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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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graham of the judiciary committee george democratic stacey abrams want to miss that thanks for joining us at your home tonight and every night that is it for the special port fair and balanced and not afraid. covering all the news and there was a lot of it this week we have you covered on all angles jesse watters prime time is up next. maybe even early. a couple of seconds. [laughs] >> jesse: i'll take whatever you can give me. we begin with the fox news alert of the left is out out in full force tonight over supreme court decision we've known about for weeks. earlier today the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. no surprises after the draft opinion leaked back in may. so they accomplish nothing that a single justice was intimidated. despite an assassination attempt, attacks on pro-life facilities allowed vulgar protests outside the justices homes.
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abortion is an emotional issue and liberals are furious. they want you to know that. >> leave abortion on demand. >> we will rise up. >> we will rise up. >> jesse: thousands of people took off work and took a mental health day or maybe they weren't working to begin with and they started screaming in the streets. that is their right, but it doesn't accomplish anything. it doesn't help anyone the democrat politicians are scaring the heck out of them. >> the republicans are planning a nationwide abortion ban. >> you ain't seen nothing yet we will defy them. >> today's decision on that theory then calls into question other rights that we thought
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were settled, the right to same-sex marriage. the right to interracial marriage. >> let's be very clear that the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. >> jesse: in other words a vote democrat or die that is the message that they are sending to them across the country tonight. don't worry about inflation, or gas prices, or crime, as long as you can have an abortion you're good. the media is playing along. >> i think the supreme court i think that there are no more black robes i think the ropes are red and blue. >> half the country watch the women there. >> i'm not sure that we all fully appreciate how devastating it would feel to see the words on the paper condemning women to second-class citizenship. >> jesse: this isn't just about women robert democrats are the woman of inclusivity and
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they want all the pregnant men out there to know that they see you. >> with the supreme court just did they chose to endanger the lives of all women and all people in this country. they chosen to strip rights from men too the right to our own bodies for families this is seven that belongs to all of us. as a birthing person a man? can a man have an abortion? this is all very new to me, but i am not a biologist. at this point they are just making things up. look at what "the washington post" conservative columnist jennifer rubin tweeted? estate cannot execute a woman for refusing to submit to a forced birth even if the abortion is within hours of. i don't even know what that
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means. i'm pretty sure that the u.s. supreme court didn't legalize the right for doctors to murder pregnant women. for birthing people. the democrats are being dishonest about this decision it is a desperate attempt to scare their voters to turning out in november here is a powerful thing. here in prime time we are going to give you the facts. first, the supreme court did not ban abortion nationwide. at even close. just read what they wrote. the constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion. we now overrule those decisions and returned to that authority to the people and their elected representatives. so abortion is still legal if you live in a state that allows it. there are plenty of states that will allow it. california, new york, massachusetts at least 16 states and that won't change a number of states may even increase.
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which brings me to another and dispute the fact if you like the state you live in you can leave. millions of americans without estate every year for tax purposes, better job opportunities, safer streets, cleaner air. maybe the state next-door has legal cannabis. most people know this snowfall for the lie yell at people are buying this total abortion ban are oblivious folks who have been radicalized. >> well it could be a summer of protesting again. how have we not completely dismantled the government? how? why? >> i'm convinced that we need to burn it all down because at this point i don't know what else were supposed to do. i am advocating for violence. >> jesse: brainwashed all these people it's very sad.
