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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 14, 2013 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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saturday, september 14th. the middle of the month. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for alisyn this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. the fatal flooding in colorado. four people are dead and more than 100 are now missing after days of heavy rain cut off remote towns and forpsed thousands to evacuate. we're going to bring you the amazing rescues and latest on the devastation situation there. >> this morning the president delivers a full punt to putin. the administration giving up on plans to strike syria because we're told the russians have everything under control. >> forget football, wrestling, even rugby, talking about a support so extreme, so controversial
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it seems the world's most dangerous sport on earth. cheerleading. former cheerleader. lucky to be alive. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ good morning we begin with a weather alert. towns cut off by flooding waters. worst in decades. four people dead, at least 172 of them are missing still. take a look at this video shot from inside a fire truck. the water rushing up and over the windshield. falling in less than three days. >> that's in boulder creek, raging more than 120 times its normal size. emergency crews rescued
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this man from his own bedroom. >> heard a big roar, and i think that's probably when it came down, buried his house, filled his bedroom full of mud. luckily it came up just to his bed. >> meantime the same system blasting the state with rain causing ice storm in higher elevations. these two are recovering after making their way down from the highest mountains. stranded inside a tent for two days. >> joining us by phone with the latest how they are coping, our boulder information officer sashly hairy. thanks for expwroing us. we are looking at this video. it looks so awful. we see it looks like army corps of engineers or someone in military uniform pulling babies into trucks and men being rescued out of their bedrooms. what's the latest this morning? >> you you are correct. it has absolutely been incredible. we have had national guard and first responders all
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day yesterday up in the town that have been cut off from the rest of the county performing rescues, pulling people out by helicopter by high water vehicle and getting them to safety. >> we understand there was major evacuations to get people to safety. are there people still left who have been unevacuated and what are the conditions this morning as you try to attempt that? >> there are still people in the town. some of them have chosen to stay. there is others that still need to be evacuated. you know, it's difficult, because the roads are completely washed out many many of these areas and it takes some time to get up there. and we have to have the right conditions. >> reporting that 172 residents are still unaccounted for. what does that mean? >> well, actually we have new members that just came out. we up to 218 people unaccounted for right now. basically what that means is they haven't been able to be reached. we're confident that that number will decrease as
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communications return, but, for now, we haven't been able to reach them. >> what about some of the infrastructure there? obviously it looks like many bridges witnessing some of these flooding. bridges wiped out. electrical infrastructure. some of the shelter infrastructure and again the phone resources and public communication. what exists this morning there, if anything? >> sure. again, mostly in our mountain towns. many of our mountain towns have lost their infrastructure. electricity, water, shelter, you know, all of those items fortunately in our cities down more in the valley we still do have communications and electricity which is essential for providing support to the people they're evacuating from the mountain town. >> ashley, i have two dogs, i have to the to ask you about the pets. i remember after katrina there were so many animals without their on or abouts stranded in homes. are you seeing a lot of that? >> we are seeing a lot of
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pets. we have been very fortunate that we have had quite a few resources here to be able to provide for them. there are pet shelters that have been set up. there is some equine rescue going on. and all of our pets that have no place to go have been able to find a place. >> we know you are very very busy this morning and we thank you for getting up early with us. before we let you go, ashley, as the sun comes up this morning, what are you going to be focusing on first? >> our focus is clearing roads, getting access to some of these towns that are cut off and continue rescue operations. >> ashley herring from the boulder county public information office. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> a colorado man driving through a flash flood to rescue a mom and daughter stranded on the roof the car after all of this hail. share their story and be reunited for the first time since the dramatic rescue. that will be at the top of the next hour. now we go to rick
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reichmuth. when is this rain going to let up in colorado? the worst of it has let up. another two days where we have a chance of seeing strong storms in there maybe another inch or two. i will show you that in a second. it's just for how much rain has fallen in a short period of time. mostly along the front range there 14 inches of rain in boulder. also notice across eastern colorado and western kansas very significant rain there. there has been a lot of flooding. got to give you one bright side to this. they are in a long-term drought across much of the rockies and western parts of kansas. this is going to put a big dent in that drought that will help with a lot of the fires that we typically see this time of year or summer. the drought will be coming down. unfortunately too much rain. this is the last 24 hours. notice yesterday earlier mid rain right along the i-25 corridor. that is weakening but there is still a little bit of rain there we are going to see more over the next two to three days. today and tomorrow the biggest chances for heavier rain. right again, you see boulder there, those yellow and orange dots. that's where we are possibly going to be seeing
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another inch or two. it was the 14 inches of rain that got us into this problem, that is going to begin to subside a little bit. it's not just places like boulder. all of those mountain towns there big problems. water that was in the mountains that gravitational pull causes flash flooding. all that water has had to go some place. lower lying areas. denver area. plat river extreme flooding at their record and today they are going to raise even a little bit higher. guys? >> thanks, rick. >> thank you, rick. >> now, let me tell you some of your headlines that you missed while you were sleeping. hot spots could hamper the investigation into the cause of that massive fire that consumed four blocks of the new jersey boardwalk on thursday night. officials say they are considering the that the blaze which started an n. a custard shop to be suspicious. 50 businesses destroyed in an area still struggling to recover after super storm sandy. new jersey's governor, chris christie vows to rebuild again. federal agents arrested the
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third of five suspects wanted in connection with the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. ivan sotoberaza was captured earlier this week down in mexico. accused of shooting and killing terry back in december of 2010 with weapons linked to the government botched fast and furious gun walking program. the family is excited but we have two more fugitive defendants in mexico. chaos in the streets of mexico as police clash with thousands of protesting teachers. [explosion] >> riot police firing tear gas and water canons on top of them. the teachers have been camped out now for weeks to strike over education reform in the country. they had been ordered to leave that area before the weekend. and police had to arrest 20 demonstrators. and all you need, two bucks and a dream to win
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tonight's $317 million power ball general jackpot. the drawing is tonight 10:00 eastern time. better buy your tickets early. most states cut off sales an hour or two before that drawing. the odds in winning, 1 in 17 billion. but i'm saying you still have a chance. >> good call. government offering you another good deal. [ laughter ] >> now, all eyes this morning on syria. some major news on the developments there and whether or not the u.s. would move with a military strike against that country it appears this morning that the president has taken off the table the military trigger. that was the at last resort we are going to go in and use military force to take out at least the infrastructure surrounding some of these chemical weapons operations. it appears now that syria is aagreing to come to the table and the united states would take off the military trigger so that we can have
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talks and discussions about how to -- >> in the u.n. resolution the president still saying reserves the right to attack syria independent of united nations. i think it's pretty clear at this stage that that's not in the works. the president having already punting the congress. of course through america's non-ally get the situation under control. >> who was wearing the pants in this relationship it appears that vladimir putin had complete control from the very beginning which is we are not going to have any discussion if the u.s. says they are still going to use military force. in fact, dr. michael waller the author of the book the secret empire the kgb in russia today thinks that putin basically snubbed his nose at the u.s. listen. i is afraid of them. can he stand up to domestic critics at home not to people on the international scene. he will talk tough but not stand up to them. he makes empty threats but doesn't back them up
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because he doesn't have the courage to do -- he doesn't want to be another george bush. >> does this get president obama off the hook? let's be honest he had little support at home for any sort of a military strike, even within his own party it was beginning to crumble pretty early on. he made those red line statements. he said about those red line statements had to walk those back. is the president able to turn to the united nations and say we're going to walk in with these chemical inspections, i'm off the hook. >> the question is if we did send troops into syria to find these chemical weapons, are we going to be able to find them. if you read the "wall street journal" that we have been talking about the elite unit 450 is saying that they have moved the stocks of poison gases and munitions to 50 different sites and how are we going to be able to find those chemical weapons. some people are guarded about sending troops into syria we don't know what we will find when we get there i think obama or president obama is very fearful of that. >> that was certainly response for the reservations you you saw in
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congress backing up the president's call for action in syria. the point of my point of view is not that he we're bombing syria or much less sending troops there the president is telegraphing weakness and indecision to the rest of the world. the weaker the united states is the more dangerous the rest of the world is countries have been kept in line by the threat of american force to do what they want. i think you will see outbreaks of aggression throughout the world. why wouldn't china move against these contested pinnacle islands that japan owns. why wouldn't they move against taiwan. korea restarting plutonium reactor. >> will we be a super power? >> talk about it and maybe you will come and try to remove it from us. first we have already launched that nuclear weapon. let us know what you think about this and syria conflict coming up throughout the show. coming up, the u.s. wants syria to give up and destroy chemical weapons. the next guest says that's a dangerous and possibly deadly idea. >> she collected thousands of dollars by telling
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and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment. >> syrian president bashar al assad agreeing to comply with the international ban on chemical weapons. this development comes amid new reports of the secret sharing military unit assad regime has been moving stocks of poison gas to as many as 50 sites around the country to make them harder to attack. how likely is it that these weapons will likely be destroyed? author of the decoding al qaeda's strategy.
6:17 am
the deep battle against america. michael, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, tucker. >> the president had said that we plan to deter a future use of chemical weapons in syria. presumably that would include destroying their chemical weapons. how hard is that at this point? it is extremely hard under the best of every circumstances as chemical expert of chemical weapons has said. it will take a very long time. maybe even years to destroy them under the best of circumstances. this is the worst of circumstances. >> so there is something like a thousand tons of chemical weapons in syria right now. i mean, wouldn't would he be concerned about those falling into the hands of people even worse than the assad regime? >> we ought to. you know. the jihadists in syria are not the largest. one of the fowngszal secret documents in al qaeda's
6:18 am
playbook is operations on jihad and syria under bashar assad's father. everybody was trained on this way back in the day and you are sure that they are watching that. and they have a long term desire to get weapons of mass destruction. >> what is our strategy here to keep those weapons from falling into the hands of al qaeda? >> well, i'm not entirely sure that we have a strategy. but the reason that the strike was so so surgical is not just a distaste for military combat but the fact that if you destroy the current regime, then there will be immediately a civil war between the various factions and the opposition opposition not any other kind of thing bind them together. and all of them will be scrambling and the jihadists will be going for the weapons every weapon they can get. >> are we actually at this
6:19 am
late stage going to be able to identify where these weapons are and control them in any way? i think we can probably, as you pointed out he has so much of them that for a long time. [audio cutting out] >> and there will be places where u.n. observers or inspectors can't really go because of active fighting. so, but i think on the bright side of this is that i believe that he did not make the offer and they have made a formal offer to the organization that monitors these weapons worldwide that they are going to join the convention. i think they think this strike was going to be the first thing complete overthrow of him and that's why they moved and i don't think they are going to be using those weapons any time soon to trigger a better strike. >> that's the good news. michael ryan, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, tucker.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. united airlines is going to honor the tickets that it accidently gave away for free on thursday. a computer glitch issued the free tickets and customers ended up paying
6:24 am
around $5 or $10 for a ticket. the airline is not saying how many of these free tickets were issued and why weren't we notified of that? and, an attorney for the montana newly wed accused of pushing her new husband off of a cliff now says it was just an accident. prosecutors say that jordan gram pushed cody johnson face first during an argument and then left him there to die. clayton? >> thank you, ainsley. fracking called upon gold rush uses high texture rocks and collect the oil and gas inside reducing the need for foreign oil. so many opportunities to frac in the united states could this pathology be a new path to american wealth. the founder for center of industrial progress joins us now. nice to see you this morning. >> great to be here. >> now, you say fracking is the greatest tech it logical revolution since the computer. that is a bold statement as a fan of the computer, of ipads and everything else.
6:25 am
back that up for us? >> okay. well, i decided to bring a prop with me. this is is the object of fracking, which is just a seemingly worthless piece of rock, right? imagine i told you we can figure out a way to charge your i phone with this or to run your car. wouldn't that be the most amazing innovation? and that's exactly what fracking is it takes worthless rock and we have more than a texas sized amount of this stuff. and turns it into life giving energy the foundation of all progress and economic growth. >> one of the big stories this week is that this fracking technology is trickling down and helping americans put money in their own pocket. the disposable household income up by 100 in some of these high track fracking states, lower energy bills. federal and state tax benefits up by 74 billion. the skeptical person out there saying wait a minute, is this really going to
6:26 am
effect my own wallet? is fracking going to help me save more money and live a better life? >> yeah. it's standable because, you know, there are all kinds of studies that come out every day making all sorts of wild claims. but if we understand the importance of energy in our economy, it's very clear that an energy revolution is a revolution for every individual. industry that powers every other industry. so no matter what you are doing in life and no matter what product you are using, cheaper energy lower cost in life. we heard of course from environmentalists out there who say this is absolutely dangerous to it our drinking water. and this is something that we don't want in our backwards taker a look. louisiana, high fracking states and also pennsylvania on that list as well for an area that has done quite a bit of fracking. what do you say to those who argue against it?
6:27 am
>> two reasons. one is that this rock exists 5,000 feet away from ground water. last thing that's going to con tame your ground water is fracking operation. look at the places in the environth the best miments pleases that use best interest. nature doesn't give us a clean environment. take as lot of energy to purify the water to grey crops and make the world a better place. that's why i entitled my improvesil fuels the planet. no evidence that fracking contaminates gravel in recent report it. it will be interesting to see if we get lower energy bills across the country as a result of fracking if it takes hold. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, the white house says no deal. what happens next for the unions? well, the president's biggest supporters turn on obama care? a live report from washington next.
