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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 24, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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what a great showpiece or thing to dana perino, kat timpf. and our studio audience pay a fox news that night with evil shannon bream is next. i love you, america. three hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" time shannon brea in washington. breaking tonight , protesters in washington dc burning an american flag up after the supreme court's decision to
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overturn a decision that's been a place for over 50 years, saying roe v wade is no longer law. >> it is a slap in the face to women. >> we are here to help you if you are pregnant and if you are in need of support. >> the court affirmed today tha every life is worth living. reaction across the country swift and divided, causing jubilation for some and devastation for others appeared were keeping an eye on the protest in major cities tonight.
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president biden calling for peace in saying violence is never acceptable today. 13 states up already past cold trigger laws making abortion illegal now or in the near future more states are expected to join them. first we begin what's in the actual opinion. nearly half a century after brophy wait the supreme court overturned a precedent for ruth bader ginsburg have long warned that it's was on shaky ground for said it was exceptionally weak. justices joined him and said th constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state from regulating or prohibiting abortion brophy way -- ropey weight and now we overturned the position. there were jointly signed,
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warning about the practical implications for today the cour said that from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has n rights to speak of and they can force her to bring a pregnancy to turn even at the steepest an familial costs. across the country numerous states have already acted in anticipation of today's decision . the tree of the centers warned not only state actions but also the damage they believe the majority has done for the court itself. one of us once said that it is not often in the law that so fe have so quickly change so much for all of us in our time on this court, that is never been more true than today in overruling roe and casey, it betrayed its guiding and supposed chief justice roberts tried to find the middleground. both both the court's opinion said they have five relentless freedom from doubt on the legal issue that i cannot share. i would decide the question we answered and there is no need t go further to decide this case.
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democrats including the president are calling for a political response at the pole suggesting that rights like contraception and same-sex marriage are now in danger i agree that nothing -- for that reason in future cases we should consider due process precedent including griswold, lawrence pierce. >> this is an extreme dangerous path that the court is taking u on. >> that does not align with majority of pension -- opinion. rights concerning contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different because th latter, as we have stress can b uniquely involves what roe and casey termed potential life pic is hard to see how we could be clearer. so we will take you what's happening outside.
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good evening, caroline. >> good evening to you, shannon. a crowd dispersed about an hour ago but for 13 hours one of the supreme court right outside of capital help was absolutely rocking. on the street behind me thousands of demonstrators from both sides came out to shout an some were cheering and some wer crying. the barrier nelson -- after threats to the building were made all the way up to where i am standing now. the law enforcement capital hel police and even the local military was on alert throughou the day waiting to see any violence that may break out in the few blocks in front of the supreme court and everything we saw in the 13 hours of demonstrations was peaceful there there were shouting and signs and chanting and sometime the two sides got them a bit of a shouting match but we saw absolutely no violence. or this is not the end of this fight appeared were told both sides will be back here tomorro folks who are unhappy with ruling told their people to com
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back tomorrow and next week and they plan to go to capitol hill pushing for federal legislation. back to you. >> thank you very much. protest not limited to the capital. thousands reacting to today's decision we are tracking some o the other demonstrations. what is going on in new york? i understand you've seen some o it firsthand tonight. >> i was sitting in the studio along for the eighth street and i heard people cursing at fox news and just five minutes ago was talking to our building security and we found out it ha graffiti on the building and they also knocked down all the metal barriers of the building and i heard them throwing thing at the studio windows that i wa sitting in they cleared out within 15 that's 20 minutes and headed for times square as they yelled i body my choice. also a large police presence wa
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out here in new york city tonight. tonight protesters are blocking the street and california there are reports of protesters blocking i tend and -- other cities like philly and chicago and denver and seattle to name a few. >> the supreme court is illegitimate and three justices and all of women's rights got taken away to a. we need to be really angry and we need to fight like. pro-choice average of cuts were not the only ones that took to the streets for the position. >> on this day of judgment, there's not going to be a protest for it is going to be its murder, no matter what and murder is murder. the department of homeland security night says we should. >> a heightened risk of violenc following the station.
