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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 14, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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it was his find shift as an ref search and rescue pilot on tuesday. he's going to focus on his charity work and, of course, adorable prince george. that's it for us. that's it for us. welcome to "red eye." it is like chronicles of> riddick if by riddick you mean the time i made out with the ou blonde chick at macy's and realized she was a mannequin. and there is no pre game report. a let's welcome tonight's guestsment she is so hot the sun once tried to poison her oatmeal. i am here with first time guest, former miss america. there is never a former. you are always a miss america.. sitting in for andy levy is pierre. he is the editor-in-chief of the newsletter "skies over normandy." and he has three negative months to live, bill schulz.
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and he lost his job at jiffy lube, but you can see him in the the "robocop" remake. s writer and comedian -- >> it is a robot and a car. >> a block.>> the lede. thas the first story. >> there is an ant in the studio. oh that's greg. >> should have let meuc introduce e jesse joyce, but that's okay.e the bulge has left the building. crushed in the democratic primary for new york city mayor winning 5% of the vote. to break that down that is five 1%s. here is wiener winding down. >> have i to say, ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt about it, we have the best ideas. >> wiener's bizarre, sad,
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tragic exit lacked a sense of huma. that's his wife. his wife wasn't by his side. she spent the night in something called the hamptons. i think it is an inn. but sydney leathers did show up forcing him to sneak through the backdoor and that is not a euphemism. she told reporters, quote, he needs to stop being an embarassment to the city of new york. wiener's night ended with a finger extended as he left and he flipped off the reporters. we don't have a picture so here is a monkey eating soup instead. >> i like that. >> he uses a spoon unlike bill. >> that's the only way to eat soup while he hears his
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barking orders. >> so true. >> jesse, were new york voters just not ready for wiener's bold vision for the future? >> i think so. he is the front runner in the mayoral race in san diego now. for the last several weeks they have been vacant of a serial masterbator. >> that's true. he can go there and they will say he is better than the other guy. as perverted as wiener was, he didn't touch anybody. >> filner touched a lot of people. and in a bad way, people. not in a good way. kirsten, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you refuse to accept wiener's loss. in the green room you were demanding a recount. i was shocked. >> are you joking? no, no, no. no wieners in office please. >> oh a feminist. >> i am very, very happy with new yorkers, bril yebt. brilliant. no spit swre r and no --
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spitzer and no wiener. i was actually happy and surprised that sydney leathers didn't try to extend her 15 minutes of fame by showing up at the celebration party. i don't know. >> i'm sure when she showed up something was extended if you snow what i mean. lame joke. >> did not 10 minutes ago in the green you tell me no [bleep] jokes. >> but it may not have been one of those jokes. >> he was talking about the upcoming holbrook story. >> will wiener live to go down in flames again, or is this just another stop? >> i think he is done. he is so gross. sydney leathers is so gross and they need to fade away and be the foot notes they deserve to be. the big thing is we are on divorce watch. how long will it take his wife
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to divorce him? i am guessing that will probably happen before hillary's 2016 campaign kicks off. gill i think you are absolutely right and i wasn't even listening. bill, you are well familiar with pain and humiliation. what would you say to wiener to lift his spirits? >> i wouldn't say it. i would text it. he seems more comfortable in that back and forth. sydney leathers i know you were besmirching her. but i for one theng she had -- think she had nothing but the best intentions when she went in front of that bar to protect new york from wiener's lascivious ways while holding a misspelled sign and showing off her newly acquired boobs. other people may have thought otherwise, but i think she had the best of intentions. postscript, am i the only one surprised you can get boobs that fast? don't you have to be ban good -- bandaged up for awhile? >> i agree. >> don't they have to settle?
