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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 13, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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down in newfoundland. it came down earlier than he hoped. >> points for creativity. >> that's right. thanks for joining us on this friday. thanks, everybody. america live starts right now. >> thank you. we start with a chilling reminder that terrorist are targeting american diplomatic posts. the taliban lased a massive attack on the u.s. consulate in the afghanistan killing two security officers. i am mothera cow an in for megyn kelliy. the state department will have a briefing that gets underway. the brazen attack has all of the looks of a sophisticated planned and coordinated attack and happen in the heart of the city of hera t and a region that is
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considered safe. the attack began around 6 o'clock in the morning local time. there was two massive suicide car bombs. and the militants tried to fire away in the afghan security forces guarding that building and they killed an afghan police officer and security guard. there is the aftermath in her at in the videos. and all of its personnel and people are indeed safe. the american forces secured the site and the attack raises concerns that these koips of attacks on the u.s. specials in afghanistan could be on the rise. reporting live from the pentagon is jennifer griffin. jennifer, we had so many warnings of possible attacks on embassies and now this one at 6 o'clock a.m. this morning. >> remember the 23 bass bazs in
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africa and middle east that were closed. there was never an answer to what led to that warning. it is 12 hours since they subsued the attackers. u.s. special operation forces secured the consulate and no one is rifling through the classified material there. this morning a vehicle filled with taliban attackers tried to storm the u.s. consulate in iraq. afghan security forces stopped them. some attackers were on foot. two vehicles packed with explosives blew up. one at the gate of the compound. some attackers were wearing suicide bomb vests and the state department issued the statement. the american consulate nonsecurity personnel took haven. they reacted to the attack.
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there were 20 afghans wounds and treated in local hospitals. at least one afghan or two afghans were killed. over all a dramatic attack and not successful. two vehicle that exploded did not reach the perimeter. it happen in hera t that is close to iran in western afghanistan and typically been calm over the past 12 years. the taliban thought it would be a soft target and curious it occurred in a area that occurred with iowa rannian influence. >> thank you from the pentagon this afternoon. and the u.s. mission is an important u.s. post in afghanistan. it is as she said located in the city of herat near the iran border. it was opened in john of last year. the security was responsibility of afghanistan for two years
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now. last month the taliban staged a coordinated assault on a u.s. and coalition base in eastern afghanistan. they briefly managed to infiltrate the compound before they were killed and they thwarted another attack in east other than afghanistan and that was close to the border crossing with pakistan. and back here at home to washington politics, there is new criticism over the handling of syria. and charles krauthammer said that russia is taking the charge on all of this and the result is, the president epically incompetent foreign policy krauthammer said. putin warned of the devastating consequences if america were to carry out devastating strikes on syria. krauthammer sitting down with
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bret baier on special reports. >> we are seeing putin so confident of himself after obama had to a queiowaes to the face saving. it is an index of how obama is played and continues to be right now in againeva. >> in againeva is where our secretary of state has met with the russian foreign minister on the plans to disarm syria and the white house cancelled an annual social event with congress and has nothing to do with the information for the law makers. joining me is chris. welcome. it strikes me that the conversation is trying very hard to move off of the subject of syria and yet we have serious things to deal with on this front and there is a lot of questions that charles raised about the credibility of the
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united states and the ability to get control over the chemical weapons. >> think about it this way. a weeking on today what was the world talking about looming air strikes on syria. it was dramatic and would the president go or not go and we heard about the famous walk and 45 minute stroll in which he decided that he would not and instead shunt the issue over to congress and avoid having to going unlaterally and it bogged down in congress and the president found himself and it is like a dog that caught the car and he found his own party in rebelian and facing throw hundred votes or more in the house. he was stuck and vladimar putin offered him a way out. and it looked good at the exact
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moment and my goodness with a high price, the president is going to have months perhaps of playing it out with putten in the driver society. my goodness what a price and your thoughts on that and charles krauthammer's as well. what did he have to say? >> a month ago, there was a war criminal and putin was a piria h for covering in the un on the poisonous gas attack. and because of our our president is. he steps in now and instead of a piriowa aircraft h he is a partner of peace and now in a position to lecture the united states of america. >> can you imagine that a week ago this conversation would not have included the thought that somehow the assad regime would survive. it locks like assad will be in power but more than that, he is
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now joining the ranks of those speaking and lecturing and talking to the president about this. and there he will stay. and that is how to get back in the dynamic. if it were not so disturbing in terms of american pour in the world and the potential loss of it. it would be a fascinating look at the dynamics of power and how easily they shift and one person's move on the chess board can change who has the pour in the situation. you have assad doing his own comments about the united states and basically saying that we are on the side of the terrorist in this confrontation. it is truly stunning. and the folks in the white house would have interesting work in terms of recalibrating here.
