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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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kabul declined to comment. stay with us for the latest on this breaking news. thank you for wk us tonight. stay with us for latest on breaking news and check in on good night from washington. good night. see you soon. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> i am hopeful the discussions secretary kerry has with the foreign minister can yield a concrete result. >> hope is in the air again just as it was when president obama first took office. what exactly has the president accomplished in the past five years? we will only liz with laura ingram. >> fox news? tell the truth. tell the truth about poor people. tell the truth about working people jie. okay, brother west, we will tell you the truth. and it might stun you. wait until you hear what the poorest among us have in their homes. >> it looks like assad has used chemical weapons and
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that -- that turns into the campaign promise obama decided to keep. >> and liberal america is continuing to pound the president over syria. we'll have the latest. >> it has taken five years, but finally the guy has learned to -- >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone "the factor" begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly and thank you for watching us tonight. president obama's accomplishments is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with the president taking heavy criticism over the syrian situation and that will be part of his legacy. it is instruct tiff to look back at what mr. obama has done over the past five years. so we asked five liberal americans who sometimes appear on "the factor" to tell us what president obama's best accomplishment has been.
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kirsten power believes preventing a depression is the high water mark for the president. speculative, but the president did pump money into detroit to save car companies. and some say the bounce back of the recession under the president as the weakest economic recovery since the great depression. another, passing health care reform is mr. obama's best achievement. if you look at obamacare you can see two things. it has slowed hiring among small business concerns and the implementation of it is chaotic to say the least. there is that. and bringing the troops home is the president's signature achievement. history will define the consequences. that will take time. don't really know. finally killing osama bin laden is mr. obama's biggest
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accomplishment. i expand on that. i believe barack obama's legacy will be positive on the terror hunting side. with his tough policy on drones he devastated al-qaeda and badly hurt toon -- the taliban leadership. the core left wing supporters generally oppose the high-tech attacks on the terrorists. the talking points believe that is mr. obama's strongest positive. now he is overall legacy. the economy is still soft over five years with working americans losing ground in salaries. not good. not likely to turn around because mr. obama's administration does not generally help business. on his watch, the national debt has risen an astounding $6 trillion. that's a scandal. there is no end in sight as democrats don't want to cut spending. the national debt is america's biggest problem. on the president's watch, americans believe china has overtaken the usa as the most
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powerful economy. iran continues to develop nukes, but putin is supplying materials to them. north korea is upping the program. no resolution on benghazi or palestine and egypt is in chaos. you may remember during my super bowl interview with the president i challenged him on egypt and the muslim brotherhood. >> the muslim brotherhood, great concern to a lot of people. are they a threat to the usa? >> the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have a majority support in egypt. but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there are a bunch of secular folks in egypt and a bunch of educators and civil society in
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in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well. it is important for us not to say that our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed egyptian people. what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence that iffy jipt moves in -- if egypt moves in that process we will have a government that we can work together. >> those are tough boys, the muslim brotherhood. i wouldn't want them near that government. >> and of course it happened that the muslim brotherhood seized power and chaos and the military is running the show. and there you go. all in all the president after five years, not really accomplished very much. congress is in disarray and we are a divided nation. syria has spotlighted the weakness we have in washington and it is disturbing. meeting with the russians in switzerland and they are trying to find a plan that
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will allow somebody, we don't know who, to disarm assad's chemical arsonal. >> the expectations are high. they are high for the united states and perhaps even more so more russia to deliver on the promise of this moment. this is not a game. it has to be real. it has to be comprehensive. it has to be verifiable. it has to be credible. it has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. and finally there ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place. >> kerry is a hawk when it comes to confronting syria, but few believe him when he talks tough because his boss, the president, looks tentative. >> i am hopeful that the discussions that secretary kerry has with the foreign minister as well as some of
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the other players can yield a concrete result. and i know he will be working hard over the next several days to see what possibilities are there. >> hopeful with putin? but they believe there will be some deal whereby syria promises to give up the chemicals. they really won't, but the promise will be made. and so a military strike will most likely be averted and mr. obama can declare a victory. but most americans are finally realizing and i mean finally realizing that this country is losing power on almost all fronts. if that trend is not arrested and soon, that will be barack obama's legacy. next, the run down from ms. laura ingram. laura is next. dad. how did you get here?
