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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 7, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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sean: guys, great panel. we have got to go. greta is up next. we will see you back here tomorrow 9. thank you for being with us. greta: -- we will see you back here tomorrow night. greta: inside the political bombshell with live reports and interviews from alaska. plus, a memorial fit for a king, the king of pop. we are live at the staples center. the memorial service. who will be there, and who will not be there? and the nurse from michael jackson. what you have never heard about him before, and new information about the doctor tried to save michael jackson. plus, the information about his estate. plus, did vice-president biden
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just do it again? is the president going to take him to the woodshed? what does it mean for you? steve moore is here. and stepping down and now firing back. governor palin's surprising everyone, announcing she is out. -- governor palin surprising everyone. >> those you are inspired by our ideals, and they will not deride them. i will support other cc to serve in or out of office. i do not care what party they are in or any party at all inside of alaska or out of alaska, but i will not do it from the governor's desk. i've never believed that i or anyone else needs a title to do this, to make -- more freedom to progress, all the way around, so that alaska made progress.
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i will not seek reelection as governor be and i thought about, well, some governors have as lame ducks -- i will not seek reelection as governor. i thought about the funds some governors have as lame ducks -- the fun they have. they hit the road and drawing a paycheck, and they, of -- and drawing a paycheck, and draw a paycheck, and they kind of milk it, and i do not want that for alaska. greta: the governor is striking back to her critics online, using torture -- twitter. in a statement explaining her decision, she mentioned it senator john mccain. so why is governor palin
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stepping down -- she mentioned senator john mccain. what is she saying to you? >> hi, greta. i think she thinks it was the right decision. i did communicate with her yesterday. she feels good about the decision because she does believe is right for alaska and alaskans. she is not the kind to sit idly by and continue to watch money be spent needlessly on her, and she is proactive and once issues to be handled that are important to alaskans -- and wants issues to be handled. greta: what are her plans? >> well, i do not think she has been specific yet, and i think for good reason. i think on friday, her primary
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focus was alaska and alaskans, so i do not know if she has an abc list. she is a doer, a get it done person. if you look at what she have gotten done, it is astounding, and it is really more than most people can accomplish in two terms, so she will get out there and move the conservative agenda forward. greta: how does she combat the idea that she is a quitter? here is a woman that is a high- profile woman who has a very important job, still does for a couple of weeks, and all of a sudden, on the eve of the fourth of july, she says she cannot take the bills or the attacks. how can we think about her as not a quitter? >> i think it is the exact opposite. she is not a quitter. she is a fighter.
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she is saying she will fight for the issues for alaska that are important to her. she is really being kept from doing her job because of all these ethics complaints. resources are being wasted, and she cannot tolerate it any longer, and she does not want alaska to tolerate it any longer either. greta: were you caught by surprise? it certainly caught everybody else by surprise? >> i was surprised until i heard the reasons why, and if you know the governor very well, it makes perfect sense. she has run on the platform of smaller government, more efficient government, less waste, spending our money wisely, and for her to see what is happening, you know, for her, that is just not acceptable, and she believes, and i believe she is right, by allowing her replacement to move forward, it will eliminate those expenses
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and those i necessary resources being spent on things that are really frivolous and allow her also to move forward the conservative agenda, just on a different platform, so it is really a win-win for alaska. greta: how tough for the attacks on her children? -- were the attacks on her children? >> you know, i am a mother, and i think any time your child is attacked, especially for no reason, i think it hits home, and i think it hit home last week with her son. you can attack her on her policies, but to attack a small child and to disfigure his face, and it is dishonorable. it is just not acceptable, and i think that really smarted, and i think any mother can identify with that.
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greta: thank you, as always. a reporter from "time" magazine joins us. i imagine you are up there speaking to alaskans. what do they say about this decision? >> hey, greata. -- greta. first of all, i do not want you to worry. i am not actually driving this car. i pulled over on the way to wasilla. the reaction is generally a surprise. most people are very shocked that she is resigning. there are some that were disappointed that she is not going to finish out her term. there was the pipeline that she champions. other is sort of were not surprised -- that she championed. others sort of were not
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surprised. for the last eight months, she was at war with the legislature that did not allow her to get things done. she was battling over appointments. she was battling over the stimulus fines and so forth. coming back was really tough for her -- a stimulus funds -- the stimulus funds and so forth. if you look at that money, $600,000 paid in the last six months, that is $1.60 million for a family, and that is a lot of money. greta: the last time i checked, per approval rates, in spite of all of this, were quite high -- her approval rates. most governors would kill for those. >> in may, she was at about a 54% approval rating, which is great, but it is down from the
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86% she had before john mccain tapped her to be his running mate, and she had a huge bipartisan support in the state. a lot of democrats really loved her. she worked well with democrats in the legislature, and without them, it has been much more difficult to get things done. a lot of the democratic support in this state, and they were upset about talking about obama as a terrorist and about him being a socialist, and that has led to a tough time in the legislature here. greta: is the legislature making its decision based on politics because they do not like her, because she is on the other side of the aisle, but isn't on the other hand -- is it something else? >> the first two years, when she was here as governor, there was not much talk of social issues.
