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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 1, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EST

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out -- i think we all knew this stuff. when they revealed names on the war on terror, if this kid keeps this up this is the reason the poison tip bumper shoots were invented. >> bill: that is it for tonight. thanks for watching us. i am bill o'reilly and please remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ good morning, everyone. it is saturday january 1st. 2011, happy new year. 2011 came in with celebration. we'll look at the parties across the world and at clayton's house. >> it was boring. >> with the new year crucial changes to your health care coverage. we'll break down what you need to know and how it will affect your health.
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>> rare weather brings tragedy to the new year. 20 tornados tear up the midwest and flatten entire neighborhoods. is the wild weather over? we'll find out. fox and friends begins right now. ♪ >> put on the hat, clayton. happy new year. >> happy new year. we were in bed by 8:00 p.m. >> you didn't party. >> not like all of the crazies. >> we had to drive through it this morning. >> thank you for waking up. my pledge to you. if you stick with us for the next hour we'll be awake by the next hour. >> next four hours, 9:50 we'll be up. >> my pledge to you. >> lots of coffee and red
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bull. >> we hope you had a great new year's eve and brought in the new year with style. >> millions gathered throughout the globe to bring in the new year as hoped, in four, three, two, one. right here two blocks away in times square, people braved tight security and chilly temperatures. and six ton water ford crystal ball dropped. >> in las vegas, fireworks lit up the strip. it is poluzia. >> rio dejaenero. two million people gathered on the white beaches. 20 minutes of fireworks and music and kibinies. >> and right now you are looking at the aftermath of
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times square. >> it is cleaned up. >> you wouldn't believe it. if you pulled through in times square at 3:40 in the morning, it is all gone. tons of trash. one day a year it feels normal to come to work. people are everywhere. traffic is everywhere. >> everybody is up. >> like midday. >> rickshaw is running all over the place, it is crazy. >> i don't know that i write checks anymore. it is all electronic and on line. i never have to think about writing 2011. >> not like me, i do. >> he sends out the cable bill. it is time to balance the checkbook 2010. it took two months used to writing the new date. >> i still write 2004. >> you still paying bills from that far back. >> you still to have type it. >> or it automatically put its in there. i am sorry, there are certain
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people who don't get paid for a couple of months. >> new millennium decade. >> there was the '80s, the '90s and they are trying to figure out. >> baby 21? >> i don't know what you can call any of the next several decades. what are you calling the next decade. >> the teens. >> and then the roaring '20s and '30s . then it will be easier. >> you weigh in on it. what should we call the decade. >> we put your answers to the test and see if they hold water. >> wait until the next hour and we'll be awake. >> seriously you are fine. you went to bed early. we have highlights for you. i do that. you can wake up. >> new year is getting off to a start.
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a series of deadly torp torns left people homeless. >> everything is gone. nothing is left. maybe a few of my son's toys and the christmas tree was still up and everything i own is gone. >> wicked weather. you got that right. two dozen twisters in the south in a few hours. this is video out of the cincinnati, arkansas where three people died including one man who was milking his cow when the twister touched down. thousands of people are without power now. >> going over to janet dean who has a check of the weather and we hope it is milder in the middle of the country. >> unfortunately it is not over yet. 35 reports of tornados yesterday . six death in arkansas and missouri. probably the worst severe weather outbreak this late in the season.
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you rarely see tornados so late in the season, late december and january. it rarely happens, but unfortunately we have that threat again in the gulf coast and southeast. tornado warning in affect and warning right now. tornado warning meaning that conditions are favorable to tornado. parts of louisiana, and mississippi and alabama. severe thunderstorm and a tornado watch're warping for northeast parish in southeastern louisiana and northern state louisiana and parish. both of those in louisiana and southwestern pine county in southern mississippi. unfortunate that we are seeing a potential for severe weather for the first day of the new year. there is our threat today again extending where you saw the tornado watch, but we'll have the threat in the florida
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panhandle, so guys, this is a tragic, tragic story as we head in the new year and a lot of people don't have anything today. back it you. >> yeah, there is nothing like seeing the aftermath of the tornado. >> rest of the headlines, a mag -- magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit argentina. we'll bring you the latest information as it becomes available. >> 21 people were killed after a bomb exploded in front of a christian church in alexander, egyptment the interior ministry said it is more likely the result of a homicide bomber who was on foot. >> two masked men near houston held 10 people hostage in a bank. the police were able it release the hostage. three of them were hiding in a
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back room closest. the bank manager is recovering from the injuries he sustained from refusing to open the vault. >> janet napolitano made a surprise visit to afghanistan. she rang in the new year with the troops. here at home high alert as millions celebrated the new year safety. in the midwest there was all of the tornados, besides that it was a calm and safe new year. >> we are seeing the first new day of health care rules. what does that meep for americans. peter doocey has the new rules. >> good morning, clayton. back in 2010 government overhalled health care. one of those new rules that insurance companies have to spend 80 percent of what they
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receive in premiums on the customers themselves and another rule to help senior citizens who are stuck in medicare doughnut hole. here is the economist breaking down who wins and loses there. >> for those on medicare, overall prescription benefit will be expensive to help fill in the hole of the doughnut. medicare advantage account. eye glasses or gyms, less subsidy of the federal government to those programs >> there is another new rule that said seniors can get free test for cancer and mammograms and colon cancer screeningings. something else going into affect is the center for medicare and medicaid innovation. this agency will try to stop health care costs from rising too high, too fast. they are going affect today
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even though federal judge henry hudson ruled that the provision of health care law forcing americans to buy health care insurance was unconstitutional. >> thank you, peter doocy live for us in washington. happy new year. >> happy new year. 1, 1, 1. what happens today. first of the baby boomers turns 65 and what will that do to our economy and the systems? specifically the medicare system. >> 77 billion americans. >> that is the baby boomers. >> sphen million born in 1946-1964. 10,000 per day turn 65 over the next decade. >> as you can imagine fren million americans that is about to drive up to over 80 million americans and 20 years, we'll see 80 million americans enrolled in this. >> medicare and social
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security with the aging baby boomer population. take a look at the numbers. 500 bill yen in 2010 is the estimated costs. people eligible for this. that puts the cost up to 9cent 0-- 920 billion. both republicans and democrats know they have to come to a consensus on work on. you can see the number, the costs almost doubling in tep years. those paying in to medicare is going down. we are looking at inverse equation . we are going down million people 3.5 to over 2.3 mill yen. how do you pay for it? raise tax or cut benefits? >> i think you will have to do all of the above or raise taxes likely. cutting benefits, likely? and raise the medicare eligiblitiy age? likely and social security. it is social security .
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remember in 2003 when president bush tried to do the same thing, 100,000 members of aarp. absolutely not. we don't want changes. to change the benefits, we are about to hit a massive squeeze. there is some sort of commission or leadership from the top and everybody needs to be on the same page it is a massive crisis. >> baby boomers are now turning 65. doesn't that make you feel old? >> it is amazing. >> birthday yesterday and bill clinton, he was one of the first high profile baby boomers to turn and oh, man, here it comes. >> we want to know, what should we do to solve the problem? e-mail us at friends at fox >> what about president obama? >> really i think his resolution should be to talk less on the telefrompter. >> playing less of golf with
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john boehner. >> advice from karl rove and juan williams on what the big players should do. >> if you are feeling the pain from too much to drink last night. >> can you cure a hang over? >> doing this segment at six : 15 and rerun it at 8:15 when some of you get up. i am katy from jers. my new year's resolution to fine cuter boys. >> my new year's resolution is to be a better nicer and nicer.
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>> ♪ >> we are not going to make loud noises. are you still sluggish and a headache after the night of hard party new year. have no fear. we have a cure for your hang
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over right now. >> joining us is founder of decision nutrition . good to have you here. is it possible to cure a hang over? >> it is possible though a lot of people are not feeling so great and probably looking for a cure and that's why i am here. >> you wake up in the morning and think you have to run to mcdonalds or junk food to make you feel better after a hard night. there are other food and antioxidants to help you out. >> fix thing people do is go for coffee, aspirin and tylenom. alcohol is toxic. best thing to is detox and not go for caffeine which is a diuretic which is like alcohol and aspirin or tylenol that makes your liver work harder. your liver has been through enough tonight. >> so. you are looking at both of you.
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>> and i suggest foods high in antioxidants. berries are filled with nutrients and we are all mal nurished. >> celery. >> it is a great cleanser of the liver and great to make your liver work overtime. >> asparagus has great benefits for your liver. >> and it has an antioxidants that helps to cleanse your liver. aspargus is a great food. >> not appetizer for folks who foal sick. but yeah, it helps. >> that's why i suggest the complex carbs. you are feeling malnourished but the problem is they go for simple carbs. a great choice is a complex carb like oat meal or cream of
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wheat. >> others are white bread and french fries >> oat meals. this is refueling your body. >> you detox and refill. >> and start with the carbs so you feel better. or start with the oat meals and mix with the berries. they release slowly instead of quick. >> you have one glass of alcohol and then a glass of water. that's to keep you hydrated. >> and key to preventing a hang over. not everyone does that. but really that's why over there, i have number one priority. it is a virge and i know not a bloody mary. >> it is a virgin bloody water. >> don't mix alcohol in there. >> tomato juice.
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>> so the water you put lemon in there. >> lemon is amazing detoxifier and great to add to your water . the reason i suggest tomato juice, it has electrolytes. you drink you lose them. potassium and sodium and mag nezium. >> they clean up after people have parties in college and university of bould are and they say they give gatorade. >> gatorade has the sugar. i recommend tomato juice. >> stick one of the celery stickings. >> and the hang over and over. >> yeah. >> drink that and you are acured. >> dach briggings was asleep until he heard bloody mary. and then he heard virgin and went back to sleep. >> we need you on staff and we need you here and we'll be back with you later. >> my pleasure, thank you very
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much. >> it was a high tech garbage collection to cut city cost and now a million dollar waste itself. why tax payers. >> and why did i get hit? >> what about lawmakers on capitol hill. >> learn the joys of commercial. and remember they are on probation as american people want them to do what they said they would do on campaign trail.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends. joe miller ends his fight for alaska senate seat making his decision to concede a day after lisa murkowski is certified the winner. three -- a safety center went
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off in sea world stopping it 100 phot in the air. no one was injured when they were evacuated. it was back up and running less than an hour later, dave? >> well, you may have all of your new year's resolution all set but what should the heavy hitter in washington be making? >> doug asked the answer and got answers. >> if you think you have a hard time keeping the resolution after the ball drops in new year's eve what about washington where kept promises are rarest of thing. we asked juan williams and karl rove who usually don't agree on much of anything to consider resolution for three washington players starting in the top with president obama? >> really his resolution would be to talk less on the
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teleprompter and talk more with congress, republican and democrat about the kind of legislation that he would like to have. >> playing more golf with john boehner. you can smoke on the golf course. >> that is an important relationship. there is no question that john boehner likes smoke golfing more than the president and he is prone to shed a tear or two. >> carry more kleanix. >> remember they are on probation with what the american people want them to do. >> and nancy pelosi, who is about to be the former speaker of the house and emerges house meanerity leader. >> that is an unpleasant experience. >> nancy pelosi's resolution something like learn the joys was commercial flying. >> that is a biggie. one place you will find
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bipartisan agreement is the airport where no one likes to fly commercial over the holidays. happy new year from washington. >> see if you have suggestions for elected leaders and share with us your new year's resolution. >> she will hate commercial travel. >> i heard the president it is nine months. >> i haven't seen him smoking. >> but on the golf course no one can see you. >> high tech garbage collection system turns into a million dollar waste itself. why taxpayer dollars are headed for the scrap mile pile. >> who is paying for three million research in world of war craft? >> you are. >> it is inside of the federal budget. we look at where your hard earned tax dollars are going . looking at how cities from around the world from london to shanghai rang in 20len.
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happy new year, everyone. >> i am janet from new jersey. my resolution is to be a betters person. >> drink more milk and be healthy. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! [ male announcer ] the winter event going on now. and stay connected with three years of mbrace service complimentary.
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happy new year everyone. thank you for bringing in the new year with us.
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>> did you just wake up in >> if you are in california, i think you are sill -- still up. >> hi, dad. >> your kids stayed up later than you did. >> they were determined from watching a max and ruby cartoon. >> that is the rabbit? >> of course they are. >> they were determined to stay up at midnight. i went to bed at 10 and they were still up. >> your wife had to deal with them. >> five and three. >> you know at that age, you really want to do it. you set your mind to it. >> at five, i don't know if i knew what the concept was at five years old. >> as kids, i think i thought something. >> likes would be bestowed. >> that's exactly what the problem was. >> and later you learn that nothing happens. >> it is just a holiday. >> across the globe they rang in the new year and fox news craig boswell and he takes us
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around the globe with a look at what we may have missed. we know we missed it. >> they were among the first in the world to welcome the new year in new zealand's capitol. three, two, one. happy new year. >> in australia 7 tons of fireworks lit up the sky over the sydney opera house and bridge. >> clock ticked closer to 2011. >> and a giant bell marked the new year in japan's temple as revelers released notes with the hopes of the new year. hong kong, there was a light show with fireworks exploding off of the roofs of 10 buildings. in tie wan a pyro technique display of a dragon going up the building.
