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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 9, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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of time to read about 3500. we get a thousand but we have them scout. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly and spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: and ron paul and santorum stunner an a win. rick santorum is here as the race for the nomination rolls on. now with santorum back in the spotlight does he have a legitimate shot to take down the front-runner. karl rove is here as he examines the santorum surge. and crisis in cairo intensifies
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as egyptian generals call on off a meeting with senators and flee the country. liss cheney is here. white house refuses to back down despite the growing outrage over controversial contra september active mandate. hannity starts right here. >> what has been the most unpredictable primaries in history did not disappoint. voters shook up the race again as rick santorum, he walked away with wins in three states. along with his victory in iowa, it brings it to four states. judging by his remarks he is feeling the big momentum. >> i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative alternative to mitt romney. i stand here to be the conservative alternatives to barack obama. [ applause ]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, freedom is at stake at this election. we need to be the voice of freedom. [ applause ] >> sean: and joining me tonight from the campaign trail is presidential candidate, rick santorum. you got the hat track last night senator? >> we had a great night. i want to thank all the people, not just the folks in missouri, minnesota as an colorado but they have been supporting what seemed to be a tough time for us in nevada and florida. yet people continue to contribute and help with really gave us the resources so we could compete in missouri, colorado and minnesota. we just very blessed to have the opportunity to get the message across and those people of three states responded. >> sean: no delegates and you have to go back and have caucuses and i know you'll be
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competing but the big issue is momentum. you have won four states. romney has won three and gingrich won sections. how do you keep it going? >> if you look at the state of missouri, it's an important state and state republicans have to have. you have to have enthusiasm in the republican ranks, 55% of the vote. nobody have cracked 50% and we bet the highest person by 30 points, beat romney by 31 points in minnesota and in colorado, we spent money, time and treasure there. we beat him by five points. look, this is a real great night for the voices of freedom. we want a real conservative who can go up against barack obama and take him on the issues. that is the key here. this race has been about mitt
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romney and his money beating up whoever got in his way. what you saw here in a sense a fair fight what is going to be like in the fall. he won't have a five to one advantage over barack obama going into the fall election. it will be a fair fight. he can't win a fair fight. he got troubled in a fair fight. >> sean: you have stayed out the nasty back and forth that have been characterized by romney and gingrich. i am not sure it won't be as easy to do it this time but seeing the attacks against you building, two biggest issues are earmarks, and how do you plan to deal with those attacks? >> look, i say with arlen specter, i'm great we have justice alito and roberts on the court because senator specter was there to provide the leadership as a moderate
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republican giving key democrats and republicans to vote for those two justices. that is what arlen specter said he would do and he delivered. we got 30 years of those two guys. that is greatest contribution i think one of the biggest i made was to make sure those two justices and hopefully more will be on that court. >> sean: what do you think it is the back and forth? if we go through this entire race, in iowa, new hampshire we expected that governor romney would win. he comes out with a double-digit lead and loses to gingrich an leading in florida by double digits and romney comes back. now, we have what happened last night. how do you assess this? is this romney and non-romney as
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some people are suggesting? >> i think people are still searching. what you saw in the florida turnout was down. nevada turnout was down. i think people were not satisfied with the choices or the tenure of the campaign. what you saw they were pretty excited about the. these are huge margins. colorado, nobody saw that coming. we did. we felt the enthusiasm out there. we had huge crowds in colorado. we felt very good that not just conservatives were lined up but folks that want to win. they start to realize best chance to win is to have someone who can make barack obama the issue in this race and not someone who positions and policies mirror president obama on some of the important issues of the day. >> sean: how do you answer the
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either mark issue? >> look, jim demint was in the united states senate. congress has role to play allocating resources and it was abused. jim demint and i changed my position, too. earmarks aren't the issue. less than 1% of the budget. you talk to someone that have done the tough stuff, like reforming entitlement programs, that the big problem, that is hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded liability. you have to take political heat to go out and take on social security and medicare and medicaid and reform the welfare system. there is nobody that did more to reform than i did i'll match my spending record with anybody. >> sean: there have been questions whether or not you have the money, the strength and the infrastructure.
