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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 14, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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michael mccall and john wallace sitting in. make it a great day, everybody. hello, i'm julie banderas, and welcome to fox headquarters. a devastation in colorado. devastating floods gripping the state there, and the worst is not over yet. the latest on the rescue effort underway. as we head toward another obamacare deadline, the house says they have come up with yet another stall tactic. but could this one actually work? a look at how safe energy drinks really are, as we learn
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that the companies making them may also be behind their own product research. but first to a fox news alert making headlines around the globe as secretary of state john kerry announces an agreement on syria's chemical weapon stockpile with russian foreign minister sergi rogvov. they're looking into what they believe was a government attack on civilians back in august. it sparked a national push to get those weapons out of damascus, and after weeks of debate, and days of intense negotiations, there is now a plan that could soon make that a reality. molly henneberg joins us live from washington with more. hi, holly. >> they have just put out a statement with reaction to president obama's answer to syria. they said the world will be
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watching to make sure syria lives up to its expectations of getting rid of chemical weapons. he says the united states will continue working with russia, the united kingdom, france, the united nations and others to ensure that this process is verifiable and that there are consequences should the a,sad regime not comply with the framework agreed to today. if diplomacy fails, the united states is ready to act. john kerry says it gives syria until next saturday to submit a comprehensive listing of all its chemical weapons stockpiles. number two, u.n. inspectors are expected to be on the ground by november and complete a report that month of what they find. number three, all syria's chemical weapons are to be removed and destroyed by mid-2014. and number four, the united nations security council would come up with other methods if the assad government does not
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comply. syria has not yet agreed to this framework, and one foreign policy analyst says he should because it would be a good deal for assad. >> we went from doing a meaningless military strike which would have accomplished nothing to now we're doing a deal which is actually going to make assad stronger. >> yes. >> because the chemical weapons are not what's keeping him in power. what's keeping him in power is support from russia, iran and hezbollah. >> the u.s. russian agreement says the u.n. security council resolution would allow sanctions but would stop short of authorizing military actions if assad doesn't comply. but president obama would still retain the authority to order a u.s. air strike. julia, we're just getting word in just now, i'm going to get it from our james rosen who is traveling with secretary kerry, and he asked secretary kerry what would happen if assad does not live up to the agreement, and kerry answered to fox saying, quote, we're going to have to make him. julie? >> molly henneburg, strong
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words. thank you so much. a new showdown between labor unions and the white house as a health care law is set to roll out in just two weeks. labor officials meeting prooifltly with the president yesterday, expressing concerns over the consequences the law will have for union employers. elizabeth pran is live in washington with more details on this story. elizabeth? >> >> after union workers dealt with skyrocketing cost, they took the case to the white house saturday. he called the sweeping law, quote, highly disruptive, his labor union saying they'll no longer support the health care law unless changes are met to protect union employee plans. the white house, however, saying members are still not eligible for tax subsidiesubsidies, rele statement saying, the department does not see a legal way for individuals and multi-group
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health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax associated with health insurance at the same time. republicans such as senate leader mitch mcconnell are drawing attention to the fact one of the president's biggest supporters is displeased with the outcome of the law. >> we know big labor is leaning on the president. we know they want him to let them rewrite the same law they helped ram through, and apparently he's lyistening to them. but what about everybody else that's not in big labor? >> mcconnell urged lawmakers to give people a reprieve as the administration is doing for businesses. in two weeks, the legislation opens for obamacare changes for uninsured individuals. back to you. >> elizabeth pran. thank you, elizabeth. our panels debate a new strategy republicans are
