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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the first and only monthly heartworm disease ticks and fleas, groundr protection in just one commentariat gets this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including seizures, user caution and dogs with aar history of these disordersic protect them with all your heart comparative for you . good goo evening and welcome to tucker carlson . tonight the true measure of character. a wise man once said it's nott,f whether you make a mistake all of us do, but whether you learn from that mistake with those words in mind. we'd t like to begin tonight wih an admission its contrition night on fox news. is time to reassess our view of kamala harris. if you watch you know that for more than a year now you've hado
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a pretty conventional understanding of this country's first black indian partrs canadian vice president who also happens tosi identify as a woman. now we assume that kamala harris was historically unpopular because she's historically incompetent and fake. we assume she earned her low approval. so we're not alone in that. lots off other people have comea to the very same conclusion. there's currently a debate among software engineers about whether harris is even of biological origin or instead the product of a classified government. evei project gone wrong. we don't know the answer, but we certainly understandnd the questionon . she's that synthetic. so again, until the other day we assume that people don't like kamala harris because d she's highlyca unlikable. keep in mind that even her own husband kisses or with a mask on to us that seemed like a pretty clear sign. but we're here tonight to tellu you that assumptions can changeh even assumptions rooted r in overwhelming evidence and observable realityov. sometimes when this happens,s, your entire world you can flip
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upside down instantly, invert in a flash of light as saul of tarsus, our road to damascus experience came and we saw this clip of joy read from msnbc during a drive time radio show. watching it, we realized the problem isn't kamala harris . the problem is us . soak take a look at this open your mind a little bit and see if you don't you come to the sae life changing conclusion that we did. here's joy reid i think for'm commentariat she's had like the triple problem of being o a woman and sof p people not beg willing to respect her the way they would respect the male by fredman of being black,k, which we already w know what tht carries with it is the anti blackness comes with the package and then also beingit vice presidentnt at a time that is really, really difficult. so when i talkhoug aboutbout thl the time, madam vice president and you know this i only see blakeway okay, you went to was your game where he talks to you. it is ivc sounds a regular's seasonal regular really well. and i just it's unfortunate
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that more people don't see that . and there's also just the dumbing down of the americanisis electorate. you know, people don't understand civics. they don't understand politics u . >>nd how they don't understand how things work. did you hear d that ? have you internalized it? have you brought it deepd inside? let it i marinate a little bit. people who don't like kamala harris are sexist. obviouslyy because like admiral rachel levine, she identifies as a woman to they're also racist because kamala harris is the daughter of a jamaican college professor. duh. and by the way, they're also a stupid by definition. ythey know nothing about civicsa or american politics. , e dumbing down of americaca unlike kamala harris, you don't quote understand how things work d. >> so the takeaway is kamala harris isn't unpopular because she's a bad person. she's not popular becauseus you're a bad person. you're the problem. your racism is hurting. kamala harris is political career you bigot. and then we realize how's this for a mind bending story was talking about us and then
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we broke down and shed the bitter tears off self-awareness and our journey of education beganar. we wanted to know more so we found an interview that joy read recently did with a black supremacist website called the root, a website that's nowoc a permanent fixture in our favoritesne tab. reid is the child of well educated african immigrants, grew up white neighborhood in denver and went to harvard. soic naturally she's got a gut level understanding of the historic black experience in america. the way you do when you're frome denver went to harvard, you just feel it. it's just part of dom d you they it's part of kamala harris. you. after growing up in montreal, joe biden put it quote commo is just a regular sister in the same way people would always say that michelle obama is like your sister if your cousin became first mic lady.y. kamala harris is like if your cousin became vice president, the united statest i think she doesn't get to show that personality often enough. h and so s people haven't hado a chance to know her . you following this ? so y kamala harris is like your sister in the same way that michelle obama would be like your sister if your sister was your cousin and also married tost the president when we realized
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that before was joe biden pointed out quotete most of the media is still white and male. of courseasoy r those white malo always hiding the sister cousin connection s. so they do. butam for us the veil had been lifted. we could see for the first time with our racism had blinded us to for so long and the truth it was so painfull that for days we had to wearfo sunglasses even indoors. but it was worth it because at that point began a journey of contrition and self discovery that honestly a is long overduee like adam kinzinger, we finallye face the truth about ourselves and removed to weeping by what we saw. how could we be so darn racist? that's the question we're asking ourselves tonight in the fading light of this year's juneteenth observance. that was the old us . we've shed it like a snake skin. it's time to change. change, >> it's i time to do better. it's time to think anew tonight about what we thought we knew about kamala harris. soso we're going to take a look at some of the sound bites we
