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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 27, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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making landfall in cuba this morning. >> brian: forecasters worst case scenario for people living in the tampa bay region. mandatory evacuation orders in effect right now. florida governor ron desantis set to address the state at 9:00 this morning and we will carry that live. >> steve: we have fox team coverage. senior meteorologist janice dean is standing by the weather center but we start with fox
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business correspondent ashley webster live in spring hills, florida. and ashley, it is the calm before the storm where you are in spring hill right now. >> it is indeed. good morning, steve. it's a very mild, pleasant morning. but that's going to change quickly over the course of the next 48 hours. i'm in front of a gas station here in spring hill. we are about 50 miles north of tampa. everything looks fine, right? not so much. this gas station ran out of gas about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see the sign no gasoline of any grade, including non-ethanol. in fact we were noticing the last person to use this particular pump managed to squeeze out 18 cents. but it's not just the gas that's a problem and the shorts damage as we see people driving around early this morning looking for a pump that actually has gas. but the supplies are starting to go down. batteries, flashlights and water in particular. it's hard to find right now. you can't find a isca of water anywhere. i want to talk about those evacuations. you mentioned mandatory south of
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here. charlotte, pasco, manatee, pinellas, sarasota. those counties under mandatory evacuations. this area un voluntary but we expect that to change. 14 different schools locations. we are expecting storm surge here 5 to 8 feet. a lot of rain, 12 inches or more potential. and the winds, 75 to 90 miles per hour, some time late tomorrow evening and into thurebsz morning. more a water story than a window story. as they say you can hide from the window but you have to run from the water. one last note, guys, very quickly. the tampa bay buccaneers they have now moved their practices to miami because of the storm. they are set to face the kansas which i chiefs in tampa.
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based on what i know about ian there are doubts that game will go go ahead but we shall see. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much from the live report from the gas station where someone got 18 cents worth of gas. desperate. >> ainsley: they're. we are praying for all those people down here. >> brian: check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. take a bigger picture, janice. >> janice: we think the center of the storm is going to come on shore at around 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. so running out of time for preparations all up and down the west coast. the center of the storm is overland right now. it might knock some of the wind out of the storm. but then we have got a lot of warm fuel ahead of it. so we are anticipating a category 4 storm. as it makes its approach to the western coast of florida. flash flooding is going to be a big concern. but as ashley mentioned, this is going to be a storm surge story. so even if the storm starts to weaken a bit. it's going to bull doze a major
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hurricane's worth of storm surge into a vulnerable coast line. tampa bay is one of the most vulnerable spots for storm surge in the -- acotc planet. so, that's why we are really concerned. 5 to 10 feet of storm surge goes into that bay and it has nowhere else to go except inland over top of some of the low lying residences and businesses and that is why we are so concerned. they haven't had a storm of this magnitude hit that area in 100 years. 1921. and they didn't even name storms back then. so, if you name that storm 121 years ago in the tampa bay area caused so much devastation and now we have triple or kwame the amount of people that live in the area from 100 years ago. so that's why it is so concerning and when you look at the sea surface temperatures there is a lot of warm weather ahead of it.
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makes approach to florida sacral western coast line and up towards the mid-atlantic and southeast over the next couple of days and you can see where the center of the storm is there is the chance that it goes north or south of tampa, which would, you know, wouldn't be the worst case scenario but i need everyone to prepare for the worst. erma made its impact in 2017 south of the tampa bay area, originally it was supposed to effect tampa but, you know, that's what happened with these storm forecasts. we do our very best to give you the indication of where the main impact is going to be. south of that area. north of that area. all along the west coast we are going to be dealing with heavy rain and flooding. also the concern for tornadoes and hurricane force winds. this is a dire situation. very dangerous potentially deadly. and people need to heed all of those warnings. i know we have the governor coming up 9:00 a.m. and into the mode of saying we need to save lice. you need to pay attention. you need to evacuate. back to you. >> exactly right. all right.