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considering from delaying obamacare from going into effect. and now a fox extreme weather alert for you. the death toll from this week's flooding in colorado rising to four. rescue crews are now rushing to reach residents trapped by high waters. hundreds are still unaccounted for. dominic denatali is live in boulder, colorado. dominic, are these people likely to have been claimed by the floodwaters? >> that's what people are worried about, but authorities are saying really what the problem is a lot of these people can't get in touch with authorities or even their relatives to say, look, we're safe, we managed to survive the floodwaters. that's because mobile towers are down, land lines are down. the roads are cut off so badly they actually can't even get across some of the floodwaters. and we're not sure how many are actually unaccounted for. the latest was about 217, but they were saying in a press conference a half hour ago, look, we don't know how many people we actually need to
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rescue. so the helicopters are back in the air, and it's major support they're getting from the national guard. we're seeing them go up every hour and come back laden with people. they're trying to work out just how much work they really need to do and how many people they're specifically looking for. the relatives are calling them saying, look, we haven't heard from our families, can you find out, and they're giving them a rough calculation of areas these people may be. because of the floodwaters, those people might have actually left their homes and gone in search of help and rescue crews. it's a very, very fluid situation here. >> and some of those stranded, i understand, are refusing to leave their homes? are authorities going to force people to evacuate? >> well, you know what, people out here are very hearty when it comes to the elements. you get extreme snow in winter. some people through these emergencies are determined to
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stay in their properties. authorities say this is a problem and this is how the sheriff described what a problem it could be. take a lyisten. >> there are approximately 50 people who wanted to stay. we're sending helicopters up there this morning. i'm sending a sheriff, who is a mountain deputy who lives up there and knows those folks, to gather them and explain we may not be able to come back for several days and we may not be able to get a road to them for a while. so we really hope that they understand that we're making our best effort. if they pass on it today, we may not be able to help them tomorrow. >> reporter: and the sheriff is saying, look, we'll have to assume there will be more fatalities, more loss of life and more injuries, especially if people like that continue to stay on their properties. back to you. >> dominic denatalli reporting live from boulder, colorado. thank you so much. heavy rain this weekend threatening to make the
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situation in colorado even worse, if you can imagine that. is there any relief in sight? janice, they need a break. >> they do, and we have to get through the next couple of days and then we will have dryer conditions. however, we're expecting more rain in the forecast. this is a once in a 100-year event. typically boulder, colorado sees maybe an inch of rain in a month in this area. they received close to 15 inches in such a short period of time, and that's what caused all of the flash flooding. but this flooding moved into kansas as well, where we saw anywhere from 6 to 12, even 15 inches of rainfall over the last 48 hours. so taking a look ahead, there is our forecast satellite radar imagery. we're going to see more rain in the forecast. unfortunately for those areas affected but heading into the new work week, things will get better. but right now we're watching this low pressure center that has just bienieeen meandering is region. we have high pressure in the central plains and that's squeezing all this moisture into these affected regions.
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so again, getting through today and tomorrow, but heading into the work week things look improved as far as the forecast goes. this is tropical storm ingrid. watching this because this could become our second hurricane of the atlantic season. watching it move very, very slowly but we think it will make landfall sometime monday evening into mexico as a minimal hurricane, but we think some of that moisture is going to make its way to south texas, but we could see anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of rainfall across mexico. so that's an area we're going to keep a close eye on. and a quick look at your drought monitor for this region. they really need to see the rain, especially in south texas, so this could be a good news event in terms of the tropics. back to you, kelly. >> let's hope so. boy, they could really use some good news out there. thank you, janice. >> okay. a terrifying crash for travelers riding in a grey hound bus this weekend after it goes
