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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 20, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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"the five," and on my fox nation show. tucker carlson is up next. 4/20, vide, who knew? [laughs] good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you've seen video of joe biden mumbling in public recently, and we bet you have, there's probably not anything we could tell you tonight -- excuse me -- that is going to surprise you. would you be shocked to learn joe biden recently got lost in his own bedroom? introduced a table lamp as his wife? apologized about saving
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marie antoinette's life in the crimean war? probably not. we can't say any of these things actually happen, but they could have, they are entirely plausible. if you think that is a mean thing to say, don't worry, joe biden will never know. at this point other people are not real to joe biden. he lives in a world of ghost and fog shrouded memory. but you knew that because you've seen the tape. may be the only thing that would surprise you about joe biden 15 months into his presidency is learning that he plans to run for reelection. that would be outlandish, impossible really, ridiculous. were joe biden somehow able to stay in the white house, he would be 86 years old by the end of his second term. do the math on that. even now, at 79, past the life expectancy of the average american man, joe biden can barely speak english, and that is not a trend that will improve with time. what kind of president would joe biden be by the year 2028? you shudder to think about that. or you can bet that more botox and hair plugs would not improve him.
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the whole idea is grotesque. weekend at bernie's, white house edition, it is an insult to the principle of self-governmen. that does not mean it is not coming. according to a piece this week in "the hill" newspaper, joe biden has confided in his old boss barack obama, he does in fact run for reelection. joe biden believes he is "the only one who can beat donald trump," which if nothing else suggests joe biden believes he beat donald trump the first time. hey, guys, i've got 81 million votes, maybe we will get 500 million next time. so how did barack obama respond to that? "the hill" newspaper didn't save your queen earlier this month obama referred to joe biden as "vice president," so you can guess. obama never hid the fact he did not like or respect joe biden. obama thought biden was fake and incompetent, old, white, and annoying, and that was ten years ago. so you can imagine how obama feels about an 86-year-old present joe biden. michelle obama, by contrast, will just turn 60 by the next
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time presidential election rolls around so clearly it is her turn. it is not just obama who feels that way. a lot of democrats agree. just for the sake of amusement this morning we tried to find a democratic party official who would be willing to go on the record to endorse a second joe biden candidacy and we couldn't find a single one. now keep in mind these are the same people who are delighted to tell you that you can change your biological sex just by wishing it so. like dorothy clicking her heels in oz, boom, you are transgender now. they consider that believable. yet they will not tell you that joe biden should be president again. a biden reelection campaign is just too absurd even for them. strains credulity past the breaking point. joe biden? come on. that is the consensus in washington tonight, and for once, it is correct. so given that now you know what is going on with the news media, joe biden's most loyal constituency has turned on him with a vengeance after getting the manic and elected, the white
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press corps is telling you night after night he is a loser. why are they saying this? because they don't want him to run again. watch cnn remind you joe biden is less popular than most transmitted diseases. >> these numbers kind of differ, they range from the low 30s to the low 40s, low 40s -- but what is key is the lowest -- tied for the low for polestar, lowest here, lowest here, this is one point off the lowest, and when you have three or four pollster's showing the lowest numbers for the president of the united states that is indicative of a president who is in a lot of trouble at least to where he is historically. this is a loss for anyone elected to the presidency and did not get up through the vice presidency. this is a really, really bad number. >> tucker: okay, so that is one piece of tape, but it is not just a single oily poll reader on cnn, pretty much every media outlet in the country is saying the same thing. they have gone beyond reading the terrible poll numbers, now they are agreeing with the
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terrible poll numbers. here is chief biden toady, chuck todd of nbc "news," turning on his former patron live on television. it is like a scene from "the godfather," oh, the betrayal. watch this. >> folks, it is one thing for a trump judge to strike down an order from the biden white house but it is an entirely different thing for the white house to let it happen without any legal pushback and it is not the first time recently. that something has not gone the white house is way. they don't fight back, they do not defend their rationale. the biden administration with the full power and prestige of the presidency with his party's power in congress and repeatedly looked as if they are easy to roll. >> tucker: oh, they are easy to roll. of course they are easy to roll! nobody read respects the old guy, past his prime, ignore him, he is napping. that was joe biden's biggest fan talking. chuck todd is the guy who once informed you it was immoral not to vote for the dementia patient from delaware. this is a national emergency, suspend disbelief. ignore what you see. don't call joe biden senile,
