unbelievable mass shooting at a home in jersey. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: thank you. 12 past. another alert now. stunning new images you'll only see here on fox. dozens of migrants rushing across the southern border as the biden administration insists that border is closed. you look at the video and you decide. >> dana: cnn cutting ties with a republican commentator while making excuses for prime time anchor chris cuomo. howie kurtz joins us next. did you see this? >> oh my goodness. >> bill: phil mickelson will be 51 in three weeks. what a weekend and what a
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beautiful shot of the carolina shore for four straight days. >> dana: gorgeous. >> bill: jim gray is coming up on that and we'll recount the history that was coming up. ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. ♪ karma-karma-karma-karma-karma chameleon... ♪
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6:19 am
their overall proposal. measure it up. >> first of all, the idea that going to 1.7 trillion is some sort of massive concession is absolutely shows how insane our country has become. 1.7 trillion is a give? give me a break. the idea republicans are offering $800 billion and they demissed it? the entire obama stimulus was $819 billion and that's not even considered a serious proposal today. that's how insane our country has become. second they're not planning to concede anything. it is all theater because jen saukee. they are trying to see if they can get republicans oh on the
6:20 am
ropes for a trillion in spending to put a bipartisan veneer on this thing and pass everything else later in a separate bill. a question if they get it in one or two bites. >> bill: a lot to throw back at you. dana and you were talking about how all the reporting is reporting the same thing. "new york times" talks, hopes for bipartisan deal on the priorities for biden dim. "wall street journal." no bridge in sight. biden's big agenda is in peril. on and on it goes. i don't know if they've got the democrats to vote for what they want, marc. you think about this. congress is 50/50 on both sides. the senate and the house. lee slot nick from michigan, suburbs from detroit. we have to prove to people we can pay for this. how do you pay for it? either taxes or it's user fees or perhaps it's cutting the budget. they're not cutting the budget.
6:21 am
joe biden says we aren't doing users fees. it comes back to taxes. you have blue dog democrats saying no salt, no deal. chuck schumer saying the same thing. bernie sanders comes in and says salt is only for millionaires. you can take that and leave it. i won't support it. so where do they get the votes to do all this over the next 18 months? >> you've got it right. here is the thing. on an actual infrastructure bill like republicans have offered $800 billion in infrastructure. political analysis of biden's bill only 821 billion is actually infrastructure. they're very close. the only difference would be how you pay for it, right? they can cut an infrastructure deal in two minutes and the first minute for coffee. it is all the other spending. what's going on here is they really want to blame the republicans for not coming to the table and not compromising
6:22 am
because they're afraid to pass it in two pieces because if they pass 1.5 trillion without infrastructure and american people don't support that. they need to republicans to reject bipartisanship and blame them and ram through their package and negotiate with their own side. >> bill: the essential question in the country. we'll follow it along with you. nice to see you, sir, marc thiessen. thanks. >> dana: it was a rough week for cnn with anchor chris cuomo under continuing fire for advising his brother, governor andrew cuomo on sexual harassment charges and it parted ways with rick sanitarium and another person. good morning howie kurtz. >> bill: you might call it a terrible no good very bad week for cnn which over the weekend dumped contributor rick santorum. one of the view conservative voices by saying there was very
6:23 am
-- there isn't much native american culture in american culture. nothing here when the settlers arrive. he said he had misspoke but refused to apologize. cnn cutting ties with middle east freelancer raja for tweeting the world needs another hitler. isn't the first time the writer had tweeted pro-nazi sympathies. cnn called it abhorrent. chris cuomo a policy saying he made a mistake by privately advising his brother in the sexual harassment allegation. of course he will talk to his brother. what chris cuomo did was joined the governor's damage control calls with lawyers, pr people, governor and his own staff. fox businesses charlie gasparino on that. >> i think he made a huge mistake by being on that call. you just don't want to be part of the official apparatus of the governor of new york's office. >> that was the problem, cnn not defending that behavior
6:24 am
saying it was inappropriate and trying to move on without any penalty. cnn is getting another corporate owner, at&t bailing on the network and other assets after three years kicking it over to a new company being formed as part of a merger with discovery network. that's rather unsettling for the network as well. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: video, migrants running across the border, many of them. new warning about drugs and guns. lieutenant olivarez is back with us today with the pictures you only see on fox coming up. would you take a pay cut to keep working from home? wow. maria bartiromo has an answer on the future of getting back to work coming up next.
