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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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located in palm beach and pyongyang. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. make it a great weekend. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> as fox reports live tonight, after all the talk of striking syria. word tonight president obama may agree agree to a u.n. resolution that would not include the threat of military force against the assad regime. what has changed? and a day in court for friends and family of the tsarnaev brothers. the boston marathon bombing suspects. the parents of the dead brother's widow talked to a grand jury. and friends of the surviving suspects face a judge. also, desperate to reach higher ground. >> i got a call that there was a wall of water coming
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out. we heard a big roar. >> thousands of people make a run for it as flooding overtakes some of the most beautiful towns in america. >> and: >> it just looks like a bomb went off. >> heart break on the boardwalk. >> it's piles of rubble. it's piles of just char and debris. >> harris: a fire wipes out dozens of businesses that just rebuilt after super storm sandy. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith at least four people are now dead more than 20 others unaccounted for tonight in the foothills of colorado's rockie mountains. torrential rain fall has been covering up the rivers and creeks this week sending people into nearby towns leaving them stranded and prompting evacuation warnings and rescue after rescue. the national guard is struggling to keep up now with the need for help. paramedics reached one man today who spent the night stuck inside his home. his neighbor said he found him there after a wall of water filled the place up with rocks and mud.
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>> he had managed to crawl down the stairs through the mud. he doesn't walk real well. he crawled into the mud and got to a point where i could see him. and so then we knew he was okay. and realized it wasn't a body recovery. he was still alive fortunately. >> harris: this is brand new video coming into fox news. can you see the floodwaters have overtaken entire neighborhoods now. i just mentioned those emergency crews reporting the severe weather has killed at least four people. they say all of those people unaccounted for might not actually be missing. it means authorities are waiting to locate them. and with scenes like this playing out all over the place. can you see why it's so difficult to track people down. power is out across much of the area. homes, businesses, farms, surrounded by water. alicia acuna is live for us in boulder tonight, leisha? >> harris, right now rescues do continue. the national guard was finally able to get helicopters in the air to access areas that were previously cut off.
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so evacuations do continue throughout parts of colorado as we speak. emergency management officials say what's really tough is when they go door to door and folks refuse to leave. they need assistance a few hours later. we do know there are people stranded lookout larimer county. whether it's by rivers or creeks. we have folk folks stranded we simply can't get in there. >> police say they will arrest anyone they catch tubing and kayaking in dangerous floodwaters. it's filled with debris and sewage. harris? >> it's hard to believe they would do that. >> travel is severely rejoint exhibit stricted. >> that's right. roads, bridges, entire highways have been washed away because of the floodwaters. there is kind of like waterways that have just been slashed all throughout the state. the big thompson river is so swollen it has overtaken interstate 25 which runs north and south to wyoming.
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it is now closed from the north denver suburbs all the way up to the wyoming state line. now, when the sun comes up, the temptation is for people to get out and explore. officials say that's the exact wrong thing to do. because it is still deadly. just look at it. >> harris: that water is not clear. as people wading through that for fun or whatever purposes very dangerous. thank you very much. the united nations could soon go public with support on last month's chemical weapons attack on syria. the head of the inspection team says he plans to deliver the report on the u.n. headquarters in new york this weekend. today the secretary general gave up a preview. >> our team will come out soon with a report. but i believe that the report will be an overwhelming report that can occur -- >> overwhelming but they said all along and they still say it will not reveal exactly who used the chemical weapons. u.s. officials say this
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video shows victims of the attack fox news cannot verify that the white house has said there is no doubt the syrian government is to blame for using the weapons. now, secretary of state john kerry is planning more talks with world leaders syria to give up chemical weapons. james rosen is traveling with the secretary in geneva switzerland tonight. james? >> harris, good evening. a senior obama administration official says the u.s. and russian delegates meeting here are now closer to agreeing on the actual size and scope of the syrian chemical weapons arsenal. secretary of state kerry and russian foreign minister sergei have the ability to talk to each other while the teams of technical advisors have been breaking up into smaller working groups. despite reports that the u.s. has agreed to stop from the pending u.n. security council resolution. the opposition for the use of force against syrian president bashar al assad if he does not give up his banned stockpiles.
