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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and others. >> as always, thanks for being with us. i hope you have a great weekend. tonight, is our oh super power status slipping and is russia on the rise? >> i cannot support an operation so poorly conceived, so foolishly telegraphed and virtually guaranteed to lose. >> we have completely lost control of the situation. russia is dominating the agenda. >> seems to be running away from a policy and advocating it at the same time. you can't have that kind of leadership. >> we are in the position because the president over the last frankly five years has been terrible in leadership in the middle east. . >> we agreed to do that homework. and meet again in new york.
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>> vladimir putin is the guy who is going to stop the killing. not barack obama. vladimir putin is the guy to get rid of evil chemical weapons -- except he's not. >> there is not going to be a missile strike by the united states. i think pretty much everybody understand s that. >> when you examine the solution, it is no solution at all. >> should diplomacy fail or might be necessary. >> senator john mccain taking to twitter calling out secretary of state john kerry by tweeting secretary kerry says if diplomacy fails force might be necessary versus assad. is this another change in policy? senator mccain joins us. >> a couple of the most stunning remarks have been made. that one, we might after the president of the united states said we were going to. then he said only with the agreement of congress. but the other one that has to go down in history is unbelievably small. you tell the enemy that an
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attack on them is going to be unbelievably small. you wait days and days after you have announced that you are going to do that while they disperse their forces, move civilians to military targets and vice versa. by the way, as an example, while they were worried about the strike they grounded the air force. as soon as the pause was announced the air strikes recommenced and heavier than they had been before and the intensity on the ground before. here we are, greta, negotiating with the russians to remove chemical weapons from syria and at the same time planeloads of weapons are coming into syria from russia that have already killed 100,000 people. as horrible as the gas attacks were. so far, i see nothing in the comments made by kerry or the
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president that syria will be punished for the slaughter of 400 children and 1400 people, much less another 100,000. i was just talking to a friend of mine. 100 years from now historians may be looking back at this episode even so far as one of the most bizarre in history. >> when you talk about the chemical weapons, i want the go back to right before august 21. sort of the day of the gassings, although there were other incidents apparently. that was sort of when the so-called red line was passed. i was reading about the unit that moves the chemical weapons in syria. unit 450. what it says whenever unit 50 moves chemicals into position to mix and deploy they first have to missouri heavy equipment. they have heavy equipment to move to the areas in order to mix it and israel and the united states is watching. if we are capable of watching unit 50 move this heavy
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equipment by satellite or whatever, weren't we watching it prior to august 21? shouldn't we have known? >> it was well known that he'd used chemical weapons in smaller amounts. >> even that incident. aren't we carefully watching what's going on there? >> it's not that easy. you can see heavy equipment. you're not sure what some of it is containing. but the lesson here is that if he had any idea that he was going to account for and help get rid of the chemical weapons why in the world would he use his special unit to disperse them to 50 places and places hopefully that we wouldn't know ? it is a contradiction on the ground of what's being said or assumed by the president and john kerry.
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by the way, two years ago assad would be goep. there was no foreign fighter there. no chemical weapons. he was on the run. al qaeda came in and most importantly hezbollah, 5,000 of them. the iranian revolutionary guard, the russians all in. because the iranians didn't want to lose their client syria. >> in light of where we are today though, if we did a sizable missile strike, we are not going to have regime change. what do we get on day two? that's the question. mer americans say, why are we doing this? >> that's a legitimate question. the key is to get the right weapons to the free syrian army. we know who they are. the saudis are getting weapons to the right people. if we did it in sizable amounts they can prevail. by the way, their morale is shattered now. >> what's the point? we are giving them light weapons. not the weapons they want. >> tanks, you're right. they need anti-armor, anti-air.
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we have been prevailing on the saudis not to give them that. it's got to be a fair fight. every day a plane lands from iran over flying iraq, by the way. another plane lands from russia filled with weapons into the seaport that the russians have. also, boat loads full of weapons have come in. >> there seems to be two issues. one is the world's, u.s.'s response to chemical weapons. the other category is they have a civil war going on. it's not a fair fight. how deeply do we get involved? just turn our backs on it or do you want us involved in the civil war by supplying bigger weapons, by the tanks and all that. >> i have always advocated no american boots on the ground. stand off, take out their airfields, their air capabilities, maintenance fuel, et cetera.
