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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 25, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you can afford selectquote we shop you say what a great show thanks to dana perino. i got johnny, johnny, johnny at our studio audiencee fox news that night with evil and in that i love you america is a monumental day in america with the supreme court overturning roe versus wade. i'm dana perino along with katie pavlik, jessica tarloffat, martha maccallum and one lucky guy, greg gutfeld . five o'clock this is the five the supreme court sending the issue of abortionng back to the states. the historic decision overturning the fifty year old ruling the on roe v. wade wu guaranteed women the right to an abortionli, the federal right to an abortion.
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>> the move already having significant political , social and cultural implications. both sides of the debate gathering allides of the day oue the high court as america absorbs the news. c president biden coming outg today attacking the decision. >> it's a sad for the court and for the country now with roe gone, let's be very clear . >>he the health and life h of wn in this nation are now at risk. it was three justices named by one president donald trump where the court today decision to upend the scales of justice and eliminate a fundamental right for women in this country. it's r a realization of anea extreme ideology. co the tragic errorur by the supree court in my view with this decision must not be the final wordrd. m. for more , let's go toe our chief legal correspondent shannon bream. and shannon, we wereweng on television this morning together on america's newsroom as the news broke t and you were so able to quickly read the decision to sign it.
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but i'm wondering now severalt' hours later how this all settled in for yous. yeah, a couple of things interesting that this morning, dana, normally what happens with the supreme court opinion, we have all that sound and fury in the morning and then after the decision kind of settles in , the groups will go away. butt we've got the opposite here today. more and more people are showing up here at the court. they are sow chanting, they are vowing this is not going to be the end. it's interesting to hear president of the united states say this can't be the final word saying this to the judicial branch to independent branch from him. but for now the supreme courtno is the final word on this.ti the leftng has been putting this in terms of taking away a constitutional right. but what the right has argued and what the court said today is there was never a constitutional right to an abortion under roe . people across the political spectrum had worried that it had weak underpinnings. we talked about this . justice ruth bader ginsburg wash among those who worried that it was susceptible and vulnerable to challenge exactly like what we've seen happen play outs here todayee. the president and the speaker of the house have also made comments to the effect that you've got to get toma
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the polls. of course it's smart for them te to harness this politically, butm they're saying things like contraception and same marriage are now going to be a threat and they're pointing to a line in a concurrence from . stice thomas but what he said if you go and read that is he says there is nothing in this opinion today, this abortion opinion that has anything to do with those rights. ill not him. mpact dth t it should not. but he doese go on to sayts that he thinks the court should engage in a different s kind of process for other cases moving forward. and he does mention reexamining a substantive due process rights in cases like kielburger film, which isig the one that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. that signed on to this opinion today agrees there is no threat. threat there should be no threat. me read something from justice alito to those otherio key opinions. he says wens have stated t unequivocally that nothing in this opinion should be understood to casthi ser out on precedents that do not concern abortion. what isalso explained why that is so right regarding contraception and same relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion because the latter, as we have stressed, uniquely s involves what rowan casey termed potential life.
