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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 29, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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purchases on your discover card. >> harris: fierce perspective that the biden administration published new governance board, which critics are blasting. and a moves closer to out right safe censorship. this is "outnumbered." hello. i am emily compagno but here is harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany and joining us, tomi lahren and jason. serious questions are being raised today about how the board will determine what is
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misinformation as we learn more about who is bleeding it there. we already know the term disinformation has been used to eccentric, that such as speculation that covid fleet from the chinese nap which facebook and before before u.s. intelligence agencies later found the snow i went of two possible pandemic origin the respect and the documents from hunter biden's laptop which twitter blocked and later turned out to be legit. the new disinformation is our nina jacobs herself suggested the hunter biden laptop story was far of a foreign -- part of a foreign influence, campaign and she will decide what gets labeled as a fig. critics are slamming the timing of the board six months before the midterm. the white house is defending the new panel against the severe backlash in this way. watch. >> we know there has been a range of this info out there about a range of topics, including covid for example and also elections at eligibility
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but i will check and see if there's more. >> i don't have any comments on the laptop but it sounds like the objective of the board's to present and misinformation from traveling around the country. i'm not sure who opposes that effort. >> emily: sure, a noble concept, ennobled in 10 but it is everything else we have problems with. >> jason: every dictator wants to be able to say, i deem this. >> not true. goes back to the obama administration. they tried what was called soper, the -- sopa, the stop online privacy act -- piracy act. they wanted to be able to take down any website at any time. he could not pass legislation. their answer is to deem this person, the czar of truth and
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they then would be able to -- i think what they are trying to do is to give excuses to the other social media companies and the traditional media if to say, you need to suppress this. you should do it because it is just not true. so says the government put that is what we are going to do. i think the threat of elon musk is the idea that he is going to expose this suppression and the shadow banding that has been happening when he is able to get in there and look at the algorithm himself. that is the biggest threat to the traditional media and the other social media companies. >> that is right. and tomi, what are democrats afraid of? >> tomi: you should not need to center those that disagree with you. going to the last two years of covid, i dunno how many of you, tweeted something and they put a sticker on it. i think that goes back to the question, who is the referee of what truth is, what simply
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things the democrats don't like pickup and is the truth really so scary to democrats because maybe if people know the truth, they will change the way they vote. they always always had this referee in big tech to take the game into your favor. elon musk like you said jason, is a real threat to the because maybe he is not going to be one of those big tech wardens on their side. they have to scramble and bring the government and. all of these changing definitions, they need to protect people from ideas and speech. we don't need protection from speech. we need more speech. part more ideas. more of a marketplace of thought. it is not the disinformation that they are worried about. i believe it is the information and the controlling of the narrative is slipping away out of their fingers that threatens them and now they got to bring in the government to do their bidding for them. >> that is right. and he said for years, the first amendment distinction has been the focus of liberals who discovered a way to circumvent constitutional bans on censorship. using companies like twitter and
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facebook. now that successful strategy could be curtailed as shareholders join figures like musk and objecting to corporations and meter estimate like a circuit state media. faced with the prospect, democrats are among back to their final line of defense and finally being honest about their past use of corporate surrogates. they are now calling for outright state censorship. i would and caeley, to end, the referee that democrats have been plank at the official referee of disinformation she has no qualms about shouting her bias frankly to the rooftop or is it seeing her bias from the rooftop? >> kayleigh: press secretary jen psaki says she does not have a lot of information but we brought a lot of information today. the tucker carlson, thank you. watch. ♪♪ makes them sound precocious ♪ ♪ disinformation is atrocious.
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>> maybe she will have a career on broadcast. some other interesting tidbits in the daily mail. she has complained about hordes of men tracking her down on social media after tv appearances. she prefers strangers to follow her twitter account because she. >> leads that they are jealous of her verified blue checkmark. this is a lesson in don't tweet like you are -- your every thought. i don't know whose ambition that is. but this is very scary and you got to look at this in the aggregate, the republican party is now the party of free speech. the republican party is now the party that once parents involved in education. the republican party is now the parties of free press that will allow the new york post to report a legitimate story. the party that says you can breathe freely on an airplane and we are not going to forced a class on your face. >> i think you are really generous. you are really generous because i think that was agonizing personally.