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>> i watch the documentaries over and over and you can't go outside for awhile. >> it is one thing if you get beanbags. she got the full cantaloupe. when you get the full cantaloupe there is lying downtime and wrapping up time. that was amazing. >> do you have the documentaries on blue ray? >> yes, i do. i think there are options for wiener in the future. i think, jesse, why doesn't he, if he is divorcing huma or her divorce him, why not mary leathers? why not marry leathers? >> no, we don't want to see her anymore. >> wait a second. >> at least huma is a smart, accomplished woman. >> which is why she can't be with him. should she marry cynthia leathers? >> sydney. >> how dare you miss pronounce her name. >> we have already forgotten her name, unbelievable. >> my other option is spitzer
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got a job on cnn after his disgrace. hospital wiener who seems to be good on tv, needs to gain a little weight, but shouldn't he try to get a tv job? doesn't he just want attention and that would make him happy? >> i think that he will be hosting chat roulette from 1:00 to 7:00. >> i am told you always hope for a little something from column "a" but when you play all you get is column wiener one after another. >> the new iphone camera is spectacular apparently. >> although will show ingrown hairs where the other one couldn't. >> people who make it on to tv like myself have no prior experience other than they can talk a lot. he can do that. he is qualified. the next thing he has to work at "red eye." he has to be our correspondent. >> he hates fox news. he has spoken about it all the
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time. >> tons of people would tune in. >> if he is watching right now , anthony, you could be our on-line correspondent. >> he is our senior -- instead of our senior correspondent, it is the wiener cory spawn department. i -- correspondent. >> who are the 5%? >> that's true. >> nre they trolls? are we using the voting booth to troll? >> 30 some thousand votes. >> margin of error. >> that's his hip hop name, margin of error. you know what, i'm depressed. that could be the last wiener story we do. >> i'm telling you, it is not -- they have that producer and filming that documentary from mtv. he would not leave the spotlight. there is a guy with his campaign and he is making a documentary. he will not leave. >> good. i want at least one wiener story a week for the rest of my life.
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a wisconsin golf course took out a newspaper ad on monday featuring a very special promotion. it was nine holes of golf for $9.11 on 9/11. the ad for tumble down trails was meant to commemorate the anniversary, but sparked accusations of sensitivity. it created such a furor people were calling in death threats. they said they, quote, sincerely apologize for offending anyone. meanwhile at&t, whatever that is , not surement set off similar outrage after posting this picture with the message "never forget." the company deleted the tweet saying "we apologize to anyone who thought our post was in poor taste. it was to pay respect to those affected by the 9/11 tragedy." i want to talk to about the golf course first. do you think they meant anything bad by it? >> no, it was just a not
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thinking person trying to putting to a marketing scheme. >> they said part of the united states is offended. >> people have memorial sales why not 9/11 sales? i posted on my social media to remember those lost. let's move on. let's not even gratify it with a response. >> you know what i like? she quoted a comment where she would have pretended it was our own. she is too honest. you were very honest. did the club monico where you were the assistant manager have these special and were you disgusted by it? >> i was particularly disgusted on pearl harbor day when the clubhouse offered a surprise. get bombed on caw macaw swrees. >> -- comma kazis. >> that is awful. >> i get it.
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i deplore such humor. andy is there a different between the golf club ad and the at&t tweet? >> i think so. but i am not sure what. first i want to say i called and tumbled down the trails golf club. they posted they may be closing because of the death threats. the first time i called i got a voicemail saying they were no longer accepting tee times. they apologized again and said they were receiving death threats. i called back because i was going to transcribe it. i was so freaked out i was going to hang up. >> oh my god! a story! i could actually get a quote for "red eye." >> but then so i -- after i got the -apors i called him back and somebody picked up and i said andy levy with fox news and they hang up on me. they hung up on me. >> they were just like leave me alone. >> they didn't want to deal with the media.
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>> bill? >> go ahead. >> no you. >> i just think it is too soon. give it like 170 years. for example what would be an example is alamo rental cars were to offer free weekend rentals for the first 1800 mexicans who can climb the fence. >> it is historically accurate. >> is that too soon? gee 176. >> i just thought it was two mexicans. >> bill, as somebody who offends by breathing, do you sympathize with at&t and/or the golf course? >> both, both, good lord. it tox place in wisconsin. we journalists like to call the midwest is allowed to be made fun of, greg. >> you didn't live in wisconsin. >> sure i did. >> what were you doing? >> roll up your sleeves more and listen to what i have to say.