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>> they know to play up the legitimate domestic concerns and the presence of al-qaeda among the rebels is high on the list. and so the president trying to solve the domestic political problem created an international political problem and that will be back home and be a problem domestically anyway. >> what about the picnic, chris? >> it is a serious point here. no congressional picnic this year, what happened. >> they will go over to the white house for hot chocolate and bon- bonbons. you had the leader of both pears and house was congress and no one from the white house was there. the ilrelevancy of the white house is getting lame duck ier. >> if they had a picnic they
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would have complained about the picnic in the crisis. >> get the latest in the daily fox first note and it is catching a lot of folks out there. sign up for this. you should sign up for them. sign up and enter your e-mail address and you are on the list. >> now details in the benghazi investigation as one law maker is accusing the administration of stalling the process because of an apparent commitment to treating it like a criminal trial. you remember the consulate attack killed four americans including our u.s. ambassador there. we'll have the latest on the developments from washington, kathryn? >> the head of the house intelience committee briefed on the status of the benghazi investigation tells fox news that the administration's
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determination to prosecute the suspects in criminal court referred to article throw courts and the access of rights of the american citizens has thrown up rod blocks. >> treating it like a criminal event using article throw. that is an american citizen would go through with all of the rights of the constitution, i just think. i don't know how anyone could come to the conclusion. >> there is federal investigators who did not get access to the crime scene until throw weeks after the fact. it was hard to identify and question the witnesses and an impossible standard. the libyan government according to the fbi director is too unstable to offer u.s. support that it needs for a complex international case. >> it is hard to know who to deal with and we don't have the security force that we have
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capabilities as you hope. and in benghazi, it is uncontrolled areas of libya that persons who seem to be affiliated with the central government are assassinated. >> based on the intelligence rogers said the respects on the battle fold and active in the terrorist organization. we asked the department of justice to respond to the congressman's statement and why they are so committed to the law enforcement to the case. nthousands of families are forced to higher ground after they got a years worth of record rain and turned streets in dangerous rapids and on the east coast, jersey shore this morning, a massive fire. look at that. unbelievable gutted the board walk and businesses that were
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we are following a devastating situation in colorado at this hour. deadly flash floods have forced a lot of people to pack up and head to higher grouvenltd cities like boulder and lyones and fort collins. many are facing a record flood. three people have died as a result of the flooding and others are unaccounted for at this hour. we'll be live in colorado with the latest on that. that is a very tough situation. new video today of the intense fighting that is going on in syria. this is believed to be one of rebel fighters firing on
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government soldiers in northern syria. and that is syria's grinding civil war continues as russia and the united states try to get together to discuss where there is a way to cordinate. and they are bringing to the country. new concerns that the rogue nation is moving around the vast stock pile of chemical weapons. no surprise they have had time to do it. gentlemen, welcome. >> glad to be here. >> obviously they had a lot of the time as i said. and at a time when assad would be coralling the chemical weapons and he would perhaps turn them over, they are doing the opposite. >> that is no surprise. assad will not give up all chemical weapons and he's not going to give up all of his
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manufacturing capability. the possession of the chemical weapons guarantee the preservation of the regime. the russians know this and we realistically understand it as well despite in negotiations to achieve that end. that end will never be a chiefed. >> what you are saying so manies so clear. they are in the process of moving them to safer ground and it is a wink and nudge from putin, let's say this is what you are doing and you and i will continue our military relationship. russia is going to continue to supply assad with whatever weapons they agree to, right? >> absolutely. the fact of the matter is, 70 percent of all of the support in terms of weapons and supplies come from russia. russia and iowa ran helped to turn the tide of the minimum of the war that was in favor of the
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rebels to the assad regime. and what is taking place, the fact of the matter despite our rhetoric to the contrary, the attack is trowely off of the table and assad will continue to bomb and use artillery and rockets as he has done. he was doing just that. >> what do you expect? >> it looks like the modern opposition is sort of wedged in between these al-qaeda groups and the assad regime. they have very little air to broeth. i talked to lieutenant oliver north he believes that it is possible to give them weapons which the ciowa a said they will do. is there any hope for the moderate opposition and tipping the balance away from assad? >> yes, the fact of the matter it is outrageous they asked for
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help two yearsing on and we never gave them help. the ciowa a has vetted moderate opposition forces and they made a recommendation to arm them last summer and secretary clinton agreed and the white house rejected it. we need to provide them a steady stream of weapons. anti- aircraft weapons. the saudis have been giving the same moderate groups weapons for eight months and none of those weapons found themselves in the hands of the jihaddist elements. and the major training assistance program. we are doing it in jordan led by the central intelience agency. the united states military needs to get involved in jord inn and increase dramatically and increase the quality of the fighting that the moderate groups are undertaking. there is much to do but we have
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nopolicy. we have no comprehensive policy to help the opposition forces politically and economically and militarily. >> you think the administration wants to wash the hands of the situation and not look back? >> well, the fact of the matter is, it is part of their strategy to disengage in the middle east and hope never to fight another war there. obviously as you spoke to an earlier guest, the vacum is filled by the iranians and surprisingly so, the russians. the fact of the matter is, the lack of a coherent policy in syria and iraq and libya, the rise of radical islam is bringing all of the challenges to the doorstep of a american president. these problems will not go away. >> sonar or later they will be dealt with in one way or another it would appear. general, thank you and good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you, martha. >> they say they are abandoned
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by the u.s. government and that comes from ranchers. drug lords are calling the shots. we'll ask them about that straight a head. outrage in one school district. 7th graders asked to write what their 9/11 experience would look like.