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it is hard to see how we couldea be clearer. so whilele less will continue to try to make hay out of that .le the court has been very clear those rights will not a be under attack because oftt this particular decision today. dana t cantabrian, thank you .an i knowno you've done incredible work today and have a lot cut out for you the rest of the weekend. thank you , martha. one of the things that going into this is about 65% of% americans mistakenly believewa that roe being overturned means that it was just banned all across the country. and but we're trying to explain to people is that this sends the decisionsba back to the states now in some states like new york , you might want to have any changes, but other states like perhaps missouri, for example, or even texasmi evu will have significant changes. that's exactly right. and i'm d amazed by how many people you know, a lot of us and certainly shannon spend a lot of time focusedd on the way that the justices process these sort of decisions. but it doesn't just sit and wake up one morningdo and y ,you know what , we have a majority in the court right now. we sort of are like mindedaj on this. wh why don't we overturn
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roe v. wade? it's not like that . they had a case that came before them v. h mississippi hadad implemented a 15 week ban which is a shorter ban than was really enshrined in roe v. wade. so it sho bubbled up to the couh and then they have to make this decision on it and more than half the states look like they will maintainhe their abortion rights and it looks like about half of themlfr will either ban or will have six week or 15 week bans which is a considerable period of time . it's interesting in our polling sb54 percent of those say that they think it's right to ban after 15 weeks, which is close to four months of pregnancy, they they saye, that seems like a reasonable measure, a reasonable point. so i think a a when they reallyd get behind this , you realize that it is going to be nuanced.a there will certainly be placeses in the country where it's p more difficult to get an abortion. but i would also point outthin one thing and that is that we have seen really a complete change in abortion in this country more in half or as many as 60 percent of abortionsti in the country are done by by
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prescription pill that comes in the mail. they're notot. done at clinics across the country. that's one of the reasonsn that you see in clinics shutting down. it'sus o not just opposition to abortion. it's alsooortion. they are l their business is shrinking. and i think a lot t of people would say that that's a goodd thing d, a good development in all of this . we remember when bill clinton saidto he wanted to see abortion that was safe and legal and rare. that's not the kindrere of voices that we're hearing on the other side of this debate right now. >>e this decision has long been derided, jessica, as one that was not a good a not a decision well made and an argument well made and even the late justice ruth bader ginsburg said that and that even though this decision had leaked in a memo about fifty five days ago, it still can be shocking for some that turned out the way that it did. absolutely. i wass definitely one of those people who knew it was coming and i was w on the hand talkingg about it the day that the opinion got leaked and i felt the, the pain of it not just for myself but for millions of
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women across the country who depend on safe and legal access to abortion and tobo women's health care more generally. and yes, ruth bader ginsburgru had a problem with the opinion d ,did not have a problem with the right to abortion. the original casebl was a privay case that was decided seven to two and the chief justice was appointed by a republican . and i thinked that is something that has gotten lost in the conversation today that people are not using the privacy word enough here and usi i do firmly believe that if this was a case, if t if men were the people that were carrying the children that this would never have happened and i think that women are being put in a terrible position. the statistics are very clear about who this is going to affect the most. it's women g a who earn less. it's predominantly women of color. there is a laxness to the idea that it's just easy to cross state lines to just go get an abortion. o get
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it's no big deal . i mean today in west virginia and arkansas immediately allll abortions that were scheduled for today moving forward werens canceled. and abortions aree not just for women that got pregnant by accident. they slept with the wrong guy. it's for medical reasons protecting the life of. the mother. some of these states are going to have no exceptions for or. l and i find itie very hard to believe for conservativesaw on tv. i saw ted cruz on earlier touting the ruling that one of ted cruz's daughters got pregnant because she was or god forbid an uncle or someonese got her pregnant that he wouldn't do everything s in hish power to makeis sure that his daughter didn't have to carry that baby to term the hypocrisyc is beyond comprehension here . republican women get pregnant too. can'tm not saying we have a conversation about 15 weeks or 20 weeks. i know a lot of people who are pro-choice have numbers like that . but when this goes h back to states, 13 of which have trigger lawsav that are going to go into effect right away, that means that at six weeksy when they don't even have you come in for