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flying off the side of a highway in ohio, injuring some 34 people on board. the bus, as you can see, apparently went through a fence. it struck a tree before coming to its side. the driver was trapped inside until emergency crews arrived on the scene. >> there was the driver who was entrapped, there were several other patients that were -- that had to be assisted out of the vehicle. the vehicle is on its side. they were easily extricated, and just as we arrived with additional manpower, they were removed from the vehicle. >> greyhound says the driver has been with the company nearly 15 years and was fully vested at the time. a fire rocking in an already embattled jersey shore. the latest in the effort on rebuilding the boardwalk and what investigators are now doing to prevent this from ever happening again. plus house republicans announcing yet another stall
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tactic to delay obamacare. what's different this time around? we're going to have a fair and balanced debate, next. plus, an in-depth look at the legacy of civil rights legend nelson mandela as we sit down for an interview with his family. [ female announcer ] you tweeted, posted and cheered
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welcome back. time now for a quick check of your headlines. investigators looking for any hot spots that could cause flare-ups after a devastating boardwalk fire on the jersey shore. plans are already in the works to once again rebuild the boardwalk in seaside park and seaside heights. white house officials confirming that president obama's senior adviser dan pfeiffer has returned to work. the 37-year-old was hospitalized twice last week after suffering, quote, stroke-like symptoms. and check this out. prosecutors charging rapper kanye west of misdemeanor battery after a scuffle with a photographer. his arraignment has been scheduled for october 10. now to the latest battle over obamacare. the law set to go into effect in just a matter of weeks, but now republican house members say they've got to come up with a new strategy to keep that from
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happening by forcing democrats into critical votes that would essentially put them on the hook over whether or not to grant congress special treatment or delay the law altogether. angela mcglou and fox news political analyst joins us, also doug howe and former communications director for chris van holland. thank you both for coming on. here it is, another strategy on behalf of republicans to try to get democrats to come to terms with their beliefs, anyway. angela, some republicans believe this new strategy would actually force democrats to seriously consider delaying the implementation of obamacare. why stop there? why delay it or even threaten to defund it? why can't officials just fix it? >> that's what i would like, julie. in politics you have different strategies to bring people to the table, but the bottom line is this. obamacare is a train wreck. when you have unions saying if they don't get what they want,
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we should defund it. when you have businesses like delta airlines saying it would cost millions of dollars to implement, and i could go on and on. they should go into a room, the president, policy advisers, republicans and democrats should work to fix it. however, i like this strategy better, julie, than voting to defund it. my party has voted over 40 times to repeal it or defund it. now they're forcing members' hands to vote on this to get special exceptions or not fund the government. >> doug, on thursday senate majority leader harry reid says democrats are willing to work with republicans to improve the law, but he also expressed frustration over politically motivated strategies. obviously, everything is politically motivated in washington, is it not? do you believe both sides can ever actually agree on a fix before the law goes into effect? october 1st is literally right around the corner. >> i'm not sure what we're talking about fixing, but, too, this new con job ploy by
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republicans, i think it's really important for your viewers to understand, there are no special exemptions, there are no special subsidies. in fact, senator charles grassley had an amendment to affordable care act which said employer contributions made to members of congress and their staff had to be used to purchase health care on the exchange. so that's already happening. i do agree with angela, though, that the bill isn't perfect. i think there are a lot of great things about it, but for folks who disagree with it, they have every right to. for the things they don't like, and i'd love to know what those are, they should get in a room and fix it. that's what their job is. they're being paid to be legislators and voting 40, 50 times to repeal it, defund it, whatever, is not a policy solution to making sure 39 million americans have care. >> how can you say there is nothing to fix when 50% of americans did disagree with obamacare, in fact, the elected government officials don't even want it? >> yeah. yeah. >> i'm not saying there's nothing to fix. it's not a perfect bill.