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kn neutralize their air assets and provide a safe zone. that would then lead to a reverse momentum on the battlefield and negotiations to lead to the departure of assad. then we have to help the free syrian army against these jihadists and al nusra and al qaeda in the country. it would be complicated. we could negotiate along with bashar al assad's depar temperatu ture a way to get under control the chemical weapons they have. as long as assad believes he's win he's going nowhere. >> putin of russia. is this the rise of president putin or not? >> he's now assumed a role in the middle east that they have been aspiring to and haven't had since 1970.
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he is now the, quote, peacemaker. he is now the great negotiator. one thing lavrov is a smart old fox. as soon as john kerry said that, he pounced. he said, oh, this is it. by the way, i will start coming on this show with my shirt off to show how much i am, too. >> a reference to president putin. >> why does he go on without his shirt on all the time, by the way ? anyway. he has now attained a status that they have been trying to get for a long, long period of time. >> has president putin outfoxed the united states, outfoxed president obama? >> of course. the president of the united states said he was going to strike if it was a red line crossed. he said he would strike. then for the first time in history after saying he was going to act militarily said,
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but i will get the approval of congress. now without seeking the approval of congress which he wouldn't have had he goes on national television and argues for two courses of action. one, the strike. two, the pause. that confuses the american people. there is still not an overall strategy and goal and a way to get there. >> with president putin, do you see his motive as that he's trying to secure peace. >> no. >> or a way to rise up and for russia to have a more dominant role in the region. >> he's an old kgb apparachick. never forget that. what he's done in russia uh to consolidate his position. he's intimidating his neighbors. he dreams of a restoration of the old russian empire. that's what he's all about. nobody but someone with a
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mammoth ego could have written what was in the new york times. to say of course it was the rebels that did the chemical weapons and lecturing to us? lecturing to us about freedom and democracy? look, you've got to hand it to him for chutzpah. the fact is you've got to understand he is what he is. remember all the years medvedev was our guy. as i always said he was the puppet. i'm sure you remember president george w. bush's favorite words about looking into his eyes and seeing his soul. i always said, looked into his eye and i saw three letters, a k., a g., and a b. let's have no illusions as to what he's about. yes, he's in a place of immense influence and status in the middle east which they haven't had since 1970.
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>> how does president obama dig us out of this? >> he's got to be firm. he's got to be decisive. i would have delayed talking to the american people once he pursued this opening of the pause. but he's got to explain to the american people what our goals are and why. why this matters in north korea. why this matters in israel. why this matters in tehran. >> or jordan. >> of course they are teetering. and in lebanon and iraq which has deteriorated. more killing is going on in iraq now than has taken place since 2008. it is now a center of al qaeda moving back and forth. things are going to hell in a handbasket here. look at egypt. look at what generals are doing in egypt and what are we doing? one general. general assissi. we have to assert american
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leadership. that is american values and american values are america's interests. the first thing we ought to do is start getting significant weapons into the free syrian army so that they can be effective. look, they have fought very well under enormous odds. i'm confident they can succeed. we have to help them. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> washington has a confidence crisis. that's no secret. how bad is it? a new gallup poll shows it hitting an all time low. less than half say they have a great deal or fair amount of confidence. is the syria crisis to blame? former white house press secretary dana prino joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the impact of syria on the nation's confidence? congress has never been popular with the american people. >> it's been worse in recent years. there is only one entity with lower approval ratings. i think it's the press.