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a heartbeat appointment get at that point women are putting in an incredibly unfair position. and i was on with martha earlier forai our discussion about this and wewa were talking about what gorsuch and kavanaugh had said and susan collins and joe manchin have both released statements saying that they were misled quote from justice gorsuch i accept the law of the land. roe v. wade was law of the landt he deceivedhe the senators and e deceived the american people. kavanagh's welleo there some language from amy cloney barrett that i would add to that jonathan turley did push back pretty hard on that sotomayor favish . but i'll go to you. so there are a lot of women that actually support this as well. a lot of women who have been pro-life and they have fought forof this ruling to be overturned and for the decisions to be sent back to the states as it is now the number of pro-lifee organizations. in fact, i think almost all of them are run by women. the susan b. anthony list, the march for life all run by women. and the narrative is that women disagree with this decision. that's's nottrue true . l this four pro-life activistt
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today is a huge victory. they've been working on for five decades something they believe is far overdue, that an injustice against millions of innocent livesju inside the has beenst corrected a federal level. but the factt is that this is now being sent back to the states. it's actually expanded democracy by allowingxpmo 50 ste legislatures to debate this tohe be accountable to the people in their states about what theyg want to do and the fight forif the pro-life activists and the pro-abortion activists isn't over . they're going to have to vists of the people their state that an abortion ban with no exceptions,thei with exceptions, maybe 15 weeks like we're about to see in virginia under republican governor akin to that is politically feasible and somethingha that the people who live in that state actually want. i mean, the 10th amendment saysa anything that is nott in the constitution specifically is sent back to the states and thet people who live in those states and what is what has happened today and also when it comes too how we got to t this moment to actually blame democrats for this in a wayor they bader
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ginsburg didn't want to retire. she could haveto retired early. that could have been put there.clinton los hillary clinton lost to donald t trump after taking advantage and taking for granted the campaign not working as hard as she could have. on therryng reid, who is the senate majority leader, changed the rules on the filibuster. so easier to confirm supreme court justices. so for pro-life activists, this is a huge moment in american history. but it's not over . you know, this will continue ato the state level and pro-life groups led by women will continue to fight it in their principle that there was one other woman who we just want to play this fauci this is alexandria, virginia quartos. sthis her take today with the supreme court justice. they chose to endanger the lives and aubusson. not only that, these children to strip rights from them all breathing people. >> yes, we mustn't forget the birthing people. they are now
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the most importante people on the planet because they're being included t everything and everything. but the i think the real injuste today is that i am the onlyhe male on this panel that's still not in the center seat. >> we think about what what does that what what what is that ? >>ll in all seriousness, this is as bad the nrcc trades last t night i sawhe that sports humor because i'm the dude you're one lucky guy. >> i think there's's i'll be short because i'm the only guy here even though my opinion mattersrs more than all of you combined, there's an obvious one sentence explanation for both rulings that guns guns are in thegu constitution. abortion isn't. let the states figure it out. i knownd that sounds harsh, but that's actually inarguable. >> it's not in the constitution. i do feel bador for liberals in the media. i think someone should check s in on the view between the gunn ruling and this one . we should remove all sharp t objects from their set, perhaps
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their shoelaces. i thinkk you can have three or four different opinions in your head . for example, you could admit that roe v. wade was a deeply flawed ruling and not only is it overturned, it's ending. that's the important thing. youan could also say, , it's been around for fifty years when something's been around for fifty years. why don't't you just let it't be all right? we're already used to it. we don'tt want to upset the apple cart. bute the fact is we've upset. a lot of apple carts that wearor don't like and things that have been around for hundreds of yearseae that we changed we fout a war over something okay, you can be i don't know, you could be confident even if you're pro-choice, you could be confident that this will be settled state by state and it might even life will even go on for some unborn children, which will be really, really nice if you don't like covid regulations, you can vote in new politicians or you can move to florida if you don't like your abortion regulations, you could elect new leaders or you can move to california or
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new york . h so that is how stuff works here right. and i also think the decision was a great rebukedeci to the leakers. i believe it t was leaked by the dems because it went i tot politico. at it didn't go to like national review or fox news and that with the express purpose of e foreshadowing liberal outrage that would intimidatent and influence the court and it just didn't happen. the court gavehe them the ruling show that you can't scare the court and i think that's great. it's justad too bad that biden doesn't seem interested in dissuading any of the hysteria that's going on right now. and just that last i've heard it a couple of times. but what if i men could get pregnant? you can't prove it. i mean, aren't men getting pregnant or same people? yeah, some people. soso we should we should defer o them, jessica. we should defer to them thing people get the final say in everything i do. i think you do know what i meant about adam, but it's kind of hypothetical cliche that i always hearic. f it'sig like, you know, well,
