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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> unlike y'all. >> republicans want dirty air and water and kids with down's syndrome. >> bob: that was back in the stone age when you formed your party. >> i wake up every morning.... >> sean: greta is next, that is all the time we have left. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. we are standing by on the east coast for the arrival of the private plane carrying whitney houston. fox is tracking the plane to new jersey abz when it arrives you will be the first to know. new information about the tragic death. also tonight, tributes pour in from the music world. at the same time whitney houston struck america off their feet and grammy winner nathan morris of boys to men tells them about whitney houston and on stage,
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did she go too far. laura ingraham and president obama's new budget draws the rather of republicans. karl rove will be here in a few minutes. >> right now, sudden death of whitney houston. 48 hours after the singer was found dead, family, friends and fans are in shock and grief with so many unanswered questions. here is what we do know. police say the work at beverly hilton hotel is finished and up to medical examiner to determine the cause of death. we are standing by carrying the body of whitney houston. the plane left los angeles and expected to land in new jersey shortly. a funeral service is expected to take place in new jersey later this week. for more information we spoke with tmz mike walters in los angeles. >> greta: mike, nice to see you. a lot of controversy, different stories about who found whitney
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houston and who was in that room and how long she was unattended in that bathroom. what can you tell me? >> i can tell you greta that aunt mary was the first person that found her submerged in the bathtub. several other people were with aunt mary, including a stylist and bodyguard. i can tell you aunt mary and stylist were going to prepare for clive davis' party at beverly hilton that night will she was getting ready in the bathtub for the party. i can also tell you that when they got there, she was already in the bathtub underneath the water. they attempted to pull her out and start cpr when they realized they weren't being successful. they called hotel security. they called the fire department. luckily for them the fire department was in the hotel already for pre-grammy party. unfortunately they were not able to revive her.
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>> greta: according to the time line i had, she was found about 3:30 in the afternoon on saturday. i'm curious, do you know what time she woke up that day, likewise, she had been out at all or slept until 3:30. what can you tell me about six or seven hours before then? >> i can tell you that we have learned she was partying very heavily and drinking on friday night in the hotel bar and going back and forth from the pool. we've all had some alcohol or drinks. it's possible she slept in. i do know for three or four hours before the fatal bathtub incident, she was getting ready for the party, that included makeup, stylists. everybody was there to prepare her for the party. i can tell you that we got pictures from inside the actual hotel room after they found her. she had passed away. she had several alcoholic beverages she ordered.
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glass of champagne and heineken beer and that with xanax and midol. if she was taking xanax and drinking alcohol it could have contributed what happened to her and fatal bathtub incident if it comes out she was doing both at the same time before taking the bath. >> greta: in terms of partying in the hotel, were there any description iz. how did she look that night? >> i was told partying very heavily. that was the quote i got from someone that was with her. they also said she was being erratic. i don't know if that is fall down, but it was erratic that people were concerned about her on friday night. you have to look back to thursday night. she had a performance at club true in hollywood. photos and video of her leaving
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on thursday night, very worse for wear. she looked very much she had been partying hard on thursday. she was bleeding when she came out. drenched in sweat. if you look at 48 hours leading up to what happened. she was on a bender. she was drinking both nights. she had been partying and then the bar. like i said, family was told by the coroner they should expect something like alcohol mixed with prescription drugs. if she was taking anything like xanax after drinking all that time and drink that go day could have been a fatal mistake. >> greta: how about her daughter? was she also partying with, her daughter went to the hospital twice? >> yeah, i feel so horrible about this. you have to imagine being her 18-year-old daughter but the night she passed away, bobbi went up to the room to see her mother.
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because fire rescue and police department they didn't allow her to come into the room set her off. she was upset, she was panicking. basically they took her to cedar sinai in los angeles to try to calm her down. we're told she wrnlt back to the hotel but the next morning, still unable to cope what happened, she was taken by ambulance back to the hospital where we're told she was treated for some suicidal thoughts and tendencies understanding what happened to her that day. she is out now with family and is feeling much better than she did in the last few days. >> greta: did whitney houston go to the doctors in the beverly hills in the day or two leading up to her death and why? >> we have video of her going to the doctor's office on bedford in beverly hills twice in the last five days. like i told you before, they did find amoxicillin in her hotel
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room, i am sold she had a sore throat it would make sense she had a sore throat or some sort of cold, get an antibiotic to treat it. that is one of the things they found was a new present skrichgs i don't think some of the prescriptions they found were from last year are going to be connected to those trips to the doctor if they do find xanx in bloodstream i don't think they are connected. >> greta: thank you. thank you mike, for the latest go to tmx. >> we may not find out what killed her for weeks. michael baden is here. >> good evening. >> greta: why does it take so long to get toxicology results? >> the autopsy took a day. the toxicology, probably 95% will be finished by the end of the week, but this then they
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want to leave themselves time to do other studies if necessary, look for other drugs that weren't looked for the first time, look at the microscopic slides. because if there were infections of myocarditis you would see that only on microscopic slides. i think they will do a thorough examination to rule out any infectious or natural cause of death. >> greta: is it because of the backlog or it takes weeks? >> if they put in the backlog, it will take a long time. this type of investigation should go to the front of the line. there shouldn't be a backlog in testing whitney's plood and other tissues. the testing itself takes about a week.
