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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 28, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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spin stops right here in new york city because we are definitely looking out for you! >> twenty four hours until the critical arizona and michigan republican primaries. the campaigns make their final push. >> sen. santorum is a nice guy but he's never had a job in the private sector. >> we might be close. >> tonight i go one-on-one with both gop contenders. win or lose tomorrow, new jersey governor chris christie said he's standing by mitt romney. >> i'm with romney. >> we break down tomorrow's gop show down. and the nation of islam leader releases another tirade on america. >> america is on her deathbed. >> also karl rove weighs in tonight and was the white house and president wrong to apologize over the burning of the koran
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incident? handzus -- hannity starts right here, right now. >> we will all be here as we are just now hours away from the opening of the polls in arizona and michigan. tomorrow voters in those states will decide who they want to see challenge barack obama for the press tency in november and ahead of those contests, some brand new polling data is giving us an idea what we can expect on tuesday. first we go to arizona. frontrunner mitt romney boasts a comfortable 13-point lead over rick santorum, and they are trailed at a distance by former speaker of the house newt gingrich and congressman ron paul. but on the ground in gov. romney's own home state of michigan things are too close to call. just last week senator rick santorum closed the gap and trails romney by two points, 38 to 36%. tonight you will hear from sen. santorum, but first i'm joined by former massachusetts governor
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mitt romney. thanks for coming back. >> thank you, sean. >> i think i see a drum set behind you. are you playing after this? >> we just had a rally here in royal okay, michigan, and kid rock, who is a native son, was kind enough to put on a bit of a concert here. he sang "born free." it was a big night here. >> things are very close in michigan. you have about a two-point lead going in. you've got to feel good about arizona. what about the prospects that democrats are going to go and vote in the primary as they are being encouraged to do by some of these more extreme liberal websites? does that concern you heading into michigan tomorrow? >> well, i wasn't too concerned about what the democrats are putting out there because i figured it wouldn't have much impact. but sen. santorum did something today which i think is deceptive and a dirty trick is he's put an ad out there sounding like a labor ad telling labor folks to vote against me and vote for rick santorum and at the end there's a trailer that he paid
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for it but it's confusing people. it's a new low in this campaign. >> all right. well, he's coming up immediately after you. i'll and him about it when we get to that moment. there's a lot happening with the president. i figured i would give you an opportunity tonight, governor, president obama apologized to karzai. we found they were sending notes to each other and they themselves were writing in the koran which they were not supposed to do and they were burned. as a result many people injured, two are shot and killed, and other officers were shot. and i'm wondering why isn't the president demanding an apology for the actions against our soldiers and why did he give an apology, and i wanted to get your reaction to it. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. i think the president made another error by once again apologizing. this is an occasion where given the extraordinary sacrifice of our men and women, the lives lost, the casualties, the
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treasure that's been invested, we are there trying to help the afghans have freedom and apparently some taliban or taliban sympathizers are doing outrageous things. this is in the a time for the president of the united states to be apologize to go afghanistan. >> he made a mistake? do you think he should be asking karzai for an apology for the death of american soldiers? >> certainly if this comes from, if you will, karzai's people, if this comes from members of the security forces of afghanistan, of course, karzai should step forward and offer an apology. if it comes from the taliban, that's a different matter. we should defeat them. this president has made so many mistakes in afghanistan, first awful, saying the date of the withdrawal and with when we will end combat situations. and failing to make sure the elections there were fair and had credibility. he's made it railroad difficult for our troops here and he's done that yet again. >> governor, one of the big issues in the forefront of
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everyone's find is gas prices. if you were president today what would you do to immediately try and offer some relief for people at the pump? >> well, it's not just today, it's over the last three years. this president has only a love for solar and wind, and we all hike solar and wind but they just warrant going to get our cars to run and they don't begin to provide the energy america needs. he's held off on deep sea oil drilling and held off on natural gas. he's made it very hard to mine for coal or use coal. it's time to take advantage of our resources, the keystone pipeline. he failed a no-brainer that anybody could pass but him. >> he said drilling is not a plan, it's a bumper sticker. if we started drilling three years ago would we be the beneficiaries of that drilling now? >> there's no question if we had a real energy policy that took advantage of our energy resources, america would not be subject to the whipsaws of the
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cartels. we recognize this is a president that doesn't care for carbon-based energy and that's the source for the fuel for our vehicles, heats our homes, powers our generators. we need to have carbon based, as well as our renewable resources. there's so many place he is hasn't gotten the job done. the economy, level of foreclosures are excessive, the deficit is doubled under his administration. this guy has failed on virtually every front. >> you want to weigh in, rick santorum, who is now your chief opponent in michigan, and obviously this is an important contest, but super tuesday we have a lot of states on the mind a week from tomorrow. he referred to the president as a snob for suggesting that everybody would want to go to college and get a degree. do you think it's in everybody's best interest to get a degree or are people better off going to specialized schools to become a mechanic or an electrician or a plumber? what do you think? >> not everybody is going to go to college, of course.
