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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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work and prince george. that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend. "special report" is next. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett ask welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> arthel: good to see you this saturday. i'm arthel neville. more evacuations in colorado amid a devastating flooding crisis there. is the worst over? we'll have the latest on the rescue and recovery effort coming up in a live report. >> gregg: and big labor continuing to rally against obamacare with labor leaders even holding a private meeting with the president. behind closed doors to air out their frustration. so is all of this part of some sort of attempt to carve out an exception for themselves? we'll have a fair and balanced
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look. >> arthel: plus the fall allergy season is just around the corner. but how do you know which over-the-counter meds are best for you? a complete breakdown coming up in our "consumer reports" segment. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert. reaction now pouring in on a diplomatic breakthrough over syria's chemical weapons that might, just might avert u.s. military action. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister lavrov announcing an agreement to security and destroy syria's chemical weapons stockpile by the middle of next year. here is secretary kerry. >> providing this framework is fully implemented, it can end the threat these weapons pose not only to the syrian people, but also to their neighbors, to the region, and because of the threat of proliferation of this framework can provide greater
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protection and security to the world. >> gregg: molly henneberg live in washington with more. molly? >> secretary kerry said today that he thinks the grohl of ridding syria of its chemical weapons is, quote, achievable. even though syria is in the midst of a civil war and is not a signatory to this u.s.-russia agreement. secretary kerry says the syrian government has taken, quote, extraordinary pains to keep those chemical weapons under its control and out of areas where there has been a lot of fighting during the civil war. and therefore, kerry says, united nations weapons inspectors should be able to find, move and destroy them. >> it's our expectation that with the cooperation of the international community, with adequate contribution of protection forces and people to go on the ground, if the assad regime is prepared to live up to its word, we should not have a problem achieving access to their sites. >> president obama says the international community expects
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bashar assad's regime to, quote, live up to its public commitment. but the framework does not include the threat of force. if syria balks or misses various deadlines. republican congressman peter king says that weakens an already weak u.s. position. democratic senator carl levin, chairman of the senate armed services committee, said in a statement, quote, it's important for everyone, but especially for syria and russia to keep in mind that as the president said, the united states remains prepared to act if syria does not implement this agreement. fox news asked secretary kerry today if he thinks syrian president assad will live up to the agreement and kerry said, quote, we're going to have to make him. gregg? >> gregg: molly henneberg, thanks very much. we are getting new reaction now from the deal by senator lindsey graham. he was talking on huckabee. he says basically this agreement is not worth the paper it's written on.
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>> it's a blind alley. it's a boxed canyon for america. putin led us down a road here where there is just no good outcome. without the threat of force, this agreement means nothing. the mixed message and the debauchle called syria can't be repeated when it comes to iran. here is what i'm going to do. i'm going to get a bipartisan coalition together. we're going to put together a use of force resolution, allowing our country to use military force as a last resort to stop the iranian nuclear program to make sure they get a clear signal that all this debauchle called syria doesn't mean we're confused about iran. >> gregg: you can catch the rest of senator graham's remarks on "huckabee" airing at 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight and tomorrow. >> arthel: a new showdown between labor unions and the white house. labor officials meeting privately with the president yesterday in an attempt to
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change several key parts of the law that they describe as, quote, highly disruptive. elizabeth prann has more now from washington. >> after his organization publicly argued the affordable care act will cripple union workers due to skyrocketing cost, richard trumka took his case to the white house on friday seemingly upbeat, but not getting much of a report to the media. >> try to get it done in the next week. >> next week? >> yep. >> an act of congress? >> a solution. >> trumka in the past has pointed to the damaging effects of the swooping law calling it, quote, highly disruptive. his labor union saying they won't support the law unless changes are made to protect union multi employer plans. the white house, however, saying members are still not eligible for tax subsidies. releasing a statement and in part it reads, the treasury department, quote, does not see a legal way for individuals in multi employer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits, as well as favorable tax treatment.