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they lost their ability to follow logic and common sense. the democrat party is imploding under the leadership of joe biden. they are turning on each other too. one report even suggested it might be time to cancel ruth bader ginsburg ready? rbg was a hero but her decision to stay too long help lead to the destruction of one of think she cared cared about the most. sadly this would be a big part of her legacy. [laughs] this is rbg's fault? she was always social selfish is to be clear. what happened the day without the collapse of democracy. nor was it a victory for conservatives it was a victory constitution. and for the american people. who are now seeing the power return to its rightful place. the states and state legislatures who represent the will of the people within their borders. unfortunately the democrats don't respect the people they forced toddlers to wear masks that don't work if you complain
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they will drag you out of the meeting in handcuffs. ignore the explosion of crime at democrat run cities were babies are being shot and they take pleasure in leaving our border wide open drug cartels to bring the fennel and we give them a green card. i can go on and on. the disrespect for the american people is clear. it has to stop. we do deserve better. prime time respect the people. the tenth amendment, ratified in 1791 the powers not delegated to the united states by the constitution nor prohibited by the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people we the people in the states we live in an aside the abortion issue. which is the people of each state to make their own decision as they see fit. as the left likes to say this is what democracy looks like.
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actor and he's producer of the new film life mark. so we had you on the farm because you are a very devout pro-white person and a lot of networks don't give a lot of platform to pro-life voices so we wanted to hear your heartfelt reaction to the decision that was handed down this afternoon. >> all we were thrilled i'm at a for terminally ill children we are just rejoicing over this decision. i'm a father of four adopted children was one doctor's appointment away from not existing and my wife is an adopted child herself if she had to be born neither what are two natural born children be here and so it took 50 years but finally we have some protection for babes in america i could be more excited about that. >> jesse: what you say to the people who were screaming in the
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streets you know they want to burn things down may be protesting at some of the justices homes tonight or would you tell them someone who believes in the pro-life vision? >> it is interesting that a notice that those two are for abortion they have already been born it's kind of hard to overlook that and i would say that there are millions of us in this country who believe that the constitution protects our god-given right to life, life is precious life should be protected and defended and treasured above all things and i think we are an exciting moment in the history of the world i for one couldn't be more excited i look forward to dialoguing with people at the state level so that locally we can bring our values to the public square. >> jesse: i think that's when a habit in all 50 states this can be rambunctious.
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but that's what this country is all about. kirk cameron thinks much for sharing your beliefs on jesse watters prime time on very significant day. >> thanks jesse god bless you. >> jesse: joe biden said the permit of justice are shaking down political opponents, but we are being told that paul pelosi who is the real victim here. ♪ ♪ (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: protesters continue to protest outside the supreme court. right now with these protesters. >> interesting need to be here in the nation's capital once again we seen so many momentous occasions here during my career
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you've seen as much clearly right now what we see thousands of americans making sure that once again voices are heard. they are demanding a freedom to vote, freedom to be ourselves, freedom to decide and indeed a freedom for everyone just one of the many signs that there were noticing here as we continue our coverage as i mentioned jesse it has been peaceful at the is been respectful we've heard chance, we have heard songs and we have seen prayers. both sides of this issue represented in this particular gathering some of the signs keep in mind probably think they were pretty humorous but unfortunately a lot of the signs are very vulgar. by and large i can tell you this. they understand the people i talked to jesse that this will now go back to the states. they want to make sure at least the crowd around me that their voices are heard. not just here but outside the court and outside by outside by lawmakers all over the country. jesse.