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>> it is a story, a major controversy in a texas school district over a 9/11 home work assignment that was given to 7th graders. one student asked students to write a good by letter as if they were in one of the towers or planes on september 11th. what is this teacher thinking? i can't imagine. trace gallinger joins me on this. trace, what is this about? >> this is a you decide story,
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martha. let me lay it out for and you tell you about the reaction. it was a home work assignment given by a language arts teacher in alvin. she gave home work. i want you to pretend that you were trapped in one of the towers or planes. if you knew you were about to do i, who would you want to be the last person you want talk to and what would you want them to know and give thought to the letter. the reaction was swift including this mom. >> it was like reading a letter that she was like a suicide note. my facebook has been flooded with other parents. everybody else said that is insane and checked through the home work and found they had the same assignment. >> you heard her say other parents were outraged on the facebook. on the houston fox affiliate
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book become page. first 50 comments only throw of them were negative. and the vast majority loved the assignment and one daughter she loves the teacher and a great teacher. my husband was bothered when he first read it and quickly changed his moind. her hardest part was to write to. and after she went to bed i got it out and read it and it was to me and i cried and cried and cried. and i went to her and wrapped my arms about her. i would say the teacher's mission was accomplished. the comments are very, veryinely split on this topic. the father of the 7th grade student it was thought provoking. eighth or ninth grade. and they were kids on the
1:28 pm
planes. there are good arguments on both sides and to bill it. parents are all shocked is not the proper context. >> if you live in texas, you might have little more distance from it. i cannot imagine a school in the new york city area that would ever do this. it would be way, way too sensitive for the families. as you point out people had a different reaction. trace, thank you very much. >> sure. >> so fire crews are still putting out hot spots after a fast- moving fire levelled a very well known and beloved boardwalk in america. in fact it was recently just rebuilt after super storm sandy. these folks have been through too much. we'll take you there live. remember irs official loweris learner who took the fifth when
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asked about the agency's scandal. there are new e-mails and raising questions about lois lerner and how tea party groups were handled. >> after serious consideration i have followed my counsels advice. home. home. something you can be proud of. home. safe. comfort. worthy of protection. family. home. i was deployed to afghanistan. i was on patrol. march 26, 2010.
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>> waking up from this nightmare on the jersey shore. governor chris christy said the
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flames are 95 percent contained. look at this scene. a massive fire tore part. huge part of the poored walk in two towns on the jersey shore. officials say this fire raged eight hours and took ten fire departments and that the scene after hurricane sandy. it destroyed six blocks in sea side park and hooiths. they have struggled to rebuild and survive. stronger than the storm and wonderful inspirational messages for people on the shore. rick is live in sea side, new jersey this fire started in an ice cream shop, right, rick in >> yeah, frozen custard. governor christie grew up and spent summers on the shore. this fire destroyed what sandy started. they had just rebuilt and have to rebuild again. four fires are still on the scene doucing the hot spots and they are trying to determine the
1:34 pm
cause of the blaze, it started in the frozen cuttard store and on the boardwalk and it fanned by 25- 35 miles per hour winds and whipped the embers and igniting the wood and pizza restaurants and bars and fun tine pier completely torched and 30 businesses in sea side park and doze know more in sea side heights. 404 fires across the state carved a couple of paths through the brand new board walk. flaps jumped over the first path and stopped in the second breached and protecting the businesses to the north and governor christie said the focus is on helping them rebuild. >> i heard about it yesterday, i felt to myself, how much more these people can take? the only thing i can do is come down and make sure they have the resource and i am here and i
1:35 pm
will be supportive and that is the job of the governor and the way i do my job. that's the only way i know how to do it. >> fortunately only a handful of minor injuries among the four fights and three local police officers were hurt falling out of a back of a pick-up truck. they reportedly fell on their head and their condition is not known. >> rick, thank you, we'll see you later. >> all right, we want to go to this. there is stunning new e-mails that shed the woman who is the face of the irs scandal may have been targeting conservative and tea party groups after all even though she said they were not targets. there is several e-mails and they have let some of it out and is not by lois lerner former director of exempt organizations to the employees and this is an e-mail from 2012.
1:36 pm
learner acknowledges that the tax handling has been bungled in the beginning and fixes have been made. this is what she said for you to determine what she is. it is what it is. the original story is not pretty as weedlike. once we learned that we were off track, we have done what we can to change the process better edourselves. we make things better and we have written procedures. more to she you. allen combes and mark larceniy. gentlemen, good to have you here. there is acknowledgment in the problems in the way they were handled. i want to take us back to mr. shulman's testimony. when he was asked whether or not there was anything to the theory. >> can you give us assurances that the irs is not targeting
1:37 pm
political groups. >> i can say yes, i can give you assurances. we pride ourselves on being a nonpolitical organization. and what is happening has been the normal back and forth that happens with the irs. there is absolutely no targeting and this is a kind of back and forth that happens when people apply for the at this timeus. >> that might have been a moment and opportunity to start to err it out and figure out what went wrong. it did not happen as you can see there. allen, i will go to you first. when you go through all of these and other things that lois lerner said and does it not raise questions in your mind that this was an effort to keep the groups silent. >> it doesn't to me. i am making you laugh la rs. and if i can finish my suspects
1:38 pm
without snashgy reactions. the fact of the matter is they are looking at liberal and conservative groups. it is denied by conservative. they used the word progressive and emerge and went after three emerge groups and they were denied the status. and this is a cause and congress continues to do this and e.g. nor doing the work of the american people and they are trying to overturn obama care. when will they cut this out. this is a phony scandal. >> we look at the quotes from the e-mails. people at home can decide what they think about it. >> the tea party matter is dangerous. sipsy where we have heard the tax exempt applications were held up. should probably not have these cases. she went on to say. la rs. the problem is we heard from tea party groups and we know the rigamarole they were put there and the questions of like who do
1:39 pm
you pray for? all of those things and they are bizarre and the things they are questioned and the hold ups they had. we haven't hear that story on the other side of the fence in terms of how they were treated. that raised the issue. >> the e-mails show clearly that the irs was aware that it was going to be dipped for doing what allen so manies to what to denotice they did. they went after tea party and conservative groups and held up tax exempt at that timeus can held up free spoech in a political election year and that benefits the president and allies and democrats in general and hurt conservative voices and using the irs to target people for political reasons is something by the way alep was in the original articles impeachment used against nixon. you want to target them.