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have mocked on this show h over the last year and a half. and so it doesn't feel good just to admitt fault, just to the world, yes, we're not perfect. we get it wrong sometimes but not anymore.ny we have fresh eyes and with those eyes we're going to assess this footage in a brand new way. so here's wayay here a tape of harris repeating the very same line about quote speaking truth. weru used to make fun of this . >> not anymore. one of the most importantgh values that i think we mustt fight for is to speak truth and we will speak truth about the injustice. we will speakkinju truth about the inequity. we will speak truth aboutir the unfairness and let's speak truth. let's speak truth. so speak some truth and we must. speak truth no matter how comfortable it may be here. we need to speak truth. >> we have to speak truth. one must speak truth. and that we speak truth and we must have the courage to speak
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truth. someone who has the courage topk speak truth. > i applaud her courage to speak truth and let's speakak the biggest truth. the biggest truth of t all. so our assumption really for decades was that politician ass and to make a habit of using the word truth are probably really by definition lying. that's why they say truth so often. i'm not cheating, i promise. but what really struck the old us was the fact that kammler tamla you know, it doesn't matter how you pronounce your name, it just doesn't matter. that's the thing we've realized she doesn't know how . neither do we will admit it. but what struck us was that shea repeats the same line again and again and again and her older reaction was derision. exactly socrates. that was the phrase we used with that reaction. we now see comes from a place of privilege. evaluate your priors, deconstruct your unconscious bias and ask yourselffur u woul be capable of repeating b
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the same canned phrase rep dozes of times with this kind of precision without changing a single facial expression? oh, no. that at home. you can't do it.u you're too self-aware. it's impossible for you, but not for kamala harris. she's got what it takes to repeat herself verbatim fouras days at a time behaving as if each time is the first time . oh , we stand corrected and we c stand in allor here she washe in mae telling us about w the importance of and we're quoting working together. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle to these challenges and c work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on again, we laughed at that clip.
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we've t done it more than once. it feels good to admit at the time we assume kamala harris has got lost inar the middle of a sentence. she couldn't find her way outut together working together. .how you have a sentence together. but now wef see what is really happening here . kamala harris fully understood the importance of working together not just working butki together, working together. and that's not something we should mock. that's brilliant. has proven its brilliant. ten years ago, researchers at trinityyil college in dublin, ireland found and we're quoting proof that evolution ofte intelligent and larger brain sizes can bellsi driven by what by and requoting cooperationr and teamwork. in other words, working together. so when kamala harris tells us again and again and again that we need to work together, she's not simply repeating some vapid canned sound bites.e she's been handed by her handlers.
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she's literally literally moving human evolution forward. she's making the species bettera on a cellular level.el how long. till we can fly if kamala harris keeps it up? not longg. she does this all the time. she makes us better and as she does, she does her homework. joy reid told us it's the dumbing down of america. the dummies here can't see it, but kamala harris can see she's done the work here she was on monday talking to kids at the national museum ofat african-american history today to celebrate st. and think about it in terms of the context of history, knowingl that black people in america were not free for 400 years of slavery. okay, so again, there arer: a couple of different ways to assess that coin. the old
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us before we were reborn and since we're dealing in clichés now, we're just going to compare ourselves to a phoenix before we rose pho fr the ashes. of a new the old us would have said wait a second, tomoya harris. african-americans weren't actually enslaved for four in this country. that's's not true .e mi but we would havess missed the point. so what happened here is that kamala harris beforefo her time googled how long wasas there slavery in america? and she saw that had been four years since slaveryry beganca in america, which is true . but she forgote. to subtract the years since the emancipation proclamationt. it's actually fewer than four hundred about a hundred and fifty years fewer than four hundred which have put us around two hundred fifty . but u whatever the point is,ve that's not her fault. it's google's fault for notau doing the subtraction forct her talk about falling short of the promise of the internet and who runs google sho joy read anyone white. so there's a lot of white