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>> there was a comfortableful foundain and show. fireworks painted moscow with color. >> and europe big ben kicked in the new year. they had champagne in the eiffel tower. rio dejaenero. one spectacular celebration after another. >> cross roads of the world, confeti rained down on a million people in times square to watch the traditional ball drop in new york, fox news. >> this is all i have, my iphone on. >> and you can see that. >> that is. >> that's all i got last night. >> that's so side. >> we have headlines while you ponder that interesting piece
6:32 am
of technology. >> is it an olive branch or a ominous warning. north korea is looking to improve relations with south koreo a nuclear holocaust. the communist nation called for a nuclear freeze and warned that the military would be ready for a mercless attack on their enemies. >> a small plane and medical helicopter colliding and killing the pilot cessnapilot and passenger. they had just dropped off a patient in the medical center. and new year has several new governors. new mexico first i female governor in a private ceremony and democrat andrew cuomo was sworn in. sandra lee was by his side and
6:33 am
so was his father mario cuomo. it was low key largely because of the state's crisis. >> that dress was simply home made. >> wow, clayton. >> several other states will be inaugurating new governors including rick snyder in michigan. >> and toledo, ohio,ed to the scrap heap. city officials told residents they could automate trash collection and no cut to service. since then the town is scrambling to deal with headaches, notably 1. 3 dollars in payments. >> humans beat the machines. >> talking sports now. >> it is a scary story for the fans of the football giant. probowl justin tuck was in a car accidentast night.
6:34 am
tuck's suv was hit by a nissan maxima. good news, no one is hurt . he is expected to play against the washington redskins on sunday. >> new year's day used to be all about one sport. college football. look at the hockey rink for the annual winter classic. penguins and washington capitol face off. but the problem it is 50 and raining. and the game had to be moved back to 8:00 to avoid the rain and no snow for the fall classic. that hurts theratings. they go up against the oklahoma football game. >> another tradition, rose bowl parade is kicking off. people are waiting in pasadena and claiming spots on the streets yesterday. wisconsin will take on tcu in the rose bowl. that is the game to watch, guys. >> all guys show an
6:35 am
outstanding show. >> 8:30 and highlights last year and michael vick and siger woods. >> yeah. >> good stuff. >> the federal government is jinxed. it is spending millions of tax dollars on things like neon signs and video. president obama made a promise to go through the budget line by line. will the new congress curve out of control spending? william joins us with more. >> happy new year. >> the economics is easy. cut discretionary spending but the politics is hard for washington. the point is, the promise is broken and washington hasn't wanted to cut spending and every time someone try to cut something basteful, someone else tries to save it. >> when i am president i will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely. >> as a candidate and president he promise to cut wasteful spending. >> we'll go through our
6:36 am
federal budget as i promised in the campaign page by page and line by line and elim 98ing programs we don't need. >> so how is a taxpayer paying three million for research in the world of war craft as an emerging form of communication? and a million to deepen our awareness of the environment by posting poetry at zoos? or 600 grand to archive grateful dead memor billia. >> our government is so big and we allow people to make decision that are clueless as to the situation we find ourselves in. >> it is a killing string that is right here and so much traffic. >> reptile lovers got 150,000 for a tunnel to stop the needless death of salamanders. >> and science fougedation to study how americans met their partners >> since that what the census is doing?
6:37 am
>> we made two million for the census adand doctors to the aides conference in australia as secretary clinton panned a waste of money. >> too many monies, too many meetings. >> and incoming house republicans will try to reform the process with across the board cuts to force the administration to set priorities. number two a spending cap to force officials to make trade offs and a lock box to stop lawmakers and burrcrats from taking savings from one program to increase spending in another, back to you. >> thanks. >> we'll check in with the extreme weather. >> hi, clayton. happy new year to you. unfortunately not a happy new year for folks in the south. we still have tornado watches and warnings . we'll go to the radar and show you what we are dealing with. the worst of the weather.
6:38 am
tornado watch in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. conditions are favorable for torn turnovers and we have a couple of recent tornado warning in southern mississippi and pike county and wassal county in southern mississippi. tornado warning there and a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings. this line is continuing to press east ward. we had reports of tornados and six indicatings reported and many injuries. we have video from cincinnati, arkansas. the worst hit area. we also had an ef. this is from missouri rather. ef 3 tornado hitting missouri and arkansas. they were hardest hit states. missouri and arkansas. 35 reports of tornados, homes were lifted off of the foundation. reports of a fire house completely oliterated and dozens of people are power.
6:39 am
hundreds of thousands are without power . dozens of people are without homes and they are in shelters this morning. this is how volatile the storms were possibly the worst severe weather outbreak we have seen for the end of december. obviously we are getting the pictures to bring you the latest. people ared to stay indoors. keep your noaa radios on. we had a clash of two air masses. this is 45 in memphis and kansas if 15 . one in miles per hour and 30 in chicago and 70 in new orleans. a lot of moisture and that cold front plowed through all of that instability and that's the reason why we saw the incredible amount of tornado that is we saw yesterday . so the video really tells the story better than i could ever
6:40 am
did. >> janice thank you. give us forecast in pittsburgh. we want to see what the game looks like outdoors in the penguin capitol. if it is warm it is a disaster. rain and warm temperatures and dangerous for the players. flay are in the united states illegally and plead a crime and want a rodo so they can't get deported. turns out they may be able to plead uninformed. i will try that sometime. >> it is time for a newatitude. way to make 2011 less stressful . better atituted and clayton has a better attitude. >> don't count on it. this is your year. don't count on it. my new year's resolution to
6:41 am
make sure i make one person smile. >> kimberly martinez, we are from texas . my new year's resolution is to not be so critical of others .
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>> welcome back. i will wear it all day, buddy. >> quick headlines and then there was one. congressman danny davis dropped his bid for mayor of chicago clearing the way for carroll braun to run for mayor of chicago. rio dejamero one million new year's eve revelers. the brand was flected to reflect the city's culture.
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[laughing] >> clayton. >> doesn't look right on the top of your head. >> oxygen is running out of my brain right now. >> thanks, clayton. >> thank you, clayton. >> did you feel like more awn than not at work this year. >> i am mad at hell and i am not going to take this anymore? >> classic scene. >> approximate yes, di. if so you are not alone. two out of three american workers feel fatigued and out of control. if you are among these. how can you destress and make 20len your best year. >> i wish it was that easy. >> he said it is nothing. >> i guess you don't. tell us, what is the big
6:45 am
things. out of control at home and the economy and that adds to anxiety. >> control is a big issue. things are changing around and earth begins to shake and people feel like it is out of control and affecting them stress triggers go off. >> how can you change your situation and outlook at the job you have? >> number one, number one. biggest stress decrazior is the amount of connectiveness that we feel in our lives. outside of work it is soy important that you are supportive and close relationships that you ever pouring yourself in to and nurturing them. at work as well. what we find is the workplace that has close teams and supportive teams and actively focus on that. the people perform a lot better. >> sometimes they can get too
6:46 am
close with co-workers and that causes stress. >> that's when the lawyers take shape. >> human resources. >> and what else can we do to solve the issues? >> if you go back to control. if you order your day in smaller blockings. if we have unstructured emaims floating around et cetera . if you can get. i know it sounds elementerary. research backs tup. make two list. these are the things i can't control. obsess about it for five minutes and then go to list two. these are the thing that is i can do today . these are the thing that is do affect the outcomes and work through that and order the time blocks of your day. they are two big things. >> 68 percent of the people feel highly stressed or fatigued or out of control at work. >> a lot of that has to do
6:47 am
with a negative thinker around your particular work space. are those the folks you cannot control or can you turn their attitude around. >> we can control our thinking more than we think we can. a guy in the financial melt down and high performer could not pick up the phone. all of my clients are going to hate me and mad at me. >> we got him to log the thoughts before the call and actually, you know dispute those and make the call and then log the reality afterwards and what people find, the noise and catastrophic stuff in their head is amazing. you have to begin to have a way that you are getting on top of observing all . crazy thoughts. >> it is interesting. we have done segments like this. write things down and stick to these things. it sounds simalistic and true. >> there are brain reebes.
6:48 am
one side of your brain is subjective and oh, my gosh my world is following around. if you write things down and add a context, you hook into another part of your brain that calms you down and gets rational and moves you down a linier path. one of the stress relievers is steak small catastrophic events. high performer in the melt down, they were the ones that know recessions end. market turns around. take the long view of everything. if i lose a job that is not whole career. that is a different side of your brain that causes biochemical changes. >> realize the things that are positive and instead of focusing on few things that are wrong in any given moment. >> i remember a guy totally paralyzed. he put together a book 10 closest and most grateful relationships that he had .
6:49 am
had pictures. three times a day, before work, he sat at his desk and lookats gratitude list and felt the connectedness to the people and thankful for them and he went to work and totally different . noon time he did it again . midafternoon and end of the day and his brain changed and that research backed up. happy people are grateful people and we know that and it calms us down. >> if you have a picture of your kids on the phone. focus on well, they are not. >> wait a second. >> the side of the book, law of happiness. check it out and happy new year. >> happy new year. illegal immigrants in one state pled guilty to a crime and now want a second chance. they would have never pled guilty if they had known they were going to be ported. >> prosecutor who may have to retry the case coming up next.
6:50 am
>> some people who set their alarm clocks on the iphone may not wake up on time. before monday. there is a glitch. >> clayton is approximate supposed to tell me about these things .
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6:52 am
>> welcome back to fox and frends. happy new year everyone. they are here illegally and committed a crime and pled guilty and now may get a redo. why? they had no idea they could be deported. judges are reopening the cases and removing the deport. how does this happen? jim is a prosecutor from virginia and joins us this morning .
6:53 am
>> happy new year and morning. >> morning, how in the world does this happen? these cases were done? >> well, you know, it is stunning and peculliar to watch. what is going on, is that defense attorneys from across the state have been employing a little known obscure procedure. a writ of coren vovis. it is a writ that is devoted to correcting clerical errors. folks on the defense side is boot strapping that type of a writ which is rarely used in virginia and saying it should open the door on old convictions two or our or 10 years old so they can do a do over because clients figured out years later that there are consequences of committing the crime including deportation. >> their argument is if i knew i was going to get deported, i
6:54 am
would have gone through the legal process and there is it a chance that deportation wouldn't have happened. >> that is one of the arguments that they make. i would say that there is no systematic evidence that that happens that often. i am sure there is a rare occasion when a person gets bad advice and if a procedure exist to challenge that i say go for it but the problem is in kentucky, ability to back and challenge these types of situations where you didn't get proper legal advice. but under kentucky law. there is a three year post conviction attack period where you can make these types of arguments. virginia has a 21 day finality. it is final and not subject to attack. there in lies the writ of co-um vovis that they are
6:55 am
trying to open the door years later. >> defense attorneys say its immigrants that are here legally and those who have a job's program or otherwise. it is not illegal immigrants at all? >> it is both. in the court system attorneys for both classification of offenders are making that argument. under the legal side folks who have a permanent residence or green card and those folks who suffer a criminal conviction are told that your presence in this country is conditional. it is conditioned upon it being the law. if you break the law you are subject to deportation. they are told that in the application process for the green card. what is going on, years later, they are coming in and saying i didn't know that embezzlement or grand theft autoconviction might cause me to be deported. >> it sounds like, correct me
6:56 am
if i am wrong. it sounds like much ado about nothing. defense attorneys say simply amending a few sentences and amounts to only a few extra days in jail time. you buy that? >> i don't. i think behathey are trying is for a do over. that's what is happening. handful of cases in our jurisdiction are situations where the judges are wiping the slates clean and retrying the case and start from scratch. five or 10 years later, witnesses are gone and victims are gone and evident is destroyed, after all the case was finalized jim fisher, happy new year and thanks for waking up early . >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. unusual weather brings tragedy to the heart land. 20 tornados tear up the midwest.
6:57 am
we'll hear from the victims and waking up this morning to a new year after parties and celebrations and how americans rang in 20 11 all over the country . [ amy] as a dietitian, all of my patients are my top priority. but one patient is my mother. last year mom needed additional nuition so i recommended boost nutritional drink. and she still drinks it every day. [ male announcer ] boost has 26 vitamins & minerals and calcium to help keep bones strong... and 10g of protein to help maintain muscle. makg it the perfect compliment to your daily routine. look for your $3 boost savings coupon in this sunday's newspaper. ye, dirt? do you think the two of us will ever find the one? well, we've been left behind by so many mops and brooms... aw, man! ...but we have got... see ya! ...each other. ♪ what about love?!
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can we do that again? >> take camera three? . huh. >> no. man, it has come to this. >> technology rules? we are crazy here today. >> i have a question. how much did you spend? >> it was a free ap. >> go to the dollar store and buy a being wag of those things. today is 1-1-11. >> did you have a nice new years eve. >> it was not easy. we tried to flip in the
7:01 am
television to ring in the new year with iceland. it is sell brating at 7:00 perform. >> my kids wanted stay up, and we couldn't find one at nine. >> we looked for live coverage. >> is that how you deal with the children. >> and starting at 10:00 p.m. and yeah, all of the other artist and craziness there. >> millions rang in the new year with style. take a look. >> thry, two, one, happy new year. times square and chilly temperatures. the 66-ton water ford crystal ball drop. las vegas fireworks locked up
7:02 am
and they show cased the third tribute to peloosa. >> cold play was there . a new hotel opening up the cosmopolitan. big night for them. >> rio dea judgenero. more than two million gathered on the white sands of cococabana beach for 20 minutes of fireworks and music. life is good. >> looking at the aftermath of times square. unbelievable. so many people there and streets are clean. no confetti can be scene. they are out in the hallway and out in front of our building it is all over the place. you interviewed the hang over helpers. >> million people pack in time
7:03 am
square. who ever does that should clean my house. >> 12:02. they descend and it is crazy. >> unbelievable. >> you are throwing out your ipad. >> i am looking for the name of the decade. we'll get to that in a moment. >> and rest of your headlines, we are learning that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit argen tin a. it is not clear if there are injuries . we'll bring you the latest information. extreme weather in the south right now. storps follow a deadly day in arkansas and missouri and two dozen twisters killing 6 people destroying hundreds of homes in the course of a couple of hours. >> the second story floor, i guess maybe landed on me and penned me . all but lifted off of me and sucked me out by my feet and threw me over the highway. >> twisters are not common
7:04 am
this year. unseasonably warm temperatures torblame. >> the person who will give us info. janice? >> you are absolutely right. one of the factors was. we had unseasonably warm temperatures and strong cold front and the jet stream was positioned over the area to give a lift and twist that you can see with the tornados, tornado watch in affect. it is diminished in terms of intensity but we could see large hail and damaging wind and heavy rainfall and a threat for tornados. our tornado watch extends from louisiana and new orleans and all the way to mississippi and alabama. severe thunderstorm warning north and west of montgomery, but no recent tornado warnings. that is the first time in the last day or so i haven't seen tornado warnings in the morning hour. looking at your severe threat for later on today and morning.