1:40 pm
>> let me ask you. i want don't want to retread the ground. but when you look at the president said that he was appalled by this as well. i think we all agree that the irs can never be used as an arm to quiet the voices of people who want to have a say, but after citizens united there were questions of groups with political sway should receive tax exempt at that timeus. that is the issue here. they want to investigate this and get to the bottom of. it so far, lois lerner is still getting paid, but not doing her job. the whole thing seems to be stuck dead in the water and folks say here we go again. we'll get nothing. >> my concern is that we are not getting both sides of the story. the only reason we found 0u8 elija h couplings and darril issa refused all information and the democrat ranking member and
1:41 pm
we found they were looking at all groups and conservatives like lars refused to say that was the case. don't you want to know about that. >> absolutely. where is the investigation. >> you are not hearing me. excuse me, please, you are not hearing me. it is wrong to do it to any group and conservatives are playing victims as if they were the only ones targeted which is not the case. >> allen, listen, you called it a phony scandal is a problem. the fact that the president called it a phony scandal. they looked at all groups. that's their job. vet the group and usually within 90 days give them 90 days or not. the president's half brother got status 30 days thanks to lois lerner. why did he get fast action and
1:42 pm
conservative groups were held 20 months. the question was were they held up for many, many months. >> and my points of both persuasions left and right. they were stopped. >> why is it called phony? >> you are playing the victim like only conservatives are victimized here. >> you can't say both groups are victimized and we heard precious little from the groups on the left. and then say it is everybody is heart and then not a scandal. >> the republicans on the committee have tried to hold back that information. >> the groups on the left. >> and if that is the case, bring us you know. >> elija h couplings revealed it. >> we see all of the progressive groups that are held up. i think we will give them equal time. >> i have no problem with that. >> all right.
1:43 pm
how about having them speak publicly the way you are allowed to do in the first minute. >> acorn is a group that doesn'tine exist anymore. >>ulars and allen thank you. >> coming up. can these measly chain link fence be all that separates america and the dangerous drug lord. a rancher in now mex said his backyard is becomely a war zone. . i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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american ranchers living in arizona's southwest border are living with this. suspected mexican drug lords going unchecked and this is all that stands between them and the ranchers. one of them is speaking out claiming that the government is failed to protect the border. jim is an arizona rancher and member of the public lands
1:47 pm
cancel and the national cattlemen's beef association. jim, welcome. good to have you here today. >> thank you, martha. >> tell me what is happening on your land and why the government is failing to protect your country. >> first, the government has a failed flawed strategy of patrolling the border. the fact is, they come into work, the 650 agents in the tucson station come to check out gun and vehicle and to get in their truck it is three hours to the international border. so they don't go to the international border they merely go about halfway and try and apprehend people 15- 20 or 30 miles inside of the united states. and as a consequence, the border
1:48 pm
approximate trol strategy has ceded hundreds of square miles to the cartel. >> the cartels figured that out because they want the comings and goings of the border patrol agents. what is it like for you and your family land. what kind of things is happening that was unguarded? >> well, there's no border patrol between my house and that fence that you see on your screen. i have stumbled into drug loads and cartel druggers have run and there are cartel scouts and there is a tremendous amount of drugs and trash and cartel led people through our ranch. they have arrested 4100 people on our ranch or north of our
1:49 pm
ranch having tromped through our ranch. well, i am not protected. i live in no man's land. nsome might say if you don't feel safe where you are, and it is impossible to protect every square inch of the border, that maybe you should move if you don't feel safe there. what would you say to them? >> some of my neighbors have come to that conclougz. they've moved and solid their ranches. our ranches are worth half what a normal ranch would be. i have come to the conclusion i am sticking on my ranch. i will not move. and if the cartels want to bump me off okay. i have a family cemetery on the ranch and i will be on top of the ground or below the ground. >> i think a lot of people can understand where you are coming from. it is your land and your home.
1:50 pm
you have a family cemetery there. and what do you think when you hear from the administration that the border is safer and they have more agents than they had before? >> certainly, bush doubled the number of agents, and the border is safer nearer the cities, but between the cities and between the east end of the wall and the west end of the wall, it is no man's land. i am, that is where of course the druggers and the cartels are moving people through. they are catching far less than half of the people that move through the country with the cartel scouts on the mountains, and the border patrol never sos them. nsir, thank you very much for being with us. it is like the wild west in your neck of the woods and the cartels are very tough to deal with. and wish you well and luck and
1:51 pm
all of the best. good to talk to you. >> remember an old cowby wont give you a bum steer. >> we'll remember. thank you for leaving us with that thought. back with more on america live after this. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake?