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♪ ♪ [cheering] >> this is your shot of the morning. >> people don't call that a sport. >> come on. ohio cheerleader setting a brand new record for back flipping. 42 hand springs in a row. >> then she got sick. >> and she was dizzy, right? >> i can't even do the tea cups at disney world. >> that doesn't even look real. that's incredible. >> but seriously you have got to be a trained professional to do something like that. because, a new study out, new research journal of pediatrics shows that cheerleading folks is the world's most dangerous female sport. >> that's a big assumption there, clayton. you are calling it a sport. >> hold on. what is a sport.
6:33 am
is it a sport where people compete? there are all kinds of cheerleading competitions. >> i'm calling what she did really impressive. >> gymnastics, that's one of the sports in the olympics. that's what that is. that's gymnastics. >> you sound like you are maybe a former cheerleader. >> did i it for like a year. my whole family was shocked that i made it i cannot dance. i'm not a gymnast. i was the old school cheerleader poodle skirt and did a hurky. >> girls visiting hospitals 4,000 -- >> there you go. you see the number to prove it. >> 4,000. >> back in the 80's you could get away with doing a cart wheel. touch your toes. that's when i was a cheerleader. now girls have to be thrown in the air, do flips, tossed around. they are getting concussions and falling on
6:34 am
the ground. >> you remember last year where the girl had brain injury as a result of that and ended up dying as a result of landing on her head. 66% of catastrophic sports injuries are as a result of cheerleading. they do compete in the big cheerleading. >> are more people injured cheerleading every year or taking a shower every year? i still think taking a shower. >> i know you are big on the shower sport. >> not a sport. it can be a sport. but by and large in my sad life it's not. >> this morning on the washcloth i poured shampoo on it because i was so tired. i didn't have an injury. >> not a sport neither is cheerleading. >> you don't think that's a sport. >> a sport is when people face off against one another. >> why are men so against making cheerleading a sport? i don't understand that give the girls a title. >> to call it a sport is to diminish it it's bigger than that. >> you are so full of it. >> and i'm sorry, i'm just saying females in my college we had male and
6:35 am
female cheerleaders. >> he thought he was being back -- turned it around brilliantly. >> it's early can i still pull it off. impressive. a sport implies, just demands competition. you cheer lead really against yourself. you are your own toughest critic. >> that's true. what about golf? you are competing head on there. what about this? now that we think of football, right? that's the tough male sport. jirsz turns out more than football turns out. one of the oldest school sports in america at a particular school has decided this intramural high school program where they play contact football against themselves. not their team they play against themselves the school has decided no more turning it into flag football. they have been doing it there since 1810. >> isn't that just called high school football? >> flag football? >> no. the contact football what
6:36 am
they are been doing. >> they are playing against other schools. >> what's what everybody does. the lawrenceville school in new jersey, alma mater by the way of white house press secretary jay carney. >> something tells me he wasn't playing. >> and they have decided that movable is just too violent and mean and dangerous and threatening in the sense to lawrenceville just can't handle the football. by the way the alumni from the school flipping out. facebook page, dedicated it to bringing back actual football, not just sensitive, everyone gets a trophy flag football. >> one of the alumnus akim wrote on the page this is another tragic piece of fallout from the pc police ethios since the 19 0s and contributed to the emass could you legs of young men. call it what you will will but i see along held tradition being thrown into the bust bend of history that makes me puke. >> that's fair. can you say it's just a football game but there is sum bowlism that matters and the idea that each
6:37 am
child is so precious that, you know, getting bruised is the worst thing that is going to happen to you. toughen up, son. actually, life is a tough place and getting knocked around a little bit is not bad for you. >> look at these pictures. these guys are not the linebackers that we see today. i don't know if these uniforms and helmets can keep up with the guys and their weight and, you know, they are huge. these guys are running at each other and slamming their heads into one another. >> this is just high school -- intermural high school football. these aren't monsters. they are not on steroids. they are just playing football. >> you have quds, what do you say to your sons if they wanted to go out and play contact football. >> that's crazy. if you think that's hard. wait until you get full-time job as adult. >> get more concussions at work than you will there. >> yeah. >> let us know what you think, weigh in at ff weekend. let under the us know what you. >> president obama doesn't appear to want to play ball with some of his biggest supporters in the unions. will he cave?
6:38 am
elizabeth prann is live in washington with more and what happens next. >> good morning, well union leaders richard trumka look would fairly upbeat after he paid a visit to the white house just yesterday. take a look. >> try to get in next week. >> next week? >> yep. >> an act of congress? >> a solution. >> certainly a different message from what we have heard before. trumka went to address labor union concerns over the affordable care act just shortly after his union passed a resolution blasting the sweeping healthcare law as, quote, highly disruptive. in fact that i convention last week, union workers warned that the cost of union healthcare plans will be driven up so high that workers and employers particularly in retail, construction, and transportation may drop their coverage. >> we will be damned if we're going to lose our health insurance because of unintended consequences and a law. it needs to be changed. it needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed now,
6:39 am
brothers and sisters. >> now, this amid previous reports of a plan that would give union workers and only union workers subsidies to help pay for health administration. they said the treasury department had issued a letter yesterday saying quote: they made it clear that its did not see a legal way for individuals and multiemployer group health plans to receive individual tax market credits as well as favorable tax treatment associated with employer provided health insurance at the same time. so the white house as you can see has not said specifically what it might do if anything at all. this, of course, while republicans continue to try to repeal or defund obama care since really the day it passed. ainsley, clayton, tucker, back to you. >> elizabeth plan live for us in d.c. this morning. thanks, elizabeth. >> thanks. >> three friends of boston marathon bombing suspect pleaded not guilty to it charges that they lied to investigators. hindered the investigation into the deadly attack. prosecutors say that they took items from dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room in the
6:40 am
days after the april 15th bombing that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. his brother, tam merlin died in a gun battle with police as authorities closed in on them. dzhokhar was found hiding out in a boat and taken down by police. enough to the water town police foundation is asking for positive photos of the search for dzhokhar to be included in the calendar that is dedicated to the april 19th manhunt. proceeds from the sale of the $13 calendars will go to the foundation. the show is over for this florida woman. police busted jesse alexander for posing as a tv producer. they say that she was luring in businesses, giving her more than $23,000 to get them featured on a reality show that wasn't ever going to air. the 41-year-old who boasted a string of celebrity friends like bradley cooper, allegedly used most of the money that she collected to fund a lifestyle of fine dining
6:41 am
and spa treatments. >> you won't see these commercials anymore. the scooter store is shutting down for good. >> if you are living with limited mobility, call the scooter store today. we're experts at getting you the power chair or scooter you need. >> how are you going to move on with your life now, clayton. the move company after the texas company filed for bankruptcy in april. also under federal scrutiny you might remember over alleged medicare and medicaid fraud and now plans to phase out operations and furlough remaining 370 employees and managers. >> a missouri waitress wants to know who is behind a cruel prank leaving a $200,000 tip. this happened last week in st. louis in a restaurant there. the waitress says it was a table of they. a gentleman and two sisters who were patterning large amounts of cash to one another. that's when one asked her to keep a veto. >> she directly said like i will be your guardian angel today. you have never seen a person like me. you have never had a table
6:42 am
like me. this will change your life. things like that. >> well, by the time she saw the $200,000 tip, the customers were gone and the tip was declined by the credit card company. >> that's -- >> over the limit. thanks, ainsley. let's tell you what's coming up here on the show. it's not your father's super pac. america's youth getting involved in politics like never before. energizing everyone of all ages. bad news for chocolate lovers this morning. stock um on the sweet stuff it radio now. fill your basement. we will tell you why. [ school bell rings ]
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kanye west charged with assault from thin famous video from july. getting into a scuffle with a photographer. if convicted on both. face up to prison two years in prison or $200,000 fine. chocolate prices are going up. chocolate makers are having to deal with sky high prices on cocoa butter and that is trickling down to you. >> thanks so much, clayton. political infliewsm young voters has dropped but there are some my lemes who haven't given up on the political process just yet. in the past month four super pacs have been created by people under the age of 35. and here now is the president and founder of one of those groups, called pass the torch. she was on "fox & friends" yesterday and i watched that segment. you were talking about your surfing business. is that what made you want to start a super pac. >> absolutely.
6:47 am
when we started the company. we started to come up against a lot of road blocks, legislation. we looked at it we had a lot of interest from younger people that were saying people around our age, under 30 saying i want to start my own business. this is something i have always wanted to do. so it's really interesting to us that they don't particularly vote along the lines of politicians that support economic freedom in the way that he woodland like so we found somebody has to speak to it them and make sure were not corporation not the enemy. grow our business and up against so much in terms of legislation that doesn't have so many super pacs out there. have you found super pacs or haven't found one that represents the super voters. >> that's it. some that are geared toward younger voters and may be run by people pretty famous in washington. we're definitely not famous in washington. we are from new hampshire and new to this.
6:48 am
on our platform is entrepreneurs having success in our business definitely have a partisan view but nonpolitical way. i really like the super pac because you don't have to support one particular candidate over another most people under 30 don't like the hear the word politics. >> don't you have to be associated with a political party if you are a super pac. >> you don't have to. >> what's the point? what's the purpose? aren't you either one way or the other? >> we definite are on the republican side. more libertarian, republican. you don't have to be. it's just a nice platform to be able to raise money to go out and raise money and talk about the issues. we are trying to talk about people ask them about their careers. we really want to get people engaged and say what are the facts behind rhetoric. >> i'm sure you have come face to face with this. 20-year-olds aren't making as much as the 56-year-old voters. how are you in the way of donations?
6:49 am
>> that's very interesting. i think it was uphill battle trying to people under 30 with the job situation and he economy. we have had a lot of excitement from their parents. the older generations said somebody needs to speak to them and make them understand that some of this stuff you have to look behind what the politicians are saying. and i think as young people we with speak directly to them and tell them our experience. >> interesting to hear that 20-year-olds are involved in politics. thanks for doing. this nice to me meet you, sarah. >> nice to meet. >> you boardwalk destroyed and dozens of businesses burned to the ground. was it arson or was it an accident? what investigators are now saying this morning. then a massive push for green energy is killing the symbol of our nation. that's exactly right. look at this. the wind mills are taking out the bald eagles apparently. we show you the astonishing consequences of environ mentalist with challenger coming up next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> the soaring symbol of the united states is flying into dangerous territory. a new study shows an alarming number of eagles are now being killed by wind farms push by environmentalists for alternative energy putting our symbol in harm's way. >> joining us from the personal eagle foundation and challenger bald eagle and friend of the show. nice to see you again. good morning. >> among this new studdie's most interesting numbers is that we have seen 58 deaths
6:54 am
in some of these states from bald -- by bald eagles by these wind farms and that number is going up over the last few years. what do you make of this? is this a growing problem. >> oh yeah because wind farms are becoming more and more prominent across the country. they are building more and more turbines so the problem is going to increase in i guess 2004 al month one of the wind farms in california. 116 golden eagles killed. if you calculate over a 235 year period, that's 3,000 golden eagles. >> is that more we were concerned with all these pesticides ddt in the past. is this becoming as big a concern a pesticide problem? >> it's a serious problem i don't know if it it's as big as pesticide. it was making the egg shells soft for some years that the population nearly got wiped out. >> are we seeing this problem with other birds as well? why just bald eagles. >> not just bald eagles,
6:55 am
other birds of prey. thousands of bats killed by government subsidizing. if i shoot a bald eagle by accident while pheasant hunting anytime serious trouble. >> you are. >> are wind farms getting in trouble. >> if you were to kill an eel you would be subject to prosecution and serious fines. wind farms are being given a five year grace period. >> why do they get a pass when they're slaughtering eagles. >> they shouldn't. they should be paying like anybody else. would the law is the law. the bald golden eagle protection act is the law that applies to this case. obama is going to extend that to a 25 year period. considering that right now. it's ridiculous. >> environmentalists have to be outraged. i understand they want the wind farms alternative energy but it's killing our eagles. >> that's right. and, you know, we need to
6:56 am
apply our brains in america here to develop turbines that are safer for birds. it's still a good energy source if we can develop turbines that will be more, you know, bird friendly and wildlife friendly. >> you will be down at the big philadelphia eagles home opener tomorrow praying the eagle across the stadium. good to see you. >> god bless you guys. >> i hope our viewers can tell what a dramatic animal. that's amazing biferred. >> we have come a long way to bring these numbers back now. the numbers. we don't want to set it back by turbines and others. >> gorgeous. >> thank you. >> we showed you this video earlier. a mother and young daughter forced on to the roof of the car by floodwaters in colorado to their rescue a total stranger. we are going to reunite them live at the want to hour. >> john kerry to blame for president obama's failed syria plan? the next guest explains yes. he explains the foreign policy fail coming up. what ya looking for?