7:05 am
shifting to the east. where you saw the tornado watch. we have a possibility of more severe weather and risk for tornados and it extends in the florida panhandle. taking a look at the winter weather advisory. snow is basically gone but because we have very gusty winds in the upper midwest, we have blizzard conditions and blizzard warnings for parts of nebraska and in to the dacotas and minnesota. still seeing the blowing snow. we had a cold side to the storm and warm side to the storm. we are talking about tornado and blizzard warnings all in the same breath. >> strange weather and not a good way to bring in the new year. thank you, janice. >> there is new video of pope benedict xvi in vatican city giving his message of hope for the new year. he condemned religious intolerance and pressing world leaders to do their part for
7:06 am
peace. >> 21 people were killed after a bomb exploded in egypt. it was in alexanderia. it came from a car filled with explosives but the interior minister said it was more likely a homicide bomber on foot. >> two masked men held 10 people hostage for over four hours at a bank. threave those hostages were in hiding back in a back room closest and the gunmen didn't know they were there. the men are under arrest . the bank manager recovering from injuries he sustained for refusing to open the bank vault. and first morning of 2011. did your alarm clock didn't. >> multiple users reporting that alarms set in the default clock application are not going off as expected. but it affects those who set
7:07 am
their alarms in a specific fashion. single alarm specifically for your iphone to work. if it is a recurring alarm so that it goes off you will be fine. >> one time, that's where people are having the bugs and in the software. >> did they know it is going to happen? >> i don't know if they knew, but we had the same issue for daylight savings time. >> some of us. >> mine went off. mine did not. >> did you set yours on a recurring basis. >> it is okay if you have it every day you are okay. >> and okay. the only way mine went off. my iphone didn't go off but my rooster did. >> that rooster come in handy. >> and new health care changes take affect today. what does that mean for you. joining us from washington
7:08 am
d.c. peter doocy. happy new year. >> morning guys, a lot of republican lawmakers said in the new year they will try to repeal the health care law. we'll have to wait and see what happens for that. congress doesn't go back to work for a couple of days. changes to health care took affect and those seeing the biggest changings are the seniors in the medicare doughnut hole or coverage gap. this is the economist breaking down what will happen on them. >> those on medicare. overall prescription benefit will be more expensive to fill in the hole in the doughnut and medicare advantage account there will be fewer benefits. for example eye glasses or jimpings. there will be subsid's to the ogram. >> they will get free cancer and disease test, things like mammograms and coloncheck up and a new agency created center for medicare innovation
7:09 am
and stopping the rapid rise of health care cost . insurance companies will have to change their ways today. they will have to spend 80 percent of the cash in premiums on the customers and important to point out it takes affect today even though the federal judge in virginia said the provision man dating all americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. back to you guys. >> and listen to this. baby boomers happy birthday. you are about to 65 years old and that will be a huge problem for the federal government, not because of your age but the drain you are about to put on medicare and the government is getting hit from two arningles. medicare and social security. 77 million americans fall in the baby boomer category and now as we turn forward to 2011, 10,000 per day will turn 65 over the next 19 years .
7:10 am
people will use the medicare availability. >> we are looking at 500 billion a year for or 47 on medicare . next then 10 years, that number will approximately double to 929 billion . it is going to continue to get worse. not only is it continuing to go through the roof, but those paying into medicare is going down by over a million from 3.5 to 2.3. major sacrifices will have to be made. obama administration address the problem next year? i don't know. he will be up for reelection. >> that is his passion. health care is his passion and legacy. >> it is a problem for both parties. a lot of those baby boomers are starting to identify themselves as conservatives
7:11 am
and a huge increase in the amount of elderly voters voted for republicans in the last midterm election. that is the voting block that cares about the benefits and now with the health care law in place benefits will have to be cut in order to make way for all of the new people coming in. democrats will have to address this and you wonder if washington has the leadership to put aside our partisan differences and sit down and figure this out. it is it a crisis. >> do they raise that age, too? >> if you hit 65 and you are on it, there is a lot of issues. let us know what the government ought to do to address the problem. what to call the last depeckade. >> yeah, it was easy. >> what do we call it >> what are people saying? >> we'll said it this way. vic wrote on twitter.
7:12 am
according to my end we call them last decade. ? ryans two-10s . george said happy new year. name it the zero's. >> i like that. like the oreo's. >> name them the o's. >> and leslie from london. hi, team watching you from london. decade that passed was the naughties in britain. we'll let you borrow that. >> that caught on in britain. >> they have defoughted about it. google searched they are trying to solve the problem since early in the decade. the ought, and 2000s and o's and nougurks hs in the across the pond. >> 780 billion stimulus bill was passed and haven't been
7:13 am
spent. are states wasting the money or is red tape holding them back. >> this guy bares it all to protect the civil libertis and it got him in trouble. we'll tell you about it next . my name is greg and my new year's resolution is to work out again. >> i am julian . the new year's resolution is trying to be nice fomy brother and sister. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these.
7:14 am
a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
7:15 am
>> president obama's 780 stimulus package was signed in february 2009 and middecember 458 billion had been awarded .
7:16 am
now two years later only 231 billion was spent . so why was spending so slow here? joining us now is executive director of public notice . alliance for american manufacturing and former lobbyist. good morning to you both. look at the cities. chicago and new york and minnesota and philly and spend less than 50 percent . how about los angeles . why so slow. this is a problem. any time you give burrcrats an aunt it is red tape and florida motive and waste . bridge in florida and teaching
7:17 am
prostitute in china not to drink. it is a flaw with the alcohol problem to get the economy going with 800 billion. there is a lot of silly projects and red tape. but what is the problem here? was it not thought out too quickly. >> part of it is expectations and everyone has different definition of shovel ready . it doesn't mean you will start digging tomorrow. we are not bull dozing through people's homes to build through the road. you have to deal with imminent donation issues and things like that. i will agree far too money was spent. and i would argue we are not
7:18 am
thinking big enough and we have to tone down expectations of what can be accomplished transportation spend nothing a year or two. those things don't pop up overnight . that is a bigger problem than the red tape. >> gletchin to that point. we were not thinking big enough. what do you think. i don't think that is a problem. going back to expectations, the administration and congress laid the expectations down. christina roamer white house economic counsel advisor said it would produce three-four million . said unemployment would not get over 8 percent. it is 9.8 percent and did get to 10 percent. expectations were made clear and expectations were set by the administration and congress and the people who crafted the bill. >> and scott, if we had gone
7:19 am
bigger and say a trillion dollars, wouldn't this problem be worse in terms of how slow the money is getting out of the door and geting to projects it needed to be? >> my fundmental complaint about the recovery money is it doesn't think. where is the next hoover or golden gate and put the united states in the lead of the pack in the 21st century when it come to infrastructure and our airport and rail system and bridges. i think that is something everyone is unhappy about no matter the political persuasion . we have seen repaving and repaint low hanging fruit and a number of projects that are taking a while to get going. i don't see the inspiration for americans here. i do think that across the political spectrum there is a lot of support for improving your bridges and roads and
7:20 am
frastructure . we'll have to leave it there. happy new year to you both. >> happy new year. >> from washington's budget to yours. what bad habits you need to break so you don't break tha . new jersey governor chris christy why he is lashing out and why they said he was mia. here's his excuse. you decide . that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items visit your jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration foa $599 lease offer on the 2011 x
7:21 am
7:22 am
time for the 1-1-11. one million. revelers that watched the ball in new york in times square. >> nypd graduates among the
7:23 am
police force protecting those party nothing times square. one ton. how much confetti was shot out of can nones. the sanitation department wasted no time cleaning up the mess and clayton, you gave them a hand. >> by watching. >> 2010 was a tough economic year and ended with an unemployment rate at 9.8 percent and americans holding 800 billion in credit card debt. radio host joins us now. good to have you here. not a big party night. it comes down to breaking bad habits. >> it is hard to break. >> new year is a great time to deal with physical and financial health. >> it is a good time to do a
7:24 am
few steps. i had a couple of financial statements that many of us don't do. balance your net worth statement. simple to do. take a piece of paper and left hand side list your assets and ir'ss and bank recollect and home and be realistic about the value of your home . car . total up all of your assets and put all of your debts, mortgage and car loans and equity loans and credit cards. they write the debts down and it is overwhelming. very few people know their net worth. if you sold everything you owned and paid your debt what do you have in your hand. >> there is they help you plug in the infoand walk around with it . preparing the budget. once you have the net worth done figure out where the
7:25 am
money is going. >> that is harder. but it is simple. list all of your sources of income . salary and dividend and social security and total it up. expenses is where we mess it up. we don't include. fixed expense and mortgage and then out of pocket engspences and this is where we mess up. mustis and entertainment. >> or four dollars cup of coffee. >> what is the best way to cal culate. >> one month keep track of every dime you spend. you will be surprised how much you waste. >> you will be horrified. >> average family cut 10-15 percent. >> four dollar coffees on a regular basis and figure out something else to do. >> manage the money together . this is team work. >> lack of spousal team work is why families fail. you and your honey manage
7:26 am
money together. >> either the huss or wife handles all of the bills. a spouse who is not part of the finances is spab tage. they are not engaged and sit down and pay the bills together. go over each bill and look at it. electric bill is $400. we'll get it down to 300. you both have ownership and keep the heat down and turn the lights down . go over all of your investment statement and 401 k's and make the decision on risk. >> learn more about money and you need to do that. read your book the financial physician . check it out your book is out now. >> happy new year. >> and coming up. president obama is spending new year's day with his family in hawaii and has a message for americans about what is happening. >> fortunate to celebrate at home but not all of our troops
7:27 am
are here. we'll visit with our troops in iraq . how they are working to get the stories of other troops out there live from baghdad. >> one man was so mad about the invasive tsa security check he bore it all. security was not happy about that. find out what happened next . i am carroll . i am from the best grass glowing place in america. new year's resolution. sing more and laugh more and laugh more. >> i am dean wood my new year's resolution help my mom and dad with the chores . ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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7:30 am
while on vacation in hawaii, president obama delivers his weekly address and urging lawmakers to return to washington to prepare to make situation decision. >> i am willing to work with anyone with either party with a good idea and commitment to see it through. we expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or failure to deliver. >> the president said the new year's resolution is to do everything he can to strengthen the jobs in the middle class. senator elect of new hampshire delivers the republican weekly address and believes that the next congress marks a new chapter for the government and
7:31 am
gop. >> we are keenly aware that american people are relying on us to change the business in washington. >> republicans in 20 thereto 11 will focus on are ducing size of government and wasteful spending. had >> garbage. the mayor bloomburg is praising the sanitation commissioner despite heavy criticism that he and his crews botched the clean up. >> last snow blocked street was not flode until yesterday. this clean up is expected to cost one million per inch of snow. 20 million we are talking. >> new jersey governor chris christie back from the florida trip and gives his administration a for effort after the snow storm. not everyone is agreeing with him. he was criticized for being out of town and christi said he couldn't come back if he wanted to and first and most important responsibility is
7:32 am
his family. he was on the phone the entire time with decisions made in his state. >> one state public school is in effect. it is aimed at eliminated anti-american prop granda. some districts say it is discrimnatory. >> you have waited for it all morning. standing up for the naked truth. father of a man who stripped this week said his son was trying to make a statement about civil liberties. he was charged with disorderly conduct after stripping down to his underwear. written on his abdomen defending the 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. >> he must have a thick ab. >> you wouldn't half of it on mine.
7:33 am
>> sports time . steve spurrier leading the game cocks against the florida state sem nolce and chris thompson right up the middle. twen yards for the score . florida state up 13-zip and spurrier not looking comfortable . steven garcia over to sanders. sanders back to garcia . back to garcia. that is spurrier style. south carolina pulls - within six. but the seminoles get the win. 26-17. new year's day not just about college football as you are accustomed it is on the rocks in pittsburgh today. washington capitols and pittsburgh peng quins play the winter classic in hines field. but the temperatures are in the 50s if you can believe it with rain in the forecast. they moved game from one-8:00. how do people feel about that? they need hotel rooms and they are scrambling to stay in
7:34 am
pittsburgh overnight. >> another new year's tradition. rose bowl parade kicks off today. people waiting in pasadena and claiming their spots in the streets. wisconsin taking on tcu with the 5:00 kick off. it is an outstanding game and good weather out there as well. enough extreme weather to go around. they're getting the rain. they are getting the rose bowl game in when they should and i have a nhl. personal for dave. first off though. tornado watches in effect for folks in the south and gulf coast region. 35 reports of tornados yesterday. worst of the weather hitting arkansas and missouri. unfortunately deaths were involved and people don't have their hopes this morning. that's how bad the weather was.
