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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 18, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> fox news alert. on verdict watch in the it could rittenhouse trial with the jury deliberating for the third day, after the media blasted its coverage of the proceedings in this highly charged case. all of this has protests erupted outside the courthouse. watch >> i'm joined by my co-host, harris faulkner, who is in d.c.
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for a very special honor that we'll be telling you about in just a moment. with former chief-of-staff mitch mcconnell. the verdict waiting game seems to be increasing tensions. with black lives matter protestors and rittenhouse supporters getting heated at times forcing police to make arrest and things are so tense that five schools in kenosha are shifting to remote learning. this as the national guard remains on alert for possible rioting and as the critics say, the media increasing tensions. also blasting decisions on a range of issues as he details a possible consequence to their actions. watch. >> when they talk about problems with the media, when this trial started, we're there in part. not in full but in part because of grossly irresponsible
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handling of what comes out of this trial. i'll tell you this. i'm going to think long and hard about live television during the trial, again, next time. i don't know. i've always been a firmly believer it in because i think the people should see what's going on but when i see what's being done it's quite frightening. >> kailee, this is not an isolated incident. this is a pattern the media keeps engaging in. >> absolutely, emily. -- there is a pattern. we talked about this yesterday. "new york times" comes out. they say he's being investigated as a vigilante. donald trump and guns rather than just separate reporting the facts. that's what they did. they wanted a paint a picture and sullivan put together a fact piece that gets to the heart of the matter. when the sources of news keep getting things wrong and all the
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errors lie in the same exact direction, and they are reluctant to acknowledge the error we have a problem. if you look back at the last few years, record of errors small and large about major stories, it's hard to deny. you brought it up yesterday. with nicolas sandman, the covington catholic boy, how he was defamed by the media. donald trump protestors, many months later, not true. president trump ignored russian bounties on the heads of afghan soldiers until we found out that's not true. we could go on and on for the remainder of the show. we won't but the point is what happened to rittenhouse happens to conservatives at large. it's malpractice. >> it's not just the media who jumped to conclusions.
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it also politicians, congresswoman cory bush, the president in a campaign ad. >> yes, i mean, look, it's unbelievable at this point that the progressive left has absolutely no respect for the rule of law, due process, presumption of innocence, all the staples of the americaneous system. they are outcome based and they decided somewhere along the way that rittenhouse is guilty and so it's all about trying to introduce as much false information to inflame the public against them regardless of what the jurors are deliberating over. the politicians are the worst. the media is feeding an incredible amount of anxiety. you can see it in kenosha. it's not like it's not having an impact. they are having riots outside the courthouse and it's a shame. >> tommy, miranda points out there has been a full 10 lies that the media either created and or amplified that have sense been debunked but not corrected.
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>> right. not only are there 10 lies but let's be honest these lies are easily fact checked. it's not that the media -- they don't care and they like to spread lies because it's their narrative and they are hoping no one will fact them. even if they do they hope the narrative will be so strong it won't matter. rittenhouse is not a supremacist. they checked through his phone. if there was something on the phone to indicate he was a white supremacist or had any ties to white supremacy groups that would have been front page news. there was nothing. he did not travel across state lines. he lived 20 miles away. friends and family members that are there the gun charge was thrown out. that was bs from the beginning and the judge knew it as well. time and time again we see the media trying to scapegoat kyle rittenhouse. they do it because self-defense is on trial but also to deflect from the actual rooting and
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rioting that took place in kenosha that should never have happened in the first place and sadly will happen again. they know he's innocent. they have to weave the lies. >> it begs the question, what part the media is playing right now in the preparation of that area for the verdict. if there had been half the preparation we're seeing now by the governor, for example, as the date that these tragic events happened, perhaps this wouldn't have happened and now with schools going remote and the like, does media feed the frenzy? does media create the hysteria or is there something to knit >> i don't think that the media has as much culpability as the president of the united states. i mean, let's take -- to close the loop because we didn't actually finish the loop there when we brought up the white house, the president called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. the president of the united states called kyle rittenhouse a white supremacist. let that sink in. the case is now being
