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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  June 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[laughter] >> leave it to the doctor to take the fun out of the show. invented in 1924, how did it take so long to invent the popsicle? >> you have to go to canada to get. >> we will see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show, fox report with jon scott starts right now. >> a second day nationwide, supreme court overturning roe v. wade. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report for ♪ ♪ >> i court's decision sparked strong reactions on both sides of the issue, thousands of demonstrators gathering outside the supreme court and across the country. president biden : for all protests to remain peaceful. yesterday's ruling overturns the court landmark 1973 decision on
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abortion rights. removing federal protections for abortions after nearly 50 years. several states already have restricted or banned abortion begun moving while many other states will keep it legal or past laws expanding abortion access. our legal panel is standing by to discuss this and other major cases before the supreme court. fox team coverage as well, alexis mcadams live on the protests nationwide, first, david spunt live outside the supreme court. >> just after 6:00 eastern time, several thousand people outside the u.s. supreme court they can't go to the steps yet because of high fences but people have been out here since late morning. you hear loud. [background noises] behind me and angry people, i will say it has been peaceful, no teargas or violence, it's been a peaceful protest, that's
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what authorities were hoping for today but the issue is after the supreme court's narrative meets washington d.c., it goes back to the state and that is where we are looking at a map i want to show you the different states, a colorful map shows where each state stands specifically when it comes to abortion. when the supreme court came down with the decision yesterday at 10:10 a.m. eastern time, 13 states called trigger state, they went into effect or will go into effect soon. texas, oklahoma, louisiana, mississippi, north dakota and south dakota. look at states like florida, nebraska, montana, indiana, currently still working to pass legislation making abortion illegal in those states but gray stays on the map show where abortion is still legal.
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mike kherson, republican governor of missouri tweeted yesterday, missouri has become the first state in the nation to effectively and abortion, the issue returns to the state abortion access for abortion will depend on where the woman lives. she lives in phoenix, arizona, she may have to go cross state lines to california. >> i'm sorry, i'm less sorry than i am resolved and angry to do more. >> merrick garland wants a supreme court nominee himself, expressed disappointment with the court's ruling and said this about women crossing state lines. constitution principles, women who reside in states that have banned access to reproductive care must remain free to seek the care in states where it is legal. you have district attorney across the country, going back to the states district attorney's like williams in new
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orleans who said they are not going to enforce the new law in louisiana, he has other priorities so this is creating work across the country. jon: david spunt live outside the supreme court, thank you. the supreme court decision sparking protests across the nation. in phoenix, officials say police used teargas to express this verse protesters, some were banging on the glass at prep buildings, some have remained peaceful. alexis mcadams live in new york city, abortion laws will remain legal. >> good evening, it didn't stop people from coming out voicing their opinions hours after that decision came down for roe v. wade. we saw across the nation pointing out specifically in phoenix here in new york city, no major issues to report at this time, thousands of people all over gathering to mourn or
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celebrate this decision. even the most recent protest today, you can see dallas, cincinnati, milwaukee, charleston, south carolina and they had big turnout. in washington d.c., protester climbed to the top of the frederick douglass bridge and slept there. he scaled the bridge to bring attention to abortion rights finally came down this afternoon and was taken into custody. on friday protesters in new york city were arrested after the walking streets blocking traffic in manhattan. los angeles lapd it arrest the crowd kept going and chicago, lines, i mean lines of protesters were in the streets. some say it's a big step in the right direction and pledge to fight back. >> this is an politicized, it's not about women, it's about control, the control of women and americans and freedom for
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pro-life. >> a historic moment and because of this decision, children will live today, we are excited and know this is just the beginning. >> it's important to note these major cities we showed you video of four new york, l.a., d.c. and chicago, they are homes and states that will not have any issues or changes with their abortion law but that wasn't the case for all across the country where there was chaos. [chanting] [screaming] thousand seen in arizona, crowds showing up to the state capitol of phoenix. police years teargas to break up the crowd, they were banging on glass windows at the capitol building. decision in arizona, they have competing laws to ban abortion, 15 weeks after the woman becomes
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pregnant. the one in phoenix, here in new york city we saw only a few people taken into custody because they block traffic so it has been peaceful and the president continued to tell demonstrators to remain. jon: alexis mcadams, thanks. president biden signing the bipartisan bill into law, praising congress for taking action and saving lives. congress worked quickly to pass the bill after terrible mass shootings in uvalde texas and buffalo, new york. today the white house is weighing in on calls to hack the supreme court after landmark decisions on gun rights as well as abortion. lucas tomlinson live in the white house with the latest. >> president biden signing into law the largest gun control measure in nearly 30 years he hopes will save lives in his way out the door to catch his flight, the president took a shot at the supreme court.