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supremacy in palo alto,wh california as google has already admitted. not convinced yet. well, thent c you're just a bade person j and you're also jealou. you're jealous of above all, not just the brilliance, not just the tenacity. you're jealous of karma orou kamala doesn't matter. >> you'res jealous of her joy. what did you think when you watch that hearing? i will tell you, joy, i experienced great joy when i watched this brilliant, phenomenal black woman jurist's be so smart j and i watch that with incredible joy because i she was just brilliane being displayed for the entire country to see. and i cannot wait to see that will only be matched by the joy t that i experience
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when i see her take the oath to be the next justice on the united states supreme court, not just brilliant but also phenomenal. y so ask yourself and be totally honest and put the thesaurusus away. how many synonymss could you come up with in a row extemporaneously just top of your headmp, not just brilliant but phenomenal. could you doll that ? by the way? you d don't have her joy. maybe that's why you don't like her . we don't know. we can we talk about our journey, this effort. alison is someone who has thought a lot about this . u he is a joyful man.s he joins us now to assess our change of heart and the new us since it's great to see you. thanks so much for coming on . so we learn from joy reid who truly understands the blackt experience. i just want you to know y growig
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up in denver that anyone who doesn't like kamala harris is stupid, uninformed, sexist and racist. do you think that's true ? they need white men to tell me that kamala harris was me that s incompetent. i mea a competent judge of my own. well, if that's how no. let me go back. it's hard to go back to the remember what happened with kamala harris, okay? she camee rt dead last in the presidential primary behind the judge. i mean, black peoplee to even support kamala harris just. who was supporting their dog. if she was black, did not support kamala harris who she dropped out and what it and why didn't black people support her ? they found out that she was willie brown's societies, whichh she was in san francisco whenre she became attorney general of california. she was smoking a lo and locking up black menen for doing the same thing in betweeno her and joe biden. nd
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they put more black men in jail than robert e. lee and jeffmb davis combined. she she she she she had to say joe biden down to get the vice presidency. so what did she do?? she called into jasin p. diddy and al sharpton and told her to write a letter and said that dean told you about it. if you don't know the need is i vice president, we're going tome sink your campaign joe biden being scared as didn't do it.n. put it made of vice president. i don't respect her . to so now we look at her and she's a mess and we'll tell you some tucker. a a bigger message. joe biden iss as much as i dislike him, i pray every night he don't die because if he does it becomes president. we're in a world of hurt, but she identifies as a woman. how can you say that with delivered asian for black based
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upon what she means to vote ,, whether she needs the money but she has a good this is the good news. you're not going to see cheape and you're not going to fool t the american people twice. they gots us once but i'm not going to forget the kamala harris and joe biden has put p a shroud of darkness all over the country and we have to look at the party that that spawned these two evilt individuals and we have to hold them accountable what they've done. look, c.s. lewis said weeyon lie in the shadow land and we do. but d we also say that there is always sunshine shining somewhere across the bend over the hill. we'rere going to come out of it and we will come out of it in the united states of americaa is the strongest country in thee world. the democratic party is an evil institution. it has been evil since itsn inception in eighteen hundred. it is 1 a part of slavery. it was a party of
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the confederacy. is the party of jim crow now it's the party of eight years is the partyty of secularism. it's the party of castrating little children and turning them intoo objects. for the left, the american people have found them out and we're going to kick them out and 2024. so hold on .ol help is on way and as long as we have god and tucker carlson a eight o'clock monday through friday, we're going toy, be fine. you can do a little more vince everett ellison in my life. we'll see you. this is t great.ia thank you . thank you for that assessment. t appreciate it. 60%. >>we well, the january 6this committee is still hard at work. thamore in a year and a half a january six . they haven't actually found a conspiracy. they promised they're still investigating insurrection. but weirdly they seem to have h forgotten about the insurrection that actually happened in washington that was form of violence on januaryy
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six . wewe remember it though was r almost precisely two years ago and we've got the footage. you'll believe what joe biden's aides are writing in notecards looks like elder. it's that itit is absolutely sad that was themselves. seltzer's pointed out maybe the options worth what you decide we've got for yough straight ahead. why didn't you get the memo? we're still hunting for treasure. the expert, the brain is
