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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 13, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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unbelievable victory over new mexico. >> bob, take us out. >> thanks for watching. >> thanks for watching. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who thinks in this crazy world it is okay to take the day off on his 49th birthday. let's welcome our guests. she got a night off from the kids, and for some reason agreed to spend it with us. >> i thought greg would be here, that's why. >> i am here with jill dobson. and comedian veronica mosey. you can catch her at the maternity ward or the upright citizens briggade on september 19th. bill schulz, he thinks twerking is when you eat twizzlers at the office.
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and buck sexton, not to be con con -- confused of tuck bexton. he is the co-host of "the blaze." you don't have to think it is funny, but you have to know it is a joke. that's something i said to people on twitter who took tweets seriously when they weren't meant that way. stephen colbert tackled the outrage over a photo the white house released of president obama with his foot on the oval office desk. i guess the only problem was there wasn't a hell of a lot of right wing outrage. here is how you can tell. the first clip he used as an example is "red eye" mocking the outrage. but he didn't realize that is what he was doing. >> are you as mad as i am? well just wait until you find out why you are so mad. >> the white house sends out a photo of president obama with his foot on his oval office desk. i am so disgusted right now i can't even think. >> alleged command ter in
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chief con testimony few us withly put his poot on the oval -- his foot on the oval office desk. the desk is not for your feet, mr. president. >> kind of embarrassing. you have to know it is a joke though. "red eye" has only been around for 6 and a half years for the network you are obsessed with. marking dark dark mocking outrage is something we do every night. you or somebody on your staff should do the research before you run something from the onion as a real news story. meab part of the problem is the idea that a show could poke fun of the excesses on all sides of the political debate. maybe we don't have a studio audience like we do. without the reassurance of the immediate response to back you up. maybe they knew you were joking and you didn't care because of fox news. or maybe this was a simple screw up. whatever the reason, i accept your apology.
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>> bill, i go to you first. somehow you are actually part of the show staff. he is a really, really funny guy. he has a really funny writing staff. what do you think happened here? >> first i would like to call him colbert. second of all, what is this, andrew? you see something that is half empty, huh? i see this as half full. most of colbert's audience don't know what his audience is. they were going to play fast and loose and they got easy laughs from the crowd and as a result we get a little publicity. not too shabby. not to mention we killed a minute in a block talking about this. what they did was shady, not that funny and did it really not make a point? yes. but you can put on your resume, i was on the colbert report. >> excellent point. jill, let me ask you because a
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bunch of people i talked to today because this is all anyone is talking about. >> it is unbelievable. some from germany and i have a lot of fans there. do you think they knew we were joking and ran it anyway? and is that better or worse? >> they definitely knew you were joking. they know what the show is. it is not like they only saw the clip. they saw the whole show and know exactly what you are doing. step-hen colbert is i like to call him. he is putting the facts with the facts and indicated you weren't joking. >> isn't his thing the whole going after truthiness and all of that stuff. how do you use a clip of people mocking something as an example of that something. >> maybe he is suffering from border line personality disorder. you can't tell when he is mocking steven versus normal
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steven and it is jumbled up in the brain. this is much more endemic on the left when they watch these programs and stuff. you will see the college kids and they watch the daily show. they totally get. it he understands what is going on. they understand they are making stuff up. they are taking things out of context. nothing is funny about president obama. nothing is funny about the american leftism. he has a very serious -- he will have serious interviews m why can't we have health care for all-americans? come on, i make poop jokes. you have to have it one way or the other. >> veronica, you are a comedian. >> sometimes. >> it was pretty dam obvious we were joking. >> it was obvious. they have nothing to fall back on except the bush agenda, right? the guy has been gone a longtime now. they are essentially defending this photo vee meantly, but at the end of the day they have
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nothing to say about wiener [bleep] pics. >> it is a redundant phrase actually. >> except the bleep in the middle. i get your point of we were on the colbert report. >> well you were. i wasn't. >> i don't like being misrepresented. i feel like that's what he was doing there. first of all, yes, you were. he was being lazy and there wasn't outrage. they have to do their due diligence and do something i call the bowling cam. have that on hand and you will get what you wanted and it is legit. don't use something andy is joking about. >> after "red eye" they showed a clip or played audio of this crack pot right wing radio host who was basically saying his foot on the desk had something -- it was a signal to al-qaeda. >> we already knew that.
