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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here in los angeles. we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ those remarks are well over the line. >> controversy on the campaign trail as rick santorum is accused of questioning the aminutes toed one's faith -- questioning the anointed one's faith. the former pennsylvania senator is here tonight to set the record straight. the lack of a clear g.o.p. front runner fuels speculation of brokered convention. is this doomsday scenario avoidable? dick morris has the answer. >> gas prices skyrocket more than 90% under team obama. how will they be able to defend the dismal record in
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november? we ask karl rove. the first lady hits the slopes over the weekend marking the obama's family 16th vacation in three years. our countdown to election day continues. "hannity" starts right here, right now. controversy on the campaign trail over the weekend after some accused rick santorum of questioning barack obama's christian values. the senator denies doing so, and openly admits he accepts the fact that the president is a christian. he says the following statement is taken out of context. take a look. >> it doesn't fit his pattern of trying to drive down consumption, drive up your cost of transportation. to accomplish his political science goals. of reducing carbon dioxide emission. this is what the president's agenda. it's not about you. it's not about you. it's not about your quality of life or your jobs. it's about some phony ideal.
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some phony theology. not a theology based on bible. a different theology. >> sean: obama supporters ignored the fact the senator was talk about radical environmentalism instead of the president's religion. instead they are turning it in a political football. here is our old friend -- we missed him -- robert gibbs. >> it's time in the politics to get rid of the mind set if we disagree we have to disqualify each other. not just on political positions but we question character and faith. >> do you think he was questioning his faith? >> i can't help but think those remarks are well over the line. it is wrong and destructible. >> sean: joining me night to respond to robert gibbs and said the record straight once and for all, the candidate himself, presidential candidate rick santorum. by the way, did president
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obama say republicans want dirty air and water and old people and dogs to fend for themselves and now we have a lecture on civility from robert gibbs. it missed that before. >> want to throw grandma off the cliff because we want to reform medicare system. it's very clear. what i was talking about is the president's driving up of gas prices. i was in north dakota. standing at a wellhead. they told me they have to sell this light sweet crude, a premium product. this is by the most highly valued crude out there. sell it to $32 discount. why? because they don't have a way to get it to the market. because this president not approving the keystone pipeline. and we'll lose barrels a day from alaska, venezuela and mexico and we have an opportunity to build a pipeline to get oil from the
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oil sands in canada and shale and this president holds to higher power that we have to worry about global warming. that is what i considered a radical ideology. i refer to it as theology. but obviously, it has nothing to do with the president's faith. >> sean: let me ask you this. i remember you saying this. didn't you on numerous other occasions when asked about the president and his faith and christianity say that you believe he is a christian, that he stated christianity. >> sure. >> sean: how many times do you think you said it on the campaign trail and elsewhere? >> about every time. i mean, look, he went to reverend wright's church for 20 years. you can question whatever theology reverend wright has but it's a christian church. he goes to christian church now. look, i am not going to president the question and what the president believes in when it comes to his faith. i am going to question what he is doing in this country, to drive up the cost of energy.
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destroy this economy and do so at the behest of radical environmentalists who do, in fact, want to drive up the cost of energy and pull down this economy. >> sean: it is interesting, because the president himself, he used the quote, at the prayer breakfast that you referenceed here, for on to whom much is given much should be required. wasn't he using that to justify in that particular case in "raising taxes on the rich" to redistribute wealth? was he questioning the christian faith, of those who think are overtaxed? can we interpret that it way? i watched you on "face the nation" this weekend, why did the media have a double standard when it comes to president obama? >> it's perfectly clear. let's be honest. this is standard fare. i'm not saying anything particularly new here. we have been talking about the radical environmental agenda to put the earth over needs of
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man. that doesn't understand the best way to create a sound environment is for people to be doing well and have prosperity because you go to countries where mankind is not doing well. the last thing they worry about is the environment. it depends on america's growth and prosperity, so we can be good husband to the environment the way we should. that is all i was talking about. it's for them to continually distort. this is the stuff that i think is one of the reasons we're doing well in the polls, because people see it for what it is. national media trying to destroy conservatives. >> let me ask you this. this is something i think is very, very important. because obviously your vetting is going on right now. it seems to more than anything else revolve around social issues and social conservatism. you talk about national security and the economy. and about iran as a threat. all these things. but it seems to now be focused