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>> jesse: thanks kevin. one of the first things that a child learns in life is the concept of fairness. you don't get more of something if you don't deserve it. that is not fair. if we are racing each other and you pull me back so i can't win that is not fair. where's my sister and i will get caught stealing cookies and only i get punished and she doesn't that is not fair. he told so little upset about it? fairness is ingrained in our hearts from a very early age and we can sense unfairness in our bones and as adults. yes we know that life isn't fair, but our country is designed a legal system to ensure that justice is blind. we are all equal under the law. it's not perfect, but we strive to make it perfect because americans know deep down the difference between right and wrong. the sense of fairness is being destroyed and is being destroyed right in front of arise and nobody is doing anything about
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it. if you've been watching prime time you know all about the cover up we are seeing in napa county with nancy pelosi's husband. so some of you might be saying let it go jesse watters you sound like rachel. we may have the same haircut, but she is subsets with the person or my obsessed with? fairness. so we can't let it go and out we will exactly why. this fits a dangerous pattern in america in this pattern has to be stopped in its tracks before it is too late. earlier this week a former donald trump justice official named jeff clark woke up to arm federal agents banging on his door. they dragged him outside in his pajamas and rated his house. his crime? work for donald trump. there's a much longer story than that but working for donald trump may as well be a criminal offense when you look at what is happened over the last few years. was jeff clark arrested and charged with anything? no. the joe biden justice apartment just rummage through is a part
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of a longing into guay's electronics. at the to james o'keefe the presidents daughters diary went missing and he gets dragged at a bed half naked in the middle of the night. also joe biden up pulling conservatives out of bed in her boxers? is this some kind of sick fetish they have? it was no different than what we saw just weeks ago when ambushed donald trump's former trade advisor they shackled him and did a full body cavity search. his joe biden and humiliation? question worked as he watched the body camera outage late at night in delaware? we don't know. same with roger stone. the came guns blazing into his house and haul them out in handcuffs. they've been tipped off cnn to make sure that they had cameras rolling outside his home at 4:00 a.m. he also it really giuliani apartment rated and laptop sees. donald trump's other lawyer home and office rated. both of donald trump's offices
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rated. what are the chances? steve bannon got dragged off about other people were arrested. somehow donald trump people are always the one dragged from their homes guns pointed in their faces likes there some kind of violent criminal. the feds ever point a gun at their people. obama's people don't get their phone seized he doesn't seem to get dragged out of bed in handcuffs. although i'm sure hunter would like that. politics is a dirty business are you telling me that the democrats are squeaky clean. the tea party gets targeted by the irs. the school board get designated by terrorists, but they had their federal charges dropped by joe biden? after the attack police officers and light federal courthouses on fire. if you're a black lives matter writer the democrats poster
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bail. if you are of violent pro-choice radical the feds don't even put you in jail. if you are well-connected democrat you can drink and drive smashed up another vehicle in "the new york times" read the puff piece about how you are in the fashion section. paul pelosi instead of giving him a blood alcohol test that weise sought the accident they waited over two hours for him to sober up. they try to do him a favor and he steel was over the limit. this is just one of the many things that they don't want us to know. this week we also learned that there was a witness. there were injuries, cars were total. and more importantly paul pelosi told the d.a. allison haley not to release any footage. no dashcam, nobody can. which is exactly what she has been doing. since when does it the drunk drivers get the tell the d.a. how the case should be handled? they have been lying to us about everything in this case.
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first there was no witness, now there is a witness. and there were no injuries, now we have injuries. they called it a fender bender and now we know that both cars were total. they told us that there was no mug shot and now we have a mug shot. we can go on and on. prime time cares about the truth. that's why our lawyers serve the napa d.a. with papers demanding answers. we have given them until monday to respond or else. we will see them in court. if our friend allie is listening high allie. now the burden will be on you and you will be forced to explain why you been lying to us. she knows what she is doing, the pelosi's have family ties to the newsrooms and gavin is her boss. that is why allie is calling polly p a survivor and citing victims rights statutes which don't even apply to polly. allie is either battered or job or she is corrupt. i think it's both. that does not matter. because the way that justice looks like in america as long as your democrat you're always a