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republicans such as mitch mcconnell are drawing attention to the fact that one of the president's biggest supporters is displeased with the outcome of the law. >> we know big labor is leaning on the president. we know they want him to let them rewrite the same law they helped ram through and apparently he's listening to them. but what about everybody else? it's not in big labor. >> mcconnell urged law make force give people a reprieve. in two weeks, however, registration opens for on-line exchanges. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: elizabeth prann reporting from washington, thank you. and coming up later in the hour, we'll have a fair and balanced look at some other attempts by organized labor to try to rewrite obamacare and how it could play out. >> gregg: all of this comes as president obama is set to shift his focus back to the u.s. economy. according to the white house, the president will deliver a new speech on monday in order to talk about the progress that he
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believes the country has made so far. holes on how americans -- polls on how americans peel about the economy. the speech marks five years since the financial crisis is seen as a marker for the looping budget clashes with congress. >> arthel: extreme weather alert on the devastating flooding crisis that's gripping colorado. rising water covering an area the size of connecticut. now a massive rescue operation is underway as crews search for dozens of people still unaccounted for. dominic dinatale live in boulder. we learned the death toll has unfortunately risen to five. is that right? >> it appears to be the case. there is a report in the denver post that the fifth victim appears to have been claimed by the flood waters. this is down in cedar grove. a 60-year-old woman was inside a house when the big river broke its bank and p swept away her
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home, is what the newspaper is reporting. it's unclear why she was still in her house even though there was an evacuation order in place at the time. one thing the authorities have been pointing out, that when evacuation orders are in place, people do need to leave their property. this is as simple as that because this is an emergency situation. they're saying there is 50 people here in boulder county that are refusing to leave their homes. it's making the rescue efforts extraordinarily difficult because there is sometimes a limited time window in which people can be rescued from their homes. here is how the sheriff's department was explaining that earlier today. take a listen. >> we may not be able to come back for several days and we may not be able to get a road to them for a while. so we really hope that they understand we're making our best effort. if they pass on it today, we may not be able to help them tomorrow. >> they've managed to rescue 800 people. we know there is 1200 others that do need evacuation in the
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estes park region. there will be an update from the sheriff's office in about an hour and we'll know what the latest numbers are then. >> arthel: you were just saying about those 1200, we're going to find out. we don't know at this point exactly how many people they've been able to rescue. you just were reporting how it's tricky for some of the rescue crews to get to those folks and you have a couple -- it coupled with some of the people not taking it as seriously as they should. right? >> absolutely. what is good news is -- actually the people are being rescued, even if there are people that want to stay behind and protect their property. we're hearing about the cases, 50 fifth graders who had been stranded. they're from the university park elementary school in denver. they managed to get to authorities by radio and they sent in chinooks to rescue them. they landed at boulder airport a short while ago and have been driven to be reunited with their parents in denver itself. that actually is just immense
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relief as the national guard has been putting on immense efforts to save people. we heard about a pregnant woman who went to safety at the last minute. once she got back on dry ground, she went into labor and who know what is could have happened if that happened in time? the authorities have been talking about, well, you know what? we're rescuing these people and you should see the look of relief on their faces once they get to safety. listen to this. >> there is an extremely challenging, emotionally and physically for a lot of these folks. a lot of folks don't have any kind of information about what's been going on. they don't have phone lines or tv or power, that kind of stuff. they've been kind of in the dark about what's happening. >> by no means yet is colorado out of the woods with regards to these floods. there is fresh evacuation orders in this afternoon for the fort may have area. there were three large reservoirs in the area where