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the as the right seat really. it's kind of a sad story. none of the details will shock you. they will instead confirm what you already knew . but still it's a news program. i feel duty bound to tell you that today in the white house, jill biden was photographed with a card w in his hands,pa a card of instructionsrt. in thesed are the kind of instructions you would give to a child. this is essentially elder abuse at the hands of his handlers. ron klain. anyway, the card contains a series of step by step instructions for joe biden is i if he literally had nof ideaad where he was. now these are not complex literally read this. this is verbatim youer enter the roosevelter room, you take your seat period. you thank the participants period. you depart. what are we to make of this ? dr. marc siegel joins us tonight single for joining
10:24 pm
us . i'm not quitethan sure what to , but you're the physician. what's your response to this ? tucker , you know, i always say that having examined the president, but somebody thinks he needs this notecardve don't pay his staff. you take a seat, you ask one question. this explains whyhy one question he takes then you depart. let me tell you something. there's something called executive function. and i talked aboutth unction and that last time we discussed this . let me let me tell you what executive function is. according to all the neuroscience journals that i looked at plan focus your attention. remember instructions, juggle multiple tasks, plan your actions time management, organizational skills and memory all the things that if you didn't have them they put it on a note card for they control you with it. right. and you know what ? guess what he is. he's the chief executive. another word cognition meansns thinking means knowledge. and why did the president not have a cognitiveve test last yer
10:25 pm
during his physical so the card should is the outset.ed i was looking a at it here the issue is in all caps as if to remind the president the united states who he is.un that that's seemsit ominous to e . >> it seems ominous to me to forty million americans suffer from mild cognitive impairment. they can have periods of forgetting memory i issues, ie disorientation, not remembering where they are, who they're , to.g we've seen repeated episodes of that with the president again, t neurologist saw him last year hasn't been tested. and i've also said to you on the show that he had aneurysms in his brainha and bleeding that was repairedas surgically many years ago in nineteen eighty eight that can leadsu to this as can the rhythm problem he has in his i heart can lead ton issues with memory and cognition. this man is making decisions that affect us all. . the chief executive of the united states of america needs the highest executive function of all of us , not
10:26 pm
the lowest. is it possible for the public, which i think deserves it to get a precise accounting of whatever pharmaceuticals he may be prescribed by the white house physician? there's a long history of presidents getting doped up by the white house doctorssi. can we get an answer on that? doe you think i think we should demand an answer on that. look, we have a long history of being full of being hidden. woodroww wilson, who had the spanish flu and famouslyyc led the treaty ofli versailles going awry. we've had so manyiv problems over the course of the years and all they did was attack president trump who did takee cognitive tests. and by the way, a neurocognitive test here , n neuropsychological testing would show exactly what's t goig on here. we need to demand that and yes, any medication he's on should be open. we o have to have a fitness test to anyone that's a leader of any time over a certain age, certainly close to 80 years old . certainly all of that we demand
10:27 pm
to know right now. he says he's running again, maybe some could ask this in a white house briefing because i think people have a right to know dr. siegel , appreciate your talking. maybe he'll forget that you y said he was running get right. >> it's entirely at this point anything is possible, unfortunately. thank you very much. ve we'll keep in mind, ron klain, the white house chief of staff, is reminding the president who he issi and that that is happening. many actual americans ha who live in the country can't afford to drive their cars or buy groceries. but no one in washington seems concerned about this . the economy is fine as far as they're concerned. in fact, democrats say it'st' a perfect time to splurge for real . our own bill mugen is trackingol this story and bill tucker . that's right. soea there is an assortment of media figures and politicians alike like who seem to be telling americans don't believe your lying eyes when it comes to the prospect of a recession. n and the chairman of the federall
10:28 pm
reserve certainly doesn't seem too worried too as he was literally whistling around washington today as foxes. hillary bond was trying toy h question him. take a look atim my pals atl, the president. stop calling itt clinton's pricr hike. you told lawmakersli yesterday that inflation started well before the war in ukraine, w though. should he stop saying it's putin's price hike? and on top of that , washington post finance columnist michelle singletary demanded that americans who are doing well just everybody calm down and back off when it comes to inflation. take a listen. stop complaining to>> when thers so many people who literally the inflation rate means they may only have two meals instead of three . there are americans who didhe extremely well in the last two years in the market. you still have your job and yet it's costing you more for gas against what you are still going to take that holiday fourth of july vacation. you can still eat out. so i don't need you to calm down and back off. but
10:29 pm