1:20 pm
social security wasn't a perfect bill. medicare wasn't a perfect bill. all legislation can be fixed along the way. i would like to know what they want to fix, though. on this issue there's nothing to fix because it's already law. members of house and staff have to go on exchanges like every other american, and they aren't eligible for the tax credits that other americans would get if they're on the exchanges. >> doug, the bottom line is congressional members and staff are receiving subsidies. you have over 12 provisions of this bill thavt have been delayed. the administration have given 200 waivers to delay this bill. what has to be fixed? even the irs chief under oath said he would rather have his own insurance instead of taking obamacare. by the way, the irs, if we don't want to have health care, then they can fine us and tax us. so the bill is not perfect, doug. now, you said there were problems with social security,
1:21 pm
even welfare and other legislation. i give you that, and members of legislation need to get together to fix it. >> i'm not disagreeing it's not a perfect bill. i think the fact you have 50 million people who have health care now because of obamacare, that there are seniors paying for prescription drugs, seniors are getting more care, that's all a good thing. is there anything bad about it? sure. >> but do you think it's a good thing when we have to pay for the individual mandate? >> i think it is a good thing. it means i'm not subsidizing the health care for people going to emergency rooms and are not paying for care. the individual mandate was a republican idea. >> when does a child never have to visit an emergency room? the majority of us have not visited emergency rooms. and if this health care act is implemented, should congressional members and staff be required to receive the same
1:22 pm
treatment as the rest of us under this health care law? >> under obamacare, they have to get the same care as everyone else. they go into exchanges -- >> but they may go over the salary requirement as well. >> but they're not getting tax credits, guys. they're not getting the tax credits other americans are getting. members of congress -- >> doug, before obamacare, if people had medical savings accounts, when i worked with the ways and means committee, if you had a medical savings account raccount, it would be a tax deduction. people should be able to choose the kind of health care they want. they shouldn't be force sbd int socialized medicine. >> but they can choose whatever plan from private insurance that they want. >> we appreciate you both coming on. obamacare, by the way, part of the upcoming battle, as we all know. we're going to hear from doug thornell's old boss tomorrow on fox news sunday as well as texas
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republican michael mccall. so tune in to that. on today's beyond the dream, we focus on the legacy of the civil rights dream, nelson mandela. his daughter visited new york this past week to attend an event honoring her father's impact as south america's first black president. >> i think my father preached in a manner of speaking the gospel about peace and reconciliation. my father has always believed you can overcome anything through peace and reconciliation. and i think that's a great part of his legacy. >> reporter: princess zunani is the daughter of the man considered to be the father of south africa, nelson mandela. she is currently south africa's ambassador to argentina. i met with the ambassador and their daughters in their recent
1:24 pm
visit to new york. they are teaming up to release a commemorative gold coin of mandela. the company has pledged up to a billion dollars and the money will go to projects. they displayed one of the gold coins, this one valued between 50 and $60,000. a critical need in south africa is education. president mandela's granddaughters explained to me with the money raised from the mandela gold coins, they will be able to build more schools, provide more books, more supplies and help more children escape poverty through the power of a good education. in fact, mandela once said himself, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. >> education, which is very, very important to my grandfather, education is one of his things that he's so passionate about. he made sure every single one of
1:25 pm
us in our family was educated, because he said when you're educated, nobody can take that away from you. >> education is important for his legacy and just for our country. it's our plan to educate every child in south africa. >> reporter: his education came at great sacrifice. he spent 20 years in prison before being unconditionally released by then president f.w. declerk. after becoming south africa's first black president, he brought healing to our racially divided nation. south african officials say mandela is now fighting a lung infection at the age of 95. doctors now treating him at his home. the mandela family tell me while this is a difficult time for them, they are comforted by the kind regards they are receiving from people around the world. >> i, for instance, when i travel, people just say, i just want to touch you because you're
1:26 pm
a part of him. honestly, i really feel very loved, and i'm sure the kids will tell you, we feel very loved, even during this very difficult time. >> i appreciate the three of you being able to share this time knowing that your father is still facing a very difficult and uphill battle. but our prayers are with you. >> we can take this opportunity to thank the world for their support, for their love, for their dedication towards my father and the family. to thank them for their prayers and comfort during this difficult time. >> reporter: and members of the mandela family giving a personal reflection of their father and grandfather, nelson mandela. of course we wish them all well, but what an incredible legacy he's going to be leaving. >> it really is amazing, and worldwide support. it doesn't seem there is a place in this world that doesn't have something to reflect on when it comes to the history he has brought to the world. >> it's imprinted everywhere.
1:27 pm
>> it certainly is. the u.s. and russia announcing a major deal on syria's chemical weapons. but there are some serious questions as to whether we can actually trust the syrian president to hold up his end of the bargain. new information on some popular energy drinks suggest the information on their nutritional value may be seriously biased. that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new droid ultra by motorola with zero down payment. mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down. you need some campbell's chunky soup
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news now. a deal reached on syria's chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister agreeing on a deal that would see the country's vast arsenal of weapons either removed or destroyed by 2014.