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janice. thank you very much. it's just not a request. think about it. i'm looking at the tampa bay times. starting last night at 6:00 p.m., pinellas county residents in evacuation zone a plus all mobile home residents are under a mandatory evacuation order. and starting at 7:00 a.m. this morning. so five minutes ago, mandatory evacuation orders are now in effect for pinellas residents in zones b and c. and when you live down there along the water. you know exactly what zone you are in. so there are mandatory evacuation orders, have been issued, more from the governor coming up in about two hours. >> ainsley: problem is you don't know where it's going to hit. tampa, north, south? right at tampa? if you in the outlying areas. do you leave? do you stay? >> brian: any state that can handle this it seems to be florida whether it was jeb bush or whether it was rick scott. they really are extremely organized and know how to do it. danielle sarah and diana adams
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are co-managers of seedlings in tampa bay. they say they are ready. tomi wered typicallywe wouldn'te precaution i'm glad we had the resources to get everything set up inside and protect our product and store. >> our customers are going to need us and we are not going to be able to be open to keep the doors open. this is a big impact on us as a small business. >> last couple of years for a small business owners. we have been competing with online. we have been competing with brick and mortar department and bigger time. when we have something like this it also throws another stick into the fire, i suppose. >> steve: they were telling us
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any have been at the physical brick and mortar and filling up sandbags. statement, they also have to protect the people that work there. they have got to protect their customers. and so they are going to be out of -- you know, they are going to be watching the storm come ashore somewhere and not able to do business for a couple of days. >> ainsley: opening the business. selling baby products. covid shut you down probably for a long time. you come back and the hurricane and you are preparing. you are shutting down. you are losing money. you know, your life is more important so you have to get out. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: continuing coverage of hurricane ian. download the fox weather app. or stream fox weather on your favorite connected tv device. now let's talk about the border wars and the blame game we know about 7,000 to 8,000 coming across through texas illegals on a daily basis. we know they are overwhelming these small populations. in the texas area. and we know the governor is taking action to move into major cicities from washington, d.c., modify some of these migrants
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washington, d.c. to chicago and of course new york. leading us to this cover. tell the truth adams. why? mayor adams gone out of the way saying we are overwhelmed how could this heartless governor of texas send us these illegal immigrants? we are -- even though we are a sanctuary city we can't handle all of these. maybe he should point the fingers the right correction. because we now have the numbers to show who is exactly sending who to what city. >> steve: we did receive apparently two buses earlier today. you can see this from the port authority just about 10 blocks from where we are sitting right now according to the city 1306 migrants have entered into the city area since may. of that close to 14,000. look at the number in the upper left-hand corner. only 2700 have been sent by that boogie man, governor abbott. and then to the right of that
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look at that about 30% of the people have been sent by the democrat mayor of el paso. so 31%. and then the number below, the one on the left is 6700 or about half come by other means. we talked on this program about in the past how the "new york post" did a story went out and talked to please migrants why did you come to new york? they said we didn't want to come to new york but when we were down in texas immigration official you need to talk to immigration officer. where? they wrote down a address in the bronx. people decide they have no choice the border patrol guy gave them a note that said be there at 10:00 on tuesday and talk to the guy in the bronx. they go okay. that's why they are here. >> ainsley: you realize it's all political. you eric adams wasn't blaming
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president biden when he was doing secret flights a year ago. didn't hear any complaints about that. abbott republican sends bus loads to new york. one in five of the illegals here in new york are from those buses now you hear him blaming everything on abbott. do you know the name of the democratic mayor from el paso. do you know his name? >> steve: we had him on the show. >> brian: oscar. >> ainsley: if you don't watch fox and only listen to adams. he has sent more than abbott has. >> brian: instead of a town of about 7,000, we have a city of 8 million people and suddenly we are overwhelmed with just about 13,000 illegal immigrants. so, there are 39 emergency shelters built quickly adams says because of this mean governor, i need $500 million for this city. haven't we been given enough free money. >> ainsley: good point though.