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overflowing could happen. another river will overflow in two places. no information on what is a risk there. but evacuation orders now in place. back to you. >> arthel: thank goodness they got the fifth graders and the pregnant lady just in time. dominic, thank you very much. >> gregg: good news. all right. a little more context on the flooding. some 4500 square miles affected. that's almost the size of the entire state of connecticut. believe it or not. the governor also declaring a state of emergency in 14 counties, releasing $6 million in relief funds in just 15 hours, the city of boulder swamped by four times their average september monthly rainfall and over 500 people have been saved by the national guard since the flooding began. good for them. >> arthel: yeah. we're going to get more on the devastating flooding crisis there in colorado. bringing in janis dean. she's in the fox extreme weather
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center. serious stats that gregg just pointed out. >> yeah. unbelievable. we're not out of the woods yet. we're looking at the potential for more flooding in the next 24 to 36 hours. here is our radar. you can see just incredible amounts of rain. in some cases, almost a year's worth of rain in just a matter of hours. taking a look at it right now, we're still seeing the potential for more showers and thunderstorms to develop. that's what's happening right now east of the denver area. we actually have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. with that, hearing reports of heavy rain as well as hail. unfortunately, we're not out of the woods yet. we're still going to see the threat for flooding. there are your flood advisories for fort collins area, east of boulder, east of denver. north of colorado springs where we have flash flooding occurring or imminent. so that's going to continue throughout the evening, overnight and into tomorrow. we have this low pressure center across the rockies. we've got high pressure kind of
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anchored across the south central u.s. and funneled is that moisture from both the gulf of mexico and the pacific. so this perfect storm has set up in this region. unfortunately, we're still going to be looking for the threat of heavy rainfall not only today, but through sunday as well. 70% chance of more heavy rain. monday not out of the woods. as we get into tuesday and wednesday, things are calmer and things will do -- dry out. not out of the woods for the next 24 to 48 hours. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, better conditions. we hope the national guard can save more folks. quick look at hurricane ingrid. just became a hurricane within the last hour or so. expected to make landfall within the next 24 hours over mexico. heavy rainfall, in some cases, up to two feet of rain over parts of mexico. some of that rainfall will get into south texas. that would be a good news story for them because they really feed the rain. we're into exceptional to
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extreme drought across south texas. >> arthel: very busy there. thanks. >> gregg: red faces in washington after the social security administration sent checks to, oh, yeah, wrong people. oops. how did that happen? and the staggering amount of money of your tax dollars was squandored. >> arthel: plus, a while back, lois lerner took the fifth about the irs target scandal. now her e-mails are speaking for themselves. what they're saying. that's coming up. >> after very careful consideration, i have decided to follow my counsel's advice and not testify or answer any of the questions with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business today.
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>> arthel: welcome back. a quick check of the headlines. white house officials confirming president obama senior advisor, dan pheiffer, has returned to work. he was hospitalized twice last week after suffering stroke-like symptoms. pheiffer is 37 years old. a new government watchdog report finds the social security administration may have let more than 36,000 people collect disability payments they were not entitled to. the total amount, $1.3 billion.
6:19 pm
and prosecutors charging kanye west with misdemeanor battery over a july scuffle with a celebrity photographer. >> gregg: the latest showdown between organized labor and obamacare. imagine that. the president of the afl-cio and other union leaders meeting privately behind closed doors with president obama and vice president biden yesterday. isn't it interesting that nobody else was allowed in to this meeting, this secret, private meeting? union leaders are trying to change several key parts of the health care law which they say will have a devastating impact on their organizations. how exactly is all of this going to play out? is it fair to everybody else? brad makeman is a form deputy assistants to president george w. bush, ellen ratner a fox contributor, bureau chief for talk radio service. the afl-cio, brad, they were the
6:20 pm