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adjudicated. it's in the hands of the jury and the jury has had some questions and in the middle of all of that we find out, boom, there is this high resolution video. that the prosecutor pulled out last minute. i mean, the president puts his thumb on the scale before even the prosecution gets it. months ago he did this. it's not just the media. it been the media reporting the president's words without saying, do you have evidence of that, mr. president? you know this case is going to go to trial. do you feel like your words are so powerful, president biden, that they might interfere or frustrate or get involved or be mentioned in this case? do you think you want to wait for justice and the facts to come out before you say something like that about a 17-year-old going to trial, now 18? but the mainstream media didn't do that. >> and the times that some of the media would even try, we saw the president's back on many
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issues and then we jen psaki cleaning up. before the scale of justice has been carried out and now you have this video which fox got exclusively, right? we go and we look at that video and we find out, well, this is why the jurors wanted to take another look at the resolution video. i don't know. shouldn't the media right now be questioning the importance of that video and saying, why -- here it is, here's the exclusive video from fox news. this is what those jurors wanted to see that last minute inclusion by the prosecution. oh, look here, this proves our whole case and the defense is saying if it proves your whole case why are we only seeing this now and the jury wants to see it more and more just to make sure they get their verdict right. it's super important. where is the rest of the media on this? like are they saying, wait a minute, why did this happen? maybe some are. but they are not loud enough for
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us to hear them and maybe they are being drowned out by the other questions they didn't ask the president, a defendant in a case that hasn't been adjudicated yet a white supremacist. emily? emily: another intersect between the media and jurors that you mentioned, jury last night, the kenosha police department released a statement saying last night they made an arrest of someone alleging to be part of a national news organization but that wasn't. they cited that individual with several traffic-related incidents but the judge this morning is expected to address that incident, so there is certainly a heightened level of nefarious activity going on because it's suspected as it's being reported that the individual was trying to photograph the jurors. josh, just to close on a final point that harris touched on with the president, note that he called ritten house white supremacist in a campaign ad trying to garner support, clearly calling to a segment of the population that he and his campaign believed would result in votes for him by calling
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someone a white supremacist before they had been convicted of anything let alone being charged with any type of crime. >> it's despicable. >> harris: but it's part of a pattern that we've seen out of the progressive left for quite some time. they don't view the justice department as something that weighs guilt or innocence or the presumption of innocence and due process. they see everything through the lens of an outcome. and in this case the progressive left wants kyle rittenhouse to be guilty and so the president of the united states and everybody else, who are trying to capitalize upon that political momentum, have absolutely no problems. have no problems calling him a white supremacist and i thought harris said it well. it an absolute shame that we've come to this place with the justice system in this country. >> that's right. just ahead, the president hits back in her first interview after the cnn report revealed tension between her and the west wing. that's next.
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>> in an interview with good morning america vice president kamala harris denied claims that she's being underutilized amid reports of dysfunction in her own office and plunging poll numbers lower than president biden's. >> you don't feel misused or underused? >> no, i don't. i'm very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but i'm also absolutely, absolutely clear eyed that there is a lot more to do and we're going to get it done. >> a lot to do all right. josh holmes. >> oh, my. well, listen, i don't believe
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that this white house actually believes you can underutilize kamala harris. if they could put her next to the bowling alley down in the basement of the white house for the next three years they would do that. i don't know if you guys saw a couple of weeks back when they hired a canadian talent agency to surround her with kid tending to be excited about what she had to say. that's for me a perfect microcosm of the entire vice presidency of kamala harris. she has no ability to connect with people. they don't put her into position to try to interact with congress because they don't think she has any influence there either. the question is, what does she do? they sent her over to france, other than paying a french accent -- i think they have a real problem. her profile, i'm not sure they can restore it any time soon. >> when you give those examples it would be better for her if you were just being funny the problem is you're being factual and funny. >> that's the problem. >> harris, i just heard her say
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she doesn't feel misused or underused except we have more than three dozen sources. that's what cnn said. i think there is a little truth to the matter when you have that many sources and she complains about media coverage and she's being attacked. jen psaki says it's because of her identity. this woman began this presidency with these kinds of headlines. it was coverage, "new york times", 100 days of vice presidential style. los angeles times, created a beep for kamala harris, a beep dedicated to her historic rise to the white house. this is someone who started with fawning media, has since lost the media because of, wait, not her identity. her job performance. border is on fire. her ineptitude is the reason she's losing the media.