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millions live in this city and overwhelmed with 1,000. sanctuary city. >> brian: they act like he is some genius because is he putting up a tent in the bronx. you put up a tent for reception or reunion. that's called a tent we have had them for awhile. also put them up at the white house. see these tents start to see them some of the scenes. the buses landing as the tents are being built put # thousand beds each one build about 5 tents. they ever cots. where are they going to shower and go to the bathroom? what are they going to do all day. you build tents for a party or barracks for people at war. then they go fight war and come back at night. what are they going to be doing during the day. how are they going to occupy themselves? where do they keep their clothes and stuff? where do they look for another job? how do they get translated through another language? it's you because this president has allowed the border to be broken. he won't address it. he won't visit it. he won't finance it but he takes 13,000 border agents and he says
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deal with it. and when they can't deal with it, pulled off the line he says tough. but i need enough for 87,000 irs agents. that i will finance to harass you and your life and your tax forms. but i'm not going to watcher our own border. that, to me, is on the ballot november 8th. >> ainsley: and you are paying for it if you are a taxpayer. the first tent is going to single adult. not to families. the second family that they plan to open will be for families. but city hall is, according to this article. city hall increased the number of migrants arrived since may more than 14600 with # 1,000 living in taxpayer funded housing. >> brian: $34 million. >> steve: remember, we told you last week that each one of the migrant us winds up costing taxpayers $10,000 per person. so who is going to pay for that? all of you are. and, of course, the reason we bring this up is just the fact that while the mayor is yelling at the governor, he really needs to yell at the president because it's the president's policies
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that is saying come on in. look at this number. a quarter of a million unaccompanied migrant children have come in to the country since joe biden has been president of the united states. >> ainsley: where do they go, brian? what's their scenario? >> brian: we don't know. they go to sponsor families that might be prearranged. they get paid, of course, or might be going to a relative eventually. they become citizens, i imagine. here mps the thing. everyone goes have a heart. people come here. there's a way to have a heart. if you are struggling to pay your utility bill or if you are paycheck to paycheck you go i'm not paying this month. i have a big heart. i want to welcome everyone. okay go. out and take out your credit card. how much of your money do you want to give to people from another country who broke our laws to come here? how much extra money do you have? it goes into a big pot of the federal government. pay all these other people because they are more important than you. there is nothing wrong with keeping american citizens first and foremost on the things to do
4:15 am
list. things to finance list. how many people want to write checks to people they don't know who came here from another country because ours is better? we just can't exist like this. >> steve: let's see what happens in november. i mean, if people are fed up, their voices will be heard. there could be some change. but, with the president, he gets to decide how to enforce the laws. and unfortunately, this is the way joe biden is enforcing the laws. >> ainsley: 10,000 for every illegal immigrant? 10,000 for your college? >> brian: keep giving it away and somebody is going to pavement carley shimkus gets paid to leave. >> more headlines for you now. starting this with this awful story here. the nypd releasing shocking video of a homeless man. can you see him throwing her into the wall before punching and kicking her. officers say he has a history of violence towards women. beating his own grandmother to death when he was just 1 years old. the nypd also says he stabbed a
4:16 am
woman in the cheek at a mental institution in 2010 currently on parole for that attack. alec baldwin could face charges. the new mexico d.a. specified that baldwin could be one of four possible defendants. baldwin's prop gun discharged while filming the move rust killing hutchins and injuring director. provided $317,000 in emergency funding to investigate hutchins death. a new report finds that an uptick in remote work during the pandemic was responsible for more than half of the price increasing in the housing market. price of a home went up by almost 25% in the first two years of the pandemic. 60% of those increases can be attributed to the rise reef moat work. experts expect the trend to continue as 30% of work is still
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done remotely. and fox news is mourning the loss of one of our biggest fans. don berkeley. he passed away at the age of 68 after battling lymphoma. she proudly wore fox news gear like this "fox & friends" hat always saying the network loves america as much as she did. dawn leaves behind loving husband leonard two children a stepson, three grandchildren and her beloved golden doodle winy. we will miss her for endless support of our work and love of this country. over to you. >> steve: what great friend. i understand from her family that she loved cooking and took pictures of her recipes and wrote them down so that everybody would always have a copy of how she made her special things. just the fact that she is wearing a "fox & friends" hat is just lovely. >> ainsley: i heard she even had wearing "fox & friends." >> steve: she is with the cast