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>> say it isn't so. radical changes can be coming to your break fast table. there is a line of plant- based eggs. that is a new one. trace joining me now. i am not sure how you make a plant out of an egg. >> i am bummed because they were not available in southern california. i would whip it up. it is a plant based egg. and revolutionize cooking.
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made my hampton creek foods. they took plants and experi wanted and came up with a formula that replicates the taste and new triggal value and properties of eggs. taste testers said mayo and cakes and cookies, you cannot tell the difference. but the company admits as they scramble you see them scramblin here. when it comes to omelettes it tastes the same but doesn't congeal the same. the hope of course is to get away from animal foods and help developing countries to grow things that can be more traditional. they are mixing a bunch of stuff to get this together. they came up with the magic r
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1:57 pm
year into the second term. some say this is the rough part of a president's second term and he may be in it. what can he do now to accomplish his goals? >> very interesting. that is coming up next stay with us. only $15.99, offer ends soon. so come in and sea food differently. now, try seven lunch choices for $7.99. sandwiches, salads and more.
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fox news alert now on a high stakes meeting where secretary of state, john kerry meeting to try to solve the situation with syria. the three-way talks are focused on securing chemical weapons. big job can they do it? a problem that damascus says they will only do if they solve the military threat. they are also saying we would need to stop arming the rebels which is a process that they are
2:01 pm
doing. we are playing a game with the chemical weapons. it will make them more difficult to get ahold of. james how does it appear to be going? martha good afternoon. discussi discussions alongside discussion of chemical weapons and how they can be dismantled, they met with the point man on the syrian civil war for the united nations. their goal was to see if the group that called for the end of the civil war and tranceational
2:02 pm
government can be revived. >> the geneva communicae was abandoned. we were not able to have endorsement as adopted. >> as the war rages on with fresh fighting and new reports surfacing, secretary of state kerry for the first time perhaps spoke today of how both sides in the fight are driving up the death toll and worsening the ca t tas trophy in syria is -- >> we are committed to try to work together beginning with this initiative in hopes that those efforts could pay off and bring peace and stabbility to a
2:03 pm
war torn part of the world. >> the delegations are made up of technical advisers and scientists and analysts. they have been comparing the two assessments that each side brought. comparing what they believe to be the scope and the locations of it. aids tell me that they have been working in small groups and the diplomates have been talking to each other. that is great progress but still no real break through just yet. we will see, thank you very much. >> while president obama mules what to do in syria. russian president has taken on the roll of peace maker? >> offering an alternative for military action while calling for efforts to the warring sides.
2:04 pm
simon welcome, good to see you here this afternoon. he cheerily fancies himself a macho man. we have seen that in so many ways throughout his career. he is feeling especially macho these days it would appear. >> you are right to say that we have seen it throughout his career. and it was in the early part of putin's first term in the kremlin and brushed away his translations in russian. you came away from the experience sensing that this was a man who new where he wanted to take his country. and where he wants to take it today as then is to a powerful
2:05 pm
and leading position and wants to challenge the concept and you saw that clearly laid out in the "new york times" opinion one piece where he is challenging the concept of american exceptionallism. >> yeah, you know we haven't seen this brash swagger from a leader of russia since it was just the soviet union. you think of the russian leaders who have had that position on the world stage that struck the fear in the hearts of people when they watched them move in their positions. you say that he is playing our president like a violin right now. the russians saw the opportunity that was created on monday when john kerry sort of suggested that perhaps the way out of this crisis was for the syrians to
2:06 pm
surrender their chemical stock piles. well the russians saw that as a massive opens and rushed in, in the case of sergei maslov and rushed in and said hang on a second there is an opening here. since then he is successfully projecting himself in the lead roll weeks after projecting himself in the lead roll. >> good point. so there is the possibility as quickly as things turned this time that they could turn again. you say to assume that assad and putin have a cozy relationship may be giving that too much credit in the end. it is a relationship based on history.
2:07 pm
assad's father was very close with soviet leaders and with yeltsin. however, this is a relationship currently based on the pag mragc need that they have for one another. he has saved other parts of syria from a missile attack launched with the united states. he auis useful. he creates an environment to challenge american leadership. you know what, i will be your standard bearer. the white house will have to make a move to change the dynamic. and it will be interesting to see what they do. simon, thank you so much. good to talk to you again. >> so we are learning that the
2:08 pm
highly anticipated united nations inspector report will be released this monday. un chief saying that he expeckc that the chemical weapons were used in that attacks that killed thousands of people. and it comes two weeks after the us released its own report. state department moments ago saying that they are confident that the un report will back up their findings in syria. let's take you to this extreme weather alert and disastrous flooding situation some of the worst that we have seen in decades in parts of colorado. three people have lort their lives in colorado. and a dozen more are missing. emergency crews are trying to evacuate entire towns. we are live in boulder with the
2:09 pm
latest. alicia? >> reporter: hi martha. one of those towns is lyons, colorado. the national guard is finally getting into that area. it is under mandatory evacuation. the roads have been washed out so no one has been able to get in or out. emergency management hopes to get into the area. to get food and water to the town that has been cut off. mud and water is taking over homes. a man was trapped overnight in his bedroom as it filled with water. he survived. >> we got a call that there was a wall of water coming out. we heard a big roar and i think that is probably when it came down and buried his house and filled the bedroom full of mud.