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that is a hate crime, it is ageism. and the shouting worked, it always works, so for a while most nobodies of the obvious. of course everybody knew it, it was impossible not to know it. in case you have forgotten, here is what joe biden looked like during the last presidential campaign. >> look, tomorrow is super thursday -- tuesday, and i want to thank you all -- i tell you what, i am rushing ahead, aren't i? 150 million people have been killed since 2007 when bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability. >> it would put 720 million -- million women back in the workforce. >> nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crime. >> my name is joe biden, i am a democratic candidate for the united state senate. >> what is not to like about the beauty of it? >> lay the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> for kids are just as
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talented and bright as white kids. >> we choose science over fiction, truth over facts. >> think about it, we hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by the -- you know the thing. >> tucker: you know the thing. and indeed we did know the thing. we recognized thing immediately. it is called galloping dementia, it is a very sad thing. it is coming for a lot of us. on the other hand, a lot of us are not the president of united states, leaders of big countries have to be able to think clearly. joe biden could not do that. he has not been able to do that for years now. but you would never know the truth about joe biden from the news coverage that surrounded and protected him for more than a year. here is a representative sample of the happy talk you saw night after night on television. you will notice if you listen carefully to this that it has a strained, almost desperate quality to it. they knew they were lying but didn't think they have a choice. data's not drunk again, he is just really tired. watch. ♪ ♪
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>> how refreshing, how human, how compassionate. how american. >> biden tried to list our midweek spirits with a message of our sense of collective cause. it was healing. he did not say "you need me." he said "i need you." i need you. i mean, my god, that is -- isn't that it? >> people talk about the feeling of relief they have hearing biden but what he is doing now soars above that. >> what the president is saying his help was on the way. we are all in this together. i need your help. we are all americans. >> wu, hallelujah. >> tucker: hallelujah. so no, ladies and gentlemen, joe biden is not staring bluntly into the middle distance, not reading lists of cliches he could not understand, not at all, that is not what you are seeing here. joe biden is emoting, he is healing, he is soaring on the
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rhetoric of heracles above a grateful nation, propelled aloft by gentle zephyrs of hope. oh, please. why couldn't they just tell us the truth? we saw it ourselves. it might have helped if the media had been honest before the election. mark zuckerberg might not have dropped $419 million to swing the outcome of the election. and this would be a different country. but it is too late now. we are stuck with him, so here he is. this is from a televised event this fall. you will notice among other things that biden is holding out his hands like a doll for no obvious reason. >> just in terms of inflation because you had told us at a town hall, i think it was in july, that it was just a near term inflation "wall street journal" recently talked to financial experts, they saw high inflation deep into 2022. >> tucker: that was from a cnn special, a full hour designed,
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produced to showcase joe biden's strengths and fundamental awesomeness. now imagine what he must be like around the office where there are no cameras or special injections from the white house physicians to clear his head? it's got to be thanksgiving at the rest home with biden sitting alone making designs in his mashed potatoes. his coworkers are clearly worn out by this if not affirmatively sick of the whole thing. watch what happened at the white house earlier this month and remember as you view this that virtually everyone in the room works for joe biden, but they are ignoring him anyways. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so that is the polite version of what happened that day. here is the scene moments later with barack obama, the rudest president in american history. obama never liked joe biden and is hardly going to start pretending to now. we should warn you, this is
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horrible. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we could play clip after clip after clip like that. we have a whole montage of joe biden referring to kamala harris as the president of the united states. spoiler alert, she is not. but why belabor it? the whole thing is depressing. you get it. everyone gets it. the democratic party installed joe biden a last desperate effort to stop the economic populism of dirty standards, and then in the general election, io silence the uncontrollable talking of donald trump. to be clear, permanent washington never feared what donald trump would do, they were just pretending to fear that. what actually legitimately terrified them was what donald trump might say.
