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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 27, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a dog having some fun outside the stadium, playing that in case you did not know, he is swimming in the cold finding home run balls and the dog brings it back to the owner and takes it up by the life vests, a pretty good job. it's a great way if you can't get to the game. get a homer. >> people sitting in the outfield and they win. >> sandra: "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> i will take it from there, thank you dana and trace, supreme court decision this morning, siding with a former public high school football coach over school prayer in a win for religious liberty, this is "the faulkner focus," i am sandra smith and for paris today. freedom rights violated after he was let go from his job for a near kneeling and praying, kennedy arguing it's his rights, he said students were free to jn and are not without coercion, of
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the courts agree. we'll speak with coach kennedy himself and his first interview since winning the case alongside one of its attorneys, but first we had to shannon bream, chief legal correspondent with the news. >> hey, sandra, so a 6-3 win for coach kennedy after years and years of this battle fighting his way back and through the courts, he finally gets the decision on the supreme court today and i want to tell you about that decision offered by justice gorsuch. at the eight government entity sought to punish an individual from engaging in a brief quiet personal religious observance doubly protected by the free exercise and free-speech causes of the first amendment of the constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination. this was an ideological split as he would think within the court, 6-3 conservative liberal split that has been made of the term emberley has shown up in a lot of big cases here. let me read from the defense, off this by justices breyer and
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kagan saying this, today's decision is particularly misguided because it elevates the religious rights of a school official who voluntarily accepted public employment in the limits of public employment entails, over those of his students who are required to attend school and who discord has long recognized are particularly vulnerable and deserving of protection. this is taking place after high school football game, coach kennedy went and prayed by himself and students asked if they could join, students and coaches from other schools asked if they could join and enjoy the practice, many of them, but the concern came up that if kids did not take part, what it cost them playing time on the team? there were parents that were concerned about that and the message it could be sending. he will talk with coach kennedy, but i asked him about that and he said of the couple of players he had come to him say i'm not comfortable, he made them team captains because he admired their ability to stand up and speak their minds and be independent. so whatever concerns where they are, this court has 6-3, he does
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not have to give up his right to pray in public simply because he is a public school employee. >> sandra: shannon, thank you very much. looking at the vindication and his lawyer, president dio first liberty institute. welcome to you both, coach, let's get your reaction first. >> you know, i really don't know what to say. i just can't stop smiling and you know, thank god and thank everybody that supported me. and i found out that i am not insane. it is absolutely true that all the facts of the case and it is just appealing good to know that the first amendment is alive and well. >> i just have one question for you now, coach, are you headed back to the field? >> as soon as the school district says, hey, come back. i am there, absolutely. a >> sandra: have they given you any indication that's the case? >> we just found out this morning, so you know, it certainly is in bremerton, they are all waking up to that news. and i expect some phone calls
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today from them. it >> sandra: i will get more reaction than just a moment, to your lawyer now, your team has certainly made the case that you have the right to kneel in prayer on the 50-yard line. and her point was that this was not a form of coercion come to shannon's point, there were players who came forward to the coach and said that they were not comfortable with this. so what was the case that you built over time on this? >> it's pretty basic, sandra, and that is that free speech and free exercise are both protected under the first amendment. and whether that is a teacher bound or head over or whether that is coach going for 15 or 20 seconds after the game and saying a prayer, a silent prayer. you have the right to do that. so if the government is going to infringe upon that and in this case really fire him because he exercises first amendment rights, they have to have some sort of very serious justification for the ads, and they did not have anything like that. this idea that somehow if
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players see him across the field, that that is enough to take away his first amendment right, not only a coach but a guy who spent 20 years in the marines fighting for our freedoms, that's not the way this country works. so i think that everybody will see and am so glad for joe, six years of fighting and he will be back on that field. that's what the case was about. he did not ask for money, just wanted his job back in to be able to go on the field after the game and pray and when the game starts, that's what he will be doing. but his case ended up being bigger because it protected so many other people, overly broad opinion that i think it's going to provide a lot of protections for a lot of americans under the first amendment. >> sandra: coach, just reading a little bit from justice neil gorsuch opinion saying the constitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance. he says not censorship and suppression, religious and nonreligious views alike.