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victim. that is about to change. she is a former presidential candidate and congresswoman does is make you angry when you just see these two different standards of justice? >> would make me angry is just how dangerous the consequences of this are is what you really pointing out here and all different examples they are talking about is how our law enforcement is essentially being politicized and weaponized to go after political opponents as well as to go after people who refused to comply. people who won't go along with whatever they are saying we the people must do. you mentioned a few examples. you mention parents were standing up for their kids the past about how we saw the irs go after organizations with the word patriot in their title of the organization. this not only dangerously undermines our democracy, the rule of law, but also really points to how those in power are
4:24 pm
very shortsighted not really realizing hey at some point power is going to shift to the other side, but even those who do realize that we need to do all that we can to prevent that from happening. defy what is right and wrong and feel like the end is justified the means. i think that's we see in dictatorships and banana republics. that's what we we need to prevent from happening that is what we have the constitution. the constitution provides us with the pathway to make sure that we don't have people who are abusing their power to maintain their power, but we need to take a stand to make sure that we don't get to that point that becomes irreversible. >> jesse: do you think the democrats actually believe that republicans take power they will turn the fbi, the justice department, cia, local das against their political enemies? i'm like the democrats think the
4:25 pm
republicans have in them to do that i don't think the republicans think they should be doing that because they think it's a massive overreach so how do we correct what is going on which is only happening this abuse of power on the left solid for him do it to them or should we? >> of course not absolutely not we need to stay within the bounds of the constitution and the rule of law i think. the thing that i have frankly heard from some democrats is even more dangerous thing than that fear that your talk about which is that they feel like they need to do whatever they need to do in order to save america. that is a dangerous mind-set to have. when you look throughout history and every single dictator who does whatever these really need to do they feel like their cause is just. and so we have people in positions of power yes in government but other sectors of a community and society as well who feel like they need to do all that they can to save the
4:26 pm
country, save the people and yet they are defying our constitution and undermining our democracy and ruining our country in the process of that this is what we need to do to protect ourselves and our country and our future from. >> jesse: they don't need to save the country because i've save the world and if they read the book they would've known that and left alone. thank you so much for joining us. coming up aoc is complaining that she is poor. things just keep getting worse for cnn. >> all do an interview as long as it airs on cnn plus. [laughs] i didn't think so because people don't like. ♪ ♪ y hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me.
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♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: cnn is hitting rock bottom. dave hit record lows. forced out.
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pro's brian's days are numbered reportedly and we can see why the show last week getting 56,000 viewers in the demo for context i was in a name shows that rated higher than that we don't have time out of the reach of the entire tv guide but when it rains it pours not only do cnn lost viewers, they lost what little respect they ever had. when cnn approached republican candidates for arizona governor carrie lake things and go well watch. >> you don't have a mask on anymore what's going on? >> what we are 6 feet apart. >> i will do an interview as long as it airs on cnn plus successively it's ace? because the people don't like what you're peddling which is propaganda thank you. >> jesse: wow, glad someone
4:33 pm
finally said it. harsh. [laughs] greenwich abundance america and some have it harder than others, but believe it or not most of america is going through right now pales in comparison to what aoc has to do with. not every republican wanted to date her, they've had a hard time kind of tesla she can't seem to get off her hands. and she's had the buy a new dress for next year's medi-cal and she can't decide what is gonna be in so many celebrities rsvped to their wedding they might of the dip into their campaign funds to do it. things are so tight that she is complaining that her measly a hundred and $70,000 salary just isn't enough to fund her lifestyle. she may make more in a year than most americans doing three but she says it is not enough people like her who only owned two homes you expect her to live in the slums? of course not that's where people get robbed.
4:34 pm
plus don't forget all the bills that she has she says that she has over $25,000 in out-of-pocket expenses each year find the parties in red states like florida that are locked down isn't cheap so in other words. >> i am poor. >> jesse: but then she says to me that we actually agree with. believe it or not take a shot at the queen bee, nancy pelosi saying this. it's easy for the wealthy members of congress who engage in stock trading and refused to close any loopholes, [laughs] these two women hate each other it's such a shame but aoc you need to play the long game nancy pelosi has been in office for decades look at the markets since she was a freshman it is way up if he just had taken a little of your salary in the beginning of the year and invested it you lost money in this market thanks to joe biden.