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we've been fighting wars forever that was our i always i would argue that it actually makes men more accountable for their behavior, that they may be accountable for what they look for. some men are a little higher about life as well compared to eric that we don't care even if we don't. >> all right. up next , democrats telling people to get into the streets as america braces for potential violence over the supreme court abortion ruling streaming now on fox nation is taking us on a journey across america. i mean, come on , look at this . how on earth did you pull this off uncovering a rarely seen police in this museum reminds us that one person really can help save our heritage. fascinating faces. do you remember the first time you saw him do all this work? i do. i was bowled over , said are writing the next chapter of our nation's story. so the history is represented in the flows from those hidden gems with laura ingram streaming now on fox
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. this time here you ain'thi seen nothing yet. h they have with the supreme court. we will decide. and maxine waters calling for people to get into the streetsar of left wingth radicals vow violence in the wake of today's supreme court ruling overturning roe versus wade. security being beefed up around the supreme court and justices homes that while groups like james revenges are planning a night of rage and said it was open season on the pro-life movement, at least 40 pregnancy centers have been vandalized and activists have been allowed to legally protest outside justice's home with one deranged man trying to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh. and after weeks of silence, president joe biden finally calling for peaceful protests. >> i call on everyone no matter how deeply they care about this decision to keepha all protests peaceful, peaceful, , peaceful, no intimidation. violence is never acceptable
2:21 am
threats and to an intimidation are not speech. we must stand against violence in any form regardless of your rationale. so then for six weeks we've seen the white house encourage intimidation outside of the justice of homes and now that homeland security is saying there may be real violence if he wants to step in and try and get ahead of it. well, and the attorney general. could have arrested any of those protesters at any time because it is against the law. the federal law to protest outside of justice's home. >> they didn't do it and now actually the attorney general went to keep i'm all for it go help support the ukrainians. great. but on your wayia out, you issue a statement or some guidance to the department of justice to actually do our jobs and enforce the law. n they didn't do that . so now there was there is no deterrence. so now biden six weeks later isx like, oh , please be peaceful. no one's listening to him anyway at this point. so if there is violence immediately, they've got to put
2:22 am
put that out or else it'll just continue to simmer. and the othernu thing is when maxine waters says screw the supreme court will defy themup. i meant the way to do that would be to argue persuasively in the statee and to be organized. and i think that they do have a fundamental problem that the left has long had this disconnect with getting a lot of moneyey from a small group of people on this issue and then the voters aren't necessarily there for them because we are if you look at a any of the issues, any ofhe the elections we've had t recently the primaries, but your number one issue inflation, gas prices, crime, immigration, even education, education, missing a couple of others and then it's like r climate change and then abortion. so this is really - this is seismic. but in november on election night, they're not going to be sitting there saying, well, abortion is the number one issue. i just kind of find that hardd to believe to imagine. t you know, jane , to make the point that these lawmakers on capitol hill could say
2:23 am
the states need to basically figure t out congress also could pass laws to do however the last law they tried to pass was so outrageous and expand. roe to the point of partialaw birth abortion that democrats in washington have a complete majority on everything, can't get it passed. so is the message here to get out in the streets and do what some legislation seems to be off the table for maxine waters? you need to be very specific when you tell anyone toee go anywheree because there are nutcases among all ofth us righh . mentalota health problems and political and political extremismro are a terrible mix and the left and theib right boh have them. so i don'tef like any of this talk. i was very happy to see president biden be so declarative and so clear about this at this particular moment . but i've gotten this question a lot today specifically about doinghis this in 08 when obama d the supermajority. why was there not a codification of roe on a national level? and i think unfortunately
2:24 am
that we take too many things m for granted and that people havean only so much political capital. he knew that the aca was going to be his crowning achievement and so we moved on this thing that's gotten health care for over 20 million people. it's a really big deal and itan was hugely important. but nowt we're looking back at so many decisions like ruthot bader ginsburg deciding not to retire, nuking a filibuster and saying to ourselves we have something that over 60% of americans agree about t to some level. i'm not saying up until the point of birth, but certainly in the first trimester and now we're staring down the barrel of potentially half of the states restricting the six week mark and we have to be smarter about it. it will not be the number one issue, but it already has jumped 17 points since the lead1 came out and this will matter. >> so martha, the debate about this issue is always very heated and the left just seems like they don't want a debate on this. i'm on the board of the network of enlightened women and they b had their annual conference on capitol hill today.