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they were united on a lot of energy issues, oil and gas issues, and now that she has come back, having really brought the social issues to the forefront during her candidacy, a lot of them felt betrayed, and it was said that the word had come down from high that the democrats and alaska should do everything to block her and bring her down. democrats of course here say that was not true, that they just really felt betrayed by her and that they could not work with her anymore. greta: all right, well, enjoy alaska. it is a beautiful state. coming up, vice-president biden has done it again. he has gone rogue. wait until you hear what he said about the economy. and steve moore joins us in minutes. and the nurse for michael jackson goes on the record. a very important clue she has to tell you about.
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greta: ok, what is going on with our economy? only 14% of the stimulus bill has been paid out so far, and unemployment is high. vice-president biden said this yesterday. >> we and everyone else misread the economy. their most of the blue-chip index is out there. the truth is is that there was a misreading -- there were most of the blue-chip indexes out there. we believe is the right package,
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given the circumstances we are in. we misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only about 120 days into the recovery package. greta: so will the white house come have in hand asking for more? steve moore, a writer for a "the wall street journal" joins us. now they say they misread the economy, so the stimulus package has to be suspect. if we are not having indicators right now that the economy is taking off, there is a problem, a bigger problem, because we are not headed down the right track. >> yes, greta, i wish the white house would get its story straight on the economy. it is not clear whether joe biden was freelancing on this
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sunday tv shows. remember, greta, during the election, we were told this was the worst economy since the great depression. everything was horrible, and we were in the midst of a financial meltdown. then, after the president was elected, and he presented his budget, we actually got a rosy scenario, and they were using numbers much better than the blue-chip forecasts, because they wanted to make them look not that bad, and now after the stimulus bill was passed, they cannot get their stories straight. joe biden says today, "well, we misread the economy. it is worse than we thought." greta: that is being caught with your pants down, saying one thing one time and another thing another time. this was based on how they read the economy in january. if they are now saying they
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misread in january, then this whole policy, this whole plan, the $787 billion is based on a house of cards, a false reading. >> greta, i agree with that. there is a lot of panic going on in the white house with respect to these horrible unemployment numbers we talked about the other day on the show. we have 15 million unemployed americans. this is not the way it was supposed to be. we were supposed to be putting americans back to work because of the stimulus plan. the spend out rate of that money has been an exceedingly slow. , only about $60 billion of the money has been spent. -- exceedingly slow -- the spend-out rate of that money has been an exceedingly slow. only about $60 billion of it has been sent -- has been
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exceedingly slow. on the about $60 billion of it has been spent -- only that much. greta: we want them to get it right. we need them to get it right. on the other hand, vice- president biden has always been very candid, and i appreciate it. let's hope that he misspoke. let's hope instead that he misspoke. steve, i guess i will see you tomorrow. >> what is terrifying is the idea of a second stimulus. another $800 billion. i hate that idea. greta: steve, we will see you tomorrow. the staples center. which a-listers will be there and you will not. later, how did michael jackson died? -- and who will not.
