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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 24, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to the states and the states within make a determination. >> laura: just another thing that donald trump predicted correctly a final thank you to present donald trump for everything that he did to make this night possible. remember the constitution matters and words matter, democracy works of the people get to decide remember that it's america now and forever it is now "gutfled!." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: crazy, crazy, happy friday everyone. what a week if you're a fan of liberal meltdowns will kids this is your super bowl wrapped in a world series with the stanley cup chaser. [laughs] it's all sports stuff. first the supreme court strikes down new york state's
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regulations for concealed carry pistol permits which allows... lot of murderers in the audience that allows more law abiding americans to write to carry in public spaces were not so law-abiding citizens are already doing the same. funny how a meditech in the courts know the court is packing the public. [laughs] we go to the nra for comment. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: it would be able. >> greg: the frantic miserable takes came in hot and heavy we may not notice that these freaks are miserable all the time. all men do they hate it when men
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abiding citizens get the same protection as thugs. they're worried that those poor felons might get shot when they're trying to shoot you. remember it's these idiots who pushed for defining the police and gun control at the same time i can intern for andrew cuomo you get squeezed at both ends. [laughs] i don't get it i don't write this stuff it's disgusting. the system won't protect you and neither can you elect a kidnapping victim after the search for you have been called off, but you can see what the left is past. they live in nice places and have private security so no wonder this is shocking absolutely shocking. >> it shocking, absolutely shocking i'm sorry the start day has come. >> greg: i would ask what world she has been living in because her eyebrows look like aliens. [laughs] here's our new york mayor. >> this decision has made every
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single one of us less safe from gun violence. we cannot allow new york become the wild, wild, wild west. >> greg: that is an insult to the era and the will smith movie. and the tv show. has this guy ever been east new york it's way past the wild, wild west. john wayne's horse would be stripped to the hooves in 5 minutes if he rode through their. it look i want to give you a chance mayor guns don't kill people, politicians you don't do [bleep] to keep criminals off the street kill people. [applause] yes, yes a plot away i deserve it. when you're campaigning for mayor you always described as a law and order guy we didn't know that you meant it was your favorite tv show. maybe instead of going to the gala at the met just like pdd's butler do your job.
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men hope kamala harris is deeply troubled. >> we the president and myself we are deeply concerned and troubled by the supreme court's ruling today. >> vice president harris: i believe it defies common sense and the constitution. >> greg: you are right. talking common sense is like kat talking nuclear fission. >> kat: is just a reaction when the nucleus of an action splits into two or more nuclei which releases a huge amount of energy even by the energetic standard serves a radioactive decay. [applause] so. >> greg: i'm in have to rethink my thoughts on kamala harris. [laughs] fair enough. i would pour lori lightfoot say? >> the court is coming down with the decision's tone death i feel like it undermines the legitimacy of the court.
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>> greg: sorry lady i also heard gunshots make you tone-deaf. maybe see a doctor before diagnosing this decision. you gave up on fighting crime in the most violent city in the country. you have no voice in this matter and please as a medical professional get some sleep. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: i wonder is joe disappointed in the gun decision? >> president biden: i am disappointed in the decision i think it's a bad decision i think it's not reason carefully i'm disappointed. >> greg: yes, he is disappointed because he thought matlock was on. but at least he knows how we feel about him disappointed. but the view doesn't have the word. >> i don't even have the words it seems, stupid.