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tonight as we said in the talking points memo, the president's legacy is now on the line because of the intense syria situation. joining us from washington to expand on that, fox news analyst laura ingram. what do you think the president's best accomplishment has been? >> bill, when you look back over the last five and a half years, you go back to 2008 and the campaign he ran against hillary clinton masterful. he picked all of the right people. he had all of the right strategists. he had the best speech writers. he was methodical and passionate and committed to victory. fast-forward to the 2012 campaign and he went up against a fairly formidable mitt romney who had a lot of money and a lot of hungry republicans who wanted to unseat him. despite a flagging economy, despite a jobless recovery as you noted, despite the fact that most people thought the country was moving in the wrong direction he still manages to win.
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now those are political accomplishments. i think it is interesting to point this out. those campaigns have been coming and if you look back to the past five and a half years, you have to conclude that he loved running for president. it was in his fibers of his blood. he loved it and thrived on it. he doesn't seem to love being president as much. >> it is tougher to govern than it is to campaign. >> it is. he had the precision focus of hiring the best people. i don't think anyone looking at this administration's foreign policy shop today, just the foreign policy for a moment would say these are the best people for the times that we are in now, and for the chal -- challenges we are in now. we have gone from shuttle diplomacy to kissinger diplomacy with kerry. >> i disagree with you there.
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i think secretary of state hagel looks be fud delled. he looks like how can i get back to anybody neb? how can i get back to nebraska? which way is that. you take him out of the equation. kerry is the guy saying to president obama and i don't believe barack obama is listening to kerry, listen, you better be a tough guy. you better stop with the tentative back and forth and i didn't do the red line and i did do the red line and i will do the limbo under the bar. you better stop and you better be a tougher guy. i think that's what kerry is trying to get across. it is not working. >> bill, i think again as someone who studied russia and who has lived there and been there many times and speaks the language, i don't sense that these people really get the russian psyche. when kerry is in london and he makes the off the cuff comment, you can do that as a senator, right? >> when he talked about, well, yeah, if they got rid of their
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weapons in syria and secured them, maybe then it would be different, but that is not going to happen. you can't say stuff like that if you are secretary of state. you have to play the chess board two and three moves ahead. you have to know that putin is listening and they want to get one over on you. >> it is all about putin and his doctrine of a rising russia. a lot of people understand this. putin's main goal is to raise russia back up to be a super power. >> the mother land. >> and he feels he can do that by a domination of the middle east. if he dominates iran, syria and other countries, russia's power increases. it increases the oil flow and it increases over a lot of things. >> and this is important. the president hasn't confronted putin. maybe if i get elected i will
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have a little more room. putin is laughion. >> doesn't this remind you, this is like the kind of stuff you bat around at a late night seminar and like maybe a wednesday night at harvard. well, we all care about the children and we care about the people. we can strike a deal with putin. he is a guy just like i'm a guy. and we can sit down. bush had some of that. >> bush looked into the soul. >> it is not real politics. >> he never has his shirt on. >> it is not real politics. >> he is a good guy. he fooled bush, but obama -- look, here is what it comes down to. barack obama is not a confrontational man. to solve vexing problems, the economy, the debt, putin, the middle east, you have got to be somewhat confrontational. he is not. he doesn't like. it he wants to run away from it. >> i think in foreign affairs he is right, bill.
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in the end barack obama and a lot of his top staff, they actually think the tea party in many ways is a bigger threat to the united states than someone like a putin, right? they confront the tea party. they run masterful campaigns to make republicans look like extremists. with someone like putin who is an extremist, they don't know what to do. it is like, let's get along. >> they don't know what to do with putin. from the beginning he has pushed them around. snowden is the best example. >> he is living on a flat in moscow and eating fine meals in the afternoon and siping russian vodka. this is embarrassing. >> i think most americans -- this syria thing is expanding into let's look at the president apart from syria. i think that's what is happening now and that's why i did the talking points. laura, great to see you as always.
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america. if you make less than $12,000 a year you are poor. a family of four brings in less than $23,000 a year, you are poor. in 2008 the poverty rate in the usa was 13.2%. in 2011 it is 15%. that's according to the census bureau. the same organization put together what the poor have in their homes. television, 96% of the poor have tv. cell phone, 81%. refrigerator, 98%. air conditioner, 83%.