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>> what's really interesting on the faulkner focus we found those pieces of president biden saying looking for a woman, looking for woman of color, promises of what he was looking for and those things had nothing to do with her failure. >> exactly. >> harris: what he matched with her job and the specificity of her for that job now has nothing to do, emily, with why she's struggling on that job. it was skill sets specific to what she does. emily: hitting the nail on the head. when you're in a relationship and someone says, when we have a baby it will be different. when we get married it will be different. nothing will be different by putting her in the vice presidential seat from her as a campaigner which was absolutely horrendous. even the "new york times" called her an uneven candidate who continues switching messages and tactics to no effect the reason she never made it to the iowa caucus is because she
9:19 am
was in single digit polling and dropped out because she couldn't connect with voters. her position in san francisco was handed to her so she never had to earn the hearts and minds in california who saw through her campaigning and shallow comments because she never followed through so to those of us who saw that side of her which i think is growing into the millions now given her abysmal polling rate, what you see is what you get and what we get is what they voted for. >> harris: you know what's interesting, i wonder if the women of color -- like stacey abrams, if they are saying, why her? i just wonder what those conversations are like. >> i think a lot of women including myself are really disappointed at the fact that she's our first female vice president because she's filling the shoes that someone much more
9:20 am
qualified could have filled. i don't giver a hoot about how she feels. i care about our country and the future of our country. so instead of sitting on the view, and seem more likable and do damage control how about if she goes down to the southern border, and start there and when she's done there, cleaned that up and helped to secure our border, actually, then maybe she can go and find some green jobs for people like in my home state of south dakota who had their pipeline canceled and now have been promised these green new jobs for months and haven't gotten them so instead of her reputation and worry about what people think of her may she should do her job and the same goes for biden. >> harris: white house spokesperson jen psaki says the vice president is facing more criticism not because of all the things that you just mentioned but because she's a woman and a woman of color.
9:21 am
watch. >> i think there is no question on this that the type of attacks, the attacks on her, that certainly, being the first, which she is many times over, is part of that. she is the first african-american woman, woman of color to serve in this job. woman. so many firsts. it's a lot to have on your shoulders. >> harris: woman. woman. woman. woman. how about vice president getting things done. say that three times fast. josh? >> josh: i mean, look, that's answer one, two, three, four, and basically the entire playbook for democrats these days. any time anybody has a failure, right? it's because of how they look and what their gender is, not because of what they are actually doing for a living, in her case failing at almost everything she's touched. i don't think it has anything to do with being a first at anything. it has a lot to do with her competency. >> harris: by the way, we have a
9:22 am
lot of women on this show. and you, of course, josh. i mean, i think people are talking about what we say and do those sorts of things. let's see what happens. all right. just ahead, bill mar and chris cuomo going at it over dave chapelle. bill mar defending the median after he got labeled transphobic for his latest spiel. that's next.