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and people have different course necessary their life they want to pursue. college is not right for everybody. some folks have other ambitions and want to go in different directions. so we want people to have freedom in this country and opportunity to pursue their happiness and the way they think. is it appropriate for them? i don't know, i'm not going to worry about that language. this is a time to come together and provide opportunity for all our citizens. >> the last time i was in detroit there's been a big thing about your decision that you would have allowed the car companies to go bankrupt and they would be allowed to use the law and restructure and come back and your argument is that they would have been in just as strong a position as they are now. but the last time i was in detroit i was looking around, and you see all these homes boarded up. they are now talking about bulldozing entire neighbors to consolidate service necessary a city like detroit. can detroit come back? and how would it come back? >> well, the right way to get
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detroit to come back is to get the american economy to come back. part of that is by changing the entire relationship between government and the private sector. this president has the view that deposit should dominate what's happening in the private sector. he continues to have general motors shares in the hands of government. they are directing the course of general motors in ways they shouldn't. he's given big lungs of them. to aw and that was a mistake. the right course is to have lower corporate taxes and lower tax for americans across the board and get it to work to encourage free enterprise, not stifle it. the third is to have energy policies that take advantage of our energy resources. fourth is to have trade with other nations, open up knew trade agreements, and finally crackdown on china for stealing our jobs in an unfair way. you do those things detroit will come back, america will come back, and we will be working again. >> all right, governor. if you want to play the drums i think we will make a lot of
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news. we will wait if you want to go bang away. just kidding. we will be watching obviously our coverage on the fox news channel tomorrow night. big night tomorrow nature with arizona and michigan. you are one week away from super tuesday. i assume that's a sign of relief for you? >> this is very exciting. i was 15 points down here in michigan just about ten days ago, and now to have this within the margin of error, we are pretty excited. momentum is coming in the right direction. >> governor, always good to see you. thanks for being with us. and coming up tonight the architect karl rove, and morris. and rick santorum will be here live. and also from the state of michigan we will ask him his comments where he called the president a snob. the president has apologized to afghan a stan for the unintentional burning of the koran , but as more americans are murdered isn't it time for [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer. >> still ahead tonight dick morris, herman cain, and karl rove will all be here. you just heard from former massachusetts governor mitt romney. joining me on in this primary eve from michigan is former sen. rick santorum. i'm not sure if you were able to hear gov. romney. he complained about a robo call your campaign is running. i believe this is the one he was talking about. i want to give you a chance to respond. >> on tuesday join democrats who are going to send a loud message
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to massachusetts mitt romney by voting for >> he said it was a low moment in the campaign, and i figured i would give you a chance to respond. >> you mean when he runs a robo call of my voice from four years ago saying good things about him, that's not a low moment? and when i run a call basically calling democrats that are eligible to vote here to vote for us, and encouraging people to come and vote for us, and we talk about our manufacturing plan and what we are going to do to create job, it's a positive robo call. talking about what we are doing to create jobs in michigan. of course, you know, it's interesting that we criticize me for attracting democrats because one of the things that governor romney's people say is he can't attract democrats. we will wait and see. i think i can. we have a lot of folks in this
12:15 am