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by letting you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. make the call while rates are still near all-time lows! >> dana: so many working from home during the pandemic employees across the country are expected to have more options to keep doing that. some bosses don't seem thrilled with the idea. more and more of them say without the daily office dynamics remote workers may lose their drive. maria bartiromo is the anchor of sunday morning futures. i feel like this is something that americans are really grappling with. here is open office space top metro areas, 27% open offices, maria. you had this quote -- these quotes from business leaders from j.p. morgan and talking about a study that shows that people -- these business
6:31 am
leaders want people back in the office but 70% of them there was a study that says employees willing to take a 7% pay cut if it means they can stay at home. what's going on here, maria? >> look, i think corporations today, dana, are acclimating to a new normal. what we've seen in 2020 during the pandemic many populations within various companies have seen their workers get more productive in 2020 and realize that they can actually work hard, do their job, but also have a life in other areas being at home. so you've got a real dilemma here. companies are trying to accommodate some employees by coming up with some hybrid situations where some people would work half a week at home and half a week in the office. i think the quotes that we're seeing this morning from the "wall street journal" whether it be ceo of j.p. morgan or the
6:32 am
ceo of we work. you have to recognize these companies will benefit to employees being back in the office. now look, there is no question that when you have clusters of employees engaging in person one-on-one and in groups you are able to have lots of creativity and that's what you want. you want to have a fair amount of engagement. that creates ideas and that certainly creates productivity. but at the same time, we work is a company that builds office space. j.p. morgan recently acquired a new building and moving all employees into a very expensive high rise. they put their stake in the ground. they do not want all of that commercial real estate to go to waste. i understand some of the quotes we're hearing from these ceos but i don't think it has anything to do with employees having hustle. i think many people work even harder during 2020 than they have worked in -- before when
6:33 am
they were in the office doing both. so i don't think hearing from these particular ceos informs too much because they had their stake in the ground and they will actually lose money if they don't fill that commercial real estate that they've already paid for. >> dana: one of the issues is the commute. some employees saying they were computing two hours a day and use that time working instead. >> it's that but also the fact that i think if you really want to zero in on why people have stayed home, look no further than the federal government. the $300 in unemployment extended benefits is a significant reason for some employees saying you know what? i can get a side gig here, work close to him and be close to my family and my kids who are still not in school and also get that $300 payment. so i think it's more about the benefits that have gone to employees in terms of wanting to stay home than it is about
6:34 am
any potential ideas of going back to the office and changing their schedule. yeah, the commute is certainly something to consider as well. i do think we are seeing structural changes with the way people work. i don't think it will be everybody. many people are going back to the office and will continue to do so but you are also seeing a new accommodation by employers to consider hybrid situations for some employees. i spoke earlier with larry lindsey at the lindsey group who talked about all the money going to the economy. he said expect an inflationary situation where interest rates go higher as well. so the impact of all of this money being thrown at the economy is real and certainly causing change. >> dana: fascinating to watch the trends through your expertise as well, maria. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bill: this now from sunrise on sunday morning.
6:35 am
fox news drone captured exclusive video at the border. 40 migrants running across the road in the the u.s. and away from u.s. border patrol, trying anyway in texas. those agents were processing a different family unit that crossed into the country moments earlier. they chased those migrants and scattered in different directions. some hiding in trees and bushes. agents caught half of them. 17 were appear remended. the idea of this family and several children waiting for customs and border patrol to apprehend them which is par for the course there crossing the border. when this other group came across and in all likelihood using the family as decoys. >> dana: you see that with your own eyes. exclusive video. you listen to secretary mayorkas saying this is actually not happening. watch. >> we are elevating our messaging so that the individuals do know that they cannot come to the border.
6:36 am
the border is closed. precisely that. the border is closed. the message is clear, do not come. the border is closed. the border is secure. the border is secure, the border is closed. we've been unequivocal in that. >> dana: just because you say it doesn't necessarily mean it's true when you can see for your own eyes what is happening. >> bill: the whopper of the week last week. he said it repeatedly going back to march of this year. new images from the southern border over the weekend after the texas department of public safety seized 16 firearms and more than 3500 rounds of ammunition. also 181 pounds of meth from a single car. officials say that vehicle was heading south toward the border into mexico. lieutenant. what's the status this week? >> thanks for having me.
6:37 am
the photos, as mentioned, troopers were busy over the weekend. we seized the weapons and methamphetamine. it's a significant sierz. that's just one of the largest weapons seizures we made. we had one back in april where the troopers seized 20 ar-15 rifles and over 6,000 rounds of ammunition. so significant seizures made over the weekend from our dps troopers. >> bill: it is almost june, lieutenant. what are you and your men and women noticing now? is it becoming more or less or a steady pitch coming across the border? >> bill, one thing we're seeing it is increasing. we know right now. >> bill: increasing. >> that's correct. so what we know i'm telling you from what we see on the front lines. men and women on the front lines, working the border and ones out there working the elements day in and day out this is not decreasing by any means. with the constant surge of
6:38 am