7:35 am
it continue to move east ward and tornado watches means conditions are favorable for tornados north of new orleans and mississippi and alabama. the good news we don't have warnings to tell you about. that is excellent news. temperatures, one of the reasons we saw the extreme weather we did yesterday, we have such a contrast between the barm unstable air mass and extremely cold air that is following behind the cold front. 45 in metchis . 1 in minneapolis . with the wind, it feels colder and people are urged to stay indoors in the northern plains and upper midwest. extreme warmth in the northeast down through the south. temperatures are 41 in new york. look at pittsburgh. 51 degrees . we have the nhl classic, dave with the pittsburgh and capitols. >> yeah. >> look at our future radar.
7:36 am
what are you laughing at. >> we are laughing at dave. >> i am a hockey girl. i grew up in canada. here we go. 9:00 this morning, rain coming in. 9:00 p.m. and still lingering showers and worst of the weather will be out of the way and we are dealing with the temperatures in the fours around 8:00 p.m. . could see a stray shower. can they delay the game a bit? >> they have delayed 7 hours and looks like more so. >> like tomorrow. >> they will not do it tomorrow. >> have to do it tonight. >> they will play at midnight. >> they will play, janice. thank you for my customized forecast. >> i worked hard on that. >> janice, i would like to know what is going on in hoboken, new jersey . >> and west virginia as well >> it is the safety of nhl football players. you don't want them to play on
7:37 am
wet ice in warm temperatures that. is something to watch. i am just telling you. >> we'll talk about that. >> tiger wood and michael vick and bret farve . all of those guys, coming up. we are celebrating state side, brave men and women on our military are protecting our freedom and way of life. >> how did they ring in the new year. joining us from baghdad. director of strategic affects and along with elizabeth lynch . army first class amanda elam and navy first class adam. happy new year to all of you. >> happy new year. >> well, we'll start wu, as we look forward to 2011, we are dealing with an incredible year for iraq. so much has changed in that country. we are not fighting a massive war the way we once were. the government is coming together and political signs are up around baghdad and in a
7:38 am
bit of a weird phase in iraq right now. tell america what to expect from our forces fighting in that country over the next year or two years? >> first of all, we are only going to be here another year. security agreement said we will be out of here in 2011 and we intend to live up to that agreement. we are in the business of ading iraqi security fores and we have's strong foundation for them to do internal and external security to defend the iraqi people . we are going to be very involved in making them the best we can before we leave. >> specialist lynch, what about the morale of the troops. serving over in the holidays is difficult enough. how are people feeling these days and feeling support from the united states? >> oh, most definite i think we definitely feel the support
7:39 am
of the states and all of our families back home, everybody is very, very supportive and i think the morale of the troop system awesome right now. >> you are a broadcast journalist. she is coming for your job. amanda, a lot of folks back home want to know how you celebrate the new year. it is difficult, you are away from your familis and they are first and foremost on your mind. how do you celebrate the new year? >> well, for myself, they had music in the n wrr belling. we lined to the good music to bring in the new year and skyping our families and saying hello to our families. >> navy fire and control man first class adam, you have three boys at home celebrating the new year. what would you like to say to them. we'll start with you and go
7:40 am
down the line and have you all say something special to your families this morning, adam, we'll start with you. >> i want to say that i am so proud of my boys, and hayden and vander and griffin and the support they give me every day and strength they have to keep going strong while i am here is incredible and it makes my job easier that they are so supportive and also my wife, lindsay. >> amanda? >> i would like to say hello to my parents, because without them, i wouldn't be where i am today without their love and support, and all of my brothers and sisters, i love them so can't wait to see them again. >> and specialist lynch? >> i want to say hi, and i miss you and happy new year to my family back in portland,
7:41 am
oregon and toy dad in pennsylvania, i can't wait to get home and see everybody again. >> brigadier general rank say hello to the folks back home and the facebook page you set up there, boots in the sand. we want everyone to get to the page and check it out and like it on facebook. say hello to your folks and friend and family and let us know about the page real quick. >> okay, first of all, i send happy new year to my bride sue and mom my wilmaand tell the boys jake and willie i am happy the way they supported their mom and my daughter amy and grandsonicaleb. specialist lynch is the child that ought to tell you about the facebook page. >> specialist lynch tell us. >> and the facebook page was created by soldier and the page is dedicated to telling the story of the soldiers and
7:42 am
sailors and air men and marines that are still here serving and sacrificing in iraq every day. our goal to get 50,000 people from home and like our page . 50,000 for the 50,000 troops still here in iraq. go to facebook and like us, and click on the like button and you can read about all of the great thing that is are going on in iraq right now. >> we like you. >> 50,000. >> i think we can get you there by 9:00. i know you were over at 11,000. >> we'll get you to 50,000 . thank you for your service and happy new year. >> happy new year. thank you. >> and coming up here on the show, a lot of the jobs give future employees a drug test. what about a nicotine test? one hospital or two about to start doing that. is this fair? we report and you decide. >> if you are feeling too much pain, don't reach for the
7:43 am
aspirin or coffee. best hang over cure could be in your frige right now. i am holly from hilton, south carolina and this is my fiance and our new year's resolution is to have an amazing year because we are getting married this year and put our trust in god and hope everything works out for the best. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can on try... andry...and try. i hed eating whole grain oats can helper my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is tortous. your father is suffering.
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[ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
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google said there is a bug in the an troid cell phone where the text will be sent to the wrong person. complaints started in july and google is trying to fix the bug. that is not good news. ophrah winfrey is launching her channel at noon. it is own.
7:46 am
it will feature rosy o'donald and dr. phil. clayton. >> hospital facility in the country are moving away from hiring employees who smoke. two hospitals in florida have new policy to screen job applicants from nicotine. joining us from philadelphia is family law attorney and former prosecutor kelly who joins us from chicago and happy new year and welcome to both of you. >> happy new year. >> kelly this sounds little crazy at first. when you dive into it. you realize our helps are supposed to be the bastions of health in this country and the place that we go to get healthy. is it okay for them to ask their employees to be healthy. >> i agree that hospitals do ask people to be healthy. it is a slippery slope. you tested for nicotine and any traces you will not get hired. you can get nicotine thry
7:47 am
second-hand smoke and overweight people, smoking is legal. alcohol doesn't necessarily contribute to health and they are not screened it is inappropriate. network kelly raises a point. certainly with obesity. the concern over obese workers and it costs a lot for companies to pay the health care costs for the employees and why isn't obesity the same level or metric that smoking is in the hospital. >> smoking can exac brate illness. you come in and smoked a cigarette. that smoke is still on your body and may affect a patient in the hospital. asthmatic or something who is pregnant may feel sicker if they are around cigarette smoke. there is a difference there. you bring up a good point. hiring smokers imposes a huge health cost for the company and spread amongst all of the workers and that is forcing
7:48 am
smokers to take responsibility for the bad habits. health care workers need to lead by example and show it is a bad thing. how can they send a message to patients not to smoke when they are smoking themselves . it is's good message that the hospitals are taking. >> kelly, the law side of this. i don't know what recourse they have. they are not hired in the first place and any current employees are grandfathered and they are offered $500 to help them learn how to quit. doesn't jennifer raise a good question. >> i agree with you they should be healthy again. but they could be on the patch or chewing nicotine and hand smokers cannot get hired basod
7:49 am
they will not have a recourse. it is treatment for something that is legal. doctors and medicalals should lead by example but you are talking about something that is legal. >> so is it legal? they have no choice. they can't come back and say this is discrimination. that is my choice and i want to work here and you are not hiring me? do they have legal recourse? >> no. employers impose criteria for hiring employees all of the time and restrict what people can do outside of the workplace. as a lawyer working for a law firm i can't go out and promote things as an employee of my law firm. that is all over the place it is not just smokers and not a protected class of peopl. one other small point that kelly raised. second-hand smoke. levels of nicotine would not be enough to be detected. if you are home with someone that is a smoker should not prevent you from getting a job
7:50 am
in the hospitals unless you are actually smoke. >> appreciate it and happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. i would love to know what you think about that story. what should the hospitals do. >> if you are feeling the pain from partying last night. don't reach for coffee and astrin. we have better ways to fix the hang over . newest governors getting to work today. a look at new faces running our state straight ahead.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> maybe you rang in 2011 and i am not talking to you juliet . now you are paying the price. with that headache and hang
7:53 am
over doesn't have to last all day. >> here with tip to get you back on the feet is karen gilbert back with us. and if you slept through the last segment. >> most people did. >> or they are sleeping right now. we are going to cure hang overs. why do we have asparagus? >> for people who drink last night were intoxicate today is the kay to detox . asparagus is a great way to detoxifier and antioxidants that is great for the liver. you wouldn't think asparagus would help you out but it is great. >> i want to continue with the berris and celeries and what about things people use regardless of if they are good. sausage egg and cheese biscuit with hash browns from mcdonald and mcdonalds double cheeseburger and pepsi. why don't greasey food product
7:54 am
that is i enjoy. wendy's myself. >> it is not that they don't work. when your drink alcohol your blood glucose go down. you are feeling headachey and you want comfort foods and do for the moment make you feel better. but if you fill yourself with the saturated fat and it is counter productive for the long haul. >> by nighttime you will not feel so great. if you start out right. >> asparagus and celery and berries are great. >> sabage. >> sabage is, there are studies, i know that is not something we think of when you are hung over. but it is interesting. it cures headaches . there have been studies. it has antiinflammatory studies that help with head abes. i suggest. once you are feeling better. >> nice boil of cab annual.
7:55 am
>> it is a refueling wrone and oat meal and rice. why do they work? >> you are searching for comfort i think carbs are a great choice but go for the complex carbs. they release the carbs slowly and your blood sugar levels are so low. couple of camps of complex carbs. >> anything that is kind of brown. it would be wheat pasta or brown rice or oat meal. if you are feeling like wheat crackers or pasta . you can have wheat crackers and it is beneficial and you will feel better. >> it is all counter intuitive. >> go for the hair of the cog. >> and that is no vodka in the tomato juice. >> you lost a lot of electrolytes. it has potassium and sodium and mag nezium.
7:56 am
>> here are the dogs. bad idea. >> it is a bad idea. >> i know it is one of those folk tails that you can have that . you know what, you put the poison in your body last night. you don't need more. >> and why a lemon in the water. >> lemon is great for the liver and natural cleanser of the liver and add those lemons to the water. it will help you out today. >> good, i hope you are feeling better already. >> happy new year. >> thank you for joining us. and coming up. first baby boomers turn 65 today and can social security and health care meet their need and what will the president do to make sure they don't run out of the cash and crash the system. >> katy cowerics americans should be more tolerant of muslims and she is turning to bill cosby to get it done. >> first the new year's
7:57 am
parade. that is happening in london right now. it is their new year's day parade in the uk. looks like a hoot.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> 20 thereto 11. happy new year, everybody. 2011, can you believe that people rung in the new year around the world. we'll look at parties all over the globe. and rare weather brings tragedy in the new year. out of no where 20-tornado flatten entire neighborhoods. is the wild weather over. janice is here to tell us? >> katy couric thinks
8:00 am
americans need to be more tolerant for muslims. a new sit com. fox and friends on 1-1-11 starts right now. ♪ good morning and happy new year. juliet just said where does the time go? ? i feel like the year was long for me. >> it is a decade celebrating the millennium and now the name of the last decade. naughty ot. >> nothing is going to stick. >> and 10s. >> and it is a good one. >> wreros and the o's. >> ita is amazing we went through a whole decade. >> happy 2011, everyone.
8:01 am
thank you for waking up fox and friends. >> good to be here. >> juliet here for allison camota who is taking the day off. >> i showed you my iphone horn. i can top it iphone new year's resolution generator. if you don't like it shake the iphone and it gives you another one. no longer to drink soft drinkings. i will not finish that one. no longer be braging too obtrusively. >> i like that. >> and hopefully they are not gender specific. >> all right. >> millions gathered around the world to ring in the new year in style. this is what happened in times square. approximate it is a great place. but it is tough. but the crowds counted down midnight as the gloge six-ton
8:02 am
waterford made its way. smooches for everyone. >> someone tried to kiss me. dave, knock it off. >> [laughing] it is a christial ball. it is all about the peach in where else, georgia. fiberglass and foam fruit was weighing 800 pounds and lowered annually since 1989 and takes a minute from the massive peach to fall from the sky. >> it is one of your kids favorite. >> over in europe. pressure to know how to party. here they are breaking up the bubbly on the streets of paris. >> champs de llases. >> they are breaking out the bubbly . looking at the aftermath of times square after last night's festivities. >> coming in this morning, 3:30 this morning, the whole area was clean.