2:25 am
it's a group of pro-life conservative women and the conference had to be canceled because of the threats that are happening on capitol hill today. it doesn't seem like they're open to much debate in the wake of this decision. >> martha: well, you i know,'d say i would, you're in favor of choice, then you truly should b be in favor f choice. so if someone wantsts to go to a pregnancy center, if they want to carry their baby to term and adopt it, you y should be in favor of a protecting that right for them as well. so it really makes you question you know, are you just pro abortion or are you truly pro-choice? the other thing that i would just mention is that , yout know, i look at president biden ,i look at nancy pelosiat who are both catholics who claim to be both practicing catholics. and i didn't hear once frome either one of f them today. you know, look, my faith is on the side of ending abortion in this country, but i respect that this is the decision has been made butt from the courts and i respect people's right to protestt. e whyve don't they say that ? why don't they ever mention their own faith? it's been quite a long
2:26 am
time since president biden has brought this part of the story up and it just seemsth disingenuous to not say that at this point and especially say that in the context of, you p know, we believe in peaceful protest and make sure that not one is hurt in the carrying out of your protests over this weekend, it would be nice to see some respect for their faith in terms of the wayt they're talking about this today. well, greg, here we are againda businesses in downtown d.c. are boarding up as we speakd. a and they're prepared. and the question is like why t would they be doing that ? what's the purpose ofhe the outside the supreme court today? you know, the thing is, you know, for viewers of this show,r i think we should tell themnc that violence is nevere acceptable even though there will be no fan mail friday. but you're going to have to just deal with that now if they choose if they choose to. my show, which we taped with dana at 11:00 p.m., if they bump it because something's going on in d.c., then all bets are off. you can burn the whole place.wn we never h it all down.
2:27 am
i'm kidding. actually that's a funny thing. we never have to tell our fansep or republicans don't riot. have we ever i mean it's like dems rage. it's like it's like it's one word, right? is there any other kind of ragee ? we t learn that violence is actually an effective tool in influencing justicee.. you witness the ferguson effect. you witnessed the rioters, the arsonists, the flu after the floyd during the floyd riots where they were effectively shieldedur from exposure because they were the right kind of protest and they're always the right kind of protest on that side. meanwhile, you know, some guy walks around unguided tour in january 6th if he's in jail for life for howeverer long he's been in jail. but we've t seen this on the let campuses shutting down speaker targeted trump supporters attacked early on . remember that when trump got elected you remember that none of that stuff seemed to matter. violencece became their own language because they felt above and beyond debate and that's the problem these days. and what culture is that debate is no longer necessary. you just you just get violent
2:28 am
because those words violence,wo words, words are violence and there's a lot of violence at planned parenthood clinics. there was a federal judge>> acceptable, but it exists and those are right wingersou back even further to the 70sk when you were thousands of domestic actsth of violence during the 70s by the left, notn the right. so we can keep going backwards and backwards and backwards, but we only have o thirty minuts and we i'm not doing this at all. right. coming up, democrats in the media distorted the reality of today's historic supreme court abortion decision. >> to be clear, we have never been accused of being flashy, ,oilier. we're definitely not in there. i mean, seriously, we named ourselves tulkarm, which iser kind of live for its own metro. it's 1% us number one site for
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2:33 am
a nationwide abortion ban. they cannot be allowed to t have a majority in the congress to do that . d but that's our goal to i contradictt yesterday they say the states and cannot make laws governing the constitutional right to bear arms and today they're saying the exact reverse hypocrisy is raging. >> so jessica, clearly this has been assessed as a very powerful tool for the midterm. and if you fire up people on this idea that the that the supreme court's m.o. is to ban abortion across the country rather than an assessment that they've determined that it didn't belong in the constitution in the first place as a federal rightio. how fruitful do you think w that's going to be for democrats? a midtermil? i don't think there are some projections that we could lose up toes 60 seats.