migrants coming across, the cartels, criminals on the u.s. side are exploiting that current situation and they will profit off it. that's what's happening now. it is not decreasing by any means. >> bill: your governor greg abbott on the drugs coming across the border. >> the texas department of public safety patrols the border every day. they've seen an 800% increase in the amount of fentanyl coming across the border. they seized this year enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the entire state of new york. what the border crisis is doing that biden has opened up, it is enriching that cartels who profit off of moving fentanyl and other drugs into the united states. >> bill: americans on the streets of major american cities and small towns across the country who pay the price for those drugs, lieutenant. >> that's correct. the governor is right on point. 800% increase in fentanyl. that's because of this surge that's taking place t. crisis
6:39 am
now. criminals and cartels are exploiting that situation and profit off that. by allowing this to happen you empower them even more. the texas department of public safety under the leadership of governor abbott has deployed public safety personnel to the border to help the current situation right now. >> bill: good luck to your men and women down there. we'll check in in another week or two. the numbers texas operation lone star. only texas now, right? criminal arrests, 1100. migrant referrals 33,000. marijuana seizures 7500 pounds. cocaine and meth 322 pounds. currency more than a million dollars and firearms listed at 81. that's what's happening daily and as he said it is increasing at the border as of now. >> dana: i have to say the lieutenant is one of the best communicators i've ever seen because he has good story ideas
6:40 am
-- facts but packages them in a way that makes sense. if you are a p.r. person take a look at him. he is very good. also violent crime is on the rise coast to coast in some of our nation's biggest police departments are facing cuts in some shape or form. how far will these cities go? bombshell testimony from a dna analyst in the molly tibbetts murder trial. fox nation host nancy grace joins us next. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at
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learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at >> dana: day four today of the molly tibbetts murder trial getting underway in iowa. last week the jury saw graphic images of her slain body and a dna analyst says blood in the suspect's car matches tibbetts. >> the screen test indicated the presence of blood on those swabs and the dna profile that i developed matched the known dna profile of molly tibbetts. >> dana: more on the trial and how the defense can even put a case together in the face of evidence like that. let's bring in nancy grace host of crime stories on fox nation. >> i think the statistics that were cited by the dna expert are overwhelming. the blood of molly tibbetts was
6:46 am
found in the trunk seal of the car. you know, when you slam it right there at first it had been overlooked but statistic is it's her blood to a 1 in 8.7nanillion. certainty. almost too much for a civilian like myself who is not a scientist to take in. that's her blood. now, we have a blow for the state because his initial statement to police was thrown out. the interpreter that was speaking forgot a part of miranda. but then after that he led police to the body. so what is he going to say? somebody else dit and i found the body? i don't think that will work. the jury has been warned there will be graphic images of molly tibbetts decomposing body found in the corn field hidden. >> dana: that will be tough to
6:47 am
see. as a parent the state might be able to wrap up its case today. they could rest today. we have not heard from the defense yet. they deferred. two questions. i want to see what you think about that decision and what they might say and then usually defendants don't necessarily take the stand. what do you think will happen here? >> number one, regarding their strategy i've seen defense attorneys before. they save their opening statement until the end of the state's case. why? because they want to hear exactly what the state will put up before they tailor their defense. he has withheld opening statement after the state's case which is a huge error but they've done it now. what do they think they'll say? they will argue he blacked out. those statements will come in. common sense you blacked out and put her body in the trunk
6:48 am
and then you came to and hid her in the corn field and blacked out again? it is not going to work. >> dana: you have the possibility of the jury getting this pretty quickly nancy. >> yes, have you ever noticed particularly defense attorneys, the states do it to, they always say it will be this really long trial. i've tried a lot of murder cases, they're not going to be that long. i don't think the defense has to lot to put up. no way they can challenge the dna. i think it's a foregone conclusion. i said that in the o.j. simpson case, too, so let's hold on that. >> dana: we'll have you back to tell us more. we'll check you out on fox nation. >> bill: more reports of school districts pushing back against critical race theory. one of the biggest states in the country could ban it all together. a historic ride over the weekend.
6:49 am
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[ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> dana: if you wanted one last shot at watching the video charlie bit my finger you missed it. it is gone from youtube forever. the clip sold for more than $760,000. the video starring brothers charlie and harry was viewed more than 881 million times after it was uploaded in may of 2007. they began auctioning the clip virtually on saturday. a day after the brothers joined us. watch. >> we enjoyed -- and now we are moving onto the next thing.
6:55 am
>> dana: so what he said you guessed about a million, right in 760,000. no one can ever see it again. >> bill: i told my dad about that over the weekend. it cracked me up. i used to watch that all the time. happy birthday, he turned 82 over the weekend. shout-out for the seniors in america. can we say that phil mickelson? >> dana: your dad turned 82 this weekend? that's a good one. you are talking about this one? >> bill: roll it here, let's watch. >> here it is. biggest moment of a legendary career. phil defeats father time. >> bill: so great. really is a feel-good moment. history made. phil mickelson with a stunning win at the ocean course. the crowd that followed him swallowed up mickelson, no
6:56 am
masks in sight. security might want to have a second look at this scrum. it was not safe. phil made out of it okay. brooks koepka was not happy, his playing partner as the crowds moved in here. lefty becomes the oldest major champion of all time. he is 50 years old. he will be 51 in three weeks and he has done it. >> dana: what a triumph. the other thing i like that he said when he was asked. >> bill: supposed to have jim gray for the next three minutes but he couldn't make it. dana, you go, girl. >> dana: phil mickelson said there is no substitute for hard work. >> bill: he has put in the work big time. he changed his diet. lost a lot of weight. more control of his own personal life and he talked about that quite a bit. really good stuff. this would be compared to jack nicklaus winning augusta in 1986 at the age of 46. it is that remarkable.