11:21 pm
computer, 58%. washer/dryer, 65% combined. based on the stats, the poverty description may have to be redefined in america. fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you were raised in modest circumstance on long island. i had a better deal than you did. your father was a cabdriver and a restaurant worker, right? a kitchen worker? but you didn't consider yourself poor? >> no, my dad never made more than $10,000 a year and we considered ourselves solidly in the middle class. that has changed tremendously. i don't want to be the grinch that stole christmas. it is one thing to be poor in india or even mexico and another thing to be poor according to these statistics in the united states. >> when you were being raised, did you -- did your home receive government subsidees at all? >> not that i know of. my family, until my dad reached the age 65, never received a government stipend
11:22 pm
at all. it was shameful in my neighborhood. >> in my neighborhood too. anybody getting welfare or anything they were a paw rye yaw. >> a quick story, my dad started a small coffee shop and went bankrupt, and then he wanted after bankruptcy to -- he didn't have any money to pay back anybody who credited him. >> we have millions of poor people in america and the government is flooding them with entitlements. in some states you can make up to $40,000 in entitlements if you don't work. that i believe is creating a poverty class that doesn't want to work. they have enough for color tv and cell phone and computers. and it is unending and it will keep coming in. >> we don't be brog -- we don't begrudge -- i want everybody to have cell phones and tv's and refrigerators. temporary assistance to needy families -- >> but it is not temporary.
11:23 pm
>> it becomes insurance stewings nationalized. that's the point. you have food stamps, and we want everybody to have nutrition -- you don't even consider the food stamps that are $300 a month for the family. that doesn't come into that figure. if you are making $25,000 a year and at the poverty level you get food stamps and you get housing subsidees. again you start adding to the amount of money you can make without having to work. >> here is the point i want to make and want to know if you agree. not only are all of those things true, but you get a check at the end of the year from the government when you file your tax return. you don't pay a federal tax, but they give you money coming back. that's if you are under a certain income level. you get a check. this is creating a class of people who don't live well. none of us are under the -- none of us believe that poor people are living well. but they have the essentials, and they have some luxury
11:24 pm
items. there is no incentive for many to break out of that. >> i agree with that, but there is two factors that are even more exacerbating so to speak. there are many of these programs that help define poverty and whether you are impoverished that are an incentive for the dad not to be in the home, for the dad not to marry the mom. and that increases the likelihood that the child, six, seven, eight times more likely to live in poverty if the dad is not around. one other thing is people claiming disability. >> everybody on the long island railroad. >> almost every conductor can be considered on disability and get ssi at the age of 40 or 50. your back hurts or you have a mood disorder. these things did not exist when we were coming up. a mood disorder. >> everybody in television news would be on disability, right? everybody. back hurts and then tv being
11:25 pm
in a bad mood, there you go. >> i want everybody in the country if you come to new york get on the long island railroad and as soon as you get on it you can file for disability and you will get it. >> you will say poor baby. >> we are laughing, but i feel this is really harming the nation. number one it is driving up the deficit to unsustainable proportions. the taxpayers have to fund the entitlement. number two, some of the people , not all, but some of the people are going, you know what, i can just do anything, have a couple more kids and get my computer and cell phone and big scroan and just sit back. >> here in new york we have a democratic candidate for mayor who made the story of the tale of two cities, rich and poor, and how the income gap is widening as it is. but what he does not say is the disincentive for so many of the poor to work stabilizes them at a sustainable, almost lower middle class existence that gives them no incentive
11:26 pm
to go out and boot strap themselves and invent something or go to twork and work two jobs and three jobs. i went to law school and worked two jobs in law school. that's the way we did it back then. i think there is as you suggest really an impulse where compassion has been overwhelmed by institutional liesed disability and entitlements. joy if you want to reform entitlements and if you say the system is rotten, you hate the poor. >> what i would like is get a bunch of smart people together and figure out programs that encourage men to marry the mother of their children. >> we have to reform. >> i think that you can design it where these government programs, these subsidees are an incentive to participate in the capitalistic system rather than drop out. >> geraldo rivera and plenty more as "the factor" moves along. and a new program on cable and how controversial will it be? she will tell us. and later, some in america are
11:27 pm
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od. helping the world keep promises. the controversial things megan mccain has said in the past. it has gained her some notoriaty. coming this saturday she has a new program called raising mccain on pivot tv. here she is. what is pivot tv?