1:32 pm
egypt's leader mubarek is facing the charges of killings of some 900 protestors during the uprising. > the three-stage epsilon is the first rocket designed for japan in more than a decade and is designed for a cheap and satisfying way of sending satellites up into space. well, there is a troubling report from the wall street journal as the u.s. and russia come up with a plan for syria to hand over its chemical weapons. but as we learned that syrian president bashar al assad may be intentionally making that process more difficult by reportedly scattering his stockpile across the country. there are some serious questions as to how we can ensure this new plan to eliminate syria's stockpile is implemented to the
1:33 pm
world community's satisfaction. robert ziradi is policy director of the foreign policy initiative. he's going to weigh in on this issue. robert, real quick before we get to this question, let's start with secretary of state john kerry. less than half an hour ago, our national correspondent james rosen who is in geneva with the secretary went on to ask him a question about how do you enforce this, and the secretary responded, saying, we're going to have to make him. how will they do that? >> to do that, they're going to have to play a game of, on the one hand, threatening the use of force if the assad regime fails to live up to his obligations. that's if the assad regime even agrees to this deal. on the other hand, trying to move the agreement forward by getting inspectors in the country and making sure the assad regem has completely declared its weapons stock.
1:34 pm
>> they're reporting these weapons stocks we're talking about, and now we know they're admitting to having these weapons in stock, but now they're moving them to various places. how do we get control of them, find out where they are to make sure they're in international control with russia and the united states? >> that's a great question because that's a great challenge. and this is my worry, that a lot of the supporters of this u.s.-russia plan for assad's chemical weapons are, to use a football analogy, are spiking the football right now for a touchdown when at best what we've done is drawn out a play for a hail mary. it's going to need to rely on assad to do what he says he's doing, and at the same time, i think it's incumbent on the national committee to get inspectors there fast and move quickly. >> let me show you a statement, one from the president and another from the pentagon spokesperson. but the president says the united states will continue working with russia, the united kingdom, france, united nations
1:35 pm
and others to ensure that this process is verifiable and that there are consequences should the assad regime not comply with the framework agreed today, and if diplomacy fails, the united states remains prepared to act. how will the president ensure that? >> that's what we're going to find out when the united states and russia go to the u.n. security council. what we need to see is a resolution from that council that actually has consequences with teeth. and there are hopeful signs that there will be such a thing, but again, the devil will be in the details and the implementation and the teeth we have in this agreement. >> you mentioned the devil's in the details, also consequences with teeth. so stating that, here's what the pentagon is now saying about this as well. in response to the deal or the agreement that secretary of state kerry has made with russia, and that is, we haven't made any changes to our force
1:36 pm
posture to this point. the credible threat of military force has been key to driving diplomatic progress, and it's important that the assad regime lives up to its obligations under the framework agreement. so this obviously means the u.s. will keep warships in the region. that is showing the force. is that enough to sink teeth into this to forcibly get the assad regime to comply? >> potentially, but the worry is the regime could use the excuse of a proxy war going on, a civil war in his country. he could use that excuse to say this is why i can't implement this deal completely. this is why i think the united states is going to have to be really clear going forward what its ultimate goals are. is it simply to get rid of his chemical weapons, or is it that we need to see a post-assad syria? >> you paint the picture
1:37 pm
clearly. there are a lot of things we still have to make a decision on. thank you so much for your report. julie? an iconic sports car making its return to the road. sort of. a connecticut company is creating nearly exact replicas of the porsche 550 spooyder, th same car that actor james dean died in. >> the porsche 550 was the automaker's first true racecar for the road, steel and aluminum powered by a tiny 4-cylinder engine that debutted in le mans and won many more trophies in the years to come. today it is one of the most sought-after cars in the world. just 90 were built from 1953 to '56 and less than 80 are known to survive. this is, however, is not one of them. it's a clone.