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>> columbine, sandy hook, charleston, orlando, las vegas, atlanta, buffalo, uvalde and the shootings that happen every day in the streets, mass shootings we don't even hear about. >> do think the supreme court is broken in your view? >> the supreme court has made terrible decisions. >> here's what's in the bill biden side red flag laws and crisis prevention programs and enhance background checks for buyers under 21. a nurse or call from experts and closes the boyfriend loophole for gun trafficking, clarifies guidelines for gun dealers. fourteen republicans few hundred in the house voted for the gun belt including liz cheney, adam kinzinger, brian fitzpatrick, mike turner, tony gonzales who represents uvalde, texas. they voted for the measure while
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mitch mcconnell to break the deadlock. the supreme court's decision yesterday doesn't happen without the three justices on the bench. ruth bader ginsburg died two months before the 2020 election, amy coney barrett was nominated and confirmed 30 days in swanton just before election day. joe biden's views on abortion evolved over the years, 30-year-old senator from delaware, he said row went too far. yesterday he said it was the correct decision. this is what he said in 2006. >> i do not view abortion as a choice and a right, i think it's a tragedy and i think it should be rare and safe and we should focus on how to limit the number of abortions. >> aboard air force one on the way to germany, the white house press secretary said biden does not want to expand the supreme court. peter doocy went to the house before last call with more. jon: all right, lucas tomlinson at the white house, thank you. president biden arrived in
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germany about an hour ago on his way to tomorrow's meeting with the g7 leaders. at the top of the agenda, the war in ukraine. president expected to announce sanctions on russia, leaders will discuss inflation, gas prices and ways to increase production. as promised, peter doocy is awaiting the president just over the border, austria. peter. >> the president is on the ground here in europe, we got new video, they choreographed an elaborate welcome ceremony at the airport complete with riflemen and musicians and because of the late hour, it is after midnight here now, he won't have an event until tomorrow. at the event he learned president biden wants to talk to other world leaders about lowering their carbon footprint. emission standards and that's the word from top biden officials as air force one was brought into the atlantic.
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>> climate will clearly on the agenda here at this g7 and the president has been a leader here on the search for clean energy. we've all seen in the last three months the impact of reliance on fossil fuel and russia's weapon icing of fossil fuel on the global economy. >> you heard it there, russia will be a huge part of the program. this president thinks it's important for putin to see other powerful nations standing arm in arm. before the president has home, nato to carefully draft the strategic concept to focus more on russia and china and less on afghanistan. the timing of the president overseas has been leading multiple major crises behind
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with inflation at the top of the list but the white house press secretary says the president will stay on top of all that this week. >> we believe a president can do his job anyplace, anywhere at any time so that is not a concern for us. >> white house officials aboard air force one they type lip. today what they want out of this european trip, so-called deliverable. kirby said there will be an announcement about holding putin accountable for specifically what that is, will have to wait and see. president biden is locating through the night to the hotel where he will remain until tomorrow. jon: i'm sure you will have plenty of coverage during the visit there, peter doocy, thank you. now for more on yesterday's supreme court decision on abortion rights, high court's opinion overturning roe v. wade is sparking protests nationwide and strong reactions on both
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sides. our legal panel, mark smith constitutional attorney member of the supreme court bar, former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. let's make a big picture, a lot of people on the left are acting like this means abortion is completely illegal in this country from this day forward and forever more. that's not what the supreme court said, is it. >> not at all, this is a federalism versus states right issues the constitution has everybody heard many times is silent, there's nothing in it about abortion so under the tenth amendment, the last amendment in the bill of rights, that which is not specifically laid out in the text of the constitution reserved to the state. classic states, federalism, very important to make sure everybody