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9:27 am
bus. and that's been done every day, and then they are brought here to this building. last evening, a person who identified himself as james g. morrison, and who claimed that he was a producing with nbc news and played for msnbc, and under the supervision of -- what's going on? . [inaudible] oh, okay. under supervision of someone in new york, he was following in the distance, went through a red light, they pulled him over and inquired what was going on and they gave that information and
9:28 am
he stated he had been instructed by ms. byron in new york to follow the jury bus. the matter is under further investigation at this point. that's the latest i have, the media has asked questions about it. and he was taken in for violating a traffic control signal. he's not here today from what i'm told, and i have instructed that no one from msnbc news will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. this is a very serious matter andion what the ultimate truth is but absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following a jury bus, that's a very -- an
9:29 am
extremely serious matter and it will be referred to authorities for further action. thank you. >> you just heard judge schroder discussing an incident last night. the kenosha police department released a statement detailing that last night a person alleging to be affiliated with a national media outlet which we've now heard from the judge to be msnbc was briefly taken into custody for following the jury bus. that person was issued several traffic-related citations and police suspect, this is according to the kenosha police department, they suspect this person was trying to photograph jurors. this incident is being investigated much further according to the police department. you heard judge schroder there say as well that no one at msnbc had heard of this particular person that. person referenced the name of a
9:30 am
woman in new york under which he was alleged to have been operating. no one had heard of her either. thus, now the judge has banned msnbc from the building. part of the segue into the all important topic of sequestration, preserving the jurors' identity as well as preserving them from outside influence and any type of intimidation. josh with i'll get your top line thoughts on what we just heard now. >> i think i also heard the judge say they are not allowing msnbc into the courtroom until this investigation internally is over. look, i think that's a good idea. >> the rest of the case. >> agreed. >> might be a broad mandate of film of similar mind to me. no, it's a serious issue and we've seen a circus outside spill into the public consciousness. it's very difficult to get a jury that's not tainted by
9:31 am
what's going on, with the progressive left and trying to demonstrate in front of the courtroom and basically make up things about kyle rittenhouse along the way. they have their hands tied in terms of how difficult this is to actually prosecute and get a just verdict here. >> harris, you know, the scene that josh is describing there, at times it's frankly been approaching a malay. we had someone last night that tackled a reporter who was subsequently arrested. the person tackling, so it seems as though there is heightened tension outside the courtroom and leading to incidents of great concern including this one which is a man following the jury bus, alleging to have been part of a national media outlet that had not heard of him. >> look, i trust local law enforcement to do their job. i know the federal government loves to get involved and this governor there is going to launch some 500 national guardsmen and women here but they didn't do it when the riots were breaking with out the night that all of this happened with kyle rittenhouse so i'm just
9:32 am
going to say that. the other thing is, msnbc, not allowed back into the building for the rest of the trial. so anything that they cover is going to be what they watch on tv. okay? because they are not going to be back in the courtroom. that's a big deal. i think it speaks to this bigger issue of chilling free speech. and i don't mean on behalf of msnbc. they wanted to change the narrative. they wanted to get pictures of people and they know that's wrong. they know that that potentially, anybody trying to do it, whether it's msnbc, somebody affiliated with msnbc, somebody just using their name, whatever it is, when you take pictures of jurors you endanger them but it goes back to what you said, emily. why didn't the judge sequester this jury from the very get go. it's a fine question and if you're the defense that's got to be something that you want to ask. and if you didn't do it at the beginning why wouldn't you have done it this week when they are going back and forth between deliberations and going home. emily? emily: that's right, harris.
9:33 am
just to flesh it out for viewers, we just heard the judge addressing an issue last night where a ma'am claiming to be morrison, saying he was msnbc, initially pulled over after running a red light, chasing the juror bus, when pulled over for running the red light he claimed he was under orders to follow the jury bus, part of his position with msnbc. subsequently he's been cited for traffic violations. the matter is under further investigation and msnbc is banned from the courthouse for the duration of this hearing -- this trial. kayleigh, your thoughts? >> what has this led to? this media circus. they have so poorly misbehaved. that means joy reed will have no facts for her show, not in the courtroom, she's been among the work defenders to defame this young man among others at her network but how poorly the media has misbehaved. the judge as well, led to threats against the judge. i read one such threat yesterday. i have another here obtained by
9:34 am
the washington examiner. someone sent to the judge and his family, make sure and tell schroder what a worthless piece of bleep he is. he'll find out officially when his heart seizes up in a few years and he has to stand trial before a real judge. this is what defamation of a judge, of a person, absolutely media irresponsibility, leads to. it also leads to, as we're learning in kenosha, five schools having to put the kids in remote learning. put the kids in remote learning because they are so fearful of what a verdict will actually cause in this community. we watched kenosha burn about a year ago. it was irresponsible. they didn't have the national guard there. now the national guard is on standby but we shouldn't be at this point and the media has played so many levels.