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for example, to battle heading into super tuesday. do you have enough money to see this to the end? do you have enough infrastructure in super tuesday states to be able to compete everywhere? >> i came to dallas for a reason. there is a lot of great folks, conservative folks who have resources. we've had a very, very good day here in texas. we're going to have a lot more good days in texas and other places around this country. on the internet just alone today we did almost a million dollars in the last 24 hours. this has been a huge day for us on the internet and direct mail. this has been a huge day and we believe it will continue. this something that is real out there. we're going to have the infrastructure and we're going to have the resources. this race is going a long time. >> sean: your daughter is feeling better, i hope? >> she is doing great. i said hi, last night in my
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speech. i'm going to see her tomorrow night and i can't wait. >> sean: congratulations. i played a lot of hockey. thanks for being with us. >> he has one more state, but does santorum have a legitimate shot of the nomination. liz cheney is in the studio as word the crisis in egypt has intensified. they refused to meet with senators and instead they fled the country. the country. that and michel [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? if there were buttons for this? wouldn't it be cool if your car could handle the kids. ♪ ...and the nurbgring? or wh if you built a car in tennessee
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>> sean: countdown to election day continues hannity. you heard from rick santorum that pulled off three impressive wins but it doesn't always translate to delegates. governor romney leads with 112. santorum has 72. gingrich has 32. ron paul with 9. to give you a sense where we stand, first candidate to reach 1144 delegates becomes the nominee. here to to break down the numbers, karl rove, sir, how are you? >> fabulous. how about you? >> this is fascinating.
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i'm fine. but the iowa showing by rick santorum, week before he was in single digitals then he wins south carolina. romney was down and wins florida there were very few people predicting to take the three states. what do you make of it? >> it's a volatile race. he came in dead last fourth in nevada and there are a bunch, you heard from him tonight. you know what his mind set is. he is confident and upbeat. this will give him momentum. she going to be the story here. he is going to have turbo pack on his back. stature, he wisely uichbdz when he won these three battles. he hot to pick a contender. i'm to the conservative alternative to barack obama was powerful.
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it gives him the upper hand battle against newt. newt has been saying, my junior partner ought to get out. that won't work any longer. finally, it gives him an opportunity to get an organization and get money. he is running on fumes. his organization has been thrown together, sort of like making an airplane while you fly. that is why he is not on the ballot on march 6th in virginia that has 49 delegates. he and gingrich didn't make it. it also, however, has challenges. one is expectations, we're going to be examining him a lot closer and it's hard to repeat what he did last night. at least i think there is a major reason, that could be three numbers. you immediately grasp. 22, 3, and 2. the last three weeks, santorum bailed out of nevada and bailed out of florida and had 22 stops
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in minnesota, missouri and colorado. by comparison, mitt romney had 3 and newt gingrich had 2. when you are the only guy competing in a beauty contest in missouri, we had half as many people that voted there four years ago. there were 66 delegates and was winner take all. mccain won them and primary met something. this time it was a beauty contest and they won't be selected until the caucuses at the county and state level during march. a lot fewer people came out and voted but they appreciated the guy showing up. >> sean: i think he has steady solid debate performances. and consistently solid. very impressive, steady eddie and more people like him. on the other side, he has been able to stay out of the
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gingrich-romney fray and i'm not sure that will be possible going forward because he is winning. where do you see him being attacked from? >> everybody is going to be jumping up and down. with the media looking at his record and opponents raising issues. whatful xl they are going raise we'll see that. if you accept my premise, that he invested all his time where nobody else was. four years the delegates were at stake in these caucuses. minnesota, this is the is of three rounds, romney won them four years ago, but by the time they got to the national convention because not bound, it was quarter of delegates voted for somebody else. in missouri, a beauty contest. so he has to get involved i thoi thought it was very smart, i'm
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going camp out in michigan. he doesn't have enough resources or times to cover all the states to fight both arizona and michigan. romney has a financial advantage in both. if he loses michigan but runs a strong race he is going to be the one for the night. >> sean: i think the smart thing he did by adopting the strategy which we learned in 2008 was risky with rudy guliani, he put a lot of stake in florida. here is what the numbers show. in missouri, he lost by 30 points. meaning governor romney. in minnesota where he won in 2008, he finished third behind ron paul. in colorado he had 60 points in 2008 but he lost by five points and finished with 35 points last night.
