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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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from a kremlin ring. jesse from cleveland or would you say to nancy. i want to do anything. i would just sue her. tucker is up next always a member i'm jesse watters on this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" where coming to this evening from rio de janeiro this huge and beautiful and very complex city on the east south american coast we are to be here all week we are filming a documentary for tucker carlson original series on the rise of chinese power and influence in brazil. brazil is the largest economy in latin america by far it's one the biggest in the world and it is the most important ally of
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the united states and the western hemisphere result is a big deal and at the joe biden a administration seems determined to hand brazil over to the sphere of influence why is that exactly? we hope to find that out we will also be sitting down for a rare interview with the president of brazil soon. we'll bring that he will be due. first i would like to with the loud and at times violent response to the end of roe v. wade that came down on the supreme court on friday. if you've been following this you may have noticed. so from the very beginning of this debate even the pro-lifer acknowledged the anguish of young women who are pregnant and don't want to be who are alone and feel trapped by the child
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growing inside of them that is the reason that pro-life institutions have built all those pregnancy centers and to be fair for generations even the most committed protochoicers acknowledge the inherent sadness of abortions at the very least is the end of potential life. i do not view abortion as a choice says joe biden as recently as 2006 i think it's always a tragedy. and of course it always is a tragedy even if you believe it should be legal. democrats want set this out loud forthrightly in 1997 as white house counsel now supreme court urged her boss bill clinton to sign a ban on abortions. someone who's always been pro-choice but ending the life of a child was too much even for her. and of course for his part bill clinton never spoke about abortions anything as a last resort famously described it as something that should be safe, legal, and rare.
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>> our vision should be of an america where abortion is safe and legal. >> tucker: you don't hear them on the left ever at all. they now behave as if abortion is itself a positive good. excited by the fact that a child who would've been born wasn't. think about that for a moment. celebrating the failure of a child to come into the world does that say about how you feel about children or people? in fact some behave as if having an abortion is preferable to having children. how do we know this? no one on the left encourages women to brag about having kids. having more than a couple of children at most is considered weird and embarrassing. something that mormon, abortion that is submitted to your friends about. there's even a shout your abortion campaign highly well-funded with perky t-shirts bragging about ending a pregnancy what is that say?
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nothing good. over the weekend you saw a lot of people probably shouting about their abortions pro-choice riots all over the country. here's what washington, d.c., and not los angeles look like. >> bring the precinct to the ground. >> tucker: what is that? the hysteria is telling is not the assault of bodily autonomy of roe v. wade those of the same people who defended vaccine mandates but is having all over the country in arizona thousands
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of enraged writers cut us state capitals. they turn on security fencing around the building they pounded on the stems glass doors and windows with the legislature was in session data fired tear gas for the windows to protect the politicians inside. here's the capital of arizona look like on friday. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: it looks like insurrection us but no arrests were made at the arizona state capitol on friday they will be no fbi investigation. it democrats call january 6 sixa racist insurrection said nothing this weekend about the jane vioe
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in arizona. in fact they justified it. >> let's be clear we have so many problems with the supreme court and the legitimacy. >> this court has lost legitimacy. they have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have. >> this is a crisis of legitimacy. >> with the court is about to face one of the largest threats to perceived legitimacy ever in its history. >> the supreme court has lost legitimacy with the country. >> it shows me with sorrow. >> tucker: you have to give them credit with them all being on the same page as usual we love to get the code to the morning call they set that up. because the court did something that they don't like they're not telling us that their branch of government is illegitimate the supreme court is illegitimate because it is allowing voters to decide what they want to do with