4:18 am
of "the five." >> ainsley: she was beautiful. brines brian we go out sign books meet these people they feel like family. they are family. >> brian: remember exactly what you do. they remember all the landmarks in your life. and we hear a lot from them. >> steve: we do, indeed. >> ainsley: lenny, i know you are a loving husband and you are going to miss her. but, gosh, y'all created a beautiful family together. y'all are in our prayers. and we are so sorry for your loss. what a big loss. thank you all for watching and being our friend. >> steve: god rest her soul. >> ainsley: all right. still ahead. cbp agents are seizing thousands of fentanyl pills in connecticut. hidden in candy wrappers. the stark warning especially ahead of halloween. that's what we are all thinking as parents. >> steve: cat 3 storm setting sights on southwest florida. mandatory evacuations are underway in some spots. stay with us. the very latest details right here. ♪
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>> ainsley: fox weather is tracking hurricane ian. the category 3 storm is heading toward tampa bay. the national hurricane center will release a new update at 8:00 this morning. a live report from florida is coming up in just the next 10 minutes. for constant updates can you download and stream fox weather. in other news, two maryland minute are charged with trafficking 15,000 fentanyl pills in to connecticut. the skies -- look at these candy boxes that our kids love. this just one month after the dea issued a warning to parents about rainbow colored fentanyl pills which appear to be
4:24 am
marketed towards children. with halloween right around the corner. what do we need to know as parent to keep our kids safe. former d.e.a. special operations director derek maltz joins us with more. they are disguising fentanyl pills who are they targeting? are they selling these to kids? absolutely, ainsley. thank you for having me. thank you to the d.e.a. task force in hartford. keeping the poison off the street. 15,000 pills can kill about 6,000 people if it is fentanyl. and we know now the dea says that 40% of the pills contain a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl. what we need to know is that the parents must be educated on this historic crisis that we are seeing unprecedented amount of kids dying. as young as 13 years old. when they're on the internet. when they're on the social media site. everyone is obsessed with these smart phones in their bedroom.
4:25 am
and cartels are taking total advantage of that. the cartels are in business to make money. they are trying to take advantage of the addicted population. they are also trying to take advantage of the kids who don't know any better. these are not real drugs. they are fake drugs. the whole illicit drug supply. not just pills, ainsley, is tainted with poisonous deadly fentanyl. and it's flooding our streets like we have never seen. look at the seizures, ainsley. we just had 1 million pills seized by the phoenix ph.d. we had a million pills in september seized by the new mexico law enforcement community. we have multi-millions being seized on the border. the d.e.a. drasht was on the news yesterday talking about how they seized 10 million pills in the last like four months. so, the key is go out, get some reference material one pill can kill. all these nonprofits. fentanyl. families against fentanyl. facing fentanyl.
4:26 am
song for charlie. go get the information. >> ainsley: halloween is around the corner. when our kids bring home all the candy? >> >> i like nerds and skittles. >> ainsley: so does my daughter. >> parents have to be more proactive. >> ainsley: how do you make sure they are safe? >> they have to be proactive. they have to open up the packages. if it doesn't look right. they need to call the police and dispose of this material immediately. stay away from it it's poison it. really is dangerous. we have never seen anything, wait, ainsley, one thing the public has to realize. this is not a drug issue. it's a mass poisoning. you guys are been reporting that properly schools need to get involved. the white house needs to come out with a sense of urgency and put this out to the american people. we are losing a future generation. 300 a day. >> ainsley: i wish the white house would. i remember when nancy reagan came out and said just say no. that was flowing true my
4:27 am
elementary school and made a difference for all of us. wear the pins just say no. i remember all the education she taught us or officers taught us come into our schools. that really made a difference for me in high school and college when you are faced with this. thank you so much. i really wish the white house would speak out against it or come out and educate the kids about it? >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you derek for your service. hurricane ian strong a category 3 storm overnight with 300,000 floridians are ordered to evacuate. former state attorney general pam bondi lives in tampa where residents are preparing for the brunt of the storm's impact and she joins us next. ♪
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have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. bribe brian fox weather is tracking hurricane e.p.a. the category 3 storm set to hit tomorrow. forecast fear a worst case scenario for people living in the tampa bay region. nicole valdez is live in tampa with the very late rest. nicole? >> brian, good morning. tthe biggest concern for the tampa bay area as hurricane ian approaches is that storm surge threat we have heard reports we could be expecting anywhere from 5 to 15 feet storm surge in areas all along the water.