9:35 am
the time is coming where the american people realize something has to be done to change this. no longer can we sit back and
9:36 am
allow people to go crazy in our streets because they feel emboldened. >> can i ask a quick question of emily. what tommy is -- can anybody on the defense use this as possibly a third request for a mistrial with prejudice, saying, you know what? it's not even safe for people to adjudicate this case. which puts more pressure on the judge and the system to take a look at not just sequestration but just the totality of the trial. >> yes. so, yes, true, true, so the defense can argue that this is a material incident that's affecting the jury's ability to deliberate free from intimidation. that would go toward your point about the sequestration. now that they are requesting a mistrial motion. they are moving for a mistrial without prejudice, however, this would be a separate issue n
9:37 am
prosecutorial overreach and this dovetails into the atmosphere of intimidation that the defense has argued about in the past. it's not risen to the material level we've talked about but certainly at a minimum, in the court of public opinion this raises question of that atmosphere that the media helped shape. that's stoked and fermented by talking heads who talk about why people should go out on the streets and the violence, for example, leading people in social and cultural movements, refuses to condemn. we've talked about that on this show here. >> harris: real quickly, because the team has just told us, emily and kayleigh -- we've reached out to msnbc to see if they would like to make a statement. and, you know, i mean, look, if you can't cover a trial from inside the courtroom, you technically are now just going to report what everybody else does, and maybe just put your thumb on the scale more in terms of editorialists.
9:38 am
tommy called them telleticians. so we reached out from fox news to msnbc to see if they make a statement. >> thank you. watch as we cover this trial, this ongoing trial with sole twists and turns seemingly by the moment. you just heard judge -- the judge. the man pulled over by police officers, cited, there will be an ongoing investigation and for the duration of the trial msnbc will not be allowed in the courthouse. that's just one consequence of the events that have been unfolding there in kenosha, wisconsin. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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9:43 am
chappell controversy. his netflix -- bill mar is not having it. >> chappell has a long history of going after transpeople. not really lgbtq, a little bit but the homophobia is not as much as a push. he said this will be my last one for a while. called "the closer," and he says he's being canceled because he's made jokes about that group. what's your take on it? >> i defended him. i'm for free speech. >> why? >> first of all, you say going after. you used terms like homophoneia. i was speaking recently about phobia. that's a word that's traveled quite a bit from its original meaning. phobia means an irrational fear. he's not afraid of homosexuals.