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>> no it's worse than that, it's worse than that. no it's so, it's such a middle finger to new york. >> greg: it's a supreme court flipping you out. but screw them all not literally that's disgusting. here is why. they didn't care about the riots that saw them as justifiable. they didn't care about black on black crime because it embarrass their sequestered lives in their own oblivious to the consequences of their policies. they created a crime and other met the people want to defend themselves. they think that if we just sit there and be victims we will eventually all be democrats. so you can have it both ways. you can't do nothing to protect them prevent us from protecting ourselves. especially when it's our rights and dare i say god given. it's amazing i'm agnostic except you can't control jerks made you made me into believer. if i'm to no one more vapid
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gun-control idea next time you see me i'll be wearing a clerical collar besides my abs proves that there is a god. you can defund the police let that repeat offenders for gun crime the only thing left is the second amendment. look the first amendment's enumerated meaning underneath paperwork to tell you to go screw yourself. it's enumerated it's a right that's inalienable which is hard to say drunk. [laughter] it also means that you can infringe on it and now we have roe v. wade overturned and here's the obvious one sense of explanation. guns are honest constitution, abortion is in. you can love or hate it but it's hard to argue that point. i get it, not everyone should have guns, but [laughter] but this wouldn't be a problem if these liberal a holes on the job instead of siding with the
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thugs. they said it was racist keep them in and then they look the other way when minority neighborhoods were destroyed due to their stupid policies. they made this crime-ridden bed sure we also need to apply for a gun permit, but we sure as don't need your permission anymore. as one famous cop once said go ahead and make my day. it looks like the supreme court just did. [applause] tonight she only sweats the big stuff because by comparison it's all big stuff cohost of the five dana perino. [applause] she is a money maven who name is not raven. most of the evening added up it is elizabeth macdonald. he's got three names one for himself and other for each bicep
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retired fox news contributor johnny joey jones. [applause] she is like a hotel reservation from yesterday already checked out. fox news contributor kat timpf. [applause] so dana which one would you like to tackle? the roe v. wade thing just happened and so i don't know what you're feeling? >> dana: you putting a very distinctly there are some key that yesterday when the gun case came out democrats, liberals who gave the decision how dare they. and entities the same argument how dare they on roe v. wade to try to make the same argument. basically as you pointed out the sigma minutes clear and even though new york and have a law on the books for hundred years it didn't mean that is
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constitutional. and i have a court that is willing to go there. also gun rights activists have told people what activists people who support so they better not bring this case to the supreme court because you're gonna lose. they brought it anyway and they've lost. i think when whoopi goldberg says that the prosecutors that's living off the citizens who are have a contract with you in order to take care of that. on the other side abortion is nowhere in the constitution does not third amendment the for the moment, is not about abortion. so now it doesn't mean that there is no abortion ever in the united states means that they just get to now have a shot at it if you live in new york state nothing changes for you. if you live in california nothing changes for you except for gavin newsom was to make california an abortion destination with your work in a tourism bureau you probably never thought you'd get like a
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brochure. for that. >> greg: him not to connect crews. [laughter] speetwo there's a lot of media that's gonna continue, but i also want to plant one last thing. if people think this will change anything in the midterms i think that they are wrong. in virginia normative the win, 60% of people who said that abortion was a number one issue and they chatted make an issue in virginia 22% of them voted for him. i unnecessarily think the discus democrats were they want to be. supreme court jennifer him now. [applause] [applause] >> greg: verbal acuity like you've never seen before. joey? great to see you you're the gun expert judging by your biceps.