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state department spokesperson says she could not repruj the outcome but added must be consequences if assad fails to comply. >> that we are committed to try to work together, beginning with this initiative on the chemical weapons in hopes that those efforts could pay off and bring peace and stability to a war torn part of the world. last working session broke up an hour ago around midnight local time. they v.a. grewed to extend their discussions into an unplanned third day on saturday before secretary kerry jets off to jerusalem and paris. harris? >> harris: busy weekend we will cover all of it. >> james rosen, thanks very much. in boston friends of the surviving suspect in the marathon bombing pleaded not guilty today. they are accused of lying to investigators and conspiracy to obstruct justice. the three men appeared in federal court where no cameras were allowed. prosecutors claim these
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friends went to dzhokhar tsarnaev's dormitory room at u mass dartmouth and took several items shortly after seeing his picture pop up on television. they say tsarnaev and his brother carried out the bombings near the finish line in april. the attacks killing three people. injuring 260 others. molly line is live for us in boston tonight. molly, what happened in court today? >> well, harris, the three young men were all back in court because of a superseding indictment that essentially moved their case forward as one. american citizen as well as by biological beaf. hearings very brief. defendants uttering just a few words not guilty to all charges. flip pose charged with two counts of making false statements and 16 years in prison. the other two charged with conspiracy count and obstruction of justice
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facing 20 years in prison. only one remains free on bail. harris? >> harris: what is their defense saying? >> well, we had at least one attorney step up to the microphone today robert staal the attorney for baev listen. >> what we would expect to prove is the truth at the time this happened there was no intent and no knowledge and no purposeful obstruction of justice. and that this young man, this young college student will be able to return home to his family in kazakhstan. >> three men are slated to return to court on october 29th. harris? >> harris: molly, thank you very much. we are wiped out again. that from an arcade owner along the jersey shore. the pictures are heart-breaking. inferno ripped through popular boardwalk this week erasing months of rebuilding and dreams for business owners, families, survivors of super storm sandy. still putting out hot spots. sigh it there in the video. fox reports live from seaside park where disaster has hit a second time in a
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axiron. >> harris: less than one year since super storm sandy and two towns are cleaning up from yet another disaster. rereported last night about the fire and boardwalk seaside park and seaside heights. fire crews reported it burned down 50 businesses along six blocks of that boardwalk. this is the same area destroyed last october. the storm surge as you may recall ripped apart that iconic boardwalk and caused a pier to collapse leaving the roller coaster, remember that sitting in the middle of the water for months. the mad dash was on for throughout the winter and spring to rebuild there in time for summer. and they did it but now in the last week of the season, a fire has destroyed a large chunk of it crews had had to dismantle even more of that boardwalk to keep the flames from spreading farther. as you can see in the new video that's just come into
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fox news tonight. a big piece of the boardwalk is gone again. if there is any good news though to take away from this. emergency officials report no one was badly hurt. rick leventhal is live for us in seaside park, new jersey. rick? >> and, harris, several firefighters suffered minor injuries and three police officers were also hurt when they fell out of the back of a pickup truck while providing security out here last night. clearly the big impact has been on this community and on these beachfront businesses that have spent the last 10 months rebuilding after being devastated by super storm sandy and then of course that boardwalk that you mentioned roughly a quarter mile of it, much of it brand new now completely charred and ruined in effect after this fast-moving fire started in a frozen custard shop yesterday about 2:00 in the afternoon. it quickly spread north. fanned by 25 to 30 mile-per-hour winds. there were 400 firefighters that came here from across the state to battle this blaze. at one point it reached 10 alarms. it was stopped only when construction crews carved
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two chunks out of that boardwalk to prevent fire lines to prevent more damage. the governor is focused on victims to recover again. >> these are folks that have had nothing but challenge for the last 10 months. so they got through the summer. pretty good summer. and so they feel like they're over the hump of, you know. and then something like this happens. makes everybody feel the vulnerability. >> good work, thank you. >> thank you. >> you know, governor christie grew up here in new jersey, spent many summers here at the shore. he says decades of memories have now been ruined. >> rick, i know you mentioned that cuss taferred shop was where it started. any idea how? >> well, we know that fire investigators are on scene. they have been here for hours now collecting evidence. the ocean county prosecutor's office has the lead on this. but there are many agencies involved in trying to determine exactly what went wrong here. the prosecutor's office tells us it would be irresponsible and certainly premature begin speculating on whether or not this was