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understands this decision does not eliminate the legality of abortion in america, is simply returns the question to each of the 50 states to decide. there are issues and problems which you covered about the breakdown between the states, people forced to cross the lines but that's a different issue. for the legality of it, most legal scholars, ruth bader ginsburg herself said she thought roe v. wade went too far constitutionally and it's hard for people to understand because they are very emotional about it and i understand that. again, abortion is not abolished. jon: i heard one thinker on another network say the supreme court has taken away the constitutional right to an abortion as you are saying, there is no constitutional right for abortion. >> that's right. the supreme court is fixing errors made over the last many decades trying to bring the
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constitution law back to where it never should have left. for example, not only do we see the supreme court saying we are getting out of the abortion business, we never should have gotten into this, this should remain with the state and likewise, they are respecting other rights like the second amendment right expressly mentioned in the second amendment and they are saying this is not enforced, is largely ignored and disrespected to a degree it shouldn't because it's a fundamental constitutional right so i think what we are seeing right now is the court announcing who will bring back to where it should never have left, we will enforce rights clearly in the constitution and simply going to not get involved with issues that are not expressly or implicitly mentioned in the text of the constitution or robust american history. >> let me read how the new york post sees this, headline roe
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decision was always a "house of cards" abortions must be left up to the people and dan mclaughlin writes all the energy goes into lawmaking and congress and state legislatures forced into an all or nothing national battle for the supreme court that lasted a decade. when presidential candidate such as donald trump or bill clinton misbehaved, they insisted the state of every presidential election were too high for defense because roe was always on the national ballot, that isn't healthy. well, roe has been decided by this court and one of the questions, is going to make a difference on next election? is this decision going to change the way people are voting? >> is a great question because the democrats without getting in the political leads are suffering on large-scale issues, gas prices being the most notable so right away he saw
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them giving themselves away saying even the president specifically, this november you have to elect to represent us who will codify -- they are hoping it will affect november but your question to me which i'm not dodging, will it? i'm not so sure it will help them, it is hard to say but the reality is, loss not laid out in the constitution but it gives translation to a great extent given the toxicity and debate and emotionalism. jon: now that the decision has been handed down by the supreme court, roughly half the states are undertaking efforts to restrict or almost entirely eliminate abortion, that should tell you something. >> i think it does, i think the other thing that will be a dramatic difference is up until now, the focus of a lot of
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resources, both time and money was on the u.s. supreme court nominations to the court, confirmations and hearings associated with the court, now i imagine a lot of the resources, time and money, donations, political fights are going to move back to the states. the question is, how many of these laws enacted both pro and against abortion the last many decades are now going to get a second look as this political fight goes from the courthouse steps of the supreme court back to the state? i think we don't know, a lot of these laws were passed when people were watching yes but a lot of it was folks in washington now that folks will be focus on washington d.c., they will go back to state capitals and one wonders how many are on the books right now may be revisited. jon: it will be fascinating to watch, what a week in the legal world, thank you both. summer driving season upon us,
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will gas prices ease anytime soon? there might be good news on the horizon. where is inflation headed? is the economy finally cooling off? economic advisor to president trump, stephen more ways and just ahead. ♪♪
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jon: stumble travel in full swing but suppliers getting right is a huge headache with airports reporting thousands of flight cancellations and delays. now with record travel expected for the july 4 holiday, traffic is expected to get even worse. live in miami international airport. bill. >> make no mistake, kat and beaver pandemic is long over for most americans. airports nationwide reporting the same thing. passenger counts are up, the prices to buy a ticket are up, delays and cancellations with frequency. saturday travel full of passengers going or coming, according to the travel website hopper, the average price light is now costing americans $330.