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abortion. someone call that democracy, a system in which citizens choose their own form of government. they are telling us it is illegitimate. on sunday the unelected governor of new york explained that without nonmembers of the supreme court dictate in a law for hundreds of millions of americans women are fundamentally oppressed. >> we are going to get a flood of people this is our state is where we have the statue of liberty welcoming people. women who cannot receive fundamental rights to the body receive an abortion they are oppressed and they are welcome here in the state of new york. >> tucker: we could go on and on and please sound bite after absurd sound bite but what are we saying here? it is not simply an explicit attack on the legitimacy of the third branch of government is not just an attack of the right of people to govern themselves. something bigger than that what
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you are seeing is a corrugated attack on the family and on children. people at these protest are angered at the idea that children are being born. watch what is happening there that's partly an overstatement. here is a photograph on your screen from this weekend is taken outside of the supreme court shows a mother humiliating her child in public implying that they are important to her because they are still living. we saw things like this everywhere a pro-abortion clinics often in full view in dialysis we can watch. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so what is that
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exactly? what about the thought of having children makes these people so angry? where is an attitude like that come from? was it turns out that attitude comes in the same place of the democratic party takes all of its correctly from corporate america. corporate america once you childless and this is a big change. a hundred years ago big companies build housing for the families schools and libraries to educate them. it was the humane thing to do but also seems to make good business sense of the time. if you want to work as you can count on you had to take care of them and their offspring. over time that arrangement got expensive families demand higher wages to support their children and they formed unions to get those rates so labor costs sword. corporate america in response this developed a new model hiring single women. if anything companies especially traditional male banking staff for young women make up the majority of new employees and
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you can see why they do it. they work hard, they are reliable they tend to be loyal to the companies they work for. the one downside to hiring young women that they can get pregnant. if you are running in hr department at citibank that is the last thing you want. children make your health care more expensive. her son the tenant compete with the employee's attention. it seems thus pressing the most moms putting their kids to bed. that is a huge problem for big companies. if every incentive to prevent their workers from having children. you can't say that out loud of course it would be too obvious. best suits your your life as an exchange will pay you what's effectively a consistent wage whatever urban place in the thee thing that might give your existence meaning and joy which is having children. best deal we are offering. that is the deal that they are offering but they can't say that. it would sound like what it is which exploitation. no better than what the cotton mills once did to 14-year-old
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girls. so instead of saying that the truth corporate america uses the language of the social movement to create grade. some sort of progressive liberation movement fight the patriarchy and have an abortion is something to do with lowering the laboring costs i promise but of course it does have everything do with lowering lowering the labor costs. across the country they are making that case abortion is liberation many of the biggest american companies are now paying female employees to have abortions an end the pregnancies. that includes microsoft and apple, facebook, yelp, netflix, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, starbucks, et cetera, et cetera. dick's sporting goods is offering female employees off to $4,000 if they can abortion. this accompany offer the same amount to female employees one have children? will they wonder that dick's sporting goods that
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question the company didn't even respond. and that tells you the answer. what is amazing is that in the face of this so many americans who are no better have fallen for it. so some accountant at a corporation concludes that drones with the personal lives make cheaper workers. that is what happens. rather than question this or resist it, your average college education agrees and bovine agreement and it becomes completely hysterical when someone suggest that maybe there's another way to live that it's at least theoretically possible to raise your own children might be more rewarding as a life choice than commuting into a slum on public transportation in order to crawl your way up to middle management at deutsche bank. the very thought of that and turning down deutsche bank to bring new life into the world drives these people into a frenzy of rage. choosing a family over capitalism that's disgusting