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trust in institutions has been going down in church, sport, and government. i don't necessarily think the syria issue of the last two weeks contributed dramatically to this. it can't help for people to feel confident in government. in the next two weeks we'll see congress again try to have a budget fight that feels like groundhog day to most americans. they keep asking why can't washington work more like a business like i do in my business or family. trying to get things done so they don't lurch from one crisis to the next. >> why is it playing out in the white house. each administration is different but there are a lot of similarities when human beings get together with a problem. what do you think is going on at the white house behind the scenes? >> i think they are probably breathing a big sigh of relief their tumultuous two weeks as
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come to an end. people will hope the diplomatic solution is taken care of and they will stop paying attention quickly. i was dismayed to see a comment by bi the press secretary taking a swipe at george w. bush for being decisive. i really think the last thing the current white house needs is to be attacking the old white house which is actually all the people from that white house have been trying to help them in the last two weeks. more partisanship. it's what they do best and it is hurt hing the president. i hope he can get a handle on it, regroup, deal with syria. there are other things including egypt. the fiscal crisis could be a big one. one of the things he has to deal with is the unions turning against him on obamacare. >> you say it's hurting the president but the unuh fortunate aspect of this is when the
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president is hurt in terms of credibility or p.r. around the world it i does hurt us. >> yeah. i agree. >> whether you're republican or democrat you ought to have an interest in having our president -- >> look strong. >> look strong in the world. >> you want the president to look strong, confident and be the leader of the free world. that's what i want for any president. especially right now for president obama. when i saw the putin on sep-op- not mad the new york times ran it, but i want america to say, excuse me, vlad, i don't think you are allowed to do that on the world stage to our president. to stand together and fight for president obama against vladimir putin. >> the article came out oh right before we went on air. i thought if the white house didn't see it coming and i don't think they saw it coming it shows how poor our communication is with russia and how poor it is that we are able to get the upper hand with them when our
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president can be end run like that in an op-ed in the new york times that essentially humiliates him and addressed the american people. the fact that we got into a position where that can happen, i thought was rather grim. >> i think the white house handled the reaction to the putin op-ed well. they didn't dwell on it. there was buzz everywhere else with the consensus being that it took a lot of chutzpah and president obama turned the other cheek and focused on the goal. i thought the white house handled that part of things well. >> that's p.r., but the russian president feels free to go around the president, speak directly to the american people. he knew how to do it and it happened. that's the problem. >> what's disgusting to me is there is an american p.r. firm that for years has been taking money from russia and representing them and being their p.r. representative in america. i don't believe for a second that vladimir putin wrote that op-ed himself like the p.r. firm
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says he did. i briefed vladimir putin. i know he doesn't speak eng lish well. there was an american who sat down and helped type that out and get it approved into the new york times on his behalf. to me, that's blood boiling. >> h he does say who used the gas, the chemical weapons. president putin says in that op-ed whether he wrote it or somebody else, that it was not the president of syria but the opposition. he was jabbing the united states with that one. >> if he has proof of that he needs to provide it to the u.n. security council post haste. he hasn't done it. the administration hasn't done enough of providing the proof that it was assad's government that used the weapon. i believe that's true. i just think as part of the show-me state. like if you were in missouri. show me more. they need to understand more. there are polls that say 60% of
10:18 pm
people in america don't support the president in the strikes even if it is proven that assad used chemical weapons against his own people. the white house has a ton of p.r. work to do. you're right. the policy has to be set and they have to be thinking three steps ahead bauds they know president putin is. >> and congress, talk about the p.r. of the president, he still does better than congress in terms of numbers. >> true. >> all right, dana. nice to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, if you were looking for a job or you know someone who is, you will definitely want to listen closely to our next guest. he has a plan. you will hear it. also, fishermen are having trouble coming back to land with a big catch and not because of the fish shortage. find out why. plus, check out this photo. this is oscar winner nicole kidman. what? rather, who knocked her to the ground? of getting something "new."
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one small business owner has a message for washington. don't forget about us. he needs help to start hiring again. greg hallus from trinity protection services joins us. nice to see you. >> thank you. pleasure and an honor. >> can you tell me briefly what is your business. >> yes. our business, we are a security service primarily providing security guard services to the federal government. >> how many employee hs do you have? >> just under 600. >> how long have you had the business? >> this is our 13th year in business. >> so now you have written an article about small businesses. don't forget about small business owners. >> we have. >> why do you think you're forgotten? >> lately, you know the debacle
10:23 pm
of 2008 and how the country has been stifled in terms of growth and the financial industry and so forth. so get back on oh our feet small business has not had the necessary help, meaning banks lending money, meaning government implementing programs that allow small businesses to work. >> you want to borrow money. >> an opportunity to borrow money. i had -- i was on another show talking to a guy from g.e. and said that's not small business -- access to capital isn't the problem. as a small business and being around other small businesses i can tell you un equivocally that is one of the problems. >> g.e. isn't a small business. what do they know about a small business maybe? so what can the government do about capital? what do you want from them? >> from the government's perspective what do, what we all know we can do is what we all need which is roads, schools,
10:24 pm
bridges, infrastructure in this country. that helps to get the small person working who gets money for small businesses. the average person working spending dollars spend s it on small business which spends it. the dollars roll over. >> sounds like a stimulus bill that didn't get the economy stimulated when the money was supposed to go out for roads, infrastructure and all that. here we are . >> two points. >> okay. >> one, all the money didn't go out. the money that did go out did keep us from going over -- well, we did go over the cliff but it padded the landing. it would have been worse without stimulus. >> a lot of people say, look, since the government didn't do a great job, the fear of what would have happened, the argument isn't always very convincing. the american people were promised more, i think. that was the problem. since it didn't have a success there ought to be another way. maybe government is too big.