big champions of ts thing. they said this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! then they read it and then they realized oh, oh it's going to kill us. >> gregg, they spent over $100 million, unions, in shoving this down our throats and then they follow the pelosi rules and they actually read it. then they figured out that it's going to kill the 40 hour workweek. their benefits are going to be reduced to their members. if i were a member of a union, i would be looking for the head of the president of my union and ask them how could you sell this? how could you have it passed, and now what are you going to do to fix it? what do they do? this go to the white house and shake down the president for an exemption. the irs commissioner testified up on the hill that he's not going to get obamacare because his government plan is much better separate from the obligation from the rest of us. so there have been over 3,000 carveouts already to obamacare by contributors, friends of the administration who have said,
6:21 pm
mr. president, this may be good enough for everybody else, but i don't like it. >> gregg: the afl-cio is not a radical tea party group. this is the labor union that, as brad pointed out, was front and center supporting obamacare. in fact, now once they've read it, take a listen to this. this is one of the labor leaders, sullivan. >> we'll be damned if we're going to lose our health insurance because of unintended consequences in a law! it needs to be changed! it needs to be fixed! and it needs to be fixed now, brothers and sisters! >> gregg: ellen, my goodness issues these are the folks who thought this was the greatest thing ever. >> okay. let's start out with the fact, if you look at the kaiser study on massachusetts, which actually was -- the law was modeled after the massachusetts law, more people have been insured. yes, it has cost more money. and they need to do that by
6:22 pm
trying to control -- >> arthel: sullivan doesn't better -- >> let me finish. what has essentially happened is you have a situation in massachusetts where they do need to control health care cost, but the premiums have gone down for several people because -- and i'm an example. the insurance pool is larger. it's kind of like car insurance. >> gregg: ellen, the argument that the afl-cio made yesterday at 3:35 p.m. to the president and the vice president was, you're killing us. this is going to drive up costs and all of our union workersre going to lose their health care coverage, which puts a lie, mr. president, to your promise. >> no, the problem is that the health care bill honestly did not go far enough in terms of real requirements. if you increase the pool of people out there, then you have a much better chance of lowering the cost to increasing health care -- >> gregg: brad, the unions are saying, give us special
6:23 pm
treatment. why should unions get special treatment and get subsidized health care when everybody else doesn't? >> they shouldn't. they shouldn't get special treatment. congress shouldn't get special treatment. if they pass the bill and they said to the american people, this is the best thing since sliced bread, don't you think we'd be clamoring for it? don't you think we couldn't wait for january 2014 to arrive so we could line up and get the best health care that could be possible? the problem is as ellen pointed out, the pool isn't big enough. we can't afford it. there aren't enough people paying 234 and that's why we have a crisis on social security. when it was founded, social security was 7 to one paying in. now it's three and four to one. we can't sustain it. >> gregg: ellen, aetna announced yesterday it's pulling out of the health care exchanges. they say it makes no economic sense. so now you're down, for example, in new jersey to two or three health care providers on the exchange. the whole point was to put 20 or
6:24 pm
30 of those in there. >> i understand. and probably they did not go far enough, honestly. if i would have written the plan, i would have allowed anybody and encouraged everybody -- >> gregg: you're admitting the plan is a failure because it didn't go far enough? so it's a failure, right? >> i don't know that it's a failure yet. i wish it would have gone further. >> gregg: how close is it to a failure? >> i don't know. >> gregg: the foot is on the edge? >> i don't think anybody knows. it needs a larger insurance pool. >> i know. the reason it's going to fail is because it's simple. it's common sense. if you don't have enough people paying in, you can't sustain the system. not only that, you don't have enough insurance carriers, as you suggest in the states to -- >> gregg: the people were going to pay in because they're healthy and that was going to subsidize everybody else. now young people are projected to look at this and go, why would i pay into this thing? why would i spend 2 or 3 or 4 or $5,000 when i can pay $200 penalty and get free health care
6:25 pm