2:10 pm
luckily poor will we didn't know that it happened. >> north of here, the big thompson river has flooded it's banks and has gone over interstate 25. it is now closed from the denver suburbs up to wyoming and back here in colorado, you can see, that the folks in bould der will not be out done by the flood waters this man walked out to do his afternoon tie chidespite that warpings by the government that in that water is sewage. and it is like liquid cement. it is actually not a great idea. martha. >> wow. that's very interesting.
2:11 pm
little tai chiin the middle of the flood waters there. not sure that is advisable. >> yeah. >> so there is that. >> and then there is the battle over obamacare that is heating up again in washington, d.c. was we approach a critical deadline. almost to october 1. the plan will then go into effect. >> i told him very directly that all of these thing that is they are trying to do on the obama care is a waste of their time. >> that is senator harry reid when he is really fired up. they are talking about attempts to afford or fund the affordable care act. reaction coming up. and three friends of the suspected boston marathon bomber are facing serious charges today. they are accused of lying to
2:12 pm
protect a college buddy. plus the story of a little girl who beat incredible odds to become the third person ever to survive a rare brain infection. >> you are told the worst news possible and to go from that outcome to not having your child maybe to this road that we have been down to take her home. i have got to watch a miracle unfold in front of my eyes and it has been the greatest thing it could probably be. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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2:16 pm
welcome and good to have you here at always. so this looks like a tough pickle that the gop is in. because some of them, the more conservative members of the house want to delay obamacare and they want to do it by holding back the debt limit vote. and that is a futile effort and that it is not worth it. >> this has been on going for weeks. a debate over tactics. how to move forward with a united front. that i think will be necessary if they want to exert their leverage in a concerted way. while a lot of people are focusing on the divisions within the gop. there are divisions within the
2:17 pm
democratic party and some of their sort of client groups such as labor unions getting increasingly vocal about their opposition to the law and democrats in the house of representatives have defied white house veto threats on delays parts of this law. they have all died in harry r d reid's u.s. senate. it appears that this steam roller is not going to stop. even though we look at the polls that say that 58% of americans are concerned about the health care lobby. and so many people have gotten carve outs. we could guess that it is probably going to come up. in terms of all of that and the exceptions that have been made it leaves some folks wondering
2:18 pm
what is going to happen. there is a different culture here in the beltway than there is around the country. any talk about delaying obamacare is unacceptable. what they don't mention is by the way, we are going to delay stuff that we want to and that is fine. but as far as your concerns america, it is not going anywhere and harry reid says we don't have the votes here and this is the sniping that we live and breathe here. there was a cnn polyester dl ye that was devastating. they are deeply concerned and opposed to a lot of this law and the fact that there is one party giving voice to those concerns. i think that is something that republicans need to seize upon
2:19 pm
as 2014 looms. there is an election the only way this law is getting derails or changed is through an election and some changes here about who controls for example the u.s. senate. it seems like the administration is willing will gamble. they are saying, and that so they think those numbers are going to turn around for them once it gets rolling. so we will see. guy, thank you so much. good to talk to you. >> thank you too. >> so this is a great story. a little girl just became the third person ever to survive a very rare and deadly bain infection. but now she is heading home and her mom says she has witnessed a miracle and this week the words never forget do not only refer
2:20 pm
to september 11th and the benghazi terror attacks. one year ago tomorrow americans were under siege in a camp i afghanistan. the families of those fallen are still waiting for who is responsible for that. >> my biggest question is i'm not sure how in this time and this day and age with the best military in the world that we didn't have the united states marines guarding united states marines. that is unfathomable to me. t? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives,
2:21 pm
risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit
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2:24 pm
little girl from arkansas became a survivor of deadly brain infection. >> can you imagine being someone who survives something that kills 99% of people who contract it? >> she is standing. smiling, speaking about her near death experience. here is what she said as she was leaving the hospital. listen. >> i'm lucky to be alive. be careful when you go to water parks. >> where your nose plugs. >> that is good advice. when she went back to her school. they put her in a convertible jeep as you saw. the town turned out. they know the odds of her return
2:25 pm
aring. she is believed to have contracted the parasite at a water park. it goes through the nose and into the brain. to save her, the doctors lowered her body temperature and put her on a breathing tube. the key was her getting to the hospital so quickly. listen. >> that is something that we rarely see. if they hadn't recognized that and called me right away. that was the game changer. once we knew that, we were able to start her on the right medicines. they gave those to a florida child and that child died. now she is 12 and wants to play with her dog and hang out with her friends and her mother could not be happier. >> you are told the worst news
2:26 pm
possible and then to go from that outcome to not having your child to this road that we have been down to actually get to take her home. i got to watch a miracle unfold right in front of my eyes and it has been the greatest thing it could possibly be. >> don't you love the heart sign? >> sweet kid. she is going back to school full time -- for at least half days beginning monday. she will continue her therapy the third person ever in the united states to survive this. >> hearing the mom's voice. she thought she was going to lose her. the family has changed forever by what has happened to them. trace, thank you. >> so we are now almost a year into president obama's second term and so far several of the president's key issues have not materialized and there have been as he said a few bumps in the