4:32 am
why we are seeing hundreds of thousands # of people being asked to evacuate. begging the sheriff to listen to this warning not to try to ride this out here. no matter how long have you lived in the state of florida or how long have you been v. experienced storms here prior to. we are seeing signs people are listens. they are boarding up their homes and packing up the cars with essentials and getting ready to drive as far as inland as they can. some suggest at least 20 miles as we could start to see the impacts of hurricane ian here in the next 36 hours or so much though the hundreds of thousands of people six counties along florida's gulf coast see the impact next 24 hours. >> brian: you stay safe too. getting to d-day for you to evacuate. let's keep in florida. former florida attorney general pam bondi joins us now. you are in tampa.
4:33 am
what are you seeing and feeling. >> i am, brian. right outside the window, walk outside you are can see tampa bay. pretty ominous right now. as attorney general i worked two big hurricanes. erma and michael. brian, you know, can you warn people the biggest warning for people, michael hit the panhandle and some people chose to stay despite the warning. i went right in there right after. the national guard had to get me in. and people who chose to stay, it wasn't search and rescue by that point. it was just search they were having to mark houses because of the bodies because of the winds and storm surge. here in tampa i grew up here. we heard forever about the big one in 1921. growing up here. and they are staying this could be the second big one. it's not just the rain. it's not just the window. it's the storm surge and the bay is right out here. and if we're getting water 10 feet high, people can't survive here. so they really need to listen to
4:34 am
the sheriff. they need to get out of town. but, you know, a lot of goofed goes on through these events. >> neighbors are helping neighbors. people out of state. call your friends in florida. encourage them to go shelters. uber is advertising. this is really cool, brian. i her heard of this. uber is advertising that they will take people free to registered shelters. take your pets with you. many shelters here are pet friendly. businesses like ultra pure water huge manufacturing businesses. they have opened their doors up to sell wholesale water to help people in tampa bay. lots of good going on. >> brian: all right. we will follow that let's change gears if we can and talk about the number one issue it seems as we get closer and closer to the midterm is crime. one story that stood out that get me in florida. this guy rakeem steven tate decides to go into convenience store in florida and has a rifle with him and says okay i'm going to start stealing stuff. it turns out the convenience
4:35 am
store guy also had a gun. went back and got it and this guy says this don't hurt me i'm from chicago. listen to this. >> i don't mean no harm. i'm just not from around here. >> what do you have have in your hand. >> i got a big [bleep] gun but i'm not from around here is what i'm saying. i'm from chicago, brother. >> brian: i'm not really sure of his reasoning, but this is emblematic of crime outs of control in this country. >> it is, brian. it's not funny but it's funny. he thought was that par for the course in chicago. you walk in and you rob somewhere. well, you are not in kansas anymore, dallas-fort worthy, you are in florida. we have great sheriffs in the panhandle. we have great prosecutors in the panhandle and that guy is going to go to prison. that's what about when you come in our state and commit a crime. >> brian: is it fix cybil, pam? we are seeing every city has their own horror story. how do we get ahold of this? >> you know, brian, we talked about this before. you and i -- people have got to
4:36 am
look at your local sheriff, which are mainly grade great throughout the country. local state attorneys, d.a.s, slirts they have different names in different states. your judges. you got to look at your local officials. that's who you have got to -- down ballot races are so important. and we have got to fund and respect our law enforcement officers. because, look, right here in florida, they are all out here right now trying to keep someone safe from a hurricane. we have got to support our law enforcement. that's the men and women in blue. i think it's fixable. i think the people of this country are seeing what is happening like that idiot coming into our state trying to commit an armed robbery. >> brian: bringing chicago values to florida not going to fly. pam bondi, thanks so much. stay safe. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. president biden playing the blame game once again putting the pressure on oil and gas companies and gas station owners because the prices are too high. stuart varney is here and he is
4:37 am
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>> steve: welcome back. fox weather tracking hurricane ian cat 3 storm making florida this morning. life-threatening storm surge perhaps to the tampa bay area. we are moments away from receiving a new update from the national hurricane center and we will have that in just about 20 minutes. for constant updates download and stream fox weather. meanwhile president biden claims gas prices are lower than three bucks in a few states he has said a couple of times while simultaneously blaming oil and gas companies. >> under three bucks. you know in the low threes a lot of places. oil and gas companies are still making record profit, billions