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how much does it mean to you not just for you, coach and the ability to pray on the field and allow others to join you without coercion, what does it mean for you? by going beyond that what you think this means for other coaches who wish to the same? >> you know, coaches, or any public employee, i think about the teachers in the janitors, the lunch people, everybody works in the school district, and that's a lot of people in this country, and everybody was keeping their eye on all of this to see what their rights were going to be. are they going to be taken away. and it just shows that hey, it does not matter what your faith is or if you have no faith, it just proves that this is america and the first amendment applies and nobody should have to worry about, now especially have to worry about just because you want to thank god, you can do it now. and that's just an awesome thing for everybody. >> coach, fair to say if you had to do it all over again you would? >> yes, i would.
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you know, i would think a couple of times before i do the whole seven years and losing the first five times, but absolutely 100% worth it knowing that i fought for the right thing and ended up winning and knowing that justice is done in the freedoms are good. >> sandra: coach, thank you so much for joining us, and the first reaction, we appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sure that we will hear more from them, but now a pro-choice protest turning violent over the weekend across the country. windows broken, businesses analyzed all in reaction to the supreme court overturning roe v. wade, democratic lawmakers calling for action on capitol hill. [chanting "my body, my choice"] >> sandra: that was phoenix over the weekend where police using tear gas had to support a
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protest a pro-abortion demonstrators outside of the capital, and in los angeles a man accused of attacking a cop with a torch dressed in graffiti scrawled across buildings in multiple cities. if abortions are not safe, neither are you. pro-life sinners and churches a main target, many of the rampages taking place in blue states where access to abortion will not change and critics are calling out the democratic party's rage over roe, jim jordan with this. >> it was a huge victory for life, but it was also a victory over the intimidation tactics of the left. it started with that cavanaugh confirmation and all the crazy things they did, then on the steps of the supreme court saying all the ridiculous things he said was the intimidation tactics they try to use against justice thomas and his wife and then it was a leak of the drafted opinion and the court did the right thing and said the
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constitution means what it says. and we have a victory for life. >> sandra: live on capitol hill with more on that for us. >> hello, good morning to you, sandra, emotions are running very high among lawmakers over the weekend as democrats one after another took to the airwaves to call on everything from abolishing the senate filibuster to even impeaching that justice is, watch. >> you think lying at a confirmation hearing is an impeachable offense? >> i believe so. i believe so. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> we know that the senate is broken, you have heard me say multiple times that we need to have and get rid of the jim crow filibuster. >> sandra, jason crow went as far as to suggest that republicans would "to rig it" the upcoming election to try to federalize an abortion ban despite all of this. some on the left actually think
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that democrats have not gone far enough when it comes to laying out an actual plan. so take a look at this. vice president harris took a lot of criticism online for posting this tweet and a picture of yourself watching the ruling come down on air force 2, writing that i know there are women out there who are afraid to come into those who of you who feel alone and scared i want you to know that the president and i are fighting for you and your rights. we are in this fight together. but some liberal users online thought that tweet was too vague wanting to know what exactly, how exactly the vp on the president were going to fight for them. meanwhile, sandra, some democrats are taking heat from their own for trying to campaign and fund raise on this issue while some democrats are saying that really they just need to concentrate on getting out the vote. >> sandra: live on the hill for us, thank you. pete hegseth now, cohost of fox & friends we can and author of the new book "battle for the
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american life" number one on "the new york times" best seller list. congrats to you. welcome. we are seeing some of those targeted over the weekend with violence as a result of the overturning of roe v. wade, your thoughts this morning, pete? >> we should expect that given what happened in between the leak of the draft opinion to supreme court justices and the actual decision itself. mob violence and the threat thereof is a tactic used by the modern left. it's not new necessarily to today, but they want their way regardless of how our system works. this ruling was an absolute validation of our constitutional republic system. do you see, they yell about democracy all the time, it's always the word democracy and the use that as a cover word for everything coming at the irony of this decision is that in most of the places as you pointed out where these riots and protests are happening, abortion on demand will still be illegal in those states, all this decision does is gives the decision back to the people in the state