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george wayne the straighter version. we got to get over ourselves. when they have gone through the innumerable amount of attacks, what they do is they pick themselves up and they wipe up their sleeves and tip it to the person next to them and they move on. all of this naval gazing is getting ridiculous. i tell you that i guarantee nine out of 10 death threats did not know anyone in that thing. they were only touched by watching it on "the today show." take it down a notch. let's be thick skinned. >> they were doing this since 2010. for some reason it was picked up now on social media. somebody noticed it and then it blew up. john hendron retweeted a bunch of companies offering 9/11 discounts. i want to read two. maximus sell fair fax says in honor of our heros we will
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take $9.11 off all purchases, never forget. and all pep tieds are 29.96% off in honor of the 2996 lives lost on 9/11. >> it is weird because on one side -- i think you actually have people who meanwhile -- who mean well, but they are not media savy. they don't know -- and also there are people like us who like to do stories like this. >> there are the corporations and the businesses, just stay off social media on 9/11. >> actually when you have kenneth coal and they were talking boots on the ground and then he said you can wear loafers and flats? i think he does it to piss people off. just don't do anything. be like me. i stay off everything. >> i wish. >> where are we?
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he changed his plea to wait and see. president obama's address was anyone's guess. on tuesday night the president said diplomacy could remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force referring to russia's comment to remove them. >> the united states in i will terry does not do pinpcicks. it will send a message to assad that no other nation can deliver. i don't think we should remove a dictator with force. doing so makes us responsible for all that comes next. but a targeted strike can make assad or any other dictator think twice before using chemical weapons. >> that is not the right question. andy, you thought it n excellent speech. >> i don't think that is the right question either.
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i assume you got that when i tweeted what the hell was that speech? >> yes. >> i don't know what that was. one minute assad is another hitler and the next minute we will trust him to hand out his chemical weapons. they are better arguments for removing assad from power. and any other organization will be able to go into a country in the middle of a civil war and verify that they have gotten assad's chemical weapons. i don't know what they are thinking. >> it is a quagmire, andy. >> i don't think it is. that's a character on "family guy." >> i had no idea. what did you make of it, kirsten? >> you could tell everything that has been going on in the last couple days they had to switch midgear, midtweak and say how will we spin this speech because of carrie's gaff and then putin saying, we'll take it. it was like he was trying to convince americans this could be a way to go if he -- i mean
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it was confusing. and then with the pinprick comment and it is not going to be a pinprick and getting my finger poked at the doctor's office. nobody knows where to go. there even seems done between president obama and secretary kerry like obama will say one thing and kerry will say another. unbelievably small, but it is not going to be a pinprick. >> too many cooks in the kitchen. i coined that phrase. >> amazing. >> you spent the last month writing fat jokes and jonah hill. what is your take? do you know what is going on? >> no, ut about i could tell uh couple of good jonah hill jokes. one of my favorite is jonah was so uncomfortable up here you would think he is sitting on himself in the plane. >> that is great. >> seth rogin didn't finish high school because it wasn't
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covered in gravy. >> i like the jokes about his weight going up and down. that is almost as amazing as the back and forth of sydney's boobs. >> were those used? >> those two were not used. >> we get the good stuff. those were good. andy, was obama's nose whistling? >> i just skipped you because i figured you were too busy. by the way your joke spilled it. sending weapons inspectors to syria is incredibly dangerous which is why i signed you up. >> i guess that makes me a patriot. i think the pinprick comment for kerry to stop with the botox. he is scaring the people he is supposed to be convincing.
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it is a little with a wall and a talking mouth. the more he is confusing the people he is convincing. >> i thought it was botox, but i think he may have something else. i don't know. >> i don't know either. i do know one thing. if i am found guilty of murdering people, the court finds you guilty of shooting these people and we sentence you to taking your gun. >> makes no sense. and we will end on that. >> chemical weapons don't kill people. >> there you go. coming up, should you recycle? jesse joyce discusses his new book, i use the sleeves i cutoff my gene jacket. i am outraged over the last controversy. i can't keep up.
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should parents play a part as mil le nials get their start? according to the "wall street journal" owned by our parent company, they are more involved in their children's job searches and careers. people in their 20s and 30s are much closer to moms and dads than previous generations and some companies are embracing parental involvement and boost employee morale. they send notes to parents when they achieve sales goals. it is like a report card. it lets them tag along for job offers. elsewhere google, whatever that is, holds an annual take your parents to work day. others don't want to get involved, seen here.