state that are looking at our plan and looking at the ideas we have to get the manufacturing sector of this economy of the sector going again in michigan and maybe excited about having rick santorum on that ticket. >> you did support gov. romney in 2008, and you said he was a conservative. is that one of those moments you regret or do you look at it as the circumstances? what has changed, in other words, in four years? >> well, you know, i waited until five days before the super tuesday primary when it was down to mccain and romney. you know, i served with john mcand i now of that he wasn't a could be conservative and mitt romney promised me he would be a conservative, he had changed his ways and he was going to be a different person as a presidential candidate. and then a few months after the primaries he walked out and supported the wall street bail outs and having government get involved in a very big way, and then he subsequently went out and seen the debacle that romneycare was. and none of those were issues
12:16 am
four years ago. but it's the central issue in this case. obamacare, that was born from romneycare. unfortunately gov. romney is a good man. i have nothing negative to say about gov. romney as a person. the bottom line is because of his record in massachusetts on healthcare, he is uniquely unqualified to take on barack obama on a bill that's identical to the bill he supported and to say i'm guns it only because it's a federal program instead of a state program is not the best way to make the case that government-run healthcare is a bad idea. >> i was watching some of the interviews you were giving this weekend and it's interesting because president obama said republicans want dirty air, water, kids with down syndrome and autism to fend for themselves. i never saw such outrage butch you said the president was a snob and it is like the worse thing they have ever heard. let me play the tape. >> president obama said he wanted everybody in america to go to college.
12:17 am
what a snob. there are good, decent, men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to task that aren't taught by some liberal college professor trying to indoctrinate them. >> a lot of people, let's see, mechanics, computer people, i can go through a whole, electricians, plumbers. >> military. >> some people in the military. they don't have college degrees. what were you trying convey there? >> well, the idea that -- i was talking about it where i was talking about here's barack obama who is trying to tell you what's best for you, trying to tell you what health plan you can have, tell you what light bulb you will be able to turn on if we put cap and trade in place, tell you what loans you will get with the consumer financial protection bureau. this is a top-down, we know best for you, we will run your life and you are going to like it attitude and then he comes out and said everybody should go to college. this is the kind of stuff that i think people have had enough of. we can manage our lives very
12:18 am
well, mr. president. just give us opportunity. don't try to guarantee quality of a result. just try to work on creating quality opportunities for everybody and that means the quality of opportunity to go to a trade school, go to the military, to serve our country and this economy in the ways that people want to do, not what he thinks is best. >> let me ask you, it was a very interesting exchange you had this weekend with george stephanopoulos over the issue of church and state. and it was -- i thought your answer was something i had never heard anybody else say, and it was referring to jfk and a peach he had given. let me roll the tape. >> earlier in the campaign you talked about john f. kennedydy's famous speech to the baptist ministers back in houston in the '50s. here what you had to say. >> i almost threw up. you should read the speech. >> it was read by millions. it is echoed in parts by mitt romney in the last campaign. why did it make you low up?
12:19 am
>> because the first line, the first substantive line in the speech says "i believe in america with the separation and church is absolute." i don't believe in an america where separation of church and states is absolute. >> this is fascinating for me because that moment was key for jfk because there was a fear as president being a catholic that he would take instructions from the pope and the vatican. so it was often referred to historically, but you are saying, no, he was wrong. i want you to give more explanation on that. >> no, no, he wasn't wrong on that. >> not on that part but this part. >> yeah, he was absolutely right. i mean, certainly he had every right to go out and in fact he should have gone out and said what he said about the pope controlling things and the catholic church dictating to him. absolutely not. but he went much, much farther than that. what he did, and go on and read the speech, he will consult with nobody of faith. people of faith should stay out.