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>> in all honesty and i want to go to far with the joke, but i don't want to be lumped in and it is not wrong to want to be lumped in with that. >> i was on lesbians today and it was billy gene king and erin moran and me and i was completely misrepresented. >> how? have we beaten this into the ground? has talk turned to mock? vaw lad -- dash vaw lad tau mere putin is talking about president obama's solution to syria. it would risk spreading the conflict far beyond syria's borders adding it was alarming that military intervention in the conflict of foreign country has become commonplace in the united states. is it in america's lon of it term advantage? and they wrote it is extremely dangerous to see people as
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exceptional. there are big countries and small countries and rich and poor and their policies differ too. the white house hit back saying russia's actions prove the u.s. is exceptional. you know who else is exsemsal? exceptional? >> that is pretty exceptional. buck, putin saying we are not exceptional. is that uncool of him? >> it is very uncool. more than that. this is not just spiking the football in the end zone. it is spiking the football and signing it and handing it to the wife of the guy you are playing against and mooning the crowd. this is as brazen as you can get. this is the worst diplomatic beating since drago took out apolo creed. >> the russians have not changed much. >> if you think you are exceptional in russia they will let you believe that
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until they beat you in the face. putin has a point i suppose. >> you said in the green room not only when you agree with putin, but when it comes to america you could, quote, take it or leave it. >> did i say that? i must have been high. >> maybe that that was the baby talking. >> he is right because no one feels russia is exceptional except for the bond villains they provided. i think it is funny that at the end of the speech he said -- he wrote "we must not forget that god created us equal, except gays." >> he said it with a wink. >> russian billionaires can't buy enough new york uh par ments. apartments. our new new billionairer are like, hook me up with the moscow plan. >> a lot of russians think russia is exceptional. a lot of russians with healthy egos about being russian. >> not the ukrainians -- they
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think russia is annoying. >> they do think that and they live here and they are connected. >> i am not saying they are wrong. >> burger king just unveiled the french fry burger. >> you know what i think of that? usa! usa! we have the french fry burger. >> we opened the first krispy kreme there in moscow. we win the cultural war. >> that will be on colbert, that whole exchange of the fries. >> you recently wrote an op ed in the hobo times calling for the de thieving of raccoons and you claimed boxcar willy and his crew were not exceptional. >> great photo. exceptionalism is dangerous and it is dangerous for one to think of themselves as this. this from a man who road a
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hang glider and helped cranes migrate. he regularly rides horseback shirtless. he has tagged bears and snow leopards. he originally at one point shot a tiger because it was about to shoot his crew. these things happened. photographers all happen to be there. >> and he had time to take his shirt off. >> i know he lass a third -- i know he has a third nipple. >> thank you for that. do you think the time should run the op ad? >> "the times" is a come mu nighs nighs -- communist rag anyway. i see no difference. they are piling on to the team already there. >> i know some people say the times shouldn't have run it. i don't have that problem. they want people to read it and it is a world leader. i have more problem with the
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american pr firm that represents putin that seems shady. >> i agree. >> jill, what do you make of the white house's response to the op-ad that says putin owns this and it is on him to straighten out syria. >> we need to stay where we are and stand firm. we are america and we will continue. >> you can say we can stand while you are sitting. >> that was a great pageant answer. >> you sound like a beacon of freedom. >> russia runs a propaganda channel. they get girls who are kind of hot and just out of college. >> with the glasses. >> let me tell you the news. people are like, okay, tell me the news. >> i'm one of them. >> from a russian a-hole to kicking a goal, it has support from a stupid sport.
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obamacare has gone from objectionable to objectionabler teaming up with soccer. they partner with the dc united for upcoming coverage options. it includes on field promotions and a public address announcement and various tailgating events. gop senator sent out a let tore six professional sports leagues warning them not to attach themselves with obamacare. let's go live to senior political respondent flippers mcgee for analysis. what do you have, flip? that's what i call a seal of approval. >> what? >> could it be that the republicans being patriotic americans over looked major league soccer because they don't know it exists?