6:57 am
to do this at that age. never happened before. >> dana: what else is next for him? where do you go from here? >> bill: u.s. open is coming up. try to win again. another thing. when i was watching this over the weekend are you checking out the golf? maybe you are a golf fan, maybe not. but the beauty of this corner of america and the carolina shore i find to be just absolutely breathtaking. cbs did a terrific job. this course is right on the ocean and it shows the beauty of this country time and again. every time they take those aerial shots of the carolinas. >> dana: i love the low country. everybody should have a chance to go and see it. >> bill: phil, we would love to talk to you. you went back to california to see your wife and family. maybe give us a chance. >> dana: i turned on the tv right at the 18th hole and i ended up being able to see all the good parts. i knew what was going on. >> bill: congratulations to phil. in the meantime here in new
6:58 am
york last night they played an nba playoff game. >> dana: basketball? >> bill: against the atlanta hawks. 15,000 people in madison square garden. 90% showed up were vaccinated. 10% were not. hawks won the game 1-0 atlanta. the point is about both of these events shows you how america is getting back to a sense of normalcy in a significant way and dare i say quickly. >> dana: it really is remarkable to see how quickly that is. the vaccines have a lot to do with it but also some people wearing masks, some not. everybody was getting along great. that's how it should be. >> bill: the knicks up until now asked you to show you have been vaccinated but to see both events one outside in south carolina, one indoors in new york city. we have turned the corner on this virus and it is a
6:59 am
beautiful thing to see. congratulations america. >> dana: all right. let's get going now. chaos and carnage and crime coast to coast. 150 arrested as a wild party spins out of control in huntington beach, california. shots fired and police calling for help in busy downtown st. louis. 2 killed and 12 wounded at a house party in new jersey. three people killed and three others injured in a shooting at a bar in youngstown, ohio. another violent weekend in new york city. bullets flying in the big apple. 30 people hit by gunfire including a federal prosecutor struck by a stray bullet while dining outside saturday night. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. crime and violence a growing threat in cities from coast to coast. violent crime rates skyrocketing amid the push for police reform. in the state of new york a new law would tighten the rules over the use of force by law
7:00 am
enforcement. fox team coverage beginning a new hour. garrett tenney reporting on dozens of shootings in chicago and 9 were killed over the weekend. we begin in new york with aishah hasnie today. >> last summer new york city defunded the police. this summer it appears it is all about limiting what officers can do now but some are warning the timing couldn't be worse for this. just this weekend 22 shootings across new york city injuring at least 27 people including, as you mentioned, that manhattan federal prosecutor hit by a stray bullet in the face. her cheek, while eating at a restaurant on friday. shootings up 81%. it's not just shootings. new york city's overall crime indecember for april 30% higher than last april. shootings, murders, burglaries are worse now than in april of
7:01 am
2019. new york attorney general james is pushing this police accountability act. it is a sweeping legislation that would limit police officers discretion and really their ability to use excessive deadly force while making it easier to prosecute officers who do. now the police union is pushing back on this. they say this is only going to lead officers for a void confrontations all together and new yorkers are going to be the ones that suffer the most. >> bill: we're watching that. thanks for that. another violent weekend in chicago. nearly a dozen dead. at least 47 injured in shootings across that city. the victims include a 15-year-old boy shot in the head while sitting on a front porch. garrett tenney is in chicago. it is part of violence seen throughout the midwest over the weekend. good morning. >> good morning to you. this weekend's violence saw a lot of young people, including a young man in minneapolis, who was just hours away from his college graduation.
7:02 am
that happened late friday, early saturday when two guys outside of a club got into an argument. pulled out guns and started shooting at each other in the middle of a big crowd of people. two folks were killed including one of the gunmen, eight others injured and police say the surviving shooter is now in custody. >> it was a very chaotic scene. officers dealt with a number of people who had been shot and were laying on the ground. >> in youngstown, ohio a fight in a bar led to outside. local reporters saw dozens of shell casings outside the bar and in a parking lot a few doors down where a house was also hit by several shots. here in chicago it was another violent weekend as well. at least 47 people shot, 8 killed including a 15-year-old boy who was shot in the head
7:03 am
sitting on a front porch. gang violence is the driving force behind the city's shootings and we expect to hear more from the police chief in the next couple hours. >> dana: as we see a rising tide of violent crime in new york the state's attorney general is moving to put new handcuffs on the police lipting the use of physical force by officers and instead using de-escalation lower levels of force and verbal warnings. watch. >> at a time of racial reckoning in this country it's important that we reform the laws and that we provide justice for all individuals who feel that their lives do not matter. >> dana: pat brosnan is the founder and president of a security company. let me read to you from patrick lynn, pba president. the only reasonable solution will be to avoid confrontations where force might become necessary. violent criminals aren't hesitating to use force against police officers or communities.
