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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 14, 2013 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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they're bringing their parents i just think it's better to work with someone. into interviews with them. that's craziness, cut the cord! someone you feel you can really partner with. >> my kids don't even let me go unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms to school with them. coming up, neil cavuto. don't always encourage that ki. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. the scoop, government agency doing a lot of snooping. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? you think i'm talking about the nsa? no way. talk to us today. hi, everyone. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. you better watch your back especially when you hit the cash machine. the consumer financial protection bureau is collecting private financial information on about 5 billion americans without their permission. that agency is supposed to be looking out for us. i did not meant it would be looking at us. charles payne, i don't think this is a shock, but it's just more grist to the mill. >> i guess because it's not a
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shock is why it was a big story. so many agencies, every agency has an agenda. every agency has got to collect data. we've got to understand it's about security, but every one, the more information they get, the more power thet get. >> gasparino, why does that become the litmus test? lawmakers defined by how many laws they come up with. why is your definition of worth defined by, you know, how much stuff you collect? >> we should point out that this is a largely useless agency. newly created coming out of daud/frank. there's really no need for it. >> that's your opinion, obviously. >> there's no need for it because we have a justice department, we have lots of attorneys general, we have people that look after consumers. >> i agree with that. what's the argument for it, that they were all missing and stumbling on the job. >> that's exactly the argument for it. >> they'll miss and stumble on the job. >> by the way, adam, i did not mean to agree with you. i just wanted to point out.
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the jen me nis for this. >> understood. >> as we're speaking consumers are being ripped off. blame the consumer protection. >> and what this means or why this agency already is collecting so much stuff. >> well, i'll analogize it to i'm sure the national institutes for health collects data on people's illnesses with the purpose of analyzing the illnesses so that they can provide, you know, target their research dollars on helping cure those or prevent those illnesses. that's the sort of thing that this agency is trying to do. >> neil: stocks to set you up for the golden years. to understand how people are being ripped off. charles? >> it's controversy initial and charlie -- the way that is a volatile >> come on. stock, but mobil is a future. >> you haven't even given them a security for assets. phenomenal. i think the stock will help chance. >> the attorney general -- people in the older years. >> okay. >> let me answer. >> go ahead. >> you haven't given them an >> neil: what do you think of it? opportunity, the chance to show >> explain this isn't for the whether or not they can help consumers. retirement. we know, we know that consumers you don't want retirement fund. this is for the retirement. needed more help in 2008 and >> but you want to retire with '09. >> they were given loans. money.
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>> neil: we forget that. they applied for them and they got the loans. retire with money. >> what do you make of this adam, what are you doing? effort to collect all this data? >> fidelity freedom fund 20. they're saying is they're getting it from sources that are out there, just amalgamated , 2030 in my case. under their watch. pick the one that is best for them. what are we to make of it? >> neil: okay. >> i don't care about it at all. target fund were the rage. i'll tell you why, respectfully. what do you think? >> well, they have some i hate to do it but maybe i'm success and some failure. doing this because it's yom kippur. i agree with adam. just a way of aggregating data this is a good fund. i love everything fidelity to see where it lies in the does. >> neil: what are you doing financial sector. these days? i don't think the government has >> bci. anything to atone for for this. ehave been telling you this >> i think they're wasting for years. this worked out well taxpayer money. >> there's a bigger problem. >> this is a superfluous agency, there's no need for it. >> i actually have numbers to back up what charlie is saying. this financial protection bureau is within the federal reserve, which means that congress has no oversight over its spending or
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its mission. they unionized back in may, so now they're a union shop. and their number of employees they'll have next year, about 1500 is double the number they had last year. this is bureaucracy run wild. >> think about it premise. >> you have all these people running around trying to find some reason for their existence. then they unionize. >> think about its premise. its premise is that people were given money and they shouldn't have been given money and they were ripped off. >> it keeps track of all -- >> no, no, that's why this agency was started because people -- >> i just think at this point it's superfluous, we have a lot of acronym and agencies supposedly doing this. one more cop on the beat is one more cop on the beat. >> at the end of the day it was sold to the american public as something that would make them feel better about the system. here we are five years on, no one feels better about the system. i got to tell youguys, i don't think anyone feels better about
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that they're just collecting data and do some litmus test and someone won't abuse it some day. >> but ben stein, you're touching on the cause that we don't have to worry because it's not on our dime. >> the taxpayers don't pay for it. it comes out of the enormous amount of money in the federal reserve. >> that money go back to the taxpayers. >> the cost is pen es. >> but no one cares. >> i don't agree, i don't agree it's useless. i think consumers are largely being ripped off by the people who lend them money, especially through credit cards. >> 18% interest rates. >> can i just add one thing? >> no, no, there's a point at which there's an absolute usery involved and that has been -- >> people don't know when they use a credit card they're going to get whacked with interest rates? i find that absurd. >> people don't realize it will be 29.99%. >> charlie, in your heart you
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really believe that people are the equal match to financial services company with all their marketing might. >> come out with what you're talking about. >> what's happening here, ben and adam, a line that smells like syria and russia -- >> i don't like that comparison one bit. >> i'm sure ben looks like putin without his shirt off. >> leave that there. >> more time to get into this, but holy toledo. in the meanwhile, we were mentioning syria. it's still dragging on. oil and gas prices, have you been looking at them? so what can i get you?