2:34 am
it's not going to save you 60 seats. it's not going to save c you 40 seats. but i think on the margins itin is going tos, make a difference and it's not so much the message about that . suddenly you won't be able to go and have ann abortion. vote it's that your vote matters because whoever is in charge a gets to pick these people. and we have a lot of young conservativeve justices that aro on there now and donaldna trump didn't pick old people cpacpe people in their 50s.y' that's true . and you know, they're going to be around for a while making rulings like this . and so i hope that is the mainth thrust of this that every single election when you look at the midterms, if they take back the house, there goes your chancee to codify something right on a legislative levelel. and i think that's where wego should be going. yes, the, the rightin rights we'll make our own health decision matters a lot.. but it's the fact that got taken away stems from something bigger than that , which is that people take these things to laxly. i and itt seems to me that the action is going to be in the governors offices in the state legislatures because that's where this goes. githyeah, and actually that's
2:35 am
pretty interesting. so republicans have done fairly welle d over the last 12 years in state legislatures and actually the most popular politicians in america today are republican governors. most of thempo in the northeast. and so that's also where you start to see new talent arise and leadership and you don't know who it will be. i'm curious about the hispanic vote on lots of different levels as you've seen some changes, especially in texas and it's like they'reoi not just going from blue tong maybe purple and then the red do's like straight to red . do not pass n go to now passed 200 dollars. they are going to vote republican and i'm not surem how this issue will play into that . but watch the media misrepresenthe imitation of this . it's just very frustrating that i feel like why do we haveo to be the ones that readhe the bill and nobody else has to? and it's not fair. really not fair because it's really unnecessarily hurting the ability to have civil discussion. and i think that we've proven that you can do that here and i
2:36 am
encourage everyone toryon think about this with gracey and dignity and recognize that people have very strong feelings ale, whatever their feelings may be , and to try to then work this out. my last point is now that the court has made this decision, no one can just say, well, it isn't in the supreme court and now it's not. now it's back in your hands. the people's hands. and so make your voice heard. midterm elections are usually based elections. the problem which would be helpful for democrats in this instance because i abortion is a big issue for democratic base voters. the problem is that 90 percent of people are being affected by gas prices.te 85% of people say that inflation is destroying their family budget and causing major problemsing for them whent comes to their future planning and their retirement. so i think those issues i certainly dwarf it. but on the issue of abortion that democrats will use as a political talking point, as joe biden did today and asliti nancy pelosi did, democrats have gone from saying abortion should be safe, legal and rareul in the
2:37 am
1990s to today. and i was single presidential candidate was running as a democrat will say that they support any kind of restrictions at all. so if you look at the senate races where democrats are you maybe pennsylvania for example,, that question will come up and the majority of people in this country do believeio in abortion restrictions. most of them 15 weeks and democrats believe in no restrictions. so ifcr republicans can makens that clear argument because the media makes it so that there are. abortion should stand and they don't talk about the restriction argument t, then they can probably push it through . but this is going to be an issuee. >>re well, i mean, it's it's a legitimatewi political question. will the ruling energize dems the way the januarying six hearings won't energize anybody butut it's kind of a strategy to get you to root against your own interests. wha you know, i sure hopet i don't get what i want because thenop that will really upset people and they'll come back and just be angrier. the left never doested that .