7:04 am
the bottom line more cops and more regular new yorkers are going to get hurt. how do you see it, pat? >> well, either the a.g. the titanicly unaware or she is materially misrepresenting the facts that she has to know. the continuum of force has been trained and instructed to law enforcement particularly in the nypd for decades. the rules are clear and carved in stone. this continuum of force that she hasn't recognized accounts for verbal commands, pepper spray, mace, all the de-escalation techniques leading up to and including in cases where there is probable cause to believe that the officer or third party is in danger of serious physical injury or death when article 35 in new york state would allow the use of deadly physical force. this has been around for decades. why she is inserting this into the language of police accountability act at this juncture escapes me and doesn't
7:05 am
make any sense at all. i was trained in 1983. i know all about -- i don't know why she is introducing this now. >> dana: is it just her wanting to say this and it already exists is what you are trying to say. does it have an effect on potential criminals? they pay attention to what the laws say. >> absolutely. absolutely. these guys pay attention. all they need is a union and a newsletter and they'll know more than the a.g. the reality is this is another example of the scorched earth warfare against law enforcement and the rule of law. what will happen now is officers will be further paralyzed, more reactively than proactive. they will be hesitant and fearful of reprisal because the ambiguity and uncertain language. a simple necessity to absolute need? i don't know what that means it
7:06 am
is so subjective. the reality is the continuum of force has been a fact of life for decade after decades in the nypd and other police agencies. it starts with de-escalation and ends justified with the use of deadly physical force. >> dana: st. louis is now vowing to defund police and we know that aishah hasnie pointed up crime is up across the country and a party in huntington beach over the weekend and gets completely out of hand. fueled by a tik tok video and if you are a police officer heading into that situation you don't know what you could find. >> absolutely. again it all comes back to the summer of love last summer where we had a lot of riots for fun and profit and the reality is the rule of law and the defunding and the decriminallyization and diminishment of law enforcement's authority has resulted basically in a situation where crimes are not illegal and until crime becomes
7:07 am
illegal again, there will not be respect for the rule of law and law enforcement. right now it looks like we're heading into a very tough summer. >> dana: i wanted to ask you forecast a little bit for me. bill and i were talking about it's great people are getting out there but these two factors happening. people are wanting to party. they want to have a good time and get back out there but also the rise in crime and the fact that the police are pulling back in many of these places because they have to based on what the attorney general, for example, is saying. forecast for me how you see this summer. >> i'll give you a forecast. looking in my crystal ball as i speak. reality is i see skyrocketing gun violence, further diminished and disempowered police and further destruction of the rule of law, disinterested prosecutors and bail reform. the total -- the summer of love
7:08 am
part 2 what we saw last year but worse. this is not changing. no change. where it is all carrot had and no stick and no sanction. where crime is not illegal, we cannot have a law-abiding citizenry governed by the rule of law which we had up until fairly recently. it has devolved at an alarming rate. my estimation is it will continue. >> dana: sounds like a recipe for disaster. thank you. >> my words indeed. >> bill: i went to bed last night and reading about chicago. there are eight dead. this morning it says 12. how many mondays are we talking about the violence in chicago. people talk about black lives matter? how come no one is talking about it? the mayor said she won't talk to reporters if they're white? i'm trying to make sense of this. in the meantime the people in these neighborhoods in chicago, they live with the threat of
7:09 am
violence in their lives all the time and nobody is doing anything to change it. >> dana: lawrence jones showed us that package a couple weeks ago. community leaders. they're begging for help. sounds like they will need it. >> bill: nine minutes past now. we have this fox news cameras on the scene as dozens of migrants illegally crossing into the u.s. and border agents giving chase. a live report on what happened to these men and another big problem brewing on the border today. >> dana: an innocent 6-year-old boy a victim of apparent road rage. where the search for the suspected gunman stands. >> he pulled out a gun and shot my little brother in the stomach.
7:10 am
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>> bill: police now searching for the suspect who shot and killed a 6-year-old in an apparent road rage attack on a freeway in california. the child's family offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. jonathan hunt on the story in l.a. with the latest this morning. >> good morning, bill. joann was taking her son to school when she told police a car cut her off suddenly in the car pool lane. then this happened according to aiden's 15-year-old sister. >> there was road rage on the freeway.
7:16 am
and someone pulled out a gun and shot my little brother in the stomach. and he said mommy, my tummy hurts. so she went and picked him up and he was bleeding on her. she had blood on her clothes. >> the california highway patrol says 6-year-old aiden was in a booster seat in the back of the car when someone fired a shot. >> there is one bullet shot in the trunk that went through a trunk and right through my nephew. so you can tell that it was a cowardly way of doing it. they shot her in the back pretty much. >> bill: joanna told police she believes a woman was driving the other car and a man was in the passenger seat but not sure who fired the shot that killed her son. she told abc news quote he was beautiful and he was kind and he was precious. and you killed him for no
7:17 am
reason. i want to find them and there to be justice served for my son. while aiden's sister said this. >> please help us find the people that did this to my little brother. he is only 6 and he was so sweet. >> gun violence continues to rise here in southern california. according to the los angeles police department, for instance, the number of people shot so far this year in l.a. is up 67% on the same time period in 2020. >> bill: heartbreaking stuff. jonathan hunt in los angeles. >> dana: fox news could -- the state senate passed a bill that would make critical race theory. this is in texas. 20 state attorney general call
7:18 am
on the president to rescind -- >> i think that this bill and the criticism of it is interesting because it doesn't just ban critical race theory and the teaching of the 1619 project. it also says that teachers have to teach current events from multiple different perspectives without taking a side. and you have some pushback from teachers who say wait, that will limit how we teach. it is our job to add perspective on situations. and i think what is happening there is you have some, not all, but some very politically active teachers who feel like they have a moral superiority and it is their job to teach students the liberal way and parents and now lawmakers are pushing back and saying okay, let's go back to the basics here. teach the facts in school and let the parents fill in the rest at home. teachers can be the play-by-play people and let the parents be the color
7:19 am
commentators. >> bill: this debate is playing out all over the country. in some cases gaining steam, some places it is losing steam. here is texas state senator brian hughes sponsored the bill. he said last night into the morning texas senate banned critical race theory. we must teach the truth about our history and judge others based on the content of character and not the color of their skin. a democrat from texas with a very different version of events here. this is royce west, people shouldn't be judged by the color of their skin but unfortunately that's the plight today for african-americans. latinos and minorities in this countruntry. let's not whitewash it because yes, we should be teaching our kids the history of this country so they don't make the same mistakes made by generations before us. when we put up things like this i think it's a disservice. parents are arguing don't teach my kid this, let me decide what i want to teach my kid. >> you are right.