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i to hang those on my wall. [laughs] like to put those in my gun safe. >> johnny: listen. and i could do it do it. >> greg: i can't do it because tyrus is in here. >> johnny: thank god that donald trump was present for four years. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> greg: it's like red meat friday. it's like the opposite of beacon friday. >> johnny: it was the democrats practice if we can get the support. we worry about these issues guns, abortion, these are issues that really have divided us but we are divided on these issues that come to light as americans. the reason why were divided is because we have two very different experiences. listen we live in a country without let you go to be the
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king and queen of your castle if you so choose. also if you choose to be part of the hive on the anthill you can move to new york. but those rights stay the same disk is more pragmatic georgia at the mayor here that some politicians as a mean that that somehow go away because he move there in the 7 million people in place should be 7,000 that's on the constitution's fault. we talk about guns in new york the reason why i leave my door and locked 25 south of atlanta is not because there's no vagrants around this every vagrant of my county knows the probably to get shot at just my house but any house it's a part of our culture. american culture is going culture as part of who we are, it's part of the fabric to put this country together when you compare us to the wild, wild west over the wild, wild west it was the taming of the wild west. we had a have a gun on her side and a quarter or streets. when that's what this is because place is in putting order in the
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street. there is enough people who want to do the job muscles become as it affords get rid of the crime here but because the policies they have ushered the crime in so the problem. above the basic rights to defend themselves in a bureaucratic signing with alien work and who should or shouldn't get to carry a firearm based on how well they argue you don't a firearm without someone trying to kill you you carry a firearm so no one ever does. >> greg: what you think? you are packing right now. >> not like joey. [laughs] >> de phone the police push i was wondered why how come it's not considered a civil right violation to let a felon out of prison who kills an innocent person. so where was that? and then just looking at the
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whole debate when it comes to how they can handle it in new york the permitting process is gonna suck right? so when you think about it he would sooner have an obituary written about you get your permit renovated right because it takes years. the problem and have us stuck in that process for very long time. he had that column when he was talking about it and there was a trade-off between the cycle moment and public safety and want to both there is a concern about that right? they want to feel safe in new york you know who sitting next to on the subway with a gun. there is that issue and i think that when it comes to abortion i always wondered a hundred countries have over-the-counter birth control and there is an issue about that you don't keep pregnancies they can be misused. that's an issue too but i was wondered if you get -- on other some serious issues and it's wild that they did it
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back-to-back in two days. you know whose side on the country's attorney general and understand why he's out of the country. he's in ukraine. >> greg: there you go there's your answer as a future supreme court justice with a correct cycle moment you think mark >> kat: obviously. i never understood how new york was able to have the laws that it has. if i've a to self-defense that means i have a right to a gun. i don't look like joey. [laughs] [laughs] i can be so easily murdered anyone a mean? you probably didn't even need to use your bare hands to kill me. >> greg: you shouldn't brag about that. >> kat: look at that everyone knows that. it's probably already think about it. [laughs] [laughs] >> kat: i'm so excited about this i want to get a gun, so many guns. [laughs]
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i'm in a build of those girls were guns because my whole personality. i'm a turn to one of those i wish real estate with little bit cheaper so many more room from my arsenal of weapons. let's go. [laughs] >> greg: amen. up next 81 million votes for president who needs basic notes. [cheers and applause] moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash.
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[laughs] >> greg: they mocked him for his binders but joe biden needs a sheet of reminders. on thursday the day of the week present joe biden showed cameras a note prepared for him by white house staff for meeting with wind industry executives.
8:22 pm
[laughs] prepared instructions for joe to tell you enter the roosevelt room and say hello to the participant. take your seat the next one come on press enters the new give a brief comment with a parenthetical statement reading 2 minutes. press the parts he's then told and then you ask and then you thank them and they do depart and thank god for the last one or he'd still be in the roosevelt room talking to the wall. course every president is giving staff notes these instructions would offend an 8-year-old but this is in the first time as notes is been caught on camera just last week our crew spotted this one during a meeting of the press let's see if we can read these. over the first on before approaching the podium check to see if you're wearing pants.
8:23 pm
did you go boom boom first? omega boom boom and if necessary a pp. the third one if you can see that it's make sure you tell jill first you first you bomb a country unless it's canada. for nuclear war hit the right button the red one for putting push the blue. your bunker is under the georgetown applebee's they have your slippers and milk shake. lastly, don't show notes to cameras. [laughs] good advice for anyone so what gives joe? >> hey come on, come on man. everyone keeps notes all right? it will skip notes? einstein. [laughs] and lincoln remember that? four score and seven years ago he kept looking down. i was there i remember it.