8:03 am
metal barriers were pushed back and streets are wide open. crews in manhattan do a incredible job. one wonders why they were not able to get the snow cleaned up as quickly. >> all eyes are on them. >> you will hear a lot about that criticism in the days ahead. >> now to the headlines and fox news alert. passenger jet exploded in siberia while taxing on the runway. most of the 124 people got off of the plane. one person is dead and three are missing . >> new video in the fox news room. setting fires in a massive rye on the outside of london last night. that is not a prison riot. those are people playing the horns in the little -- >> new year's day parade. >> why are they awake right now . no word on what sparked the violence. >> new year and a tragic start in the heart land where a
8:04 am
series of tornados left people homeless. >> everything is gone. there is nothing left. a few sons toys i might be able to salvage. christmas tree was up and everything i have and owned is gone. >> two dozen twist ares are reported in just a course of a few hours is video out of cincinnati, arkansas. three people died in a storm including a man mim -- milking his cow. for more on the extreme weather we'll go to janice in the weather. >> hi, fortunately we don't have tornado warnings, but there is a risk for severe weather in the south. i want to point out the next storm system in the west will bring rain and snow for southern california including los angeles tomorrow. here is the latest watch in effect for 10 p.m. up through
8:05 am
new orleans and mississippi and alabama and birming the dollar ham. those shade in yellow and red. heavy rain . several flash flood warning in effect. one or two inches in a short period of time and the threat for severe weather exists in the eastern gulf coast states from new orleans to pensacola and up to montgomery, alabama and again, the potential for strong hail and damaging hail and pofential for tornados and we'll not see the extreme threats we saw yesterday. one of the reasons we saw extreme weather, we have abnormally warm temperatures in the south and extremely cold temperatures north and just in back of the cold front that continue to press through the eastern third of the country. look at how cold it is in green way. 25 and see the warmer hair and cold area. 40 in miles per hour and 50 in detroit. it is one, two, in bismarck
8:06 am
and factor in the wind and it feels colder that than that . minus 17 in miles per hour . minus 19 in bis mark and because we have strong winds, we have blizzard warnings in effect. even though the storm is gone. we are dealing with wind gusts and excess of 35 miles per hour. we have strong wind and bitterly cold. people are urged to stay in doors in the upper midwest and plains where it is below average. this is what we are deal. tornados and blizzards the first day of january. >> all right. thank you. >> unfortunately. thank you, janice. >> we'll continue with the headlines twompt masked men held 10 people hostage for over four hours. police were able to talk the gunmen and talk them in to releasing the hostages slowly. three were in's back room
8:07 am
closest and the gunmen didn't know they were there. the gunmen is under arrest. the bank manager is recovering from a injury he sustained for refusing to open the bank vault. >> this morning, republican susanamartinez sworn in as new mexico's first female governor . andrew cuomo was sworn in as governor of new york. his girlfriend food network host was by his side. the event was low key largely because of the state's fiscal crisis . they are backing off the on balls . republican rick snyder will be in today. >> cuomo has all of the employees working today. they are working today. he has all of the staff, we have serious problems and we have a lot of work to do to fix the state of new york.
8:08 am
>> that is good pr. >> president obama's new health care rules kick in today. what does that mean for americans. >> joining us from washington is peter doocy with some of the new rules. >> happy new year, clayton. the government overhauled health care in 20 thereto 10 and now it is 2011. when it come to regular folks, biggest changes will be senior citizens in the medicare doughnut hole or coverage gap. >> for those on medicare, the over all prescription benefit will be some what more expensive to fill in the hole in the doughnut and medicare advantage account, there will be fewer benefits and eye glasses and gyms, less of a subsidy from the federal government to those programs. >> with senior citizens, there is a brand new rule that said all of them would be able to
8:09 am
get free screenings for diseases and cancer and feel like a wellness check up can get one of those for free once a year through medicare . another new thing. a watch dog group called the center for medicare and medicaid innovation . they will try to figure out how to make care better and prevent costs from going up too fast in a short period of time. what else is going on today? starting today insurance companies have to spend 80 percent of the cash they make in premiums on their customers. some companies used to keep up to 50 percent of the money that they collected in prem yups and keep in mind, all of this is taking affect today even though the federal judge said that the man date. government man date that all americans need to buy health insurance is unconstitutional and even though a handful of lawmakers said in the new year
8:10 am
they will try to repeal this. it takes affect today and the congress doesn't get seated for another few days. guys. >> peter, live for us in washington. >> happy new year. >> happy new year . the story making its rounds right now on fox nation.comis this story. katy couric on a web version of her show looking back at the year 20 thereto 10 offered up an idea of the rancor that exists in the united states of america toward muslims. listen to what she had to say. >> where the bigotry to bonp 1.5 billion muslims world while wide and seething hatred people feel toward all muslims that is misdirected. >> maybe we need a muslim version . cosby show. >> interesting. >> i know that sounds crazy, but the cosby show did so much to change the attitudes of africa-american in this country and i think poom are
8:11 am
afraid of things they don't understand. >> they were not sure what to make of that idea . how she got there, she's talking about the outrage over the building, proposed building of the ground zero mosque and all of the angry and outrage. it is not necessarily misinformation. there are victim's families and they are mad. they feel it is insensitive and not the right place to build a mosque. >> so many other people felt so, so antagonistic about the mosque being built. >> the 60 percent of the americans felt that way. >> right. >> does that address the larger issue. let me play devil's advocate. does that mean there is no bigotry at all. >> it shows you how complex the issue is.
8:12 am
best of the o'reilly . he talked about on the view and whoopiguild berg got up . how politically sensitive it is. >> a lot of people writing on twitter, katy cure -- couric needs a reality shake. >> i love katy and maybe she had too much champagne. >> go to twitter and go to friends at fox news.comment and one of the critism. muslims need to speak out about the terrorism acts . moderate muslims need to stand up more and get the information out there. a lot of problems, they go on both sides. let us know what you think. >> first of the baby boomers turn 65 today . that means a nood of medicare application. >> high tech garbage college to cut city cost turn in a million dollar raise itself. why taxpayer dollars are
8:13 am
headed to the scrape pile and we'll tell you where it is. i am carroll and i am from the best grass growing place. new year's resolution to sing more and laugh more and dance more. >> i am dean wood and for my new year's resolutionip want to help my mom and dad with the chores . ♪ [ male announcer ] let's be honest. no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift. ♪
8:14 am
it's e lexus december to remember sales event, and for a limitetime, we're celebrating some of our greatest offers of the year. lease the 2011 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,399 due at signing. see your lexus dealer.
8:15 am
first baby boomers turn 65 years old. that means there will be a floofed application for medicare . so can congress save the system before the baby boomers drain it. yoins us is julie and tony. okay, let's talk about it
8:16 am
quickly. medicare is already struggling and we have all of these people turning 65 and 10,000 people a day, julie. >> we are right behind them, juliet. >> thank you, julie. coming from someone five years younger than behee. >> we have stostart a discussion of raising the retirement. it is 65 since the program was founded. maybe time to scen or 70. that is a discussion that we need to have in a way that is not political and not a way that is adversarial . it is impossible. >> you want to fight with julie. >> not totally. medicare is not the topic that gets my ire up. the growth of medicare is the problem. it grows faster than social security by 20 percent. in two years it will double the size of beneficencey. we have to talk about it it civilly. listen if you are in medicare
8:17 am
or in the 10 years, what we are saying does not apply to you. that's where you get the whole ire and furry. >> for the younger generation which you are part of by the way. >> the money is just going to run out and that is a bigger problem. and let's talk about it right now . win ares and losers . start with you. who in your mind was a politically big winner of the year. >> the tea party movement . the republican party has to understand and trust me it comes from someone who is part of the republicans. if it were not for the tea party aligning itself . we may have won the house but not by the margin . the most since 1930. that is a huge win for the republicans because the tea
8:18 am
party aligned and now they have a influence in the agend a. the bill, trillion dollars. because of the tea party. >> tea party keep coming. once these guys get in office they forget and have to make real decision. it is not an either or or. tea party is going to be so disappointed on john boehner and they will turn on themselves . it is going to be a blood bath for the republican party. i agree. >> you are not supposed to agree here. >> barack obama a huge winner in signing the legislation. >> i am saying that to get you mad. >> how predictable. it saved him from the political abyss. i don't agree with his decision wubrill why not on a political level. >> absolutely not. i am be mildly benevolent.
8:19 am
politically was nancy pelosi who has come out of this cycle in the past two years of growing government and spending and what the obama agenda and people blame nancy pelosi and the most interesting thing i saw on the campaign trail. it was not obama that upset and fired up the republican base. it nancy pelosi. >> that is very true. >> who is the loser. >> my loser for the last year. i don't want to call nancy pelosi a loser but she didn't do well. but she accomplished a lot. >> this year. who is your big prediction? >> who? christ christee. >> i love him and hei will say congressman ryan. >> big loser will be john boehner when the tea party turns on him. >> on that happy new to end on. thank you for joining us . thank you for being here on
8:20 am
new year's morning. >> thank you for having us. >> remember swine flu? cases are on the rise in several countries. 36 people have died from it in uk since october. a medical ateam person is coming in to talk about it next. >> a dog gets a new leash on life. costco above the call of duty. how a man was saved from an icy fate.
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> welcome back. pope benedict xvi giving his new year's blessing in vatican city. he's sending a message of hope to christians in the year. he condemns religious inence. snarks earlier this morning a
8:23 am
earthquake hit argentina. the epi center was so deep it gave a light shake to towns nearby. not clear if there are damages and injuries. clayton. swine flu cases are on the rise in several countries. you thought we heard the end of this thing, no it is back. 36 people died in. uk. should we be concerned about another scare here in the united states in >> we'll talk to our medical atime dr. conwell >> happy new year. >> like clayton i thought it was gone. but around the world the swine flu numbers are through the roof. why are we worried about it spreading so fast. >> i think what we need to focus on swine flu and flu rates are increasing. it is the flu season and we
8:24 am
expect it to a certain amount. the swine flu gets attention because younger people can get very sick on it. >> pregnant women and people with weaken immune system. is it a case of washing our heads or try to get the vaccine. >> i am pro vaccination and people who have immune compromise and pregnant people and elderly should get vax nighted. you are not only protecting yourself but others around you. >> food allergies which we hear today. blows my mind. my child's class, fich kids are allergic to peanuts. you hear about it with kids. wheat or peanuts. why are the numbers increasing somatically or are we overdiagnosing. >> it is a bit of both. more children and adults with
8:25 am
allergies and there are a lot of theories. with on the our diet and lack of germs even thought to attribute to it. but also, kids are getting tested for various allergies and sometimes you might find you are a tested and found to be allergic. you need to balance and see if they are really allergic. >> here is a fact. >> four percent of children ages age 18 have food allergies . concerns about the misdiagnosis led the center to do more than a simple blood testor pin prick to find out more information f. you are a parent, what other tests do we need to put our kids through? >> it is a conversation with your doctor, about their history and history of aess
8:26 am
and asthma and things to run with alerningies to put the full picture together. >> what about symptoms though. i had a stomach ache for years and it was a glutin allergies. what may not be a rash on your arm. >> that is a good point. that is part of a diagnosis. they were sickly or that is a sign of allergies. dark circles and runny noses and a lot of what we might call cold is a child suffering from nasal allergies. >> great tips to start us off on the new year and hopefully not the recurrence of swine flu. >> thanks. and coming up on the show, you may have new year's resolution all set what about president obama. >> his resolution ought to be talk less on the teler. >> playing less with john
8:27 am
boehner, you can smoke on the golf course. >> washington big players need to pay attention to juan and karl. >> high tech garbage system turns in a million waste itself and why taxpayer dollars are headed to the trash heap. >> don't miss our smorts prediction. >> look in the sports crystal ball. úç>?[ozo
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> hane new year. your birthday was yesterday. >> and tiger wood and lebron james on december 30th. capricorn is the best. not just a new year. zachary joseph. son of fox president ceo roger and his lovely wife beth. born on the first day of the new millennium. >> what a new millennium. he turns 1-1 on 11. you have to have a heck of a party. >> i can't believe he is 11 years old.
8:31 am
yesterday the guy was born. 11 years ago he was born. >> happy birthday and congratulation and have a wonderful day. >> happy new year to roger and beth. i know roger wants a world series. >> you will have to go through the philadelphia phillies. we'll talk sports in a second. >> we'll get the headlines. a bloody 2011 in egypt after a bomb exploded near a christian church after mass. the deadliest against christians. it raises suspicious of an al qaeda role. >> a midair collision with a small plane and medical helicopter colliding. the pilot was killed and passenger was as well. the medical chopper had just dropped off a patient. the pilot of the chopper and the crew are currently recovering in the hospital. >> joe miler ends the fight for the alaska senate seat
8:32 am
making its decision to concede after lisa murkowski was certified. three courts ruled against miller who argued that the vote count was not in line with the law. >> high tech garbage collecting system was not so high tech . designed to save toledo, ohio three million in labor costs. it is headed to the scrape heap. they could automate and balance the balance and no cut to service. since then the town is scrambling to deal with the headaches. notably 1.3 million in unanticipated expenses. >> the chow lab mix named penny survived a dangerous tumble in thing harbor thanks to a brave police officer who dove in the freezing water and plucked penny out . the lucky dog was returned to the owner and recuperating just fine. congratulation toz penny. >> a lot of crazy weather now.
8:33 am
janice is tracking all of the crazy storms for us. happy new year. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you okay. >> never rush a pregnant lady. >> ah. >> are you out of breathe. >> your water didn't break. >> no did doesn't. >> getting acward. >> weembe right there to help. >> can you deliver babies, too. clayton. >> courtney just had a baby. >> congratulations, courtney . we are going to announce that. >> there she is. >> and cash hudson evans born at 6:08 this morning and unbelievable. >> cash hudson evans. >> he has to be a rock star. >> courtney looks great even though she got her hair done. >> she always looks good. >> she does. and by the way, nine pounds. >> nine pounds.