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>> that's right. romney wins florida with 50 delegates, wins nevada with 50% of the vote and then turns around and loses three contests to a guy who came in just about 10% in nevada and came in dead last fourth. how volatile is this race? it was very smart on santorum's part to say, look i'm not the front-runner so i can avoid playing in florida and nevada. i know that romney has to because if he loses florida and then fails to win nevada then he'll be in trouble. romeny's says we're not going to play where delegates aren't at stake. >> sean: are we also seeing a part of the g.o.p. base that is just not comfortable with governor romney as the nominee? meaning we're more conservative in play? >> yes, and no. yes in the sense he has not closed a sale.
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look, it's not like they hated him. this is isn't barry scranton versus nelson rockefeller, 1964, when you have enemy camps. but given a choice as we saw in south carolina, i like romney and gingrich but i am going with gingrich. in these three, one guy bothered to show up, the advantage you saw in rick santorum, he comes across extremely likable. he has pleasant smiling lawyer and he bothered to show up in these states. romney has not yet closed a sale and neither has santorum. he got 10% of the vote in nevada less than a week ago, he came in fourth. in florida he almost got 10% and got zero delegates. we've got a contest that is up in the air and will remain so for a number of months more.
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>> sean: karl rove, good to see you, sir. >> shocking developments on the american hostage crisis in cairo as a group of egyptian generals have fled. white house again refused to reverse it's contra september active mandate. we'll check in with michelle malkin on the ongoing p.r. nightmare that barack obama [ female announcer ] goodnight gluttony, a farewell long awaited. goodnight, stuffy. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspirio [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. day my journey continuesiver across the golden state,n
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>> sean: the leadership or lack thereof of president obama. america prestige is all-time low. one of the most pressing security issues that the annointed one seems unable to tackle, iran will have acquired enough uranium to build a nuclear bomb. that is assuming israel allows it to get that far. since leon panetta says that israel could strike iran as early as april. hostage crisis in egypt continues with 16 americans being charged today. the state department says the other half, they are no longer in egypt.