6:57 am
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fires trapping thousands of people in -- floodwaters' trapping thousands of people in colorado. the reunion here live in just a few minutes. >> crisis averted or a crisis waiting to happen. the u.s. and russia moments ago waiting for a deal on the destruction of syrians chemical weapons stockpiles. what does that include? we will tell you the details coming up. >> plus, shop until you drop, literally, a popular clothing store applies for a liquor license. is it really a good idea to serve while people are
7:01 am
shopping? buy more? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. maybe. >> that's why we a plying for it. >> ♪ >> before we get to that story, look at this. this is the extreme weather happening in colorado this morning. more rain first alert forecasted for that state. this as the national guard battles to reach hundreds of residents in towns that are cut off. park those trapped zip lined to safety barely skimming the deadly waters down that hill. >> the worst flooding in decades there. so far left four people dead. at least 218 unaccounted for. the water rushing up and over the windshield. rescue crews rescued this man also from his own bedroom. >> we heard a big roar and
7:02 am
i think that's probably when it came down buried his house and filled his bedroom full of mud. luckily it just came up to his bed. >> same system blasting the state with rain causing an ice storm at higher elevations. this morning. these two hikers recovering after making their way down from one of colorado's highest mountains. hunkered down inside a tent for whiteout conditions for two days. pretty scary. rick reichmuth joins us to tell us how it is. >> some of the highest elevations getting a little bit of snow with this. upper level cold pocket that caused this entire thing. cold enough air in the highest elevations where we saw a little bit of snow with this. this is the look at the last 4 hours. cawsming down a little bit in the last few frames. i don't think would are going to see what we saw in the last few days again. this is a look as you see this loops through here. constant rain right along this i-25 corridor. and heaviest of it right across the higher
7:03 am
elevations. little bit of an upsloped wind, brings all the extra moisture out thereof. normal case parts of colorado might see two to three inches of rain. we saw 14 inches of rain in boulder. this is what you might see if you saw a hurricane come on shore. 14 inches of rain that would cause a lot of flagged. have that happen across mountainuou plains. a lot of this area needs rain. we have a big drought going on across a lot of this area. move forward on these maps. we will see a little bit more rain also over the next couple of days. some of it possibly a little bit too much. a few little dots where you see yellows and reds. maybe isolated two or three inches of rain. that's not going to cause the contained of flooding that we saw over the last few days. it will certainly make it little more difficult for the water to go down. one upside of this is where you see this. ongoing drought. we will see baking dent in
7:04 am
this drought out there. that will be the one positive side from. this obviously once all this water goes away. guys? >> thanks, rick. flooding continues to surge in colorado. here is video of one man. merrill cordova rushing to the rescue of a mother and daughter trapped on the roof of their car. all the while, hail and rain stormed down all around them. >> and together for the first time, since that dramatic rescue is merle cordova and stefanie liddick and her daughter. >> good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> what is your message mrs. liddick for the man who saved your life and your daughter's life and you are seeing him for the first time. what's your message for him this morning? >> just a big thank you. i mean, without him, who knows what would have happened. >> what was it like when you reunited there in the studio this morning? >> oh, kind of surreal, actually. like -- i don't know,
7:05 am
finally just remembering everything that did happen tell us what did happen. here you are standing on the roof of a car. did you expect it be surrounded by floodwaters. walk us through it i was going to pick up my nephew aden from school. it started hagel on the way from makenna's school, which is only about a mile, maybe a mile and a half away. i did not expect a flash flood of any sort. but. >> and then on top of that. >> picked up the car and took it away. >> like tossing it around like tops. on top of that we see this massive hail that came down as well. merrill, as you approached this car, what were you thinking and how did you -- if they are stuck, you had to be thinking this could happen to me. that's what i was thinking.
7:06 am
i had to delay for a second because i had to unload my work trailer big heavy 14-foot trailer. i knew if i had went in there all the way. i may have got swept away, too. unhooked my trailer quick. that's when i think that footage shows me pointing towards her. and at that point her car was already floating there was a lake to the south of that behind houses. i knew that's where the car was headed and that's why i had to get in there as quick as did i. >> we understand that your daughter does not have an ear piece in. could you ask makenna for us what she was thinking while this was all happening and how were you trying to comfort her? >> how were you feeling when all of this was happening? >> scared. >> how else? >> frightened. >> frightened? >> i can't imagine. >> what was the scariest part? >> getting on the roof. >> getting on the roof. >> so you were up there on the roof awaiting for merrill, did you think that this rain was ever going to let up and did you think
7:07 am
merle would make it over to you to help rescue you? >> oh, gosh, the hail was rough. i had makenna's backpack over her head because it was just coming down really hard. when merle was pulling his truck the first time. it was sinking, really terrifying watching somebody who was coming to help us be in the same situation that we were. >> well, thank goodness for merle. we appreciate all three of you being with us this morning. stefanie that kenna, i'm glad you are okay. thank you for saving the lives of that adorable little girl and her mom. >> very adorable. thank you very much. >> sure. with all the stories of strategy out of course of colorado this morning. it's a grade story. all right. thanks to them. >> now to some of your headlines this morning. we will start with a fox
7:08 am
news alert. just moments ago the u.s. and russia agreed on a framework for securing syrians chemical weapons. here is secretary of state john kerry. >> >> in the interest of accountability, the united states and russia have agreed that the syrians must provide the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons and supporting personnel with an immediate and unfettered right to inspect any and all sites in syria. >> the news comes after throw days of tense negotiations with russian foreign minister sergei laf they had agreed on grounds under which they might suggest a security council chapter 7 resolution authorizing military and nonmilitary sanctions in syria. the inspectors must be on the ground by november and destruction or removal of the chemical weapons must be completed by mid 2014. hot spots could be hampering the investigation
7:09 am
into officials say they are considering that that fire which started in a custard shop it might be suspicious. 50 businesses destroyed in an area still struggling to recover from super storm sandy rebuild once again. >> federal agents wanted in connection with the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. he was captured earlier this week down in mexico. is he accused of shooting and killing terry back in december of 2010 with weapons that were linked to the government botched fast and furious gun walking program. a terry family spokesperson says quote the family is excited but we have two more fugitive service in mexico those are your evidence lines. can you imagine suspicious if it was arson. >> shocking. >> after all they have been through please say that's not the case. >> more on that story throughout the show and as that investigation
7:10 am
continues. thanks, ainsley. >> sure. >> turns out phones and phone calls aren't the only thing the federal government is monitoring. the newly great created agency that is designed to protect you as a consumer put in place after the 2008 financial collapse turns out is trying to monitor 80% of all credit card transactions in this country for your own good. >> so anything we buy? >> i want to know this, how is it for my own good. the consumer financial protection bureau which you point out was put in place. >> there to protect you, clayton. for the ungrateful for you to complain. >> right. they are there to protect me. so i wanted them -- they are going to be monitoring four out of every five credit card transactions. upwards of 42 billion transactions over the course of any time of the year. so, and nowhere in any of the information during this hearing as they are trying to get to the bottom of this can i figure out exactly why they are trying to do it here is representative sean duffy on this exact issue during hearing. listen.
7:11 am
how many actual credit cards are you collecting on americans? credit card data. credit card information? >> so, three different ways. one would be they may come to us with a consumer complaint credit cards. >> listen. i think america wants to know a number of how many you are collecting in senate banking you were asked these questions, and you come today ill prepared to give us numbers on the number of americans that have data. >> what i'm fully prepared to do is give you explanation of how these programs work. >> what i think america deserves is the transparency that you promised. >> the number is interesting but why. is it because they are trying to argue that they are going to monitor bankruptcy trngzs in this country if you tucker buy a boat on credit and doing all these sorts of things on credit and file for bankruptcy they will have some sort of raw data. he they will say they are
7:12 am
not going to know who purchased the boat. just have general metta data. >> keep in mind the federal government has been monitoring your bank account since 2001. the justification, of course, is the national security. if you deposit or withdraw, suspicious pattern, the government can break into your -- without your knowing, into your checking account. this is how eliot spitzer got busted the government was monitoring his checking accounts as is all of ours. that is done on national security grounds. this is for your own good. >> the government says we are here to help you. many people are not going to care. if the government is reading their emails. looking at their credit card transactions. but that was before we -- before you could trust the government. i felt like most of us did. and now we are learning it's all these scandals and all of these things that are happening. snowden that's using our information. telling other countries about it do we trust the government with our information? >> yeah, well, i don't know. the speaker of the houses it's okay. i think a lot of rank and file republicans and democrats frankly are concerned about the amount of information the
7:13 am
government has. >> they also want to monitor mortgage transactions do too. 9 a% of the country's mortgage transactions. >> tell me i would love to know how exactly it's for my protection that they be monitoring every credit card trngsz. >> don't ask questions like that, clayton. >> friends at find us on twitter at ff weekend. coming up on the show, is john kerry to blame for president obama's failed syria plan? our next guest says yes. but exactly how we will dive into that. >> no free flu shot this year for the air force. what move in washington has forced this cut back? we will tell you in a minute. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ >> president obama's
7:17 am
foreign policy facing sharp criticisms from those who say he has taken a backseat to russian president vladimir putin in solving the syria crisis. our next guest says the president's biggest problem is his foreign policy team. specifically secretary of state john kerry. joining me how is james carafano, security and foreign policy analyst at the heritage foundation in washington. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you. >> so, kerry, former senator. now secretary of state john kerry has made, you say a substantive change in the obama administration's foreign policy. how? we're back to when obama became president. very clear very deliberative. doesn't like a crisis. when he is presented with a foreign policy problem he doesn't deal with it goes in his cave and comes out and says here is what we are going to do about iraq u afghanistan, libya, bin laden, that's his pattern. you know, benghazi really put him off his game. libya was his signature accomplishment. libya is a disaster.
7:18 am
benghazi was a disaster. made the president very risk adverse. he didn't want to deal with anything let alone deal with a crisis. the only reason he put the red line out he thought he would never have to enforce it assad would never be stupid enough to do chemical weapons. kerry runs into this big conference like an energier bunny pushes the president to put out the red line. kerry is jumping on this thing. this has forced the president off his game is he dealing in crisis mode which he doesn't like to do being reactive. somebody has to pay the price for that and i think it's going to be john kerry. >> weird combination of fearfulness and let sense which reticence which you just described but also recklessness. smart people don't lay down red lines like this. >> this is completely predictable. this is the jimmy carter problem. make nice with the world. the world will make nice with me. that completely doesn't work. so you wind up looking completely ineffect actual and people are pushing your buttons then what happens i
7:19 am
have to prove i'm not a pushover. i need to do something to prove i'm a strong president. you wind up doing incredibly stupid things things like carter pulling out of the politics thinking that would russians pulling out of afghanistan. risk adverse somebody was going to push his button and do something to show that he wasn't ineffectual. we went from doing a meaningless military strike which would have accomplished nothing to now we are doing a deal which is actually going to make assad stronger. because the chemical weapons is r. not what is keeping him in power. what is keeping him in power is support from russia and iran and hezbollah. >> bingo. >> so what have we accomplished in the relationship is now stronger and easier for the russians to support assad. assad has international credibility. the president just went on tv this morning and said syria is now working with the international community. >> exactly. but this is totally predictable.
7:20 am
weakness invites aggression. this is why drunk people get mugged. thanks a lot. james carafano from the heritage foundation in d.c. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> kids are more likely to be bullied in schools with anti-bullying programs. is that actually so shocking? why they are having the opposite effect. we will tell you coming up. plus, shop until you drop literally. a popular clothing store applies for a liquor license. is it a good idea to shop while liquid? ' love, warmth. here, try this. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill.
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7:23 am
wibleg bark, appear tie bullying program meant to
7:24 am
curb a problem may actually have opposite effect. arlington. suggest that students are more likely to be a victim of bullying in schools that have anti-bullying initiatives. how in the world is this possible? >> with us now is dr. jamie howard. a clinical psychologist and director of the dress and resilience program with the child mind institute. thanks for joining us. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> how is it that makes it kind of intuitive to me. explain why schools with anti-bullying programs have more bullying. >> this is correlational data. we want to be comfortable about inferring causality here so we know there is increased rates of bullying in schools that have these programs and that could very well be because these schools had more bullying problems. and so they were the schools who chose to implement programs. >> right. so the programs may help students learn what a bully does and looks like but in fact may -- this is fascinating because young boys we have been told for generations hide their emotions. these programs may be in some way forcing young boys
7:25 am
to hide their emotions and not be able to talk about them and does that maybe what leads to more bullying? >> i'm not sure. they didn't really specify what the programs covered. but we know from the research that those aren't the types of things we really want to focus on in anti-bullying programs. we want to focus on a few things. we want to increase mindfulness or awareness of one's actions. we want to increase social perspective taking. the ability it think about how another kid is thinking and then how that might influence how they behave. and then we want to increase empathy. the ability to put yourself in another kid's shoes and understand how they feel. >> so are these programs having the opposite effect? what do we do if the study shows that they're not helping. where do we go from here? >> it's unclear. we don't want to conclude that from this study. we want to see that these two co-occurred. we have fork would on improving the programs. it could be that these schools have these programs with high rates of bullying it could be that it's an improvement from what it was before. they are not doing prepost
7:26 am
kind of assessments. >> i don't think anybody is for cruelty. i think all of us are for empathy. i sense a strong political agenda behind the anti-bullying programs pushing a certain world view. >> it's definitely a hot topic right now. receiving at love attention. my presumption is a lot of it is because of the cyber bullying. it's new and haven't thought through all of the consequences of social media sites and twitter and texting and all of that and so there is a lot of attention being paid to it right now. >> and sort of anonymous behavior that people can hide behind online creating fake profiles and not actually being a real human interaction. >> dr. howard, has it gotten worse? because when we were growing up it was being made fun of. now it's called being bullied. has it gotten worse or are we just paying attention to it because the media is talking about it. >> we are paying attention to it. it has that the gotten worse. rates have decreased it's still a problem but not getting worse. >> thank you for saying
7:27 am
that doctor, thanks a the lo. >> thank you. >> we have a fox news alert to tell you about. a bus overturns on a busy highway. dozens of people are hurt. the breaking details on their conditions coming up. >> plus, fans have been waiting the new season of homeland. we have got a sneak peek of what's coming up. >> who is responsible for directing the actual search. >> excuse me, please. what are you doing? >> i want to talk to people who appeared at the tunnel. >> talk to them to ask them a few questions. >> like what, if they're working for the other side? he they're all exmilitary. >> so? >> you do not want to befill questioning the loyalty on a hunch. a hunch. glnknt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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[ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ that don't impress me much ♪ oh yeah ♪ >> impressed by what's going on. >>. no having solved every problem in the city of chicago except the out-of-control murder rate and the fact the city is bankrupt, the city now wants to shame business owners who use a the lo of energy. what they describe as disproportionate amount of in consideration to curb the city's energy consumption hoonchts is he what rahm immanuel said about this. do you check the milage before you purchase a car. check the energy efficiency of a you title before you purchase it? what is wrong with providing people information? what he is basically saying is that if you go to a business in chicago and they are not energy efficient, you are going to know about it. so, not only are they, you know, when you retrofit your business can often cost thousands and
7:32 am
thousands of dollars to be up to speed on some of these green technologies that at the end of the day aren't all that efficient to begin with. and now you have to spend more money and now other customers may not come to your business oh joe's crab shack down the street is not energy efficient. >> it's a total invasion of privacy. nobody's business. energy is a commodity that you buy volume voluntarily, bus much or little as you want. telling the how much breakfast cereal. the left used to stand up for privacy. where is the privacy in the government is tattling on how much energy you use. >> if you are paying for it who is to come into my business or house and tell me how to do is something. buying a product that is legal and that's my choice to spend -- to use at lo of energy and not use so much energy. i don't understand how the government can get involved and tell them what they can and cannot do. >> by the way no one is talking about this. a lot of the energy usage and these types of technologies are not there yet. they are not there yet where the benefit of buying
7:33 am
it, you know when you buy a hybrid car, why does the government subsidize purchases it doesn't make sense to buy. if you bought a ford escape hybrid 10 to 12 years getting up to the benefit of reap rewards of saving money on gas. you are may paying like $10,000 more to buy that car and at the end of the day it's not worth it. >> solar panels. >> luxury so you can feel good. >> do you ever notice the people who hate organized religion are the most aggressive moralizers of all? have you ever noticed that? the left is always warning us religion is bad and it's scary and they are the ones had are always casting moral aspersions people who smoke cigarettes or drive cars that are not fashionable. they are always forever judging. this really is taking it to the next level, which again, for the fifth time is a gross invasion of your privacy it is nobody's business. >> tucker, what are they going to do to shame these businesses? that's what the story.