10:25 pm
maybe we should get off the back of small business, cut down on regulations, give you more capital to borrow. >> cut down on regulations. who would be given more capital in that instance. >> not give, lent. >> the government, our government gave money to banks so they could lend because they mismanaged the money they had. they haven't lent that money. >> why aren't the banks lending money to small businesses? >> i'm not a banker. i can't give you a definite. if we can just lay down common sense rules, it's money. everybody wants money. who wants to give away money? if the i'm a bank getting free money, why put it out? >> that's how the bank makes money. by lending money and getting interest payments on it. >> yeah. but are they going to lend it to me or to a company let's say that already is sitting on $2 billion on their own cash and they don't want to use it so they go to the bank to get it.
10:26 pm
>> it's grim that small businesses aren't getting revved up more. i don't know what the problem is. we need something. >> we to. we need access to capital and to be able to build on infrastructure in this country. it helps the country. it helps us at small business. it helps the average guy making 40 to $60,000 a year. it spur it is economy. those guys will spend money, buy houses and cars. >> i still think -- i have to go, but that's a stimulus bill and it may be a hard sell. i know some say that it rescued us. a lot of people say, you know, it didn't deliver on the promise. >> quickly. everybody agrees it's a good idea. the problem is in our congress, who wants to have it? we are not going to let the other guy have success. we want the bill. we'll downplay it when it is somebody else's bill and upplay it when it is ours. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, fishermen across america are mad as hell and not
10:27 pm
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[ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ oh, brother. now even the fishing industry is mad as hell over new government regulations. >> people are still numb from the type of reduction that's been thrown out here. >> reporter: on may 1 of this year federal regulators hit the northeast ground fishing fleet with an unprecedented set of new regulations that reduced the catch limit and threatened america's oldest fishing industry. among them a 78% cut in the catch limit of cod in the gulf
10:32 pm
of maine. 61% off georges bank and more than 50% for yellowtail flounder. now the fishermen struggle to survive. they have come to washington to sound the alarm. >> distinguished members of the committee i would be remiss not to remind you of the reality. all the long term improvements won't matter if there aren't people left standing when they are implement. we are in a crisis that needs attention. nothing short of appropriation for disaster re leaf will rebuild the bridge sufficient to sustain the new england fishing industry. >> reporter: when the northeast ground fishing dn sn began we traveled to new england to report on new regulations that seriously threatened america's oldest fishing industry. >> i could go out and catch 5,000 pound set of cod and that's more than i can bring in next year. >> you are looking at the implosion of an industry and a way of life that's been going on
10:33 pm
40 # years. >> it's like no one has contemplated what the outcome will be. i don't think two, three months from now you will have many people in this port or on the ground fishery believing they are solvent b any longer. that's how deep the cut is. >> how are they doing? >> the restrictions did go into place may 1. we are seeing on average 70% loss of business throughout. we are seeing that many participants falling out of the fishery. just in my port alone last year we were 60 active vessels. last report i got was only 22 so far. since may. >> bottom line, how close are we to losing america's oldest fishery? >> the ground fish fishery is toast right now. i think we are real close -- it won't survive 2014. that wasn't the plan.