2:38 am
we're always expected to be the ones that we better note get what we want because if we g get what we want oh, boy. pendulum's going to swing. but the fact is, you know, the democrats and the media have never thought once aboute the effects of their mission creep on abortion or their mission creep on guns or their mission creep on biology like i mean, think about like you know, again, the pregnant men right now feminism is no longer feminism unless you accept the hierarchy. you know where the pregnant male is up over the top . you so i think, you know, we don't have to like so what if it has an, effect? all right. is that going to change anything that you want? w it shouldn't. but they want that the media want youf to believe that .th but they never askey that of the left right. they never say do thi you think this stuff is going to hurt you because that's what happened with youngin right,. >>an anyway, that's those are my thoughts. all right. more onanhead,ough what the supreme court's abortion ruling means for the midterms and whats democratb are saying about it today
2:39 am
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introducing all new magic mesh magnetic windows bring fresh air in but now available at a retailer near you. n >> welcome back. democrats now trying to make the midterms all about the supreme court ruling on abortiond- this fall. roe is on the ballot. >> personal freedoms are on the ballot to me the answer is simple. it's november. it's the ballot box making v roe versus wade the law of. the land. that's what november will be all about. >>e but make no mistake again, it's all on the ballot in november. >> well, you know, i don't blame them, katie. is in the. economy they've got a presidentle who can't complete a sentence. you'vemp got criminals who don't complete their sentences. so why not? you know that all your money on killing unborn children,
2:44 am
guess what they're trying to hold on to? i think this is going to fallak flat because they're making the argument that this is on the ballot and they need to elect more democrats. democrats are in charge rightn now. th they voted on aey pro-abortion bill earlier this year that failed a because it was so extreme and was would allow partial birth abortion and late term abortion acrossal the country. and they dishonestly said it would codify roe when it really expanded. so i'm not really sure the argument of we're in charge haven't done this yet, but give us more seats. i don't know. dth yeah,er jessica, we saw this yer the democrats going afteral parents calling them domestic terrorists. almostthese horribly nearly violent school board meetings which were terrible. now that you'rech going to, go after unborn children, jessica is the democratic party no longer the party for families? i don't think that were ever a party for families. no, welies were.>> but j that's you you have you have to answer yes or no. jessica, i object.
2:45 am
i want to thank something that's going on . so when the leak happened, f conservative conservatives only focused on the leak. they didn't actually want to talk about the implicationsoc.ia this .th and i think that there will bere a lot of republicans out there,s especially in purplish districts, people who had people that supported them in 2016n then voted for biden out there where this ruling will matterl. so there is a way to capitalize on it that way. i'm not sure i would preferat to say. fis what do you make of this , martha? we haven't talked about you't know what i td do have a new thought on this and it is it is that i think that katie is right. one of the things that happenedi with the leak it came out early is sort of diffused t the acceptance and understanding over a longeri period of time . and i think that the people who are fired up on cable news r networks about this hour do not actually represent the rest of the country. e r before, abortionti has been declining. it's down 20% in the last 15 , 15 to 20 years. and also with these over-the-counter medications that can end a pregnancyqu
2:46 am
quickly, it is not the issue that it once was. and i think with dana's great point about hispanic vote , family vote , the democrats are there are so in such troubleth with the hispanic voters that honestly i don't see how you can win an election if you lose if you were at 78%, biden with hispanic voters and now you're at 20 something,w 30 something. that's a tough equation. last word. well, when nancy pelosi says it's on the ballot, republicans get to vote too in this election. and i think that republicans, h susie, as it mayav have been i dampened if this court hadf not ruled the way that it did. a right. because of all the work, as katie was saying, decades of work that's gone into being able to find a case that would overturn a the last thing i woud point out is that terry mcauliffe down in virginia when he was running against junkin , they tried to make it all about abortion. right. and in and then the exit polls show that of the people who thought abortion was the most important issue, 60% of them voted for junkin . they go well up next ,
2:47 am
more major supreme court decisions this week including a big ruling m on gunaj rights. a big ruling m on gunaj rights. >> i'm on that's why♪ farmers nuclearizes placement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model it a whole lot ofstn something with farmers policy perks. we are partners. i'm sorry i lost one hundred and thirty eight pounds on golo and tax relief since taking really like sleep is way better information has gone way down. i'm not stopping but it's way better than i did before. i don't sit down my life anymore. did you get the memo? we're still hunt for treasure. the expert the treasure
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2:50 am
not rocket science or anything another supreme court ruling itself or whether america
2:51 am