7:34 am
>> the idea is that it is somehow morally reprehensible to use a the love energy. no energy. no civilization. what separates the cheap energy. that's it. why the war on energy? energy is a good thing. >> this is information we published publicly so people could have access it this information. so you could know what which companies are breaking the rules. >> too much energy? >> too much energy or being highly inefficient. >> meanwhile the city is literally bankrupt and people are murdering one another on play grounds. >> we need to worry about which company is using more more wind and which company is not. let us know what you think about. this >> i think we know know how tucker feels about this. >> it winds me up. >> can i tell. >> there are some areas of your life that ought to be, you know, walled off from government intrusion like one tiny part of your life no politician doesn't regulate. >> there is nothing walled off from government intrusion as we talked about in this credit card story this morning. your email, your bank account.
7:35 am
your phone calls i don't know if they shame me. use as much energy as i want and. begin with a fox news alert this morning. a bus crash in southwest, ohio that we were just telling you about. here it is. leaving 34 people injured just a short time ago. emergency crews said that the greyhound bus was headed to detroit carrying 52 people when it overturned. all of the injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. six had to be air lifted we're told injuries minor to serious. there will be no free flu shots this year for the air force the reason why? the sequester. last year more than 12,000 people took advantage of the free vaccine part of a wellness program. budget cuts now ending that program and this also coming as doctors warn that this year's flu season is going to be worse than usual. >> talk about a patient's worse nightmare. a bus driver in california
7:36 am
dropped autistic 3-year-old little girl off at the wrong school. this happened on wednesday in the suburb of san francisco. parents say that the girl was taken to the wrong school after the matter was cleared up, she was taken to the right school but the bus driver didn't pick her up at the end of the day. an emergency contact family got her home safely. >> durham did not take and does not take ordinary care of our children much less special care for these children. >> the school district says it is now investigating and reviewing its contract with the school bus provider. you have heard the saying shop until you drop. but shop until you are sloshed? urban outfitters applying for a liquor license for a new store here in new york city. the state liquor authority, not city officials, would be the ones to approve the license. the store's corporate offices did not respond to repeated requests for comment. and those are your headlines. >> you need alcohol to be talked into buying some of those hip serpents.
7:37 am
right, rick? >> some people might actually go there because of that this might get me to go shopping. >> urban outfitters capri pants. >> super skinny pants. >> that would load good upon on you. >> i hate shopping but it might make it more fun. >> wives shop and then drink. >> you said it it we have had this big story this week. historic flooding one of the local offices called this flooding biblical flooding. take a look you can see a little more moisture across that area. today we will see maybe another inch or so of rain across the area. tomorrow another day. the same system responsible for all of this weather. still bringing some of this rain into the area. although it is weaker and there is not as much moisture with it i don't think we will see any increased flooding but we can't be completely out of the woods just yet. out across the east, i tell you what, things have really cleared out. we had one of the hottest
7:38 am
weeks all summer across the east coast. take a look at what the temperatures are right now. very cool across the great lakes this morning and today your temperature is getting just into the 60's and 70s around the great lakes. still into the 90's down across the south. all right, guys, send it back to you inside. >> all right. thanks so much. sometimes the things that happen off the air real show that's why we have michael tammera in the fox light. homeland season debuts on september 29th. we have a sneak peek right now before we get to michael, take a look. >> ♪ this is a place where i don't feel loved ♪ >> well, michael tammera was at the season premier to get the scoop for us.
7:39 am
third season, michael. >> third season. this show is so hot. last year it knocked mad men off its emmy throne and this year 11 nominations that it's up for next sunday. we caught up with the cast down in coastguard for the sneak peek. rolled out the red carpet. we asked all, damion lewis. what is it about this show that has everyone talking? >> this show is about what's happening around us every single -- not just in syria or israel or iran. in our homes with our wives and our children and our families. a lot of lives were lost. we need to be we are. >> set up story lines and bring the stories to he'd h once the stories come to a ed had, there is still such ambiguity at that moment. open to different and everyone talks about it.
7:40 am
>> he is welsh. just relessed season two on dvd. i'm catching up. only seven episodes into the first season. really good. >> doing the binging. >> that's the way to do it? >> season three debuts on september 29th on show time. >> not only were were threw season three premier i'm very jealous new york's fashion week and caught up with big stars. >> very jealous. >> one of my favorite times every year. top designers present spring 2014 collection. who better to ask what some of the trends for next season. rachel zoe. stylist to the stars. this is what she had to say. >> prince. -- prints, long tune nics over pants and shorts. trying to think. i object credible tailoring. lots of whites. white, white, white. like a white season. >> white in winter.
7:41 am
she says you can do it. >> for spring. >> for spring. >> lots of white. >> when can we after easter, right? [ laughter ] >> we can catch all the interviews at in the fox for the latest celebrity buzz follow me on twitter at fox light michael. >> they became friends by chance, lion, tiger and bear now they may have to separate thanks to the government regulations. what did you yell, dave? details on the fight to keep them together coming up next. >> oh my, they are supposed to be keeping our airlines safe what one tsa worker did will blow your mind. that story coming up after the break. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> some quick headlines for you. authorities arresting a tsa officer they say helped smuggle illegal immigrants into this country. the florida man letting at least brazils bypass security check point when he worked at an airport in puerto rico. he faces up to 10 years in prison. ' selling marijuana lollipops. assure of the public there is no thc in the candy. instead just infused with marijuana for flavor. that rich marijuana flavor the kids savior. the save savor. >> bond between a lion, a tiger and bear has been unbreakable for over academic indicated until now. new government regulation risking their future together. the founder of noah's ark animal sanctuary in georgia is here to tell us about this unlikely family. nice to see you this
7:46 am
morning. welcome to the show. how did you manage to get these animals into your care over a decade ago in the first place? >> well, they came to me back in 2001. there was a drug bust in atlanta. and all three of them came to mow as babies. >> they were being held in a drug dealer's home. they had -- there was abuse deerly. they had different markings on them. they were in trouble? >> yes. >> and basically this has become a very popular exhibit at the animal sanctuary, right? >> yes. >> it is very popular. too our knowledge, we are the only ones in the world that has a full grown bear, tiger and lion that live together and has for over 12 years. >> now comes the troubling part for you guys, right? >> yes. >> the usda steps in and suddenly says you you need to raise the fence around this exhibit or else? >> yes. equity dr. well, all of my tigers and lions and birds and cougars they have told me that i have to go from 8-foot to
7:47 am
16 feet. and so after 23 years, it just sort of blindsided us. they told us in august we had until october. and so bal::is the bear and he is 800 pounds. that kicked him sort of to the side and then leo and shaquan would have to be separated out. they have always had each other. they are three brothers. baloo is the big brother and leo and chikan are the little brothers you have tried to remove them before. depressed they need each other. >> yes. >> what is the total cost of trying to raise this fence and are you going to be able to do it? >> the total cost is 489,000 with buying the fence and then, of course, it's very labor intensive. and i just need a the lo of animal lovers to help me. and share my dream. because we have to raise it for these guys and for all
7:48 am
the other animals. i have over 1200 animals. but the blt are the most popular at the ark. and, you know, i just i need help. >> i mean, before we let you go. why did the government suddenly come and tell you this? is there a reason? >> yes. over the last few years, there has been several incidents in other parts of the united states where animals has hurt people. so it's a law that they have been talking about for a few years. and we just got told it in august. and so i'm not against the new law. i'm not against raising my fences at all. it's just financially we just barely get by month to month now. this is extremely, it's hard. >> how can people help fund raise? we know there is a couple fundraising efforts out there. quickly tell our audience how they can help. >> you go to our web site, which is noah' raising our money through crowd rights right now. as of september the 24th,
7:49 am
they will give us an additional 75,000 if we raise the most. we are trying to filter the money there they can send it to the ark. you can go online. you can bring it to us. we would love to see you throughout. >> great. we will tweet that out as well and let people know how they can can help. jama we hope this works out well for you. >> thank you so much. >> coming up on the show, fox news alert. raging floodwaters trapping thousands of people in colorado. the death toll rises. dramatic rescues happening all over the state. live on the ground there with more of that coming up. tons of options when you hit the beauty aisle. how do you know which is the best stuff? got your guide to glamour next.
7:50 am
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>> welcome back. fall is upon us. you just walk outside you can feel it, at least here in new york city. this month magazine is celebrating tenth annual beauty award winners. here to give us the inside look. the editor at large of shape magazine. good morning, great to see you again. >> good morning. thank you. >> you are going to take us through the products that won this year. >> yes. we go through rigorous testing production all year long. having beauty editors, a beauty task force. everything you are seeing here and in the magazine has been tested and tested. so these are really the best. >> let's go through the products and can you tell us where we can buy them and how much they are and that kind of thing. >> start with lip close gloss. this is a a big one. new innovation is that you are getting a lot of color and shine. this is from bite. what we like about these products is not only are
7:54 am
the colors so fun but it's got antioxidants in it. so so it's actually good for your lips as well. getting a punch of color and a little bit of shine not sticky. nothing worse than lip gloss that sticks to your hair. bite. sephora.are a. >> eye shadow from almay if you have blue eyes like i do or brown eyes like i do you pick the right shade for you. three easy steps. tells you exactly what to do first so you get that great bold. >> we need that eye shadows are difficult. nice to get three colors in one. >> concealers are every day must. this is from l'oreal paris. what we love about the shape is super super creamy and blendable. comes in a lot of shapes. because it's a crayon it's so portable. put this in your purse.
7:55 am
last-manipulate touchups at work or parties. >> don't want foundation or little bit of con serial. >> under the eyes or those zits. >> i'm sorry how much? >> this one is i think about 7 bucks. >> no, $9. you can buy that at any drugstore. what is that this product? face cleanser. gel when you add water to it gets nice and foamy. high droxy acid which is great going to promote cell removal. it's not open. you need water. he prey moats cell renewal and bright' your skin and cool enough that you have can definitely use it every single day. that's what it hooks like when it comes out. i actually use comes in a cape takenner. this have very detective. this is something that is going to really help to brighten your complex put it all over.
7:56 am
helps get rid of those undereye circles. any patches you may have. has antiaging benefits to it. i love it very light weight consistency. use it any time. >> and the reason i use it i saw a lady with beautiful skin. i asked her what does she do? she said this is her secret vitamin c. >> so good for you. if you don't want to get your hair done in a beauty salon and do it at home you recommend this one, right? >> this is from red wand color silk. ammonia free big when it comes to hair color. very very moister rising. mango shay and coconut. not only vibrant shine and color but moisture, too. >> what is this. >> we all paint our nail three in one. top coat, base coat and strengtheningner in one coat. wear it alone or on top of your nails. >> buy shape magazine for more information on these products. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> have you ever been concerned about bias in the media? well, you should be. coming up on the show, we're going to show you the
7:57 am
startling number of journalists now joining the obama administration. governor mike huckabee weighs in on this at the top of the hour. did he just fu? "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely... i don't think this was such a good idea. i'm on it. if we can't secure the quarterback center exchange... you're doing a great job, coach. well they're coming along better than i anticipated. very pleased. who told you to take a break? [ male announcer ] want to win yourwn football ntasy? just tell us. then use your visa card for a chanceo win it. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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[ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> good morning to you. it is saturday, september the 14th. i hope you are sleeping in and enjoying time with theory kids. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn this morning. we are going to begin with a fox news alert. hundreds of people are missing after flash floods raged through colorado. we are live on the ground with the latest on that situation. >> another fox news alert breaking news this morning. syria backs down agreeing to give up its chemical weapons. what did the u.s. have to give up in return? governor mike huckabee on the leadership vacuum at the white house. >> and he disappeared off the infomercial scene to serve some time in the clink. but this morning the sham wow guy is ready for his redemption.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning and we begin this morning with fox news alert because some scary situations still unfolding, updated numbers are missing this morning in colorado. more and more rescues are happening in colorado. thousands are driven out of their houses because of the ferocious flooding there. at least 218 people still unaccounted for and four people are dead. dominic di-natale with the latest. >> good morning, yes. absolutely. thousands of people still displaced by. this you can see the boulder creek behind me while the water is still roaring away there dropped about a foot in the past 24 hours. that doesn't mean to say the emergency is by any means over. there is hundreds of people still unaccounted for.