2:27 pm
road. how will this impact the second term of the presidency of barack obama? >> we are going to speak with former aids and two other past presidents. fascinating discussions coming up. plus three friends of the accused marathon bomber facing a judge in court. we will be right back. ask me what it's like
2:28 pm
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2:31 pm
this story is kefli idevelo right now. three friends of the boston bombing suspect are in a courtroom and they are facing charges of lying. molly lions streaming live outside the courthouse with this hello. >> reporter: all three of these young men have been before the judge today. this happened because there was a super seed iing judgement. two of the young men were arraigned this morning. just about within the last hour, the third young man had his appearance in court. his attorney was delayed because
2:32 pm
a train was delayed and his was not taken lightly. the judge suggested to the attorney that perhaps he should come in the night before. two are charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. all three have plead not guilty it is alleged that all three went to satsarnaev's dorm room d took the backpack and fire works parts. all three ended up at a local landfill. martha back to you. >> a lot of construction going on there in boston. but we heard you loud and clear. thank you molly. >> well president obama is now almost a year into his second
2:33 pm
term in the oval office and so far several big items on his agenda have not turned out as he had hoped. climate change legislation and questions continue to swirl around scandals that continue to linger around. so how does all of this impact the rest of his term and compare to the experience he has with his predecessors? simon rosenberg is a former aid and we have a former white house aid to president bush. good to have you all here. with the in tro we started with a few things that critics say
2:34 pm
have tarnished the second term of president obama. let me give you the first crack at this. being honest. are there disappointments and things that you think the president can feel abogood abou? >> i think the president had made a number of promises that he hopes to make good onto the american people. when people think about the success of a presidency, they don't look at a minor scandal. they have certain right wing pundits or radio hosts, they look at the state of the economy or the state of the union. the state of the effect has in the world. you look at the housing market coming back. every month, month to month we have had private sector job growth. he is keeping faith with the
2:35 pm
middle class where we are more respected now than we were when he took over in 2008. and so i think the democrats are generally happy. >> i understand. what you are saying you know it is interesting though you say that people talk about housing numbers and i'm not sure that is so true. i think when people look back at the clinton presidency they look at things like monica lewinski's come to mind as well which was not the greatest moment of the presidency. but these are thing that is tend to stick in people's heads what do you think? >> on the economic record it has been very strong. the stock market is twice what it was when he came to office. the deficit is half of what it was. let me jump in. you know we have the worst
2:36 pm
worker participation rate than we have had in 30 years. one of the truths under them is that a lot of people have given up. >> but, i think that the unemployment rate has come down three percentage rates and we have people that are going to retire now and the baby boom generation is starting to retire and i think that you are right it is not sufficient but we are better off. it is working better than many thought it would. i know that is not what people are saying. >> not if you are time warner. >> there are millions more people today that have health insurance that wouldn't have had it. so, so far so good. we have a long way to go with
2:37 pm
obamacare as well. >> you heard the way that mark suggested his presidency was remembered what do you think? >> president bush was a leader. you can be assured there was a red line. the world is a safer place because of president bush. during his presidency there was not another attack. he handled it beautifully. he was strong and he formed homeland security also victories in iraq afghanistan and successful with al qaeda. president obama is a disaster. how is it that putin is giving an add in the "new york times"? >> this has been an unbelievable week. i have heard things that i never thought i would hear. and you know briill o'reilly
2:38 pm
talked about it this week and it has been picked up and america is weak and we are not capable at striking a blow against assad and the president may never be able to recover in terms of the shift of power that has gone to putin. >> is the president working with presidents in other countries yes. and have they written adds in the new york city times always. this is what reduced our standing in the world. >> give me a break no way. >> let me finish. i didn't interrupt you. most of the countries they surveyed, the favorable impression of america has gone up since obama took office.
2:39 pm
so the rest of the world is looking to america's leadership respects america more than it has in the recent past and these kinds of discussions that the president is engaged in with our allies. >> those polls were taken before the recent syria events. we will see how they go. you have to simon, you don't look at the situation with putin and watch him smirk and swagger and think gosh have we let the sort of plactes of the earth shirt in a way that we have not been able to undo for some time. >> i'm sure if the president could be able to do this again he could. i'm not sure this has been the best moment of the presidency. i don't want to predict where we are going to be on this. what is true today is the
2:40 pm
russians are actively cooperating in a way to change things in syria in a way that they haven't for a long time. they have been blocking every effort to put constraints on the syrians and now on the global stage he is committed to doing something meaningful about syria for the first time. >> i hope you are right. >> let's see where we are. >> let's see where we are in a few months. >> i agree. >> you may be right. i'm sorry guys we are out of time we have to go. thank you. ♪ very, very heavy. i'm not big enough or strong enough for this. there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ] [ morty ] here's a box, babe. open it up. oh my goodness! what is a wetjet? some kind of a mopping device. there's a lot of dirt on here. morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing.