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those opting to drive instead of flying, you're looking at paying about $70 to fill up your tank. bottom line, traveling right now as prices in the two inaccurate pandemic and busy fourth of july 3 day weekend is right around the corner so the advice is to get to the airport early, check the website before you leave and be prepared. concern all the airlines subject for staffing shortages, vines are complaining working too much overtime, consistent shortage of flight attendant as well as employees and air traffic control towers in the past seven to ten days, there have been hundreds and hundreds of delays and cancellations. travelers are well aware of all of this. >> most people will bring two bags, close to $100, that's a lot. some places, a little kiosk, pandemonium everywhere.
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>> at least here in miami, crash landing on the flight that happened tuesday night, telling no one for entering three while ntsb, investigators saw what they needed, the plane was moved and reopened a major runway here. that alone should help with traffic flow of inbound and outbound flights and comparing this week with the same week in 2019, air force spokesman says three pandemic are surpassed by 15%. back to you, john. jon: bill, thank you. airlines problems are not helping with the downward economy, airfare cost of 33% from last april. inflation still at a record high and economists warm of a looming recession. skyhigh gas prices might finally hit a plateau.
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let's bring in stephen more economic advisor to president advisor to trump and committee to unleash prosperity. steve, i want to put a graphic on our screen that shows us what happened to gas prices, the only good news really that they are down about 8 cents a gallon from where they were a week ago. $4.98 a week ago and now a mere 4.90. a year ago, 3.08. what's going on? >> by the way, when trump left office in january, 2021, about 2.49 a gallon so those prices have basically doubled in 16 or 17 months, since biden. there are a lot of factors at work but one of them that has been this war on american energy for the biden administration, joe biden said he wanted to close down american oil and gas industry running for president and these researchers led to higher prices.
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you are seeing, it's interesting when we talk about eight and a half or 9% inflation, the official numbers, people get angry and say inflation rates are much more than a and a half percent because the essential things you have to buy everyday for middle-class family, transportation, gasoline and obviously food and the grocery store, those are up more than eight or 9%, a lot of those dropped 15 to 20% so-called a real squeeze on middle income so that is one reason to look at the polls right now, three out of four americans think the economy is headed in the wrong direction. jon: i think we have another graphic that shows extreme price increases on some of the most basic items that americans have to used to live with, fuel oil being one of the fuel oil is up 107% almost, restaurant and dining up about seven and a half%, used cars and truck, they are up 16% and closing up 5%.
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, to go back to the president for a minute, why doesn't he owned that? he did say at reelection he wanted to clamp down on oil and gas. he's done that, prices are up and what does he do? he doesn't take the blame himself, he blames flagler putin. >> that's been the case in every instance and all the things that have gone wrong with the economy right now, it seems this is a finger-pointing president, he always doesn't take responsibly. one of my favorite president was truman, he had a placard on his desk, the buck stops here. this president does that, is the oil companies were chicken producers were vladimir putin this week administration tried to blame this on donald trump. the fact is we had an economy, i was proud of what we did so now we have an economy that i believe right now, i see we are
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in a soft recession, not that recession but the first six months, the growth of the economy has been negative so that will officially be in recession. the question is whether we can get out of this crash landing, i pray that we do that i would like to see progrowth policies out of this administration, maybe tax reduction or maybe something, government spending, we spent trillions we don't have. that was what led to this forest fire of runaway inflation. jon: i'm old enough to remember the carter administration and adjustable mortgage rates, adjustable at 13%. are we headed in that direction? >> you mentioned mortgages, two years ago the mortgage was about 3%, now in some areas it's six and a quarter. if you want to buy a median value house, $400,000 over 30 year mortgage, that will cost an
3:30 pm
extra $150,000 so i'm worried about the housing market. i want to see like 2008, remember what happened that is ahead i think. jon: good to have you on, we will talk to you again. we'll be back with more fox report. ♪♪
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♪♪ jon: supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade could bring ripple effects state elections. incumbent senator mike lee wins the gop primary in utah, he likely will face off against independent evan mcmullen. he strongly backed the court's reversal, his thinking is less clear. rich edson has the latest from salt lake city. >> good evening. mcmullen, independent in this race says there are more
3:35 pm
constructive ways to deal with apportioned overturning roe v. wade, he's not senator mike lee, incumbent here for what he says is extremism on the issue. >> i think he, like many other politicians in our country played politics with this obviously critical issue. they do it because they think if they provide americans against each other, they can raise more money and make it easier to win their next primary election. >> the campaign is responding to mcmullen saying in 2016, mcmullen reported justices doing to overturn roe. the 2022 version seems to have conveniently flipped to far bit different position suggesting overturn of roe with active extremism so his fundamental disconnect with utah and utah law. before he faces mcmullen, he has to room when the republican primary tuesday, maine gop challengers say he's too extreme