8:02 am
the authorities are saying that doesn't mean to say they have been washed away by the interested in waters they haven't checked in with relatives. great concern how they are some of these people living in isolated areas. four people dead boulder killed. cars trapped. swept away by the floodwaters. also a man killed down in -- [breaking audio. >> still dealing with dominic's shot there. satellite shot there as communication in that part of the country still spotty. let's get over to rick reichmuth. can you see rick what dominic is dealing with some of the weather conditions there. you can tell what dominic is dealing with there. >> given a lot of attention to boulder. one of the bigger towns we
8:03 am
know of. seeing damage. a lot of communities. very broad area across the range it got incredible amounts of rain over a very short amount of time. majority of rain falling in 48 hours. this is the radar. see continued rain in the area. about two more days of a chance of rain. i think what we see today and tomorrow won't be as significant as what it has been. take a look at rain fall total. 15 inches of rain. east of denver. 1 is .5. take a look at your averages. what you would generally see in an entire year in boulder is about 230 inches. you saw two thirds of that in just a couple of days here. all of that water hitting the rockies. polls down quickly. water goes into the flat area. denver is and south flat river is continuing to flood. we will see flooding there for a couple of days. that river not cresting until later on today. move forward one map here.
8:04 am
more rain across the area. not as significant. you see some of these yellow areas probably about an inch to two inches kind of widespread three or four in a couple isolated areas. ainsley send it over to you. >> thanks so much, rick. now to your headlines and a fox news alert. while you were sleeping a bus crashed in southwest, ohio. leaving 34 people there injured emergency crews say the greyhound bus carrying 52 people when it returned. all of the injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. sixy air lifted. injuries range from minor to serious. no word yet on caused that greyhound bus to crash. exfirefighters continue to put out the hot spots at the site of the massive fire in new jersey at the boardwalk there. there are now reports of some officials thinking this was intentionally set. fire broke out atticus tarred shop and quickly spread down the boardwalk destroying 50 businesses over four city blocks.
8:05 am
double whammy for that area as you probably know still struggling not even over a year ago. new jersey governor chris christie vows to rebuild again. >> federal agents arresting the third of fire suspects wanted in connection with with the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. captured earlier this week in mexico. here is his picture. accused of shooting and killing terry back in december of 2010. with weapons linked to the government botched fast and furious gun walking program. terry family spokesperson says, quote. the family is excited but we have two more fugitive defendants in mexico. a massive infamous for product sham wow come back. >> make a doesn't make a mess. >> vince offer, the man known as the shamwow guy arrested four years ago after a fight with a prostitute. he is now out of prison and launching a brand new
8:06 am
product that's supposed to get rid of stains. he says it's fitting because he is trying to get rid of the black mark on his name. and those are your headlines. >> awesome. let's bring in huckabee fox news channel. big stories of the day. governor, nice to see you this morning. >> good to be with you you. breaking news overnight. john kerry, secretary of state. foreign minister of russia have come to some sort of agreement on chemical weapons in syria. framework there this was all of course put forward by vladimir putin. this basic there is the framework that came out of moscow. we have agreed to. what do you make of this latest news? >> >> i call the reverend vladimir putin because of his references to god and his editorial in the "new york times." but the reverend putin put forth really this whole idea. we thought it was based on a reaction to john kerry's supposed gaffe. that he sort of off the cuff said if they get rid
8:07 am
of their chemical weapons. after president obama's speech of course we found out it was really obama's idea all along that he this floated to reverend putin some weeks earlier. this is what this shows. putin, is pulling the president's fanny out oof the fire is what it really comes down to. because he was not going to get a vote in congress. he had said that this red line couldn't be crossed. >> and walked that back. >> well,. >> he walked back his red line statement. >> not only walked it back. he said it really wasn't his red line. it was the red line of congress. look, when my late dad, when i was a kid growing up. when he put down a red line it was a red line, there would be one across my rear end. i always said my dad was the most patriotic man i knew he laid down stripes i saw stars. hen he said red line i meant it it when obama says red line everybody says -- >> consequences are pretty serious. >> yes, they are. >> as the u.s. becomes weaker. its opponents become stronger. putin is the winner here, isn't he? >> absolutely.
8:08 am
he wins hands down. keep in mind, up until this moment, russia has been this once great country that was in decline. no longer the really huge super power they were when they were the soviet union. they have been coming back. now the tiger has record. >> everyone was saying there was a no-win situation here. all options on the table were terrible. military strike it. it seems to me though that this is actually the first idea that is actually a positive choice in all of, this right? >> well, it is. >> we have an opportunity to get rid of these chemical weapons air strikes we might not have. >> that is a good thing. keep in mind, you still have a civil war going on in syria. you still have al qaeda that's going in and co-opting this civil war. you are still going to have a satellite nation of both russia and iran sitting there in syria that's only going to get worse. and you still have a brutal dictator running it. so, yeah, it's better than it was. but it ain't so good. >> how do you go in and find these chemical weapons. we saw in the "wall street journal" this week that they have assad has an elite military group moving
8:09 am
all these poisonous gases and emissions to 50 different sites. >> the only way it happens is that russia has to really be involved in the vanks of the destruction and identification. and the good news is, if it's good news, if you can trust russia. there is a lot of ifs here. is that he they're the only ones that have a kind of sway and power over assad and over syria because they supply their weapons. they really are the main users of their fresh water port. there are a whole lot of reasons russia needs syria as an ally. in our case the problem is we treat our friends like enemies, and our enemies like friends. when do you that your enemies are still your enemies and your friends become your new enemies. that's now what we have across the world. >> let me ask you about the press. reporters have been sucking up toened a carrying water for obama really since he ran for obama n '04. 15 of them since his inauguration make it official and take salary cut. why not? >> right. >> is there any clearer proof that what conservatives have been
8:10 am
complaining about for decades is actually true? 15 reporters now work for obama? >> well, let me plead guilty. when i was governor i tended to hire the people that i knew. people that were trusted, loyal allies. standing joke that my alma mater a strong christian college wash that. became the wash that mafia in arkansas because some people who had been, you know, piers of mine from that institution ended up in state government. now, it wasn't because i was trying to infiltrate government with just, you know, my friends but i knew them, i trusted them. i had known them for 30, 40 years. here is what happens. you tend to hire the people that you love the most and trust the most. who does obama love and trust more than the press? this isn't a big surprise. this is normal. this is exactly the way it normally happens. >> jay carney worked for "time" and covered him for years. isn't it normally opposite. don't you start in politics like dana perino did and then you get your tv show and journalist. >> it tends to work like
8:11 am
that. i think it's the little bit comical that we have now seen as tucker said the full circle. there is no pretense about it. typically, people who would come into government have had some type of managerial experience. they have had administrative experience. what you see are people who are talked about, written about, spoken about these experiences but haven't necessarily lived it don't get me wrong. i have great respect for journalists. but i have always said that people, including people like me who do a radio talk show or television talk show, it's better to have governed and understand how it works so that when you talk about it you don't talk about it as if you know something you don't know. it's different playing the game than it is watching the game. >> it's the same thing. jay carney is doing the same thing, is he just getting health insurance now. that kind of makes sense. >> right. >> your show tonight 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. who is coming up? what do you have on your show? >> we have charles woods, the father of tyrone woods, one of the four killed in benghazi. talk about the common core
8:12 am
controversy and education. lindsey graham will be there we will be talking about both benghazi as well as the syrian situation. and, of course, there is even more. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> coming up, they were huge supporters of president obama's healthcare plan in the beginning. now union members across the country having major buyer's remorse. one of those members with a message to the president when we come back. >> this miss america contestant showing off more than her bikini. her tattoo. it's enormous. tell you what ms. kansas raises eyebrows across the country. she joins us coming up. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
8:13 am
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and new customers through the door. see how constant contact's products and people can help you grow your business. start your free trial at >> the president's healthcare law -- >> well, they were some of the biggest supporters of
8:16 am
the president's health care law, big union bosses are having buyer's remorse. earlier this week the president of the afl-cio slammed the plan saying some may not be able to keep coverage and doctors the plan will be highly disruptive. substantially changing the coverage available for millions. just yesterday, union leaders met with the president to push for changes at the law at the white house. joining us with his thoughts this morning is uaw member brian pennebecker. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me on. >> this move that the uaw was trying to get from the president has been pushed down. the president said no special exemption for unions. no special waiver. a lot of people thought these waivers were going to happen because certainly the unions on the president's side. given waivers to other companies. no, not in the case of the unions. what do you make of this. >> the union bosses were probably promised exemptions or waivers. it seems like most of the people who either supported this plan or helped write
8:17 am
it in the beginning are now looking for exemption or waiver of some other type of way to get out from having it effect them it's going to use reduce benefits and drive up costs. >> it appears they didn't know what was in the bill that they were soldiers a shoddy bill of goods, right? they threw their support behind the president and he kind of turned his back on them. that's exactly right. the union bosses are in bed with the democrats. they basically do whatever they are told to do nancy pelosi had that famous quote where she said we need to pass this bill so we can find out what's in it. now we are finding out what's in it and the union bosses finding out they were lied to. promised things that are not true. impact union members in the negative way. i'm a uaw member and that's going to be our healthcare coverage is going to be hit with a 40% tax on what they call cadillac plan. our employer pays our premiums but they are going to have to pay a 40% tax which means we will get
8:18 am
reduced benefits. they are not going it take the hit. the union membership will. >> let's talk about that because what is -- one of the incentives i guess for joining a union is to have the union then negotiate on your behalf to get some of these healthcare plans. now your plan is going to be hit with a 40% increase. will this throw union members or potential union members into these government plans and say i'm not going to join the union? well, the uaw, it won't throw them into the exchanges because we have negotiated coverage plan that covers a the lo of people. in the trades from what i understand, and i'm no expert on the healthcare plan, the affordable care plan, but from what i understand, these multiemployer plans that a lot of folks in the trades are in are going to be dumped on the exchanges which will dramatically reduce their coverage and their benefits. so, a lot of unions are going to be hurt by. this a lot of union members are going to have less
8:19 am
health coverage. ultimately the fault of the union bosses blindly following along with what the democrats told them to do. >> we will see how this effects the democrats in 2014 as well. brian, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate your insights. >> thank you, clayton. >> coming up here on the show. these navy seals fought to the death in benghazi. outnumbered by terrorists out for flood. they have not been honored. why? up next, a gold star mom who wants some answers about it. then, say so long to the scooter store? oh no. what makes your family smile?
8:20 am
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>> welcome back. 22 minutes now past the hour. some quick headlines for you. three friends boston marathon bombing suspect pleaded not guilty friday to charges they hindered the investigation into the deadly attack. prosecutors say they took items from dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room in the days after the april 15th bombing that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. and united airlines is going to honor the tickets it accidently gave away for free okay thursday. the computer glitch issued the free tickets and customers ended up paying around 5 to $10 for them airline is not saying how many of these free tickets were issued. tucker? ainsley? clayton, they died in the line of dug duty serving this country navy seals have not been honored for their service. why not is the question? >> perhaps because doherty and woods were killed during the terror attacks
8:24 am
in benghazi. one year later, many of the questions surrounding that attack are still being brushed under the rug we are told. debbie lee's son. first navy seal to make the ultimate sacrifice in iraq. she is behind the push to make sure other brave seals do not get snubbed. thank you so much for being with us. good to see you this morning. >> you bet. thanks for having me. always good to be back on "fox & friends." >> thank you so much. tell us about this bill. >> what you are trying to push. >> yes, the bill is hr 1186. introduced in march. i approached duncan hunter's office and asked for help on this. as a marine himself he stepped up to the plate and said, of course, i would be honored to introduce the legislation. is he from california which is where ty and glenn both lived and served as well as my son did. the legislation was introduced. we have over 40 co-sponsors. it's a nonpartisan bill. this is just to get the congressional gold medal for glenn and ty. those men went into the fire for seven hours
8:25 am
without regard for their own lives. and willingly gave their lives defending that embassy, trying to save the ambassador and sean smith and the many many lives that were saved that day. and we owe it to them. this is the least that we can do. >> yes. to let them know we remember their sacrifice and let their families know we will never forget. >> it is very much the least we can do and of course we are rooting for the passage of this bill. we could also arrest and punish the people that murdered them. is your sense that the administration is moving at all toward doing that? >> that's one of the things that have been so frustrating for me. since my son's death i have dedicated my life to advocating for the truth. this is one of those areas that's been over a year now those families still don't have answers. we as a nation don't have the answers. the coverup that has done with on is just repulsive to me that we can't get the truth out there. obviously there is things
8:26 am
that we do that we can't reveal to the american public. but there are a lot of those answers there that we need that we should have. and i'm calling on the administration to get those for us. >> debbie, i understand you have a personal connection to tyrone woods or ty's family. what is that? >> yes. as i mentioned my son mark was the first navy seal that was killed in iraq on august 2nd, 2006. and i found out after ty's death that ty was actually one of mark's budsman instructorrers. told me often ty would talk about marc an amazing hero he was and his remembrances of him. and so it it is my honor for ty and for glenn to fight for them to make sure that they do get this recognition and this bill is nonpartisan it doesn't have anything to do with my political feelings and opinions on what's going on in benghazi. that's why it's nonpartisan. every democrat, every republican should sign on to this. i have been up on capitol
8:27 am
hill the past few days. been in over 100 congressional offices trying to get the members of the house of representatives to sign on as co-sponsors of this bill. that's something people can do is call your representative and say get on this bill and call eric cantor's office and say it's time for a vote. >> surely you will get 100% of saturday. i can't imagine. >> yeah. we will be keeping track to find out. >> thank you so much. >> debbie, thanks a lot for joining us. >> you bet. thank you for the sacrifice, debbie. you are in our thoughts and prayers. i can't imagine what you are going through but thank you. >> definitely was my very best. >> dramatic rescues happening all over colorado at this hour. like this one. a total stranger saves a woman and her daughter who are trapped on the roof of their car by floodwaters. we'll show you their reunion next. >> this miss america contestant showing off a lot more than her bikini. her military tattoo. ms. kansas who is raising some eyebrows all across the country standing by. and she is live to tell us
8:28 am
her story. announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit
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so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can save money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> right to a fox news alert for you. within the last 90 minutes russia has reached agreement on framework for showing chemical weapons. elizabeth prann is live this morning with more on this developing story. elizabeth. >> after three days of
8:32 am
intense negotiation. john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei have come it terms on how to secure syria's chemical weapons. here are some the elements. first of all a timetable. syria must present a chemical list of chemical weapons stockpile within one week. then international enemiers must be allowed on the ground within the next throw months. lastly, if the syrian government does not comply with the procedures to eliminate its chemical weapons by next year, there does remain a threat of force global community. punishment due to noncompliance will be included in a non-u.s. security council resolution actions will matter more than words. in the case of the assad regime president's old sad damage about trust but verified. >> this while we are getting reports inside egypt that syrian president bashar assad's government is moving its chemical weapons out of the country.