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more than anything else as you know about these issues. as senator, you are catholic and have views on birth control as i understand are in sync with the catholic church; is that correct? >> right. they are. yeah. >> sean: okay. now in your years as senator, did you ever vote to been a birth control? would you ever vote to been a birth control? did you ever vote to deny funding for government programs that provide contraceptive or birth control? it looks like you are laughing, or frustrated. i'm not trying to frustrate you. i'm trying to -- >> no, i'm not frustrated at all. this issue is not about birth control. there is nothing in my record that shows that i try to block anybody from getting birth control. look, i'm not a big fan of title ten, that is planned parenthood. i support title 20 programs. you know, not providing, you know, planned parenthood with all the government dollars for
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that purpose. but as far as people's right to get them, absolutely. people have the right to get them. it's a country, tha this is a freedom people have. there is nothing in my record that would impose my values on this. that is not the question. the question is the religious liberty. obama managers was telling a group of catholics or people of faith that they had to do, to violate their own faith to do -- >> sean: on the contraception issue. >> government told them they had to do. that's right. >> sean: good. i wasn't questioning your position on that. i think that has been well vetted now. it was a clear violation of our first amendment. on a lot of different areas. but it seems that right now, that there are people trying to position you as extreme social conservative in a general election will have a hard time syncing up with the feeling or sentiment of the nation and get elected against
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obama in general election matchup. that's why i wanted to get to specifics of it. >> well, yeah, the specifics are not everything that is immoral -- look, i don't believe people should lie. but i'm not going to pass a law that is going to criminalize lying. i mean, this is the absurdity again of the tenets, when you stand up and say well, this is how i believe morally i should live my life. all of a sudden now, because your moral values don't comport with what their moral values are, all of a sudden, he must be trying to impose his values. this is the kind of -- this makes it, you know, really a war on people of faith. particularly the catholic faith. which again, i mean, it's very clear what the obama administration is doing on that front. it's very clear you hold those type of beliefs you will be held up for ridicule for doing so, and accused of doing something i haven't done in my political career, which is to try to impose those values on
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anybody else. >> we'll take a break and come back. i want to give you a chance, senator, to answer a few more of these and then we look at the big picture and the other issues facing the country. we appreciate you being with us. we continue more with presidential hopeful rick santorum and then with no end in sight in the battle for the republican nomination, speculation is running wild about a "brokered convention." could that happen? if the g.o.p. is unable to decide on nominee by august. dick morris will be here to break it down. that, karl rove much more coming up straight ahead.
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folks, this is the most important election of your lifetime. it's the most important election because we don't want to have to revitalize this economy. understand that we have to revitalize the basic institution of our country. church and the family. [ applause ] >> sean: presidential candidate rick santorum speaking to supporters earlier today in ohio. but tonight, he joins me from the campaign trail. he is in michigan tonight. we continue with senator santorum. let me go back to some of the issues because you know they are front and center and i want to give you an opportunity to respond. one of the narratives that people are trying to write on you and i know you know it's happening, one, somehow his conservative values, social values on issues involving women are out of "the main stream." let me give you three quick examples. on free prenatal testing you said it would end up in more abortion. two, the issue came up as you know on the issue of women in combat. you said i have concerns about women in front line combat.
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three, from the book, the idea that you said suggested that for kids it's better if there is a parent at home. you want to give you a chance to explain your position on this and respond to people. everything i read and everything discussed about you now seems to focus on these issues. >> well, yeah, it's funny, because i'm on the campaign trail talk about energy and out there talking about manufacturing jobs and corporate tax for all businesses so we can see emergence of small business growth in country, talking about the budget deficit, where i have pledged to every year we will spend less money in washington than the year before. tackled the issue of entitlement reform and talk about social security, what i'd do on medicare and the other entitlements, on defense and national security. of course, you know, they want to talk about the issue that if it their narrative. their narrative is rick santorum only cares about these issues.