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greta: well, it's description sounds -- its description sounds big. it is less than 15 hours from now, the michael jackson memorial service. we will learn more about his life. this is what his nurse said. you do not think that he would have freelanced in the sense of giving himself an i.v.? >> oh, no. no, he would close his eyes. greta: we will play more on that later, and dr. murray has a lot of focus on him tonight. >> we do not know if he gave
1:22 am
michael the shot of the drug or other things, but there are many questions that are unanswered. he is licensed in nevada and texas, so we does have a history. greta: that may be been least of his problems. all right, frankly, feels like a celebration. >> it is. michael jackson's music was a celebration. lionel richie. mariah carey. we do not know if they will be performing, but they will be there. >greta: we hear that his second wife debbie is not coming. >> yes, we heard that she is not coming, because if she came, it would be all about her. greta: what about his other wife, lisa marie presley? elizabeth taylor? >> elizabeth taylor said she is
1:23 am
not coming. she said she was going to stay at home and mourn him at home and that he would understand. they were close. greta: diana ross. will she be here? >> she will be here. she will be here. this is exciting. she was named in michael jackson's well. she said that if his mother could not take care of the kids, and she would -- in michael jackson's will, and he said that if his mother could not take care of the kids, she would. greta: are they going to bury him at forest lawn tomorrow? >> yes, at 8:00 a.m., two hours before the 10:00 a.m. pacific start time for the memorial. greta: and as bizarre as we are
1:24 am
in the media, we are tracking the cemetery. there are police cars there. we are trying to be ahead on this one. >> people really want to know. people are curious, and it is our curiosity. people want to be here. greta: and you will be here? >> yes, i will be here. there is already a line around the corner. people are really, really out in full force be and they think that over 700,000 people are going to come to staples tomorrow -- really out in full force. they think that over 700,000 people are going to be there. greta: coming up, well, how did michael jackson die? prisoners is here to go on the record. and later, money. -- his nurse is here to go on the record. who has control? and while you were cooking up
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greta: when did you first meet michael jackson and how did you meet him? >> it was through a very dear friend. he had a concern about some coughing and a runny nose. after meeting him, he was very concerned about his children and wanted them to be healthy.
1:29 am
greta: did he need medical care in a january? >> snow. i asked him what was going on. he said i am feeling tired. i am getting tired from this concert. i am getting ready to start practicing for the performance. i am getting myself ready for that. i am tired. i said, let us do some lab work before i give you anything. i told them i could not -- he said he could not do it today. i went back the next day and asked him to a fast for me. i would buy the next morning. i drove his blood.
1:30 am
-- i drew his blood. he has small veins so it took a minute. i told him i would set up a nutritional program for him once i had a result. he mentioned -- the talk about not being able to sleep. it was more towards april that he asked me to spend the night to see that he cannot sleep. i told them i believe him. he asked me to watch him sleep. i told them ok and i would bring him some teeth. april. -- i told him ok, and i would
1:31 am
bring him some tea. and more of what was like an arnold supplement which was very good for sleep. come -- white and herbal supplementl -- coteike an herbal supplement. he is a very smart man -- more like an herbal supplement. i made the tea. when i arrived in his room, i said, "i do not see how you sleep. there is too much lighting." greta: so he headlights on in his room? was he reading a book? -- so he had lights on in his
1:32 am
room? >> i said, "let's just dim the lights." there was classical music going on in the house. he said, "i have always slept with lights on." greta: was afraid of the dark? >> i asked him that, and he said no -- was he afraid of the dark? he loved all of the work, the fascinating work, by walt disney. it was over stimulating. he said, "i always like this." some people like to sleep with the tv on. i said, "this is not a healthy way to sleep." greta: what kind of disney's stock was he watching? >> donald..
1:33 am
-- what kind of stuff and was he watching? >> -- stuff was he watching? >> donald duck. greta: did that seem odd to you? >> no, he was interested in the artistry. he said he had done everything, meditation, this and that, and it did not work. he said the only thing that he knew what work was this i.v. greta: and that is the first time, in april, that he mentions it to you? >> yes. i said, "whatever this is, this is not something or you should be doing at home." -- not something you should be
1:34 am
doing at home." taking him the pdr, the physician's desk reference, and i said that it was dangerous. it is a real thick, heavy book. he was busy with his dvd. and i said, "ok, michael. i will -- the symptoms. you have to know. he said, "can you find me an anesthesiologist to put me to sleep? ".com -- put me to sleep? this would give me at least eight hours of sleep?" i said, "you do not want to do that." i just had the worst feeling and i said, "do not do this.