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for the normal general unknown that would be done but there are lots of other drugs that aren't included in the initial tests. they want to leave themselves time in case they have to do special tests because of other things they learn about drugs that she might have been exposed to. >> greta: why do you think, what would the police and investigators and coroner doing in that hotel room for so long? body remained in the room for a long time? >> it did, for some 9 hours. apart from photographing the scene and for some reason they felt they had to get a court order they were in line legally to look for any drugs that might not be out in front of them. they could take whatever they see. but to search in drawers, under the mattress, they thought they had to get a court order. they spent a lot of time interviewing every person who saw the scene, who was there.
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the people mentioned from the people from hotel, any hotel persons that came up, fire department people, to see what each of them saw and said. remember. they were told she went into the bathtub outnumbered her own volition but police want to make sure that she wasn't carried in there because she lost conscious. a healthy person won't drown in bathtub. if she fell down hit her head and got a is your did you recall hemorrhage. because -- subdural hemorrhage. >> greta: you are saying they can't fall asleep in bathtub. if you are asleep are you going to wake up? >> yes. many people fall asleep in relaxing in bathtub. they don't draun drown because
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nose or mouth goes underneath the water will wake them up. you have to be unconscious to drown. you are going to see this with drew peterson out in illinois is one of the issues that will come up. a healthy person that is conscious doesn't drown unless something causes them to lose consciousness. >> greta: one quick question, if someone comes to your office a month or two ago and you suspect the person as being an an addict is there an impediment for you to give them drugs to relax the person? >> to give them drugs? >> greta: yes? >> that is tough for the doctor. they shouldn't give them a drug that will make them dizzy, continue their addiction. the problem is as you saw with anna nicole smith and michael jackson, if doctors give too many drugs to persons that are
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addicted instead of withholding drugs they don't get punished for it. there is no punishment for doctors, doctors feel if i don't give them the drug they want, they will go to another doctor that will give them xanax. one of the things police will look in to, what doctors had see seen that the tmz people found out. what are the symptoms. should she have been sent to the hospital if she was does have dizzy and didn't feel well. maybe infections or myyocarditis. >> greta: it leaves the music world in shock. friends and musicians have been paying tribute to whitney houston. nathan morris is member of boys to men. good evening, nathan, i know
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like everybody else is shocked and in grief about this. >> yeah, it's kind of tough to deal with. we've met on several occasions throughout the years and had great and we always talk about music and perform and friendly on the charts. to have time and such an angelic voice be gone it's hard to deal with. >> greta: why was she so good? was it desire, was it training? what made her so good? >> i think was just the talent. she had that type of talent that was able to take a song and deliver it. producers baby face that write great songs every artist don't now how to deliver them but she made you believe every time she
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put her voice on. >> greta: she had such a troubled life for two decades. in many ways, many people aren't surprised about this. >> yeah, it is kind of tough when you live that kind of life. even when you have that type, i guess you say light on you. it's tough to be in a situation where you can live a normal life. some people are able to to deal with it. some people have enablers around them. it has to do with the person's self-esteem but in some cases i get caught up. >> greta: and relationship with her, you had end of the road was number one and she knocked you off the charts? >> it's funny, because end of the road that bailouts were number one on billboard. we never thought was broken.