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what if trump started noting obvious things and then the whole system came tumbling down? that could happen. words are the one thing you can't take back so it was not worth the risk to keep trump. it absolutely had to be joe biden. they assumed joe biden would be grateful for the promotion, a ceremonial retirement gig, one last government sinecure before the end. but somewhere along the way, things changed, as they often do. joe biden forgot the terms of the deal. he started running up to microphones and pretending to be president. at a certain point, the kabuki went to his head and then he decided he might actually run for reelection, what the hell, i got 81 million votes the first time. for the democratic party, this was disaster. frankenstein had escaped the lab, so they had to take him out, now they are. matt walsh is the host of the mat will show and joins us tonight. matt, thank you for joining us. you have to wonder, to hear the sitting president, the greatest, most inspirational, uniting president we have ever had, has announced he is running for reelection and nobody says anything, what is up with this?
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>> yeah, it is pretty scary. of all the footage you can play of the president tottering around like a lobotomy place into, i think the thing that will live in infamy and encapsulates the presidency is footage at the easter egg roll, where joe biden is being shuffled around, led around the white house lawn by a staffer dressed as the easter bunny. i mean, he is being led by the easter bunny, it is the most pathetic footage of a president i think we have ever seen. that is only because we do not have footage of joe biden soiling himself in front of the pope, allegedly, allegedly. although i guess on the plus side, somebody is in charge, if it is the easter bunny, i would prefer santa claus, i suppose. the thing is, for the democrats, they are kind of between a rock and a hard place because they have got joe biden on one hand, and on the other hand, they have kamala harris, so if you send joe biden off, then you have kamala harris, who is dumber than aoc, less likable than hillary clinton, so that is the
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situation they are dealing with and i'm not really sure what they do about it. >> tucker: well though, it is kind of the nightmare that this guy, who they chose because they thought they could control him and no one would be threatened by him because he is so clearly out of it, decides he is going to take his own course and disobey barack obama and ron klain. i'm going to run for president again. [laughs] how worried are they? if he said that in public, what would they do? >> right, exactly. they have someone they can control. one of the reasons also i just want to say, tucker, maybe if we had had our fill of this experiment with an alzheimer's patient, we should consider as american people actually pushing for a change in the policies so maybe there is an upper age limit on the presidency so that may be you have to run for president sometime before you become fully mummified. i think may be 75 could be the cut off and that gives you 35-75, that is 40 years to become president, that is a pretty good chunk of time and if you can't do it in 40 years,
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then just go home and play with her grandkids. one of the advantages of that, by the way, you know, joe biden desperately has wanted to be president his entire life. he has been in the public, you know, and public life, politics his entire life, and someone wants to be president that bad that they are even willing to put themselves through this, at the age of 78-79, that is all the more reason not to allow them to. i think maybe -- maybe at some point we should start calling for that. >> tucker: so i wouldn't want to put a number on it because i am not an ageist, but i do think premummification is a totally fair and constitutional standard and i'm with you, matt walsh, on that, so thank you. >> yeah, i think so. sometime before that i think is good. >> tucker: [laughs] at some point before that. matt walsh, great to see you. >> for sure, thank you. >> tucker: so most of americans celebrated when you can finally take off your cloth biting to and from in front of your face, struck down by dense mass mandate on airlines,
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passengers cheered in mid air, threw off the masks and/or liberated but not everybody was please. that would include an internet host, cnn personality called roland martin. roland martin was furious, and that is odd to. you wouldn't think a host of a showed called "unfiltered" would support masked mandates but you would be wrong because roland martin loves filters and wants everyone to wear them. he tweeted this image of himself on a recent flight, as you can see he is dressed like he is operating a belt sander, even had headphones on to keep covid out of his ears, smart move. here is what wrote. "i don't give a -- what some grossly unqualified trump judge says, i'm fully masked and wearing goggles on this flight from d.c. i had covid in d.c. you can kiss my behind about not wanting it again at any fool saying it don't matter is a -- liar." [laughs] so there is roland martin. he is not fighting in ukraine,