4:35 pm
what you need to do is you need to come speaker first and then before falling asleep every night you turn over and you mumble something to your husband about certain legislation they are affecting certain company and i let him call his broker the next morning when the market opens. just make sure that your husband cooper's home from his night out celebrating his great investment. but if he doesn't just have the d.a. in your pocket. works like a charm. ryan is the founder of majority you can't have politicians that make almost 200g's complaining that they are poor anything that looks? >> first of all you expect stupid people to say stupid things and cortez never disappoints i'm in this looks like your hello jesse a poor single woman living on an income that is three times the average household income dragon tesla i have to confess i'm a little shocked i really thought that
4:36 pm
sandy cortez would actually be loyal to her democratic socialist roots that she would be sitting there especially after having such a hard upbringing and upper-middle-class family and a great county that she would look around and say you know i need to redistribute my wealth to my fellow working class members and so in fact actually jesse i: aoc tonight the whole truth socialist values and redistribute 90% of her wealth the check she believes in the democratic socialist values. >> jesse: i believe members of congress get free transportation to get free food on if you've ever visited the mess hall in the cafeteria and congress for the food is pretty good they have vegan options for aoc they pretty much everything. every time you go somewhere people buy you drinks so i can imagine how hard it is to live on a salary of almost $200,000 when you get so many perks as you get a free palatine? >> here's the other thing too
4:37 pm
that people need to understand that they have phenomenal health care, they have a phenomenal retirement plan congress, people in congress they live, very good life making it very significant but this really isn't that much of a surprise is incoherent left not really consistent on what they say is rules for them enough for me and her you have her again thing a total hypocrite and a liar but that aside to prevent her from lecturing us over a glass of white wine how we are the big meanie pants and greedy capitalists trying to soak everybody up and she live such a poor life on a hundred and $74,000 driving a tesla it's pretty staggering when you think about that c and the lives of most these people on the left are. >> it's never a good time to complain about not being paid well on a member of congress special gets 40-year-old high inflation she's getting married she's in a register want you to
4:38 pm
center whatever she needs on a registry is obviously she is struggling i think the audience too. she is suffering. if anyone wants to center a wedding gift i'm sure she would take it. >> she probably would jesse and she be more than happy to. again the socialists soon to be not so much socialists when push comes to shove they sure love capitalism aoc loves capitalism just as much as the next person and loves the lifestyle. maybe we should like to gofundme page for this poor suffering person so that she can live in a style that she expects. >> jesse: i think that we should start a gofundme anything that she should effect i think chivers rejected the gofundme that people put together for her grandmother was living in a shack in puerto rico i don't know. we're just trying to help here
4:39 pm
at prime time. [laughs] >> thanks jesse. we are. >> jesse: pro-abortion protests are heating up in chicago let's go over to mike tobin who's on the ground right now. this protest has just started moving the protesters gathered here on federal land in the last minute or so they moved out onto dearborn street in the northbound direction on dearborn street one thing the protesters have been able to do out here is been the numbers and bring the passion i ballpark at about 1500, 2,000 people here. but i'm really coming out into the streets is really just fit the definition of a people processed. i talked with some of the demonstrators that when the it came down and felt disempowered so they came here to feel better or to feel empowered. to gather her numbers and elected officials that the abortion rights advocates are powerful voting block.
4:40 pm
aside from a couple vulgar chance you may have just seen a sign with little bit of vulgarity on it there really hasn't been anything along the lines of threatening behavior or aggressive behavior simply people who are just out and trying to show that like many people were advocates of abortion rights can show up in numbers and do the definition of a peaceful protest jesse. >> jesse: all right thanks so much. now it's not with protesters arriving in full force as antiabortion activists are dissenting on the homes of our supreme court justices. groups like ruth is already mobilizing tonight as they target the home of clarence thomas. from the "washington examiner" is live at the scene with the latest matt. >> hello. >> jesse: tell us we are seeing out there matt. >> yes so there is a lot a protesters out here.