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i care about all the issues. maybe i'm different from other candidates because i'm willing to talk about all the issues. i think they're important for the society. i was talking again about the obama administration and the mandate. the mandating, it's free and it has to be free. and look, this is a sensitive subject for me. i have a little girl who is 3-1/2 years old that was, you know, we were diagnosed with a sonogram there might be a problem. i know from talking to many, many parents that they recommend to get an amniocentesis causes a risk of miscarriage by having that test done together. and what we know is the results is that 90% of down syndrome children in this country are aborted of prenatal testing. even higher condition of the condition that my daughter has. are aborted. doctors done and the tests are done for one reason, to protect doctors are liability
9:17 pm
and almost always used to encourage abortion. in most cases that is what happens. let's be clear of the prenatal testing of the amnio will result inch i was making a point and it's personal one for me. i'm against all form of government mandate benefits, period. so the issue is not that. i understand what we are getting in the case of prenatal tests. it's not about the health of women or prenatal care. it's about something very different. >> sean: let me then, maybe, maybe this is a good moment to ask you this question. every candidate at some point has to answer this. you have a deep catholic faith. you a practicing catholic. i'm raised a catholic myself. i went to seminary. for four years of high school but they didn't want me to consider the priesthood. they knew better. but in all seriousness, balancing your own personal view and personal faith when
9:18 pm
you are governing a nation of people of many faiths, how do you do that? >> i have actually given a lot of speeches about this. one of the few politicians that talks a lot about the role of faith this public life. i talk about james madison who referred to the first amendment as the perfect remedy. everybody, people of faith and no faith allowed in the public square. make their claim, make their case, respect and tolerate diversity of opinions. and then let the public decide. and you know, that is what i believe. i respect, if you look at the campaign and look at the 800 town hall meetings i've had there is respectful disagreements on a whole host of issues. we have these discussions. these are issues discussed at kitchen tables across america. when you do down hall meetings like i do and you don't script them like most politicians do, you let everybody in. democrats, republicans, independents, you name it and you get a variety of
9:19 pm
questions. why are you talking about it? that is what america is asking about. yeah, we can have a campaign like every other campaign that tries to sanitize the message and not listen to what people ask about. you can stay on message. of course, that is what the media is used to. that is not the campaign we're running. we are running something different. maybe it's, we in an era you can't do that. where you just can't have people go out and talk to their candidates and listen to what they're concerned about and answer the questions that people have. because the media will take it and twist it against you. i'm not going to back down from doing town hall meeting and listening to people and talking about the issue and answering their questions. you know what? i said this many, many times in pennsylvania. and we were successful in many elections there. people don't always agree with the positions i have but they knew i was heart-felt with the positions i have, i listen to everybody else, try to be respectful of people's opinions and i try to make
9:20 pm
sure that we did things in working together. in providing information. in educating the public and move the country together in a way consistent with what is in the best interest of our country. >> sean: all right, senator. really appreciate you as always taking the time out of your very busy schedule to be with us. all the best on the campaign trail. we'll be watching michigan leading up to super tuesday. long way go still. >> thank you very much. appreciate the opportunity. >> sean: appreciate it. and coming up, as the fight for the republican nomination has been a wild, wild roller coaster ride so far, there is talk monk some of a brokered convention in tampa. is that possible? we check in with dick morris. he answers that next. gas prices surging under the president's watch, more than 90% in three short years. so, how exactly does he plan on defending his dismal economic record in november and lowering the price of gas? we ask karl rove and much more straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: some are calling at it doomsday scenario. it has not happened in decades but more and more talk that republicans could be facing a brokered convention. this happens when a candidate fails to obtain majority of delegate and leaves those buying to get the nomination, frantically bargaining to
9:25 pm