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>> i think that's what happened. this is a case where the little guy is gearing up to take over for the big guy. the little guy are the tens of thousands of 8-year-olds playing soccer right now and they will take out people like you and people like greg gutfeld who put soccer down. you will get it. >> i am a little scared. joy you are a soccer mom, aren't you? >> and you don't have shin guards. >> buck, isn't the support the final prove that obama against immediate s medicine. >> soccer and medicare. they should make the players wear burkas. you would have had everything you needed in one place. and they do tailgate, but sometimes there is a mar ri achi band. >> i am mad they left out women's basketball. all 200 fans.
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>> i am told mls only agreed to pimp for obamacare that they guaranteed it wouldn't result in you living longer than you would. and president obama agreed. thoughts? >> i knew when it was going over a hundred words it would end badly for me. soccer, soccer plumes. these -- soccer, soccer moms. he obviously has a huge level of support for women with kids. that's how he got in the office. it won't make sense for anyone watching the ads. no one will think about the good things about obamacare. they will say who is this guy in shorts and socks up to here talking to me now. i didn't even know dc had a team. >> really? >> okay maybe not. >> aim being too hard on soccer or never enough. >> you can't be hard on a game that ends in a tiement 90 minutes of this and this and
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this. >> there was a lot of passing. >> the thing people don't realize is it goes to article 1 if you play soccer you don't get taxed in obamacare. >> they pass the ball the way the obama administration passes the buck. >> you just blew my mind. coming up, should moms have to carry their babies up the snares. jill dobson talks about that. >> i have a sling shot. >> tattoo on a by pageant contestant. only in obama's america. you are watching "fn c stick around what.
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is a single whine worth his time? the commissioner of the nfl says when it comes to the redskins name, quote, if one person is offended we have to listen. roger goodell was asked if it should be changinged to something like the washington nice fellows or the silly sassies and his answer couldn't be more answery. >> what we have to do is we have to listen. if one person is offended we have to listen. ultimately it is dan's decision, but it is something that i want all of us to go out and make sure we are listening to our fans. >> goodell had initially defended the money customer and has softened his stance now that peter king called them the washington football team on his website. 10 members of congress wrote a letter of protest on the matter this year.
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red sweaters are also under attack. little racist bird. veronica, is goodell serious where if one person is offended we have to listen? or if one sports writer is offended we have to listen? >> what we should do is name eve team an offensive name and we have to listen to everybody. you can have the inbreds or the miami rafters. >> anymore offensive names? >> i will stop there. >> good. >> buck, i honestly think the team should change its name. >> i am disappointed. >> preferably to the washington bullets. that would be my -- >> oh man. >> good save.
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in seriously i do think they should change their name, but i don't think members of congress should get involved. >> if you name them the by polar bears that is mean. right? you name things -- the vikings, the bears, the lions and things that are cool and masculine or manly and just generally bad ass. it is respectful to name it is redskins. you guys are awesome warriors and we love the tomahawk thing. it is supposed to be good so i don't understand. they named the team the bucks so clearly they know something. >> would you call a native american to her face? >> you got all logical on me. >> no you wouldn't, but it is okay for a team name? >> it has been a longtime for a longtime. >> a lot of things a longtime ago are okay that aren't now. >> i wouldn't go to the
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minnesota friends i have and say, hi, vikings have you raped and pill ligged lately? >> they would take it as a compliment. >> jill, do you think the name will be changed? >> eventually. it comes up every two years and then goes away. i agree. i think it is offensive. i call them the red kins. when you think of hair kay quality products it is an easy pick. >> that was artful. >> unreal. >> endorsement deal. >> don't you think people shouldn't call other people names that might be offensive, you stupid jerk face jerk. >> thick skin. i will ignore that and goodell is the son of a politician and that is the worst answer possible. all you have to do is the decision.