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arson or an accident. but that's exactly what they are trying to figure out. collecting that evidence, examining it very closely. and trying to determine the cause of this blaze, harris. >> harris: boy, it did a lot of damage in a short period of time. rick leventhal, thank you very much. in st. louis, missouri, fire tore through a recycling plant. the place that seen this kind of thing before it happened around noon local time at a building in interstate 55. they had though shut down the northbound lanes there while they were fighting. this no word on what started the fire you see here. in 2009, that same recycling center burned after a bail bailey of cardboard caught fire and quickly spread throughout the building. state troopers have rescued two men who survived a plane crash and spent three days stranded in the alaska wilderness. the guys left for alaska on a moose hunt last week. they say their plane had had engine failure just outside anchorage. when the pilot attempted to land the aircraft on the soft ground, it flipped over, after spending a day and a half at the crash site with no sign of any
7:16 pm
rescuers they set off for a town 12 miles away with the help of a g.p.s. unit. the only food they had had with them was canned salmon and trail mix. troopers spotted them in a clearing. they are said to be okay tonight. wow. a verdict is n a crime that triggered furious protests even sparked rare national debate about violence against whim in india. new new delhi judge has ordered death sentences for four men convicted of raping a woman last year. she died from massive interrible injuries. victim's mom says she is relieved by the sentences. >> we hope this verdict will make things better for other women. we hope they will be safer. >> the four men deny the charges and say they will appeal against the verdict and the judge's sentence. a fifth attacker hanged himself in prison back in march. keep in mind, rape victims in india are often shunned by their families, even fired from their jobs. one protester, a mother says she is hopeful that
7:17 pm
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. >> harris: go ahead and open up the paperwork. retirement nest egg. 401(k) ira got another boost today. september has been a good
7:21 pm
month for stocks so far. all three major indices closed out the week in positive territory. the dow up 75. over the past five days seen its best week since january. up 3%. analysts say there is growing optimism among investigators that a -- investors that a u.s. military strike in syria can be avoided. speaking of wall street. twitter is the latest tech company general waiting a lot of buzz. as we reported to you yesterday the social media giant tweeted that it secretly filed for initial public offering of stock. i'm going to say the secret is out then. because it got a few followers. and it comes at a good time because, investors have become more interested in ipo's over the last year. according to the deal tracking firm deal ogic. 125 deals this year compared to 48 last year. 49% increase. few questions remain tonight. why did twitter choose to file quietly and will it share a similar fate to
7:22 pm
facebook. facebook immediately tanked after ipo revealing last year. joel lien kent is with us now. up until the tweet, they were on the down low. >> yeah, that's right. they decided to share the information and the reason that they filed for confidential s 1 with the fcc is because they have revenue of less than $1 billion and the jobs act actually from last april allows companies to do that. and one more thing on the comparison to facebook, a lot of people have been drawing the comparison. i don't think it's going to end up as a botched ipo for two reasons. one, twitter is a lot smaller. only $99 billion for $100 billion. so certainly a big difference there from facebook. goldman sachs is underwriting this. there is a lead underwriter for this ipo. and they are certainly not going to make the same mistakes that morgan stanley made last time for facebook. >> harris: yeah, i was going to say. it wasn't as much facebook's problem as the problem that they had the day they rolled out. >> that's right, exactly. >> harris: what about making money?
7:23 pm
how is twitter going to roll in the revenue now? >> they are are ayirg a lot of different advertising. mope hud for $350,000. good for them. advertise more outside of twitter. cussing on that. new relationships with television including espn and generate revenue there of course they have always been a mobile first company. that is certainly the future and very skilled at keeping their products clean and simple. we are expecting a solid ipo. >> harris: for all kids out there mope hud that's publicity. >> exactly. >> harris: shipping company responsible for molasses spill that killed thousands of issue in hawaii. pipeline leaked about 1400 tons of the sugary substance into the water. since then, dead fish have been popping up in nearby lagoons and canals. the shipping company says they plan for the possibility of oil and chemical spills, but not
7:24 pm
for molasses. the environmental protection agency is sending out two spill experts to clean it all up. the big spill happened on monday in honolulu harbor. a deadly attack as you may know outside our u.s. consulate in afghanistan. tonight, the taliban is claiming responsibility. we'll go live to the pentagon. and a top republican claims the obama administration is not doing enough to catch the terrorists who killed four americans at the u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya. remember, that was just a year ago. it's coming up inside "the fox report." don't tell mom. don't tell mom! don't tell mom. okay. don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom? yeah. the best stories you'll ever tell start with, don't tell." don't tell dad.