1:35 am
you want to be knocked out to go to sleep, and my concern is, will you wake up?" greta: 5 days before he died, did you hear from him? >> yes. he called me in the afternoon. that is when i received a call, when i was in florida. greta: does he make the calls, or does somebody else make them? >> somebody else would call, and and this time, someone else calls, and i know the person, ping an showed up on my caller id or -- and it showed up on a caller id. ping an he was very frantic, and he said, "pas -- and he was very
1:36 am
frantic. he said, "michael meacham takoma." i said, "what is going nonpoint?" -- he said, "michael need yos you." i said, "what is going on?" i had never heard that some time before about being called on one side of his body. i was very concerned. -- i had never heard that symptom before. greta: is there any chance that he would have given himself an i.v.? >> he would never do anything like that. greta: piss there is no way he would have gotten the -- there is no way he would have gotten the udiprivan and done it
1:37 am
himself? >> no. i was trying to massage his hands with a cream because they were dry and cracked. copphe was saying that it was a little painful because it was so dry. i said, "come on, let me do your feet." he would not let me. greta: so he would let you do it. you do not think that he would have freelanced baha, in the see of giving it to himself. >> oh, no. no. greta: so if that is the cause of death, the i.v., somebody
1:38 am
else did it? >> he said, "please find a doctor to give me this medication, so they can monitor me." he was so happy the night that he received a lot of the awards. it was either that night or the night before. he was so excited. he was so excited. he was so excited about during the concert pari. he said, "wow, this many people want to hear the song. this many people want to hear this other song cropp." he said, "this is the first time
1:39 am
my children are going to see me perform." greta: here is what is coming up on pulte after the show on "the o'reilly factor." -- coming up after the show on "the o'reilly factor." bill: why is sarah palin really leaving? greta: menu is getting control of michael jackson's estate? -- and who is getting control? you'll hear from a lawyer of the executor next. and later, and how about a bargain? how and what would you do for a cheap airline ticket?
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>> national police reveal the woman shot to death with statement there bought a gun last thursday. investigators say they were told that by her nephew. she was found dead in its conduct. he was shot several times. police are waiting for toxicology and ballistic tests to come back before ruling it a murder-suicides. more ethnic violence in western china. when hundred 56 people were killed in rioting. -- 156 people were killed in
1:44 am
rioting. there is continued unrest between the muslims and chinese aboard. police have arrested more than 1400 people there. now back to greta. greta: there could be so much money if the right people and handle michael jackson's estate the right way. a few hours ago, a judge made a decision -- if the right people handle michael jackson's estate the right way. who are the two co executors? >> one is the world's most recognizable music attorneys, and another is a friend of michael jackson. two really skilled, experienced individuals. greta: have they ever been executors before?
1:45 am
>> to my knowledge, no, though one has done a lot of a state work. one has had experience in dealing with probate courts and with as states. greta: the actual business of running the estate could be immensely complicated -- probate courts and with as states which in a state -- as states -- one has had experience in dealing with probate courts and with estates. greta: much greater in death than in life? >> if he had lived, he would have gone back out on tour, and i think there is a video that you could see with them practicing. i almost think the opportunities would be unlimited, because having sold out, that would keep
1:46 am
going on. that did not happen. i agree with you. i think the assets, the music, the video, the publishing will increase tremendously because of his death. people will want to continue to remember him and his legacy. greta: the most similar situation i can think, is probably the death of elvis presley. graceland was not graceland. he did not have a great balance sheet at the time, and then there was the great handling of the estate. >> we think the opportunities could be greater than what was recognized in the elvis presley estate. greta: so that people understand it, whether that could ever be anything like a graceland, those decisions will now be made by the executors. is that correct? >> yes.
1:47 am
greta: it has been reported that his mother and his children and -- >> they will designates three beneficiaries. some charities, and we have an idea about what michael would have liked, and in due course, we will implement those opportunities. the children, and his mother. greta: these two colors executors, they step into the shoes of michael jackson -- these two " executors' -- two co-executors. >> they have advisers, much like michael did. because of their expertise, they will not need to hire experts, and there will be a team that will marshall the assets, expand the opportunities, and we think create the legacy not just for the beneficiaries but for the millions and millions of fans
1:48 am
worldwide. greta: coming up, guess what is back? well comity parties -- well, tea parties are back. parties are back.
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greta: well, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. you have probably watched the fourth of july fireworks. americans battling big government. tea parties, they are back. >> how many people here want to go out and do something to take this back for the people? [cheers and applause] how many people are satisfied with what is going on in that building? [crowd] >> representatives that i elected are not doing what i want them to do. >> obama said that we would gain jobs. his own department of labor says we have lost them. >> the government has gotten too big. it is taking too much of your money. it is taxing too much.
1:53 am
>> they believe that we were all equal and all capable of making our own way, and that is what this country is built upon. >> building a foundation, and it is not going to happen overnight, because it takes time, but getting people to really educated about the facts, then, yes, it will make a difference eventually. greta: and, yes, that is not your eyes played tricks on you. that is the world's most famous plumber. -- that is not your eyes playing tricks on you. and you remember this. and you remember this. [beep]
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