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>> i guess it was funny. services were held later this week for the bird. >> your parents went to the job interview at the mall for piercing pagoda. >> and you got the job? >> yes. >> and you got the earring. >> i had to ask me mom's permission for that. i think this is great because [bleep] you orphans. you shouldn't have job. >> the sun ain't gonna come out tomorrow. that's just a musical. >> the guy has no parents so how can he be trusted, right? >> that's why batman is such a [bleep] employee at wayne industries. >> we will get letters. >> i wrote down the edit and i wrote down orphans. >> you don't have to bleep orphans. >> i will get your mom
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involved somewhat in your career in the beauty pageant days, right? >> greg, she is sitting right off camera. thank you so much for letting her beer here today and experience this. >> how did she get that gun in here? >> no, but this is true. this is something about my generation that is true. i graduated high school and went to college and did it on my own. i did miss america on my own and i have been very independent. this is true. but if i can just add another point, we say strong families are a good thing. we want that in this country. it is a very difficult job market. i'm sorry for being serious. it is for people of all ages. some dads are losing their jobs. maybe we should be a little supportive of parents helping kids through the next stage of life. they have to back the helicopter up for this to work. >> she has almost convinced me. it makes them into spine less wimps, but i think you changed my mind.
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andy you have been trying to get bring your cat to work day. what do you nipping? >> anyway. they found 8% of kids had their irnt pa accompany them to an interview and 3% had the parent sit in on the interview. what would you say your biggest weakness is in obviously being an adult. where do you see yourself in five years? i will just down hopefully going to job interviews without my mommy. they should do in in the military. parents should go to basic training and little brandon is treated in the manner he is entitled to. >> well they would have to change the barics -- oh you are being sarcastic. >> i was serious. >> he contacted lawyers and you would only bring embarrassment to the family. >> i will find a way back inside the home. you are not helping your best interest.
3:27 am
at first i was going to besmirch the generation. a trophyless season in soccer. but let's look at this table. we have a big ball of suck right here and this generation. maybe being pals with your folks is not necessarily a great thing. good. not good, fantastic. you guys should go to hell. fantastic. >> i don't like sitting next to bill. >> i don't know. i have no opinion on this. >> it is good we did it then. >> i thought it was interesting. i do remember and i won't say when a guy had a job review and brought his parents to the job review. he worried he would get fired and he brought his parents. >> did it work? >> he got fired. >> in front of his parents. >> you know what is
3:28 am
interesting about this is when you say google so many workplaces are going with the strategy of making the workplace more like home. they can encourage interns and young millenls to make work feel like a play place. and it is a necky way to pay -- a sneaky way to pay less. foozball and all of this crazy stuff. >> if they didn't have foozball i would go home. that is actually the name of my assistant. i gotta go. do you want to make a joke? >> no, i was going to make a point. >> tell me during the break and theny will tell you. what is it like to work three jobs? how one man can have it all. >> and write a book at the same time. >> baby dj's it is like i have died and gone to baby dj
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is billy ray's daughter still in hot water? yes it is time for --. thank you for sticking with us. according to london's daily mail, a paper and not a british dude, miley cyrus lost
3:33 am
the december "vogue" cover thanks to the mtv debacle. says one source of the decision, quote, anna found the whole thing distasteful, like food. she decided based on miley's performance to take the cuff in a different direction. perhaps "vogue" should be capitalizing on her notoriaty, america viewed twill -- 12 times more stories about her than syria stories. she was performing on a german tv show along with an all little people back up band. ♪ >> it's our body we can do what we want to ♪
3:34 am
>> miley is not the only one who can't her tongue in her mouth. >> no. >> that can't be real. they are screwing with us. >> it is gene simmons without the make up. >> jesse, all of the people you hang out in the parking lot with after work at the mall are about milely's age. you must have some insight into this as they ignore you and hope you leave so they can be alone with a real friend. >> what do i have to talk about if i don't bone up on this. what i have to say is if you know anything about germany's history about internet videos -- >> that's right. i own a hundred of them. that was very mild and a little disappointing.
3:35 am
kirsten, what is your thoughts on milely's behavior. is it attention seeking causing insecurity or insecurity causing attention seeking. >> she was a child star. we have seen with the jackson family and obviously lyndsay lohan, amanda bynes, we can just keep naming names. brit know spears. britney spears. what makes me mad is she goes from being this hannah montana, smart, educated sassy young lady and to become a woman she has to become a sex object. it is like, really? do you really have to do this? if she wants attention, she is obviously getting it. we have done a whole segment on her. she is getting the attention she wants, but really? can we just go back to "party in the usa"? remember that song? >> not all child stars end up bad. i was a child star. remember "all about gigi" from the late 1970s. >> that's how we met. i was a gaffer.