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she came out with the sound track, but she gave a great performance. the bodyguard movie as well the sound track was part of. we would see each other in passing awards and joke and stuff like that. we would say, okay, we'll get it back. it was just a fun relationship to have. >> greta: but you knocked her off, i'll make love to you. she knocked you out of first and you knocked her first back. >> it was a friendly back. we were able to take that spot back. >> greta: huge disappointment for the fans and music world. everyone was hoping it would be very different for whitney houston. nathan, thank you. >> erratic. that is how many people describe her behavior. on thursday, houston kept popping in producer clive davis
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pre-grammy interviews. she seemed disheveled at a hollywood club. kelly carter says she interviewed her and she was a different person. kelly joins us. nice to talk to you. >> nice to see you. >> greta: when you talked to her in november she was on top of the world, wasn't she? >> yeah, it was great. whitney houston first of all, she was cordial, funny, engaging and most importantly she was excited about what she was doing which was filming a remake of a film that she loved for years. and wanted to put out there for a new generation of young fans. >> greta: you wrote an article that was supposed to come out about now? >> it was supposed to come out next month, in ebony magazine, obviously we have to go back and re-create what the story is. at the time what i wrote was
10:17 pm
this is the whitney is that you fem in love with. you are meeting her for the first time. one thing i kind of witness order set of sparkle which was shot in the detroit, she and her fellow classmates, jordan sparks they had a dance contest and were having fun and joking. they are singing do-wop music and when i saw her get in front of the camera she was the whitney houston we saw in the bodyguard. if you talk to her cast members about the performance that she turns in in sparkle, it was nothing short of brilliant. >> greta: you saw her on thursday, a very different whitney houston on thursday? >> i did. it really wasn't the whitney houston i met in november back in detroit. i was interviewing clive davis before the big party.
10:18 pm
she was kind of hanging out the rehearsal scene and my interview was one of the interviews she sat on a little bit. she was with her daughter, bobbi kristina. shoos it was little off. one thing that stood out, her hair was wet. she on sunglasses, clothing was deva like. i don't think they need to be a diva all time, whitney houston and you have cameras and documented in unpleasant moments you want to present a certain image of herself. that is not what we saw on thursday. >> greta: you were disappointed and feel as bad as everybody else? >> this is nothing short of horrific. the world is definitely lost an incredible voice and somebody who was widely influential. >> greta: kelly, thank you. look forward to see read your
10:19 pm
article. i'll look forward to reading it. thank you, kelly. >> straight ahead, despite the think beauties and big win for singer, nicky manage, did she go too far with on stage ex or sism laura ingraham will talk about it. >> and the president obama deficit wants to in half but by the end the first term. did he keep his promise? karl rove goes on the record. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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>> greta: grammy awards show is always a spectacular show but one is sparking outrage. any can i minaj mocked the catholic faith. catholic league is condemning the performance. do you know why? we have fox news contributor laura ingraham, your thoughts about this performance? >> greta, first of all, you know i'm a huge fan of yours when i just watched the nickiminag for
10:24 pm
the third time. i wouldn't do that. but i forced myself to watch this. i feel like i need an exorcism. her story is well known now. she pops up in about 2010, discovered by little wayne. another rapper who is hugely profane and very successful. she launches a career basically based using language like the "b" word, "h" word, sh word. big classic, did it on him. you can imagine, "did it" means. this is kind of her stock and trade. this is her outrage. >> greta: here is what i think is troubling. she uses the first amendment to mock another part of the first amendment. free speech part amendment to
10:25 pm
mock other people's religion. she showed up the red carpet dressed as the pope. >> and her little red hood, we were hoping the three bears would show up and eat her at that point. what i would say to nicki, that is not her real name, if you want to be really bold and courageous, why not alter ego boy named roman but someone who is living in fear, i don't know, let's being stoned in an islamic society. show up on stage with burke ka mocking the prophet of mohammad. we'll see if the grammy producer would stand by your performance as he seemed to do on another network this morning. >> greta: more interesting thing. listen to the way she was described by drake that introduced her.
10:26 pm
>> performer i'm about to present is one of the most intelligent, beautiful and driven women i've ever met in my life. she went from sleeping on bunk bed below me on a tour bus to be one of the biggest stars in the world. >> greta: i don't know, intelligent before first amendment to step on other people's first amendment, that is where he lost me. >> guest: she is really intelligent. don't you see. the only thing that matters is celebrity. it doesn't matter if her whole class of these people if you have talent or you represent something that is beautiful and that is truly compelling as entertainment. when you have to pull these stunts to get attention, it's is a safe bet you won't have the talent of whitney houston or
10:27 pm
adele or any of the classic singers from sara vaughn down. >> greta: and the abuse of the first amendment. >> guest: it created freedom. >> greta: drake is canadian, maybe he hasn't read about use of freedom of speech or freedom of religion by making mockery of it. maybe he hasn't read our constitution. >> guest: they wouldn't try this anything against the catholic church. she certainly wouldn't have her alter ego issue commentary on islam. never would happen. i wonder why. interesting. >> greta: i'm happy you watched it three times. >> guest: awful, awful. kener lick, this man needs to reexamine his credentials, this
10:28 pm
performance, it's actually sad. especially after whitney houston's death. it was sad moment for the grammies. >> greta: john boehner says president obama's new budget is bunch of gimmicks. mitch mcconnell says its campaign document. so karl rove is here next. and should whoopi goldberg be headlining the grammies next year? you can decide. [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪
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>> greta: president obama unrevealing a new budget for 2013, here it is. $3.8 trillion spending plan sparking an outcry from republican lawmakers, final cut of trillion dollars over the next decade. where is he going to get the money, $1.5 trillion would be tax increases on the well think. those making more than $250,000 a year. that is not popular with republicans. that isn't all. ryan says the budget contains broken promises. he wants an alternative plan. how will the budget plan play out in the presidential elections, karl rove joins us.