8:24 pm
[laughs] [laughs] i have one more thing that i want to say all right? you leaning into the creepy whisper thing that you are known for. were gonna back better. >> greg: i'd be a hypocrite of any and point out that i have notes they are very collocated my notes are very obligated sections of text. kat i would be a hypocrite. the point out that my notes were huge large complicated sections of text like i just read that. do you think that this will force him to have more complex notes? but that'll be the thing like open leap we are in trouble case we get caught again let's have complex notes. b5 no, if i think you need a she
8:25 pm
like that and probably a she like that is not to be enough to help you. because what if he forgets what he did and didn't do yet. he's not even checking it off what if he's like i did it take my seat or not? [laughs] were talking about someone who is gone with state he is in several times. >> greg: he needs to cross it off. >> kat: i would advise them to bring a pen he sits down all right i am sitting. [laughter] >> greg: the next thing is crossing it off. they have to have a thing that does cross. i could go on forever. it could go on for ever. it's not a cheat sheet is like basic instructions for like inserting batteries into a remote control. it's like it i key at the little sheet that you get with a little ikea dresser that you never put together. >> the line that really struck
8:26 pm
me was that you take your seat laughter to >> make sure that this card doesn't face the front. last week earlier this week he was asked what about the terrorists? he said that we haven't made up my mind yet. is he the manchurian candidate? what was that? [laughter] who is running his brain? who's in charge? >> greg: think that weird pixar movie remember where all the kid had all those emotions in her head i can remember it. >> to the voters film scammed? do they feel scammed? >> greg: joey doesn't have stolen valor he is still in cognition.
8:27 pm
>> johnny: he's not fooling anyone. this little itself is not a big deal. but this is a huge story in the context of the man saying i've got one word for this country. [laughter] look at that and if it was anyone else in any other setting we are concerned. among democrats were allowed to question them when i called him crazy or not diagnosing them with dementia were to say that mr. president complete a sentence. [laughter] what doesn't happen over and over again and when you follow on top of that a cheat sheet that tells you pretty basic things like listen or for generals they get cheat sheets like this almost as dumb down but in the marine corps would make fun of what were doing organa breakdown barney style organ make it so easy that any idiot in the world and do it i'll give you a cheat sheet. >> greg: were president bush's notes like this?
8:28 pm
>> no they were more like who is next? >> dana: you'd have some notes but it's extremity a specific need to wonder does he actually need that as a dissenter forgot some to do so they can justify their existence they automate the card today i need eight points some to make sure that all eight of those points but he won a point out of the top of the card it says offshore wind drop by a sequence of events. in the very same time this meeting was going on at the white house he sent all the oil executives to down the street to me with the secretary of energy at the exact same time because he didn't want to meet with them but he would meet with the wind guys at the white house. >> greg: with its amazing have something in common with the wind guys. he produces a lot of it. [laughter] i could be possible. i'm next if you're hot to trot did you get your monkeypox shot?
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it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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>> greg: will the monkeypox facts can be from growing a tail on your backs. and was he launched monkeypox but you talk and demand has overwhelmed capacity most dosages were gone within minutes disappeared faster than a box of krispy kreme's outside on seltzer's office. they didn't even feel right saying that. this worries health officials because the big apple accounts for 20% of all u.s. cases. emma goes out we change the name to the big banana. i right? that's funny. that was good. so far about 30 people have tested positive in new york of
8:34 pm
my got stolen. that's so funny. but let's be clear only one show, only one show has been on top of the spreading disease and it wasn't special report it was "gutfled!" yes, while everyone else was covering that little chris january 6th show trial this host was asking the tough questions no one knows wood. looking back to the shows talk about monkeypox. i think to annual with strangers you meet at a music festival care to comment? it spread to annual at ray's care to comment?
8:35 pm
monkeypox is spread through anonymous pain no at raves what your thoughts? >> monkeypox is called by anonymous angle at raves care to comment? [laughs] [laughs] [laughter] >> greg: as world health organization declares us a global health emergency would go to foremost expert on the matter. >> doctor, doctor at the monkeypox vaccine sounds promising if we get it at a figure that we can finally have with monkeys right? doctor is there some kind of mailing list of monkeys that one a party with regard list of vaccine status who are thing of some uninhibited primates would really spice it up.