4:41 pm
there are a lot of democrats out here screaming at the black basically tensions are very high. compared to what i saw earlier of the supreme court, surprised there are more people here. there is a medium to small sized crowd, but there might be more people coming later i think. >> jesse: when he said that tensions are high would you mean by that? >> there's just people fighting, pro-lifers, pro-choice people screaming at each other. here it is mostly pro-choice, pro-abortion activists yelling at clarence's house. earlier today we saw a lot of face-offs, screaming matches, giving some people who have physical. just a lot of nasty words being thrown back and forth a lot of anger. >> jesse: how far away are the
4:42 pm
protesters from his home? >> they are right outside i think the private property line here they are run a line between the street and his front gate or his front entrance area here. there are some law enforcement out here i think they said to keep things peaceful. we saw a couple patrol cars around here, some officers i would say less than 15, maybe ten officers distill riot shields out here or anything. >> jesse: all right we'll keep an eye on it thanks so much matt. it's not just clarence thomas is front lawn were abortion activists are creating a scene. all across the country pregnancy centers have been targets of the violent left. after since it was leaked there've been over 40 incidents of violence and vandalism against antiabortion clinics.
4:43 pm
of radicals being spurred on their pet officials like maxine waters. >> you ain't seen nothing yet the matter how they try to stop us to with the supreme court will decide them we will be out by the thousands will be by the millions. >> jesse: it's been open season on the pro-life movement as democrats just don't care. antiabortion centers even vandalized and firebombed. with one name consistently emerging from the chaos. jane's revenge with "the wall street journal"'s called a a. the group is calling for a night of rage tonight in response to the court's ruling so brace yourselves out there. their motto is if abortion is in safe you aren't either this can only be the start of the chaos.
4:44 pm
as they issued a memo today saying that violent extremism is likely following the decision one pro-life clinic and buffalo already knows with these domestic terrorist are capable of compass care. a christian pregnancy center was firebombed by jane's revenge earlier this month. they caused thousands of dollars worth of damages to the center they've yet to be held accountable relic and are urging the department of justice to step up protection for these pregnancy centers against abortion extremists. but is all too little, too late. reverend james harden. so tell us about the excel on your clinic. >> will thanks for having me jesse it's an honor to be with you. we are in the era on june 7th right outside our facility that
4:45 pm
was firebombed. basically i am right that no one in the mainstream media has refuted me. we are in a pro-abortion kristallnacht. it is been totally destroyed with the rebuild from the inside out we are going do that but we didn't stop. jane's revenge at one us to stop serving them with ethical care and support we didn't do very next day we were up and running an alternate location undisclosed for security reasons as you can imagine. >> jesse: when he spoke with law enforcement and describe what happened get them all the information did you get a sense that they were behind you? that they were looking into who did this? >> the police are taken the lead in the investigation, excuse me. they seem to be doing a very good job. the fbi is part of the investigation and they are cooperating. we are hoping that we can celebrate some arrests of the perpetrators and the very near
4:46 pm
future. that's what everyone is hoping for. >> jesse: do you think that the attorney general has done enough to get ahead of this. because we know after the leak that there was just this rash of bombings and vandalism against the centers. now we have the decision do you think of the country is prepared? >> this is a pro-abortion crime wave. this is domestic terrorism plain and simple. they have to my knowledge amassed any resources or encourage any attorney general's at the state level to begin investigations or to investigate preemptively any additional terrorist strikes by the cell groups. i think that he's done enough to know. i think if he's not gonna stand up and criminalize these actions and prosecute and investigate needs to step down somebody else can step in and do it. >> jesse: do not by taking forceful action against these radical and violent he's kind of
4:47 pm
giving them license to destroy? >> that is why kristallnacht is such such an important word it's a german word for breaking glass on the night. with brownshirts targeted jewish businesses and broke them and lit fires and else a tipping point because number one it was a lack of public outcry and number two there if you stroll on the part of the political lead to criminalize those actions and to go after them. that is what we are seeing now they're getting bolder by not going after them and denouncing it and criminalizing it. >> jesse: i don't know if it's is the same thing as nazi germany but a 70 some and that we need to keep an eye on before it gets out of hand and we hope it does. >> i pray that you are right. so far nobody's been hurt. >> jesse: thank you so much. stay safe. >> thank you. >> jesse: don't go anywhere kennedy and ashley are to place
4:48 pm
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo and -- host of kennedy and overnight anchor ashley you guys ready? >> jesse: the first category is fantasy villain. which disgrace democrat turn on the media saying everything they say about them a full blank lie? wow what is it?