8:34 am
>> courtney is like >> congratulations court nigh. she was like whew. okay. >> gen, not such good weather news. >> i apologize and i was sitting down when they called my name. we are not due for another month. chay ton you will not have to deliver the baby. taking a look at the watches right now. severe tornado watch in affect for parts of the gulf coast states. mississippi and alabama and there are no warnings to tell you about. we had a tragic day across the southwest and at least six deaths reported and homes destroid. good news is, we are quiet right now. the threat doesn't go away. but keep your noaha weather on. >> one reason we saw the severe weather is the clash of
8:35 am
cold air . warm unstable air mass ahead of it. 70 in new orleans and 14 in kansas city . 27 in chicago . so yeah, unseasonaly warm temperatures and unstable air mass . the wind chill, it feels like minus 16 in minneapolis . minus in rapid city and minus 12 in denver . a look at future radar. we are focusing on the eastern half of the counselry. you will be doling with southern california and including los angeles with more rain and snow. it is a quick huver. but the bad news, it will add to a already bad situation . we'll keep our eye on possibility of flash flooding. got through that without my water breaking. >> janice, you are looking
8:36 am
beautiful even though you cover the western half of the united states. >> i know. thank you. >> you are blocking out california. >> i know i am sorry, what can i do. i feel bad. >> thank you, janice. >> oh, i feel like alfred hitch cock. ♪ this is the best show ever. >> we'll go sposports. >> good place to go. >> even if you are not a sports fan, you couldn't help but sigh the faces of major heat litos tabloids all over the year. with a new year redemption or retirement bret farve, and what can we expect from athletes like tig are wood and bret farve and michael vick. >> here to tie it down is attorney steve len oaks. >> good to be here. >> it was a year ago in thanksgiving in the golf club wielding tiger woods incident
8:37 am
happened. he gets back on the course and things haven't been good for him since. >> he's only finished in the top 10 on two events in which it was the masters and u.s. open. and the biggest shock he lost gislette last week. he is still the best athlete arguably and he will get it back together and will he win in the new year. >> it d pends. as we saw with kobe bryant. he was charged with sexual assault. >> but will he win a major? >> i don't know if he will. he has a mental game and if he perform level we are actually used to seeing. >> i think he will get back together. >> his star tarnished. he walked around snug some say. he was the golden boy and now
8:38 am
a guy cheating flagrantly on his wife. you think people will be forgive and forget. >> it depends on if we wins. people forget. that brings us to bret farve f. he were win playoff bound he's not right now . that's what is interesting happening with bret farve sponsors are standing by him . the nfl standing by him and slapping him with a $50,000 fine. will he finally retire in 20 thereto len? >> i think there are reports that he said this is the last year and statistically he's done nothing this year. >> not had a good season and doesn't look like he will suit up for a final game. my rediction he plays next year and pulls a roger clem owns and six knames left to help a team get over the hump and get in the playoffs. he's still got game.
8:39 am
>> why does he keep his sponsorships. not gillette. >> wrangler and why are they staying with him. >> his iconic status. bret farve is considered one of the greatest nfl quarterback to play the game. >> what tiger has done and brets had done completely different leagues. >> what about michael vick. even president obama weighing in on michael vick's redemption and whether the eagles will possibly go to the super bowl. that is in a early 2011 predeciction can they go to the super bowl and will they lock him in a long-term. >> looks like it will determine whether the eagles franchise him or send him to a long time deal. they will try to sign him for 50 million over three years and statistically michael vick
8:40 am
is having one of the best seasons. >> tom brady mvp. i say they franchise him. leblon james, argue, do they win the nba title. >> absolutely. >> they are coming together . everyone is coming together as a group. dwayne wade and lebron james is playing out of his mind and he is a mvp. the key is mike mic. >> i say they don't. >> i don't think they are going to either. didn't the heat crush the lakers last week. >> they are outstand they blew them out. but. >> in the playoff you need a big man. >> and nfl, will we have a season. >> i think there will be a season. >> well, >> a lot to come together. >> there is too much money at risk. >> steve roland thank you for being here and happy new year. >> send us your predictions. >> and coming up on the show
8:41 am
you may have new year's resolution all set and what about lawmakers on hill. >> learn the joys of commercial fly aring and they are on probation and do what they said on the campaign trail. >> advice from karl rove and juan williams on what heavy heighters should do in 20 11. >> this couple met fight nothing iraq and last night they tied the knot. >> congrats to them. i am katy from new jersey, and my new year's resolution is to find cuter boys. >> i have a new year's resolution to be a better person and be nicer. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone?
8:42 am
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>> congressman danny davis cleared the way for car lin brown ride. only a black candidate could beat ram emanuel . rio dejaenero unveiled the logo just before midnight. rio 20 16 brand was made to reflect the cult are >> do you - doug dezader asked that answer. >> if you think you have a hard time keeping that,
8:45 am
consider washington where kept promises are the rarest of things. we asked juan williams and karl rove who usually don't agree on much of anything to consider new year's resolution starting at the top with president obama. >> really to talk less on the teleprompter and get more engaged talking privately with members of congress republican and democrat about the kind of legislation that he would like to have. >> playing more golf with john bone bone. you can smoke on the golf course. >> that is an important relationship. therings little question that jone john boehner likes smokesing and golfing than the president and shed a tear or two. >> carry more kleanix and they are on probation. >> and boehner rifle nancy
8:46 am
pelosi who will be the former speaker of the house and giving up the perks that go along with the big gavele. >> that is one unpleasant experience and she ought not to let it color her views. >> learn the joys of commercial flying. >> that is a biggie. one place you will find bipartisan agreement is the airport where no one like to fly commercial over the holidays. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, doug. they rang in the new year by saying i do. >> the military couple that met on the battlefield and they tied the knot in times square. >> they will join us next. and people who set alarm clocks on the iphone may not wake up on time tomorrow. >> big glitch you should know about before work on monday.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> here today, a million freezing new yorkers. to celebrate and rejoice in the marriage of bethny and jeffrey. we gather to proclaim the gift of the love. that is great. last night there was the first ever new year's wedding. bethny and jeffrey beat out 2000 applicans for the chance to tie the knot by times square. over 80,000 people voted for
8:50 am
the dress and ring and cake. and joining us is the newly weds. bethny and jeffrey dubey. i was waiting for that one all morning. tell me bethny what was it like to get married in times square in front of a million people. >> unreal. completely unreel. we had a great time. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> we watched the video and it looked like people were get negligent spirit of it. did you feel the love. >> walking down toward the stage it was amazing. and it happened last night. have you slept yet. >> a little bit. >> it was a nap. >> you will need a long nap. so much pressure on the first dance. was it sifirst dance. >> it was in the hard rock and so it was in front of 800
8:51 am
people. >> it was a piece of quake. >> how did your love story began. >> she worked with us in iraq and became friend and once we got home, we went a step forward and started our budding relationship. >> and then i got the rock. >> show the rock off. >> it is beautiful. >> get the camera to check it out. >> you have a wedding band on now. what was the dress. a beautiful dress. >> david's bridal did all of the dresses it was great. >> where are you going for the honeymoon. >> dominican republic. not going until this summer. >> and you were in iraq in 2007 and 9. were you there two types. >> one time. >> are you going back . not right now. >> not right now no. >> just concentrate on the
8:52 am
marriage thing. >> yeah. >> and what was the highlights of getting married in front of all of those people. >> seeing her on the stage. >> good worry. >> can't beat that at all >> he cried. >> i did, too. not at yours but my own. >> did you cry? >> no. i was didn't. i was worried about the masker a. i was trying to be strong for henry. >> don't cry. was your family and friends. >> my parents ands and his parents and friends of ours. >> 9:10 last night . then right afterwards. you are walking down the aisle and then the hard rock cafe. >> we did. we went and partied. >> you didn't at a there for the ball drop. >> not in times quar. >> we were in front of the
8:53 am
hard rock and we had a great view and awesome. >> jeffrey you are in a rock band and you cried at your wedding. >> right. >> and your fellow troops will talk about that. >> seeing her, she was gorgeous. >> she looked beautiful. and congratulations you guys. >> good luck on your life and have funny on your honeymoon. >> dubey, dubey. i do. >> nice. nice. >> oh, man. >> and have to drink it. >> congratulations, people. thank you for your service. >> thank you so much, still ahead. first baby boomers turn 65. but can the government meet social security and health care needs or will future gen rages be saddled with the bill? >> and clean up from gulf oil disaster is not over yet. actor steven baldwin is here. he has gumby gloves on .
8:54 am
he's in the green room and tell us what he's doing to help clean up the oil. come on in, steven.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
. >> p. >> good morning, it's saturday, january 1st, 2011 is here, i'm juliet huddy. billions around the world said goodbye and greeted the new with fireworks, and a good look at celebrations across the globe. >> and happy birthday to the first baby boomers who turned 65 today. is the government ready to meet their social security and health care needs or will future generations be saddled with the cost? >> and cleanup from the gulf ol spill? steven bald kin joins us with a documentary he's making about the gulf. >> "fox & friends" continues right now.
8:58 am
happy new year, everyone. >> happy new year, crew! . happy new year to all of our fox family here. thank you for a great 2010. take a shot of the control room. press that button for us. it's a good, festive party down there. >> wave at us, you guys. >> wave, the production staff and all of you here at fox news channel. looking forward to a great 2011. today is. >> 1-1-11. >> freakily. >> one more time on my iphone. >> he cannot get over the iphone app. >> there you go. what was that little-- >> that adds a new wrinkle for the nine o'clock hour. >> well, dave works his phone there, millions-- >> while dave works his phone there. >> millions ring out the new year and here is what happened in times square. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
8:59 am
>> that cute little couple they got married in times square last hour and new yorkers and and tourists, the 600 ton waterford crystal ball and people across the globe celebrating the arrival of 2011 and craig bosswell takes us around the world with a look at what we might. >> the kiwis were among the first in the world to welcome the light show in new zealand's capital. >> 3, 2, 1... happy new year! >> in australia, seven tons of fireworks lit up the sky over the opera house in sydney, and the clock ticked closer to 2011, celebrations continued. a giant 15-ton bell marked the
9:00 am
new year, at the temple and revellers released balloons containing hopes and notes for the new year. crowds in hong kong watched an elaborately choreographed show on the roofs of the buildings. a pyrotechnic display, with the tallest building. >> dubai's festivities included a colorful fountain and a light show, just an hour later, fireworks made the sky with color. >> in europe, when big ben struck midnight, the show over the river thames in london kicked into full year and people rapping in the new year with the eiffel tower in the background, from madrid, rio de janeiro with one spectacul spectacular celebration after another and at the crossroads of the world... confetti
9:01 am
rained down on about a million people jammed in times square to watch the ball drop. >> thank you, craig, we've been asking you, what you call the las decade. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and a lot of people e-mailing in the naughties or-- >> first of all, it's ought, ought is for zeros and the naughties. >> no from new jersey rights the name for the last decade. the two k's. >> i like the clubhouse. >> the o's was good. you're not a fan. >> the o's. but i think joe may have pulled out in front with two k's and stan from alabama
9:02 am
writes the next few years should be call the n. >> we didn't ask you about that. >> he's getting ahead of the game. >> ken, you need to follow directions. >> we have a lot of suggestions, i mean, everything from the oughts of course, which is the technical names and technical names, the teens, 20's and 30's, you need to be able to write about it. >> we need to do it the end of this hour. >> 58 minutes. >> and twitter. >> headlines, fast news alert, passenger deaths exploded while taxiing, prompting an evacuation, ap most of the 116 people got off the plane and one person is dead and three people missing. extreme weather ripping through parts of the south. following a deadly day in arkansas and missouri nearly two toz twisters killed people and destroyed hundreds of homes in the course of hours. >> the second stir floor, i
9:03 am
guess, maybe landed on me and pinned me, and it lifted off of me and then sucked me up by my feet and threw me across the highway. >> scary. they're not commenting this type of year, unseasonally warm temperatures are to blame. for extreme weather we're going to janice dean in the weather center. tell us what happened? >> exactly what you said, we had extreme contrast between the very cold air behind the cold front, the very warm, moist, unstable air ahead of it and we saw over 40, 40 reports of tornados yesterday, the hardest hit were missouri and arkansas where we've got those incredible pictures, homes were just ripped off their foundations, and unfortunately, six people lost their lives, so, it was just a deadly new year's eve, a very sad one for folks across the south and midwest. any good news, we don't have any tornado warnings to tell you about, we have a tornado watch that's whittled away as we go, which is great news, so
9:04 am
these storms are less volatile, however, we could see the potential still for large hail, damaging winds and even an isolated tornado. the concern right now is the flooding. we have flash flood, with a, just east of the huntsville area and just west of knoxville, so, flash flooding is occurring, an inch or two, in a very short period of time. it's going to cause some very big problems across these regions and the severe threat not as widespread as yesterday, but we have that threat from new orleans, through mobile, up towards montgomery, alabama for those damaging winds and the hail and the possibility for tornados, but not the thread that we saw yesterday certainly. just want to show you the satellite radar imagery across the northern plains and midwest and we have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of the dakotas, through minnesota because strong winds are going to blow that snow around and cause in some cases zero visibility on the
9:05 am
roadways and people are urged to stay indoors here and the wind chills, incredible. these are actually air temperatures, 10 doo in des moines, one in bismark and factor in the wind and it feels like minus 18 in minneapolis and minus 20 in bismark, you get the picture, it's cold and dangerous across the northern tear across the northern tier and warm and unstable across the south and clash of two air masses and that's why we saw the potential for severe weather yesterday and thankfully that threat is diminishing today. back to you guys. >> thanks, janice. >> two masked man held people hostage over four hours at a local bank and police slowly used their negotiation fabbing particulars and three were hiding in the back room. the gunman didn't know they were there, the gunman are now under arrest and the bank manager is recovering from an injury he sustained when he refused to open the volt.
9:06 am
>> homeland security secretary met with afghan president hamid karzai and the past year they've been working with the afghan government to establish a border security and custom system to cut down on the drugs coming into the country and she leaves for qatar, hopefully you woke up with the sound of singing on the iphone. users are reporting that alarms set within the phone's default clock application, they're not going off as expected, you have to set a single alarm specifically in order for it to work. >> yeah, so this is exactly what happened. if you didn't set the alarm properly, set it for a single setting just one time it's not going to go off. my phone didn't go off. you have to do the recurring iphone alarm until they figure out a bug fix for this the software. >> you know whose alarm didn't go off. steven baldwin, actor who is here on the couch. >> how did we get him up? >> how did you get up?