11:31 pm
>> it is a new network that launched and is targeted at the mill 11 y'all generation which is 18 to 34-year-olds. >> so it is 18 to 34-year-olds and you want to lure them into watching raising mccain. >> yes, i am. what interested me is the cyberbullying deal. it is causing kids to commit suicide and wreaking havoc in public and private schools across the country. what is your take on that? >> i agree. it is an absolute epidemic. eve day 160,000 -- every day un60,000 kids skip school because they are bullied. they are more likely to have psychological problems as adults and the internet is making it worse. >> were you bullied as a kid because you have a famous dad? >> not to the severity that people who commit suicide do, but i am glad the internet was not around when i was growing up. >> well you were attacked on
11:32 pm
the internet because you are an adult now. are children meaner now than when you were growing up? i am older and when i was growing up kids were mean. there were fights mostly because of bullying. i can see this sadistic streak because they can hide behind the internet. you don't have to go to the schoolyard and risk a shot to the head. >> yes, the anonymity of the internet is making it worse. >> are these kids meaner? >> i don't know if they are meaner, but they have a different platform. they can attack on-line and they can post pictures. there are a bunch of things going on with fletching women on the internet and the idea you are so young and there are so many tools. with cameras you can take on the phone you take a picture at 18 and it could come back to haunt you when you are 30. >> parents and grand parents have to watch that like crazy. i want to play the promotion
11:33 pm
for the program. >> you consider yourself a feminist? >> no. >> what? >> my instinct is to make out with every hot guy i see. but i don't do it joo.. >> i don't believe she is naturally blonde. >> i am not. >> you can't talk about politics and sex at the same time. >> the tables have turned, america. >> i am megan mccain. yeah, that is my dad. >> your father, is he happy to be in that promo? >> he is. >> i know he wants you to do well. i know him. but is he happy to be in there? >> he is not always happy with every decision i made, but he is happy with this one. >> when you are growing -- going to get into this millenial business, a lot of this is nare saw cystic fnlt -- narcisistic. there is all of this attention on me and it has gone through the roof. >> it is the way we share information, and i think it can be perceived as
11:34 pm
narcissism. but i don't think it is accurate. >> here is why i disagree with you. you can create your own little world in cyberspace and people do, facebook, tweeting, all of this stuff. but it comes back to you. not anybody else. it is you. i think people are now becoming so selfish and so self-absorbed that this generation is totally different from like the world war ii generation. the generation of your father. >> well, the president of my network calls this generation the next great generation and we have been handed a poor hand obviously. the war, and the economy and everything bad going on in our culture, but sharing on the internet is a way for us to communicate with each other. >> it is certainly that. but i am not sure that any millenials could survive what your father survived, five years in a north vietnamese prison being beaten and tortured. it was a different time then. people had just -- they were
11:35 pm
tougher than they are now. >> you think the internet is making us weaker? >> yes. >> you do? i disagree. >> i think it is making us spiritually weaker and mentally weaker and physically weaker unless you are lifting weights while you are tweeting. >> do you have a presence on-line at all? >> i am computer illiterate. i write my books on-line and i have to do the internet thing for work. but, you know, i want to get off of it as much as i can. i want to think and see trees. i don't want to sit in my basement. good luck with the program. >> thank you. >> i think you are a good spokesman. but think about your generation. try to get them back on track a little. >> okay. thank you for having me on. i am such a big fan. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we come back, a 20-year-old pizza delivery guy shot dead and few seem to care about this kid, but we do. we'll tell you what happened we'll tell you what happened after these messages. run, go, go! did he just fumble? "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'.