7:20 am
this is something and a debate taking place in states, cities, towns across the country. and the debate is very clearly laid out there where you have supporters of critical race theory saying it allows white people to empathize with minorities and then opponents of it say that it is divisive and quite frankly unhealthy to look at everything through the lens of race. i was just thinking about a year, year and a half ago we weren't talking about this. nobody really knew what critical race theory was and that's because it wasn't really called that. it was called diversity or anti-racism training. if you speak out against that you are racist. and then certain things started to happen under the name of diversity and anti-racism training. it was like getting rid of schools named after founding fathers or silly things like dr. seuss being no longer a part of read across america day. and then more divisive things like reimagining our history
7:21 am
and never looking at the positives that america has done to overcome all the racism of our past. it has become a very big debate and you can see that the more people -- the more parents are opening up to this idea the more push back you are seeing unfold. >> dana: i listened to a podcast this weekend. it has two people debate an issue. they debated the issue. critical race theory academics came up with it in the 1970s and bouncing along. one of the arguments against it it could be backfiring and making something -- making things worse. >> and i have been very open about i think it is true. and i think that the way that we -- we are at a crossroads in the country right now where democrats and republicans are defining our country in a very different way, right? a lot of democrats who think that our nation is systemically racist and then there is a lot of republicans who think that
7:22 am
the united states, the same country, is the most generous nation on the planet. and i think that we're at that crossroads right now and the side who wins will be very important. and the way that we define the country, how we view this nation. it plays into everything and sit a big debate. >> bill: it is gaining steam. 20 state attorneys general filed a letter to the biden administration to withdraw their proposal to push it through the education system. we'll see what kind of answer they get. 1619 versus 1776. that's the debate that's playing out. the first slaves came in 1619. the debate on behalf of critical race theory is that 1776 the american revolution was set up to protect slavery in america. >> i think that you can teach both of those things, right? and then you teach all the good and bad parts of our country
7:23 am
but i think that it is most beneficial for students when teachers teach the facts and then allow parents really to have those serious conversations with their children about how to view this country as a whole. those conversations should be happening at home. >> bill: nice to see you. in a moment here the southern border remains wide open for migrants and deadly for illegal drugs. what border agents are finding as cartels take full advantage of the border crisis. plus why democrats remain focused on forming a january 6th commission but refuse to investigate the origins of the pandemic. we'll have a look at both coming up. you have to put your health and wellness first.
7:24 am
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>> dana: the border crisis showing no signs of letting up. fox news drone showing dozens of migrants running across the border to avoid being captured by border patrol officials as seizures of fentanyl at the southern border are on the rise. we're live on the border in rio grande valley, texas, tell us more, bill. >> good morning to you. that video is remarkable and it is really kind of a grade a example showing what our overwhelmed border agents are dealing with here at the rio grande valley sector day in and day out. let's get to the video know. shot right here in la jolla, texas, yesterday morning showing dozens of migrants rushing the u.s. border, running away from border agents. not turning themselves in. a group of about 30 to 40 adults, no children with them. mostly young men spreading out into a field running away. you'll see two of the men appear to be handcuffed
7:30 am
together already suggesting they had previously been in border patrol custody and got away. you'll see one single border agent in a pickup truck trying desperately to chase this group down. they are running in all directions. that agent is just sleetly outnumbered. this group deciding to rush and take their chances. some running through what happened to be a pond or stream. some jumping over it and falling into it. you see a border agent trying to apprehend them and keep up with them. drone video showing the group continues running through open fields. some try scaling walls and fences. ultimately border agents did catch up with part of that group. we saw them sit them down in a circle, 15 or 20. it appeared from what we saw that at least half of that group ended up getting away and escaped into the brush. this morning on "fox & friends" senator john kennedy taking issue with the biden administration's constant assertions that the border is closed. take a listen. >> the department of homeland
7:31 am
security has announced that the border is closed. but they lie like they breathe. when i heard the secretary say the border is closed, my mind went back to that image of president clinton looking the american people in the eye and saying i did not have sex with that woman. we know how that turned out. i've been to the border. if you believe the border is closed, you believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and that jimmie hoffa died of natural causes. >> this happened friday night in texas as well. a texas state trooper pulled over a mexican national and this was the arsenal that that man had in his vehicle. 16 guns, several high-powered automatic rifles. more than 3500 rounds of ammo. as you can see in the back a
7:32 am
.50 caliber sniper. texas dps said he was heading for mexico and they believe he was planning on smuggling all those weapons into mexico and back out here live highlighting those ongoing security concerns last wednesday border patrol somebody who came through here 30 minutes south of us with a group of migrants was an active ms-13 gang member who had an active criminal warrant for his arrest for sexual assault of a young child in harris county, texas. send it back to you. >> dana: bill on the border with us. thank you. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. it could happen again. they are still conducting research in the same laboratories today done in ways similar to what happened a year ago. this is dangerous. we could end up with something much like this again being foifted upon when when world. the united states has the responsibility that the chinese communist party give us the
7:33 am
information they know. >> bill: he pointed a finger at china amid growing concerns over the start of covid. a virus lab in wuhan china, some scientists were hospitalized in november of 2019. harold and hurt. here we go. charlie, what do you think of this in light of the reporting over the weekend? >> well, it's all pretty astonishing but not like we haven't had some signals that there was a real problem at this lab a long time ago. back in january of last year the -- one of our reporters bill gerts at the washington times reported his intelligence sources were telling him that this lab was conducting -- had been conducting at the behest of the chinese military dangerous experiments on the coronavirus. and that intelligence community
7:34 am