12:20 am
it was basically banishing people of faith and faith claims from the public square. a radical view. free exercise of religion means that people have a right not just to worship in their church, but to go out in the public square. people of faith, people. no faith, people of different faith, bring it all in and have this discussion. that's what madison referred to as the perfect remedy, how we can get along by making sure that everybody who has their passions forged by a variety of different things has the ability to go out and make those passions known and let it work it out through the process of in this great republic. and what we see, what we saw with kennedy is saying, nope, nope, people of faith, we around going to pay attention to them. and that really started, in my opinion, this privatization of faith that we are seeing to now to the point that not only is faith being privatized, but the opposite is occurring. instead of, you know, people of faith being able to participate in the public square or with the government, now the government is it telling people of faith
12:21 am
how to practice their faith. which is -- should be a separation of church and state. that's what thomas jefferson wrote about in this letter to the danbury baptist, don't let the government in fridge on your freedom and they turn it on their head and said -- >> we will be watching closely tomorrow night in michigan and arizona. super tuesday is right around the corner, senator. thanks so much for your time, as always. >> my pleasure. thank you, sean. >> coming up next, the president apologizes for america yet again, this time part unintentional burning of the koran. we will tell you why he should be the one and america should be the one receiving the the ♪
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>> deadly violence erupted in afghanistan following the unintentional burning of the koran and a holy works by american forces. four americans are among the ten dead and while protests continue in afghanistan an apology from the president was quickly doled out n the meantime, president karzai has yet to apologize to
12:26 am
the americans killed by the violence. the situation remains tense in afghanistan, and with the president once again reminding for america, we are reminded how much we have diminished under his watch. joining me the america put together foundation, michael goust. the reason for the burning was extremists were writing in the koran, which i understand it is desecrating the koran, and two, sending notes to each other, which is not allowed. do you have a problem with the way this was handled? >> well, i think it's a mistake that has happened. and i think president obama's apologize is the right thing -- >> why is that the right thing? if the extremists desecrated the koran and were organizing attacks, why wouldn't you take it away and what are you supposed to do with it then? >> he's the commander and chief and protecting american life is
12:27 am
very important to us. we can't make statements that will cause more damage to americans and not only in afghanistan, elsewhere. he did the right thing. >> don't you think it's desecration if you write in a koran in isn't that desecrating a eye san francisco you are not supposed 20 write in it? >> it is abusing the koran. you you cannot write anything on the koran. >> so they are wrong -- so i go to you. why did we apologize? americans are dead. we deserve the apology. why did this president apologize? >> we do deserve the apology, sean , but. >> because he is -- of bravery, of honor, are strength that our founding fathers have laid their lives on the line and fortune and as well as hundreds and thousand of american personnel to ensures that america keeps staning great among the nations. and this president now is denegrati2346789g.
12:28 am
he is not only apologist in chief, he's the denagrator in chief. >> we deserve the apology. the extremists desecrated the koran, not one of our soldiers. we gave them the koran so they could study, just like at gitmo. >> it is right but the statements bridgity is making, and the other candidate, gingrich is making, is dangerous to american lives. >> they aren't endangering american lives. his policy made no difference whatsoever. they are still killing americans. >> it is standing on the higher ground. >> if only we are nicer to the extremists, they will be nice to us. michael, you were wrong about egypt, i was right. >> sean, you were right on that one, but on this one -- >> i am right on this one, too. >> we can't endanger their lives. >> last word. >> their lives are in danger already. we are even pulling our
12:29 am
personnel out of ministries that are training the afghan stance help manage their country. we don't even trust the people who are on our payroll that we have been training for years. what a crying shame. >> we deserve the apology, and. >> yes, we do. >> and yet another apology for obama about america. unbelievable. guys, thanks for being with us. still ahead, karl rove, dick morris and herman cain will be here. the nation of islam leaders, they deliver yet another outrageous speech. and herman cain is straight ahead.