10:33 pm
so is this budget going any place to begin with? >> it will be an object of discussion. let's tree treat it as a serious document it give you the insights into his thinking. you mijd his claim he is going to cut $4 trillion over the next decade as jack lew said. there is 2.50 cents in cut for every dollar in taxes, you know what? it turns out not to be the tairs indication. keith hennessey out of stanford drew my attention to the document. this is the budget table. one of them is called summary table s-3, deficit reduction as of january 2011. it spells out how the president is going to get $4 trillion in spending reductions, deficit reductions. he is going to increase taxes by
10:34 pm
trillion five and he is going to have three point 8 trillion in so-called spending reductions. if you look at this table, it shows you something interesting. first of all they are counting $1.7 trillion in spending cuts that have already been en academy in previous years. they are counting that in this year's budget. that is completely phony. they have 1 than the $720 trillion have been enacted and he is counting that a second time toward the $4 trillion. so he has new spending, $1.45 trillion cuts in tax increases and $800 billion of interest reductions and result of these cuts and income tax increases and spending cuts. so you really have $1.20 in new taxes, $1.5 trillion for every
10:35 pm
dollar in spending reduction. not $2.50 in cuts and dollar in tax increases, he has got 1.20 for every dollar in cuts. then when you start looking at the cuts. >> greta: i have to stop you, just one second, karl. >> the plane carrying whitney houston's body has just arrived in new jersey, moments ago. plane touched down. the body was flown from los angeles where she was found dead. funeral plans are on the way. funeral services is expected to be held in new jersey, she was raised in east orange. stay tuned. now, we go back to karl rove. sorry to interrupt you. we try to catch the plane landing. let me ask you a question about
10:36 pm
this -- we still have the picture. we're going to keep the picture up. we have this bill, we have six or eight inches of pages, senator harry reid has said he has no intention of putting it on the senate floor. this is dead on arrival in the senate, do you agree. >> guest: so the democratic leader says the budget is dead on arrival. that is pretty astonishing statement. >> greta: not only that, think of the man-hours and women hours putting this document together. you would have thought that the president and the senate majority leader would have had a conversation whether this is going to even voted on. i think of all the tremendous amount of work. what a waste of time. taxpayers and people. they paid for all this. this is ridiculous. >> guest: i think it's recognition of how much it's
10:37 pm
filled with gimmicks. remember the figure, $1.250 trillion? if you go to table s-2 of the document. they have cut in overseas contingency, that is afghanistan and iraq, $824 billion. that is considerable chunk. two-thirds of money. guess what? this is complete gimmick. it says let's assume the war in afghanistan and iraq continue at same levels for the next ten years and let's assume they gear down, that savers us $848 billion. nobody expected combat operations ten years so it's completely phony. there is reason why harry reid we're not taking it up. it's a bunch of stuff they
10:38 pm
couldn't pass. >> greta: why do we pay to have created. the contents of it. i'm arguing why didn't they decide beforehand instead of wasting all this morning. >> guest: this president has not been serious about the budget process nor has the senate democratic leader. president of united states has an obligation to present a budget and he has failed to meet the obligation three out four years. senate is obligated under law to pass it each and every year and they have not done it. we're going on three years. we're running a $3 trillion a year enterprise called the u.s. government and we don't do it with a budget that is passed in the normal course of things and 13 appropriations bills and signed before the budget year. we are running a gigantic enterprise as if it were a neighborhood lemonade stand.