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targets include both faith-base centers and healthcare facilities. back to you. stay safe. >> today's decision has reignited calls and pack the supreme court and some of the current justices like during their confirmation hearings. let's bring in republican senator mike lee come a long time supporter of the pro-life movement could pretty knows the thing or two about constitutional law appeared he' the author of the book saving nine. i want to get to some of the reaction today. this is what alexandria cortez of -- and you've got to take it to th street page you can't wait for the elections of the fall. here's what else she said. >> not only -- i think we need to acknowledge the checks and balances, especially when we look at how that weighs against the other
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branches. >> of a couple of things commit us time to expand the court but the court doesn't have enough checks and balances when compared to other branches. your response. >> this is the perfect example of saving nine. if you read 79 you would understand that the checks and balances is the independence of the court put it tells the stor of how we got 109 and tells the story of what happened to the independence last time fdr trie to pack it and it happens to be joe biden's role model and mentor. so when she talks about that, she ignores the fact that the whole point of the judiciary is the need for independent. you lose that independence when you threaten the pack the court. that's one of the major message of saving nine it would help he not make ridiculous statements like that. b3 send her a copy.
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>> perhaps i should. >> shannon: let us know. on your side of the idol -- i'll set this decision is inconsistent and what they said in their testimony and their meeting where they were both insistent on the importance of supporting long-standing precedents that the country has relied upon and they say that and still make this decision today in good conscience? do you think that they live quick. >> obviously i wasn't in the room but i can tell you i met with justice. >> greg: and kavanaugh and justice barrett. they were very preserved and very cautious about what they would say that surprised me. if they had made any specific representations on how they would vote in the case, that would violate their judicial ethics and think with that. again, it would shock me
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extremely if that had been the case. >> let's listen to what nancy pelosi had to say. >> this morning the radical supreme court is eviscerating the price and endangering the health and safety and congress will continue to ask to overcom this extremism and protect american people. >> so they're calling for congress to do something for there to be a national codification of roe v. wade. this went far beyond and you hurt the president and other sa you've got to get out of the ballot box and -- and the like get the question i they just sent this back to the states, how can congress passed the law after the supreme court made their decision. >> it's kind of curious. is also curious what they've
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actually propose isn't even jus the codification of roe v. wade. it is like roe v. wade on steroids and on crack at the same time. it would take roe v. wade and expanded, extended out and protect the right to abortion u into the moment of a baby's lif birth. they're only 12-13% of the american people who would take such as a strange position of most americans find that repulsive. another reason why most of thes decisions need to be made at th state and local level. >> states have done the things we talked about, not only to turn the laws in one direction but we went ahead of its decision to say we want to make sure that there's no limits on abortion in our states, colorado , for example. any restriction up to the actua moment of birth so there's plenty of states that have gone the other direction or they wil
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make their own decision. congress woman maxine waters ha to this to say outside the supreme court today. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. women are going to control thei bodies the matter how they try to stop by the. to help with the supreme court. we will decide and women will b in control of their bodies. >> we will defy them. we keep talking about these people being poured about the rule of law and the enforcement of following the branches and the authorities that they have this plenty of comments like that today it doesn't matter what the supreme court decided, we are not going to comply. >> don't know what she means by that. i don't know if it's something that you comply with or don't comply with. but it is saying is that we the courts are no longer going to interfere with the authority of the state to restrict abortion and thereby protect unborn huma
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life picks a lot of what she means by saying she's not going to comply with it. there is nothing for her to comply with her not comply with this is not a constitutional issue in the courts are no longer going to invalidate the laws designed to protect unborn human life. >> we are going to watch what these individuals do. many have these things in actio as others take additional steps through their legislatures. we will see how it plays out. thank you. >> i will send a copy of saving nine to maxine waters as well. >> thank you pierce of the supreme court decision called a lot of things by democrats today , also a slap in the face and extreme and dangerous and back to the dark ages. republican lawmakers have a different take. >> today's supreme court decision as a victory of the sanctity of life. it will save countless innocent children. >> i thank god for this day.
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i think out that his mercies ar new each day and he is the give of life he. >> we've been tracking all the reaction and have the very latest. >> hi, shannon. we begin with the president speaking from the white house. he warned that today's ruling now poses as a privacy risk for everyone threatening rights we take for granted including healthcare decisions, birth control and a married couples bedroom and the right to marry the person you love. >> justin thomas said as much today explicitly called to reconsider the right of marriag equality, the right of couples to make their choices on contraception. >> on the democratic speaker of the house, nancy below sea, saying that republican controlled supreme court has achieved their dark extreme goal . >> because donald trump, mitch m cconnell and the republican party come at the supermajority
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the supreme court, american women today have less freedom than their mothers. >> on the opposite side, republican house minority leade kevin mccarthy said today's supreme court decision is the most important pro-life ruling and american history. the people have won a victory and mccarthy is calling on the department of justice to offer protection. >> the reaction to this principle decision by the court must be peaceful. and the doj must step up to protect our justices, their family, churches. and pro-life pregnancy centers from unprovoked violence. >> there were also members of the media who express their frustration or dismay with today's ruling. >> i think that the supreme court, i think they are no more black robespierre the ropes are random blue. >> it's a heartbreaking betrayal , watching the women.