10:34 pm
>> you're here in washington as we head into the fiscal year 2014, october. are you aware, is there anything on the books you hope will bring disaster relief? >> thanks to the northeast senators and folks in the leadership of the appropriations committee of the senate there is a bill right now uh that's been passed by the committee that we hope will pass the full senate and go an and be aproep rated. this is $150 million disaster re leaf. it is a national bill. there are several fisheries that would be assisted by this. new england is definitely front and center. >> any indication that they might ease is regulations? >> none. >> is it possible they could even increase the restriction? >> no. at this point, couldn't get any worse. >> how can struggling industries fix their financial troubles when for years congress can't agree on a nature because it
10:35 pm
matters. it gives businesses certainty to plan, grow and hire. ranking member of the house budget committee joins us. >> good to see you. >> i believe on both sides of the aisle. i see the blame. but i see a deep conviction on issues having to do with the budget. in light of where we are, the inability to reach a budget what do you anticipate will happen come september 30? >> that's a very good question. the first step to take place is you should go to a negotiation. you say there are strong feelings on both sides which is why under the budget law, i.e. recover a budget conference, the reality is speaker boehner refused to appoint any to have the discussion. we are on the brink of a government shut down. we should not have theet ricks around this but in h the house the position of the colleagues is that if you don't shut down obamacare you will shut down the government.
10:36 pm
that's a demand that is inconsistent with reality. >> the other ranking member on budget. >> yeah. >> i have seen you work with the chairman of congressman paul ryan. you seem to like each other. we have interviewed you together. >> we do. >> you work well together. >> yes, we do. >> can't the two of you work it out between you? you both have a lot of power in the house and can't you go to your leadership and pound them? >> i would like to work something out. while we get along well, we do have deep differences in the best approach which is why the best way to resolve that is to go to this negotiation process i mentioned to you. it's in the law. the law says you are supposed to have had a budget conference committee way back in april. here we are months later and again the speaker re fused -- >> i can -- >> i'm happy to sit down at dinner and work it out. but when you make demands that
10:37 pm
aren't going to be met -- so, for example, when someone says we are going to shut down the government unless you defund obamacare and that's their bottom line, that's no wiggle room. that's not negotiation. >> i can pull things out about the democrats, things they have said that make it impossible. senator harry reid ran from the thought of a budget for many years. >> they did pass the budget. >> look how long it took? it was nutty how long it took. >> but they passed a budget. they will ask why they passed if now the house refuses to negotiate. >> paul ryan says he has lots of budgets but the drems in the way. that will never get us to a solution. i realize the conference is a good idea. i don't think we can get to that. if the two of you, if you and congressman paul ryan -- i can't believe you can't sell it to your leaderships. >> again, i'm happy -- i tried to sit down with paul ryan these
10:38 pm
issues. we have exchange ed ideas but i don't think he has any negotiating authority. >> go get it. >> i think i could negotiate on oh behalf of the caucus. i don't think right now they have a proposal they can make on behalf of the caucus. the reason is, we have seen it with the speaker. sometimes he enter into agreements but then tells the caucus, okay, here's the agreement i reached and they disagree with the speaker. it is hard to negotiate with somebody without negotiating authority. you said we should have a solution. we have a practical solution. i have a proposal to replace the sequester which is, according to the congressional budget office, going to result in almost 1 million fewer jobs in this country by this time next year. we should re place that. that's not a good thing. i would like a vote on it. i hope you agree and our colleagues agree in the house we should have a vote . vote it down, up. have a vote. >> i'm all for votes. >> that's a practical solution for the problem.
10:39 pm
>> there is so much gamesmanship going on that you want to pull your hair out. i'm taking the the last word on that. >> okay. sometimes it ease easy. >> you got the last word. you took it. okay. we might as well drag the media into it. we caused the trouble. thank you, sir. coming up, we showed you the viral photo of the infamous dad sporting short-shorts? he joins us next along with his mortified daughter. this must be the strangest political ad we have seen. not just because the candidate is shirtless. wait until you hear what he says coming up. i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them. i've made my success happen. so when it comes to my vestments, i'm supposed to just hand it over to a broker a back away? that's not gonna happen. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant,
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10:44 pm
blaming each other. the obama administration saying it has evidence bashar assad's regime is responsible. a third suspect arrested in the 2010 death of brian thierry. his family is said to be pleased about the development but stresseses two other suspects are at large. two ak-47 rifles near the u.s. border in arizona were linked to the botched operation fast & furious. many of the weapons weren't tracked and wound up at crime scenes. now back to "on the record". for your latest log onto >> don't tell me this never happened to you. it is inevitable. every loving father embarrasses his teenaged daughter. scott mcintosh is in a league of his own. his daughter miley refused to change out of shorts he said were way too short so he taught