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but he is fighting in america by wearing goggles and two masks. what is interesting is roland martin, whose social media of course we are glued to come has uploaded a bunch of pictures of himself at public gatherings recently totally unmasked. so he is still unfiltered, except not on planes. tulsi gabbard is one of the only public figures in this country who has fearlessly described america's interests in eastern europe and asked the obvious question: how is the united states served by fighting a hot war with russia? and when she asks that, she speaks with the overwhelming majority of the american people but for no one in washington. and for saying that, mitt romney accused her of treason. she served in the military still. tulsi gabbard is taking action against the people who have accused her of treason. she joins us and asked to explain what she is doing. ♪ ♪ we just told you how joe biden hasn't fought clearly in quite
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some time -- we are not trying to be mean and again we will never know, we have a t-shirt to acknowledge that. they've even celebrate it. certainly laugh about it because it is better than feeling sad. is the home for those. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: recently it was considered totally out-of-bounds to question someone's patriotism because of political difference in washington. that was called mccarthyism. and only the lowest sort of people engaged in it. now it is completely par for the course for people on the left to accuse you of treason if you dare. case in point, depth tulsi gabbard, a democrat and former sitting member of congress, challenge the idea it would be good policy for the united states to fight a hot war with russia. for saying that, by the way she speaks with the overwhelming majority of americans in making that obvious point, but for doing it, members of both parties called her a traitor. "tulsi gabbard is parroting false russian propaganda," wrote mitt romney of you call. "her treasonous lies make while cost lives." ludicrous but still alive
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agreed. he said tulsi gabbard is a "russian asset" who belongs in jail. now this kind of stuff flies around the internet all day long and most people kind of shrug it off and keep moving but tulsi gabbard does not seem like she is going to. she is on the verge tonight of taking legal action against both mitt romney and keith olbermann. we should tell you, you probably know, kelsey garrett is a u.s. army reserve officer entering just tonight to explain her decision. congressman, thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: how do you plan to respond to this? >> first of all, let me say i took an oath, as you mentioned, i still serve in the u.s. army reserves, today i am a human lieutenant colonel and 19 years ago when i listed in the military i took an oath to defend our constitution. i took that very same oath when i was elected to serve in congress, where i served for eight years. senator mitt romney has taken that oath, as has every other member of congress who has had the privilege of serving, and if mitt romney had read the constitution, he would know that
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treason come of a crime he is accusing me of that is punishable by death is so serious that our founders deemed it to be the only crime worthy of being defined in our constitution. and so the situation we are facing here is a very serious one, not because it is about me, because it has a much bigger impact on our country. and powerful and influential people basically threaten and intimidate people into silence, as mitt romney, keith olbermann, and others are doing, they are hoping to achieve that effect, that if anybody dares to speak out against the government, that if anybody dares to criticize whatever the permanent washington establishments narrative is, then you will be smeared as a traitorous, treasonous trader, and frankly, if mitt romney is seriously believes i have committed treason, why hasn't he brought at any evidence or brought
5:26 pm
charges, he clearly doesn't care there are any consequences, or as i mentioned, he is just trying to intimidate and bully me and others into court silence. >> tucker: may ask a question? mitt romney famously dodged the war in vietnam, he is a coward. you served in the u.s. military and you talk to people who also served and might be called to fight this war against russia. people currently serving in the u.s. military, how many believe raising questions about whether a war with russia is a good idea constitutes treason? to a lot of fellow officers think what you said is treasonous? >> out a single person i know, that i have had the privilege of serving with, and even those i don't know personally, who take this oath to support and defend our constitution, to be loyal to our country, wearing the uniform, knowing we can be called to give our lives in service to our country at any time, i am confident in saying they would not agree with his accusations. >> tucker: yeah, i am not surprised at all. the people who actually face the risk understand we need the conversation. so how do you think he might
5:27 pm
