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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 19, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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country. space you can't imagine why netflix didn't think toddlers would love that series. they are not going to get it. they canceled -- cancel the series. there is sam. she is wearing a freedom matter sweatshirt. "gutfeld" is next. >> greg: are like wonderful and so do you. i hope you are well. this week the media finally discovered crime because finall they found a criminal who fits the bill as they ignore others who don't. to make no mistake this is a felon and i credit the outrage
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even if most of bet only to us exploit a tragedy. the political reporter conclude that white americans aren't doing enough to fight racism perspex it is really a white culture bowl problem that why yes that that african-americans are more generally seen as the other or so easily -- we talk about white supremacy but it's also the way in which people talk about folks coming across the bore. it goes round with those folks and also are a threat. >> so racism is a white bicultural problem and whites should come to terms with it. how does she know that they haven't what planet is she on why they only get cnn and msnbc there appeared she echoes what her. say, that whites share the guil
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for their racist actions as if individual choice, responsibility, or mental illness don't exist only by uniting pigment that unites us. meanwhile this dope things thos that embrace free speech do so and our races. >> look at the way the right tr to baptize the depth that dhs was going to essentially try to attempt to monitor hateful rhetoric. they want to make it seem as if it is some sort of a brother. it's like this is always what the right does to appease the white supremacist movement by saying, hey, free speech. >> so if you are for free speech , you're helping out the kkk. that is a leap that evil knieve couldn't make msnbc, maybe it i time to chuck todd. [laughter] >> thank you.
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terrible pond. i've discussed myself he is the turned, toured with a head injury under a hairpiece. i could go on forever and then there's this guy say we need a new war on terror, the terrorists being republicans. >> mike guidances that we have to treat as a terrorist threat that it is. we rally on 911. there was no question about wha the country was going to do. we are facing the same threat w should label them at that domestic terrorist party. >> and they say republicans are divisive pits of this is raises the question because it's raise by idiots. are you responsible for a person 's crime because you share a pigment. and has a net federal into ever white person's head that since they were kids not to do this kind of generalizing, especiall when it comes to race. this is what the democrats are riding on and it's a unicycle with a flat tire. if you are responsible for what bad whites do, what about what
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good points do one a white person do something great, should you applaud me? does elon musk privatizing spac travel and building electric cars allow me having the same pigment as a mass shooter or me as a party dancing like i'm in body cast. isn't that true, white supremac that by virtue of race i played a role in inventing air travel. i actually did more than once i college i took asked that i off the library roof into trash. by this logic, i own everything good and everything bad, which is not nuts. by saying that all whites are complicit in the eczema bad man he's a true white supremacist and if whites put a man on the moon, i guess that i might as well be buzz aldrin. and you're welcome for the tag. idiotic. it is idiotic.
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but let's play this game purge of all the japanese share a guild for pearl harbor and shoo all japanese be credited with the best toilets on earth. admitted. i'm pretty good. very clean. cheval germans answer for the holocaust? i say, yes, except for heidi clune but they also gave the pretzels. should all blacks be credited with inventing the best music ever. i bet you didn't even know that they come up with polka music but they're also partly responsible for the black-eyed peas. i know. you see how this logic is cnn i the worst of the group appeared how what they feel if we judge them by joy reed or jeffrey toobin. actually i do. all the time. i'm a hypocrite. it's a part of their single variable thinking they have no mental dashboard as they fly
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through life storms no probability, experience. they see life through one filter , race. so what about me. in case you haven't noticed, i' sure it appeared the new research on violent crime, shor men were twice as likely to be convicted of a crime as the tallest. now maybe those guys are more likely to take a swing at danny devito than dewayne johnson. but then you find out that the real variable predicting violen crime was iq. it is the short guide to blames i'm off the hook for stealing a big wheel. it's not just within short people that differences like iq occur. happens in all groups. this figure differences within one group then there are betwee two groups. it's like you have an einstein and a tom arnold. it's why you have thomas soul and joy reed. their bigger differences within race then between races that is
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huge. why? because we are individuals. we are brilliant, funny, weird, high iq, but enough about me. were also depressed and crazy invulnerable and dangerous. enough about kat. but it is not between groups. it's among people, individuals so do my own explanation for short and violent because i'm short, nope just because i don' take credit for all the great work that little people do. but if you favor group identity over the individual, you would, but you don't because we see th person come only if the left of the immediacy groups per the only herd mentality at our head is walking away from them and the only place left us want the patient is in math class. look at kat and tyrus and me, the most important thing to gai from the show is that we are different persons. i don't see kat as a white chick