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just use that and move on to the next subject. you say one person is offended and i can't finish my spot right now because buck brought a bi-polar bear and one minute he was up and the next he was down and the next martini in my face. he is always hairy, but sometimes he and up and downment call me, frank. i can't quit you. you don't buy the argument the name should be changed? >> i do -- there are other instances. the aztecs or something, the redskins are saying maybe, maybe they should change. it i hate this iewper sensitive culture. i hate being told i am part of the hyper hyper sensitive culture. the cleveland indians are fine. it is just getting -- >> it is so stupid. how do native americans feel about it?
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>> some team names have been changed and they were named after them and they were like, this is awesome. >> it is like every tribe at once. >> you see native americans and you are like, i don't care. >> you might as well call them the washington firewater drinkers or the save veg -- save venge. >> and the nfl has an image issue. >> and native americans don't have redskin. >> thoab has redskin. nobody on this planet -- >> nobody has the color i allegedly have. is it the same as this? >> redkin hair products is my endorsement. >> coming up what is up with rocket frog?
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rocket frog is wondering the same thing about you.
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did they poo-poo her at that tattoo? she revealed two at that times during the summer portion of
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the miss america pageant. or as i like to call. it the boring part. she didn't win the round, but it is unclear if she was penalized for the ink. on the right side she has a serenity prayer and on the reft shoulder anen sig knee yaw for her service in the army national guard. she is believed to be the fishes fishes -- the first to openly show tattoo on the stage? she said on her blog should i win because i have tattoos ? no. but i shouldn't not too. his vee was marked by -- history was marked by warfare and the vier styl disappearance of urban life. it is incumbent to point out most don't use the term dark ages. it is possible she was refer together you rain yen -- was rear ferring to -- referring to the dark ages. >> lightning round. >> jill, are you a former
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pageant contestant. you are miss michigan which is hard to say. instead of sullying with her tattoo body she should be in the skank pageant. i completely disagree. >> are you sure that is a grect coat? >> it is because it is on my paper and it has quotation marks. >> she is fighting an uphill battle in the miss america competition. it has been around a longtime. the party girls of the miss usa are not studying opera. miss usa should do better. >> what you are saying is you were a miss usa contestant? >> i was. back when i used to live it up. veronica, what do you think? were the judges swayed by the tattoo? >> perhaps.
3:32 am
i saw the picture and i thought uh. when you look at it, it doesn't work. the fact that the tattoo distracts from her boobs is not good in a beauty pageant. she didn't have the brains to maybe put the paw prints with the eyes. >> buck, you are shaking your head. it is time for the dude per perspective. i think she was an angel sent from heaven. i think everything she does is fantastic. the tattoo culture in the country, you can't go to starbucks without seeing a girl who has a flaming school biting a mermaid in half. she served in the military. she gets a ton of credit for that and on top of that she is so smoking hot. >> when did she become italian? the spicy meatball.
3:33 am
>> she is a spicy meatball. do you think she would have gotten more points if she had a tramp stamp with her grandmother's name? >> it was not a tram stamp. >> it was a literary scroll. >> is that a sign of intelligence and this is like, party. >> it has a certain connotation for some people. i was thinking high grains ultimately. >> i forgot to write a question putting you down. >> i qil react on that like this. i agree with you. here is the thing, -- it is like i don't know you. >> i came from emerson. i was a rebel for not having a toot few. there are good tattoo that are flirtatious and then it looks like puked ink on your back.
3:34 am
>> theresa could have a tattoo of her face across the source of fer fex. >> remember it says god gave me the ability to accept the things i cannot changing. stop there. >> if you had gotten it before you got knocked up. >> a lot of hate. >> i am mainly with you, buck. i have a tattoo. >> and you recognize how hot that lady is. >> i am with frank the by polar bear. >> the next story. someone was talking on their phone in the theater. we took necessary messages. a viewer was so upset at the film festival called the cops. he complained to the staff and said full news was allowed. then he called 9-1-1 and
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reported the guy on suspicion of pirating the film. the dispatcher laughed at his complaint and said i am trying to make a difference for the better. if that is grading i'm sorry. changes need to be made and drastic measures called for. veronica, no one, and i mean absolutely no one hates cell phones in movie theaters more than i do. calling 9-1-1 may be a waste of available police resources. >> this is the type of guy who nails kids with lemonade stands you have nothing going on? you should tweet wow, can't get laid. that's what you take the time to do. >> jill, i backed this guy on his fan. i barely go to movie theaters because i want to kill someone by the time the movie is over. i don't understand the theater stat response.