3:36 pm
on the issue. mcmullen has no primary money as an independent. democrats here are backing mcmullen and running no candidate in an attempt to unseat lee in november in a conservative state. utah is one of the u.s. states with the trigger law out long abortion except in cases where the mother's life is at risk for rape and incest. the aclu are suing the state over its trigger law tweeting a short while ago we will not back down and not give up. planned parenthood and utah are fighting to block utah's trigger band. utah deserves to get the healthcare they need here at home. all these at the state level are bubbling up after the roe v. wade decision playing a role here on state level and national elections happening in utah. jon: rich, thank you. >> first of all, if you ask the american people what the most
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important in the election, will say 30 things. inflation, inflation, inflation, the price of gas the pack price of groceries let's not forget over 70% of the american people want to see restrictions on late-term abortions. jon: montana republican senator steve baines rejecting the idea abortion have the economy for concern for voters in the midterm, november. both sides of the aisle reacting to the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade with democrats hoping the issue will be a political lifeline ahead of the midterm. daily mail tv chief political correspondent david joins us now. let's get your thoughts on that, democrats think the supreme court decisions are going to as i said, extending a lifeline november which has been looking bleak for them. what you think? >> that's right, is going to be
3:38 pm
nothing for the elections and november, not only are people more concerned about putting $100 in the gas tank every week in this particular issue, people in america most concerned about abortion are younger voters vote the least and if democrats hope to avoid a complete disaster in number, here's what they have to do. they have to win notable republican seats in state joe biden one. we talk about places like california, new mexico, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, those in other states were abortion laws are changed so it will be hard to mobilize women in those places to vote because nothing has changed. jon: right. and there are a lot of women in this country who oppose abortion of any kind no matter how far. >> that's true and it's hard in places like california and arizona for democrats to win elections without severely large number of voters from the
3:39 pm
hispanic forward coming in and hispanic voters are more than the rest of the country, probe life. a lot of catholics not committed so they won't help, will make it harder for democrats. jon: you have said the question is whether democratic voters love abortion as much as they hated donald trump. what do you mean by that? >> i just mean if you look at democrats wanting to reproduce their latest success, obviously 2020, that was election where donald trump was on the ballot and of course midterm elections are on the sitting president but the last one was a referendum on donald trump and that's what joe biden was. if they reproduce that success, they have to get people to want to defend abortion with the same energy and intensity as they want to throw donald trump into retirement. i don't see that happening right now especially because the economy will be paramount and also because there are months between now and then. if we talked about the third
3:40 pm
week of october, democrats would have a reasonable chance of turning the house seat. it will never be enough and certainly not enough given all the time between now and election day. jon: if you look at the people protesting against what the supreme court decided, especially bigger cities, more left-leaning states in this country, they don't have a good handle on what it is the supreme court has said, would you agree? >> i think that's true, binary idea roe v. wade was a light switch, abortion on off, it doesn't work that way. all supreme court did was individual states can make their own schools instead of federalism. he will see abortion and that's interesting, it's like reno 70 years ago after a short residency. the divorce loss in california, like the abortion laws in texas, planned parenthood i predict that they are smart they will
3:41 pm
have abortion clinics on the new mexico side protections and oklahomans, they will pay for transportation already seen private companies paying for transportation for female employees. here's the main change, two years from now looking back, nobody is going to change demand for abortion, women and men will initiate legacies but here is what is going to change, abortions between hands-on in a clinic and those in a pharmaceutical pill. you will see -- the pills are more than half of the abortion, that will be larger and larger but if you are part of the religious block voters who pushed to reveal roe v. wade, i think it is not possible to change abortions in the united states. only possible to change where they happen and how and guess what happened next, five or six
3:42 pm
years from now, abortion pill you can get in mexico, anybody can walk in and buy it without prescription. jon: david, thank you. jon: norway on its highest level terror alert as family and friends, victims of a mass shooting lead to a targeted one specific community. kitty logan up next with the latest. ♪♪
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tragedy strikes norway as capitol, two people are dead and 20 were injured after gun shots ring out in lgbtq plus far. according to police, they are investigating this as an act of islamic terror. kitty logan has that story.