react to this? >> we will see. we have sent the cease and desist letters to senator romney as well as keith olbermann and it is in the host they will recognize, given the opportunity to sell the american people, you know what, on second thought, we understand how serious this crime of treason is. we will apologize and we will make sure this doesn't happen again because if we love our country, we care about our democracy, we care about free speech, the last thing anyone with a platform should want to do is to create this chilling effect where people are afraid to express their views, whether they are mainstream or not, whether they are in line with those in power in washington or not. this is america, and we all need to stand up and protect this speech because today it is me, tomorrow it could be you. >> tucker: yeah, i mean, olbermann is a sad has been who lives alone with his cats but met romney is a sitting u.s. senator. i hope you will to share his or
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her sponsor because he was to provide one. >> i look forward to it. >> tucker: thank you. elon musk famously last week said he would like to buy twitter, and the entire establishment, both financial and political in this country, flipped out. because they understand that free speech is not a threat to them, it is the threat to them. they can't control the story line, they can't remain in power. so you have to wonder, what would happen if he succeeded? what would happen if elon musk actually bought twitter? straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: jim clyburn of south carolina is one of the most powerful democrats in the house, more than any other democrat to get joe biden the presidentially nomination and also corrupt and if you this charge to make, listen to the evidence, fox news kevin corke has the story. hey, kevin. >> evening, tucker. it is important to note both democrats and republicans at various points have paid relatives with campaign cash over the years. we have all heard about that. but among democrats in 2022, it has reached the level of support, with general contributions making their way to family members and mitt know my thanks to creed of accounting. case in point, as you point out, democratic minority whip james clyburn who has showered five relatives, his daughters and their husbands and a grandson, with more than $200,000 in
5:35 pm
campaign -- by the way, just last week, you may recall that fox news digital reported representative maxine waters about $4,000 during the first quarter of 2022, adding more than $1.2 million that the waters campaign has paid karen waters for "mailer management fees and campaign managing services." and of course, it has widely been reported that ilhan omar, representative from minnesota, has it dished out nearly $3 million in campaign cash to her husband's political consulting firm over a several. ethics watchdogs don't like this sort of thing, although by rule, it still can be done until someone changes the rules, we are going to see a lot more of that, tucker. >> tucker: that's for sure. kevin corke, great to see you tonight, thank you. >> you too. >> tucker: and of course, members of congress are allowed to invest using insider information which is why almost all of them.
5:36 pm
corporate media outlets in this country are convinced in order to survive they need the monopoly which gives you more options. to have that monopoly, they need to censor people who want to tell the news in a straight way, that is why they are doing everything they can to stop elon musk from buying twitter. because if you got to talk, why would you need cnn and msnbc? so those channels are now trying to tell you that free speech is not the foundation upon which our democracy is built. no, it's dangerous. >> elon musk wants to change the way we tweet, but could his expression with free speech on the platform take us down a dangerous path? >> elon musk's hostile takeover of twitter. right-wing media is celebrating musk's bids and he is going to rescue free speech. >> it's funny, elon musk wants to buy it, massive life and globe altering consequences for just letting people run wild on the thing. >> are you concerned at what musk is trying to do is to open
5:37 pm
up the platform for more misinformation about topics such as covid-19 and the 2020 election? >> elon musk is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic and homophobic things to his millions of followers. >> tucker: these people are fastest, they have torn off the mask, they are now telling you straight to camera that freedom of speech should not be allowed in america. jason whitlock is one of the deepest thinkers on this and many other questions, particularly how the media works. he has done all his life and has a new column on what is happening with elon musk and twitter. we are happy to have them join us tonight. jason, thanks for coming on. what do you make of this? >> well, i think elon musk is an existential threat to the establishment. >> tucker: yeah. >> and their control of public discourse. i think elon musk is far more dangerous than even president donald trump while seated in the white house. again, twitter is not very profitable, it is not a great
5:38 pm
business, but it is in complete control of public discourse. it is the newspaper for the media. it is where the media gets all their talking points and where they get all their false narratives confirmed, and they wanted no part of elon musk or anybody to who is blue believesn free speech, fairness, equalityo one likes that in control of the platform. how else would they be able to disappear the hunter biden laptop story if it was turned over to someone like elon musk? and so i think this is broader than just twitter because i think twitter isn't really in control. the technology company, facebook, apple, amazon, google, netflix, that's the real power structure, and if elon musk gets a hold of twitter, and starts asking the right questions and discovering things that i think all of us that are more conservative, more traditional