9:44 am
he's not transphobic. >> tommy, team free speech, that sounds good to me. >> yes, i think bill mar might actually be an undercover conservative because a lot of the things he's been saying in the past several months of this seemingly every ending biden administration have really run a lot more like conservatism than liberalism. i think the american people at large whether they are on the left or right are sick of cancel culture. this dave chappell thing, fact that he stood his ground and bill mar is also standing his defense of chappell and others who have been canceled or attempted to be canceled, i think this shows the american people are sick and tired of cancel culture. we're not dealing with it any more, companies that do it, organizations that do it, politicians who do it, media outlets who do it, we're done. if you want to criticize someone's free speech, go ahead and do it but to try to cancel somebody or put them into a
9:45 am
corner i don't think the american people are buying it anymore. >> we have a little more from chris cuomo's exchange. >> i know a woman in her 40s said recently to me at a dinner party, when she was a kid, she was what they used a call a tom boy. she said, i never was interested in wearing a dress. i only wore pants until i was like 14 or 15. she said if i was around today they would have made me into a boy here in california. that's what we're talking about. this is new so don't put this into the category of this is setted science. anything that deviates from the one true opinion on this means you're some horrible bigot and transphobic. that's not what's going on here and i don't think dave chappelle >> is phobic. he talks about mario lopez who said a 3-year-old should be able to choose their gender. it's simply to ask questions whether a 3-year-old should be
9:46 am
making decisions like that. >> you know what we're seeing, we're seeing a collusion of people agreeing on a similar issue. cancel culture. tommy hinted at it maybe it's less about whether bill mar is becoming a conservative and more act the fact people are fed up with being told what they can and can't say and being canceled for it. that's an american value. no matter how you vote you assume you'll be able to say what you want which is why one side, woke folk feel like they can criticize everybody else. they don't expect to be canceled for having their opinion. they expect for everybody else to be canceled for having theirs. so they also are embracing the free speech that the left of us are saying ripped. based on what they don't agree on. that's a unifying issue. i mean, bill mar is an example of what the white house can't do. the white house can't unify its own party and it can't unify the united states, but this is issue apparently can. >> absolutely. i mean, you look at the list, emily, you've got gina who has
9:47 am
been canceled, dr. seuss who has been canceled. we've seen so many examples of. this but i seem to remember one person who survives the gods of cancel culture. let's pull out the picture. oh, it's chris cuomo. you remember this picture of him with his brother and the big q-tip advising his brother on official phone calls about the sexual assault allegations. this guy survives. is he the right messenger for who should be canceled? >> i love this question, kailee, and i love the irony that you're depicting. as we have mr. mar there talking about precision, saying that words matters, phobia is an irrational fear and using common sense to describe the situation, we have chris cuomo sort of pushing back on that and he's the one above anyone else that should understand that his words matter. when he pledged, for example to be an ally and advocate for women who have alleged
9:48 am
disdiscrimination, i find it a bit rich frankly to be lecture on morality from this individual and i find it refreshing to hear from bill mar which is common sense. this isn't what this is. it may be insensitive, yes. but when you label people as the most extreme, it renders everything disingenuous. >> audacity of chris cuomo to make himself look like the god of cancel culture, i don't think so, coming up, why harris is in washington, d.c. today. it involves a very prestigious honor. congratulations to harris, that's next. >> harris: thank you. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease.
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9:53 am
two courtrooms. the kyle rittenhouse trial in wisconsin and the ahmaud arbery in georgia. we have you covered in both important case. the president's nominee facing tough questions over her past to the soviet union and statements about finance and oil. is the government using the patriot act to monitor parents concerned about their children's education. we will have charles payne on taxes and inflation. i am john roberts. join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." see you then. >> ♪ ♪ >> harris faulkner is in washington, d.c. for a special reason. she is receiving 2021's broadcast journalist of the year
9:54 am
award tonight. we will show you some of the reasons why she is getting this honor in a sneak peek of what people will be seeing at the awards tonight. watch. >> fox news alert. the biden administration admitted it released haitian minorities into the united states. -- migrants into the united states. look at what law enforcement officers are facing on american streets. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley joins me now. krysten sinema and mitch mcconnell you say you will be -- the senate floor to cast your vote. good to see you, senator. >> harris, what does this award mean to you? a huge congratulations.
9:55 am
>> oh, my gosh, i loved that you played janet jackson's miss you much because i miss you guys. with awards you want people to look at your work and find it valuable. i question sometimes. msnbc getting kicked out of a trial as they visiting investigate if someone was trying to get a picture of's jurorist. the ways journal is being questioned and whether people value the truth even when it's hard to look at. this award means so much to me because my children and family get to see me now. whether people value it or want to start their own narrative. i am just the basic girl asking a lot of questions. i feel blessed in a big media
9:56 am
world, maybe somebody sees that as valuable. i know our viewers do and i feel blessed by fox viewers. >> congratulations. we call a commitment to the truth fundamental and honarable and feeled with integrity. we are proud to sit next to you. >> [loud music playing]. >> [inaudible].
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