9:07 am
>> you know, i've got a reputation of not always in the past of doing things correctly. and get the backup alarm? why? i want to start 2011 right here at fox. >> all right, you made it. >> that's what i wanted. >> and solved the iphone problem. >> did you have a nice new year's eve. >> lovely, friends and family over and we had some chch folks come over and we just prayed in the new year and just mellow and my two daughters, 17 and 14, they were out galavanting so i had to be sticking around waiting for them to get home and make sure everything was good. >> only imagine what that's like. >> 80's 90's, what do we name the last decade. >> i've got to be honest with you, i'm calling it been there, done there, let's look forward. >> one of the ways we're going to look forward, baby boomers, today, 1-1-11, all the baby boomers are starting to turn 65 and over the next 20 years, this is going to squeeze
9:08 am
medicare and social security from both sides and we don't know how to pay for it right now. 47 million americans right now in medicare and about to see them jump up to 80 million americans and we don't know how to pay for it. any solutions? how in the world should this administration figure out how to pay for this thing? >> well, i think what makes america great and has always made america great is innovation and i think what needs to happen, instead of just relying on tax cuts and the government to do whatever certain people may think they should do for us, how about business and things like that starting and job creation and growth like that, start to be the thing. i'm out here to talk about environmental stuff that's positive and obviously obama is into that and gone from maybe bush's 6 to 9 billion a year to 90 billion a year trying to create more green jobs, i think, is something that's going to make a difference like if we could find the internet thing or boom for the environment going
9:09 am
forward. they could be something that's very positive. >> when it comes to things like social security, medicare, we're looking at 500 million dollars a year right now. by 2020, we're talking about nearly a trillion dollars and one thing people don't like in this country although we like innovation and they don't like to give up things and don't want to hear the retirement age raised from 65 to 68, but people have to sacrifice something, don't they? >> absolutely, listen, again, in that spirit of america, you know, i think that we're extremely charitable, we do what we've got to do. if lately you see in the last three years, everybody cinching up their belt and conserving and doing the right thing, hey, let's look at one response to the attitude i'm suggesting right now, a billion more dollars were spent this year during christmas than last year, even though it's rough, we do what we need to do to survive and get through. >> yeah, we do. >> sure. >> we're counting on that. >> we saw some positive signs
9:10 am
around the economy and one thing that may have spurred sop of the growth and positivity that relates to wall street is the tax cuts extended and republicans and democrats coming together on a bipartisan basis. some rich folks were upset that they were going to extended. liberal rich folks and now there's a website figuring out how they're going to get other jobs created in this economy, great idea? >> fantastic idea. >> why would they need a website to tell them to do that? aren't the ones that-- >> it's called put your money where your mouth is. >> if you're going to sit around and complain about it, we need to track how much those people that complained about it are actually giving, don't we? we need to find out. >> i think if those folks who feel so strongly about it want to stand up and be counted for, here is it one way that they can do it. >> and so maybe we'll see if
9:11 am
the oracle of omaha can go there to give it back and the website is give it back for the website. give it back for >> we are going to show-- show us the gloves, and we'll talk about it after the break. why in the world was he wearing these? we'll answer that for you. and he was helping the gulf recover after the devastating oil spill. >> yeah, they're going to take a look back at 2010's biggest failures, the trash program ended up costing taxpayers more than it was worth and what could be the next big thing? ♪ >> i'm from dubai, and my new years resolution is to make sure that every day i make one
9:12 am
person smile. >> kimberly martinez, we're from texas and new years resolution is not to be so critical of others. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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[♪...] >> announcer: every child deserves the hope and healing of a children's miracle network hospital... [♪...] 170 hospitals helping 17 million kids each year. children's miracle network hospitals-- hospitals helping local kids. for information on how to help, visit
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>> welcome back. actor, film maker, radio host, all around good guy, is descending on the gulf of mexico, continuing efforts to support those residents suffering from the oil spill there. >> yeah, it's a new alliance with cell-- am i saying that right, select-tech technologies, he's agreed to be one of the new spokesperson for op flex. >> op flex. >> a super absorb ant foam. >> we'll have the technology here. this is bad-- >> anyway, here is the thing, i'm down in the gulf a couple
9:15 am
of weeks after, i started this documentary will to drill. and i get down there and the people down there, even today are, are really still suffering, major outbreaks all around grand aisle of staph infection or this mersa type of thing. a rare form of a staph infection. and the company that i've been working with, is headed up by a guy who's got very like-minded heart as i do and his name is scott smith, founder and creator of this, op-flex. >> it's like a foamy spongy stuff. if you put it in the oil and water and going to the gulf and china and things likes that. smart enough to realize that this product can be used to absolutely remove the oil out of the water. >> how does it do it? >> it's just in its design and
9:16 am
there's other applications for it, too, but i'm-- >> are there-- you can use booms for it, straggling kind of mop. >> here is what i don't understand. it's been proven to remove 400% more oil than the white things we've seen or wrapped things. >> far more absorbant. bp approves it to get these things to remove the oil. what happened? >> unfortunately just like you've heard the story about the berms that were going to be built. 300 million dollar berment and the capped well and that money has been given add kated for that function and now they don't need the berms anymore, we weren't prepared for the gulf oil spill. >> opflex is a company to help us be more prepared. if you have opflex instead of traditional white boom it's not going to just block the oil hopefully from the shore
9:17 am
it's going to absorb it and take it out. >> you said we've learned a lot and going forward, you say this is a thing ahead of time. >> there's the map thing. >> and you can see the oil on the other side of it, where it's, where it's through the blackness on the green. it's picking the oil up out of the water and this technology can be used in boat marinas around the world and again we're going to china with their big oil spill and my new years resolution is to do what i can to be more involved in giving back and helping the environment and working with companies like opflex, opflex by the way, new hand sanitizer. >> and wait a he canned is, check this out. >> i know you're laughing at like the obvious plug. this hand sanitizers utilizes everything that would be utilized in the strength of a hospital version, you put this on your hand and for four hours, for four hours your protected. it smells a little-- >> and let me ask you. >> tony get over here.
9:18 am
>> technology having stopped down there, the attention and focus on the gulf is also stopped. is your documentary to show some. >> absolutely. >> i was just down to grand isle, a couple of weeks ago, a rally for the truth. we're having another big one in april and i'm going to be down there and we're bringing the musicians down there, and the people and the gulf are hurting now, more than ever. google search rally for the truth. you'll see all the information and we've got to do what we can to make sure that the people are getting all that they need. >> give us an example. you do, obviously, we learned about the fisheries and the industries down there and give us an example what it's like down there at this point. >> an example of what it's like down there right now is not only is the oil that is still in the water and the disper disper disperseants in the water affecting the people in the area. people are dying from these complications in and around
9:19 am
the situation. and of course, you've got all the big bosses saying, well, it's got nothing to do with this situation. see, the well got tapped and the oil and everybody thinks the problem is over. it's far from over, far from over. all those oystermen, all of those shrimp guys, they're still suffering terribly. we've got to know just-- because it's not, you know, one of those things out of sight, out of mind. that's not cool. we can't leave the people in the gulf hanging like that. >> you always have a home here to continue to let us know what's going on down there and we will continue to cover it here on fox, steven. >> that hand sanitizer didn't have any smell. that's great. not like that other stuff. >> happy new year. >> the oil gulf a huge concern for americans last year, what are the top concerns this year, the head of rasmussen joins us. >> and building is destroyed while fire breaks out at a low
9:20 am
security prison. where it happened coming up.
9:21 am
9:22 am
>> welcome back. new video into the fox news room. prisoners in the u.k. smashing windows, setting fires, it was a massive riot. it broke out overnight at a low security prison outside of london. there was no word what sparked the violence. american babies are getting fatter. one third of obese by the age of nine months and the babies in the study were born about a decade ago. dave. >> thank you, juliet. according to rasmussen reports, the political stories that american followed the closest in 2010 were unemployment and jobs and the oil leak disaster and what else made the list? pollster and founder of
9:23 am
rasmussen reports, scott rasmuss rasmussen. >> good morning. >> good to have you. what were the stories people were talking about. >> first of all, we were talking about the stories when they were at their peak, job creation, unemployment. anything to do with the economy. the gulf oil spill, five of the top 12 most covered stories dealt with the oil spill and that was a huge story. and didn't have an impact in terms of how they would vote. the debate about the health care law that passed and then most voters now want repeals and the debate about the extension of the bush administration tax cuts, and one that was a nonpolitical topic that stuck on there, was the times square bombing attempt and followed it closely when it happened. >> did you write these things in terms of percentage. in terms of what was the most talked about story, what was that. >> that was job creation and unemployment and really, you
9:24 am
know, no matter how we talked about these issues and how you defined them. economic concerns were the biggest issues of 2010. and biggest issues in 2011 and for example, when we talked about the gulf oil spill and related to people politically, concerns how it might impact the economy. most voters tended to think they would be bad for the economy and most opposed. a discussion about the bush administration tax cuts and whatever your views on the economy and how the tax cuts would affect it, that shaped your position on the bill. >> it's surprising to see haiti, the situation down there didn't make the list and turning on now, pessimism in the country seems to be the theme. regarding commit, jobs, whatever it may be and that's what you found in another poll, scott. >> that's right, every year we ask people what they expect for the new year, best of the best ever? this year only 35% say it's
9:25 am
going to be a good year, down from 68% three years ago, the lowest we've ever measured in seven years of tracking this. it's part of an overall funk the nation has been in. and nearly half expect us still to be in recession the end of 2011 and most people don't expect the housing market to come back for at least three more years and there's a lot of pessimism around at this point in time. >> i would have hoped maybe the fact the dow was up more than 10% on the year, or on that holiday sales were up or some of the numbers that the low jobless claims that just came in, hoping that would turn some of that around. but, also, i think we can answer the next question, do people think people are on the right track? what do they find? >> 31% say on the right track and that number has been fairly steady for, almost all of 2010. a little blip suffered down
9:26 am
sips news come along, democrats are more upbeat than republicans and unaffiliated voters, but you know, when you talk about the bits of good news, and optimism. what we've found every the years, when there's bad news, people's confidence falls immediately. when there's good news it takes five or six months of good news to get people to believe it's a trend. so, getting one good jobs report, maybe as a start. if it continues in january, february, and march, then you'll see that optimism rising. >> quickly, you said the pessimism was the end since 2003. >> in 2003, we started tracking this, we didn't have any records about of this, this is the lowest optimism we've recorded. >> that didn't seem like a natural low point in this country, and glad you cleared that up one up. scott rasmussen from the rasmussen report.
9:27 am
we hope that people get optimistic, i know people are trying to be. thank you. >> coming up, president obama spending new years day with the family in hawaii and he's got a messages for americans, what lies ahead and chris christie, why he's lashing out against critics who say he was mia during the massive blizzard out here, here is the excuse and you can decide. >> listen to this, a camera that takes picture of every car on the road. the people who pay a phone and those who don't, a novel idea straight ahead. ♪ >> i'm from new jersey, i guess my resolution is just to be a better person. >> my resolution is eat more healthy and drink milk.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," happy new year everyone. i have a quick question and maybe the best thing to do, i'm not going to ask you, asking erica. at what point do you get to stop saying happy new year, january 15th? when is the cut off? >> the end of the day. >> the end of the day.