3:36 am
>> and i played a robot thing. >> chimney sweeper. >> i play a robot thing. >> didn't you get fired because you insisted your overalls be ax less. >> you were really ahead of your time. >> that's exactly why they established child labor law unions in the entertainment industry because greg is the exact same size he was when he was -- >> that is true. >> the pressure stunted my vote. >> andy, who is worse? miley on anna? >> it is true. there is no real good woman in this battle. i am the most upset of the german show. i was disappointed that it
3:37 am
would air this. i thought it was unethical. i don't know if you know this, but the little people were not really playing their instruments. >> my general sense is anyone that uses little people in a business-type setting deserves nothing but scorn, greg. that's how i feel. >> so everybody will have to go to the wikipedia page and find out why i got fired from stuff magazine. by the way, she did a whole spread on asad's wife. >> remember what anna wentore did when she was milely's age. she went to jamaica to interview bob marley. if you google what happened it is mow -- it is a little more irie on sex. is that what it means? ii am not up on the jamaica veer knack lar. >> is she doomed to be a male
3:38 am
version of you? >> she should be so lucky. what is to recover? we talked about her more than she. this is the best thing to ever happen. she lost to vogue -- first of all we established -- already established it and her people that follow her don't even know what vogue is much less -- >> there is a madonna song to them. a song by the old lady. >> lady gaga's grandmother. >> i feel like it was rolling stone who said it best. you don't want to put somebody on the cover everybody hates. >> that's a good point. >> next topic, this week a mother in california publicly shamed her tween daughter for twerking at a teen dance. she was forced to stand at
3:39 am
busy inter specs -- intersection with a sign saying she disp ared her parents. i want her to realize that it is ridiculous to think it is okay to do at a school dance. kirsten, you are a woman. is this an effective form of punishment? please say yes. >> yes. she is brilliant every mom needs to take a peage out of her book. 11 years old? >> but putting her on the street? >> that's a great form of -- >> humiliation? >> humiliation, but at least there is a lesson taught afterward. it wasn't as though it was a spank or a meaning less punishment. the sign said i disrepresented my parents. disrespected my parents. when we went to high school there were teachers patrolling the dance floor. there was no twerking or nothing going on.
3:40 am
>> they were looking for girls to go home with. >> no, no, no. that is so wrong. i refuse to leave that. they are probably upstanding teacher. >> they are not watching. >> why don't you stand up for me? >> the school should have taken responsibility for that. >> you were often punished by wearing the cloughs you -- the clothes you wear now so it didn't work? >> i became the thing i was discouraged against. she is already in the provocative dancing. why not put in parental shame and top it off with fatherly input. are you trying to make your daughter a stripper? >> and putting her on a street corner in. >> who called the media. did they say oh look at this. somebody called the local station and said how much do you want to bet -- i don't
3:41 am
know if it is the mother. i don't have that information. oftentimes i have none. >> you just backtracked because you were speculating. >> i was and i hate that. >> an due you twerk more than anybody i know? >> is it that dangerous? >> it is harmless. >> have you seen how he twerks? >> not at 11 years old. >> the school, i don't know what the hell they were thinking here. as far as the punishment of the girl, ground her, take away her allow -- allowance, but don't put her on the corner with a sign and face that humiliation by doing a dance you didn't want her to do. >> i want to bring in the only person with children. you are considered damaged goods. can this help or hurt a striel. >> i find it doesn't.
3:42 am
all three of my girls are super i will legitimate. they are all that age and let's look at the bottom line here. th girl was twerking because she wanted attention. she had a front page. and she is getting a trait and not a trick. >> you don't know if she was twerking because she wanted insulation. >> probably didn't want any attention -- >> i know it is time for a break when he uses words not in the drixary. >> more stuff is on the way. if you haven't purchased and if you are a biker buy one copy and get another copy for ♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] ultra rugged phones from sprint. buy one, get four free, and $150 credit when you swih your business line to sprint. the pioneers in push-to-talk. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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should parents knowy?