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representative to make that decision themselves as opposed to nine unelected judges dictating the law of the land. so we expect these types of intimidation and heated rhetoric, but for me, i sit back and say, you know, god bless our system and the wisdom of our founders who made sure that it wasn't the tyranny of the majority that would decide where our rights come from and what is a life. instead, our constitution validated our system and we got a great opinion. i'm just another one for coach kennedy. it's a wonderful thing to see. >> great with his reaction just a moment ago, watching the sunday show over the weekend, martha maccallum hosting "fox news sunday" and she pressed stacey abrams on her pro-abortion stance. here is that moment. watch. >> do you believe all the way up to nine months, your talk about caring about the lives of women, i'm asking at what point do you care about the life of that baby? >> what i would say is that it is a medical decision. i don't know of a single woman who reaches this stage where
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this decision is easy. >> i will take that up to nine months in some cases depending on the woman, correct? >> that is not what i said. i said this is a medical decision, and the medical decisions that have to be made have to be made in context. >> sandra: your reaction to that? >> brought about a martha maccallum, and any time a host gets a chance to interview a democrat about their stance on abortion, that is precisely the line of questioning you should take. add 12 points, all the way up to nine months would you say that the life of that child should be factored in? and these democrats time and time again, stacey abrams the most recent demonstrate and reveal themselves for the extremists on the issue that they are. it's only countries like communist chinese in north korea that have abortion on demand policies effectively. we did a segment on "fox & friends" you look across europe and in most sequestered
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nations, the decision was 15 weeks, most of them are at 12 or 13 or 14 and have been for quite some time. our policy for 50 years has been extreme. they are even more extreme, they went from stave that make safe, legal, rare to abortion on demand. good for her, that's exactly who they are, and they will continue that rhetoric which is way out of step with their voters. >> sandra: in the wake of the big decision on friday, democrats have removed their call to pack the supreme court. the white house just yesterday finally confirming that the president has not changed his position and is still opposed to expanding the courts. and keep in the court would currently preserve, and to passing the other party with the majority would retaliate by trying to pack the court again. and the independent of the court and the rule of law itself.
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nine supreme court justices have done well in 1869, but i "new york times" op ed has this case in this headline. how to look at a supreme court. and as a push to impeach supreme court justices. democratic congresswoman is on board. >> if we allow supreme court nominees to lie under oath and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land and then issue, issue without basis there must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and hostile takeover of our democratic institutions. >> sandra: must be consequences for lying supreme court justices when there is absolutely no proof that that was the case. >> no, go back and check the
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tape of how amy coney barrett and justice kavanaugh and neil gorsuch answer the question of roe v. wade, did what justices for decades have done and not going to give away how they would roll on our particular case pending before the courts. they can talk about the principles. they can talk about a precedent, and they did, but they never definitively said one thing one way or another, this is silliness in juvenile stuff from comrade cortez, the socialist, but it does where represent a deep seed of thinking that believes that if they don't get their way, our system should be torn down. and instead, our system has validated itself. it's easy to defend against this, and thankfully joe biden has found one issue, just one where he is willing to take on the hard left of his party and say, hey, guys, that's bonkers. >> sandra: supreme court sources on friday making it very clear that this was just a minute's understanding of the word precedent and what it actually means to your point
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about those justices in the way that they viewed this as precedent for the law of the land for those 60 years does not mean that that law cannot change was the point that many were making. and "the wall street journal" editorial board making that to point this morning. msnbc host meanwhile pressing the lieutenant governor honor calls to defy the supreme court, listen to this. >> be prepared to live in defiance of these six people who think that they have the right to tell you what you can do. >> are you telling people to break the law? >> no, i am telling people that they can access under california law their rights that were protected by the constitution. that is going to be held and defiance in some states. then i would say coming at, prepare to defy. >> sandra: i'm not sure how you react to that, but we heard many calls like that in the wake of this, maxine waters said this on the supremes court steps