1:38 pm
>> the steel tanks made exactly the way they were. >> reporter: this is the dreamer of spyder creations, who went through the painstaking task of reproducing the original so precisely, the differences would be measured in millimeters, starting with a 3-d scan of the last pro -- produced that came up with this one. >> it is what made porsche what it is today. >> reporter: they're now selling replicas of the car who want the experience. >> i've been behind the wheel of many classic cars and this definitely feels like one of them. it's totally stripped out, weighs just 1200 pounds, which is half what today's weighs. it's quick, it's lively, it's like riding around in an aluminum bikini.
1:39 pm
very liberating. while thls a carbon copy, it's ant a cheap remake. one of the originals just sold at auction for nearly $4 million. fox news. julie, i can see you in that kind of car. >> in an aluminum bikini? i could not see myself in an aluminum bikini. >> i could car, not bikini. >> imagine being a single guy riding around in nothing. gary is not a single guy, by the way. but he's got a great gig. >> not also of us can have a porsche like james dean, but if you want a regular car, you might want to think again. business analyst michael see mo -- seymour with what you need to know before you step on the lot. what ya looking for?
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. well, great news for the auto industry. the question is, is it great
1:44 pm
news for you? car sales are so hot, manufacturers are actually having trouble keeping up with the demand. we're talking sales figures not seen since 2007, before the recession. so if you're looking for a new car, what you need to know before stepping on the lot in this market. joining us now is michael seymour. thank you so much for talking to us. i have to know, is this a good time to buy a car? >> i think, julie, it depends on what you're looking for. if you want to just look at the numbers that you guys have reported, it's -- you know, it's clearly a seller's market, you know, right now, meaning it's a supply and demand situation. cars and trucks sales have been hot through the summer. should probably mean there's less supply on the dealer lots and less incentive for them to maybe offer the best deals right now as opposed to maybe a few weeks in the future. >> so if automakers don't have enough new cars to keep up with
1:45 pm
buyers, isn't that going to drive up prices, then, like you just said, and don't consumers have a little bargaining power? maybe it's not the best time to be in the market for a new car. >> julie, i would agree with you on that. i think at this time the dealerships have made their quotas, most of them, they sold a lot of cars, they made their profits, the salespeople are content, they've made their profits. there is a lot less incentive than there was, say, during the recession to move cars off the lot. so i think a little patience right now, but research is research. you may be able to find the deal you're looking for even today. >> this is incredible. what a turnaround from years ago when we were talking about the cash for clunkers program and manufacturers were practically having to give cars away. what has changed considering our economy has not gotten that much better? there are still jobless numbers in the millions. what gives? how are people affording these new cars? >> julie, that's a great point. i think it's a combination of a lot of people, many, many
1:46 pm
people, put off the purchase or lease of a new car well past what they normally would because of financial concerns for those that were maybe struggling with their job situation or concerned that they might not have a job, and they perhaps kept a car longer which meant you had a lot of pent-up demand that finally at some point had to become satisfied. the prices of new cars are about $32,000. that's 1,000 more than it was a year ago, so, you know, it's certainly not a question of lower prices. and also, julie, i think there might be a little bit better opportunity for people to get credit now than perhaps they could have a year ago. >> and maybe people are saving. maybe people have learned it's time to save instead of spend what you don't have. if you're looking to buy a new car, then, and you really don't want to wait, like you said, what should you look for when you step onto a new car sales lot?