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the reality is that disinformation which is the intentional dissemination of false information, that has been a part of active measures by russia since the 1950s. to your point, this is not new to america. the cia has been dealing with its for decades. in the regular administration, keep the .8 task force. the fbi, state department. white in this demonstration, are we somehow to accept the overburdened dhs with this self obsessed social media neophyte as the champion of the arbiter of truth but everything that they have that we have learned from history is that the enemies are in fact our true international enemies and get this demonstration, dnb's are average americans. -- to this administration, the enemies are average americans. >> i'm glad that we have to perform that we have the least like no. elon musk is going to brought in that out. so that is part of the problem,
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too. i want to know what the rules are in terms of choosing somebody like this because i think you have to be able to recognized the truth before you can find it. and so since we have already shown the receipts on how she thought that hunter biden's laptop was disinformation or at least whether she believed that we don't know. but she was willing to many plate that and many plate everyone else. but if she can't act on what the truth is, how can we have faith that she will find it. but the other thing is, the kremlin is still on twitter. so if they are putting up that much disinformation, i don't believe that this liberal administration on this issue is really all that sincere about finding disinformation. they don't have a problem with the kremlin's blue check page now. but they don't have a problem with the blue check page right now, the ayatollah. is it really about the disinformation or is it about what we have been saying here,
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especially here the case duca tomi? it is not going to help them, though because you can never kill a tweet think all of that stuff still rests there. they need someone other than nina jankowicz. but we will have so many more which precedes on whoever it defined because we will find what the truth looks like. >> tomi: and i think the brilliance under the rug and administration with the concept that it is not ghost was the concept that it is not up to one person. social media, even if it were -- 100%. but she has been banned from that. coming up, as the biden white house is hit with another week of crises, the plan is to somehow put more of him before the voters. as yet another one raises major concerns. that is next.
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>> the biden white house ending what has been another chaotic week as it reels from crisis to crisis but no inflation numbers are out today showing rising prices at the fastest rate to get this, in four decades. this after yesterday's shocker that the economy shrunk by 1.4%. the first contraction since the pandemic began. we are also learning that the number of illegal immigrants in the united states jumped by 1 million in biden's first year. and violent crime is still soaring in cities across the country. as democrats brace for a possible almost certain wipe out in november. the new white house strategy is not to keep the president in the
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basement. no, like during the 2020 campaigns where he was in the basement at this time, they are going to get him out on the campaign trail. that could be a risky move after his recent outings where the president looked confused, dazed, and lost. prone to his usual -- emily expected more potus is what a biden adviser it says. but do we want more of this? >> president biden: ill-begotten gangs of putin's -- yeah. the guys the kleptocracy. [chuckles] >> that is the answer. >> emily: yeah, apparently that is the answer. and remember to the contraction of the gdp, the answer is that it was technical factors that he did not explain. i think short of the comedy, i'm sick of being disappointed. i'm sick of being exulted and i don't understand why is americans got the concept of we deserve the best in that office
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is not adhered to. we don't deserve the best of what is ground or the bottom of the barrel but for some reason, the standard, the caliber of the quorum of that office in position is not being held right now and whoever wrote in that prompter a ten-cent word should probably be reassigned because i think it is obvious that potus can't handle them. expect something else he can't handle is keeping your a game t. there's a soundbite that was plate this week. if we are about to play it now but i literally as a mom as a parent bristled when i heard it. listen to the president of the united states. >> president biden: all our children. the reason you are teachers is because you recognize that. [indistinct] classroom. >> she butchered the idea i believe of it takes a village. it is going to take a village for him. it is, needs to fire all of his people right now. you are busy.
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right. you would not go. maybe you could help out america. i don't know. but he needs to fire everyone around him. he needs an exit like kamala harris. but he needs to choose change now behind the scenes so that he can go fourth with some sort of idea of what an a game look like. that is predicated by knowing what an a game is. i have not seen him go for the win and get it. on anything that he has done? bipartisan infrastructure, bipartisan. people had to help him get the applicants on the things that he has promised that he would certainly do get shut down the virus could not going to do that. >> is going to deal with inflation right after he decided that it was not transitional and not -- it is still not his fault. but what is he doing? i'm seeing sixes and sevens in my own state now for gallons of gasoline. that was a california, two weeks ago. it is spreading.