the top court striking down new york's law that restricts concealed carrying of guns. l democratic leaders in the mediaa blasting a decision. >> look, we believe that the decision was shockingg in its scale and also reprehensible given that we are experiencing a nationwide gun violence crisis to those who are cheering this say wee never were taking away your right to possess guns, but we havend a right to restrict who has w it and where they use us gun we suffer this violence because because of six conservatives on the supreme court, it isct their fault. and until we start acting like it, we will continue to suffer the violence. >>olen i 2024 from what did youe as the main take away from yesterday's ruling? i want to addresssi the conflation between law m by the concealed carry holders of which there are millions and most lawful group of people in this country and they conflate it alwayss with the criminals who get their guns illegallyeo and then shoot peopt
2:52 am
with them, which is alsoak illegal. the main takeaway is this what clarence thomas said about the second amendment is crucialt . it's a constitutional right that is not a second class right. it's a first classlass right a and it shouldn't be treated differently than all of the other amendments. and so i think that'sendmie a ky takeaway and local governments don't have the right to restrict you from carrying a firearm outside of your home for lawful purposesfo. well, governor hochul thinks that the answer to this is to increase the number of sensitive areas, which is what's gone on inshe as well. do you think that this will be the tack that liberal governorsc are taking allro over the county now that there's an error in your question? >> hochul doesn'try think theres nothing in that head , mike , that will make a prediction crime unrelated to this rulinghe will be blamed on the ruling. right. all b of a sudden they'll be lie an explosion of gun crimet and it won't be from permit toll carry, trust me. t buthi they will blame and you know that this was a great ruling and the reason why ited caused keith olbermann to call for the supreme court toprgh
2:53 am
be destroyed. right. he said ist? dissolution and insane response from ann insane person theoretically means it's a good thing ifou he had liked it, i would have really been worried. f >> i thinkir it'sst tim the fire time people have talked about keith olbermann a really long time . yes. not really, really proud that the supreme court finally got people talking about it. >> guess we should throw a a picture up of them because no one knows who he is. that all right? there was something that happened in the gun world. we have a bipartisan bill that passed. and did you think that this was possible? what i think that positions democrats really did not get what they wanted in that bill . but the republicans were ableva to advance something that actually deals with things that they've been talkingng about, which is people who should not have a gun should not be allowed to get a gun and dealing with mental health concerns and background checks. so yeah,kgro i think it's good that they could get it done and i don't think that it's it's certainly not the parade n of horribles the conservative thought it might k be , although
2:54 am
i know that there are some that really hate it but the democrats certainly didn't get what they needed here now or wanted. they got something and anything helped in this area. uphe next , more on the breaking news with the supreme court overturning roe versus so your home is expensive and stressful. so we created our smart solar system to sell your home for top and save you thousands in commissions. i was amazed at the fact my house sold in one idea and saved me maybe twenty to twenty five thousand dollars and the process was easy and they are the number one way to our services free available nationwide and there's zero obligation calls today or visit ideal agent .com. hello, i'm mike lindell and as you know my passion is to help each and every one of you get the best sleep of your life. that's why i created my new dreams bed sheets. i guarantee you they'll be the
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♪ ♪ >> protests all across the country setting the issue of abortion back to the states. the final thoughts. >> i think the real protest is gonna happen if my show gets bumped tonight. we were to see these people we know what they do what with the keep showing it? watch my show. oh, boy. it can be a great show of your noggin want to miss it. that's my final thought. >> i'm gonna protest as well if i don't get to watch got filled tonight when i get home from new york city.
2:59 am
yes there being counter protests of the supreme court made it different attitude towards this more celebratory. so congratulations to all of that to protect the most vulnerable human beings in our society. >> and jessica final thought? >> peaceful protest all of you want it super incredibly important issue on both sides of this. call your legislators in your local legislatures now and your governors make sure they turn out to vote state and local and actions matter often a lot more than what happens on the federal level. mobilize safely and responsibly to ensure that at some point women get this very important right back. >> on the anchor fox news sunday this week and will talk to lindsey graham and i want to say i finally fascinated about this whole thing is the big picture that you look at a one-term president so far it would three picks in one term and transfer
3:00 am
would've nature of that along with mitch mcconnell is an extraordinary story. >> you could go back to the bush administration and m1 was also was very informative i'll be on tucker carlson at 8:00 p.m. as well. you just couldn't keep saying us all night long. that's it for ♪♪ oh say can you see ♪♪ by the dawn's early light ♪♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪♪


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