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shut up. journalist joo hernandez ran into people at this over the weekend is how it went. >> it is not alive until it takes its first breath. [cheers and applause] >> [bleep]. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] you. [bleep]. >> you a worthless little fat [bleep]. >> will i guess the pandemic is over. >> what is wrong sir do like killing babies? love killing babies? >> i love killing babies. >> tucker: the shocking footage that you just saw he's the host of turning point front lines were happy to have them join us now thank you so much for coming on the rhetoric even a year ago was my body, my
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choice. the bodily autonomy and it was a libertarian question the guy in that t-shirt just says that he loves killing babies and the rest of them were saying the same thing that seems ago big change. >> well tucker it is the absolute truth this is a death cult whether it's corporate america, politicians, or the so-called activists and protesters and the riders. at the end of the day this is a death cold. at least people want to murder babies. a human being and it is interesting because they refuse to call a baby inside of the womb of baby right? we've seen that clip he openly says that it is a baby they always say that it is a fetus but the fact that he is telling the truth that is a demon speaking these are evil people they want to be able to murder babies wherever you see it across the united states. i found the ground covering all of this for turning point usa for about a week and half ago and immediately after the decision was announced tucker which of the mpc's on the left lose her mind to start crying in the pro-life individuals outside
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the supreme court erupted shares, but within minutes tucker congresswoman aoc spawned out of nowhere nowhere in front of the supreme court asserted calling the supreme court illegitimate and calling for people to take to the streets in saying that voting was not enough within hours we saw all of this violent rioting across the united states and particularly in los angeles as well rogue writer was he found with a makeshift flamethrower. that is fiery but mostly peaceful for you i'll tell you that but this is all about murdering babies at the end of the day. >> tucker: killing makes them feel like god's that's what they love war. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the supreme court came with his decision it's also not elected the cantley doing thing about a supreme court decision so democrats have a new plan, the 2 most widely disseminated ideals come from
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the two most unlikable democrats in congress they have joined forces on the issue. elizabeth warman, they are suggesting that joe biden can use an executive order authorizing the construction of abortion camps and federal clinics on federal lands watch. >> there are other places that the president could act to to try to track women who travel out of state to an abortion clinic to provide funds for people who are traveling to look into the look of federal land. he met for some the ideas send letter along with 25 other democratic senators asking president joe biden to explore opening health care clinics on federal land in red states. >> tucker: when i can help you live food and housing for gasoline, but we can help you not have a family. a former planned parenthood director she joins us think is
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so much for coming on. abortion camps on federal land? would you ever think you'd hear this? >> never but maybe elizabeth warren can get us a discount from her tribal ancestors or something, but listen this will be extremely executive overreach if this actually happens. you are exactly right they don't want to spend any money on actually helping women who are pregnant, but let's send billions of dollars on building abortion clinics on what native american land? or federal parks? it's absolutely ridiculous luscious provide for women who need resources for the babies right now. women couldn't get formula a few weeks ago but let's just build abortion clinics instead. >> tucker: where is the meaning american life? if having children has no meaning it's not the main source of joy in a person's life, then
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what is? netflix? what are they offering up for a place void of children? >> they're not really offering anything right now. tucker the saying is when people tell you who they are you should believe them. these are people who are currently firebombing pregnancy centers they are calling to kill babies these are pro-choice people, these are people who want to kill babies. they are pro-abortion we need to believe them when they say that. >> tucker: i never used to call people pro-abortion i thought it was an honest disagreement i've always been pro-life but have respected people who disagreed i didn't think they were pro-abortion but they are. it is shocking to me. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> of course thank you. >> tucker: a majority of justices is voted to overturn roe v. wade of course that's what we having this