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it is getting worse. and i don't see him with an idea. his comes people say they can't sell it i think it is what you are sending. if you can get a comms team just in case anyone is paying attention to could tell what you think works better i believe you believe it. but if you think you can get a better comms team, let's eat up because america is being let down. it is not just that we are not getting what we deserve. we are not getting what we need. >> the comms team is that the new disinformation governance board pick up i think that really is what they are trying to do. they don't have a good comms team. they, self this narrative and the agenda that is coming out of the white house oh they need to manipulate it and big tech was doing it and then elon musk was like, we need a new board. it is going to be in the government and then big tech. i think that is the strategy. >> and you cannot tell the fact that your child is not your child. i can tell you having carried a child for 10 months, every month that belly getting bigger and
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bigger, that child does not belong to a teacher. that child belongs to her mother and the father. here is governor desantis reacting to that. >> i think biden and his folks believe you sent them to the school, but out in the school's job is to indoctrinate what they think your kids should learn what your kids to believe and so this is a huge debate in our country. it is said that it is. why would you want -- but they don't want parents involved because they know that will represent an obstacle to them indoctrinating them the way they want to do that. >> jason: governor desantis in spot on. the democratic party that i knew and kind of grew up with, they are dead. they have gone so far to the left, they are totally tone deaf. they demonized anybody in middle america. they called him uneducated. i don't think it is just the comms people. you have to have a leaders of the party and the country. and guess what if you voted for
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joe biden, you are getting exactly what he campaigned he was going to do. they implement it policies that are so radical and so antithetical to what we are trying to do as a nation he was on purpose that they did these things. as far as the cognitive capabilities, and look at the chief of staff. i look at joe biden. a look at susan rice take a look at brian deese the people immediately in that circle have got to do the right thing. >> amen. >> jason: and actually stand up and say, it is present is incapable of reading the most basic thing of a teleprompter which he helped prepare. >> he can't, bkd including the easter bunny. and you know i'm not joking. you got to have somebody who is around you to wear the suit. that is not h.o. >> but tomi, the chief of staff is not listening. you respond to. the numbers show it quite clearly. at this tactic of putting biden
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out to more. there's two things to that. i don't think the democrats want him out there corporate. we saw that with stacey abrams. she had something else going on with the president and vice president visiting. they are going to distance themselves as quickly as possible as the can from joe biden at the white house. i think this also presents an opportunity if journalists aren't willing to take it. if they are going to put biden out there market we need to be for questioning him moorpark the first questions we should be asking besides all of the things that are failing in our country, we should be asking about hunter biden and the business dealings and that missing millions of dollars and the e-mails and if he was involved in a foreign venture because if you practice president, it is pretty easy. you keep asking him and he is either going to get very angry or he is going to let something slip. that is an opportunity that journalists should take if they so choose to. >> exactly. on this friday, we will talk about the squad next. stay tuned. "outnumbered."
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♪♪ suddenly i see ♪♪ this is
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what i want to be ♪ ♪ suddenly i see ♪♪ >> 7abc. it looks like. but it does is getting closer on canceling student loan debt. if the president previously had resisted but now that his approval ratings are taking among young voters especially, he is signaling. that he is reconsidering. >> president biden: i am considering dealing with some debt reduction. i am not considering $50,000 debt reduction. i am in the process of taking a hard look at whether or not there are and will be additional debt forgiveness and i will have an answer on that in the next couple of weeks. >> somebody has to pay for it. experts one that canceling student debt even a portion of it will only make inflation where. >> look at that. the payoff 10,000 would require
9:27 am
but he of 321 billion in loans. jason shea pitts, former chairman of the oversight committee you have watched a dollar or two. tell me about these. >> jason: this is a man who is supposed to have a plan. joe biden was the man with the plan. he has no plan. he is going to exacerbate the problem. he is going to make inflation worse and why should the families have to pay for somebody else's debt? that is not the principles. i want people to go get an education but they have got personal responsibilities for that. i should not have to pay for their debt. >> harris: i want to québec with one more because you have watched what can happen with those shall game on capitol hill. the buck is getting past. what about the bills that americans struggle to pave who are not going to get the break, who paid off their loans or have paid off the bulk of them? and don't earn enough money get to even approach that being
9:28 am
worthwhile. but what about them? what gets done for them? >> jason: i think it is an overarching theme that you continue to see this administration. they prioritize illegal immigrants over hard-working americans. the prioritize people who scored the laws and, you know, get out of jail as fast as they can. it is just every single time i look at this equation, the person who is working hard, working smarter doing the right thing, taking care of themselves kept paying their debts, you know, does not have a credit problem, they are the ones that get penalized because they get footed with the built now. if they are going to -- hundreds of billions of dollars in debt that we eventually have to the payoff. $30 trillion in debt. it's a million dollars a day every day. we are $30 trillion in debt and this president -- in the same breath, i want to reduce the deficit but he is also going to do student loan forgiveness. they don't fit together. >> no, they don't. one at one is not 15.