4:42 am
of dollars profit. >> steve: regarding the price, the president is absolutely wrong. today's average is $3.74 up two cents since yesterday, marking the seventh straight day of gas going up. here with reaction stuart varney host of varney and company and american built on fox business. stuart, you know, the president carriagely makes a mistake. that's a really big one. >> when the president gets desperate he tends to make factual errors. he is desperate now and is he clearly factually challenged. there are no states in the united states of america where the average price of regular gas is below three bucks. cheapest is texas. now, he makes this -- he makes a big deal about lower gasoline prices other the past six months four or five months. that's his -- he has hung his hat on that controlling inflation. he ignores the last six days when the price of gas has actually gone up as you pointed out the average is now 3.74 per
4:43 am
gallon. it's going up and gone up for the last six days. that puts him in a desperate position because how does he explain that? >> steve: yeah. they taught you a long time ago at the london school of economics it's all about supply and demand. supply and demand. if he really wanted the price to go down, he would increase the supply. how do you do that? you drill for more oil but because his green flank will not allow him to punch any more holes in the earth, he has got say okay this is the limited amount of gas we have got. and the price has gone down because the price -- ultimately because so many people are going i can't afford that. so they. >> not driving as much. day one of the presidency where he ended america's energy independence. that was his first act. he cut the supply of oil, cut the supply of nat natural gas. wouldn't build pipelines to supply natural gas. now we are facing awful utility
4:44 am
bills this winter. nat gas is going up in price. that is inflationary. and it goes all the way back to day one of this presidency. i think we are in real trouble here. the economy is approaching a serious recession. that's my opinion. we still got high levels of inflation. 6% plus maybe going up to 8%. and we have still got a border that's completely out of control. those are failures on the part of this administration and i think they know it. but they cannot admit it and they cannot change course. >> brian: to your point they cannot admit it. we are probably in a recession right now two quarters back-to-back negative growth, that's a recession. all the president's high priced analysts are going, you know what? it's not a recession because we have got a lot of job growth. nobody ever said two back-to-back quarters but if you got good job growth it's not. the whole world is looking at a slowdown to their economies. the same is true in america. and we have got a stock market -- we are not going to
4:45 am
use the word crash but it's all the way down. down 20%. >> steve: we are in a bear territory. >> everyone with a 401(k), 100 million americans affected by this, they have all taken a hit and it's going to get worse. >> steve: watch stuart, an hour and 15 minutes were from right now. he will be doing varney and company on fox business and tonight he will be doing american built on fox business prime. >> thank you. >> steve: quarter till the top of the hour go to carley for news. >> carley: vice president kamala harris joining world leaders in tokyo to pay their respects to former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the long time leader was assassinated while giving a speech back in july. the v.p. laid flowers at his funeral earlier this morning. after leaving japan, she is scheduled to visit the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea on thursday. airlines and travel websites could soon be forced to come clean about hidden fees for
4:46 am
flight changes, cancellations and checked baggage. biden administration is proposing a new rule as part of a crackdown on airlines. they would mandate companies, disclose additional charges when airfare is initially displayed instead of when customers finalize their purchase. did you hear the white house is questioned over hosting the atlanta braves over 2021 world series championship due to tomahawk chop celebration. >> we believe it's important to have this conversation. we should listen to native americans and indigenous people who are the most impacted by this. >> carley: other teams like the now washington commanders and cleveland guardians have changed their names over accusations over racism and appropriating native american culture but the braves refuse to make that change as well. and aaron judge's quest for 61
4:47 am