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. tyrus is a white male. you doesn't seem he is at all depending how close or far i am to him. nor do i see them as a giant wh can flick me into space with hi pinky. i see he's the smartest guy i'v ever met pick i just hope that could lowest watching. i told him the same thing in th steam room. nic and i seek is the funniest creature on earth that she's no even trying to be funny or she is just being kat. so in short, white supremacy identity politics, and what we are doing right now on the show is we embrace the person, not the pigment, so screech your identity because it's an evil that helps no race pickets just about power as evil always is. will come tonight's guests. former sports caster, michelle
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goetsch. >> so many people tried to cancel him, you would think his name was cnn plus. dave rubin. give her liberty or give her anything but a shot of tequila per fox news contributor kat timpf. and popeye wants to know what h eats. debbie debbie e world televisio champion tyrus. so, tyrus, short people aren't more likely two violent crime, going against your theories. first of all, they said they were. it was just the smart ones don' get caught. you lead your league of mary title men and then you have thi code of short valor or you won'
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tell on each other. well played, penguin. you know, great monologue phenomenal monologue. [applause] as someone who grew up with something bad happen on the new come across my fingers like please don't be a brother because we all get blamed for it . now when we get to this point o equality, not me because i know what it feels like to be grouped , but when someone gets to go on tv and their plight is to group of white people together and say they are all bad, you are no different than earl on the porch. it is the same thing pickets just because when they say it, they are saying it from a place of supposed wisdom and they are not. they're just running the race game just because it's coming from a person of color and they're supposed to pass becaus they have convinced white americans to be afraid to say that is wrong.
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you so happen to be black but that is okay. americans -- white america has to stand up for themselves. they don't own plantations. they've got to pay bills. we all had the same issues in the same hurdles. it has nothing to do with the color of life nor would live. they're doing this because that is the easiest way to get attention. there was a lot of murders and they only focus on one, why, because people tune in. that is the tragedy of appeared. >> to be totally clear, just want to make sure that we all know that no one in this building has a room in their basement. expects no, no. i can't stress that enough there's absolutely no private locker room right next to the mailroom.
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you know what i'm thinking. i'm sorry. >> you were doing so well i was almost a serious person. you are our first show. i doubted you what did you say on the first show quick. >> before i tell you, on the options that i say something offensive here during the program, doing the ho as a black , identifying as today, but on the first show, the first "gutfeld" show i was sitting in this chair and i said you would be the number one king and late-night within one year. i said, no, it's not possible provide doubted you. and i doubted you because you are short. i am glad we can stack up against each other. expects i will be probably the
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short one. i don't even know if you have a opinion. i am with child, please. i'm told you can get an abortio if it's necessary perspex beard doing that story tomorrow. we used to be all about individuals. now it's all about groups. expects the best example that you show was thomas soul. it does not matter paid skin color does not matter appeared probably the most genius that we've ever had in history and she is an idiot who works at a mental institution. and those people, their skin color has nothing to do with those facts and if you look at them, that is the beauty of wha tyrus was saying pick up you look at them and got that it is
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a black man he must think this way or think that's about economics and she has a black woman she must think that's. look in the mirror because you are the races. >> i look at this and i think about myself in the early 2000s of being accused of obama poll bfp at this is a new version paid sometimes i think might've been guilty like because of 9-11, i was like, i was looking everywhere so if i have to accuse these people are doing that, flick myself and se but it's kind of the same thing in a way. >> you're starting with with th man in the mirror. so they do based on gender as well. remember when we help the war o women a while back, hillary clinton telling us all that women were oppressed and the wa on women. europe was working as a woman i sports, one of the very few and i was like where is that i don'
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see it. i just think that people forget that we are individuals. and if you say that someone is not an individual and their onl part of a group, it is because you don't have another argument. you don't give that person agency over their own life. you are saying it is too bad that you are a white hispanic woman. you will never be a sportscaste because you can't. >> they said that to me. >> did they quick. >> of what upheld -- >> greg: which is why i transitioned from a short man o german and jewish -- >> can i just mention -- >> legendary sportscaster, tell the truth. i shall mention michael jackson. only in one of the country coul young black men go up to be an old white woman. all right, kat, you are in a group of one, so to speak.