coverage? >> don't forget, though, the people objected when medicare came on-line in 1965. >> gregg: medicare is going broke, ellen. >> medicare, social security are going belly up. they put in a new system. >> basic changes were made. >> gregg: ellen, would you agree that maybe it's time to start all over again? >> no. i think you have to do some fixes to this. i think that nobody wanted to do a one payer system. i'm radical enough, i would have gone with a single payer system. but that was very politically unpopular. >> gregg: all right. good to see you both. thank you. >> obamacare also part of the upcoming battle budget, as you know. we'll hear from republican congressman michael mccall, as well as democrat chris van holland tomorrow, fox news sunday with chris wallace. check your local listings. >> arthel: the irs has said the targeting of conservative groups was not politically motivated. but newly revealed e-mails between the agency's former
6:26 pm
director of tax exempt organizations and her staff raise serious questions about that claim. carl cameron is in washington with the details. >> e-mails from lois lerner, the former irs director of exempt organizations, who invoked a right to avoid self incrimination rather than testify to congress suggests the irs's admitted targeting of conservative groups was political. in an e-mail from learner to a pair of irs colleagues in february of 2011 regarding outstanding requests by tea party groups for tax exempt status, learner wrote, quote, tea party matter, very dangerous. and said, the cincinnati office should probably not have these cases. the e-mails raised questions about learner's public claim when the scandal broke, but she was unaware groups were being targeted and claims by other irs officials who did testify under oath that the problem was limited to a pair of rogue irs agents in that cincinnati office. the house ways and means committee released these e mails as part of its own oversight
6:27 pm
investigation of the federal tax collecting agency. lois lerner has not been fired, but has been replaced as head of the irs tax exempt division. after tea party groups complained they were being delayed or denied unfairly, she was notified of an investigation and seemed to acknowledge improper actions had occurred and she'd be called out. quote, we have done what we can to change the process, better educate our staff and move the cases. so we will get dinged, but we took steps before the dinging to make things better and we have written procedures. so it is what it is. a year later she was refusing to testify before congress amid allegations that an out of control irs division that she ran deliberately denied americans their right to participate in american politics. in washington, carl cameron, fox news. >> gregg: difficult recovery efforts underway on the jersey shore after a massive fire hit two towns there. what might have caused this disaster and how the community plans to rebuild the boardwalk coming up of getting something "new."
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>> arthel: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. hurricane ingrid swarms off the coast of mexico. the storm has been triggering heavy rainfall over southern texas and forcing several area beaches to shut down. egypt's ousted leader hosni mubarak making his second court appearance this week. the 85-year-old was transferred to a military hospital in august and is facing several charges related to the killings of some 900 protesters during the 2011 uprising. and japan launching a new rocket into space today. it is the first new rocket designed for japan in a decade. it's billed as a cheaper, more efficient way of sending satellites into space.
6:33 pm
>> gregg: fox news alert to our top story again, the u.s. and russia reaching an agreement to gain control of chemical weapons and to eventually destroy the entire arsenal. on top of that, the u.n. security chief is expected to prevent finding from a team of weapons inspectors by monday and to what he and the u.s. believes was a government poison attack on syrian civilians last month. that incident eventually leading to today's announcement after a round of intense negotiations. our chief washington correspondent, james rosen, traveling with secretary kerry in geneva has more on what went down. >> ambitious, daunting, doable. that's how senior state department officials are describing the four-page agreement hammered out by secretary of state kerry and russian foreign minister lavrov after three days of literally round the clock negotiations between them and the respective teams of technical advisors.
6:34 pm
still sharp differences remain. while kerr entry lavrov reach add shared assessment on the size and scope of assad's chemical weapons stockpile, roughly 1,000 metric tons of chemical warfare agents and precursor, the russians did not agree with u.s. estimates that there are at least 45 sites where these weapons are produced, mixed and stored, nor that all of them are in regime controlled areas as the u.s. maintains. the u.s. and russian negotiators did agree that any failure to comply by assad with the terms of the deal, including a full declaration of his stockpiles by next friday, followed by immediate and unfettered access for inspectors there after, will result in referral to the u.n. security council for punishment. that could include a so-called chapter 7 authorization for the use of military force provided the council approves it. but they had very different takes on that. >> what remedy is chosen is subject to the debate within the council which is always true. but there is a commitment to impose measures.