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i'm bill o'reilly. as we have been reporting over the last few weeks there is an epidemic of violence and death across the usa disproportion nationally caused by young black men. on september 1st, jesus torres was delivering a pizza in newark for dominoes when he was shot dead by four youths. by all accounts jesus was a hard-working kid, and this
11:40 pm
tragedy is outrageous. also outrageous, the fact that very few people care. the story was under reported and police in newark, new jersey are stonewalling -- stonewalling "the factor"'s attempt to get information. we know fein has been charged with murder along with two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. he has a record of drugs, as usual, and believe me when we find out about these four, you are going to see chaotic families behind the situation. back to jesus torres. we asked janeen peer -- janeen pero to talk. >> he was a spiritual and a very humble kid. he loved singing. he wanted to enforce -- he wanted to become either a fireman or a police officer or for the coast guard. he just had a baby. the baby is a month old. >> and that's why he was working to take care of the baby? >> he went to the pizza hut
11:41 pm
after the baby was born and begged them with the wrist band and beg to give him a job because he just had a baby and has to take care of his son. >> when you think of him as such as responsible kid with goals and ambitions and you hear of four individuals charged with his murder and you compare them to him a 20-year-old and two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old. how does that make you feel that your son was so responsible and they are thugs? >> there are so many feelings. i feel sad for the family because -- in other words they lost a child too. their family, they got to go through their kid going to jail and stuff like that, but at the same time, i'm hurt because at least they get to see their child. i don't get to hold my son. i don't get to kiss him at night. i don't get to hear him
11:42 pm
singing. i don't get to have him playing jokes on us and i don't get that. >> there are thousands of cases like that across the country. here is judge pero. the police detective is not cooperating with us. they have been awful, and i mean awful. i deal with a lot of police agencies and this is one of the worst i have ever seen. they are stonewalling and won't give us any information. we don't can't wrap sheets on juveniles. we just want to know who they are and if they are troublemakers and we can continue this mindless craziness that has taken the lives of people around the country. do you have any idea why this guy is not cooperating with us? >> the only thing i can think is once you open pandora's box, and then this police super inen 10 dent is -- superintendent will have to answer questions about the number of cases closed and the number of arrests and the number of federal gun crimes that have been solved. i suspect that once you start
11:43 pm
looking at this inner city murder rate, violent crime rate you will see there are not a lot of law enforcements efforts devoted to this area. there are not a lot of cases that are being closed and that's why you will not get information. >> so you are saying he would be embarrassed to tell us. >> like chicago, bill. >> but newark is not quite as bad as chicago. >> it will be. >> it might be. in order to solve the problem all of the police agencies have to cooperate with the press and tbet out -- and get out the message that it is almost always chaotic families and no father there. a long sheet and they keep putting him out on the street. drugs, victimless crime and we have to feel sorry for this guy. he is running around with a gun and shoots jesus because he wants the pizza money. i am sick of it. the press ignores it. new york city news doesn't cover the newark crime. the star ledger in new jersey
11:44 pm
is covering it. they are the only ones covering it. this police director thinks he can get away with rope a doping and then everybody will forget about it. it is a disgrace. he should resign tomorrow. he doesn't care about jesus, and he doesn't care about solving the problem in my opinion. if i am wrong, you can come on this program and tell me to my face i am wrong. >> at the end of the day you have a guy who is now saying that i don't have enough cops on the street. >> oh bull. >> that's what they are saying. >> we are trying to help this guy. >> here is the bottom line. you have your confidential informants and surveillance and wiretaps and you do your job and you won't have to be afraid of not answering questions. >> i don't think the police could have solved this or stopped this. there are just too many of them. but i blame the police in not joining with us and other responsible press in highlighting the problem. this is the problem. the dissolution of the family, there is no supervision, they are running wild and we can't stop it.
11:45 pm
be honest about it and maybe we can deal with it. judge, thanks for doing the interview. the torres family -- >> lovely, lovely woman jie. >> our prayers go out to them. >> coming up, the left is pounding the president on syria and a sneak peek of the upcoming movie "killing kennedy." of getting something "new." and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment. okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow.
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that? tonight we begin with the left not letting up on president obama over syria. >> if you remember correctly about a year ago in the heated presidential campaign a hypothetical about what it may take to get the united states involved with the syrian civil war.