9:29 am
tomi? >> tomi: this aggravates me for several reasons but i think this only worsens the entitlement generation for young people already. they don't have to pay for anything. the thing money grows on trees and someone else will always. it. this just validates that worldview that they have but we can party. we can have a great time. we can sit on tick-tock. it does not matter. and someone else will pay for that whether we really get the value of education or not? that is my first problem with it. the second is, nobody is arguing that college education is not overpriced but it certainly is. getting the government else is what brings that down. universities have no reason to have competitive rates and tuition rates. we are going to forgive it anyway. these administrators, these institutions, they just keep raising the rates for the tuition at the kids look at it and say this seems expensive but someone is going to paper for this. the democrat daddies are going to pay for this? so why not just go to the
9:30 am
college of your dreams? all the problem and jason is] it is a hard-working americans, really have to manage a budget. really have to be the ones that are responsible. we are the ones that continually take it. >> so, you know, kaylee -- kayleigh, it is not just about this moment in time. >> kayleigh: yeah, because you forgive this, they will invite the present and you can see this explosion and loans. you see 120% price increase. tomi is actually right. and the earning potential of those who have bachelors degrees is higher. they are saying let's give a big payout to the rich. johana omar sing it is time. what? what accomplish those conflict of interest? i will vote to forgive.
9:31 am
>> jason: that was my fault. >> i know. come on now. >> we have the naacp putting the video of her admitting that she had that that meant insane, all it does is belie the fact that that is why these lawmakers or policymakers are calling for it. we can pump that up right now if we have it, guys. >> we are here to tell the president that with the pen he can't and should and must cancel student debt, period. >> that is right because she holds the dock. let's talk about basic economics for a second. if you wipe away a cost, it is absorbed as with over 90% of that recent tax hike in california which spread protests across the state was because of pensions. it is not that tuition is covering the actual cost of the
9:32 am
labor of that professor. it is their pensions and when you dig in deep, you see that handful who carries the both of those costs. when the government tries to make it seem like it is this poor student who is trying to get their degree, no. it is because of march economics, botched budgeting at the hands of the state like california and new jersey that have tripled the system, tripled the college and the tuition system so that they compatible wallets and we are the ones left holding debt and now it is going to somehow be extinguished. but it is absolutely ridiculous. >> i think democrats like to use that word "reimagine." i'm going to use it for this. what if we reimagine what the workforce looks like and we stop saying that only those who carried degrees and certain degrees are coveted in the workforce? why don't we make it about what people can do with their hands and their brains and not make it about pieces of paper so much? we have so many jobs openings
9:33 am
right now. we have opportunities in this country. you should not have to go broke to make money. >> yeah. >> and thank you would not have to wait for the democrat daddy. [laughter] just ahead, even more bombshell reporting on hunter biden's business dealings reviewed this week and that media are still refusing to cover the story. will not all of us. stick with us. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans who need money for their family and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan
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biden closely to his son's business dealings. we learned part -- biden paid a hundred thousand dollars to cover hunter's bills. a. we also not know that hunter pop his business partner at least 27 visits to the white house and other official locations. one of those meetings was in fact within vice president biden. the white house insists the president knew nothing about it. even when fox news pressed him on it. watch. >> reporter: does the president still maintain -- with his son about his business dealings? also that he has never spoken to his son's business partners? >> secretary psaki: he has maintained his statements that he has made in the pass. >> reporter: the president said he has never spoken to his son about his business dealings. has he ever spoken to his son's business partners? >> secretary psaki: again, nothing has changed about what i said yesterday. the president does not get
9:39 am
involved in the business dealings of his son. >> there's a picture of him with a mexican billionaire that raises a lot of questions. >> jason: this is absolutely not true and she needs to be pressed even further but there is a picture in the white house in the naval observatory. i want you to look at the gentleman on the far left. you may not have heard his name before but his name is jeff cooper. there's the mexican businessman. on the far left is jeff cooper who is hunter biden's business partner. we have an e-mail at thanks to the daily mail and the government accountability institute which i did -- i used to work with with that hunter biden is bragging about the fact that we need -- did everything we said we were going to do. a. you met with everybody that you wanted to. but the next thing that happens is the most poignant part. if jen psaki is going to continue to insist that the president never had a
9:40 am
conversation, it does not get involved, then why did the vice president at the time bring jeff cooper and hunter biden on air force two and slide them to mexico city with the secretary of energy and break in the e-mail and say, i'm coming with my dad. i want you to come to the airport. those same judgment that are in there. i want you to meet with the president of mexico. we are going to be are going to be together all day. we want you to be part of this trip. it is impossible to thing that the vice president did not know that hunter biden's business partner it was on air force two. >> you made a point earlier in the week on fox and it was a sailing point that you gave us pictures, e-mails, evidence, that jen psaki makes it untenable for her to say, he never spoke to his son went that's evidence is in plain sight. >> harris: we know jen psaki is moving onto msnbc.