6:35 pm
that's the language. we'll impose measures, equal with whatever is needed in terms of the accountability. >> it does not mean that every violation that will be reported to the security council will be taken by word. of course, we will investigate every case because there are a lot of information in the world and we should be very cautious. >> while the russians still don't agree it was the syrian regime that carried out chemical weapons attack of august 21, today's agreed upon framework aims to destroy the regime's chemical weapons stockpile, the poison gases and nerve agents, munitions that carry them and the facilities where they're produced, mixed and stored by mid 2014. u.s. officials said the first litmus test of how serious assad is of implementing the agreement will come next friday when he is required to turn over a complete and candid accounting of all of his chemical weapons and related
6:36 pm
facilities. if he fails to do that, he can be referred for punishment to the u.n. security council. gregg? >> gregg: james rosen reporting from geneva. thanks. in the meantime, inside syria, christians sending -- attend ago special mass in the country's capital of damascus. this as a fierce battle between government troops and rebel fighters continues this hour. an ancient christian town on the western part of the country, pictures of some of the victims from the village displayed during the service. the town was a major tourist attraction before the civil war. most of the villages' 3,000 residents reportedly left for safety reasons. >> arthel: more small business owners planning to hire new workers. that's according to a survey conducted by the national federation of independent business. the number now jumping to 16% from 9% in july. employers say they expect revenues to increase in the
6:37 pm
coming months, but some economists say the forecast might be a little too optimistic. let's bring in the founder of harrington capital management, kyle harrington. >> how are you? >> arthel: i'm well. let me get to it. should small businesses hire or should they wait? >> i think they should wait. i'm a small business owner. and i'm not sure that i see data that supports the hypothesis that small business owners are out and starting to hire at a faster pace. i think that there were 71,000 new small business jobs created in the month of july, in the -- july, 81,000 jobs created in august. there is a slow growth going on, i think. but with obamacare, with increased regulation, with uncertainty in the international relationship community with syria and other areas, i think that people in the small business world are on hold with respect to the overall economy.
6:38 pm
>> arthel: because they're looking and seeing it's too uncertain. >> a little bit tenuous, a little uncertain. the equity market, the job market i don't think like the uncertain associated with that. >> arthel: you were mentioning -- we talked about the national federation of independent business and how last month the employment at small firms was down an average of .3 workers per economy. the report saying that nearly four in five employees who tried to add workers reported having trouble finding qualified candidates for their openings. that is surprising to me. >> that is actually interesting. i think a lot of people have become disenchanted with the workplace, arthel. they've been unemployed for a period of time. they're collecting unemployment insurance and the applicant pool might be a little distant at the time in terms of people's overall attitude putting forward resumes and highlighting their qualifications. >> arthel: also i think part of it could be, kyle, that those openings that we're talking about, a lot of it's in the
6:39 pm
service industry. so perhaps someone who is experienced worker, they're not applying for those types of jobs. >> i think that's right. so the higher paying jobs in the small business community i think -- i don't see a lot of these small businesses out looking to hire at the pace by which some economists say they are. the nfib index is a good index to follow in terms of where small business patterns are. right now if you look at it, it's kind of been going along steadily, but no dramatic increase, i don't think, in overall. the sentiment may be higher. but let's see what the actual hiring numbers are. so i'd like to go out and hire. i would like to go out and hire. i'd hire everybody. but the reality is that what are the actual hires going to be? i think you're going to see in the coming months that it's not that great. >> when we talk about small businesses, how many employees are we talking about? 20 to 50?
6:40 pm
>> 20 to 50 is kind of the right number in terms of small business. >> arthel: i want to ask you, do you foresee a point when small businesses can safely start hiring again? >> i do. i think so. i think when we have more certainty with what our increased health care costs are going to be, with what the regulatory environment is going to be, with next week, arthel, big talks out of the fed with respect to what we're going to do in terms of quantitative easing or not. and there is going to be some big budget talks coming up here in the fall about the overall income statement of the united states. what does that look like? once you get a little bit more clarity with respect to those major issues, you'll see the small business community go out and hire a little bit faster. >> arthel: okay. i like that. we'll end it there. kyle harrington, always good to see you. i know you're going back to san diego. tell my buddies i said hi. >> you got it inform they ask about me, don't they? >> arthel: no, they don't. >> gregg: la joya.