3:47 pm
>> two people killed and 20 injured in a gun attack in the norwegian capitol of oslo which police say was an act of terror. police detained a suspect on suspicion of murder and terror charges. a 42-year-old norwegian citizen of iranian origin said to be radicalized islamist with a history of mental illness. his lawyer says the motive is still unclear. the shootings took place in a busy part of central also, the coming opening fire at three separate locations, one, a popular gay bar. people were seen fleeing in panic. the shooting during norway's pride festival and authorities have canceled the parade set to do take place. saturday in defiance of the band. it's not being confirmed the pride festival was the actual target but norwegian police said the terror level to the highest as a precaution. jon: kitty logan, thank you.
3:48 pm
now other headlines from around the globe, state media 23 people died in a stampede while trying to climb a border fence. human rights groups are calling for an investigation. in mexico, a group of about 2000 migrants say it want buses to the u.s. border. officials say the migrants using temporary visas meant to help them gain legal status in mexico to instead travel to the united states. in germany, protesters gathered ahead of the annual g7 meeting calling on the g-7 nations to phase out fossil fuels and increase efforts to fight world hunger. in france, lawmakers say they will propose a bill to guarantee abortion rights in the nation's constitution. the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade yesterday. in china, preparations and gear for next week's 25th anniversary of britain over hong kong. back to china.
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that is a look at stories from around the globe. it is officially summer now, that means time to spend time around the pool. meteorologist adam tells us whether we should hold out for those of us looking to take a dip. next.
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you might be feeling scorching summer heat making its way across the u.s., folks from the northwest all the way down to the southeast bracing for dangerously high temperatures. meanwhile, monitoring the atlantic for potential tropical storm. meteorologist adam has the latest. >> beginning with that extreme heat, we are feeling across the country, current temperatures, highs, you talk about the heat across the north east -- west, excuse me. highs pushing 90 and across the southeast, leucine is lingering for a couple of days, that's where heat alerts are abortions of texas especially over the florida panhandle running you down across the mississippi river and these are areas where humidity and heat, it feels like about 115 outside with highs popping off around triple digits, 101 in memphis, 97 in nashville.
3:54 pm
otherwise, spots with showers and thunderstorms driven some of that but as far as topics, there are a couple various we are paying attention to, this has the best chance of turning into something the next couple of days, the next three days, 30% chance of 60% chance of forming in the next five days and topical system passing just north of south america. this would be the second main storm of the season, still early but a good reminder we are getting deeper into this and we will see more activity the next couple months. jon: adam, thank you. ever get an itch you can't scratch? we will tell you about the go to place german goes to end it tried everything else. stay with us. ♪♪
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with directv stream i can get live tv and on demand together: baseball, ghostbusters, baseball, ghostbusters, baseball... ♪♪ it's good to be back! that is one foul ball. let's do this! ♪♪ cross the stream! get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. directv stream. now save $30 over 2 months. cuba's national zoo. he's not quite right now is playing in the mud present white rhino boy in there since 19 for his mother catherine is birthing
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again after 21 year hiatus. and there is a newborn red panda at the milwaukee county zoo. that species also endangered. the unnamed baby and her mom have been bonding in their nest box. the cubs four will grow from great to its iconic red over the next few months. the neat little babies will be on display to the public to enjoy. they look at these itchy goats. frankfurt zoo shows the goats taking turns walking through and leaning against the brush which is built into their habitat. zoo visitors say the goat seems very relaxed and playful, really? [laughter] i want one of those things. and that is how fox reports this saturday june 25, 2022. i am jon scott. thanks for joining us this evening but stay out of the heat we will see you tomorrow. gutfeld is up next.
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