1:47 pm
>> i think it happens before you step on the lot. i think there is two major things you need to do, julie. i think the first is know your budget. know what you can afford and try to stick to your guns. and secondly, whether it be watching fox, whether it be using the internet, there is a great amount of research out there available to everybody well in advance before you go on the lot, such as kelly bluebook,, consumer reports. do your homework first. >> here's the question. because every person who has bought a new car, unless you're paying cash outright, do you finance or do you lease? what's the better plan? >> i was hoping you would have the answer to that. actually, that's -- >> it's always up for debate. >> every single time, and sometimes it can be a very complicated analysis. because for a lot of people, julie, this is a very major financial transaction. sometimes the terms and conditions are hard. usually you've got to crunch the
1:48 pm
numbers, you got to know if you intend to put an awful lot of miles on a car that's going to get you out of warranty, normally you might want to look at a lease quicker, but the deals can be something very interesting you need to look at on the financial side. >> michael seymour. it's always good to have good economy news, isn't it? >> it is, and our automakers help our maintenance here. >> that's a good note to end o but there's new health concerns over those popular energy drinks we all consume. how safe are they, and are we being told the truth? the doctor is in with what you need to know. i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of.
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>> well, there are some growing questions about energy drinks and their safety after a new report find a company making them are possibly influenceing their own studies. imagine that. let's bring in dr. nina radcliffe, a private practice physician. doctor, so we're finding out some of these studies going on, the companies are actually influenceing their own studies by financing their own studies. so who are we to trust? >> well, first of all, there are
1:53 pm
three types of lie, lice and lies to statistics. that's a term that mark twain coined in order to, it's a phrase we use in order to describe a weak argument and that's exactly what we have here. >> wow, so the statistics out there about some of the energy drinks we use, what are the statistics lying about? >> well, what they're lying about is they're saying that when you have caffeine along with a drink, you are not going to get drunk, but the problem is the studies not funded are saying caffeine is an upper, where you have an increase in rate and there is aggressive activity, more sexual activity, as well as you are more likely for the get behind the wheel drunk. >> when you say more sexual activity, is that risky type of behavior, people aren't thinking of what they are doing? >> there is higher breathalyzer tests. people who are drinking these energy drinks along with the alcohol have higher levels.
1:54 pm
>> wow. so if that's in the bloodstream, how can a person actually function? >> they are functioning the way they r. it's an upper and a daytona 500, they balance it out. we find an increase amount in alcohol consumption. >> i was also surprised, i wasn't surprised by this fact that these energy drinks can wreak havoc with one's heart. >> it's caffeine, anything with caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate. >> people taking these drinks with alcohol, perhaps hooked on it every morning, instead of taking a drink of coffee, they'll take one or two energy drinks to go throughout the rest of the day. is that really bad for them over the long haul? >> it could be. because caffeine has an effect on parts of the body is these energy drinks are super charges caffeine. we are seeing it in a super charged manner. >> wow. so based on this, seeing that the beverage industry is influenceing these studies, that's pretty alarming that they're not giving us the whole
1:55 pm
truth and nothing but the truth. >> they might as well be paying an advertising firm in order to sit there and market to the public. what happens is they're not telling us the truth. they're using statistics in a way that helps them to sell more. and it's all of that bottom line. >> the bottom line, making more money, so they're shading the truth, putting a lot of grey matter out there. because they like the drinks, they don't realize what kind of dagenais are doing to their bodies. >> they are directing it to the public. most of the journals of the american association and the british medical journal, they are required to describe your conflicts of interest as well as any types of funding. who reads those except for physicians and researchers? the public sees the advertising in vogue magazine or different magazine or on television. >> julie, when you think about this, these energy drinks so many of us get involved. we want to stay active. as the did she is suggesting, we
1:56 pm
got a problem. >> a lot of sugar in them, too. they're terrible. >> no, they're not. first of all, it's regular sugar, any of those artificial sweeteners, these are not good for you. they have calories, a number of different effects. they can affect your diabetes. >> they're addicting, too, red bull. a lot of people can't get enough of red bum. i think it's gross. it tastes like a lot of the energy drinks. >> doctor, thank you for sharing this information. we need to be more mindful to have it. >> that will do it for us. us as good to have you. >> thank you very much for having you. >> it's great to be here with you. thank you so much for matching me in your outfit today. >> we didn't plan it. >> the journal report is up next. >> i'll see you at 2:30. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. g withport, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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