10:45 pm
her a lesson in modesty by wearing skimpy denim cut offs. scott and miley join us now. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> all right. did you ever think you would become such an internet hit for your short-shorts? >> not in a million years. i never thought that. i keep wondering are we still talking about me and this story? it's crazy. >> how about you, milemiley? were you embarrassed? has it impacted how short you think your shorts should be? >> i don't know that i was ever embarrassed when he was wearing it. i had embarrassment for him. it was funny. but it's definitely something i won't forget. >> how about the short-shorts? do you think it i's changed your views on shorts at all for women? >> i think it's definitely something i will think about now just because i know it means so much to my dad. he went to great lengths to show me. it's definitely something i will
10:46 pm
think about. >> scott, the great story is you saw her shorts, didn't like them, cut your shorts off and went out in public. you went to dinner. where else did you go? >> we went to dinner, miniature golf and went to get ice cream after. at the beginning it wasn't supposed to go anywhere than just in our home. i didn't think we were going on the road with this. >> i understand when you got to the ice cream place you had enough. you wouldn't get out to go in the place with him? >> yep. i was over it. >> listen, you're not the only one. every kid has had a parent who embarrassed them. we asked for uh viewer tweets. juanita said my dad went out to water the flowers in bikini underwear when the school bus came to pick me up. sounds worse to me. >> sounds worse. >> another one. when our college kids returned from school we met them at the
10:47 pm
airport dressed as the beverly hillbilli hillbillies. how about that? >> that sounds like fun. >> that's his next one. >> scott, are your friends dressing this way now? >> no. i'm no longer dressing that way. we didn't start any fashion trends or avenues we're going down anymore. >> you have to admit that this has been fun. i realize it started as a point. it's fun for everybody. >> it's great. >> if you're in our family you better have a sense of humor. we thought it would be small, fun and we'd laugh about it in the family for years. here we are sort of laughing at it with the world. >> what do your friends say, miley? >> oh, gosh. they all know him and know he's a funny guy. when they saw it they were like, oh, scott's awesome. they're like, glad it's not me. he's funny. they loved it. >> fabulous.
10:48 pm
scott, love the picture. love the shorts. anyway, thank you both. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, nicole kidman is fuming at a guy on a bicycle. so why is she planning to drag him to court? >> a healthy you with carol alt. >> trust me, don't miss it. >> this weekend watch a healthy you. ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a.
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>> greta: okay everyone, time to hash it out. yahoo tweeting high school cheerleader completing consecutive hand springs. take a look at her in action. >> cheerleader shattered the previous record, wow, impressive and speaking of guiness world record greenville news reporting the world's largest cat lives in south carolina. the 922 pound cat lives at myrtle beach safari preserve.
10:53 pm
it's a cross between a lion and a tiger, nearly 11 feet long and stands four feet high z traveling by balloon like in the movie "up" is not as eegsy as it looks. tweeting jonathan trapp attempted to cross the atlantic ocean. he is halting his trip after losing control of the balloons and posting on facebook "this doesn't look like france" and tmz reporting nicole kidman creamed by photographer on bicycle. the shutter bug slamming into the oscar winner outside of a manhattan hotel. police citing the photographer for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. kidman saying she's shaken up, but it's okay. and this flight is not for the superstitious, would you board flight 66 to hel on friday the
10:54 pm
13th? the daily flight falls on friday the 13th twice this year. the pilot saying he's not bother bid the unlucky date and flilt number and neither are passengers. the full flight landed safely. and is it a bird? plane? not quite. nasa tweeting this rocket launch photo with a caption a still camera on a sound trigger captured this photo of an airborne frog as lighting space craft lifts off that. is a frog photo bombing nasa. that is a small step for man, one giant leap for frog kind. okay that was my line z coming up, everyone will be talking about it tomorrow, it might be the strangest political ad we've ever seen. you're going to see it, next. ♪
10:55 pm
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but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> greta: now have you seen
10:59 pm
strange political ads but nothing tops this one, jeffrey wagner is running for mayor, he is relatively unknown but we have a feeling that is about to change. >> do you know what i want? a minneapolis mayor that represents the people. >> over a million dollars is going to be spent to become mayor of minneapolis. you're not the ones that are deciding who you vote for. media and money is. i am cool with making $100,000 a year, ill not take money from developers. i will not take money from political angle, i will not go to the strip club anymore! wake up! >> bizarre, is this


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