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. a syria chemical weapons agreement reached.
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secretary of state john kerry saying the united states and russia have agreed on a deal that calls for syria's arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by 2014. >> we agreed that syria must submit within a week, not in 30 days, but in one week, a comprehensive listing and additional details will be addressed regarding that in the coming days. >> the move averts any possibility of immediate u.s. military action. dozens of people were sent to the hospital after a bus overturns in ohio. 34 riders there hurt, at least 4 critical. a dozen others are in serious condition. the bus overturned overnight while headed to detroit. no word on what caused the bus to crash. i'm kelly wright. we take you back now to cavuto on business. putting us over a barrel, really just dragging on and on. talks over what to do about
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syria, though they're still moving on, oil prices on a roller coaster ride since we first started trying to figure out exactly what's going on. charles payne, more proof that we've got to get off this oil hook to them. >> absolutely. but the proof has been there. golly, i got to tell you something, this economic miracle in this country, fracking, is amazing. but i see it destroying the coal industry. really a war on fossil fuels. they're going to go after fracking. it will be the biggest mistake possible. the biggest mistake possible. job creator, money creator, tax revenue creator. an amazing god send for us. i really worry that we're going to crush it, we're going to destroy it. >> i bet adam what do you think of that? because i know you're a big believer in fracking and fossil you'll. what are yoo thoughts? >> i am a believer in fracking and fossil fuels. to charles' point, i would say the war has already begun. environmentalists are very concerned about the potential
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environmental damage done by hydraulic fracking, but we're well on our way to energy independence in this country. that's the really good news here. we are not nearly as dependent on the middle east as we have been over the past, you know, two generations largely because of all the natural gas and oil that we're finding in north america. it's a very good story. charles, by the way, i know you're delighted about all the alternative energy that we're working on in this country, too, solar power, wind power, all incremental. >> but in 2050 it will really kick in, i can't wait. >> you make an argument, all on, get into anything and everything, but the more we do to rely less on them abroad i think is a good thing. >> we're already on the way. it is -- we are a superpower when it comes to energy right now. the u.s. is exceptional. we're producing more oil now than we import. we are -- look at texas,
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producing more oil than the entire country of iran in about four or five years we're going to be a bigger oil producer than saudi arabia. so we are in a great situation right now to remain energy independent and stay that way. the issue is, it is in russia's best interests and iran and syria to keep the middle east in an uproar and keep unrest there because they need to keep energy prices high. >> we should say as we look at these images from syria, that syria is not a major oil player, neither is egypt. >> that's the irony here. >> but the fear is the whole indiana goes to hell, is that a realistic theory? >> yeah, i think it is. but it is an irony that egypt, libya, syria, not -- libya isn't a major oil producer compared to iran and other players. when there's some problem there, oil prices go nuts. i would say this, we have to do more in terms of home grown stuff. there is no rationale why andrew cuomo isn't allowing fracking in
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upstate new york. upstate new york is depressed. we could produce jobs there. that means one other thing, that means that the environment movement still controls stuff and that's a scary stuff. >> ben stein, what do you make of where all this technology talk is going, though? your vantage point? >> my vantage point from out west is oil is a worldwide commodity, even if we produce substantially more of it, the price will be a worldwide commodity price. maybe the u.s. will produce so much that will drive down the worldwide commodity price. we won't get off oil any time soon. even if we got off foreign oil, it would still be a worldwide commodity price. >> we are almost there. we met 90% of our own energy needs during the first part of this year, first five months of this year. we're getting that point. oil prices will still be high if there's unrest in the world of the world, but we can deal with these situations because we don't need their oil.