9:41 am
even though she said she has not personally made that announcement. is it time for her to exit? if she is not curious enough to ask the questions, if she expects us to believe and take her on her word, that she is not asking the president this at the end of the day, i remember when -- i have not asked the president about that. i would anticipate the next day, it would be asking anywhere. that gave you 24 hours or so to ask the president about that but the interests that he is giving her, i don't want to talk about this. can she come clean about that? or does she lose her job? should she care? she already has a new one to expected at that point that she was as on tuesday about this. she dodged the question. still does not have an answer. tomi, it is such a remarkable lack of curiosity. when to the white house and abc instant decided to report on powerball lotteries, pop at cbs in orlando amazement.
9:42 am
accident. embassy fourth fires on mandate come a change. nothing about hunter. this is important for all americans and the fact that those mainstream media works at least seems that the folks in mainstream egypt are not curious, i don't think it is a lack of curiosity. i think they don't want to work know the truth. they would have to admit that they originally did not want to talk about the laptop in the first place and then they had to talk about it and the disinformation. i'm so glad we have that governance board now. but there's also to the appointment of, he is paying the legal fee. you are paying your son's legal fees spectroscope missing millions of dollars unaccounted for? in terms of biden's finances? talking about certain kickbacks and i want to know whether it was joe or hunter because even if it is just hunter, it is still bad. what did he have to give to get all these positions and all these boards? he has no marketable talents and
9:43 am
skills. what did he have to give up and to the detriment of us? we need to know that. [overlapping speakers] >> is a drug addict. we know that. that natural origin vulnerabilities with the accessibility to his dad were his dad's name is why america must care about this. >> emily, the house oversight committee ranking member they written a letter saying -- where it showed their finances intermingled. saying if they were intermingled, there are real questions. you are getting money from political adversaries. >> basic tenant of financial forensics. it is a basic tenant of every single civil and criminal law suit or prosecution out there involving money which hunter is the subject of at least one and to your point about the governor of disinformation or the czar, at least the department of justice is looking into this and to your amazing mind -- final
9:44 am
payment clue, this is incontrovertible evidence that joe biden has logic he said he never met the business associates. now we know for the umpteenth time that he has. that is going from perceived conflict of interest to actual conflict of interest not least of which is that communications one. someone who adamantly maintains to see something that she knows that his fault. that we all know is false and you don't have to be an attorney and you don't have to be a president to know that. >> you make a really good point. it is no longer perceived conflict of interest, but it is actual. coming up, elon musk just triggered the left again after saying the democratic party has been hijacked by extremists. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast.
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9:49 am
through inflation? steve forbes on that and the latest on the so-called ministry of truth just launched by dhs. i'm john robbins. join in meet for america reports. we will see you then. >> have you seen this lately? elon musk is a ball or. he continues to enraged that that. by hinting yesterday that they are to bring for his politics. musk tweeted this showing how his views have changed over the years. later in the day that he responded to the criticism over the left over the image tweeting, i strongly supported obama for president but today's democratic party has been hijacked by extremists. is that him? that is a fellow liberal. he is running. your take? >> yeah, i mean, he is right. considered every issue. abortion was supposed to be -- now it is like everywhere and always. look at immigration. bipartisan inpatient reform
9:50 am
where -- they believe in remain in mexico. every single issue they have moved to the left and they have moved up the cliff and i guess elon has moved towards me. [laughter] >> what does this do interval estimation, jason? is that many of the democrats that you once knew, they are just gone. >> jason: thing of the aclu. where is the aclu on all of these freedom of speech issues? they have run for the hills. hey, the democrats have become so progressive, i don't even recognize them. this goes back to what i said earlier. i think today's democratic party is no reflection on where it used to be and they wonder out loud, why don't they like is more? white art deco more -- why art deco more republicans?