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>> harris: our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. philippines: [gunfire] >> some 200 firefighters from a muslim rebel group stormed into a southern port city earlier this week taking hostages. witnesses say those rebels fired a mortar near a hospital at least six people hurt including ross cross volunteers. more than 20 people have died in the violence rush sharks emergency crews looking for missing patients in the midwest. a fire ripped through a facility killing dozens of people. some people still unaccounted for may have run away or wandered into a nearby forest. no word on what may have caused the fire. australia, a brazen smash
7:29 pm
and grab in city. armed robbers armed with sledge hammers crashed a suv into the building and partially collapsed wall. grabbed cash and escaped in a get away car. no one hurt. at last check police were still looking for the suspect. thailand. firefighters battling a growing snake problem around the capital city bangkok. they get as many calls to remove reptiles from homes fires. do to fight they say last year they captured some 20 snakes a day, including pythons and cobras. that's a wrapping on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> >> each hairs faulkner in for shepard smith. this the is fox report. president obama says he is hopeful secretary of state john kerry can work out a deal with the russians to get syria to give up its
7:30 pm
chemical weapons. there is word tonight the president might accept a united nations resolution that does not include the threat of military force for failing to abye bye the president '. the president has said he has the authority to take action on his only. ed henry live at the white house. what has changed to get the president to possibly consider no strike? haste not a lot of the situation has changed except from the white house perspective positive development with their seeming to be no option other than myrtle force and we're ending the week with at least with some talks moving forward in geneva that could avoid the litary option. for the first time today military officials laid out a time line of what kind of progress, how quickly they want progress out of those geneva talks to try to get assad to turn over chemical weapons. they want to see real progress within a few weeks. and that in they don't see that progress, presumably they would walk away from the talks and push congress again to move forward with
7:31 pm
authoring force for u.s. military action. they want to keep that stick out there. the president who met with the amir of kuwait today said he is still hopeful that something will cover these talks. take a listen. >> i shared with the amir my hope that the negotiations currently taking place between secretary of state kerry. in geneva. u.s. officials are also saying that after a few weeks, if they see some progress u.n. security council take up a resolution formalizing that assad has to turn over these chemical weapons and laying out a process for the international community to take over these weapons and destroy them. the key is the u.s. officials are also acknowledging as you suggested there would not be the threat of military force imposed by the u.n. >> although the u.s. still again could hold up the option of unilateral action although at this point that seems somewhat unlikely, harris. >> you know, to kind of that you can in the vernacular here. republicans are saying that
7:32 pm
it still seems to them the president is being played by putin. >> that's right. you hear a lot of powerful republicans on capitol hill saying that they think putin is going to string these talks along. prevent the u.s. from moving forward with military action but at the. assad to turn over his chemical weapons. you have got some middle east analysts also saying that mutant is trying -- putin is the real power plawr in the middle east by trying to broker this. if there is no progress. assad staying in power and killing more people not with chemical weapons but conventional weapons. take a listen. >> putin has told assad that, number one, is he not going to use chemical weapons again. whether the u.n. steps in or not and secondly, if he follows his instructions from the masters in moscow, he is going to win the war anyway with conventional weapons.
7:33 pm
of course u.s. policy for two years now has been that assad step down. he obviously has not done that u.s. officials say in private they want this to be a two step process. one they want to get assad to turn over the chemical weapons that would be a big step forward and eventually they want to get assad to step down. again that could take months or even years, harris. >> harris: ed henry outside the white house. just a year in the terror attack in benghazi, libya. militants have launched another deadly assault. this one within just feet of another u.s. consulate. it happened in western afghanistan. less than 100 miles from the iranian border. a state department spokesperson says three afghan security officers and an interpreter died. everybody inside the consulate got out safely. she adds that she is not aware of any specific threats before the attack. jennifer griffin working the story tonight live at the pentagon. jennifer, how important is the location of this attack? >> it's interesting, hairs. it was about 100 miles from the border with iran in a quiet part of afghanistan.