overall many americans aresu not suffering as much as they think they are. >> and not to be outdone, msnbc, stephanie ruleset it's the media's fault for talking to us into a possibleng recessin . >> another thing the fed can't do though is t controlhe media e or political agendas. in some wayss. we'rein talking ourselves into an inflation frenzy when you talk about it every day, then every possible business out there raise their prices. c why?an because they can because no one is going to argue. why are youou raising that inflation, inflation, inflation. and if youou can't afford your gas or your groceries, there's no need toor worry democratic congressman ed perlmutter says you can just get a peloton for much cheaperch now. >> take a listen. i think all of us would agree we don't want to see inflation, through a pandemic and we've had shortagesroug. youu could go get a palantine today at half the price youo. would have paid a year ago, mr. schuyler. and i said i will and i have done you can't eat it
10:30 pm
and tucker, on top of all of that , the l.a. times wrote an article saying a recessionev looks inevitable but it mightat not be that bad. there was an opinion piece in bloomberg that said inflation is just a lesson eating what you had instead of complaining about losing what you had. and the new york times wrote a piece saying a bad economy might end up actually being a good thing. we'll send itt w back to you. you'll know nothing and you'll like it if your bugs have palestine's. i assume all that's real film illusion. we trust you some . unbelievable. thank you . thanks. so the jan 6th committee, the liz cheney nancy pelosi committee has been impaneled for quite some time now, but somehow they spent no time on what was actually an insurrectionon in washington, d.c. two yearsim ago we don'two even guess about why, but it is worth remembering what actually happened in washington not a
10:31 pm
on january six before when the orange man was still president, ittwa j was totally t wes have the same you're talking about something that involves every american whether they know it or not. they literally accuse you of betraying the country. what the hell does too much that the only way out is that there's no getting out of it and the world is tv. you must entertain. i went through a really rough childhood. you believe in censorship. you are definitely not the good guy. were you ever afraid of should have been you don't have to wait for tonight . what tucker carlson today would episodes pretty exclusively on fox nationco plane. aspirin could be hurting basil or three twenty five liquid filled aspirin capsules is clinically shown in a seven day study because if you were ulcers that immediately aspirin basil the first liquid filled aspirin suchh as music. s these days itev seems like everything is vying for your attention.
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10:37 pm
is investigating an insurrection in washington insurrection i. there but what's interesting is there's been no investigation of any kind into an actual insurrection that happeneded twa years ago in maygo of 2020, a me set fire to historic episcopalt church right outside the whitee house and the injuredho more thm 60 secret service officers as they tried to storm the white house grounds. now donald groun trump was insio the media applauded it and the siege of the white house continued all month on june twenty second of 2020 that was two years ago this week the mob tried to tear down a andrew jackson statue in lafayette square right in front of the white houseea. em do you remember this ?ig no one else seems to. the footagege we're doing
10:38 pm
raised a lot of questions like where were the police? >> they had ropes around the statue right in front of the white house and almost do anything about it. there'ss a lot of blame to go around for that . for by the way, a lot. but that's not an insurrection. well, not if no one remembers that even happened and that's why that footage has been memory. you probably haven't seen it in the last two years. that's because it's happening in congress right now is not about an insurrection. it's about using the mechanics of the federal government. what you pay for a especially p the intown law enforcement agencies to crush and silah a anyone who opposes the democratic party joe biden that's not an overstatement. one of the political opponents t the judiciary committee is targeting is a man called geoff clark who was assistant attorney general duringrn the previous administration on on wednesday, which sayay
10:39 pm
yesterday a large group of armed federal agents wearing body armor with weapons raided h geoff clark's home. they dragged him into the street in his pajamas. now what is geoff clark doing wrong? was he selling fentanyl h? he human trafficking on the mexican border? no, just t did not commit any crime. what he did wrong wasas calling for an investigation into voter fraud. happy to have geoff clark join us now. he's a senior fellow with the center for renewing americaca. jeff, thanks so much for joining us . this is a but almost i meanos this is a soviet account really.un so tellt, us what happened and why it is and good tod be here, tucker . so yesterday at about just before 7:00 a.m., there was loud banging at my door, insistent banging. so m i just rushed down as fast as i could. i quickly figured out t that there were agents there. i opened the door and asked for
10:40 pm
the courtesy to be able to putts some pants on and o was told no, you got to come outside. so i came outside. le they swept the house. eventually they let me go back inside and put my pants on . but then, you know, by my count at one point twelve agents and to fairfax county police officers went into my house, three andt for a half hours. they even brought along something. tucker , i've never seen s befot or heardro of a electronic sniffing dog and they took all of the electronics from my house. and you know, i don't blame the, the agents. i think what you're talkingat about in terms of weaponization is really about who's pointingte the agents and telling them what to do. lltucker . so peter sturrock who worked at the fbi is effectively>> a criminal in my view, never really punished, sent outis a tweet today mocking youlo and gloating over the fact that the bush administration stoleat t your cell phone and wl now be reading all ofe your private messages.