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conversation, but where lead the democratic party is focusing on just one of them, the black one. that will be clarence thomas. >> this is delegitimizing the supreme court. who is clarence thomas? sc my sire saudi arabian father saying what i can and cannot do with my body and my life? that is what this coming down to. these people have misconception about who was going to listen to that. >> tucker: as people complain about a vaccination mandate wondering what people can do with her body. semi l jackson with a racial attack, how is uncle clarence feeling about loving versus virginia? supreme court that overturn precedent held bans on interracial marriage. these are just racial attacks why? of all the six members who voted
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to overturn it she is an attorney and close friend of clarence. in the film who interviewed them the other day marketing so much for coming on. it does seem like you at six supreme court justices vote to overturn roe v. wade again you can be for legal abortions and still recognize that it was absurd supreme court decision that the greater the institution to be against it, but why thomas? why going after one? >> because the left is racist tucker expect clarence thomas has refused to do that and they want to destroy him. that is what they've been doing and coming out in the bottom line is clarence thomas doesn't care at all what they think. >> tucker: is just so funny that if you compare the attitudes of the average black guy in america the average white
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liberal in america on abortion the black guy is way more opposed to abortion low average white liberal so what is clarence thomas have have the same views? >> and that's what he's been saying for 40 years and left demands it and they will go after him, but it is a great day for the constitution. with roe v. wade being overturn in the second amended b and strengthened. with religious liberty is coming down consistent with the constitution. it is all lining work clarence thomas has been for 30 years. >> tucker: it's a fair point he's mincing at this whole time as you pointed out in your book is good to see you again thank you. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: this might be news to you but the january 6th committee isn't really about january 6th. it is about targeting committal political opponents joe biden using law enforcement just obtain the tape of the latest
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effort. along with the coast of rio de janeiro, brazil, is more about tourism this is a huge economy critical to the rest the world more than 200 million people are living here so the effect on the american economy is enormous brazil has some of the most viable and natural resources in the world and that's the main reason china is trying to turn brazil into a colony that's why we are here were guilty of a lot more about it when we come back. ♪ ♪
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every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are broadcasting from rio de janeiro, brazil, we are broadcasting and for good reasons. one of most beautiful place on the planet. the redeemer statue an amazing statue built in the early 30s where you go there later in the week. the january 6 committee has nothing to do with january 6th. the point of it is to punish the political opponent the joe biden
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a administration, the doing with the assistant of the justice department run by joe biden. already the community is having steve bannon arrested neither of whom committed any crime. it also had the feds searched the home of a jeffrey clark who we spoke to last week then on wednesday the fbi showed up to seize the phone of a former donald trump attorney named john easton. critically and illegally they seized his phone before he presented him with a warrant and it is on tape watch. >> keep your arms up for me? sir put your arms up for me. >> i would like to see the warrant. i would like to see the warrant. i would like to see the warrant. i would like to see the warrant before you take my property. >> i want you to see that they
5:29 pm
took my property before they showed me a warrant. >> tucker: disgraceful warning his little mask put your hands up as if he is a threat he is a lawyer as you just saw he's under subpoena from the speaking of illegitimate holy illegitimate nancy pelosi january 6 committee as a join us to nice. thank you so for joining us tonight what exactly did you do wrong to be treated i could dangerous your government you pay for? >> what we don't know because the warrant doesn't say it authorizes them to seize my phone and all the information contained in the phone. there is no indication of any crime that this is connected to. that is apparently an affidavit, but the affidavit wasn't attached should be warrant. the for the moment is very clear here. when they search it, and seize your property, they have to give a particular description of the things to be seized.