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>> now we are facing gas prices over four dollars a gallon. gas prices that are decimating the savings of families who are already drug haveling in this
12:34 am
economy and that's how badly washington has failed in this area. >> families are struggling just today to pay for the car to get to work, to get the kids to school. this president's economic policies have failed terribly. >> that was a flashback to the bush administration getting hammered by democrats over rising gas prices. funny because today gas prices are once again soaring to scary levels and there is utter silence from those very same democrats. surprise, surprise. joining me now is reaction to this and performer clinton visor dick morris. it was interesting because they did go up under bush but then they went down because he opened up some areas for drilling. now gas prices have doubled and you don't hear a word from the president or anybody else. he's not telling us to inflate our tires and get tune-ups anymore. >> two fundamental points about this. first of all, oil isn't going up. the dollar is going down. in 1948, you needed 15 barrels
12:35 am
of oil to buy an ounce of gold. now you need 18. in the meantime the price of oil has gone from two dollars to $100. we are like the person on the airplane, we are watching the clouds whip by and we are saying, oh, boy, those clouds are moving fast, but they are not. the dollar is going down. >> and another thing is there's an artificially low supply. supply and demand chris democrats, -- dick states the price. he believes in green energy, all the corruption associated with it, now people who are paying all the money are getting angry, as we should be. >> i think another point that he keeps making, obama keeps making is that it's a world price of energy and it doesn't matter if we increase or decrease production. that's not true. west texas intermediate oil is now selling for $17 a barrel less than north sea oil.
12:36 am
so domestically-produced oil sells more cheaply than foreign oil. >> sure, and we have all this oil. look at north dakota, unemployment 3.5%. >> north dakota this year will drill more oil than the united arab emirates will. fargo will be the new dubai. >> and they are begging the saudis to en crease their output, knowing the strait of hormuz at some point is going to be closed when the iranians and israel goes at it? >> i hate to quote your best friend, jeremiah right. >> my best buddy, my pal. >> but remember when he said the chickens are coming home to roost? now they are. >> they are. >> not doing deep sea drilling, not doing the pipeline, coddling of iran, not having strong sanctions, alienating of the ace
12:37 am
ace -- israel, all coming home to roost. >> let me go to the primary. michigan and arizona. arizona looks like mitt romney's as of right now. at least the policy show that. very close in michigan. it's being viewed as romney's home state, right or wrong. that's the way it's being perceived. what happens either way tomorrow? if he wins heading into super tuesday a week later, what happens? >> if romney wins in michigan, i believe he will win the bulk of the super tuesday states. i think he will win most of the winner-take-all primaries, and it will still be iffy because so many of the primaries are proportional representation and santorum will win pennsylvania and gingrich will win most of the south, including a lead in texas. but eventually, particularly when a. with 172 winner-take-all delegates votes, romney would then win. if romney loses in michigan, and it then becomes a real fight with santorum, it becomes a real two-way battle, then there will
12:38 am
be a real division of soup he were tuesday states and this thing at that point could go to the convention. let me also say that i really believe that santorum is making a fundamental mistake in trying to get elected on social issues. >> i don't think he is. i think if you watched him this weekend he's doing everything he can to get away from it. >> whatever. but i think that he is setting up a trap for obama to come back at him and say this is a referendum on social issues. i feel much more comfortable with romney fighting it out on economic issues. >> i think this is important, the media, and he got into it this weekend, interestingly. because if you listen to him on the campaign stump he's talking about the economy and grass tries and some social issues but also national defense and iran and security. >> that's the point. the trying to make him talk about social issues >> the media is pushing them into. >> because that's how they want to beat them. >> then we probably agree.