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friday as well. >> this is what they are already doing when it comes to things like safe sanctuary cities where they don't enforce immigration law, or das in these liberal cities where they refuse to enforce the law themselves. they gained the positions and ignore the actual rulings from the supreme court or the law of the land. so that does not surprise me, here's the irony in the sad part of it is that california has going to probably increase the amount of abortions a performance. it's not illegal in california. there is nothing to defy. it simply sends it back to the states where abortion on demand is already the unfortunate reality in california. again, like climate change, the politics of abortion are so central to the lobby on the democrat party, they have to say these types of things and they do believe them in many cases and unfortunately if you live in california, that is the reality. >> sandra: great to have you on, congratulations on the success of your book. we appreciate it, thank you. new york prosecutors in the
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attorneys office in droves, the controversial criminal justice reform. at "the new york post" reports that manhattan d.a. lost 65 assistant district attorneys about 12% of the overall staff. in brooklyn in the bronx facing the same fate, critics say it's because prosecutors are not allowed to do their job. >> they are fleeing because the prosecutors that work for him are being told don't prosecute. let the criminals get away with everything and put them back on the streets, don't go for the recommendation for the most penalties and time and so they are frustrated. they are leaving. but what happened in san francisco is a shot across the bow for everybody. you're going to be a george soros type of prosecutor and there is no room for you here. >> new york city seeing nearly 40% surge in overall crime just over the last year alone.
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robberies, break-ins, felony assaults are all way up. in today's "new york post" boils it down. bust of the century. a serial walks after 100th arrest. jason rantz, seattle radio show host, talking about this a long time. you and i have talked about it a long time, showed in this mass exodus we are now seeing especially in brad's office, shown at this be a wake-up call? >> it should, but i fear that it's going to be viewed as good news to folks like alvin bragg or any d.a. who would like to clean ship and purge all the folks in their offices that don't share the same ideological solution that they do. i mean, from that perspective it's good news, because he does not have to worry now, prosecutor does not have to worry anymore as to whether or not there is going to be any compliance with his policies. he can imagine less leaks coming from his office, because the people who don't believe in the
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cause they are no longer there. so on that hand he is probably looking as good news, from a public perspective we should always look at this and be terrified. not only does this mean that he now has more control over his office, but on top of that there is going to be less people to share any resistance whatsoever and shine a spotlight on some of these cases that we need a spotlight to be put on it? >> sandra: just a devastated weekend in chicago, that the "washington examiner" op ed argues that skyrocketing crime in these major cities is a huge driver behind a mass exodus from democrat america. people are fleeing cities such as new york, san francisco, los angeles, and chicago amid the violence. and just this week and alone in chicago a 5-month-old baby girl was killed while sitting in a car. her father was driving her home 6:45 at night when gunfire erupted in the gunman is still on the loose. it just absolutely
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heartbreaking. but all too common. >> it is coming in at some point we have to sit back and say that we know what the prosecutors are doing. we know what mayors and city councils are doing in the cities, so what are you doing as a constituents? as a member of the community who i am imagining a sick and tired of getting these stories whether it's in chicago, new york, seattle or elsewhere? what are you doing to push back, because all too often people say beckons really do not know what to do. but it's actually really easy to get more organized. you are sick and tired of the bloodshed, how about this? even if you are making one phone call or sending one email to your representative to put pressure on them and tell them, hate coming your political futures are on the line if you don't get this in order. and for the most part a lot of folks on the left and know that the positions of power where we still believe there will be a red wave, but there will be a lot of blood spilled and between now and november. so people really do need to rise up and take control of their neighborhoods and by the way