8:33 am
and into places such as lebanon and iraq. keep in mind that fox news cannot independently verify this report. now, as what's going on in syria. as you may remember. there is still a civil war. media reports say that this week the cia has been working to deliver weapons to the rebels. so certainly a lot going on on the ground and the story continues. >> all right. elizabeth prann is tracking for us this morning in washington. thanks, elizabeth. >> thanks. >> also a fox news alert. take a look at this incredible video out of colorado. a total stranger rushes to the rescue of this mother and her daughter. look at that they are trapped on the roof of her car caught in raging floodwaters as a hailstorm pounds the area. they all joined us earlier for the first time since that terrifying incident. i ran out and unhooked my trailer really quick. that's when i think that footage shows me pointing towards her and at that point her car was already floating. >> without him, who knows what would have happened. >> the flooding there leaving four people dead.
8:34 am
at least 218 others are still unaccounted for this morning. more government waste uncovered in washington. according to a new report by the government accountability office, the social security administration paid more than a billion dollars in disability payments to about 36,000 people who didn't deserve them. and, get. this. the government says the actual number could be much higher. the agency says it plans to it launch an official investigation. and you won't see these commercials anymore. the scooter store is shutting down for good. >> if you are living with limited mobility. call the scooter store today. we're experts at getting the power chair or scooter you need. >> the move coming after the texas company filed for bankruptcy in april. it was also under federal scrutiny over alleged medicare and medicaid fraud. it now plans to phase out operations and furlough it's remaining 370 employees and managers. those your headlines. >> overnight with those ads that run all night. i know rick's office and
8:35 am
his television screen are always tuned to the scooter store ads. sorry, rick. >> i turn my tv's off energy. clayton. >> that's right. very smart of you. >> as i'm sure do you too. >> we have been talking about colorado so much the last few days and rightly so. there is a chance a little more moisture might get up into that area by the latter part of this weekend. it's because of a tropical storm we have out there. take a look at the weather map. let me show you. this a storm yesterday formed in the bay of campeche in the gulf of mexico. that's that southwestern side. kind of that little curve where you see there closer to the mexico area. it is now a tropical storm. the name is ingrid. if you hear us talking about ingrid. and it will likely become a hurricane before it makes landfall somewhere along that eastern, mexican coast. but some of that moisture from that is going to make its way in across parts of south texas. let me tell you. texas desperately needs rain and they need tropical moisture rain. they need a lot of areas could use a good 8 to 10 inches of rain. we are not going to see
8:36 am
that unfortunately i don't think from. this we are going to see very heavy rain across mexico. that could cause significant landslides and major flooding from. this we will continue to watch that the other story going on is this morning there are freeze advisories in effect across parts of michigan. get ready for this morning as you go out. see frost on your windows. temps waking up. so much the coldest air we have seen this fall. take you back inside. >> thank you, rick. >> pay attention to this story. this is going to be fun. we have never seen a miss america contestant like this before. showing off more than just a bikini. are those -- take a closer look. are those tattoos that we are seeing? >> those are theresa veil also known as ms. kansas says they are all part of her platform. she joins us now live from atlantic city this morning to explain all of this. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're great. tell us about your platform. how you have made this part of your platform? >> my platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. and the barrier is that girls with tattoos they
8:37 am
either don't enter pageants or they certainly don't win pageants. so here i am trying to break that barrier and hopefully others will follow suit. i already know that i have let some of the contestants to show their tattoos the last couple of days. >> you have already broken barriers u.s. army sergeant first of all who is in the miss america pageant and some of these tattoos consist of some texts that it's hard for us to see here on camera. unless we can zoom. in can we zoom in a little bit to see them? tell us what your tattoos consist of? >> okay. the one down my side is the serenity prayer. that's the one that you can't really read. it's god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change things can i, and wisdom to note difference. and i call that my personal mission statement for life. i think it says it all. i think that's what i live by and most people should live by. the second is the army dental insignia on the back of my shoulder. >> now you have the remember ren at this prayer
8:38 am
presumably to remind you of your crad creedo a place difficult to get. >> to just knowing that it's on me that it's a part of me, that's enough for me. >>s did god grant you to know the serenity you cannot change that? [ laughter ] >> yes, he does. >> listen, applaud you for. this when i saw the pictures of this earlier in the week i thought you know what? why not? you have gotten that reaction. >> why not, thank you. >> i have. it's 2013. and miss america is supposed to represented modern day woman between the ages of 17 and 24. that is who she is representing. and the fact of the matter is, that's the age group that holds the most tattoos. so i think i am representing the modern day woman. >> so where are you on piercings, theresa? >> i don't have any other than my ears. >> you also have overcome some personal challenges in your youth. and part of your personal
8:39 am
story is overcoming bullying as well. tell us about that. >> yeah. >> when i was 10 years old, had been bullied pretty consistently up to that point. i nearly took my own life. i remember just crying it was on a daily basis i would just ask god. i didn't know the words of the serenity prayer at that time. i knew i wanted peace to just accept the things that i couldn't change that i was being made fun of for. and more importantly, god grant me the courage to just change the things that i can and stand up for myself when i was old enough i wanted to remember that story so that i could share it and so i could possibly inspire other women or encourage them to overcome the challenges that they are going through. so that's why i wanted it plastered on my body. >> do you have new tattoos planned? anything if the works. >> no i don't. these are the two most important things to me i'm sticking with that that's it? >> put the tattoo around your mid section to keep you fit.
8:40 am
that serenity prayer could turn into something else if it expands too much, right? >> that's right. >> yeah. you know, that's why i kept it on the side. >> i should try that. >> we wish you all the best in the pageants to come. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> not only incredible talent and beautiful and of course serving her country her talent she sings on pranchts sings opera and has the prettiest hair i have ever seen. >> thanks, teresa. coming up here on the show, cockpit confidential. pilots spilling secrets about commuter flights. you were never supposed to know about this stuff. we will tell you coming up. >> spill the beans on that. and the majority of jobs that have been created since the great recession are going to women. what's happening to america's men. walking on set right now to explain what happened. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear!
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>> >> 43 minutes past the hour. quick headlines for you. no free flu shots this year for the air force. and the reason why? the sequester. last year 12,000 men and women took advantage of vaccines part of the wellness program. this year that program got cut. police arresting lindsey's mother deanna for driving drunk. comes two months after her daughter finished three month stint in rehab. good role model. ainsley? >> all right. well, he we do have some good news on the jobs front this morning. many of the jobs that were lost during the great recession have now come back. the catch? most of the positions were filled by women. the unemployment rate for men nearly an entire percentage point higher at 7.7%. how did that happen. >> anchor for the fox business network she's joins us with the answer. cheryl, this is so counter intuitive.
8:45 am
it's against what we hear floating around popular culture that women are oppressed and we need to empower them. it seems like they are doing very well and the problem is with men. >> well, there is underlying issue though and that's a wage issue. the jobs that are being created in this country are not good enough jobs to get the economy rolling. why do i say that? we are creating lots of bar jobs, waitress jobs, nurses are in high demand. that is a female profession. retail, mostly women work in retail. the jobs being created and we are not even 200,000 by the way on average per month. those are female oriented positions. and the wages are lower. so you have got an economic problem with this. you also have the fact that yes, member are the unemployment rate among men are 7.7%. 6.8% for women. all of the jobs lost to women for 2007 to now are back. but, men, they are still 2.1 million jobs missing for men in this country. it's because of what has happened to the overall economy. we need manufacturing jobs. we need construction jobs.
8:46 am
we're not getting them. and now with interest rates going higher, housing is starting to fall through. that means you are not going to see men getting construction jobs. this is a bigger problem that, unfortunately, i hate to say, this but the country is going in the wrong direction when it comes it jobs and it comes to salary and wages. it's very disappointing, unfortunately. >> does this say that women are more likely to accept those jobs that men don't want to take? what does that say about the female race? how many people do you know in new york city i know at the love them. lee monday brothers went under 5 years ago by the way. tomorrow is the big anniversary of that all those jobs lost on wall street half of those never came back. higher paying jobs that men were participating in. must of the men were on wall street working. and all those jobs have not come back as well. those were higher salary jobs. they don't want to take lower paying jobs. so, again, what we're seeing is this entire shift in the u.s. economy and in banking to jobs that are not coming back at all. >> i love the fact that
8:47 am
women are willing to work and take these jobs. i just hate that women aren't getting paid what a man would get paid. >> right. women on average, and this is historically true still to this day make 75 cents to the dollar of what their male counterparts, their husband, their boyfriend makes. that's very unfortunate. but, again, it is a wage issue. healthcare is growing. when i think -- what i would like to see happen is for men to maybe open their eyes to those types of jobs if they are willing to take. they the pay is great. if you are willing to be a nurse or home healthcare things like that. rough work and traditionally women are the --e terrorisms that is caretakers that is true. men willing to get in this field great jobs out there. one field where men is so strong and lack of men filling the jobs is engineering jobs. technology. cloud computing. apps on the phone. that's where we are seeing the younger generation of men coming through the ranks but their salaries aren't there yet because they are kids. they are kids coming out of college. if i could get a degree for
8:48 am
how to make a app. for my i phone i would appreciate the communications degree love the job here. technology, that's where things are going. >> thanks for joining us, we appreciate it? >> good to see. >> you brand new developments in the case of the infamous hiccup girl charged with murder. >> then how would you like to wake up with a view like this? don't pack your flip-flops yet. you actually can afford it. courtney scott is here to prove it she has got all your travel deals for every budget. here she is. courtney scott. >> hey. ♪ i need some hot stuff this evening ♪ i need some hot stuff tonight ♪ love, warmth. here, try this. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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welcome back. it might feel like summer is over and everybody is ready to move on to fall. remember, the leaves are still green and there is time for a lazy summer vacation. she gives us great tips and i take her up on them. let's start with u.s. virgin islands. still warm this time of year? >> u.s. virgin islands, 88 through october. st. john is the smallest of the three islands. it's really unspoiled. the best part is the beaches. while there, rent a car, go beach-hopping, secluded beaches ga lower. galore. you have to try jet packing. go to st. thomas jet riders. very cool experience. stay at the westin st. john resort and villas. it's $185 a night.
8:53 am
crew's bay. >> and there is no passport required for the u.s. virgin islands. >> a great perk. >> hawaii. where in hawaii can we stay for affordable nights? >> affordable, stay in kuai. it is home to an impressive five national parks. for outdoor adventure, it is a dream. rainforest, beaches, waterfalls, everything you would dream of for a hawaiian vacation. $143 a night on an isolated beach. absolutely perfect. >> in florida, marco island. >> stay at the marco island
8:54 am
marriott, nine restaurants, three pools, a golf course and a spa. it's in the gulf so fishing is great year round. shelling, pristine beaches and a great value, $189 in september. >> a place you just got back from, colombia. one of your top five places in the world. >> cartagena, a walled city, enchanting and tropical year round. expect 87 degree temps. pack your hat and sunscreen there. unesco heritage world site. history buffs will love it. i like staying inside the ancient wall. i recommend staying in boca grande. it's the hotel caribe outside the walled city. very traditional property and only $196 a night. >> only a five-hour flight from
8:55 am
the east coast united states. >> really convenient. >> a place most people think of as a place to quick get away is las vegas, nevada. >> las vegas is easy breezy. not so much beach destination, but you've got pools right there. there are numerous michelin rated restaurants. check out elton john. he will be there. endless theater and night life opportunities. one of the best deals in las vegas in the fall is at the mgm property. mgm hotel casino only $160 a night. >> wonderful deals and up on travelocity's website. courtney scott, great to see you. coming up, a boardwalk destroyed and dozens of businesses burned to the ground. was it arson or just an accident? what investigators are saying about this boardwalk fire. >>. >> then cockpit confidential
8:56 am
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snap it in and get a discount based on your goodriving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at good morning, it is saturday, september 14th. hope you're having a great morning so far. we are going to begin with a fox news alert and the fatal flooding in colorado. four people dead. more than 100 missing after days of heavy rain cutting off remote towns. rescuers are under way and we are live on the ground straight ahead. another fox news alert this morning. syria backs down agreeing to give up its chemical weapons stock pile. what did the united states have to give up in return? we have those details coming up. cockpit confidential. pilots spilling secrets about commuter flights you were never
9:00 am
supposed to know about. "fox and friends" hour four starts right now has it been four hours? >> i know. time flies when you're having fun. hello on this saturday morning. >> welcome, everyone. continue sending in your tweets about cheerleading this morning. our inbox has exploded. whether or not cheerleading is a sport because it is the world's most dangerous sport according to new research. i'm defending it as a sport. tucker doesn't believe it is. >> i'm a neutral party. >> we'll get to that in a moment. first to fox news alert. more rescues are happening in colorado. thousands are driven out of their houses there because of all this dangerous flooding. look at that picture. this man is zip lining back to safety, barely skimming the deadly waters. dominick is live in boulder.