11:49 pm
this is the presidential campaign. >> a red line for us is we start saying a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> so you are not going to believe what happened. it looks like assad has used chemical weapons, and that -- that turns out to be the campaign promise obama has decided to keep. >> here now to explain further fox news anchor martha mccallum. it is interesting that while in politics some are supporting military action and some are opposing. the left wing tv guys are almost all mocking obama over this. >> you taped into something that is very real here this week. and that is and i know it pains you to say it, but that america may be at a point where we are too week to do anything about this. too weak to do anything about this. and the president may never
11:50 pm
recover from the tau -- bebacle. if they don't tap into something that is real they are not successful. >> do you think people believe what i say though do you think what i say? that the president's legacy will be damaged by this and the truth is we are too weak to deal with these things anymore? we are afraid to and fear is weakness. do they believe it? >> the tide is turning. i think they are tapping into -- if they ignore, ignore, they're not funny. you have to tap into something people relate to. everyone would like to get a chuckle but there is an underlying truth. >> the statute of limitations has run out on bush. five years now. how much are we going to blame him? here's letterman on syria. >> remember he was talking about if we find out they used chemical weapons in syria that would be crossing a red line and by god we had to go in there and
11:51 pm
get him? now the president said he never used the term "red line." he's saying the world used the term red line. it's taken five years but finally the guy learned how to bull [ bleep ]. >> to set the record straight, letterman and jon stewart don't have to do it. but the president didn't say he didn't say red line. he said the red line drawn wasn't mine. the world drew the red line because they all signed the convention against chemical weapons which is accurate. however, as you pointed out, that's two you're right about which is confusing me. two in a row. the satirists turned against him. they will pound it as long as it is in the news. they will get away from it as fast as they can. >> they got health care. they got taxing the rich. they got gay marriage. i think they are moving on. they're not going for the bomb dropping. >> no, not the bomb dropping. >> they're going back to
11:52 pm
hillary, i think. >> hillary's a bomber. hillary wants to go. i saw her taking flight lessons. somebody that looked like her. she's ready. mac callum, i was in my office all day looking at the fox news channel and you're the only one on. 9:00 to 11:00 and then 1:00 to 3:00. it's just you. >> i know. >> what happened to hammer? >> he was on. >> they don't give him anything to do. now martha and more martha. >> i locked everyone in an office upstairs. >> you were on four hours. >> i was. >> you're like jerry lewis. >> i would be happy to raise money. >> martha maccallum, the first look at "killing kennedy." [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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a preview of "killing kennedy" in a moment. first of all the mail. bill, i agree with powers and kate over your speculative pro obama argument on iraq uh. it should be syria, not iraq. my mistake. i said flat out believing lack of action will embolden the bad guys is speculative. history backs me up, eugene. as for your pro obama statement? that speaks to your motivation, not mine. maurice in new hampshire. you owe kirsten an apology. you said she was intellectually dishonest because she had an opinion you didn't like. it wasn't the opinion. it was the analogy. hussein's use of chemical weapons led to his demise because we believe he had weapons of mass destruction. he paid the price.
11:56 pm
if kirsten had her way assad would pay no price. i believe that's int lech chally dishonest. follow the discourse, man. frank davis, georgia. powers scored points on you and you're not man enough to admit it. from new jersey, why did you let kirsten get away with her sarcastic remarks? >> she's entitled to take her best shots. i do. robust debate sometimes includes sarcasm. ontario, canada, o'reilly you are correct. assad and other tyrants would think twice about using chemical weapons if he was hit hard. mark in new york. hey, bill, where were the water 's world movie clips during the muslim segment? >> we needed to keep the piece serious, mark. >> george from missouri.
11:57 pm
just got back from a family vacation in the rockies. his grandson was reading kennedy's last days, sister was reading killing kennedy and i was reading keep it pithy. the elk were just grazing. i have several friends who hate christianity so much they deny jesus existed. i wonder whether "killing jesus" will clear it up. first of all you need new friends. stupid is as stupid does. "killing jesus" documents the life and death of the nazarene. when you read the book out on september 24th you will be amazed as the detail. o'reilly, now that you have exceeded obama in arrogance as well as your giggling ego-dance with miller, i can stand you no more. your boorishness is just too much. mr. o'reilly, you are one of the most honest people i have seen.
11:58 pm
the good you do oh for america is unmatched. thanks for allowing me to end the mail segment on a good note. finally the tip of the day. as you may know my book "killing kennedy" has been a best selling for a year. the national geographic channel has announced that the movie "killing kennedy" will be shown sunday, november 10. here is a short preview. ♪ >> this is a very dangerous and uncertain world. no one expects that a life will be easy. but i am confident as i look to the future that our chances for security, our chances for peace are better than they have been in the past.
11:59 pm
and the reason is because we are stronger. with that strength comes a determination, not only to maintain the peace but also to the vital interests of the united states. thank you very much. >> tip of the day. i believe you will like the film. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off all over the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, a new word, no rodomontade. if you know it, you're a


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