secure the number to win. it's possible an outsider could jump in the race at that time. some of the names floated around, so-called republican saviors are former florida governor jeb bush, new jersey governor chris christie, indiana governor mitch daniels and even former alaska governor sarah palin has offered to help if this happens. joining me with reaction, dick morris. not sure of brokered convention but you might get in a scenario where none of the candidates have the delegates so there could be bargaining among those candidates. is it possible another person to get in? >> can't happen. most of the delegates are legally bound on the first ballot. if you had a five or six-person race in the convention you might not have anybody with the majority but effectively you a two-way race, unless gingrich does very well in the debate and restarts his capped dassy, which you can never discount. he is basically out of it and
9:26 pm
it will be santorum against romney. so you have to have a majority. you have two candidates. i don't think it's possible. >> sean: we just went over the social issues. you see what is happening, this has now happened to every republican who is channeled governor romney. i think one has to argue has been the front runner throughout the process. they seem to be going after him on social issues. he answered a lot of questions tonight. what do you think, do you think he answered them well? do you think it goes away? do you think it will impact his poll numbers at some point? >> romney is in good shape right now. though the national numbers show santorum ahead. they lag a week or two behind states that are in play. he closed the gap at michigan. one poll has him tied and another has romney three or four behind. and he's been ahead in arizona. although decreasing margin. i think he may win both. and if he does win both, i don't think santorum gets the
9:27 pm
momentum or the cash to be competitive on super tuesday. go back to the question of the social issues. barack obama is trying to make this election about the social issues not about the economy. his slogan might as well be it's anything but the economy, stupid. and that is why he did the contraception issue. that is why stephanopoulos was trying to pin romney down on contraception. he would love this to be about the social issues. now if romney is the opponent, he really can't do that. if santorum is his opponent, he can. that is one of the reasons that i think romney may have a better chance of defeating obama than santorum does. >> sean: it's funny, i talk to a lot of conservatives, upset about the process. one thing that most republicans are missing. this cycle, barack obama has not been vetted yet. he is a far different person and runs a different campaign this time because now he has a record. he has his words then versus
9:28 pm
his words now. he has his own difficulties to face in the process. it's not that he define what is the issues in the election will be. some people have forgotten that. >> yes and particularly the energy issue. when he vetoed the keystone pipeline he owned the gas price. there will be a big increase in gas and run up in oil. that will be obama's negative. he almost lost the lead in 2008 and mccain was on the issue of drilling. obama owns the price of gas. it will be his problem. >> as we look heading to
9:29 pm
michigan, and arizona and super tuesday, all the candidates have their challenges. if you offer advice to each and every one, couple of sentences, start with romney, santorum, gingrich, what would you tell them? >> romney needs to show how he is a conservative, processing the events of the day. and talking about them as if he were president. to show what a conservative he is. he needs to talk about that stuff, issuing policies and making new speeches and new proposals to illustrate what a conservative he is. not just philosophically and buy graphically but topically. >> sean: i think that is good advice for him. it really do. see where we agree or disagree. santorum what would you advise him? >> santorum has to demonstrate he can win over economic issues. not just social issues.
9:30 pm
everyone knows he is the most reliable pro-life candidate. >> get off the social issues is a shorter way to say it? >> get on to economic issues. he made good point, which is that single parenthood is the leading predictor of povertybe but he needs to focus on economic issues. he has much the same problem that mike huckabee did going in michigan to prove he can win over the economic issues not just social. >> sean: i think he is dragged into it but agree he shouldn't let the media define his narrative. third, newt gingrich? debate this week. how can newt resurrect himself a third or fourth time? >> newt has to forget the negatives. don't go after romney. don't go after santorum. and come up with his bold, visionary proposals for the country. he has an opportunity on wednesday. because santorum and romney are going to be hitting each other and gingrich could come up the middle and benefit. but unless he does that, he is
9:31 pm
dead. >> sean: all right. dick porous, great to see you -- dick morris, great to see you. >> my advice for ron paul, you didn't act. get the heck out of the race and don't run as third party candidate. >> sean: i already knew that. don't ask questions the know you answer to. thank you for being with us. coming up, in three years the price of gas skyrocketed 90%. the president failed leadership on energy is to blame. how does the obama re-election machine plan to defend the dismal record in november? we check in with the architect karl rove up next. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision.