9:01 am
i can see the water rushing behind you. >> they are still rushing behind us. it abated a bit as of yesterday. the creek behind me here is about a foot lower than it was yesterday. we did have rains overnight and we are going to get more rains over the weekend. they think we have a bit of weather during the course of the day today with slightly clearer skies. that will allow the thousands of people stranded here in the boulder area to be rescued. they are saying they might get over land. they've been air-lifted by the national guard. 300 people in the town of jamison. over 200 people unaccounted for. people haven't been able to get in touch with authorities or families because communication lines have been down. yesterday we were out and bridge after bridge have been washed away.
9:02 am
people can't even walk to a place, to another local community to let them know they are safe. the national guard going to large areas. the sheriff's department in boulder saying the biggest concern is the weather. take a listen to what they had to say. >> waters that receded in many places, we could very well be back in the same condition that we were yesterday. i think that's little solace for the people waiting in the mountains for someone to come and help them. that is by far our greatest priority right now to get into those communities and find out what we have going on up there. >> yesterday the area got cut off as rain waters rushed through there i was concerned for about 200 students in that area in separate groups. 50 from st. vincent paul school. the localized dioceses says they
9:03 am
are in a place of safety with parents and also with teachers. no indication of when anybody will be able to get to them and winch them out. 450 students got out by bus. they are in a safe place now. authorities saying hopefully more people will actually get to a place of safety by the end of the day. back to you. >> dominick live for us this morning. to dominick's point about whether or not the weather could turn again, the sheriff talking about those concerns. should the sheriff be concerned? they are worried about higher flood water. >> i don't think we'll see anything that will exacerbate it dramatically. but there is more rain in store the next two days. i think tomorrow probably more rain than today. nothing that is going to be as bad as what we've seen. that picture you are seeing behind dominick, that is water coming down through the canyons, still a lot of water getting through those lakes.
9:04 am
take a look at some of these pictures. we have video right here. all that water rapidly because of gravity goes through the mountains. then it goes into the south platt river. this is between denver and boulder. that river completely overflowing its banks and there are neighborhoods completely submerged with water. that river yesterday saw an all-time record crest. it is still rising and will crest some time today and slowly go down. big problems there. all that water hitting these high elevations, running down to the low elevations across denver and greeley to the north of it. in a typical year, boulder sees just over 20 inches of rain. in just about a 36-hour period they saw almost 15 inches of rain. that's why this is causing such record-breaking and dramatic flooding. aurora, same story seeing over half your annual rainfall in just about a 36-hour period.
9:05 am
we are going to see more rain today and tomorrow. tomorrow may be another inch or two of rain falling. that is not going to cause anything for this to get that much worse. we have a lot of water. is going to take a long time to drain out of there. >> for those squinting at the screen, those were all mobile homes clustered together, washed away by the flood waters. now an update on syria. some new developments overnight as secretary of state john kerry and the foreign minister of russia lavrov have come to an agreement on the framework put forward a couple of weeks ago by the russian government. this plan came out of moscow and provided the framework of chemical weapons inspections to unfold in syria. syria is on board with this in part. a military intervention on the part of the united states also being taken off the table as it relates to the united nations. the obama administration saying we still wouldn't rule out a
9:06 am
military strike. >> we are still capable of punching. this is the worst. this is the president saying do this and i'll hit you, they did it. he runs to congress, turned down. runs to great britain, turned down, then finds solace in the arms of vladimir putin, not an enyeah with the united states. >> of course they are saying you can look. we just learned they have a military group that hidden all these chemical weapons, displaced them in 50 different sites where americans aren't sure where those chemical weapons are. >> it appears vladimir putin has been elevated to the role of statesman in some respects. we are all looking to moscow to dictate foreign policy now in the united states and bashir al assad is elevated where we are having discussions and negotiations with this man. governor huckabee talking about reverend putin, as he calls him. >> putin is pulling the
9:07 am
president's fannie out of the fire is what it comes down to because he was not going to get a vote in congress. he said this red line couldn't be crossed. keep in mind, up until this moment, russia has been this once great country that was in decline. they are no longer the huge super power they were when they were the soviet union. they've been coming back. now the tiger has roared. >> that is the problem right there the question is not do we bomb syria? do we invade syria. the question is, is the united states weakened globally and does that invite aggression from our enemies and our competitors. the answer is absolutely yes. you saw north korea restarting its nuclear facility. why? because the president is weak. >> and our allies. in the case of israel. say israel is attacked in a capacity, what will the united states do? will we immediately come to israel's defense? >> yes, we will. >> or go to congress? >> no.
9:08 am
that actually is the red line. the reason is simple. the public stands by israel, period. as much as i think the president as shown appalling lack of leadership, if israel is attacked, we are right there. that's because the public will demand it. >> keep it here at fox news channel on syria. now other headlines in the news. we'll start with fox news alert. moments ago, reports of a bomb blast in northern iraq leaving 21 people dead. it happened as a funeral was taking place at a mosque nearby. we will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available. as developing or also developing at this hour, dozens of people sent to the hospital after a greyhound bus overturns. happened on an interstate in ohio. 34 riders in total were hurt. at least four critically and a dozen others in serious condition today. the bus overturned earlier today while headed to detroit. no word on what caused that bus to crash. >> as firefighters continue to put out the hot spots at the site of the massive fire in new
9:09 am
jersey at the boardwalk, there are some reports some officials say it might have been set intentionally. the fire broke out on thursday afternoon in a custard shop. quickly spread down the boardwalk destroying 50 businesses, over four city blocks. it is a double whammy for that area, still struggling to recover from superstorm sandy. governor chris christie vows to rebuild again. have you wondered what happens when you use a cell phone on a plane? after they tell you to turn it off? >> absolutely nothing. >> there is a new book out written by a pilot to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. the book says, while turbulence might feel scary, the plane is not going to crash. also, you cannot open the doors or emergency hatches during a flight because it is actually impossible. and the cabin pressure will not allow it. finally, the book says cell phones actually, probably don't
9:10 am
interfere with any equipment on the plane. they are not allowed because of the slight possibility that they could. those are your headlines. sounds like that rule was implemented and they kept it. >> it's absurd. we heard rules they may be rolling back e-readers. i get furious when they tell you you've got to turn off your kindle. it's not sending any signal. it's e-ink. there is nothing happening. >> are you saying government regulations aren't keeping pace with reality? as new evidence is introduced, they are not changing to accommodate the facts? >> i just flew back from overseas. do we have to take off our shoes? they laughed. in chicago, having solved all that city's problems, the mayor has now declared that the city will reveal publically the amount of energy businesses use. by the way, they will not be revealing the amount of energy the city government of chicago
9:11 am
uses. that is the number one energy consumer in cooke county. the idea is to shame businesses. >> we know public shaming works, right? put someone out in the sandwich board on fifth avenue and tell them they were drunk driving last night, that's shameful. rahm emanuel saying, do you check the mileage, the energy efficiency of a utility before you purchase it? these are his words, not mine. what is wrong with providing people with information, rahm emanuel says. public information says one of them uses way more energy to make their bread and to do their cold cuts than the other one. you might not likely go to that restaurant. they may lose customers because they are not as energy efficient as the one down the street. >> we had a debate about this two hours ago. you were hot about it.
9:12 am
>> when did government become the nastiest kindergarten teacher ever? denying our request to go to the bathroom. pointing out our moral failings, shaming us. defend the country, pave the roads and back off. >> after world war ii is the answer. >> i don't care if someone says we're going to put a big stick orrin the outside of your apartment that says you use more electricity in your building than someone else. i don't care. if i'm paying the bill, put the sticker on there. i do not care. >> you have unshakeable self-esteem and a good person doing nothing wrong. >> your tax dollars are going to put that sticker up on the wall and they are going through your e-mails. you're paying for an agency to go through your e-mails and store your data base. your money is going to pay them to snoop on you. >> if someone is doing something wrong, they are catching them, which is fine with me. >> private industry has every incentive to reduce energy use because it costs money. guess who has no incentive to
9:13 am
reduce energy? government. guess who wastes more energy than anyone? government. >> it's not their money. >> why do they care? it's your money. they are taking it from you at gun point. there is no incentive not to waste it why. don't they reveal how much the city of chicago is wasting, then it will be an even playing field. >> let us know what you think about this at fox and it's a parents apartments worst nightmare, a babysitter secretly abusing your child. it didn't last long after the family dog saved the day. the entire family here live to share their incredible story. >> forget about football, wrestling, rugby. the most dangerous sport turns out to be cheerleading. >> it's all about twerking. ♪ ho ho ho
9:14 am
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9:17 am
ll comfort keepers now to arn more. despite very little support from the american public or congress, president obama spent the last few weeks arguing the u.s. ought to launch a military strike against syria. . you may be asking why. we are asking wayne allen root, whose initials spell war. thank you for joining us. >> tucker, how are you? >> i'm great. i'm confused what the president's motivation might be to contradict all his previous statements in his entire public life and go against public opinion to support a strike against syria. what is your theory for why? >> i wrote this story for "the blaze" one of the most popular stories of the year at their website. because the average person thinks the way that i'm
9:18 am
thinking. this is a weapon of mass distraction. obama's wmd. i think it's because of the economy. most people, common sense tells you he should be concentrating on this horrendous economy and this horrible jobs picture. i think he is concentrating on the economy. he knows how bad it is and he doesn't have any idea how to get out of this mess. every policy of obama's makes it worse. he figures, let's distract the public. let's get involved in something that takes tir minds off the economy. let's create patriotism and loyalty behind the president of the united states. let's get the troops, meaning the voters, rallying around the president with a war. i think it's the most time-tested and true situation you'll ever find. presidents throughout history used war to distract the american people. >> there is no question he has a long track record of demagoguery designed to distract.
9:19 am
but syria? he wound up hurting himself by his indecision and fecklessness? >> he hurt himself on the world stage with putin looking like the leader and statesman. he hurt himself with the american public. i've been arguing for five years. i think people finally woke up and the light bulb has gone off this guy is a great debater, a great talker, a great arguer, but he's arguing for the wrong thing. he's convinced the american people -- he's a con man. he convinced the american people that war is necessary. i think him and his inner circle are in shock that the american people have not bit. not only as we open this segment. you mentioned the american people are very much against syria, but the latest poll was out this morning. 75% of the military is against a military strike in syria. not a war, even a military
9:20 am
strike. so he's been unable to use that great oratory skill to convince the american people why. tucker? because the economy is so much worse than the mainstream media is letting on. the american public is devastated. we are dying out here and everybody knows it's a lie to say we're in recovery. there is no recovery, especially not for obama's most loyal supporters, black americans, latino americans, single female head of households, terrible. >> wayne allyn root, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. bye-bye. she became world famous when she couldn't stop hiccupping. now she is on trial for murder. have you humiliated your spouse in public? >> excuse me. can we have everybody, please? everyone? >> like you've never done that. advice on how to deal with those appalling moments.
9:21 am
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9:24 am
have you ever humiliated your spouse in public? >> excuse me, can we have everybody, please? everyone?
9:25 am
>> it's happened to everyone who is married. embarrassing your husband or wife in the worst possible ways. here to discuss or experts kevin mccarthy and chris sholes. welcome to you both. >> thanks for having us on. >> these are fun topics. embarrass your partner or spouse in public. have you done this and what to do if you are embarrassed by your spouse. >> we've already established that we are the embarrassing spouses. so i'm not sure -- >> i don't believe that about you. you, kevin -- >> i grew up in a house where we would go to dinner and my dad would put food in his teeth and go, do i have food in my teeth? i'll bite into a chocolate cake and go, do i have anything in my teeth? >> do you get a second date with that? >> never, ever. >> that's part of your
9:26 am
personality. that is probably what your girlfriend likes about you in the first place. it's lighthearted and fun. you just have to keep in mind, are they embarrassing you on purpose or is it, like myself, is it part of your personality? i think you should sleep on it, give it a few hours. then bring it up. hey, that wasn't that cool. then you can talk about it. >> some things like that are funny. if your spouse is intoxicated at a business dinner, that is something else. >> what if you're married to the guy that gives the drunken rehearsal speech that gives too much. you want to hear an abject groveling apology. >> the person embarrassed overestimates how many care. the teeth thing, like that scene from "ace ventura" that's what i do. >> girls maybe get more embarrassed about the goofy stuff? >> i'm the one dancing and singing in public. >> it's charming when you do it.