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i'm not sure we all fully appreciate how devastating it would feel to see the words on the paper condemning women to second-class citizenship. >> and former president trump said he thinks ending roe v. wade will work out for everybod and that brings everything back to the states where it always belonged. shannon. >> thank you very much so what happens from here? abortion is illegal in some states because of those laws. we talked about others have bee expanded. it depends on the state where you live. so what happens now. kevin corke has been at the supreme court. jostling among the clouds. >> it's an interesting night to be here at the high court. big changes from the old days when you have to literally run downstairs to share with all of
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america appeared the biggest question is now that the debate about abortion moves from the federal to the state level, wha might happen. as they show you a map of some of the states had already been impacted by the decision and others may begin to restrict action, i just want to share with some of the statehouse leaders are saying beginning with the right. first the status report this is the governor here. missouri has become the first state in the nation to effectively end abortion in response to today's ruling for overturning roe v. wade, i have signed a proclamation activatin the right to life of the unborn child act, ending elective abortions in the state taken to the lone star state of texas were great app it's at the supreme court correctly overturned roe v. wade and reinstates the right of states to protect innocent unborn
9:19 pm
children texas is a pro-life state and we will always, all caps, fight to save every child from the ravages of abortion. while texas is clearly a pro-life state by a large, the state of new york is apparently open for business for those looking for reproductive health care, including abortion. >> you come to new york. our providers will take care of you and treat you with the rights that we believe you have here in the state of new york. >> meanwhile over in the land o -- the governor of illinois is basically making the argument tonight that restrictions on abortion but simply make things more dangerous for women. >> in the many states where theory will be illegal come abortions will continue. now they will also be dangerous and secretive and they will be deadly. >> that is one of the major concerns for those who are
9:20 pm
pro-life. they worried that this may driv people back into unsafe axes to abortion and then there are others here throughout the day who are very much in celebratio here tonight here. >> shannon: kevin corke, thank you very much for coming up the security situation as law enforcement agencies are on hig alert as a result of this landmark decisionn. what we are watching for next. . tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really? we got the house! it's more liyou did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team.
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the department of security warned about violence we could cowan some some offense openly calling for that. and retired police lieutenant,
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randy set them. great to have you back. so let's read from newsweek. 13 about this group jane's revenge which is calling for open season on these pregnancy centers. the night they overturned roe v wade you said you what triad. you are not either -- it continued. being around the supreme court most the day, as they begin to get toward the sun setting, the amount of force that showed up was noticeable. on the proof of the supreme court, various law enforcement agencies on streets blocked. it sounds like they were ready for this. >> absolutely. as well they should. the threats have been emanating and other groups. we did see nt for present at
9:27 pm
some of the protest today and those are serious threats to restore i'm happy to see that law enforcement did exactly wha they were supposed to do. that is be ready to act. this organization, jane's revenge, has committed a number of what i call terroristic acts. so why does the department of justice that's basically been ignoring them, that is of concern to me. >> they find joy in the attacks and hoping that it will be more difficult to clean up, suggesting they want something little bit more aggressive on that front. meanwhile this is larry who has been accused of critics by feeding super progressive. we are watching all thieves and he said today warning against violence that is come out of
9:28 pm
extremist over america in the last half-century picked regardless of justification the district attorney office will not hesitate to hold perpetrators of political violence accountable. information about actual violence related to reproductiv health care, and planned by supporters of acts that should be reported immediately. there are references of what he calls antiabortion activism by happen seed any instances recently if we are going on facts on the ground and it seem for now the pro-life centers. >> and you are not going to see it. the protest groups that we are likely to see hijacked are goin to be the pro-choice groups tha are going to be exploited by th others extremists here and any anti- government to burn the cities here. this is a contentious issue wit
9:29 pm
a lot of passionate opinions. at a need to tell anyone that last thing they need is gas lighting. we've seen enough politics and incitement from the left coming from chuck shermer and maxine waters and aoc and others and i don't think this situation meet that. the message needs to be sent strongly that were not going to allow what happened in 2020 to half of the summer and not that the law is going to be -- and peaceful protest groups wil be allowed to conduct their first amendment rights but the threats are very real here against a lot of different locations and people and so it needs to stop being exploited for political purposes. >> and they put a lot of pressure on the white house to come out and say that he reject and repudiates all these things that are happening.