4:54 pm
>> when someone lies on you over and over and then they pull and you know what is the lie within your forced to acknowledge the truth or on the matter as well. that's really painful as well. it's easy to be like that's a [bleep] live. [bleep], [bleep] get out of here. then they bring out drug stuff. oh, i did do that. [laughs] >> i was helping him. [laughs] >> jesse: he needs a lot of help. you are losing already. here we go. fair balance longtime liberal praised fox news for being the only channel that is willing to tell it like it is when it comes to big tech, big business and the cook at mainstream media. is it bill marr or is it russell brand? both going with bill marr to see what the answer is. >> if you want to channel that can criticize big business and big corporation mainstream,
4:55 pm
particularly the you most likely to find in a fox news. >> jesse: what is the most famous work? >> he married katy perry and then divorced him stomach tonic to. >> jesse: next category mind games. this self-important democrat thinks that he is a real mind reader he says that he is so far inside donald trump's head that he can see the former president's next move. all right this is the big one what is it? >> the setting for me as they entered so much in donald trump said i can see exactly where he is going to go in the next move. he has a real blood thirst for power. >> jesse: all right you have kept your way back in the game.
4:56 pm
you are on the board is all tied up big question comes up the category is frigid friendship. is. this southern gentleman has a real way with words he wants described. that woman is as cold as a on nice break. with the senator john kennedy was it foghorn leghorn? let's see what it is. >> is about as cold on an iceberg. >> jesse: are these too hard? it's always 50/50. [laughs] >> deafly not a comfortable place. >> jesse: this is a big one all right? here it is. all is what? how many consecutive shots did kamala harris miss when visiting the american women's basketball team yesterday?
4:57 pm
you do have a thorough answer out there and whoever's closest which is can you give to you. what is your answer? how many mrs. ashley? >> 8. >> jesse: you seem confident to see where it is. one, two. three. this can go on forever here. how many? five in a row. kennedy you've done it again. [laughs] you are the win of the day.
4:58 pm
i can't wait hope he likes all of garden. no alcohol and try to keep it clean. [laughs] all right thanks for playing johnny you are in trouble. ♪ ♪ everyone pray for johnny you have to plan accordingly for the fourth of july most important thing for the fireworks. i have not plan accordingly my father was supposed to be coming back from maine way before this. they're not legal in new york, to be spending time in new jersey for the fourth of july and it is very spotty in terms of firework outlets in new jersey if anyone has any recommendations for a spot to go to i'm not gonna curl all west and going to pennsylvania because it is just too out-of-the-way. i need fireworks solution i'm not talking, i need commercial grade tmt the good stuff all right? so text me, email me, hit me up. i need fireworks and i need them in a bad way.
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time for some text messages. cheryl from new jersey so now that roe v. wade is overturned we can finally define what a woman is which is interesting. now all of us can, pregnant people also can have abortions we just found out according to aoc. robert says it will biden be held accountable the protesters get out a hand? they held donald trump accountable let's just see what they do first before we start accusing everyone. joe biden did put out some and today that he did it once every thing to be peaceful they just put that in a note card and he read it. i guess that counts. i think paul pelosi should get community service after shovel up all the dirtiness off the streets of san francisco. that is so much of a better punishment than prison time, i would agree with that. that is much better. the needles, the, he knows what it takes to clean it up. joseph from olympia, washington, aoc needs to learn to leave
5:00 pm
within their means. no she is special because we guys don't understand. al from pennsylvania, don't insult yourself. i don't know what else i lost it. i have the run, have a nice weekend everyone. i'm jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." after nearly 50 years, the single shot is, most destructive supreme court decision in american history has been struck down. roe v. wade was overturned this morning by a 6-3 majority. here's how fox news reported it at ten i am here to speak of the decision as outcome it has been issued by justice alito


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