12:26 am
this is group of egyptian generals fled the country yesterday thereby cancelled scheduled talks with mccain, lieberman and carl levin. yet the anointed one refuses to emerge from the state of denial and that is regarding america's foreign relations. this is what he had to say just a week ago. >> anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you that america is in decline that our influence is waned doesn't know what they are talking about. america remains the one indispensable nation in world affairs. as long as i am president, i intend to keep it that way. >> sean: joining me is liz cheney. we have to be concerned about iran. our relationship with israel and now we have hostage crisis emerging. do you view that as hostage crisis? >> it is certainly of concern when you have americans who were
12:27 am
in the country doing what we, do participating in the democratic process and now being confined in the american embassy because under prosecution. the president stand up in the state of the union and act like prestige is all time high isn't the first time that she is wrong when you see it combined with arrogance. >> sean: interestingly, too, while they were not allowed to leave the country. last week the administration was talking about accelerating money to egypt so that we were going to give them. you dealt with this? >> right. and egyptian government has to understand, the military relationship is very, very important. it's important that military aide plays a key role. at the same time the egyptian government has to understand if they don't resolve this problem,
12:28 am
u.s. congress is not going to stand by and allow that aid. >> sean: how is it, you are one of them. democracy movement and we see reporters being beaten and one reporter raped. we saw this unfolding and we're being told by the president, this is democracy. we got rid of the dictator mubarak, ho how did they not know that the muslim brotherhood would likely take over? >> i think they have absolutely no strategy. in some ways what is going across the arab world in terms of the revolution would be happening no matter who is in the oval office, our response has been completely inadequate. when you look at the difference what happened in cairo where barack obama went in front of the cameras and knew ui must go
12:29 am
and what has happened in syria, 7,000 people have been slaughtered and this administration does not have enough prestige to put together a coalition to condemn what is going on. >> sean: the rise of islamic extremism, north africa and fear about jordan, we have the egypt and situation in libya. >> at the same time, we've pulled our troops out of iraq so quickly, there was a report this morning that our diplomats are unable to do the job. they are having difficulty to do leave their compound because security is so bad. >> sean: israel is watching this going on. we see the iranians getting more bold. saber rattling is going on in the strait of hormuz. they are fighting proxy wars as we know and very close to a nuke. our relations with israel have never been worse?
12:30 am
>> it's beyond belief that the secretary of defense would say publicly that the israelis to strike in spring and give the month it may happen. nuclear pro live indication in the hands of a terrorist is biggest threat. some people believe we contained nuclear armed iran tells us they don't understand the nature of that regime. they aren't doing anything that is serious that result in stopping a nuclear armed iran. >> sean: why don't mahmoud ahmadinejad and these radical islamics in iran that have been killing americans, thumbing their nose at world opinion. it seems they doubt their stated intention to wipe off israel off the map. i believe them? >> i think we have to believe him. problem there are risks associated with the potential of having to take military action.
12:31 am
the best way to avoid military action is iranians believe that in fact is the path they are headed down if they don't disarm. they don't have that belief today. >> sean: big issues coming up in the campaign. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, contra september active mandate has triggered a major battle. michelle mal xin has details on how this issue is uniting conservatives and dividing those on the left. that and much more coming up that and much more coming up st i'd race down that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. while the controversial obamacare mandate what tha requires insurance plans to provide contraceptive coverage is uniting conservatives. pennsylvania senator bob casey sent a letter to the white house calling on the administration to reverse the decision.
12:36 am
joe lieberman tweeted his opposition earlier today and john mansion he went so far as to call it, quote, unamerican. but despite the out cry from politicians, the white house is refusing to back down. >> we want to work with all these organizations to implement this policy in a way that is sensitive to their concerns as possible. but i would like to be clear, we are committed the president is committed to ensuring that women have access to contraception without paying any extra costs no matter where they work. i don't wanted to get in whether this approach might work or that one, who might feel better about it if a solution were put forward. we're not at that point in the process. >> sean: joining me now is the author of the "new york times" number one best-seller, michelle malkin is back. good to see you.
12:37 am
>> always good to see you. >> sean: we know from bill donahue that the archbishop of new york, we know in this case that president obama called him directly. that means he made that decision. he had to weigh the idea of religious liberty, religious freedom versus appeases the radical left on the morning-after pill. he didn't choose religious freedom or liberty. it seems like he cornered himself here. how does he back off this decision or can he? >> i don't see that he can. he has painted himself into the corner. now you have this testimony from bill donahue and bishops and people speaking up against this mandate, you realize that this president erred on the side of trampling the rules of people.