6:41 pm
>> arthel: you can name all the areas, they don't know you there, gregg. but they love you. >> gregg: i got a lot of stories to tell. >> arthel: wow. can you just read the prompter. >> gregg: it was starting to come back from super storm sandy, the jersey shore hit with a devastating fire. coming up, the latest as people find themselves having to rebuild from yet another disaster. >> we were devastated by sandy and now the boardwalk fires destroyed pretty much all childhood memoryies 's simple ph. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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>> gregg: two days after a monster fire ripped through a boardwalk in new jersey, governor chris christie is returning to that very area to meet with the victims there. dozens of businesses -- look at this, burned to the ground in seaside park and seaside heights. the towns were, as you recall, rebuilt from super storm sandy. bryan following this story. this is a real heartache for those folks. >> it really has. talk about a one-two punch. first sandy, now a major fire. but new jersey governor chris christie privately meeting this afternoon with the boardwalk business owners affected by thursday's blaze, reassuring and rallying the community the shore will be back again. we spoke to a business owner who was in that meeting. he says christie and state commissioners are promise to go speed up the rebuilding promise by cutting government red tape, helping to expedite insurance claims and discussed available government money in the forms of grants and millions of dollars
6:47 pm
in loans. the fire is believed to have started at a frozen custard shop along the boardwalk. 25 to 30 mile-an-hour winds and tar roofs fueling the raging blaze north, destroying roughly 30 businesses over a four-block stretch. >> it's the worst feeling because we stand in here with my friends watching their buildings destroyed. we all pulled through with sandy. we all got up and got it done. we were hoping for a good future. but like this, it's very heart breaking. firefighters stopped the blaze after cutting a trench through the boardwalk, providing a firewall. firefighters were still dousing minor hot spots overnight. investigators say it is too soon to know what started the devastating fire. >> the folks on the ground are working side by side with the fire investigation team to insure that evidence is preserved. to that point, i know there are a lot of questions about how this fire started. we don't know yet.
6:48 pm
it would be irresponsible for any of us to speculate. >> we're going to bring you updates as the investigation continues. >> gregg: all right. bryan, thanks very much. >> arthel: by the way, i just got a text from my friend, alex, in san diego. she says hi, gregg. >> gregg: oh, it's nice to know people remember me in beautiful san diego. >> arthel: it is beautiful. and you're happy now? >> gregg: yes. very happy. place where i want to end up. san diego. >> arthel: do it. coming up, keeping colds and allergies at bay as the sneezing and stiffling season gets underway. "consumer reports" is next with the best over-the-counter medicines dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding.
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>> consumer reports checked out the over the counter medicines you need. we like lisa gill. the prescription drug editor for consumer reports. >> thanks for having me. >> it is important stuff that you brought.
6:53 pm
what youi] brought in for commo pain tyle versus adviowa l. >> tylenol is a great first pick for headaches, back aches and muscle pain and i will tell you why. the active ingredient in tylenol is a ceda minophen. if you are a heavy drinker, skip the tylenol and go to advil. and a d viowa l is an anti- inflammatory. >> it is good for joint pain and any sort of swelling and tenderness. and alcohol issue is not as profound. >> seriously the tylenol ifñi y er don't exceed. >> throwxd thousand mi ligrams.
6:54 pm
it was lowered a year ago. be careful. >> what about sneezy and runny nose. everybody gets that this time of year. >> nasaal sprays like a frin are really great and they work quickly. and you can go to school or work and it takes just a couple of sprays and inexpensive and here's what happened. after three days, a frin is not a good choice. you can have rebound congestion. and makes it worse than how you began. >> you can od. >> and then we recommend switching to suda fed. it is good to take. only thing, you want the old school suda fed. the one behind the farm so counter. the other one doesn't work. you might have to show id.
6:55 pm
>> it is crazy stuff over the >> if you are looking for sudaç fed for sudafedrin. >> allergy, clarit an liquid gels and zyrtech. they are equally effective. and all of the good ones are good choices and they are not always going to work for you have hadly. and you have to get to the one that works for you. >> that's fair enough. motrin and excedrin what is this here in >> mild infrequent migraine pain. that is happening in the seasons changes. they are good choices. excedrin has cafine and aspirin and a ceta minophen. if you don't like caffeine try motrin. they are both good fixes. >> this is heart burn.
6:56 pm
it doesn't matter how old you are. we have prilosec. >> no, that is nexuim. >> no, that is the box. and zanta c and tums and pepcid. infrequent heart burn tums is a great choice. if you know there is a food that makes you have heart burn. pepcid a c or wran authority ta c. and something more source is prilosex. >> harris falker is up next with the fox report. >> have a great weekend. maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible?
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