10:41 pm
i mean, at what point can we say the department of justice where you once served is a political instrument? it's completely out of control ? yeah, i think this is highly politicized and it's also part, tucker , if you didn't know it,k ofno a nationwide effort yesterday. there were multiple states where multiple people wer were roughly simultaneously rated for their electronic devices and that obviously requires dev a high level of coordination. and look, with the hearing that was pointed at me and targeting me today with , you know, the special audience member of sean penn. so, you know, this is hollywood. you know, the very next day it looks highly coincidental. and tucker, you i just don'ton believe in coincidences. so you know,'t chris , of cours, who runs fbi, you probably know merrick garland. he's been around washington a long time . both ofg them have decided to
10:42 pm
and corrupt our most basic institutions on behalf of joe biden. did you think they were capable of doing that when youou work there? w i argued in front of merrick garland i got a very respectful hearing. i think i was goingick to win that case, but we wound up actually settling it in the shadow of what everyone assumed was going to be a victory. sometimes that happens in financial cases and chris wray was with me in the justice department. was this in the criminal division back in bush? forty three . so i do know both of them. and you know, i just think we're living in an era that i don't recognize and increasingly, tucker , i don't recognize the country kinds ofith these stasi like things happening. yeah, this is stalinist. at some point somebody's going to fight back and it's going to get super ugly. i pray that doesn't happen, buti i think it probably will . this is the whole thing is so sad and i'm sorry that you were
10:43 pm
caught up in it in your pajamasy like they just called you.ou it's outrageous. in geoff clark, i appreciate your coming on . we w i hope you'll come back and tell us where this winds creeps. thank you . we'll do. thanks so hundreds of millions of people took the covid vaccine. we were told we hade t t to be d from our jobs if we didn't, anyone who was against it was a science w denier and a crimino and no one was allowed tone ask questions about whether it wasfe actually safe and effective. they literally tried to pulll this off the air force asking them. but a new study from israel shows that the vaccine has shocking effectssh on men. this is a huge story that is not going to be broadcastel anywhere else. we're proud tol t tell you the results of this study from israel. i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and i'm here with my wonderful wife of almost 50 years, janet and our puppies over the years we've learned to make a marriage work
10:44 pm
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♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ it can be prevented and its impact lessen. gas prices are setting brand new records deals even higher gas over five bucks a gallona nationally. ne no i one in the democratic party has a plan to deal withn i it. in fact, they're causing on purpose. they're saying that this is a the green new deal.
10:49 pm
you're getting it whether you want it or not.ou they caused a disaster to force you into an electric car , which by the way, they control, you know, so little aboutey our power grid they don't understand we can't actually support a nation of electric cars right now. electricity that comes from coal. the whole thing is not rhing. but they do know that people are mad about so they're coming up with new ways to shift coming up the blal you it's really not their fault. the latest example comeses from illinois where the governor, j.b. pritzker, is a nationalilli joke. but still i time as of july 1st, pritzker is forcing all gas stations in the state to put a sticker on their pumps bragging about himer. here's the text that is required to be at every pump quote as of july 1st, 2020 to the state of illinois has suspended the inflation adjustment to the motor fuel f tax through december 31st. 2020 twoue to j.b. pritzker who is justifiably very unpopular, is forcing gas station owners to celebrate cwb pritzker.. so this is compelled government propaganda not so different
10:50 pm
from what you see in airports everywhere. welcome to whatever city i'm thee mayor. >> what north korean ego tripwh it. but in this case it violates the first time you're allowed to do this . so gas mend is illinois in illinoisti have not yet gone to court. h they haven'tav as tonight, but because an organization called the illinois policy council noticed something, this is what's going to happen. itil turns out the j.b. pritzker order doesn't specify what elseo can bees sticker's beyond b the mandatory language celebrating him so the gas station owners association has made stickers pointing out that pritzker m is totallyy incompetent, the planning and putting them in every pump in the state. you're seeing some of them on on your screen right now. they're hilarious. one of them reads illinois politicians have more than doubled the gas tax in twenty nineteen this year. lawmakers decided to delay their gas tax hike until after rc the election and they're forcing us to tell you about it. they'rein giving it away. s another sticker reads this way illinois now has the second highest gas taxesse in the nation. it's so it turns out j.b.