12:38 am
this has blown up in his face. in addition to all of the democrats that you've named who have publicly lambasted the president over it, you've got many people, centrists, evangelicals, jews, catholics, people across the spectrum of communities of faith that are outraged about it because they know. if the obama administration can abuse it's executive authority to go after catholics. they can abuse it to go after anybody. >> sean: i love the "wall street journal" put it in their piece, hhs tell religious leaders to go to hell and the public notices. think about it. for example, a lot, i'm raised catholic and lot of my fellow catholics are saying to me, they have faith in president obama. but this to them is a huge issue. it's not where they stand on abortion or contraception it's
12:39 am
about freedom of religion. that is where the assault is here? >> that's right. i think if you listen very closely to jay carney, it's hard to in the clip that you showed. he put on a brave face and tried to mimic the talking points of planned parenthood, but i think it's clear even he can't believe it. they are doing many different things. this is not an issue of quote, unquote, access for birth control for quote, unquote, poor women. what we are talking about this edict that came from hhf and kathleen sebelius with approval. is a coercion edict for insurance coverage for employers that weren't choosing to offer it for whatever reason. there is no such thing as a free insurance mandate. somebody has to pay for it. this i think is the key issue
12:40 am
here. in addition to this being an unconstitutional power grab, that tramples religious freedom, that is prime example what single with, in the first place. ultimate solution is not to find a compromise that balancing right with regards with to this specific issue. ultimate solution is to repeal obamacare entirely. >> sean: i agree with that entirely. it's a key issue for me in this election. when you really think about this it goes deeper than that. if you are talking about mandate that go force people to go against deeply held religious convictions, value systems, conscience and then in the case we have the office of chief of chaplains with the u.s. army, he was forbidden, catholic chaplains they were forbidden from reading a letter at sunday services that bishops want read.
12:41 am
so freedom of speech is being trampled on. >> freedom of association and economic liberty issues, the whole thing that is everything is wrong with the obama administration. let me add another layer. going back to the culture of corruption. i think the one official in this administration who has is caped is kathleen sebelius. she has been in the front pocket of planned parenthood back to her days of governor of kansas. she is part of some very controversial litigation. that raises questions about actions that her administration took to shred documents in a key case against planned parenthood, fraud and a case that was brought by the former attorney general there. she has had a long history of ducking personal responsibility and a lot of sunlight issues. i would take a look at that office. this is just the tip of the iceberg.
12:42 am
>> sean: sounds like culture of corruption two. our great, great american panel what's the matter? uh, trouble with a car insurance claim. ah, claim trouble. [ dennis ] you should just switch to allstate, and get their new claim tisfaction guarantee. hey, he's right man. [ dennis ] only allstate puts their money where their mouth is. yup. [ dennis ] cla service so good, it's guaranteed. foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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>> sean: tonight on the great american panel. she is the former president of the women's media center, jehmu greene is back with us and co-host of the five dealing with beckel five days a week, i listen i love him but five days is rough. and john fund is back. and pin journal page had a headline, hhs tells religious leaders to go to hell. kirsten powers i have to give credit to our fox dleeg, she had a piece, listen, the administration claims, when religious freedom was weighed against access to birth control
12:47 am
why did freedom lose. great point? >> look, obviously the obama administration is under fire for legitimate policy reasons but it calls into question their political skills. bill daley the departing white house chief of staff said don't do this. >> sean: joe biden and bill daley and kathleen sebelius argued the other way. >> this is the reason they said no, bart stupak only voted for obamacare when they got the executive order we're going to hands off religious institutions we're not going to have any kind of mandate. kathy velcamp who lost her seat because of the obamacare, she said, look, i was lied to. whole bunch of democrats feel betrayed and they look, it's one thing to do this but to do it differently. >> sean: it goes deeper because
12:48 am
he insured catholic leaders? >> he broke his promise. if republicans can make this a larger argument about religious freedom and not just about contraception i think they have a winner on their hands, policy wise, they miscalculated this one, when you look what john boehner is going to take action and if he does, that bill will pass the house of religious freedom bill. think conservative democrats, big time. >> they should do it more often. >> here is what john boehner said. >> if the president does not rereverse verse the department's attack on religious freedom, then the congress on acting on behalf of the american people and the constitution that we're sworn to defend must. the house will approach this matter fairly and deliberately through regular order and
12:49 am
appropriate legislative channels. >> sean: that puts a lot of people. >> it will put democrats bellwether states like missouri in odds with the president. >> sean: look. >> it's a brilliant political argument but this isn't about religious freedom. this is discriminating against women and he wants to give employers the right to dictate what kind of healthcare to have. that is what it boils down. >> it's healthcare. >> 90% of catholic wism have usesesome kind of birth control because at the end of the day, if you are working at the church and you are a catholic or lutheran but you then have to have aj says to this policy. if the church is providing services.