home runners go on two runs on and game tied in the tenth inning. the toronto blue jays intentionally walked the mvp hopeful. >> there he is. so he is going to walk judge intentionally. >> many in the crowd are booing. i would imagine it's mostly the yankee fans who are here. >> ainsley: that decision did pay off well for the blud and walk off him hit the ball. >> got to do it. >> steve: someone is going to let him hit it. carley, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> steve: fox weather is tracking hurricane ian. the cat 3 storm getting ready to strike florida. country music star craig morgan is here and going to give us brand new preview of memoir sharing journey of faith, fame
4:48 am
and service to the country. he is next. come on in, sir. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> fox weather is tracking hurricane ian, the category 3 storm making landfall in cuba this morning. it's now poised to bring
4:52 am
life-threatening storm surges to the tampa bay area. we are expecting an update from the national hurricane center at any moment. we will bring you that, of course. you can stream fox weather. >> brian: that's right. country music star craig morgan has traveled a hard road on his trip to the top. >> his new memoir, "god, family, country," i wanted to hear it, an army veteran, shares his intimate details of his life's journey in hopes of helping others. >> and craig morgan joins us now, you are a friend of the show, we have had you on a few times. god, family, country, why the title? >> you have lived four lives. >> i have. those are the three most important things and in that order, god before anything, family second only to god and my country, and i think that most of our country feels that way. i think it's kind of sad that we have got to a point to where the
4:53 am
turn patriot and saying these three things is sometimes -- >> controversial, offensive. >> i mean, it is what it is and i am who i am, so i'm not going to hide. so -- >> now hold it, you are who you are, didn't garth brooks tell you you can't use your real name. >> he did, early on in my career garth said, and this is before all of social media, we didn't have a lot of the technologies we had, so he said you might not want to use your real name. >> which is greer. >> it is, it is. now everybody knows. >> well, it's in the book. >> and tell us the journey. people only know you as a country music star. where did you get started? when -- before you were country music, you are a military guy. >> i was. and i was the guy in the music business born in tennessee, i grew up in and around nashville. >> loving music? >> yeah, but not really country. my dad was a musician and he
4:54 am
always had another job, and i thought you know, i don't know if i want do that because i don't want to have to do 2 or 3 jobs to do the one i love. so i didn't think he would do it for a living so i joined the military and spent almost 17 and a half years in the military. >> you did a lot of singing. >> i did. it was due to the encouragement of some of the people i served with that i pursued the music. a big reason i pursued it. >> and in addition to not being your real name, you also worked with the cia. >> when i was in the army in panama in 1989, we did a jump right on the costa rican border pushing them south, and special operations folks. it was really funny, we did a jump and the day we jumped in was the same day the 82nd
4:55 am
airborne jumped back into fort bragg and everything was supposedly over so we did not get our combat jump wings about 12 years. >> incredible career. people look at you, gosh, he has it all together, a famous musician, but struggles too. >> we are working on it. it's a daily thing. anyone that has lost anyone they love, especially a child, know it's a daily endeavor. our lives will never ever be what they were so we try to move forward. my big thing is just to keep moving, try to stay mentally positive and we have faith. that's how we got through it, with our faith. >> when did you realize country music could be more than just one of the things you did when you got out, when did you realize you could break out and be the star you are? >> i'm working on it. i -- i will have to say, probably in 2008 i became a member of the grand ole opry. when they made me a member of the grand ole opry i felt i would probably be doing this for a while. >> what song was your first hit,
4:56 am
you knew, when you heard it on the radio, and that's me? >> it has to be "almost home." that was the first big song. and it was a song that everyone said country radio would not be able to play because it was way too country, too long for country radio as far as time and it became one of the bigger songs of my career. >> i love the stories. congratulations on the book, it is now out. called "god family country," a memoir, craig morgan, thank for joining us. >> we are in philadelphia tonight, dallas tomorrow, and nashville. >> and where? >>, i'm sure there are a lot of places. on social. >> "god, family, country." >> ian, we are tracking it. an update in four minutes.
4:57 am
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>> start with the fox weather alert, hurricane ian, set to hit landfall tomorrow. hit cuba this morning. >> fearing it will be a worst case scenario for people living in the tampa bay area. the governor is set to address the state coming up at the top of the next hour. one hour from right now. >> we are anxious to hear what he has to say. we have fox team coverage, janice dean has been up all night watching thi


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