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how do you get people to break out of this idea of this groupthink appeared. >> the first version of your model lot that i read, you -- today i decided to train -- you decided to change person into creature appears. >> i didn't notice that. >> welcome it is more accurate. i think that it's not good to view everything through a predetermined lens, no matter what that lens is these people obviously do it with grace. if you already know it before you'd look at something, you're not thinking at all. you can't think critically and that's never going to be a good thing pixel i think that lookin at the situation individually and as people individually as the only way that they're actually going to be processing what you're seeing.
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>> good point. >> thanks. before we go come a quick reminder i will be in salt lake city, which is in utah this saturday for my book tour and tyrus will be there. we've got some new -- go to g got now she is the -- [applause]
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>> bret: welcome back. the minister minister of truth has gone proof. widens ministry of truth couldn't get its spin on, so ou comes mary poppins with the yellow umbrella that she rode i on. just three weeks on the job, th weird al get jacob edge of showtunes has resigned as
8:22 pm
executive director of the homeland security disinformatio governance part of the board itself has been paused pending review from a bipartisan advisory council even cnn plus outlasted her. she's went on msnbc last night and defended her orwellian office. >> eric -- every characterization of the board up until now it's been incorrect and frankly it is ira like beth the board itself was taken over by disinformation bu it was but the fight that pits. >> i fully understand americans concerned that they don't want government involved in policing speech and good news but they were devolved in policing speec and neither was i. >> someone should start a government board and defend her irony. so the board is no more, at least for now but they could relaunch with the new leader. what about that. expects thanks for coming in at
8:23 pm
on how people find a new disinformation czar. at least people get anyone crazier than me now. they put all that money into elon musk paypal account. you have any questions? >> yes, what is your return postage.
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i didn't see that coming, kat. >> i got really sweaty last week . we had to do quite a few takes of that. i wish that they had done that gwyneth paltrow bucks. you would miss me so much per week keep the body around just for the show. i love how they accuse people o bullying her when everybody was bipartisan and they were just quoting her. and also when she said everybod is pulling her, she has a lot o people and her team in terms of propaganda. our bff taylor ran, and the entire thing pumping her up, sh is the best. she does not even mention that part of the concern, major part of the concerns that she hersel is spreading this information about the hunter by the laptop. you would think if you are
8:25 pm
worried about some and not having a job, who and what and where and when and why the y would be something that you mention. actually that is one of the nicer things that you called me. taylor is a friend of hers. she writes this washington post be saying it's a washington machine. why don't you admit you are bes buddies with her because these are horrible people fear i have a theory, i noticed something, did you see when she popped her head about a bit. that is how jen saki was like this. of them starting maybe the trut is trying to come out. and she is cocking her head and away --
8:26 pm
the thing is if you lock it int much it's going to come out. >> exactly. we will need some fiber con for that. she is going to land on her feet . the media is going to be in total empathy with her. i don't know what her long-term outlet is she said something about twitter that says maybe they did want to censor people. i think she says that lou check people on twitter flexibly give a told to add other people on twitter and they found what the wrote was misinformation. correction cover that is a little bit of censorship. she was also into this big getting back to the first segment, she was getting back into this gender stuff it is dangerous to be a woman online pick it is outright dangerous. weight a minute, you are online. so you are not really in harms
8:27 pm
way out the moment and secondly everybody was a public figure online gets the and it's part o it and it's part of what you sign up for, isn't that quick. >> i think that there was some dangerous stuff the start of th line was about my decision-making. >> and you were still here with us today. >> good for you, kat. tyrus, do you think that any of her completes have any merit, that she was targeted and it really wasn't about censorship? except at the be honest. i can't answer that because she staring at me. i can feel it. there's just so many. edit is a shame that this information got disinformation. you hate to see that happen. stop.