was concerned about the fact that maybe that may have been the source of this horrible pandemic. and of course bill gerts and my paper was shut down. google and facebook disappeared all the stories we published on this and so -- and i think the reason for it is because they were all trying to sort of politicize the pandemic in order to hurt donald trump. everything president trump did, tried to do to hold china accountable was sort of jammed through this meat grinder of politics. he was accused of being a xenophobe and racist when he tried to talk about china's role in all this. if you remember back in i think it was in february still when nancy pelosi accused donald trump of being a racist for calling out china on this and urged everybody to go to chinatown and party it up a as the pandemic was raging. how many people got sick because of those orders? this whole thing has been so hotly politicized from the
7:35 am
beginning that it is kind of not surprising that it is only now 15 months later that we're starting to get some answers to these questions. >> bill: some of the other reporting apparently cell phone used stopped for a period of three weeks in october. the suggestion is perhaps there was a decontamination effort that took place in that lap. how do you see this, harold. >> a share a lot of what charlie talked about. i don't believe the poll itization is as severe. i think responsible people and want to hold the right people accountable have to be in support of an investigation into this. secretary pompeo has made some i believe largely believable and credible allegations that need to be validated. we need to make sure we don't face the same kind of thing we faced a year and a half ago. if we face something similar or graduated version of it we're
7:36 am
able to get better responses. responsible people have to admit when they were wrong. responsible people on the other side have to be willing to believe them and let's move on and try to get answers to insure we prevent something like this going forward. >> bill: how intel committee put out a report. no democrats to sign on for it because they want an investigation. "new york post" has a headline the wuhan lab leak theory looks more credible than ever. you go into it second pair photograph. two points. why didn't democrats sign on to the report i just mentioned? how foolish facebook looks for blocking the post february of 2020 column that first raised the wuhan lab leak possibility. charlie. >> it's a real problem because -- i know harold agrees with this. we're never going to get to the bottom of any of this until everybody -- we have an honest investigation into it both not only by members of congress, but also by the media. and that means you can't -- not
7:37 am
only can you not buy into the lies that we know china has been telling from the beginning about all of this but also it can't be done in some partisan witch hunt atmosphere where we try to use a pandemic where millions of people around the world were killed as a political weapon to gain power in washington, d.c. that's not how this is supposed to work. that's not a healthy way to get to the bottom of this. the only way we get to the bottom of this is if we all recognize the common enemy. >> bill: i apologize. harold 15 seconds. go ahead. >> look, we should investigate this and get to the bottom of it. take politics out of it. hard to do but we need to do it for all the reasons we've shared this morning. >> bill: thank you harold and charlie. have a great week. >> dana: man's best friend one of the greatest covid detectors. french scientists finding dogs
7:38 am
can sniff it out. nine dogs, 300 people. 109 participants tested positive with a nasal swab test. the dogs confirmed 97% of the positive cases. the study hasn't yet been published but scientists call the results very promising. more dogs. >> bill: dogs, man. >> dana: if the world had more dogs it would be better. >> bill: i would say good boy, well done. now you tell us, right? president biden pushing the latest spending plan. the bipartisanship that he campaigned on is looking less and less likely and jason chaffetz will address that coming up. symone biles. her latest gravity defying move. awesome stuff coming up. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at simone biles making history once again at the u.s. classic in indianapolis. watch this. she performed the double pike. the world's most difficult vault. she is the first woman in history to perform the move in competition and biles did it during her first gymnastics meet in 18 months. the move wasn't quite perfect
7:44 am
she said but plans to keep performing it and may use it during the summer olympic games. it says gold. look at that. justifies physics. >> bill: you were a gymnast, right? >> dana: not like that. >> does it look like physically -- >> dana: impossible for me. i remember when mary lou retton. she is amazing. i love the olympics and gymnastics. >> bill: was it gaog -- >> dana: 80, 84. i guarantee it wasn't 76. >> bill: a 10 for mary lou retton? she made the wheaties box. >> dana: i think it will 84. >> bill: hello google and siri. another question now. is a bipartisan plan for biden's spending plan dead in the water? it lowered it by $600 billion
7:45 am
put republicans say the counteroffer is still too high. former house oversight chair and fox news contributor jason chaffetz with us now. interesting piece at get to that in a moment. dana and i were talking about the critical question. this is what i -- in american politics, over the next 18 months, how much of the democratic biden agenda can be passed? >> they are spending a stunning amount of money. people forget we have a -- we have a 4.5 trillion base budget. 75% is mandatory program spending. then the covid relief packages that have passed plus the four that happened under donald trump and now they come back and say we want 2 plus trillion and cut it back to 1.7 trillion and we've been to this rodeo before when in 2009 they passed
7:46 am
a 787 billion supposed infrastructure bill and it was chalk full of waste, fraud and abuse. we got a lot of garbage out of it. to me as a conservative i want to starve the beast. i don't want more government. they'll try to pass as much money as they can. they are doing a stunning job of doing it. >> dana: republicans could agree more on what they define as actual infrastructure, roads, bridges, etc. a lot of other things in this bill. in the new proposal the biden team is willing to reduce the request for $159 billion that would go to roads, bridges and major infrastructure projects down to 1020. they're cutting out the stuff republicans might agree with. >> bill: that's actually infrastructure and -- but democrats don't want more roads, bridges and highways. they don't. they believe if you drive less that's better for the
7:47 am
environment. their green agenda is in total contradiction to an infrastructure bill. the only way the american people will swallow this is if they think it's for transportation. >> bill: you have a piece at the headline. biden's covid relief talking about march 1.9 trillion. here is how you can track the waste, fraud and abuse. a few items that you found. did we buy scuba gear in uruguay? did we spend -- is that $363 million for an attack submarine. 24 million, is that right for siri to encourage hand washing. 180,000 for -- 5 million in russia for civil society grants. is this real or fake news? >> well, this is real. if you go to pandemic, inspector general has done a good job there. my work with the government
7:48 am
accountability institute we start diving in under the hood and i'm one of those geeky guys who reads these reports. biden administration will tell you, you know, this is all needed for covid relief and we're going to give it back to the american people. no it's no. you are spending $600,000 on two gazebos at gitmo. you are spending money on scuba gear and i think bernie sanders and aoc would be a little surprised that their 1.9 trillion spent $363 million on an attack submarine for our united states navy. that didn't go to covid relief. they spent $180,000 for an ejection seat on an airplane in africa. so don't tell me the cupboard is bare and we're doing everything we can to help the americans reopen and get back on their feet. there is a lot of waste and crap out there. >> dana: keep an eye on it and keep us posted. i'm glad you read that. i would like to check it out myself. the scuba gear got to me.