12:39 am
they are trying to get him to run under the whole contraception trap that obama sprung. >> the last question, between the contraception issue, the price of gas, the whole apology toward once again revisited 4.0, a lot of people aren't paying attention to the weaknesses the president has. he's losing in polls nationally to candidates we don't even have an the ballot yet. >> i said this before and everybody either gives a sigh of relief or a cynical laugh, there is a no chance that obama will get re-elected. >> i don't agree that's true. i think it's possible. >> zilch, none, zip, nada. >> i believe he's very beatable but you just don't know. >> you sit back and we also are going to win ten seats in the senate. >> dick morris. you heard it here first. i will hold you to this one. >> good. >> you won't believe the other candidate who tops the anointed
12:40 am
one in a new poll. karl rove is here to break it karl rove is here to break it down. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> from surging gas prices to the administration's bungled poll. it's been a rough week for the president. the surprising news is that he is not the only gop contender who would beat barack obama if the election were held today. ron paul also finds himself on top of the president in the policy, 43-41%. with all that in mind is it time to finally put to rest the false narrative that this heated primary battle is going to somehow hurt the republican party? joining any now the author of the new york city times best-seller, encouraging times, the architect karl rove. if you think back to president reagan began, he didn't start beating carter until september of that election year w a steady
12:45 am
approval rating of 44%, this has to be good news for the nominee, no? >> yeah. look, it's mystified me. i know the national media wants to create the narrative that obama is unpetable and the economy is terrific is there's no problems we face anymore, but think about this. in gallop the job approval this morning was 45. it was 43 last november when a year out obama had a low approval rating that no president had been re-elected with. he's in dreadful shape and remains in dreadful shape. the question is whether the republican nominee is going to be able to run a small campaign as ronald reagan did in 1980 that took care of the doubts that the public had of the candidate to serve in the oval office. they have already conclude when had they know about obama. >> the -- i think we ought to be
12:46 am
demanding an apology for dead americans and injured americans as a result of all this, and i wanted to get your reaction to how the president, how the white house is handling all this stuff. >> it is just the latest misstep in their handling of afghanistan. first of all they spent months not tubing car sky. this is a problematic relationship that the president needs to be personally engaged in if you are going to properly manage it. and then they said, you know, we are out of here, 2014, maybe earlier. we are out of here, forget it, we are coming home which caused the federal government and a lot of people in afghanistan say should we cut a deal while the cutting is still good with the taliban and the terrorists? and now the president has, i think, unnecessarily apologized, you know, apologized to the
12:47 am
afghan government for this. look, it was a mistake, about we made it worse by showing weakness and we've already shown plenty of weakness in afghanistan and elsewhere around the globe because of this guy. >> let's look ahead to tomorrow, michigan, arizona, and then one week away super tuesday. how important are the results in michigan, still neck and neck, according to the policy, and democrats are trying their own paradigm of rush limbaugh's operation chaos, they want to send democrats to the polls in michigan, how important is it for mitt romney that he hold on to this state? >> first of all, i have bad memories about michigan because you may remember 12 years ago the democrats wanted to come in and protest governor engler. he was in a fight with both the uaw and the teachers union. they sent their members in to vote forreningler by voting are for john mccain. we lost the michigan primary. this can happen. it will have a big impact.