5:30 pm
saying that it is identified in the affidavit if they don't connect the affidavit doesn't qualify the courts have been very clear about that. this warrant is invalid on its face. more importantly i think this is extremely important, the authority to seize all of my information in modern smartphones that's access to my all my private financial records. it's all my privileged communications with nearly a hundred different clients that i have currently. the stuff is we used to call a general warrant that the british king issued to disco rummage through someone's belongings to see if they can find evidence of some crime. the very reason that we have the for the moment is to prevent that kind of abuse and yet that is what they're doing here. >> tucker: is just another reminder that someone who didn't vote for joe bryden is their racer emails an end text every single day. this is a piece of advice i hope everyone follows but they haven't charged with a crime, they have no evidence that they
5:31 pm
are in a charger with a crime, but they treat you like a drug kingpin and sees your phone. is this legal? >> i don't think so they forced me in a position. as an attorney i have an ethical obligation to do everything that i can to protect the privileged communications my clients. so we will be filing a motion it's called a rule 41 motion to retrieve my phone, retrieve any information that they've taken off of that phone that they have illegally seized from it. we will be doing that in short order. what they are doing, the other thing that they are doing is that they are posting those of us who don't bow the knee to the joe biden administration to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees try to protect our constitutional rights and those were clients. so let me ask people, help us, help us fight this abuse. we have to stand together to fight against this. >> tucker: see her doing it for yourself with a republican
5:32 pm
congress should be doing for you? godspeed. >> thank you very much darker. >> tucker: i hope that is true. so nancy pelosi says that she is a devout christian she is certainly no christian and she says that she loves children. that seems confusing wise nancy pelosi so enthusiastic about abortion she loves children relax nancy pelosi has assured us many times that no one loves children more than nancy pelosi does. >> when people ask me what are the two most important issues facing the congress for my whole time and congress have always have the same thing. our children, our children, our children. >> tucker: our children just have fewer of them were to put abortion camps on federal land. nancy pelosi still tells us that she loves kids, so we took her at face value until we saw this take from last week. at this table nancy pelosi elbowing the child, the child of republican who does when it
5:33 pm
congressional seat in south texas. i'm so proud of my strong pitiful daughter for not allowing this to face her no child should be pushed aside for a photo op. there is nancy pelosi elbowing little girl who got in her camera shot. that tells you a lot. so as you said we are in brazil tonight and we are here for a reason we will explain that in greater detail next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> a the impact killing three people and injuring dozens more. two of the people who were killed on the amtrak train. another person was inside a truck. a spokesman for missouri state highway patrol so that local
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hospitals are achieved more than 40 people and are even more victims their injuries remain unclear of the amtrak train carrying about 243 passengers 12 crew members when the collision happened that was a hundred miles northeast of kansas city crash caused seven cars to derail it is the second amtrak collision this week. three people were also killed sunday a commuter smashed into a car in northern california as you see the pictures right there. kevin in washington now back to more tucker carlson tonight. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: is a focus under the joe biden a administration relentlessly on a conflict in eastern europe that is irrelevant to our interests latin america is falling apart. it certainly from an americans perspective chile is now in rapid decline in anti-american. that leaves brazil is the only
5:40 pm
large economy in this hemisphere that remains pro-american it's an enormous economy, ninth biggest in the world. they had some of these deepest reserves and natural resources on the planet so if you care about the future of the united states you have to care deeply about the future of brazil and it should certainly aware of china's strong and ongoing effort to turn brazil into a chinese colony. now the president of brazil is again the only pro-american leader left in latin america and yet for the first year and a half of his presidency our president joe biden ignores his existence completely if anything the state department was hostile. joe biden finally did meet with them for the very first time at the summit of the americas. a senior and were happy beauchamp by him tonight. thank you so much for coming in. your president family met with
5:41 pm
the american president. what he thinks thing and that brazil is the largest economy and latin america took that long? >> as you say brazil is a very large country in a very large economy one of the ten largest economies in the world it has been that for 30 years and brazil was always part of the game. we had this give difficulty connecting with washington mainly it was the white house. there was some connections with state and other departments, but now the meeting went well i think the reason why it took so long it was the position that the president that the election matters but the thing to be solved by america that he would not throw the election of the media so he waited until it was over and recognize the victory congratulated joe biden but it took a while. said let them solve it and then i'll jump in.
5:42 pm
you just respecting americans. >> tucker: the united states by contrast has a decades long history and interfering with other countries elections they tell you in hungry, they rigged the election in ukraine in 2014 election coming up in this country have brave consequences for the united states. the other candidate is openly pro-china americas greatest adversary is your administration receiving any kind of encouragement from the joe biden a administration? >> 2009 he has been very open about his position not only about supports of china and other superpowers in our region, but also about supporting terrorist groups and organized crime about supporting dictatorships like venezuela, cuba, nicaragua. this meeting that we finally had we were able to invest little
5:43 pm
bit it was a long time coming it took a while, but finally what they were able to see sit with president biden there were able to remember the amount of corruption in the amount of scandals that we've had here. those guys were responsible for more than a trillion of corruption scandals. during his government. summary about connections and i think president joe biden understood is that if the u.s. and argosy government. >> tucker: who is running again went to prison for that? right. i appreciate your talking with us we will be seeing you again soon. >> thank you i really appreciate it.