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this weekend marks one year since the deadly attack in afghanistan. on that night 15 taliban were dressed in stolen american uniforms and were allowed to
2:44 pm
sneak into the camp. they were armed with rifles and grenades and a fierce battle broke out and two u.s. marines were killed that night. beyond the human tragedy on that evening. the attack destroyed two a krxa carriers that were worth $1 million a piece and killed that evening was commanding officer lieutenant colonel christopher r rable. we are joined now by his widow. we thank you and your family danella for the service that you have given to this country. tell me about your husband first of all. >> chris was a great guy, he was
2:45 pm
a hard worker. he loved commanding the marines. he loved his job. he was -- he was a hard worker and went into everything he did with full vigor. he was a neat guy to know. >> we are looking at great pictures of him right now and we have read so many descriptions of him. he was absolutely beloved by the marines that worked with him. when this attack began happening and as i said, it was launched by 15 taliban who had been watching the camp and they figured out when the catch towers weren't taken care of and they were able to sneak in, in those uniforms, it is remarkable that so many americans don't know more about it.
2:46 pm
what questions do you have about what happened that night and what are you looking for answers to? >> well, my biggest question is i'm not sure how in this time and this day and age with the best military in the world that we didn't have united states marines guardingrines i don't know how we could let this lapse in security go on. they knew that the problem existed and our marines and everybody else on the base were in danger from that. so that is what i would like to have answered. >> the story is there were some guards from tonga. it was a british base and then it became a british u.s. base and the united states built this base up tremendously. but this was happening during the beginning of the draw down
2:47 pm
period p. do you think this is part of the reason these watch towers were not manied and this was able to happen in the first place? >> i would love to know that answer. i'm sure they were watching to see when there were fewer personal on the base and with the draw down they saw part of the squadron were left and they were left open to the attack. and it would be interesting to know if the draw down had anything to do with the fact that nobody was watching out for the marines. as soon as the attack happened your husband jumped into the vehicle and went into the line of fire to protect the people on his base and protect the base itself. he was truly a hero. and i know that over labor day some of those who were wounded that day were honored with a purple heart.
2:48 pm
was your husband honored? >> he did receive a purple heart. they did award him that, yes. >> in terms of, we hear a lot and we have covered a lot on this channel about benghazi and the lack of security there that led to the loss of four americans as well. why do you think it is that so many people don't know the story of what happened about camp bastion. benghazi happened days before. that overshadowed it. the american public has grown tired of hearing about the killings of our american servicepeople. it wasn't front page like benghazi and the all important ambassador that was killed that night. just another battle in afghanistan. >> i know michelle malkin has
2:49 pm
brought a lot of attention to this story and gq has brought a lot of attention to the story as well. i know you said to me, you have spent this year trying to put your life together and take care of your family as any mom would. as you are able to do that, do you intend to try to find out more answers about what happened and do you think you will get a lot of feedback in response when you seek those anners? >> so far i know that the government has put forth a new investigation and i know the results are in. they areare reviewing them now. i'm sure that i will get answers this year. i don't know if i will get accountability and where the fault lies. clearly we know that the ptower
2:50 pm
weren't manned. i don't know who was responsibility for making sure that there was somebody in that. >> we thank you so much forthat. sharing your story with us. we'll be thinking about you on this anniversary and your family. thank you for your service and the service of your husband who was just an incredible man by everyone's accounts, and we thank you very much for being with us today. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> so, we also have this. as an aside on this story. we learned that prince harry was stationed at camp bastion during that attack. he was there on a three-month tour. flew an attack helicopter at the time. the taliban mission may have been to get him, and the prince was whisked away to a safe house and the u.s. marines were the
2:51 pm
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the most expensive maritime salvage operation in history is taking place. raising the costa concordia. 32 people died when it hit the rocks and ran aground. the process of raising the ship is expected monday. an underwater platform has been built to rest the ship and haul it upright. what an event that was. >> seems every few leaks we're learning of another major sinkhole somewhere in the united states. who can forget the track judge
2:55 pm
death of the florida man whose entire bedroom sunk into the ground. now sinkhole repair companies say that for them, these tragedies have turned out to be fairly good for business, it would appear. steve is in florida. hi, steve. >> those giant sinkholes get a lot of attention for a day or two, but basic sinkhole repair across the state has now become a big business. >> when a disney area hotel slid into 100-foot sinkhole this summer it meant panic for tourists trapped inside but for lre ground services it meant money. >> when you see the sinkholes in the news, our phone is ringing off the hook. >> the company has 25 crews a day at work in west central florida, known as sinkhole alley are where limestone erodes due to declining water table and increased construction. >> nobody cares bat sinkhole that opens up in a farm field but if it opens up in a
2:56 pm
residential enabled you can pet people are paying attention. >> most sinkholes lack drama. doors or windows begin to stick and grout is pumped into the foundation. price tag for an average job, $75,000. but they can be sudden. and deadly. like the 30-foot crater that swallowed jeff bush, asleep in his bed this spring. >> sinkhole insurance can cost up to $3,000 a year. that's something many people in this neighborhood say they simply don't have. >> thank you for that. so, another crippling blow for the struggling jersey shore, just now getting back on its feet after the devastation of superstorm sandy, this morning, look at this. true to form, though, new jersey has already announced they well rebuild the seaside boardwalk. a terrible fire destroyed the icon of the boardwalk yesterday. ahead, business owners from the
2:57 pm
shore talk about being stronger than the storm, once again, when we come back. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness.
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