12:48 am
think about this. i went to clear politics and looked at the averages of the policy sense late last july. five times romney has been in the lead. gingrich has been in the lead twice, cain, perry, and now santorum has each been in the lead once. santorum is now in the lead in initially it was the debates, now it is the result of primaries. so if you take a look at it since the tenth of january -- or excuse me, the 10th of february and santorum scored his win in missouri, minnesota and colorado, he moved ahead in the national polls. and my suspicion is that whoever wins on tuesday night, if it's santorum he will start that movement back up. it's been dwindling the last week or two. if it's romney, romney is going to get a head of steam going into super tuesday. and i think gingrich, frankly, is going to suffer because he's been absent in minnesota, missouri and colorado on the 10th of february and he's not
12:49 am
going to be really a significant player next tuesday night in either arizona or michigan. >> so a lot will be riding on the michigan primary tomorrow night. we will have full coverage on the fox news channel. karl, always appreciate you being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> and the radical is at it again this weekend delivering a widely controversial speech that left many people stunned. no subject off-lim i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections,
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>> yesterday while speaking to followers at the united center in chicago, he left many stunned. listen to this. >> this is the man who killed 3,000 people in the twin towers in america? why didn't you interrogate him? >> could it be that the 3,000 people that died at the world trade center were not killed by osama bin laden or muslims at all? could it be that that was you by
12:54 am
our government? a -- >> and joining with reaction, former candidate herman cain. here's my first question for you. we know farrakhan, we know his past. we understand that. he went to visit gaddafi with reverend right. there's a picture with president obama. is it way over the top, and his friend was at farrakhan's speech, am i going too far saying they lived in the same neighborhood, they knew the same people. why didn't anybody look into it? >> you aren't going too far.
12:55 am
if he can't divide people with class warfare, if farrakhan can't divide people with that the federal government was behind 9/11, then he has no platform. in one sense what he said didn't surprise me. >> it didn't surprise me, but there's this circle here. the father, obama's friend, and reverend wright with farrakhan, meeting gaddafi. he excoriated president obama with the libya issue. here's a case where the mainstream media is trying to ask rick santorum if he supports contraception. they never asked him about but one time about bill ayers. is this the environment we have to accept now? >> we don't have to accept it but it's the environment we live in. we are tart part of the media but not part of the media that i
12:56 am
call is lap dog, mainstream media in obama's pocket. and this is just another situation where we are not only fighting the liberals, we are not only fighting this administration that's been disingenuous on everything that energy to peanuts, we are fighting them that doesn't tell the whole story. >> let's go to a couple criticisms here. he speaks about the president and no other president and his family have had to endure. poor president obama has had to endure, according to farrakhan. >> never has a sitting president been spoken of in the minnesotaer that president obama and his family have had to endure. not just by the right wingers, but those in high places, people with great influence have spoken against him in a manner that has
12:57 am
never been accorded to even the worst of america's white presidents. >> how about george bush? how about herman cain? >> if you go to a research center, they documented the names that they called george bush. that statement is just simply not true. he presents no facts. but he makes the statement, and he gets away with it to the people who are willing to listen to him, and that's all. >> here's my question. he always goes after israel, the conspiracy theory that he advanced in this speech, and he talks about america the way he does. i want to play one more clip here. and as i listen to him defend, for example, or maybe bin laden didn't kill those 3,000 people, maybe it wasn't radical islamists, and then he says this about america. >> america is on her deathbed. the vital signs of america are
12:58 am
not good. america is lost and your scholars and scientists have lost the ability to guide you out of your problems that your policies and way of life have created for you. >> when you hear him say maybe it wasn't bin laden, maybe it wasn't radical islamists, here's a guy that speaks freely, i believe in free speech, but what does he want? what do you interpret from him? >> if bin laden wasn't behind it, because our intelligence agencies found it. many worked for him said he was the mastermind behind it, he's saying they lied. >> he bragged about it, he took credit for it. >> i'm santa claus.
12:59 am
you can say anything. >> you need to grow a beard. >> but it would be a black beard, not a white beard. my point is this is another example how because of free speech someone can abuse free speech and say things and he's just going to talk to the people who believe what he says. the good news is because of the power of the internet, because of shows like this and others that are exposing this hip -- hypocrisy, not everyone will listen to it. >> and you have nearly 5,000 people signed up. >> we are going to take an army to washington d.c. take on goliath. >> let not your heart be troubled. thank you. >> happy to be here. >> that's all the time. thank you for being with us. we are at sean hannity. greta is next. thanks for g


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