9:31 am
what if you haven't seen someone tomorrow, can you on january 2nd still say happy new year. >> i'm with juliet. i'm good at the end of the day. >> don't drag it out. >> well, happy new year today. i guess tomorrow, i won't say it anymore and now a look at the headlines. >> is it an olive branch or an ominous warning? north korea is looking to improve relations with south korea or engage in a close nuclear holocaust. in the new years weapons overnight. they called for a weapons freeze and also warned that the military would be ready for a merciless attack on enemies. a bloody day in egypt, a bomb exploded outside a church minutes after a new years mass, 20 people killed, 80 others injured, deadliest against them in a decade and raised suspicions. >> president obama had the
9:32 am
weekly address. and prepared to make serious decisions in the new year about how to grow the economy. >> i'm willing to work with anyone, of either party, who's got a good idea and the commitment to see it through and we should all expect you to hold us accountable for our progress or our failure to deliver. >> president said his new years resolution is to do everything he can to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. meanwhile, senator elect of new hampshire delivered republican addresses and leaves the next congress and marks the new chapter with the country and the g.o.p. >> we're keenly aware that the american people are relying on us to change business as usual in washington and well positioned to do just that. because the republicans in 2011 focus on reducing the size of government and cutting wasteful spending. >> new jersey governor chris christie, backed in the trip and gives his administration an a for effort after the storm, but not everybody's agreeing with i am had and the governor has been criticized for being out of town at the same time and not coming back
9:33 am
and christy says he couldn't come back if he wanted to and that his first responsibility is to his family. >> i was not going to rescind my child's christmas gift, especially when i was convinced that we had a plan in place. >> he says he was on the phone with the entire time with his administration, as part of every decision that was made in the state. >> new years, they were waking up with new governors, new mexico's first female governor during a private ceremony in santa fe and andrew cuomo sworn in and his girlfriend, food network host sandra lee was by his side. it was more low key than similar events in the last decades or so. >> and my joke again. >> go ahead. >> that address was simply
9:34 am
homemade, get it? that's the name of the-- >> and other states will inaugurate other states including rick snyder in michigan. and those are the headlines for you. >> all right, well, president oba obama's new health care rule will kick in today and here is peter doocy with new rules. >> you're right the government overall health care way back in 2010 and now that it's 2011, things will change for customers and insurance company. everyday folks, the biggest difference for senior citizens in the medicare donut hole or coverage gap. >> for thosen 0 medicare, the overall prescription benefit will be somewhat more expensive to help fill in the hole in the donut and if you're in a medicare advantage account you're going to find there will be fewer benefits, for example, eyeglasses because there will be less of a subsidy from the federal government to those programs. >> another rule says that just about all senior citizens are
9:35 am
going to be able to get pre-screened for diseases and cancer, also just about any of them that feel like a wellness visit to get one free. every year through medicare and a new watch dog group is going to form this year, the center for medicare and medicaid innovation and it's going to basically figure out how to make it better and the costs from rising too much, too fast. when it comes to insurance companies, starting today they'll spend at least 80% of the cash they make on premiums on their cuts and according to the government, some companies used to keep up to 50% of the premiums that they received and it's all taking effect and say even though some lawmakers, want to repeal the health care law and the federal judge down in virginia said two weeks ago that the part of health care law that mandates all americans by health insurance is unconstitutional. back to you, clayton. >> all right, thanks. from politics this morning and health cares to the weather center, janice dean manning that up or womaning it up. >> and i meant womaning it up
9:36 am
in the weather center, a lot of craziness going on in the weather department, very rare for this time of year, guys. and you're laughing at-- >> we're punch drunk at this point. >> okay. and i'm feeling it this year here. and stop it. >> no. >> we love you, go ahead and do your weather. >> no, you are-- we're laughing it, clayton. >> who doesn't. >> pick a number. >> i don't believe you, but anyway, moving on, the good news is that the severe threat that we saw yesterday has diminished considerably. the bad news is of course, we had incredible damage for the south, across the midwest, and we had unseasony warm temperatures across the south and frigid cold air behind the cold front that really just plowed through the regions and just left half of devastation, i want to go to pictures of missouri. governor jay nixon is touring the damage from sunset hills, the picture that you're seeing right now where we had, i think, three confirmed dead, i
9:37 am
mean, the homes are completely destroyed in some cases, and ef-3 tornado confirmed for the area and winds in excess of 140 miles per hour. this is cincinnati, arkansas, small town in arkansas, that got demolished. dozens of homes are destroyed and people are picking up the damage and three people reportedly dead here, so, just this tragedy, unfortunately, for the new year's eve and into today, i mean, you know, you just got to get together with your neighbors and try to really help them out today. and in terms of severe weather watches right now. we have a tornado watch that is starting to become whittled away and that's the good news and we're thinking that a lot of the cells are beginning to taper off. not as intense as we saw yesterday. but we're still going to see the heavy rainfall. we're still going to see the risk for tornados, isolated tornados for the day, along the eastern gulf coast, so, parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama, you
9:38 am
still need to be really cautious, keep your weather radios handy and listen to the fox weather stations as well. precipitation over the next 48 hours, one to two inches, but when you get one to two inches in a very short period of time, na means flooding concerns, that we have flash flood warnings in effect, just east of huntsville and west of knoxville, tennessee so we're going to keep an eye on this region as well. as i mentioned, the temperatures really incredibly whacky for this time of year and these types of temperatures, you don't typically see, unless it's springtime and we're talking about the dead of winter, so, 42 in memphis, 17 in new orleans, 1 in minneapolis and want to make mention, we have blizzard warnings across the northern plains and upper midwest and people should stay indoors there, too, back to you. >> thank you, janice. >> as we wrap up 2010, with time to discuss a few ideas that did work out well and some did not work out well.
9:39 am
brett favre, we're not talking about sports, we're talking about trash no parallel. >> why did you look at us for that. >> and the worst of 2010 in toledo, ohio, you're not trash. and the high-tech overhaul of the garbage collecting system, where it was automated and it was supposed to save the city in excess of 3 million dollars, it didn't happen. >> no, it actually cost. there are all sorts of unforeseen and unexpected little things here and there, and it turned out to be, i guess you could say a disaster. >> the trash. >> it was trash. >> you know what, it's interesting, maybe down the line, if this type of thing could actually work and not right now, there's a lot to work out and say like first generation technology, wait until inbound ma the third generation, maybe that's what happened here, but here is an idea that could work actually, this is actually a fairly brilliant idea and see if you'd be into this. >> fairly brilliant or brilliant? >> well, because-- >> there's still some holes there, here is the deal, with all of these cameras set up,
9:40 am
these things are capturing license plates of speeders and making photographs of license plates and they get a ticket sent to em this in the mail. never see a cop. >> right. >> they get a ticket in the mail. well, what if those same cameras were also taking the photos of license plates of conscientious drivers and they're not speeding and find out they've been entered into a lottery system and win money as a result of being a safe driver, a safe driver lottery. >> let me start. >> the loopholes. >> number one, nanny state. no one wants to be watched everywhere. >> they're already being watched. >> number two, speeding tickets raise money for cities, so if you're taking the speeding money and paying it to people, that's a whole reason-- >> that's the point. >> it's not to keep it safe, it's to make money for cities. i've got more problems. >> and put a dollar on the speeding ticket goes to the fund. and you have the speeders every day and i think it's interesting because in cities where you already have these cameras, new york is littered with them of course and other cities with speeding cameras,
9:41 am
fine, the infrastructure is it there and you're already being photographed and all of these are photographed. in that situation, fine, but in areas like florida, where they don't have speeding cameras set up all over the place and that costs a large amount up front to do it. so, maybe a better choice than the trash collecting robots. >> let us know what you think about it,, get us on twitter. next, the federal government is spending millions of tax dollars on things like neon signs, video games and president obama made a promise to go through the budget line by line. now, will the new congress curve out, or curve control spending? >> and that's next going to the support. >> happy new year, you know, the economics is easy, and cut discretionary spending, but it's the politics that's hard for washington. the point is the process is broken, washington hasn't really wanted to cut spending and every time someone tries to cut something wasteful, someone else tries to save it. >> when i am a he president
9:42 am
i'll go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely. >> as a candidate and president barack obama promised to cut wasteful spending. >> we are going to go through our federal government budget as i promised during the campaign, page by page, line by line, eliminating those programs we don't need. >> so how is it taxpayer still pay 3 million dollars for research into the world of war craft as an emerging form of communication and millions to deepen our awareness of the environment by posting poetry at zoos? or 600 grand to archive grateful dead memorabilia like flyers and ticket stubs. >> our government is so big and we allow people to make decisions that are just clueless as to the situation we find ourselves in. >> it's really a killing strip there's so much traffic. >> reptilers got 150,000 from the feds for a tunnel to top
9:43 am
the needless death of my grating salamanders. >> and study how americans met their partners. >> isn't that kind of what the census is doing? >> and we also paid 2 million for the census ad and another 500,000 to send a group of doctors to an aids conference in austria. and even ex-president clinton panned as a waste of money. >> if too many countries, too much money pays for people to go to too many meetings. >> in-house republicans will try to reform the process with across the board cuts that force the administration to set priorities. number two, the spending cap for officials, and finally, a lock box to stop lawmakers and bureaucrats from taking savings from one program to increase spending in another. back to you. thanks, william. a lock box, i thought we heard the end of lock boxes. thank you so much. straight ahead, what trends will we see this year? we're not talking clothes, things like the price of gold
9:44 am
and a crackdown on your civil liberties. what to look out for this year. >> that i can't wait for. >> and imagine throwing away 50 things each month that could be clutter around the house or even a bad relationship. how cleaning the flutter could drastically improve your life straight ahead. >> first, you're going to be looking at celebrations from around the world and people rang in 2011. ♪
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> welcome back, quick headlines for you, a controversial new law banning ethnic studies in arizona's public schools is now in effect. and it's aimed at eliminating anti-propaganda, but some districts are saying it's
9:47 am
discriminatory. the naked truth, the father of a college student that stripped at an airport says his kid was making a statement about civil liberties and the 21-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct after stripping to his underwear at a tsa screening point. >> clayton. >> all right, thanks, juliet. well, trampling on civil liberties may be something to get used to in 2011. one. things our next guest says we'll watch for in the coming yooer. the founder of the research institute joins us know you to talk about some of the top trends of 2011. nice to see you. >> happy new year. >> as i'm going over the list here, we saw quite a bit of talk this year about gold. gold prices the value of gold and you predict a gold rush in 2011. more so than in 2010? >> absolutely. we began the run in 2001 and identified in the trends journal and now we're saying that gold 2000 is not far behind. and the dollar keeps losing value and the commodities
9:48 am
prices going up and other one devaluation of the dollar and the problems going on in europe with the economic monetary union and people are going to look for safe havens from china to india, throughout europe and the world and gold will shine. >> gold will shine. wow, $2000 an ounce. the question when i hear these types of things, reminds me of the tech boom. is there going to be a bursting bubble, are people upset they invested in it. >> at some point, not long-term. you look at the rise in gold. a steady trajectory up. gone up 500% since 2001. >> war on freedom you say is coming in 2011. >> look, we just saw our security, the homeland security czarist telling the people at wal-mart and the people that shop there to go rat out anybody that they think is suspicious. we're seeing now predator drones without the bombs in them, circling over miami-dade
9:49 am
county looking into your windows to see who is safe and who is not. we're seeing the same thing hang in houston, and we're going to see more and more taking away of our civil liberties at every level. the war on terror will ten. expect more terrorist strikes as well. and perhaps more terrorist strikes in cyberspace. >> anybody wanting to look for a good entrepreneurial opportunity and educational advancement and mon for the rest of their life to become a cyber salute. we saw what happened this year with iran. breaking down the nuclear systems. cyber war is going to be waged by government and cyber crime is going to run rampant and there's no stopping it. every new system they put, to prevent it. a new one is sworn to overrun it. >> crime waves, let's-- crime waves is next, tell us about this. >> hey, you know, i'm a box by birth, when people have
9:50 am
nothing left to lose, they lose it and people losing their jobs, don't have any money. they're losing their homes and they're desperate, stressed out. they're going to do anything they can. and crime has become institutionalized, from wall street down to the welfare mom ripping it off, crime is going to be big business. >> finally, we'll end on mystery trend. mystery trend. >> what is this? >> know the hand that feeds you. and in one word, we call it-- it's going to be a new high quality of food and future trends, remember we called half a billion eggs from that oust wits farm. the butcher, the baker, the artisan cheese maker, 25% of the population is going-- >> grass fed stuff. and here is hoping to a good 2011. thank you. >> imagine throwing 50 things
9:51 am
away each month, from old clothes to bad thoughts. how cleaning the clutter could give you a fresh start in 2011. let's see if we can convince the wives with the shoes.
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> welcome back to the new year and get rid of the things that weigh you down. time to get rid of useless items and people. amen, sister. >> joining us is the author of "throw out 50 things" and the president and ceo of life designs. nice to see you, happy new year. >> nice to see you, happy new year to you guys. >> serious, throw things out. we've all got clutter. >> okay, a little bit earlier we were hearing how optimism is an all time low and if you want to be optimistic, if you
9:54 am
want to move forward, i think everybody in in country is tired of asking the question, how bad could it get? and asking the question, how good could i make it? that means you've got to get rid of the life flefe plaque th clogs the arteries of life. >> throw out 50 things every month. how do we do that and prioritize? >> well, you have to ask yourself three questions, this is the rule of the engagement. number one, does it weigh me down, hold me back, make me feel bad about myself? and it could be a too tight sweater and a too small view of yourself and somebody that makes you feel small. it's got to go, you know, it's negative. it's got to go. >> number two, if it sits there and takes up room, and doesn't offer anything positive, it's got to go. >> how do you get rid of-- i mean, your husband? [laughter] >> i mean, i'm not going to talk about that, actually.
9:55 am
that would-- >> and women i was working with and anything that holds you back and slows you down and she wept home and she came back and she said you know want to what i threw out? >> sure. >> i threw out the guy i've been living with for 11 years because he made me feel heavy. do i have to throw out 49 more things, yeah, but that's good for this he can woo. >> i think it's fascinating that it's people's feelings and objects, people can't get rid of. they agonize and think about it long and hard, a sign you should get rid of it or hang on. >> if you have to weigh the pros and cons what should you do, or keep it or maybe use it later, forget about it. it has to go. it has to go. >> some people, we see that show borders and people, the physiological reaction to actually getting rid of something, it scares them. >> here is the good news. when you let go of something, that's why it's important to start by throwing out 50
9:56 am
things, and the things can be, you know, this stuff and this stuff, but a wonderful mindset comes over you, once you hit 50 and you become the kind of person who has decided to move forward in her life. and on a regular basis, you start letting go of anything that doesn't serve you. anything that weighs you down on a daily basis, rather than the periodic purges, that's the person you are. don't put things in the attic, cleanings things up is one thing and throw it, and physically throwing it out. the attic is symbolic of your mind. hanging on to bad habits. >> if it's still there, it's still there. we are what we think about and if it's still there, we're thinking about it and it weighs us down and the other thing, don't make this hard. you know, start small with that drawer in the kitchen and clear that out.
9:57 am
and we're starting a whole movement, and launching a movement in the spring of people helping people, let go of the past and start forward. >> i'm going to start in my attic, it's a disaster. the book is throw out 50 things, it's a great read, good advice for you in the new year. >> thanks a lot. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. can getting enough vegetables make you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number?
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so if you go from a croissant with butter to a whole wheat roll with olive oil, you'll go from roughly 16 grams of fat to about 6. take alli with that, and you're down to 4.5. alli helps you reach a healthier weight, when you get active, eat right, and take alli. alli will block about 25% of the fat you eat. and for every two pounds you work to lose, alli can help you lose one more. fda-approved alli -- how healthy works. learn more at
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>> before we end today's show we asked you earlier in the episode, in the show to to name for us last decade and couldn't figure it out. what do you call the last decade. 2009? a lot of good responses, text bound says how about calling it the onesies. salary wright, the 20 decade indicating web 2.0. >> sorry. >> no, go ahead. >> and dan and


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