3:46 am
massachusetts lawmaker, yes they have them there, hard to believe, are considering banning fat letters being sent to moms and dads of overweight students. the department of health, who are they, found the bmi, the body mass index report, are being used to bully fat kids. critics say parents should resume re-- should assume responsibility and not the school. >> let's check in with our correspondent. >> rather have them inside than outside causing problems. do you think the fat letters help or are they a stigma? >> it is a very, very bad idea as are the bmi report cards going out. tls not the school's job and i am a bad person to talk about. they try to discurling women from overdieting because people don't get. these letters are sent home and these kids are made to
3:47 am
feel bad because of their weight. then they star of themselves and they are so hungry they over eat which leads to weight gain. we should focus on nutrition and on health and a healthy lifestyle instead of naming and shaming with the bmi reports. it is awful. >> she has strong opinions. i got you to stop wearing chain wallet through peer pressure. it must work. >> it is the letter you sent to my parents. >> keep wearing a chain wallet and he is 40. >> you always add six years. >> impossible. >> we don't have much time. >> i think that the letter writing strategy isn't effective. if you need a letter from the official to inform you your kid is fat, literacy is not one of your strongestment either. >> fair poimt. andy, what do you make of these? with a fat letter it is a fat letter, but a ph?
3:48 am
the kids would have been cool if it was the 90s. i don't know. do you have anything that could make the kids stand on a street corner with a sign? >> bill, you were sent home with meth letters saying please get him off meth. he would change them and say give me more meth. i am getting good grades. mom as dumb as a box of -- as a bunch of boxes. >> to paraphrase, shame works. shame is god. shame is not only going to save the fat kitties of america. shame will save the country overall. don't just give them letters cover the house with mirrors. >> awful. can i just point out
3:49 am
something? being overweight in childhood is often a temporary thing. models and actresses and actors say they grew and it went away. a lot of this stuff is not a problem. it is a problem for small people and we have to go. >> i'm sure you consume any story of anybody growing. >> that's unnecessary. >> he says i want to be big. >> another topic to discuss so i wouldn't leave right now because it would hurt fie feelings and -- hurt my feelings and america's feelings. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day.
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what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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where can fans see you next? >> i am at the comedy nest in montreal this thursday through saturday and then in houston on the 28th. you can go to my website for details, jesse >> so you will be in houston? >> i don't know the details. >> you should do a show in houston's the lovely restaurant. they have great chef salads. >> all right. >> a woman in brooklyn has come up with a genius idea, a dj school for babies. she says over the eight weeks of the course kids 3 to 36 months will be introduced to playing and handling records
3:54 am
and mixing and matching beats and using modern equipment. is this real? >> of course it is real. what a great way to monetize. throw them into music. i would much rather if i had a baby have them listening to mozart. i don't need them to appreciate dwans electron -- dance electronica. >> i guess i am. >> shouldn't these parents be worried if they send them to the school they will grow up to be men with piercings and a scared boarder? >> that was me. i think this school is terrific. up until this point you have no way to tell if a baby was a [bleep]. gee now there is -- >> now there is no doubt. >> andy, when will you be
3:55 am
launching at dj school for cats? >> they are already really good at scratching. >> good night, everybody. >> did you come up with that? just now? >> i wrote that down. >> he has been waiting six months for the story and i have been pushing it along. >> i even put out the fliers for this. >> he danced with paula abdul. >> a 3-month-old baby has better motor control than you do. it is possible. it is the death now of cool brooklyn. it is now queens or staten island or maybe narnia. but dj is dead. dj stopped being cool when ellen got one. ellen has had one for three years now. >> are you a homophobe? >> no, i am a cool fob and that is cool. >> i want to go back -- how much time do we have?
3:56 am
thank you. i don't believe this story is real, andy. we had this discussion. i don't think it is real. >> i believe it is real because frequent "red eye" guest michael money gnaw han is good at telling if it is real and sniffing out real things. >> he is also good at it. >> it is 1 hz% real and he has seen the fliers. >> maybe send the new prince george to dj school. bring him state side. see if he has any skills. >> i like answers with solutions, jesse. >> all right then. >> i feel like there is still more time for the show so we can finish talking about the story. >> i don't see that. >> i can't imagine the viewers feel like that at all. >> again guy, what do you think? baby dj, right? >> those hands can barely get on the record. you can probably expand on
3:57 am
that. >> bill schulz, andy levy, jesse joyce, that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you friday.
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