5:39 pm
than the people that run twitter, if he starts looking at how they have manipulated the 2020 election under the guise they were fortifying the election, it is going to eventually lead to, hey, mark zuckerberg at facebook, the $400 million spent fortifying the election. what's really behind that? and so, i just think elon musk and his bid to take over twitter is a real problem for the power structure. they have been able to, again, not just silence the 45th president, but a business like parlor that reared its head and potentially could have been a competitor for twitter, what did apple do? kick it out of its app store. what did amazon do? shut down its servers and just basically deplatform parler. elon musk is a threat to all of that and i think they're going to stop at nothing to stop him from acquiring twitter. >> tucker: you grew up in this country, we are about the same
5:40 pm
age, did you ever think you would live to see the day where people on television told you with a straight face that free speech in america shouldn't be allowed? >> i don't know what's more amazing, because that is amazing. journalists, people that make a living allegedly pursuing and telling the truth are hostile to the truth. that's amazing. but tucker, to be honest with you, what is more frightening to me is many of the american people have been convinced that freedom isn't valuable. [laughs] we don't really need freedom. we will let the government be in control and we will wait for joe scarborough and mika brzezinski to tell us what to think and do. we don't need freedom, it is all overvalued. this whole country is based on freedom. that is why people want to live here and come here and we have reached this point where we take it for granted, and so freedom, freedom of speech, we don't
5:41 pm
understand its value, we are not vigilant about protecting it. that is why twitter and the silicon valley mob has been able to take over public discourse in the way that it has. >> tucker: i think you are absolutely right, and i think a lot of people don't understand what it looks like if this continues even a little bit further. we are going to regret it. jason whitlock, i appreciate your coming on. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so a brand-new report reveals just how extensive big tech's efforts to protect the democratic party has been. hundreds of posts censored simply for being critical of the president of the united states. speaking truth to power no longer allowed if the power is joe biden. that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: the second you get a tv show there is an overwhelming temptation to yammer on about things you know absently nothing about. and another thing! almost everybody falls prey to that. steve friend ella has not and he has been reported for it. he is the host of meat eater on netflix and the head of a huge outdoor empire and has succeeded because there is a
5:47 pm
clear focus. steve is interested in hunting and fishing and connecting americans to nature. that is all he talks about and no one talks about it better. we spoke to him about his show on a new episode of "tucker carlson today" you can stream tomorrow morning. here is part of a conversation. ♪ ♪ >> i made a pact with my audience about what aspects, what opinions of mine are worth sharing to them. i don't -- i stay focused on conservation, the culinary space, wild foods, hunting, fishing, these are things i know about, i have subject matter expertise, i don't bore my audience with what i think about tax policy or what i think about the culture wars, right? it is not part of what i talk about. the promise i made to my audience is i will give them, like, what opinion i think is necessary, what information i think is necessary to help guide
5:48 pm
their thinking, guide their viewpoints on issues related to those pursuits, okay? so i think i wanted to be -- it probably appears a little, politically, schizophrenic. and i think, as well, it confuses some people because on one hand, you are killing animals and you eat them and, like, i do controversial activities like eye trap, right? hunt with dogs, these are all things people look at it as being cultural, bad, you know? on the other hand, i advocate very strongly for clean air, clean water, you know, good habitat, good wildlife policy, environmental stewardship. i think a lot of people look at that and it is confusing for them. >> i don't think a single sportsman i've ever met would be confused by that by that. >> you are correct, and that is why -- that is why the audience gets it. when i see people get confused by it, to an outside perspective, it is confusing. >> yeah, no, it is integral to the preservation of the land. >> yes, throughout the whole
5:49 pm
thing -- >> of course! and also, people who are actually pursuing fish and game understand nature, review or nature, that is why they are in nature. i hear you completely. i am fascinated by your total unwillingness to get outside your lane. >> oh -- >> and i respect that. almost nobody can pull that off, people are like, no, i run a cooking show but actually i do want to tell you about my views on social policy. how do you maintain that? >> oh, man. i don't -- i don't want to say that i sit around biting my tongue. it is probably -- and this is going to sound like i am, you know, congratulating myself in a way. i think it is largely because i am very focused, emotionally, mentally, you know, mentally i am very focused on the set of things that is a core set of principles and these disciplines i am interested in around the outdoors. >> tucker: so a sure you can