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>> i don't understand it either. i cannot go to a movie. as an entertainment reporter i am used to the screenings where you are ushered in. it is all of these well behaved fellow journalists and have to pay attention. i am just as much of a jerk. i don't take it that far. >> the minute somebody takes their phone out in a movie theater i want to stand them in the eye. don't call the cops. handle it yourself. ii support vigilante justice. buck why couldn't you put your phone away like a healthy person? >> me? >> i take my notes on here instead of this pelio stuff. >> and you were uh tracking everybody fro the -- you were
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attracting everything. i will freak out. i think he has been a beta mill about the whole thing. do something. i have a dream and the dream is i get to walk around a movie theater with a buck -- bucket of ice. i would do that for free. >> i think movie securities should have arm etd -- armed patrol guys. tasers? beta male? no. at minimum 9 mill neater. i would be happy with a 40 or 45. >> i say a cell phone blocker may work the same way. >> they riel legal. >> really? >> yes. they are like a federal issue. you don't want to do that. >> six hour 40 sends a better message. >>y feel what you are putting down. >> bill, you have never been in a theater before. it is a giant room.
3:38 am
there is a screen and images were projected. a guy had a cell phone which is like -- a phone that doesn't have to be tethered to the wall. he was using it as the projection makes story? >> you had me at roof. so-called. this did not happen in america. this happened in toronto. if this was new york some someone called 9-1-1 i think they have hoar things to be doing. >> they are like, put the phone away. >> so.quietly. >> i would lose my mind. >> don't you size up the person? you have to be honest. >> he could beat me in a fight. >> veronica, let me make this clear, i talk a good game on the show and i don't say a word when i am in the theater. i sit there and inside fan tau
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size how i will hurt and kill and maim this person. >> the woman on the side started talking on the phone and my friend taps her and then looks back. it is like you are is a problem? i had no idea what was happening. time to take a break, when we return, tonight's musical guest. that will be fun.
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can giving out cash get them to class? the houston independent school district is trying to lower the dropout rate by deploring student bounty hunters. if you convince a friend to come back to class you will earn a $100 gift card.
3:43 am
peers can be more persuasive. >> sometimes they don't want to hear an authoritative figure. they want to hear from their friends. their friends care. >> yeah, about money. >> money talks. >> everybody likes -- money is a motive? >> everyone are fighting to get the gift card. >> is it a good idea to give kids incentive to get back in school? one kid drops out and their friend gets the gift card and they were planning it the whole time. they say we have to understand that we fit into the lives of kids who lost their way. they were called losers. most of the kids they can make the same amount of money selling an ounce in 10 minutes. >> ended up being a sidekick. >> why would you bother going
3:44 am
back to school for $100? >> you are a bunch of criminal master minds. >> my plan doesn't involve standing on a street corner and selling ounces. >> the poor kids who actually study and work hard, what is their reward? they get to tutor the kid with the gift card. it is not fair. >> it is not a horrible idea that friends macon vince somebody bropped out or other authority figures have failed. >> this is a lesson in capitalism where our youth are almost entirely unemployed and obamacare will make that worse. at least now they are learning how to make a buck and how that buck goes about. the school bounty hunter somebody will go bill murray with the tranquilizer.