10:39 pm
the president is not serious about the budget and neither the democrats. house republicans passed a budget resolution last year. we had the president's chief of staff on sunday saying, the reason we haven't passed a budget in the senate is because it requires 60 votes and you can't get 60 votes in senate. a budget requires 51 votes. did he not know that? don't ask me to defend what president obama is doing. he has done a terrible job and we have a fourth budget of a row with a deficit above trillion dollars after he promised he would cut the deficits in half and call the level of deficits back then unpatriotic. if you double the size of the deficit, are you unpatriotic as well? >> greta: we'll take a quick break. we'll talk about the g.o.p. race. rick santorum is tied with mitt romney in two national polls.
10:40 pm
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trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. with the fox business brief. u.s. markets rebounded to qualify for a bailout and to avoid bankruptcy. dow finished up 72 points. apple shares traded over $500 for the first time. the soaring price has made the iphone as the most valuable company in the world. president obama has unveiled a budget for the coming year. it calls for a tax reform package that would increase
10:45 pm
revenue by $1.5 trillion over the next decade. you can catch my show noon eastern time. to find fox business network in your area, fox business network giving you the power to prosper. >> greta: we are continuing to follow breaking news, the plane carrying whitney houston's body has arrived in nchblgz. kelly, watching the body arrive by airplane are solemn in such a renowned superstar whose life was cut so shortly? >> absolutely. just the way the story has ended it's not befitting that whitney houston brought to the masses at
10:46 pm
all. >> greta: where was he is living? >> you know, as far as i know she was living in suburban atlanta. at one point, probably in the last year, she was spending a great deal of time out in los angeles. i'm assuming she didn't have a home in los angeles considering she was staying at the hotel the weekend of the grammies. most people, even if they lived in that l.a. area, coming from home not necessarily, booking hotel rooms up to a big awards show. >> greta: its sad homecoming in the suburban new york airport. teterboro airport where the plane has arrived. i can only imagine the pain for her mother and relatives. >> guest: this has nothing short of her ifk. i saw an image of one of her
10:47 pm
cousins, dionne warwick she was uncontrollable. i can't imagine what the family is going through right now. >> greta: we're going to stay on top of this breaking news. karl rove is back with us the latest on the g.o.p. race is next. ♪ dave, i've downloaded a virus. yeah. ♪ dave, where are we on the new laptop? it's so slow! i'm calling dave. [ telephone rings ] [ sighs ] i need a new i.t. guy. [ male announcer ] in a small business, technology is all you. staples easy tech experts are here to help. you must be... ...dave. [ male announcer ] with everything from new computers,
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>> greta: back with karl rove. few more things to say about this budget. >> guest: just one thing. this is not a serious budget if you don't take on mandatory spending. cbo says 57% of the budget is mandatory spending plus 7% interest. so 64% of the budget is on autopilot and president has made no recommendations of mandatory spending. notices at serious budget. it's a political document designed to give him chances to go out in battleground states and talk about favorite subjects but not designed to be a serious attempt to deal with the fiscal problems facing the country. medicare goes broke in 2021, social security goes bankrupt in 2036. deficits drop slightly tending up in the long haul and he has underestimated the sides of the
10:52 pm
deficit and overestimated economic dpreoth in all the pleojs. we can't count on him. current deficit is 40% bigger than he forecasted five months ago. into the serious document. >> greta: let me turn to the g.o.p. race. santorum is tied with romney and what caught my attention two more polls, in michigan. two polls, one is rick santorum is up 6% and another is he is up 15%. should governor romney be worried tonight? >> my gut tells me 6% is likely to be in the realm of where it is in the 15%. we have seen volatility in this race. newt gingrich up by double-digit before the florida primary. romney up in sections two weeks before the primary. these things have come and gone.
10:53 pm
>> greta: but michigan? >> it's birthplace, granted he was born there but spent most of his life someplace else. critical battleground, if governor romney loses michigan it will be challenging, that is why his campaign outside group supporting him half a million dollars worth of television today. governor romney is going to be crisscrossing the state with the upcoming schedule. he has to win michigan, on the other hand you have to break through in more than one place. rick santorum is current competitor, but is santorum going compete in arizona the other state that is voting on the same state. >> greta: do you think he can? this is largely a big part of this is money right now. two big states on the same night. >> guest: that and the fact we shortly 0 super tuesday, ten contests a week later.
10:54 pm
you are going to have to fight everywhere from georgia to ohio, from vermont and massachusetts to oklahoma and shortly thereafter mississippi. we have a lot of states, ten or 11 on the 6th and two more on the 13th. by that point we'll start have to serious slug of delegates, the question is who has most of delegates and one most of the contests. >> greta: thank you so much. sorry with the interruption. >> sad moment. >> greta: it really is. coming up, music fans around the world are remembering whitney houston. up next, a look at some of the songs that made her a superstar. ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you,
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