8:36 pm
>> yes dr. me what if we get a booster? thank you we have with two monkeys at the same time? [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> greg: monkeypox is spread by anonymous angle at raves care? >> i am totally speechless. he just made the best of real. i'm asked that every week. what are your thoughts? it doesn't seem like a lot is many cases. i'll sing that vaccine prove card.
8:37 pm
i haven't heard dr. fauci weighing i will refrain from commenting. of our spokes monkey start wearing scarves though that would be nice. >> greg: dana are you worried at all about this? you're very healthy you take care of yourself and you go to raves. >> dana: on a schism about monkey spokesperson he scares the [bleep] out of me every morning. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] because i get here at 6:30 in the morning and there's no one else here at sickle right is always right there. staring at me he's attached to a torso. his little creepy sorry that accursed wow can do that on the show? >> tell you why i'm not scared of a no. when the story first broke i
8:38 pm
read -- if this gets bumped it will be because of that. no i'm reading the article. >> johnny: if i was sitting next to you when she told me that she wasn't worried about a no i would've stayed in for another 20 more years there's no way. >> dana: monkeypox that sounds scary. fifth paragraph it's contagion by having an all at raves okay and good. i stop reading. i moved onto my story. >> greg: that's where i started reading. i have an algorithm that just searches for that phrase and every article you worried? >> johnny: i called about my
8:39 pm
navy buddies asking if they were okay. >> greg: i don't know what that means. >> johnny: all it does is it makes you a very dumb primate that shows [bleep] at twitter as we call it. >> greg: last word to you kat should we be investigating the origins of this? >> kat: if you want to investigate them sound like you are. look under no i don't sam not worried about it because i've learned to never say never when it comes the bad things happening. so it turns out that i end up being coming in to work with monkeypox i don't be embarrassed. >> greg: i can understand
8:40 pm
that. that's colic the whole i told you so we thought it was it a joke loki yoon ahn monkeypox. as of the beginning of covid that heard me. >> i just hope it doesn't hit jill biden's no card. >> greg: all right kids coming up the army goes all in allowing tattoos on visible skin. [applause] and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more. up to 8 weeks of relief with cytopoint.
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>> greg: the army says what the heck why not have tattoos on your neck. they are allowing body art to give recruitment a jump start. the army will now allow surgeons to have tattoos on their hand, and on the back of their necks. this will allow more people to skip the lengthy tattoo waiver process. as they can attest. and of course the military is struggling with the crewmen numbers the policy will help bring in the coveted demographic
8:45 pm
of people who make bad choices. [laughter] they still want to be heavily armed. so the army directors military director we always view policy to keep it as an open option as many people as often want to serve. tattoos on the front of the neck and on the face are still forbidden which is terrible news for all of kat's ex-boyfriends. before she ended up on their dana had a neck tattoo -- he asked her to remove at the we have an old picture. there it is. i missed it. >> greg: that's amazing, that's amazing. i gets here and it expert. is this a sign of just how things change restrictions ease? >> johnny: each service dictates its own tattoo service i would be allowed in the marine corps at the tattoos i have now but they gave them to
8:46 pm
me. with that being said stated this before. you know the other time he did this was when so many of us were dying getting blown up at war that they needed more of us and they couldn't get enough of us to volunteer for it. same thing is happening now because the military has lost its [bleep] mind. it is so focused not even it's the lack of focus on leadership and effectiveness is the idea that they truly believe these four-star amazing human beings believe that an export can be so that is a matter anymore. and they are ruining it just takes mother marine corps with their adjusting things in semidifferent ways and places that doesn't make sense it's been two days and it's amazing how bad the military gets when the senate were. at that as best we are at war we don't to be at war to be at our best this tattoo policy i'm not a problem with it. i think if you need tattoos on her hands and neck you probably have some emotional damage need
8:47 pm
to get through but hopefully they get through it and they bring a mind and might be the best soldiers you got. i'm think it should be something the puppy want want it's a gaggle given neck tattoo this is the word they are nothing of it promote him should promote it but don't think that you should be it shouldn't exclude people from joining. >> greg: let's get to the brass tacks why are neck tattoos attractive to you? >> kat: on a no i did so are. so let me put it david spade ana tattoo on them with that change the attractiveness? >> kat: probably. >> greg: one day you go. we need to get david spade to get a neck tattoo. >> kat: probably if you really think about getting a tattoo in. looks like you have an even anything in weeks and you're starving and he just looks six.