9:30 pm
here is what he did say today. >> keep all protest peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful. violence is never acceptable. threats and intimidation are no speech. we must stand against violence in any form regardless of your rationality or. >> credit to him for making a very fair statement to him today . you think folks who are passionate for emotional about this decision will listen to th president four. >> i think this message was exactly what he should've said don't hear him calling out maxine waters or nancy pelosi for their comments. the ministration has to be united in their comments about where the proper protesting has to take place what it needs to
9:31 pm
include, which is peacefulness, go out and use your first amendment right that is what this country is all about but w have to be much more guarded, especially from a leadership position. and they have to put an example out there that violence is not the way here. that is not the statements that we've heard from miss water sen from other people in the democratic leadership. so i think that while he didn't say the right words, unfortunately he didn't call ou the attempted murder of justice r-uppercase-letter, the department of justice has not moved on the protesters who are intimidating the judges and the supreme court justices are sort has to be a lot more actions then simply hearing those words.
9:32 pm
>> we've been born to could be summer of trouble. we know the threats are out there and may continue but the fbi says they are tracking down and they are aware and investigating thank you very much have a good weekend. set out of the supreme court ha struck down roe v. wade, what's next. democrats -- states are splitting along partisan lines coming up next. sends my glucose numbers straight to my phone. you can see your number and where it's heading. and i get alerts before i go too high or before i go too low. the dexcom g6 has helped me lower my a1c.
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all dissolved solids or tds have been removed. and all that's left is the purest tasting water. let's compare. a two-stage brita filter stops here. but our five-stage filter doesn't quit. zerowater. we strive for zero. from our analysis on the ruling -- overruling of roe v. wade, and let's talk to kristen blackner. thank you both for being with u tonight. >> thank you. want to play something the president said today in reactio to this decision. >> make no mistake, this
9:38 pm
decision is the culmination of deliberate effort over decades to upset the balance of our law it's a realization of an extrem ideology that tragic error of the supreme court, in my view. the court is done but it's neve done before, expressly take awa constitutional right that is so fundamental to so many american that it has already been recognized. >> taking away constitutional right that is already been recognized. your reaction? >> well, from the first day of the decision and probably the left on the right half criticized the decision. even ruth bader ginsburg -- they are more similar to china and north korea and so the decision today was a good decision, turning the decision back over to the people in the
9:39 pm
states so we can affirm life. >> of wonder freed this from newsweek. they say ruth bader ginsburg warning about roe v. wade came true. it may seem unlikely that the pioneering advocate for women's rights died at age 87 was a frequent critic of roe v. wade especially the framing of the speed in which it was pushed through. in a speech she gave in 1992, she talked about how -- may prove unstable. need you share her view that ro was on shaky ground on this day might come? >> no. and justice ginsburg thought th right to abortion was protected by the constitution. she routed that rate more directly in the constitution, equal citizenship guarantee and she thought correctly that the right to abortion is rooted in the quality and liberty for all.
9:40 pm
she knew that one could not be free and equal so the sun with equal citizenship stature on th town square in american society if one did not have the basic fundamental right to make decisions about one's own body and one's own destiny for oneself without government intrusion. and that is an absolute right and that is something that is protected in the 14th amendment and has been reaffirmed over and over again for decades and the supreme court got it i agree justly wrong when they fret the constitution with such a crampe and narrow vision of liberty. >> so i want to read something that rate questions about the opinion. teacher cases we should reconsider all of the substantive due process including chris paul and lawrence after overruling this
9:41 pm
erroneous decision in roe and kc , the question would -- then some have generated. letters for a lot have said, okay, this is what the right is going to do next. same-sex marriage or your ability to use contraception. howdy you talk about this. >> i think it's also by telling that advocates for abortion are instead focusing on other frights rather than brother roe was a good decision or rightly decided. we know from the decisional majority of statistician, instead of the meeting to abortion because abortion uniquely involves the destruction of human life and w know the court is going to overturn -- and that would be on a case-by-case or issue by issue basis.
9:42 pm
that's a very different analysis . >> i want to read something fro the board. this a abortion goes back to th people of the debate will now shift the court to the politica branches which should be health for the judiciary. full-size the debate will have to achieve their policy goal th old-fashioned way, through persuasion of impaired we know lot have triggered in either direction were going to may be kept 50 very different results on this pick but he make up tha argument that it should be with the states all along. that is not how constitutional protections for we have rights that are so sacred like fundamental rights of bodily at time of me and whether -- these fundamental rights of homes that were protected by th 14th amendment. we don't have to convince our neighbors about what we should be able to do with our own bodies, decisions about whether
9:43 pm
our marriages should be allowed to these fundamental rights are equal rights that are protected equally across the country. that supposed to be up to differences in the state or vot of the people there they're supposed to be above the women' political majority. that's the whole point of constitutional rights. the whole point of the right to abortion, i don't know, of all the advocates are concerned about the right to abortion which is guaranteed in the constitution which was overturned today. the right to abortion as part o a series of a constellation of rights that relates to privacy and bodily ohtani of the decision to make decisions abou your family on your phone your body on your own and those include rites of book contraception and about marriage . those include the right to abortion. >> were going to leave that the are. it's been a long day.