9:27 am
if your husband did it, it would be grounds for therapy. >> when i dance, it's like gumby, i'm the skinieniest fasty on the planet. >> should you bring your mom and dad to the office and take your parent on a job interview? it was in the "wall street journal," 8% of individuals are taking their parents now on job interviews with them. >> if you walk into a job interview with a parent or bring them into your work environment, doesn't your employer think maybe you can't make decisions by yourself? >> unless your parent owns the company, it's weird. >> this is awkward for me because my mom packed my lunch today. i've got peanut butter and jelly and no crust and a capri sun. i'm kidding. >> obviously a prop. a bunch of napkins and two bananas. >> when i was growing up -- i'm a movie reviewer.
9:28 am
my mom would cover my eyes any time a risque scene happened in a movie. i can't imagine when i'm doing my actual job covering my eyes in a sequence like that. >> i love my parents. just keep them out of the work environment. i just think i should be bonding with my co-workers, not them. you are going to bring them -- >> what if you had a tough day and feeling weepy. >> put your big girl pants on. >> i think it's absolutely absurd and ridiculous. that is where you become an adult. that is the environment where you are an adult. i feel like it's completely overprotective and ridiculous. >> thank you both. >> great personalities both of you. it is a parent's worst nightmare, a babysitter secretly abusing a child. it didn't last very long after this family dog saved the day. the enviewer family is live here to share their incredible story. forget football, wrestling,
9:29 am
even rugby, the most dangerous sport on earth turns out to be, yes, cheerleading. your e-mails pouring in. what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ must be the honey!
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you're looking at our very own ainsley. >> this is an ohio cheerleader setting a record for back flipping. mary klein did 200 back springs in a row. >> that is amazing. football, you may think is the most dangerous sport in america. ongoing debate over the effects of concussion. but a new study shows cheerleading is the most dangerous female sport. these ladies give a lot for the team. take a look at these numbers. >> this is crazy. from 1980 to 2007, these are the most recent numbers. 4,954 injuries in 1980. in 2007, 26,786 injuries. people going to the hospital. 66% of the most catastrophic
9:34 am
injuries in a high school sport come from cheerleading. meaning concussions, brain injuries, fractured legs, limbs. >> not the same cheerleading as it was when we were all growing up. then you could wear the longer skirts and they didn't have to jump around. you didn't have to do backhand springs, you only had to touch your toes in the air if you could and maybe do a cartwheel. that was auditioning. now you have to do backhand springs down the field like this girl did. be thrown up in the air, do a flip. >> it's extreme cheerleading. >> it's more like gymnastics. >> i maintain it is a sport. i say it is a sport because there's competition. you're head-to-head with individuals. they go on field trips, bus trips and they compete head-to-head. >> that's where you are wrong. i did disagree with you several hours ago earlier on the show. that was before america spoke. chastened, i am beating a hasty retreat from my previous position i now deny ever having held. we are getting e-mails like
9:35 am
this. tucker needs to reevaluate cheerleading. it requires strength, coordination, extensive training and commitment like any other sport. i've been saying that for years. >> cheerleading is not a sport. it's a competition. they are leading cheers for the team, not playing with the team. they are competing. your high school team is competing with this high school team. ever see the movie "bring it on?" one of my favorites. don't they go up in competition against each other? >> they do compete. they do that in disney and orlando. a tweet from dennis says if curling and other wimpy sports can be a sport, why wouldn't cheerleading? >> good point. can anything that happens in canada be a sport? >> hockey. >> i'm not answering the question. i'm raising it. >> ice fishing? >> i'm throwing it up there for america to bat around. >> rick what do you think? is this a sport. don't you agree that it is? >> yeah, sure. it's a sport.
9:36 am
don't you think the football injuries are long-term injuries. >> they said at a commercial break she broke two ribs cheerleading in high school. she's given a lot for the team. >> she has trouble breathing. >> i don't know. concussions, getting concussions, falling on their head, having a number of long-term issues. we hear about it from football. >> you have to be coordinated like a man is in football. >> sure, of course. it's a sport. there's a lot of -- >> our tough senior producer gavin quit. he can't handle this. >> is golf a sport? >> right. he will defend it. gavin thinks golf is a sport. is it? >> there are different levels of sports. let's talk about the weather. i'm much better at that. take a look at the maps. we've got a tropical storm out there. this is tropical storm ingrid.
9:37 am
it's in the southwest area of the gulf of mexico. this will likely become a hurricane over the next couple of days. it will be our second hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season and will make direct impact with mexico. i don't think there is any chance we'll get into texas. people are messaging me saying will any of this moisture get to texas? texas and louisiana desperately needs rain. there is a look at the drought monitor. you can see a lot of the area under significant drought. here is what's going to happen over the next four to five days. there will be rain to the south of corpus christi. main up towards the san antonio area. most of north texas won't see anything from this, i don't think. we could use it. you don't want the destruction that comes from a tropical storm. you certainly could use the moisture that comes with a tropical storm. here you go across the great lakes. coldest morning you've seen this year. a cool morning will be followed by a cool day. only to 65 in cleveland. warm across areas of the south. phoenix back to 103.
9:38 am
drying out, climbing a degree or two by tomorrow 104. remaining cool in denver. we'll see tomorrow the best chance for more significant rain across those areas that saw the flooding. maybe another one to two inches. that won't cause additional problems. just not make things get better quickly. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> thank you, rick. we are grateful for rick. now to a fox news alert and big news to the crisis in syria. u.s. and russia reached an agreement on a framework securing syria's chemical weapons. elizabeth is live from washington. >> yes, there is a technical agreement between the u.s. and russia on how to secure syria's chemical weapons. they came after three days of negotiations. the first step is a comprehensive list of chemical weapons in syria that's stock piled. then international inspectors must be allowed on the ground in the next three months. lastly, if the syrian government
9:39 am
does not comply with the procedures to eliminate chemical weapons by next year, there remains a threat of more punishment by the global community. they will be included in a u.n. security council resolution. >> in the event of noncompliance, we have committed to impose measures under chapter 7 within the u.n. security council. ultimately, perhaps more so than anywhere in the world, actions will matter more than words. >> but keep in mind there is a caveat there. officials in washington said they don't see how the russians would support the threat of military force since they have repeatedly blocked such language at the u.n. there are other ways the war-torn country could feel pressure from the global community such as sanctions. this while we are getting reports from inside egypt as well as from the rebels in syria that president bashir assad has been moving chemical weapons out of the country into places such as lebanon and iraq.
9:40 am
fox news cannot independently verify this report. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. coming up, they are supposed to be keeping the airlines safe. what one tsa worker did will blow your mind. >> she tried everything in the quest to stay healthy. supermodel carol alt answers your burning questions after the break. here is neil cavuto. after a meeting behind closed door at the white house, are unions about to get a back door deal on health care? >> and a win for walmart. is it a win for workers? why the mayor of washington, d.c. may have just set job creators everywhere free. >> with the showdown in syria dragging on now, is the lesson from all of this to get off foreign oil? [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies.
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some quick headlines for you. authorities arresting a tsa agent they say helped smuggle illegal immigrants onto america. the florida man accused of letting at least eight brazilians bypass a security checkpoint last year when he worked at an airport in puerto rico. he faces up to ten years behind bars. jury selection begins on money in the murder trial for the infamous hiccup girl. 22-year-old jennifer mee is one of three people charged in a 2010 burglary gone wrong in florida that ended in a man's death. mee gained national notoriety back in 2007 when she had a case of hiccups, you might remember, that didn't go away. thank you. after walking countless of catwalks and gracing hundreds of magazine covers, last week she debuted as host of a brand-new show here at fox news channel "a healthy you" carol alt. joining us is the one and only
9:45 am
carol alt. welcome to the show. >> you did a good job. last week i had to introduce myself. >> i was impressed. we got a bunch of e-mail about your appearance today. interesting question. when is fasting okay and how long should someone do it for? >> that is a very complicated question. we do go into that on the show "a healthy you with carol alt." do tune into that. it's not so much fasting. it's a kind of fast people do and how they fast. many people just stop eating then will do a fast that is, say, a watermelon fast which is a lot of sugar. and there is nothing that rebuilds the body or gives you anything to sustain. if you do the fast right, choose the right one and you come off food, wean yourself off food, do the fast and back on food, you've got to be gentle to the body. you can't shock the body. fasting is okay. it's just not good if you're not doing it correctly or doing the right fast. >> oliver wants to know, how can
9:46 am
i get rid of that stubborn belly fat? >> sorry, oliver. there is no easy way to do that. it's diet and exercise. it really is. a big thing is raw fats. raw fats help to get old fats out of the body. it is a cold-pressed olive oil or a mixture of seeds and nuts oil and cold pressed oil, avacado is a great fat. not the fried fats. don't go for the fried chicken or french fries. raw fats replace old fats in the body and they give you energy whereas old fats are fats that cannot be utilized. >> what about surgery? why not just have it cut off? >> i think surgery in some instances is detrimental to the body because it's a big, big stress on the body. if you're on the verge of some diseases, it can almost kick-start you onto that. i think you need to know a lot more than people are telling you when you go in for surgery.
9:47 am
i don't think surgery is wrong if you need to have it. a lot of people are doing elective surgeries that can be easily taken care of with diet and exercise and should be taken care of with diet. it means the health of the body in total, not just spots. >> you talk about the good fats. nuts. can you eat any type of nut or is there one you would recommend? >> almonds for sure if you germinate them. raw almonds. the problem is they are flash pasteurizing almonds in this country. it's hard to find the raw. >> i like the chocolate ones. >> exactly. >> dipped and fried. >> i'm saying there are raw alternatives to take. take your raw almonds and germinate them to get rid of the inhibitors. it becomes an anti-carcinogen and then dip it into chocolate. there are raw chocolates you can dip it in that would make it a fabulous snack. my show is today at 4:00 p.m. and tomorrow again at 4:00 p.m. here on fox news channel. >> so glad to have you.
9:48 am
>> thank you so much for supporting me. >> thank you. coming up on the show, a parent's worst nightmare, a babysitter secretly abusing their child. it didn't last that long after the family dog saved the day. the family here live to share their incredible story next. >> shop till you drop or pass out. clothing stores applying for liquor licensees. is it a good idea to shop while drunk? of getting something "new."
9:49 am
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9:51 am
some quick headlines for you. more government waste uncovered in washington. the story you've heard before. new government report reveals the social security administration paid more than a billion dollars in disability payments to people who did not
9:52 am
deserve them. and you've heard the saying, shop till you drop, but shop until your sloshed? urban outfitters applying for a liquor license for a new store in new york city. the state liquor authority has yet to approve it. this is an incredible story of a dog turned hero when he alerted his owners that there was something wrong with the baby-sitter. he started acting aggressively toward her. what they uncovered was every parents' worst nightmare. ben and hope jordan with their son finn. so benjamin and hope, we understand finn is running around there on the floor somewhere, we might get a shot of him here in a second. you moved to south carolina. you moved to charleston. and you needed to find a baby-sitter. you went through the process and you finally found a baby-sitter that you thought had cleared background checks and had seemed all good on paper. then what happened?
9:53 am
>> well, shortly after, you know, we hired her, everything was going well. we seemed to really get along together. she was personable, everything went fine until five months into her baby-sitting is bheb we started to notice the chiang in our dog's behavior. he started to get real defensive at first, would stand in between her and our son and turned into more aggression towards her. that's when hope started to notice something's wrong. >> what did you do? how old was your son finn at this point? >> at this point he was 7 months old. you know, hindsight's always 20/20. i wish wie have acted on suspicions that i had, but it wasn't until killian started acting so aggressive that i thought something was really wrong. o we ended up putting an iphone on the voice memo and recorded one day, september 12th, 2012, we recorded 7 1/2 hours. >> so you reported, you put it under the couch and just started recording. i have to ask you what sort of
9:54 am
suspicions did you have before you noticed killian your dog acting suspicious? >> well, one instance one day, while he was teething, and ben was having a toothache also, we had orajel products, one for our son was the natural tablets nonmedicated and one was the adult orajel. when i got home one day she said she'd given him orajel at a certain time during the day. i gave him a kiss and then my lips started tingling. and i thought it felt like orajel. so i asked her if she gave him the adult or the children's tablets. she said the children's tablets, but now we suspect otherwise. >> there he is. there's adorable finn. hi, buddy. you recorded this conversation. you recorded what unfolded throughout the day. how then did killian the dog manage to relay that information back to you that something was wrong. >> well, like i said, he's a
9:55 am
very personable dog. as you see, he's an 80-pound lap dog. for him to show aggression towards anyone is a sign to us that something's wrong because he never shows aggression. just the simple mannerisms of him raising his hair up, getting excited, getting worried about our son was enough to make us understand that he was trying to tell us something about this baby-sitter in particular. >> hope, what did you find out on that recording of the iphone? >> a nightmare. for 7 1/2 hours my son cried nearly the entire time. she was cursing at him, calling him horrible names, and the thing about it is it came after -- for no reason. it wasn't acting up. he hadn't been -- he hadn't been crying until she left him alone in his crib for hours or, of course, the physical abuse. >> the biggest concern for us
9:56 am
was the slap noises that we could hear over the audio. obviously we couldn't tell because it was just an audio recording where he was being slapped but you could hear his cries afterward. it sounded like he was being shaken. you can hear the reverberation in his voice that he was being shaken. we know for a 7-month-old to be shaken, who knows what kind of internal damage, yeah, exactly. horrible. >> we should mention, the dog is a hero managing to alert you, giving you some sense something was wrong here. we should mention that sentencing took place this week for her. she's now behind bars. she faces one to three years in prison for this, does alexis khan. >> right. >> thank you for joining us this morning. a tough story to talk with especially with kids running around there and dogs. we appreciate it so much. >> we hope other parents see it and can learn from our lesson. >> we hope so, too. and bye to finn down there at the bottom of the screen. thanks, guys. ugh! actually progresso's soup
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