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sometimes that just means community watching. anything to activate the neighborhood to make it so that these bad guys and criminals, these degenerates don't feel so emboldened and enabled to commit these kind of acts. >> sandra: jason, the governors of california, oregon, georgia a multi-state commitment to reproductive freedom are promising to help women in the wake of roe v. wade being overturned are now going to help women traveling to the west coast to get abortions after that decision. listen. >> we will continue to protect patients from any state to come to our state for abortion care. >> doctors, nurses, and medical professionals looking to support patients for reproductive care. >> we will protect their privacy. >> we have out-of-state prosecutors, law enforcement, or vigilantes trying to investigate patients receiving services in our state. >> sandra: that coming from
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the office of gavin newsom and abroad. this comes as 84 district attorneys and 29 states now vowed not to press charges against patients or providers over abortion. some of those 29 states have very strict laws restricting or banning abortion. you know, a lot of private companies have gone this way. they are going to help their employees go where necessary and in some cases reimbursing for travel costs to get an abortion if they work in a state where one is not allowed. and now some governors promoting abortion tourism. >> yeah, this is the birth of abortion tourism where we will fly you out to california, oregon or washington and put you up in a nice hotel room and give you a gift card to a restaurant when you're done. it's very disgusting and it really does highlight some of the vile positions that some folks on the left have when it comes to abortion. it is rather disturbing.
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there is a huge difference between someone who is pro-choice and pro-abortion. and when you are focusing exclusively on aborting a pregnancy and that's really all you care about, that's all you're fighting about, never going out there and saying, hey maybe we should also put some extra funding into pregnancy centers so that women who are choosing to give birth will have some support. none of that exists. they are pro-abortion. and i think that does a huge disservice not only to life, but to the democrats who want to hold a little bit more reasonable position when it comes to abortion rights. >> sandra: okay, certainly will have more on that coming up, reaction across the country, jason ran, thank you very much for joining us. meanwhile, local businesses not missing an opportunity to virtue signal over the roe decision as i mentioned, one company bailing out employees arrested for protesting it. plus president biden at the g7 summit in germany.
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♪ ♪ >> we need worldwide effort to invest in green energy projects. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: that's right, president biden hearing from critics once again pushing a green agenda while americans are bleeding money at the gas pump. if there is any money left by now, phil flynn will address this. he is in focus next. ♪ ♪
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but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. >> sandra: fox news alert, stunning images of a drug bust in california, police recovered 150,000 fenton all pills during a traffic stop friday night in the city about three hours north of los angeles. there were 150 packages and 1,000 pills each of lethal doses to kill several million people. the hall worth an estimated $750,000. two men from washington state are under arrest and charged
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with possession, transportation and selling of illegal drugs. the border crisis of course creating an explosion of fenton all coming into our country with death and overdoses soaring. we will bring you new information on that as it comes in. >> every day, the entire world is feeing laying the impact of russian's brutal war in ukraine, and on our energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in transformative clean energy projects to ensure the critical infrastructure is resilient to changing climate. critical materials are necessary for the clean energy transition. >> sandra: has gas prices hover around record prices, president biden is enduring they need, and telling that investing in clean energy is the only way to serve the limits solve the problem, blaming the crisis on russian's invasion of ukraine despite the fact that prices were on the rise well before that and the fed chief actually smacked that talking point down,
8:33 am
white house correspondent peter doocy is live in austria for us this hour with a beautiful backdrop they are. >> sandra, it is beautiful and the president is here in the alps using high gas prices at the moment as a reason to push for a green energy, fully green as fast as possible within the next 28 years, and we know that he has been talking about it and just signed on to a statement, part of it says the united states and the european commission are also taking decisive action to reduce overall demand for fossil fuels in line with the paris agreement and our goal of net zero emissions no later than 2050 and he has expanded on that as well. >> every day, the entire world is feeling the impact of russia's brutal war in ukraine and on our energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in transformative clean energy projects to ensure the critical infrastructure is resilient to changing climate.