7:34 pm
iran has a lot of influence in that part of afghanistan. but it was also likely chosen as a soft target. fortunately the two car bombs didn't breech the perimeter of the u.s. consulate and all u.s. personnel are safe tonight. four afghans are killed in what looks like a complex and coordinated attack. a car filled with explosives struck the front gate and then attackers on foot tried to fire rocket propelled grenades on the way. in afghan forces pushed them back. the consulate was then secured by u.s. special operations forces. harris? >> harris: well, and i understand that the u.s. struggle over the crisis in syria may be fueling other challenges around the world at this point. >> well, take north korea, for instance. it announced it would be restarting its pyongyang nuclear reactor for the first time since 2007 after seeing the u.s. was unable to rally international interveption in syria. in iraq, just days after the u.s. says the syrian regime used chemical weapons against its own
7:35 pm
people. iraqi forces allegedly assassinated 52 iranian dissidents who had helped the u.s. expose aspects of iran's nuclear program. all of this while the u.s. was debating what to do in sierra. -- syria. >> harris: obama administration's commitment to a criminal trial maybe blocking the investigation into that deadly terror attack on our outpost in benghazi. that's according to mike rogers of michigan. in an exclusive interview rogers told fox news the administration has been treating the suspects as if they have the same rights as criminals, here in the united states. he says that is slowing down the efforts to bring them to justice. you'll remember, our outpost was attacked on september 11th of last year. dead in that attack, american ambassador christopher stephens, intelligence officer sean smith. former navy seals glenn doherty and tyrone woods.
7:36 pm
catherine herridge conduct nad exclusive interview with rogers. she is here life with us in washington. catherine? >> thank you, harris. the administration's determination to prosecute the benghazi suspects in criminal court has thrown up road blocks. >> there are far too many lawyers. there are far too many hurdles in trying to do a criminal investigation on what, in my mind is, a terrorist matter. certainly, i'm frustrated. i think the committee is frustrated. by the way the people who do this for a living are really frustrated. >> based on intelligence reporting, the delay has allowed the benghazi suspects to remain free and engage with their terrorist organizations. as for targeted drone strikes, counter terrorism analysts say the obama administration's prosecution strategy has effectively pushed aside the military option. >> there is a lot of frustration in both the intelligence community and in the defense department because a lot of the guys who are involved and guys know who they are and in some cases we he know where they are and yet we haven't been able to go in and take them out. >> the military detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba is off the table for
7:37 pm
holding and questioning the benghazi suspects. >> our position on gitmo, that we're not sending anyone to gitmo. that in fact we are working to reduce the population at gitmo ultimately with the goal of closing it. >> well, a criminal case requires physical evidence by the time the fbi reached the consulate last fall, the crime scene was already contaminated. and the libyan government, according to senior law enforcement officials, wants to help but is still unstable to help the fox news needs. fox news asked the justice department why it's so committed to it a criminal prosecution in the benghazi case given the hurdles and allegations it's slowing down the investigation and there was no immediate response. harris? >> harris: we will keep asking the question. catherine herridge, good to he see you. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> harris: this is where we started this hour on fox report. unbelievable pictures coming out of all of that heavy rain and flash flooding in the midwest. just how long will it continue? boy, do they need a break. rick reichmuth will have the complete first alert forecast for them.