7:49 am
>> bill: mary lou retton in 1984. >> dana: she was great. i recently had the privileged of being interviewed by a remarkable young journalist. look. >> can you tell us your most embarrassing moment on tv? >> dana: i took my shoes off to look and guess what? i had put them on the wrong feet. and then i admitted it on air. emma is here with some tough questions for bill. but first here is harris with a preview of what's coming up. great color choice today. >> harris: it was a pleasure to hear from that young journalist. terrific. we'll start here with what is exploding in cities across the country and that's violent crime. absolutely and democrats could face political backlash. pete hegseth will join me on that. brian williams calling ted cruz
7:50 am
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>> what is it about interviewing that you like so much? >> i like that i get to talk to so many people that are so amazing. and i love asking questions. >> dana: that was 7-year-old journalist emmy dishing on their love of journalism. she interviewed over 40 people. today she is joining us with questions for my co-host bill hemmer saying she wanted to hammer hemmer. emmy, take it away. >> bill: good morning, how are you? >> hi, i'm great. how are you guys doing? >> bill: we're great. you look terrific. >> thank you. >> bill: go ahead. >> you want to get started? >> bill: let's do it. >> what do you think is best
7:56 am
about being a journalist? >> what do i like best? i like to learn something new every day. >> can you tell me about an awkward moment you've had on tv? >> every day. if you watch you will see them. >> what have you learned about dana since you started working with her? >> how much time do you have? i would say that i have learned what you see is what you get and that's a really good thing. >> dana: and i have a dog. >> bill: did you know? >> do you have any hidden talents? >> bill: not many. >> dana: actually in that commercial break, emmy, he does. he talked about a hidden talent he has. writing children's songs. >> bill: they just come out of my head randomly throughout the day. i would say i'm a pretty good photographer and i'm a great
7:57 am
griller. so i can make you a burger or a hot dog of your choosing whenever you like. >> i am planning to come to new york this summer. what is a food i have to try? >> what is the what you have to try? >> dana: one food. >> bill: oh, a food. a lot of my colleagues give me a hard time about this, emmy, but i love -- can you hear me now? you got me? i like a dirty water hot dog from the street vendor outside. >> dana: a dream interview. >> bill: a dream interview. i would say there is a guy who is celebrating. i don't know if you can hear me but i'll try this. he turns 80 years old today. >> i can't hear you.
7:58 am
>> dana: she will be eight and get her ears pierced. we're sorry you can't hear us. sometimes technology works that way. your dream interview? 80 years old. >> bill: we got her. look at that, emmy. isn't it great? there is a guy that turned 80 day bob dylan. i would love to sit down with him for an hour. how is that? >> what advice do you have for me? >> bill: how seven or eight? >> i'm seven. about to turn eight. >> bill: i would say ask 100 questions, i would say always be available, and play well with others. >> i am really excited. maybe when i come out this summer you will still be a little bit different about me there. >> dana: she will get her ears pierced. she did a powerpoint presentation and she persuaded her parents. congratulations to you, emmy.
7:59 am
>> thank you. and i am really excited. i'm already planning what earrings i want to get. >> dana: i can tell. you go to school and have a great day. >> bill: great questions, thank you, emmy. bye. you know what a dirty water hot dog is. if you go to the same vendor it's $2, cheap lunch. a little mustard. you can go for another four hours. >> dana: it smells so good when i walk by. i have been tempted. i've been tempted. in the winter i like the roasted chestnuts. >> bill: how about emmy? that's a little factor there, too. so yeah, you are what you are. what you see is what you get. take that as a high compliment or high praise? >> dana: i think that's true of you, too. i think that's a good quality but also just an easier way to live. who has the time or energy to
8:00 am
try to be someone else? i could never keep up. >> bill: i agree with you on that. sweet emmy. she is good. >> dana: what i love about her, her dad is in local news in idaho. he encouraged her. i love the girl dads out there. cheers to you on this monday. >> bill: have a great day and we're here all week. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. a bombshell report raising brand-new questions about what china knew and when about the origins of covid-19. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the "wall street journal" reporting on a previously undisclosed united states intelligence reports show three staffers at the wuhan laboratory were under scrutiny and they got very ill in november of 2019. long before the first reported case of covid. that has the debate raging again over how did this thing


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