8:34 am
critical materials are necessary for a clean energy transition. >> and at this g7 meeting, there are multiple british outlets reporting today that prime minister boris johnson is going to solve world food shortages by trying to take land being used to cultivate biofuels to grow food instead in these outlets are reporting that president biden is expected to block boris johnson's plan. that is something much more likely, something much more likely to happen as we heard this morning it's going to be a cap on the price of russian oil, so basically a maximum amount to it to anybody still buying russian oil is going to pay. >> we think that the trend is looking good towards leaders coming around the idea that this is one of the options available to achieve the goal of driving down the revenue from oil while maintaining stable energy markets.
8:35 am
>> lots and lots of meetings today, but white house officials apparently don't want to see very much of what the president is here to do, because we just found out they are not going to show them. they are not going to let a see him on camera for the rest of the day, sandra. >> sandra: very interesting, keep us posted, some critics arguing that skyrocketing gas prices are exactly what the green movement once, the new op-ed arguing that the reason the environmental faction favors these energy prices is that it wants to force people to switch to renewable. that is a switch that leads to most people worse off leaving the environmental's unmoved, that's because they have always been an elitist movement with no concern for the working class or minorities. and it's not just energy prices. inflation is affecting every thing from food to housing on the rise, we all see it. some experts predicting the worse may still be you to come. >> our prices are going up even though interest rates are going
8:36 am
up, rented skyrocketing, so you have that as a tailwind pushing inflation and food on the table has to get from wherever it came to the store that you bought it in or the restaurant that serves it, so gasoline prices stay the same or go up and more importantly diesel prices go up and i think that will push inflation. so i think inflation is here for a while. >> sandra: and the economist's warning "even as supply chain eases, wage growth and expectations are kicking up" don't be surprised if inflation wars for a while yet. fox business contributor, phil, i know you, you are working the phones constantly, talking to the pipeline guys in the farmers, you have your ear to the ground when it comes to the price of these goods and right now we are all living through what our record highs for many of these commodities. where do you see prices going in the near term? >> you know, i think we are stabilizing right now, but we
8:37 am
will make all new time highs on oil within the next couple of months, and there is nothing that is coming out of this meeting in the alps that is going to change that. and i so agree with that piece from "the new york post" about this green energy movements being really built on the backs of the poor in the middle class. and i have said this many, many times before. the global elite terrorists have decided that they are going to save the planet and in the middle class we are collateral damage. if they have to save the planet at the expense of the life and the welfare of these people, they are going to do it. and they have proven that time and time again and i think that you are seeing the results of that with what is going on in the world today. >> sandra: and people are having no change the way that they are because of guys presses today, $4.80 for a regular gallon of gasoline. i helped a live let twice every time i see it. look at how far we have come since joe biden took office,
8:38 am
prices were 239, okay question marks and other big questions about whether or not these prices are going to be worth a $5 for a gallon of gasoline americans are clearly struggling. "the new york times," still outlining the desperate measures people taking to beat these high prices. from changing their work hours to driving further in search of cheaper deals, people have been making crafty calculations to grapple with expensive gasoline. to your points though, this is not the higher end consumer, the upper-middle-class, they are just paying this. they go to the pump and continue, this is the lower to middle class who is struggling to pay the is sky high prices. the very group of people that the administration says they are setting out to help. >> absolutely, and the administration saying just by electric cars and the problems will be solved. how unrealistic is that. president biden basically said he is for these higher prices, right? it is part of the great
8:39 am
incredible transition, but the great transition is hurting people. and i really am concerned, because i think that there are a lot of shortsighted thinking going on with the energy transition, you know, president biden went down on the paris climate accord, he is saying we are still committed to the agreement, but let's face it, and europe can't be, right? because they are going backwards as far as their energy commitments. they have to reopen the plans and peter doocy was talking about the most preposterous thing i have ever seen come i can't believe the joe biden administration is saying this. and you know that, sandra. you've talked about that a million times. secondly just assuming that vladimir putin is going to continue to sell out oil and whatever price they dictate. he won't, right? they have him predicted with
8:40 am