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9:36 pm
is deeper in debt and we lost influence in the middle east. tonight, we want to focus directly on the president's failure in leadership on energy. for example, while he took office, the price of gas in the country was $1.84 a gallo gallon. here we are three years refusing to tap in domestic energy resources and failed policies in the middle east, gas has skyrocketed to more than $3.56. joining me now the author of the "courage and consequence" architect karl rove. the president did say he wanted a gradual increase in gas prices and said we don't need to drill if we inflate the tires and get more tuneups. that was his advice. >> since when did he have his own automotive repair show on television? >> sean: don't blame me. did i say it? no. the president said it. even nancy pelosi, by the way, is hammering the president on
9:37 pm
the high price of gasoline. it may surprise you. but went after him earlier today. roll the tape. >> drivers are paying a heavy price to the bush administration failure to enact a comprehensive energy tragedy. here is the push administration policy is big oil to consumers to result in record dependence on foreign oil, leaving american families and businesses to pay even higher prices. this congress under the democratic leadership is working to make up for years of inaction. taking america in a new direction to bring down the cost of gas and promotes energy independence. we will send our energy dollars to the midwest, not to the middle east. encourage economy to create new jobs and help small businesses and enhance technology driven efficiency. we will lead the nation with new direction of energy independence to strengthen the economic and our national
9:38 pm
security. >> sean: i messed up. i'm so sorry. that was her criticizing president bush. now gas prices are up 100% from when president bush was in office. i'm sure he is means it today, too. >> no, he is doesn't. he is kept her mouth shut down because he is doesn't want to criticize her lovely president. president obama has been anti-energy from the beginning. he immediately upon taking office withdrew large parcels of land auctioned in utah and wyoming and colorado for oil exploration and development on federal lands. he withdrew them immediately, even though they had gone through process of environmentally approved and auctioned off and bought by companies who invested in not only in those parcels but also in providing equipment, manpower and material to develop the lands. you remember after the b.p. oil spill, he shut down develop in the the gulf of mexico which resulted in vital pieces of exploration equi
9:39 pm
equipment move offshore. it will be years and diamondbacks if they ever come back to develop resources. >> we're going to be the best customer. we have help them develop oil. we promise to be the best customer. an important issue -- >> the president gave a loan to brazil. brazil is eating our lunch internationally. why do they need our money? they have plenty of their own. if we have to buy oil from our own country i'd rather buy it from people north of us, canadians than people south of us mexicans than send it across the globe. or to develop resources to be a great partner of an economic competitor and loves the expertise. some of the deep sea rigs
9:40 pm
drilling off our shores said it would be jobs to go away and never come back. 50% of the grews under law have to be brazilian. you have can't take a crew, roughneck from louisiana and take half of those and half of brazil and we'll train them how to do it and lose the essential we have in that development. >> sean: look at it through the prism of number on the white board and how big an issue. the middle east blows up, straits are in jeopardy. we don't have the resources here. >> think about this in january alone the price of gasoline went up 1% alone. gone from $3.28 a gallon to $3.53 a gallon. cost of energy as percentage of the family budget grew by 1% in one month. not just the gas.
9:41 pm
oil and gas generally. if you do it in the course of a year it will eat our lunch. it puts it in the hands of primarily the people of the middle east. this is devastating. this can be harmful to our economy and harmful to the president re-election. >> sean: two are running out of time. >> look, the deal, the approval rating, approval rating last november for the president was 43%. all the media was acknowledging back then he was in deep and difficult trouble for re-election. because of the number. you know what his approval rating is tonight? what great shape seis in for re-election? gallup poll number is 44%. one number it's as low as it is and why it's in difficulty, real families pay real money to fill up the cars.
9:42 pm
they know the cost is over buck-and-a-half more than last year. doubled since coming in office. not good for the president. >> sean: appreciate you being with us. great american. god bless you. >> thank you, sir. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled. the great, great american panel coming up straight ahead. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you why you fell in love with her in the first place. and why you still feel the same. but your erectile dysfunction -- that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like neing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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9:47 pm
no, you haven't heard that before. >> can i say one thing, a lot of people don't know you had a family tragedy. you became emancipated as a minor. you became a millionaire at 19. you helped raise your little brother. what a great story. >> thank you. thank you. i'm in the trenches trying to put more jobs out there. keep working. >> sean: people, you need to write that book. i urged you once before. i think it's an amazing story. then you have time like the first lady. how many weeks' vacation in the last 20 years? >> maybe four. >> four weeks in 20 years. >> my gosh. you need to get out. >> sean: the obama on their 15th, 16th vacation in three years. most are extravagant. doesn't bother glow >> it bothers over the a certain extent but she is the first lady.
9:48 pm
if you are going to sacrifice your time and go in government and serve the people, it just sends the wrong message to do this. it costs so much money to move the bodies around. >> $4 million. $4 million. >> this is not like going skiing like you'd like to do. it's taking everybody with you. >> one of the most popular political figure in america, smart way to start this. >> i'm not picking on her. but i think with 47 million americans in poverty, 26 million unemployed or underemployed and they can't coordinate the travel time. we pay for two airplanes, not one. >> president told americans cut back on expenses, not take vacation and eat out and do leisurely things to cost money. he doesn't know where his wife is. you don't find this inconsiderate with the state of economy, record unemployment and deficit? we're paying for it.
9:49 pm
>> paying for what? >> i worked in the white house before. >> who pays for it? >> family reimburses the government. >> pay for the security -- >> of course you do. >> he hasn't taken 17 vacation. >> first, 42 days on vacation in 2010. >> so what? >> costing taxpayers $10 million on the last trip. >> she is the first lady of the united states. the most popular figure in america. >> in the white house, you know everything. how many first ladies have done this? a lot of them? i don't know. >> if he considers her trip to spain as vacation, that was the first lady representing the united states of america. with the king of spain. george bush took a year off. a year. 367 days.