5:44 pm
>> tucker: he works for the man as we said were sitting down with the president of brazil will bring you more of that very soon of course are reporting from brazil all week. next, a voice mail from hunter biden's iphone ever before heard that the president of united states have lied about knowing about his son's business dealings with china. we'll play it for you straight ahead ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back from rio de janeiro gp is one of the funniest people online. one of his most recent videos on youtube. >> do you think the policies are hurting america? would you mentally competent or something? let me dumb it down for you to help you understand that most people mistakenly believe good way to fight inflation is to stop causing them. with joe biden administration knows the best way to fight inflation is to keep printing money, joe biden understands that it's open border secured
5:50 pm
border and mr. joe biden a very racially diverse white man himself telling black and hispanic people what they are supposed to think is another key for creating racial. spoony smart, funny, and brave one of the best qualities with a long conversation with him recently for an episode of tucker carlson today. here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> the people running our country they don't seem to be constitutional. they don't seem to be in line with freedom and individual liberties that it was based on it seems to be that there is tyrannical people running our country. now just take a breath. [laughs] >> tucker: it is shocking to me even i said a lot. always shocked to realize it's actually true. >> if a tyrant wants control people yet the divide people because united we stand, but
5:51 pm
when we are divided we fall i think the tyrants they are not good people but they are very smart people and they know that that basic element of human nature if you want to control people divide them. divide them from their own thinking first and then divide them from each other and i think one of our basic human needs is the need for connection. >> tucker: thoughtful, brave, funny. that whole conversation is on tucker carlson today begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. on fox nation. so here's a new story you may have missed his repeat to be denied knowing anything about his son hunter's extensive business dealings overseas particularly with communist government of china. new voice mails from his iphone came by the daily mail proves a joe biden.
5:52 pm
what talked about "the new york times" about hunter's arrangements with the chinese oil companies. >> is 815 if you have a good chance nothing urgent. i saw the article could be printed tomorrow and the times it's good. i think it's clear vita chance give me a call, i love you. >> tucker: i think you are clear it sounds like you knew. he's written a book about the content of the he is a columnist with "the new york times" thanks so much for coming on it seemed succumbed about bombshell given joe biden's denials.
5:53 pm
>> well it is tucker again it just puts the lie to joe biden's repeated insistence that he knew nothing about hunter's business dealings fit is intimately involved this on voice where he says to his son about us "new york times" story i think that you are clear as in your out of trouble this is at least evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge and what it shows is that they were in trouble because "the new york times" had come very close to the story of the whole biden family and his brother uncle jim biden they are involvement with this chinese energy company in a multimillion dollar partnership and settle me when the executives of the company and the rest of it, jfk
5:54 pm
bribery charges and they are times is sniffing around their text showing that they are panicking about this is lawyer says don't worry i post on "the new york times" they are not going to mention joe a map the story comes out hunter is very relieved he tells his lawyer what you did an amazing job turning it into a big fat nothing. >> tucker: amazing because he had of had skills he was trading on his father's government job. presents on screwed much greater pointing think so much. >> thinks tucker. >> tucker: will have more tonight from rio de janeiro, brazil, right after this. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: it's the monroe doctrine and the joe biden a administration is letting china turn brazil into a colony we would hear that all week and in the meantime enjoying rio de janeiro. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: welcome to "hannity" another big win surrounding your freedom of religion full detail straight-ahead we will interview the coach that was at the heart of this big ruling today also nancy pelosi likes to say that she will take a punch or throw a punch for kids last week the speaker caught on tape actually throwing elbow a congresswoman mira florist as a young daughter. the congresswoman will respond
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