what vladimir putin would do for years, and i don't think they start now with energy price gaps. >> sandra: in a keeps saying in response to this, the case of the white house continuing to make, and gas prices are global, but it should go somewhere else. and china goes up, india goes up, it's still out there in the global market for the most part. a follow continues from the supreme court's decision. and it will bail out any arrested for peacefully protesting the opinion and nearly 2,000 other countries say that they will cover costs for employees who travel to another state for an abortion. and a law in georgia that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy can now go into effect. that prompted a warning for businesses from democratic
8:41 am
candidate stacey abrams this weekend. listen. >> i would tell every single business and woman that they should do what is best for the women that work for them. they need to make certain that they are accommodating the very real health care challenges that will face women in the state of georgia. i would tell anyone, whether you are a business or citizen thinking about being in georgia to take in a very real consideration they danger that it poses to the life and welfare of women in the state. >> sandra: what do you have to say about that? >> given an issue like this when we break it down and economics it becomes very difficult. obviously if stacey abrams wants to be the governor of georgia, she should not be telling business is that people in our states businesses to boycott those businesses just because there is a law that she may not like. i think the other thing, these businesses are looking at this issue and it's a short time win for them and their employees who are going to be better for their bottom line if they allow this
8:42 am
to continue and pay for this, but at the end of the day i think we are losing section limiting something much more valuable in the global economy and i think it would take a step back, it is just good for the economy in the long run, these efforts and i don't think it is. i think that we are losing a lot more valuable resources over the long run than the short woke decisions. there is a saying right now that in wall street, go woke, go broke. and i'm afraid that there could be a backlash against some of these companies, because there are two sides of the issue, some people are very passionate on the other side as well. >> sandra: pressure on the company is in the face the decision at the end of the day, their fiduciary duty to the public health companies is to their shareholders. and that impact is the bottom line, so we will see how they continue to handle this. thank you for being here and great to see you. from the city of chicago.
8:43 am
so will the last outrage at the overturning of roe v. wade move any needle at the ballot box in november? >> and the midterms, a red tsunami is coming. in a keep hearing it over and over again that abortion is going to change the whole game as far as this ruling is concerned. more democrats may be energized to come out, yes, but in the end, it's the economy, stupid. it >> sandra: democrats hoping that to the roe v. wade decision will drive their polls in november, but the pendulum is swinging in the other direction, our power panel is in focus next. ♪ ♪
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>> i think the company is pretty poor largest on the issue, i think that people -- >> it's a big impact come i think that inflation, gas prices, these are issues that people will vote on, i don't think that it will change that many people's vote. it >> sandra: some voters may have made up their mind unless week's supreme court decision will not likely sway them on november. on both sides are split on the implications to the midterm elections. former dnc election has said this, it's not a popular decision, republican senators and candidates are going to find themselves in a very, very tough spot. former white house chief of staff disagrees. i don't see this ruling leading
8:49 am
to any meaningful change to election outcomes in november. inflation, the wrong direction of the country and president biden's unpopularity remain the biggest driver of events this november says ari fleischer. near congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says that republican should be voted out. >> not every democrat is pro-chose, okay. so the ones that aren't, we really need to reassess if it is appropriate for them to continue to serve in 2022. because people should have the right to control their own body. this is pretty basic. >> sandra: let's bring on the panel now, kathy, executive director at america arising packed and former dnc press secretary, welcome to both of you. so i will start with you, a million voters across 43 states switching to the republican party over the past year. i mean, is this even a bigger
8:50 am
sign of a potential red wave coming? >> yes, sandra, great to be with you, and it is. those comments from alexandria ocasio-cortez are sending people who already have felt left out by the democrat party right across the street to the republican party. and i have to give hats off to the rnc chairman who have invested in these communities for years. they have gone in, and these folks who grew up democrat never met a republican let alone thinking about voting for one, now having them as their neighbors and learning about the values of the republican party and you couple that with the newfound extremism and democrat party, it's becoming an easier and easier decision to switch party is not only because the republicans they say, that's what i am line with, but i really don't see myself in the safe democrat party, it's a problem in a tough midterm election for democrats getting tougher by the day as you get more the as extreme comments.