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embargo it. keep it. >> i entirely agree, but the question was about what effect it will be on price and as i say, it is a worldwide commodity price and it depends not on what's happening in texas as what's happening in china. >> you mean what's happening in terms of the economy and how much they consume. >> right, exactly. >> that's the concern. >> and if the economy does pick up, that could have a real impact. >> the bottom line is the money stays here. the price can go to a zillion dollars. >> you're not calling for a zillion. >> no. >> we just shouldn't mess this thing up, that's all i'm telling you. we cannot mess it up. i think it's out there. i think in the next three years we'll see something that hurts -- >> the environmentalists are determined to screw this up. >> they will screw it up. they're already doing it.
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environmentalists generally like unemployment. >> they'd rather walk to work. this bubble burst five years ago, now the forbes crew is warning about the next bubble that could pop all of us big time. that's up at the top of the hour. but next, she is writing and some of her e-mails sure are creepy. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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(announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies." at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. test. test. we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. coming up, be very careful what you write. e-mails calling the tea party matter dangerous. while lois learner isn't
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so much for that phony scandal at the irs.
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newly released e-mails written by lois lerner contradicting official testimony the tea party official testimony the tea party washington overseeing the investigation of those who try to claim tax-effort status. among the e-mails, dangerous matter, cincy, referring to cincinnati, should probably not have these cases st. reason last one is important -- the reason the last one is important is this was sold as the rogue agent in the cincinnati office going after conservative groups. it seems that from washington the shots might have been fired. >> more remails to suggest they were discussing these conservative groups and how they were getting in the way of the democratic fundraising. the one thing that makes me furious, she still has a job. she is still employed by the i.r.s. now we know this. you know what? slowly but surely -- >> neil: she is going to
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leave. >> but she is still getting paid. >> this is a slow -- >> they do this all the time. keep them in-house, once you fire them, they can say anything they want. >> why do you bring it to a tony soprano thing. >> did you get my last name? >> neil: i'm cavuto. charles payne, i guess what i'm wondering here, first of all, to even contemplate doing something against the law, don't even. it does raise questions about whether, not only statements were accurate but whether any of the prior statements we have gotten from the i.r.s. are accurate. >> not only that, everybody is talking smoking gun. this is a smoking rocket launcher. this is it. we've got it! either you can confer she was acting upon orders from the white house or trying to please the white house. >> neil: now, now, now, i love you dearly.
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i don't see that here. i think she might be more involved than we thought. i don't know if that is comin coming -- wait, i'm trying to be fair and balanced. where are you getting that? >> she was trying to clean something up on behalf of someone. >> neil: i see. well, then, ben, what are we to make of the latest revelations? >> in the government where everything is connected to everybody else. charles is right, this did not start with rogue agents in since gnat or lois lerner. follow where it goes. how high up does it go? does it go on the top of the treasury? top of justice? does it go to the white house? this did not happen by itself. it has to be cleaned up. >> neil: do you think this was among the scandals the president was referring to as phony? when this first came to light, he was hot and bothered in the press conference, we'll get to the bottom of this.
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then nothing. >> i suppose so in the sense that i assume he believes that it has nothing to do with him. if he believes that that is probably what he is referring to. charlie thinks this is hush money. i would say it's due process. charles may be convinced she is a criminal but in our country we don't fire people when we're not sure that they have done something wrong. >> with all due respect, adam, she clearly did -- >> you don't have to respect me. >> i don't. >> she was a lousy manager. at the bottom, lousy manager. she didn't know what was going on. violation of something going on. she deserves to be fired. on those basis -- >> neil: i'm no lawyer but i watched a lot of "l.a. law" and "law and order." the more revelations we get, the more it will compel her for an immunity deal and then she will sing like a canary.
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that's what the revelations are all about. >> it will go up the food chain. >> why aren't there more stories on this? >> neil: we're doing it now. >> charlie, it's a phony scandal. didn't you hear the president? >> i can't save america alone. >> if this was george bush -- >> try it, neil. >> this was george bush doing this stuff, and the bush administration, it would be like front page of the novel times. >> you can't carry the weight but you have broad shoulders. >> neil: thank you. ben do you see this going anywhere? everybody is hot and bother and then nothing comes of the them. >> eric holder is keeping a tight lid. he is mr. obama hatchet man.
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he won't let much investigation of it. >> neil: attorney general. >> exactly there. won't be anything much done by this as long as obama is president. incredibly, we have more than another three years of him being president. hard to believe, but it's true. terrifying. >> neil: daigen, you think it's nowhere fast right now. >> i think it will be a slow drip of information. we'll eventually get to the bottom of it. >> if the "washington post" did what they did in watergate. >> neil: now with the "washington post" you have to be a prime player. >> okay. >> and fox news. >> let's go. >> neil: guys, want to thank charlie and daigen. up next, more young people aren't on the money when it comes to putting away money. our experts are here to tell us. jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own.
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but when it comes to investing,
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