3:45 am
>> it is a "weekend at bernie's." >> every time you talk about buck i feel like you are talking about yourself in the third person. gill i get the -- >> jill, i feel you are outraged. >> it is not coming from me. people get mad at everything. i don't know what stores these gift cards are to. i can see the parents being upset. whatever it is, we are encouraging reading. now the parent is like, my daughter bought "50 shades of gray" with your money. >> reading is fund mental. >> if they are dropouts they can be to babies r us, don't you think? >> speaking of which, bill, all five are your i will legitimate daughters dropped out of school. will you pose as their
3:46 am
friend. >> we are talking about a rat. in my school skipping crew if we had a rat just a cheese eating little rat it makes a man ask questions like why did the kid stay in the bar when i was asking for numbers and what have you. >> had to get it out. >> call me, mitsubishiment you should not be up right now, darling. >> i have no idea what that was all about. veronica anything else offensive you would like to say? >> i had so many things written and i had to throw them away. >> our editor doesn't go home at night. >> i don't think this is a horrible idea. am i too strong? >> it is not a horrible idea until you realize that somebody has to pay for this which is the taxpayer who is
3:47 am
over burdened in the society. >> but i don't live there. >> but you shouldn't get paid with your basic responsibilities. when you are a kid you need to go to school and pretend you like it. >> i don't even need to pay them for the most part. i am including my daughters. >> wouldn't it be better for society to spend the $100 to get the kid back in school? >> brazil had a successful program where they paid the mother -- always the mother and never the father, but they paid her a salary to make sure the kids wept to school. it numbers sky rocketed which is too serious. >> did it pay for itself? >> it was a huge success in brazil. >> got a comment on the show in e-mail us at fox do you have video of your animal doing something? click on submit a video.
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we are back with three minutes and 40 seconds with one last story.
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don't forget a new "red
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eye" airs on saturday with greg gutfeld allegedly hosting at 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. guests are jedediah bila and gavin mcguinness. that's 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. he left the lily pad for a launch pad. a frog was spotted soaring through the air as the nasa aircraft lifted off in virginia. it is on the left with the arms and legs looking like a frog. nasa that posted the picture on instagram says it is real. they also said the moon landing was real. the frog's condition is unknown. but if any young kids are watching, he is probably dead. i am not going to sugar coat it. we asked a witness to comment. >> he is clearly distraught as we all are. could this be a bril yept --
3:53 am
could this be a brilliant hoax? >> if you put it that way i was trying to think of what the frog's last words were. i never loved you, miss piggy! i never got to say paris! something like that. i am stuck on that. i am wondering what his last thoughts were as he was blasted into outerspace. is this a hoax like the twerking fire thing? >> it is in a marsh area. i don't believe it is that one frog. it is thousands of them. >> environmentalists will be freaked out about this one. >> peta is going to protest. >> where is peta and why aren't they picketing? >> why didn't nasa realize peta would get upset? it is sad to look at.
3:54 am
it is like when my 2-year-old gets in a bouncy house and a 10-year-old gets in there. my poor little guy is like, wee. >> there is no rocket fuel. >> that's true. >> in the frog community this guy is a hero. >> lily pad the launch pad. >> i think it is closer. in reality the frog may be closer. it would be a giant frog if that was actually up in the air. it would be like a seven-foot frog. i think the frog was right here and then they took the picture. >> you could be right. that makes the story less interesting. and bill everyone is assuming the frog is dead. maybe he landed in water and maybe he is one kay. maybe he is okay. maybe he is hoping around telling stories. >> oh the frog is dust.
3:55 am
for all of you little ones he is deader than dead. i will help nasa out. before you protest, peta, talking to you, before you protest, know the video of the frog we just showed, they stapled on to the vents. go talk to nasa. you're welcome, nasa. >> interesting because it is a picture. >> the video of him sitting. >> i don't like that video. >> has there ever been a frog in spaes? >> pigs in space. >> pigs and monkeys. >> could you put a frog in spaes? >> iran sent a number of beasties. >> maybe there are frogs on the spacestation. maybe he got away. maybe he was supposed to be on the rocket going up to be a parts of a horrifically smooth experiment and he escaped. >> he is dead regardless. >> but better a quick death
3:56 am
than a ghastly experiment. >> how do you know? that frog could have really suffered. the likes of which you will never understand. >> i understand right now listen egg -- listening to you speak. >> frog legs. >> you changed races five times. where you are or where you are coming from. >> jill farther comment? >> i will try to top mine. america. >> this is the problem that plagued us for the last two shows. we are done with the story, but we have more show. >> she has something to add. >> we call you old reliable. >> i have two kids at home and i am trying to study these stories. >> veronica because now we are running out of time. >> it is an exceptional frog. >> we will end on that note.
3:57 am
special thanks to jill dobbs and bill schulz and buck sexton. i'm tv's andy levy. i'll see you next time.
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