9:51 am
-- are there more republicans? >> former president obama. when talked about the wokeness of his party. >> if you were to poll all average americans, people who work hard and say, how do you feel about the value of your dollar plummeting, about you paying for others' tuition? and the issues which we pop up all the time here, you will see that everyone feels vastly on the side of the gop could vastly underside of republicans. we have a now sitting supreme court justice who said, i can't define what a woman is for fear of offending someone? dr. seuss is canceled. linkin park the whole world is canceled. i'm sort of enjoying watching it. >> as we are seeing liberals fleeing liberal states to come to great red conservative
9:52 am
states, that is what you're going to see with the democratic party's. i think that it is obvious, even those that want to be woke and want to feel like they are in the epicenter of culture and tiktok and social media to validation, they are still moving to florida and they are still moving to tennessee and they are still getting the heck out of chicago and l.a. and new york and that says it all because you can talk all you want about how woke you are and how much you love the democrats and how much you love the squad, but your feet are telling a different story and that is what we are going to see hopefully walking towards the polls in november and hopefully not -- >> not just defeat, tomi. but your cold antibody if you are alexandra because of cortez. all right. more "outnumbered" in a moment. veteran homeowners- you made a smart move
9:53 am
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>> putting down yore your phone could make you a much happier person. scaling back screen time by one hour a day makes you feel less anxious, more satisfied and even more likely to exercise. the study also found that reducing your phone use for just one week could help you develop better life habits in the long-term. tomi, you've been something similar. >> keeping off social media or political social media, i feel helpful and sunday night i see how much more the country is failing heading into the new week is dismal. for young people, sometimes you have to take my friend's phones away from them at dinner, they are on it constantly. put them in a spot because it's too tempting to check what everybody is doing.
9:58 am
but have a little phone basket. recommend ten out of ten. >> like a key master at a party. do you feel during your time on the weekends you are more engaged and more present because you know you are not on your phone, it has enriched your social time too. >> i still love a good boomerang on instagram, no angry tweets, no looking at the border and how many more thousands of people have come through, just taking a break from that. >> ok. >> no reading the headlines. >> exercise without your iphone, how can you do that? come on, i've got like four apple products on me at all times. >> you keep buzzing. >> allegation robot. >> what about on airplane mode and just like the music as a walkman. >> i try to have the music on the inside. >> i need help. >> i'll leave it there. >> you are a natural, i need help. >> kayleigh, what say you. >> i dread the screen time
9:59 am
reports before i head to church, dismal on my end. my screen time reports are dismal. i did reduce my minutes by like ten minutes of screen time, so progress. i need more of the tomi lifestyle on the weekends. >> don't knock it. one step at a time. >> barely a minute and a half for the day. >> one twitter session. >> you have to support her, be a champion. >> i ate one let pringle. >> that could be the pringle that sets you over the edge. >> i'm so over the edge. >> we are learning a lot. >> i think it depends what your phone is used for, toxics, and negative -- >> kids need to learn to play and engage and creative without a phone. kids will have it. >> we have to model that. tomi gets it right, they need to see us at the dinner table in
10:00 am
gauging in so much sauce, that's my theory, they cannot pick up a phone. >> what kind of sauce? like wine? >> oh, wait, but i can do wine sauce. are you coming? >> that's amazing. guys, thank you to everyone. we wish you a maybe phone free weekend and see you back here on the couch on monday. now here is "america reports." >> john: wouldn't that be something, a phone-free saturday. imagine the department of homeland security create a board to tackle disinformation and then picking someone accused of spreading disinformation to run that board. well, that's just what the biden administration has done. >> sandra: new york post out with this cover featuring new disinformation chief, once suggested the hunter biden laptop story was planted by russia. arizona republican congressman andy


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