10:51 pm
pritzker who bought his governorship probably just get back on his plane and fly somewhere else and stop punishing working class people,r annoy the few who still live there and do something usefulg with his life. so great. so for more than a year we were told everything about the facts was good. it was going tone stop people from getting infected with covid and it was definitely to stop transmission of covid wstop. if you care about other people, you had to take it and no, of course there was no downside at all. anyone is there tak might be a downside and read from the vast database the biden administrationyo maintains was a crazed antiscience lunatic and a danger to society should we pulled off tv? you couldld not talk abouthe the potential downsides of the covid-19 vaccinesia. it turnsns out there are a lot f them. thousands of people died from them according to the various fe databases. and now there's this a new study from researchers in israel, including physicians from tel aviv university found that the vaccine quoters,
10:52 pm
temporarily impairs, in concentration and total motile count among donors. what does this mean exactly? it seems like a very negative effect on male fertility. alex berenson hasas almost alont been covering this forre more than a year. yhe's the author of pending. some stack. wrap it up and join us tonight. alex ferguson, thanks a lot for coming on . so for those of us who are not rooted in the science, what does this mean? well, it means that men who who are donating , you know, these are going to be healthy young men. the averagee is only aboutti twenty six . and young know, they they are donating and you can measure the number of in the actually had lower sperm counts after their second dose of a pfizer vaccine on average. and what is striking and disturbing about this is, you know, we know that the vaccine can cause fevers and temporary fevers in people. we know it can have short term b
10:53 pm
effects, but the lower sperm counts we're not seeing. e immediately after the second. dose, the researchers actually looked in the shortm, term only about 15 days after o the second dose was given, they didn't see a decrease. de it wascrease in the later timef they saw a decrease and it was a significant decrease was aboutt on average. 22% less in these samples. and you know, that's that's that's a real number. you know, there was there was statistical significance around that . and then because, you know,w, writing anything negative aboute the vaccines is so difficult, especially if you want a paper to appear in a real peersp reviewed journal as this the researchers then said, well, when we lookedtr even-r further out, when weev looked seven months out, we sawth that things got better. and so we're going to call this temporary. well, we apart aside the fact f that five months for a vaccine that works for aboutt three months at most certainly gets omicron is not really temporary at all. the dayot they actually presentd
10:54 pm
in the paper about the third sample, the longest term data didn't show as much of a benefit as their discussion of it claim. and we see this over and overve again in these papers wherega really bad datain gets presente. and again, these are peer reviewed, very good papers or very good journals. but the researchers find a way to sort of put a top line spin on it that will make it acceptable and then when somebody like me writend something about this on my subsect or twitter or twitter because i'm allowed on twitter, but when i write on my subject fact m checkers will then say, well, look, in the abstract they didn't say that and that's youhe. ve that's part of the perversion and corruption of science that is happening ss with theseb vaccines and making it soou difficult to talk about them. u thank you for your bravery and honesty. we already are facingou a declic sperm counts. we're doing a documentary on that. this is kind of the last thing we need toou appreciate. this is not going to help. this is not helping. definitely not aspects of thinking. we at that so musty here about
10:55 pm
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hi, i'm karen. i loveth fifty eight house bungalow and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this was real goal to work. i still can't believe that i look like that it's the usfl can you final saturday pro football hall of fame sudheer so it all starts saturday, 1:00 and the rest of the week. he's already scheduled. so here with the philadelphia saw with the perfect usfl final saturday this weekend eastern on fox found his way to get filthy, stinking rich. i mean filthy rich screaming
11:00 pm
on fox nation. >> so the supreme court todayul ruled in favor of the second amendment gun rights. john cornyn is on capitol hill right now calling for more gun control because we're quoting do nothing is an abdication of our responsibility. that's how dumb people talk. doing something is good because it's doing something no more on. that tomorrow. here's sean hannity weekk republican for it's simple. what is it? all bl right, tucker , thank you . welcome to "hannity". and tonight shall not be infringed " in just a minute, full reaction and analysis to f the supreme court's decision surrounding your constitutional right to keep and tome c bear a. and later, this country is facing huge problems. he but the biden administration, they're more interested in waging a war on nicotine all while handing out crack pipes to drug addicts and leaving borders wide open for fentanyl and heroin and meth and cocaine


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