8:48 pm
then that's gross i have standards. [laughs] >> johnny: i've got a guy i got a buddy. >> kat: i am happily married now. >> greg: he doesn't have any tattoos he is the opposite of everyone of ever dated he so clean-cut and normal. and employed. [laughter] >> greg: joey has a ton of tattoos are have a single one that you can see. i don't. >> i think it's age i think is really generational. >> dana: i don't also understand the behind the ear tattoos i think that would hurt a lot. also you can never see it. >> greg: but you can say maybe you're interested in someone is leo i in the get really close and look at it. i had a friend who had a football club in england tattooed on his lip.
8:49 pm
he got on the inside part of his lip. >> wow that's really manly. >> greg: i don't want to tell you high found out. liz you are saying in the grid room that you did forget your neck tattoo. and he had to cover with makeup. >> they headed do it over time. a christmas check for them too. if they want to fight let them fight. i was wondered when we get the draft back and take people off the street and put them in the military. maybe it's an overreach on no. >> greg: the need to put their energy in a positive light. >> johnny: most of them could be decent humans if they went through boot camp. but as they are there not. it's been with go on that note up next would you give thanks to your wings crashed by tom hanks? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: a story in five words, tom hanks loves crashing weddings. he said that on a talk show that he loves to crash weddings what kind of person dana thinks of the most memorable thing at somebody else's wedding should be them. speech to >> dana: eight feeds
8:54 pm
his ego to get up for a photo with the bride and groom. i like weddings for the dancing, the food i try to not get my picture taken. because i wasn't invited. [laughs] [laughter] >> greg: you know is more memorable having a slippery crashing her wedding, taking the celebrity out. that's a better story right? >> johnny: listen i've had celebrity's at my wedding years ago daniel day-lewis was at my wedding. there's not one picture with him with us because that was not why he was there. you know how many oscars daniel day-lewis has won? all of them. >> greg: i would give my left foot to have them at my wedding. [laughter] before i give both a mind to have met mine. [applause] >> greg: i was quick. that was quick to bed one is
8:55 pm
quick on the field. [laughter] >> johnny: just for me on next week i could be. >> you are already packing. >> greg: let's see we can find that arrogant all might be the star of other people's weddings. >> i was researching this and a son out on craigslist was andrew and chris cuomo is so successful for tom hanks. >> greg: the other nanogram more than just cake. what about you? have you ever crashed a wedding? >> kat: not exactly. >> greg: i am afraid. >> kat: i didn't know the couple i do some other people there. >> greg: all i know is that this is a really lame anecdote. >> kat: is just not us lame anecdote that i can share any of it.
8:56 pm
>> greg: all right we have to move on. don't go away we will be right back. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. hi, i'm denise. i've lost over 22 poundsy, with golo the anytime, in six months and i've kept it off for over a year. i was skeptical about golo in the beginning because i've tried so many different types of diet products before.
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♪ what a great showpiece or thing to dana perino, kat timpf. and our studio audience pay a fox news that night with evil shannon bream is next. i love you, america. three hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" time shannon brea in washington. breaking tonight , protesters in washington dc burning an american flag up after the


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