5:50 pm
trust that is nothing to sneak n propaganda. steve rinella, "tucker carlson today," now out 6:00 a.m. central. several high-profile stories over the last year, but most censorship online is hidden, you never hear about it and don't know what is happening. tonight, the media research center has a new reporting on the scope of big tech's efforts to keep your opinions hidden. they found more than 640 examples of bands, deleted content from other speech restrictions placed on those who criticize joe biden on social media over the last three years. joins us tonight to tell us what he found. thanks for coming on. what did you find out? >> what we found is, obviously, one of the big categories was the hunter biden story. talking about major players being censored. obviously, president trump,
5:51 pm
donald trump jr., kevin mccarthy, ted cruz, you go down the line, major publications, and that wasn't even the only category. we found more than 230 examples of people being censored or creepy joe biden stories. that shows how far big tech will go to protect their president. >> tucker: so making fun of biden -- of the people being censored know they were being censored? >> yeah, i think by and large they did. what you get is they would be told by twitter, they have to delete the post, you would get what they call an interstitial, basically you put something up over your post so you can't see it. or you get suspended. twitter is particularly active but it does not just twitter, it is facebook, too. >> tucker: how many examples did you find a people being censored for criticizing marjorie taylor greene, donald trump, any popular figure on the right? >> we didn't. in fact, you go back to the trump candidacy versus joe biden, we found
5:52 pm
donald trump, before he was kicked off the platform, he or his campaign were censored 625 times, 0 for provide an campaign. >> tucker: so how do you win an election, how do you have a free and fair election in an environment where only one side can talk? >> you don't. it is not just the united states. long-term, this is any democracy, any republic that has elections, big tech can stamp all over it. you've got them interfering, we did a tally where we looked at how they were covering members of congress. 54-1 examples republicans over democrats for censorship. the one democrat who was censored from a two hours later, facebook apologized and put the content back up. >> tucker: yeah. you're going to vote for joe biden, you're going to want to go to war with russia, period, whether you want to are not. thank you for that report come appreciate it. so you don't have to wear masks on airlines, most people
5:53 pm
are celebrating. at "the new york times," some people still take its ears they come as a newspaper, they are terrified. they are so afraid you may not have to cover your face with your little biden burqa that they fell for a gag about crazed maga flight attendants, a hilarious and very revealing story next. ♪ ♪
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>> in 2020, voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor. he has deliver the unleash the most violent criminals in our midst. turned los angeles into a third world war zone. this is los angeles under george gascon. people who break the law are celebrating.
5:59 pm
>> announcer: "tucker carlson originals," "the suicide of los angeles" streaming now on fox nation. >> tucker: with the mask mandates ended and most americans are pretty excited. "the new york times" are terrified, a lot of them live alone, sad, barren lives in empty apartments, they are neurotic, of course, it scares them that others won't be wearing masks. they decided to write a story about how people are afraid that there are no more masks on the planes. so a "new york times" reporter decided to find people who agreed with the bat. now man called jared decided to play tricks on twitter come he wrote "when the pilot announced the mask meant it was over, flight attendants pulled off their masks and seized directly into their hands while screaming this is maga airspace," jussie smollett version. only a "new york times" reporter would believe is unwanted, her name is victoria kim and she immediately replied "i would love to speak to you." responded "it is satire, only someone from "the new york times" would believe."
6:00 pm
victoria kim would not be deterred, she wrote the story anyway and just on some twitter users as neurotic as she is to interview and verify her thesis. so that is how news is made. that's it for us tonight. don't forget parts one and two of season 2 premier "tucker carlson originals." "the suicide of los angeles." we will be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and tonight we begin with this fox news alert, guess what, every american is suffering, there is no question, joe biden's policies have been an unmitigated disaster, both at home and abroad. as a result, joe biden is now the most unpopular president in the modern era. now you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who approves of his performance in office. yesterday, look at this crowd, a handful, 30 people showed up to the presidents big publicized speech in new hampshire. can you imagine if donald trump held an event and only 30 people showed


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