7:38 pm
this is new video just into fox news. look at this. this just happened moments ago. they're rolling. this seeing together for the first time. gifding that horse through those raging floodwaters. i hope they make it i'm going to keep watching. we will play out the end. and, the owner of one small company in florida says his business is booming thanks to mother nature. we'll explain. not much, you th. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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>> harris: top story with updates now. the national guard is deploying more helicopters to scoop up hundreds of people stranded in jamestown in boulder county, colorado. the punishing rain has been leads to all sorts of rescues and this video that we shared with you just before we went to commercial break. that horse made it to some more forgiving ground where there was less water as they led that horse that you see in the center of your screen out of the flooded zone there four people have been confirmed
7:42 pm
dead here. several unaccounted for. entire towns are just muddy swamps tonight. rescuers now with the dogs and the canoe there. the teams have been going from house to house to help people get out. it's forced thousands of them to lead their homes. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the extreme weather center tonight. rick? >> harris, when you think about a hurricane or a tropical storm that comes on shore, generally you might get 10 to 15 inches of rain in areas that are generally used to that. we saw up to 14 inches of rain in boulder, colorado. this is in the mountains in areas and that doesn't seem that kind of rapid rain fall. most of that falling in around 24 to 36 hour period. that falling in across the mountains but then that all has to drain off in across some of the lower areas. and that's what we are seeing now. that flooding video that you have been just been showing of that horse and some of these trailers and homes that are completely submerged's south plat river. not in the mountains, down in towards the plains. just towards the north of the denver area. that's where we are seeing that flooding. that river cresting at its
7:43 pm
highest ever level today. and it's likely going to rise about another foot or so by tomorrow. we have a pro-locked period of ongoing flooding across some the lower areas. or at least not in the mountain areas. boulder, i think some of those places are going to calm down a little bit. take a look at the pictures though that are out of here. this showing, i believe this is one of the highways, but i'm not sure if this is a live shot or not. let me know in my ear. this right here, can you get a sense of how widespread. it's not the rapid flowing water now that's running off of the mountains. more rain this weekend but much less we could see a few areas picking up an inch or two. that won't help matters. we are not going to see any additional flash flooding i don't think from that, harris. >> harris: last full week of summer. what about the rest of the nation? >> i tell you what, in this last weekend, or the last couple of days we saw some the highest temperatures we have seen so far this summer across parts of the northeast. and take a look at what happened. we had the big storms move through yesterday. today's temperatures dramatically cooler, only
7:44 pm
into the mid 50s in buffalo. 60's to remain in the and 70s all across the marcht and northeast back toward chicago and detroit area for sunday. things looking much better. feeling more like fall. that big heat wave, i think we are done with it. >> before i let you go. what about ingrid? >> we are finally starting to see activity in the tropics much the good news is none of it really going to impact the northeast thatch. humberto and gabrielle out to see. tropical storm now. right here off the coast of vericruz in towards the mexico. see the storm pull north. landfall somewhere sunday monday across mexico. big story is potentially going to be some 15 to 20 inches of rain bringing flooding. texas, however, we desperately need rain. a little bit in far south texas by the time we get toward the early part of this coming week. harris? >> harris: all right, rick. thank you very much.
7:45 pm
businesses booming in florida one company in particular. what do they do? they repair sink holes. owner says on average they fix about 300 of them a year. did you know there were that many of them? in a place known as sink hole alley. of course, many holes form when acidic limestone rock underneath the soil that causes a large void and the land collapses under the hole. actually very common for the sunshine state. our steve harrigan has a look at the people to call when you see a sink hole swallowing up a house nearby. he is alive. seffner. >> before the sink hole behind me formed there used to be three houses in that field and jeff bush was asleep in one of them a foot 30 crater opened up fast enough to bury him alive. his brother tried but failed to save him. >> i ran in there and all i could see was the big hole and the all i could see was the tops of his bed. i didn't see anything else.
7:46 pm
i jumped in the hole and tried digging him out. i thought i could hear him screaming for me and hollering for me to help him. i couldn't do nothing. >> lre ground services has 25 crews a day at work in west central florida. known as sink hole alley where limestone erodes in part due to the declining water table and increased destruction. >> nobody cares if it opens up in a farm field if it opens up in residential neighborhood you can get they are paying attention. >> most sink holes lack drama. doors or windows begin to stick and grout is pumped into the foundation. price tag for an average job, $75,000. but when a dramatic crater does open like the one that caused the evacuation of dozens of tourists from a disney area resort this summer, for the sink hole repair men, it means a major spike in business. >> when you see those sink holes in the news, our phone is ringing off the hook. >> some of the neighbors
7:47 pm
around this sink hole say they would like to have their properties checked but the a thousand dollars fee is just too high. harris? >> steve, thank you. well, it looks like scientistst may have been a little generous about the height of north america's tallest mountain mount mckinley? really they didn't get this right? just updated the official estimate from the 1950s. listed the official height at 20920 feet. after using state-of-the-art radar technology and tape measure i don't know. mount mckin solid only 20237 feet high. they were apparently off by 83 feet. don't worry mount mckinley is still more than 600 feet taller than north america's second highest mountain logan in canada. score one for the u.s.a. i love saying that. some travelers scored a deal of a lifetime. flights, dirt cheap, but the airline now claims it was all a mistake. meanwhile, some customers of a different airline are testing their luck on this friday the 13th. if you are in to this sort
7:48 pm
of thing. you might not want to take flight 666 going straight south. something "new." and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment.