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there's breaking news out of
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phoenix. police are firing tear gas up protesters after demonstrations were getting out of hand at the arizona state p-uppercase-lette or it was over school vouchers. we tried to learn more about th facts and let you know. we've recently sat down with a member of the duck dynasty family and got a sneak peek at their upcoming show particular look. >> we have a koran -- brand-new series to tell you about. it features mike guests, misty robinson. >> thank you, shannon. thanks for having me. even the commercials for this look so fun and i am already sucked in. i want to give people a little bit of episode three for your blurting out to be a treasure hunter. >> these machines will tell you it's like a slot machine. jackpot.
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that is what you less than four. >> if it is a slow day in, you get it paid. >> et seq. good plays to start. >> first of all, you look freezing. did you stick with that or did you do your own kind of treasur hunting. >> i'm not going to give that away. i think the viewers will have more fun watching for i think that is the success of your message. and just try to help each other out with that and have fun together. that is what we did. you will just have to see as th shoko st. pierre. >> hotel as the set up for this. the guys are doing something very different this is a different kind of hunting. >> like it episode one, the pilot, he's always hunting
9:51 pm
something. they love the hunt. that love the competition and they love to see who can find water kill what first. this is a form of hunting when they found out they were good a it, then here comes the competition. the show just devolve from that because they love doing stuff together as a family and we are blessed to be able to live clos to each other and spend that time together. that is what the show is it is about hunting and history and finding stuff that is possibly on the ground. what they find along the way again gives back to our familie and relationships. if not for a better word, a deeper meaning. and people have fallen in love with your family over the years. he's already cracking me up her how much is doing this thing together for you have busy full lives.
9:52 pm
that is the beauty of this. because duck dynasty, since the our families have grown a we've gone our separate ways in different opportunities but thi show has brought us again back together, praying together, eating together and spending additional time together. we live on the same street, which is strange for a lot of people but we are very busy lif takes a set of different direction. i think it is important for america to bring the core value of family straight back to what the country was built on and that is what is going to sustai our country is our faith and ou family. for you, we talked about this o the podcast. you have a new surprise, blessing, a precious new addition that is around for a little while. we've got some pictures here at this sweet little baby. what is this all about.
9:53 pm
>> this baby literally fell fro the sky into our laps. with this whole roe v. wade decision coming down from the supreme court, but people don't understand is that not taking what any way -- anybody's right paid us for turning them back to us and giving them to the state for us to vote on. if we can touch one heart to th understanding of what life really means and that is what w were able to do with this mother . she was not able to take care o her child and we got a phone call basically just out of the sky and we feel like the father and have been dropped this baby in our laps and we able to help this mother and we thank her fo choosing life pit that was not an easy decision but it was not an easy decision for someone to take care of a baby and she thought of us do so even though we had the resources to care of him, it is a baby.
9:54 pm
it's a full-time job. so we have really been able to celebrate life and the giving u that life and he's precious. i love him so much. so we really treasure the time that we have with him. we don't know how long that wil be but want to hopefully give hope to anyone struggling out there that there are people lik us who are ready to help. >> at think that is a very good part of the conversation when i goes back to the states as people make different choices, both there be people who will b willing to step up and help these moms help these babies. you are flipping it out. >> good luck and congratulation on the new show. >> thank you. you too, shannon. >> now we know that the 20 wasn't returned. we want to do something a littl different. we've been doing a lot of live shots. people are not the only
9:55 pm
protesters out there. three heads squirrels who kept trying to interrupt our reporting. he was fat and sassy and lookin for food. still a different breed. good night from washington. i will see you on "fox & friends" tomorrow. i am shannon bream. were moderae crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are you in your tracks you still are from start and move toward relief after the first with injections every two monthshs, salami increasect your risk of infection fromor serious and cancer before treatment get tested for tb.b. tell your doctor if you've had an infection like symptoms or an infection like symptoms or skin cancer or you need a vaccine preamp, a rare potentially fatal brain potentially fatal brain condition maybe some serious allergic reactions
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