8:51 am
>> sandra: axios concludes in the peace and reporting this morning that it is a new sign of a red wave brewing for this fall's midterm elections, how worried is your party? >> first and foremost, recognizing historically the party and power loses feats come the midterm, will that happen for the democrats? likely, the question is by how much. i think that joe biden prefers us to include the economy, bring down gas prices and bring down inflation. on the issue of abortion, which we know, the roe v. wade decision has a very emotional issue. and what i have seen is that saying 78% of democrats are more likely to vote this midterm election because of that decision. so i think it is an emotional issue and we have to remember that the american people vote a lot of times based on emotion. so i think that this supreme court decision has loosened the issue for the g.o.p. in the republican party, they should be concerned. are we out of the woods yet?
8:52 am
not quite, but i think we have to continue pushing, and politics for months away from a midterm is light years. >> sandra: showing the words of ari fleischer or just a moment ago. and chief of staff of course with a former white house press secretary to george bush. an important figure on the program making important points about what matters to voters, kathy in these midterm elections, there is a lot going on. but top of the list, poll after poll shows that the american people are frustrated with the level of inflation in this country. going back to the words, it's the economy, stupid. isn't that what it is really going to come down to considering gas prices and food prices where they are today? >> yes, perennially coming at us, it is the economy and what is happening everything that they in front of us. it is our grocery store prices, our gas prices going up, that's what we are faced with every single day. and to jose's point about people
8:53 am
voting on emotions, the emotion of the moments right now might be the supreme court's decision that the emotion that is carrying every single day is how do i put food on the table for my kids? how do i fill up my gas tank and give my kids to school or get myself to work. and there is not a meaningful solution or meaningful release coming from joe biden and the democrats. in fact, their solution is less than trillions more in taxpayer dollars on issues that you don't actually care about as voters or aren't top priority issues to you. and we know the impact of that. record inflation. so that again is going to be a real trouble spot for democrats. that's right, historically the party in power loses seat in the midterm election, but i think that you will have a tsunami of losses in congress because of the poor policies of the democratic party, and they are just doing it despite the fact that they know it's unpopular, they are just pushing right ahead with it and i think it is pushing voters away and pushing voters to take a vote and take an action for change this
8:54 am
november and that will save a republican. >> sandra: playing out everywhere, red states, blue states, big towns, since president biden took office. final on this and i will give you 30 seconds to respond, critics to the democrats and the dnc for fund-raising after the roe v. wade reversal, one calling the move tacky and another tweeted with that, i am unsubscribing from the dnc. your reaction? >> look, and i think first and foremost anybody that does not believe or think that politics is based on money, a big part of it does not understand politics and we will continue fund-raising to help the american people and democrats. it's an important issue when you need money to win races, so we will do just that. >> harris: cassie, the final from you? >> yes, it seems like they are putting all of their emphasis on these federal elections and there is fearmongering, but go back to your state come and go talk to your state legislature, write them a letter in a phone call, but don't give money to these federal organizations which aren't looking up for you
8:55 am
and are not concerned of where you stand on these issues. >> sandra: very good to have you both here today, thank you so much. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus," i am sandra smith, i will see you back here at 1:00 eastern time at john roberts. thanks again for joining us. "outnumbered" is up next. ♪ ♪ for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years.
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>> a big win for religious liberty this morning. supreme court siding with a former football coach fired over praying after football games. i'm emily compagno. here with my co-host kayleigh mcenany and joining us this morning, julie banderas, kennedy and brian kilmeade. the high court's decision could strengthen acceptability of religious practices in other school settings. joseph kennedy is from washington state, he sought to kneel and pray on the field after games. the justices


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