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foiled auto plot robbing a bank significant case they ever came across. arrested a dozen men trying to take control of a computer inside a shopping center bank and steal millions of dollars. police say the men sent in a bogus maintenance worker and installed the device you see here. meant to give the men access to the bank's computer. somehow the bank found out about this heist plan and worked very closely with police. a handful of fortunate people booked themselves plane tickets for just a dollars apiece thanks to a major glitch on united airlines web site. a spokeswoman for united
7:52 pm
says the mistake was caused by human error. the site yesterday listed several domestic flights for zero dollars you plus a a dollars tax. word about the cheap airfare spread quickly across the web. the offers were up about 15 minutes before united heard about the problem and shut down the site. no word whether it will honor those cheap tickets. united is evaluating that i think it's code for which he are checking with their lawyers, maybe. well, just getting to the airport can be a hassle. but, for those who rely on ride sharing services like uber or side bar car. it can soon be a bit more difficult to get there claudia, we are learning san francisco international airport has ordered cease and desist order against those services. >> in fact, harris, these popular ride sharing service supervise been bound from sfo. uber. side car and lift now in a bit of a turf war unlike taxis and limos. cars and drivers are not.
7:53 pm
congestion and safety concerns we are found drivers operating uninsured. what the status of the vehicle is obligation from a safety perspective ensure these things for ground transportation. >> he they're not like traditional taxis, most don't use dispatchers and stead of set fares, riders who use side car pay what they want. a suggested donation. these companies say they shouldn't need a permit many continue to operate at the risk of trespassing, harris? >> harris: how about taxi drivers, how do they take this? >> they are pretty upset. dozen held a rally. they were called for city ride band rogue bandit taxis, take a listen. these cabbies say they are not against innovation but argue that uber list and others should have to
7:54 pm
operate under the same rules they do with a license and permit because they say the way it is now. anyone with a four door car can go via taxy. the california public utilities commission which overseas cab companies is allowing some of these services to operate under a temporary permit while it works out new rules. there is still the bigger issue how to categorize ride share apps somewhere between taxies and car pools. no question they are popular and they are not going away. >> harris: claudia, thank you very much. some adventureous fliers spending a flight to hel. three letter code for the helsinki, finland. did you think i couldn't spell flight number 666 only adds to the fun for these devilish dare devils. the flight nearly sold out. one veteran traveler says big joke among the pilots. most coveted seats on the flight row 13.
7:55 pm
actually not first class. fin air doesn't seem to have a problem issuing that unlucky number. competitor scandinavian air doesn't have a row 13 on its planes. the courts just weighed in on the case of a monkey that made headlines last year wandering around an ikea store sporting stylish outer wear. i love this video. coming up, the judge's decision on whether the monkey's mom can have the primate back. plus free shipping on orders of $75 or more. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? ooh!
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hairs mayor's a monkey is. >> anna: mall even if it wear as coat and shops at ikea. that was the ruling today from a judge that says it will remain at animal sanctuary. shoppers founder win bundled in a coat wandering around ikea last year. updating some of our top story tonight. word new video coming in from colorado's devastating flooding. people trying to get to it higher ground anyway they
7:59 pm
can. we reported united airlines considering whether to honor the tickets mistakenly sold on web site. the airline has announced those passengers can travel at those for dirt cheap tickets on this day in 1814. francis scott key wrote a poem that would later become america's national anthem. inspiration came during a battle in maryland during the war of 1812. weeks earlier british troops burned the white house, the capitol building and the library of congress. their next target was fort mckenry in baltimore. but after a full day of attacking, it was still standing. and so was the american flag that was flying over it. keyes wrote a poem said about the scene. star-spangled banner 1 9 years ago today. that is how fox reports on this friday the 13th. i consider it lucky. because i'm doing what i


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