12:50 am
>> sean: hang on one second. can i add a one point. you are missing a point. this goes directly against the teaching of the church, whether you agree or disagree. the government now, what you are supporting here is the government mandated, compelling, forcing the church to go against their own teaching. >> i know many churches that provide because they -- >> and all these women have access to it. >> sean: if the federal government wants to give out free contraception they can set up carts wherever they want to. >> they can do anything they want. you can't to an institution that has a specific religious purpose and saying we're going to make you do this and you are going to like it. >> sean: let me tell you andrea is right also.
12:51 am
politically speaking, they decided to start backing off of this but was only the political unity and david axelrod, the guys in chicago they see the danger. we were dufg this with michelle, they painted themselves in a corner. >> and ohio and several other places, we saw the outrage. when the person american people do not politicize american's health. so all your tremendous dix how it's going to work against obama. >> if you had the same policy. >> i hope everyone around him agrees because when the president locks into the position, i think he is going to pay a political price. as andrea, there are a lot of catholics that pro-choice or pro-life doesn't matter. they don't bank account the government mandating that their
12:52 am
church be forced to do something against their own teachings and what they believe is conscionable to them. >> it's healthcare. contraception, decreases the rates of ovarian cancer. >> sean: the government forcing down their values down church's threats. >> this is exactly on the flip side and it was a bunch of liberals that attacked perry. >> sean: we'll take a break. you like that. that was pretty good. more on great american panel straight ahead. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we had a big battle between you. you said to andrea, she wouldn't be here today. sitting in that chair, but for birth control. you don't know, do you know her personally? >> liberals know everything. they are pursuing their professions and have successful careers. >> sean: you said, you attacked her. >> 50th anniversary of birth
12:57 am
control pill. to pursue our professional dreams and control our lives. >> sean: do you want to double down on this. >> i'm doubling down, this is fact. >> this sums up liberalism in a nutshell. we know better. we know your personal life and we want to make judgment calls. you should thank us for judgment calls. because according to jehmu i'm this seat because of birth load. that is the biggest load i've ever heard out of a limp's mouth. if you look at it single, successful women in this country we should all celebrate in this country. >> sean: how could you say about that somebody you don't know? >> because many of us would be pregnant. >> i'm smart enough to stay out
12:58 am
of this. >> many people on the right. >> why would you want to throw away access to the birth control >> to be barefoot and pregnant. >> sean: the church is saying, they have deeply held religious views. free exercise in country but the government is going to mandate that they can't practice their religion they want to. they are going to have to do something that contradicts their religion and government is going to mandate it. you don't believe in freedom or liberty because this is government power and religious freedom, period. >> to hire employees... that they need to provide the same kind of health care to women. it's discrimination against women. >> government has done a lot men
12:59 am
is less responsible in this area. if men acted more responsibly we would have fewer pregnancies. >> sean: i agree with you. >> and we have a heritage report. >> sean: 50% increase under obama. >>t used to depression, dependency go up when people fall on hard times, but even when government sees economic 37 dependency goes up 8%. so this is ratcheting up effect. dependency encourages irresponsible behavior. dependency has gone up 23% under this administration. it's astonishing. nancy pelosi believes that birth control is stimulative. this a lot of this is population control. >> population control? >> that is exactly what they are doing, it's a medical fac


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