9:50 pm
>> you compare that with aspen, nantucket, hawaii, spain? >> what about the things that need to travel, and to go somewhere the resources it takes in a deficit is huge. it's a bad resource of funds. when the funds can be used somewhere else. that is my point. they could be allocating the money to better use. return on investment. >> you are good. nightmare in every guy's dream. >> c'mon. that was impressive. except it adds up to $1 $1.11 million. >> tell that to the 47 million americans in poverty. >> reagan did that and bush did that. wherever a president or first lady, you have to have -- >> how do you expect president not to travel? >> i'm not talking about the president. i'm talking about his wife.
9:51 pm
>> he is does is not to go. he is represents -- >> 17 vacations in three year years? >> your definition of a vacation -- >> 17 days in -- >> he is -- [ overtalk ] >> i don't think anything is wrong with it. my problem is the perception. it takes so much money to move them out a week. >> ronald reagan, the ranch -- >> it costs a lot of money. >> reagan created 20 million jobs. >> he did not. >> checkmate. all right. we have to take a break. if i didn't do this, chuck -- >> i can't believe we wasted a segment on that. >> are you going to let me do that? >> sean: if i get to go we get to be back in two and two. you throw the ball. >> do i throw it to? >> right over there. all right! but with advair, i'm breathing better
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>> sean: we continue now with the great, great american panel. we had presidential candidate rick santorum on earlier. >> he was great. i watched that. >> sean: he handled it well. >> he has come a long way. >> sean: i agree with you. all the republicans have. bob won't give them recognition they deserve. the interesting thing morris
9:56 pm
said obama would love for the republicans in this election to be about social issues. you agree? >> absolutely. take your mind off the facts. don't talk about the facts. talk about the theory. >> you are the economic person. >> talk about what have you done and where it is when you came in and where is it now and what the numbers add up to. >> you are a turn-around specialist. you go and troubled companies to help them become financially viable. >> yes. >> sean: you turn the company around and move out. >> i get 90 to 120 days before an investment, bank or private entity will pull out money and close the door. >> how are things now with the economy and obama? what was the difference since bush left the white house? >> we have more companies now in real trouble than ever. ever in mishistory, 25 years of business. >> can you save them? >> some, absolutely. i can save it by doing brand extensions or really focusing in on the core companies.
9:57 pm
but the turn psychois so long that the cash flow is not -- >> this is good economic news. >> the housing starts are up. manufacturing has more jobs than we have had -- >> you don't believe that. >> i do. a slow recovery but coming out of the recession. >> on your radio show a year ago i predicted rick santorum could be dark horse candidate. before you shoot your mouth off about that. what he got himself on he has got in a values agenda where the republicans best strength is sticking with the economy. they are pushing it. every interview he is pushed on it. i wanted to give him an opportunity to clarify. this is hisnaritive. >> they are trying to change the conversation to social issues which is not where the republicans want to be.
9:58 pm
they lost on abortion and try to change to contraception. it's plain as day what the trick is. >> sean: obama blew it on contraception with the mandate and so-called accommodation. but it's the economy, stupid, dumb, stupid, idiot. obama ruined economy on top of the record debt. that should be the focus. >> we should look at jobs. just going filing under february, bankruptcy and job layoff and closing, more than in any time in history, so we will get another wave of unemployment. the housing market is disaste disaster. >> 254,000 jobs last month. i bet 1,000 we have job growth. want to bet me $1,000 we have job growth? >> sean: how many people -- bob. labor force, do you know the answer?
9:59 pm
1.2 million. how many of the people are underemployed or can't find work or we stop counting? >> you blame obama for that. >> well, they are not close to the real numbers. >> you know they are not. >> you want to turn it into a capitalist system of ours -- >> capitalist system, yes. not crony capitalism, but capitalism. absolutely. >> crony capitalism is solyndra and sun power. >> allow the big banks not to go under. allow them to manipulate wall street. >> how many -- one big -- >> we are going to go over to solyndra. >> the banks, absolutely, the company can't survive it needs to go under. the evolution of a business. >> that's capitalism. >> sean: george bush started tarp. >> sean: you know with capitalism? we ought not have the government give crony bundlers


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