8:28 pm
it is so bad. can we go back to the interview? do you know what is bad when th reporter wear sunglasses indoor purity does not want to be seen with her. that is the first time i've see a reporter with sunglasses on and studio. that is good. it makes me nervous. this thing is not going away. they're going to create a new version of this with different people and there'll be people that will actually be worse tha her because they will have the pedigree. the great thing about her was that she sucks so that we could all make fun of her. imagine if they didn't have tha mary poppins video. imagine if they had something that is not repeatable. it's not that word. i know because i checked it earlier. we should move on.
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and they had warmer feelings toward republican candidates. before the testosterone treatment we found that weekly affiliated depth threats at 19% and identified strongly with th party pick out of what i just said that it sounds important. the scientists conclude that these [leap] >> it's in the research. no wonder elon musk last name i most. vowing to vote republican because they were mostly kinda kindest party but they become the party of division on haight so i could no longer supposed them and will book republican. with the testosterone lobby has already tried to catch it are you sluggish during the day and wish to live in another country? do you have strange thoughts like considering voting democrat ?
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this hormone is responsible for every awesome thing that mankin is separate done and jumping into generation of weekly affiliated -- unleash your inner conservative. ever since i started houston testosterone, i can't help -- [indiscernible] >> i spent every day of my life reading about the green new deal . now i spend most my time readin about the constitution picked best of all i'm no longer a virgin. expects one more side effect so if you're -- and the old red, white, and blue , then tie -- try testosterone. well done acting. so, dave, much like this study you also followed 136 men. why not. i haven't seen you in a year.
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this makes sense. >> well, i had no idea that the said something to do with testosterone. i thought it was just the soy that was keeping them. liberal speakers were always there. i can tell you as someone that was right on the wire, someone that was progressive, the whole thing, i can tell you i've neve been more then i am since i've been here at this very moment a when i saw you earlier in the mail room, you were telling me. >> we were looking at our faces when we were talking. i could feel your breath. how are we going to do this. i told you that this is going t be the number one show in late-night. we are the most successful show ever that says things better that are completely twisted and wrong.
8:37 pm
>> i hate to correct you. you keep saying we. yes, i do. i get so mad because it can never be because it's the right decision it makes sense. because we read and we think an we don't like big taxes. no, we get gassed up and go woke . [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. and you know what the other sid is going to do here, don't you. they're going to say, see, the republicans and conservatives are all aggressive with that testosterone and they're all just mean and then there's goin to be this anti- male thing, as if there wasn't already.
8:38 pm
and a few more things. how dare you. very fondest never tested positive for anything. never once. he only tested positive for my love. >> with effort. you actually have more testosterone than i do. when i first met you, i began t understand what was coming out of your mouth. it was like a truck driver. >> i don't know. i probably get a lot of testosterone like the voice and the personality. anything else other than commentating on my hormones. to you by this quick. >> i don't buy anything like that is a small number pick it could make sense because hormones do affect you sometimes . like anyone who is a check will
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now it is not the teachers to call the toddler's races. others that got the acts including stamped. and wings of fire, another children's cartoon by a left active as although i thought it was about buffalo wings. sources clarify the variety tha the decisions that perform at this these projects that were created, not -- in other words is nothing you don't have the money cometh jus that the idf, which is the kind of odyssey you get from the surface that lost to million subscribers and that is why the are pulling more plugs then a nursing home run by andrew cuomo . meanwhile zulu has also given rod of a dramatic series about hillary clinton after two years of development. looks like she won't be going t the m your boards, like she didn't go to wisconsin but this could only mean one thing obviously the russians have infiltrated hulu.
8:45 pm
if the only way to see hillary drama will be to drive past her plays of lesson to her fight with bill on the driveway. meanwhile hulu executives released a statement saying if we die, we did not kill ourselves. this is kind of a good sign, right. >> i couldn't believe what i heard it. i thought that, really, are the coming to their senses. they say this is not a money thing and they have the capital to produce thing where it is a money thing is when they projec the audiences and they say we might not have any for the show we might not have enough to mak it worth our while. i can't see how some of these show -- how these folks would find enough of an audience. antiracist baby for preschool. >> if they were white, they wer born races. you just can't help it because that -- i also saw what's her face,
8:46 pm
didn't perle get penciled as well expect yes. how do i know this? >> you did your homework. i think that were coming to terms for the fact that people are tired of being lectured because it doesn't feel like education. it feels like a lecture constantly pick. >> that is true. they should just name it netflix . mi right? what you are doing is you are encouraging them. >> that's a good impression. >> that's not a laugh. that is an uncomfortable sound. it is this mutant power. if you do like kat and i do, we go to a happy place. netflix is more light --
8:47 pm
more like flex. expects he knows that you are faking netflix got tired of faking. dave chapelle thing really made them wake up because you look a his numbers and you are thinkin about their million people on the keyboard pretending to be -- so when they have protests they are always close and we learn this with president trump. he would say back the camera up because you can see have any people are at mine and how many people are at your spirit now when they pull the camera back, it is them with a megaphone and the publicist who has not got paid yet, the camera guy ed to have their pens who drove them they are. so there is no woke monster. there is no huge protest and they all share the same account on netflix. so they are losing money all th way around. that collin capra nick documentary was the first thing you ever saw in your life pick
8:48 pm
executives executives finally said enough. >> kat? >> thought? >> what's up. >> i'm running out of time. and now i wasted time explainin to you why i said kat. >> yeah. i guess so. nobody wants to watch something called antiracist baby. that is obvious. it would've been very easy to write because people, they do i that all the time anyway. how many times if you are for her my two-year-old said to me today, mommy come up why are -- and it is obviously a baby couldn't say that. but people don't want to be lectured. review want to be educated whic is why i only watch horrible television. >> eating my meatballs pick. >> can i ask a question?
8:49 pm
>> sure. >> i want to cancel netflix, i really do, but i don't have a dvd player and i have all nine seasons of seinfeld on dvd. what does one do to get the dvd onto some kind of computer or something. does anyone have this kind of ability? >> this is like a tech support question. >> is like talking to a relativ that is passing away soon. >> what do you deal with the dvd . >> what do you do what the dvd? >> do you know that my mom, she got a dvd and couldn't play it and i said did you try the player and she said there is a player pay. she thought that you open that up and was wondering where the button was. >> so i should call her is what you're telling me. >> don't do that. that is what he wants.
8:50 pm
>> it is what makes me stronger. but i would watch baby, though. >> i would watch racist baby too . >> isn't that the tagline for this show? >> [laughter] [applause] all right pickup next, do i digress over pitching kids fort -- ♪ sweet emotion ♪ ♪♪ ♪ i pulled into town in a police car ♪ ♪♪ ♪your daddy said i took it just a little too far♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation.
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too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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>> a story in five words, we prefer pets, not kids. of those polled. that is what they had to say. >> i think that is part of what they sampled. i don't know which is hard. >> what kind of dog should i get? >> oh, a great dane, definitely. [laughter] >> well, i'm good. >> i think that you are more of a gerbil guy.
8:55 pm
[laughter] >> okay, okay. >> i don't get it. >> kids are scary though, because what if you have a kid and they suck? what if the kid sucks? because it is bad enough to be around people you hate, but then you are around people you created. [laughter] >> that's a good point. >> when your kids get busted for dui, i would throw you in the woods. >> and that is probably the least -- dui -- they could do something really horrible.
8:56 pm
>> well, then there is hunter biden. >> yeah come all they have to do is be president. >> we will be right back after this. ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ take on your wild world unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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so you can be free. booking.yeah >> we are out of time, but thank you so much to all of our guests and studio audience. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, i am kevin court in washington and for shannon bream this evening. we have breaking news tonight, president biden takes off on an international trip to asia for the first time as president, but he does so as questions abound as americans here at home i looking for solutions. so there are a flurry of problems from a skyrocketing problems to the


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