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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> fox urgent, the national guard is plucking people from harm's way. that's what is described as a surge of tlogd hitting colorado's largest urban areas tonight. south through boulder and denver and colorado spring. the worst of it demanding so many resources is boulder county. rivers and rez vors are filling up and rushing through towns and kicking everything out of its way. thousands in shelters waiting for the waters to resowed and the rain to stop. >> i am harris faulkner. it is not chlor how many people are missing but four are dead. and authorities warn there may
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be more loss of life in all of this. we'll go to colorado. also çótonight, the u.s. andñi russia, reaching a deal over syria that could have huge implications for american diplomacy. >> the world will respect the assad regime toçó live up to th public commitments. syria on a dead line to chemical weapons. and the international community waits to so if it will fill its part of a grand bargain. >> plus, just days away from a major roll out of alabama car] exchanges, a critical ally of the white house signaling trouble withel care over haul. big labor said it is simply not affordable. >> we begin in colorado, the chunk of the state spanning 4500 square miles uninundated with
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flood waters. with more punishing rain moving in, it could be days before things driveway out there. rescue crows stretched thin and navigating the raging flood waters and trying to save people. the national guard is calling in extra helicopters and high profile trucks to transport them to shelter. boulder cop county is a mess. county leader, urnling people to stay indoors even if the conditions so many tb improving where they are. >> they want to go out and take pictures and they want to record this because it is an epic ñrevt and once in a 500 year event. they want to make sure they preserve their permanent things. don't do this. it is a nowed situation, folks. we are starting to see some stabilization in the flows, but it can change in a moment's notice. >> colorado has some of the
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greatest military pilots in the world. we are now rescuing american citizens. >> i never seen water before. now there is a riverñi running through it. >> the rocky mountains and all around them. look at this. we are getting our first look at the emotional toll that the crisis is taking. others are trying to salvaging things from the homes. rescuersñi carrying-on with bac breaking work. we have meteorologist janice don't tracking the continuesñr colorado from the fox weather center. we'll go todom nick in boulder, colorado. severe weather is now moving in. >> yes, absolutely harris. we learned from the woulder office of emergency management they are expecting three inches of rain overnight between midnight and early hours of the morning andçó the public affair officer said if you think throw
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inches doesn't sound like a lot >ting and going to be bad all over the again. this comesñi after just 40 minus ago, the authorities issued em$)e flash flood warnings forñi the denver area. it ended in denver andçó they expect to see flash floods are happening right now while we are on the air. it is the southeast denver metro denver city and a urora and buckley air force base. and epgle hood and southwest denver county west a rapa ho county. there is evacuation orders in fort mason. three resivors that are looking full. it rivers that are running through the xhup system going to burst its banks. it is all happening right now, harris. >> if you think it is a simple
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weather event. this is a prolongedentious vent getting people out of the way is a huge ordeal. i told people there is four people dead and i understand that number has grown? >>w3 it locksçóñr ñr -- looks l% yearñr oldçó woman, herñi houseñ swept away and took itñi whole e way one person described it to local ñrmedia. this is how the authoritiesxd learned ofñi it. >> ñiupdate# fatality. and weçóñiñi received a report a 60-year-old female reported missing from cedar coveñr and observed in theçó river and resident tried toñi contact her and get hewi out. unfortunately she is presumed sdoesed.
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we haven't confirmed that yet but our hearts and thoughts go out to theñr family members. >> situations like this, we think we are going to so the fatality count rise. given the rain in the canyons and devastation where the emergency crows haven't roached yet. after we get extra heavy rains tonight, who knows whatñi is gog to happen. >> and the high number of people north of 150 unaccounted for. we wish them the best. dom nick thank you. >> the situation with the severe warnings is likely to get worse before it gets better. we continue our coverage with meteorologist janice dean. >> harris, we'll not get 14 or 12 inches that we received in the last couple of days, but anymore rain will add to an already awful situation. historic rainfall. this is an event that happens every once every 500 years.
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it is a very rare event to see 14 inches in boulder in a matter of two days. annual average, what you see in a years 20 inches. so not far off in just 48 hours. a urora 17 inches annually of rain and they have had 11 inches. dom nick mentioned, we have a potential for more heavy rain north and east of denver and south and west of castle rock. there is boulder right there. and where the cells set up is tricky. we have flash flood warnings in these areas. they have flash flood warnings and flooding is happening or imminent in the regions in the denver area and fort collins. it is going to be a trying situation for the next 24 or 48 hours, not only colorado, but utah and new mexico could see the potential for heavy ñr
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234r0ding and boulders and we watch the rescue teams go outñi there. sunday doesn't look good. looking for more heavy rain. but monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday we'll have conditions improving with a drying trend. that is the good news. this is our second hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season. it is ingrid in the bay of campeche. it is making its way up in the areas of colorado. unfortunately ingrid is adding to the problem in parts of the southwest and making landfall in mexico in the next 24 or 48 hours. unbelievable situation in colorado. >> that situation with ingrid has changed two and half-hours on live in america's nows headquarters. you said it will be a hurricane and now it has. >> we'll get incredible rainfall in mexico maybe two feet and
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they are in for the next 48 hours in parts of mexico. nvicious weather. janice dean, thank you very much. >> new reaction in washington to the grand bargain over syria. the president is giving a cautious congratulations to the negotiators in switzerland. three days of intense part secretary of state john kerne and the foreign minister had a deal in hand to secower the stock pile. both men agreed that talking out the problem in the negotiation table was best. president obama said if dimomacy fails and bashar al- assad does not hand over the weapons the united states is prepared to act. senators john mccain and lindsay graham said the plan does nothing and gives the assad regime time to delay and sdoef
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the world. syria has one week to cat log the weapon's cañi che. something secretary kerry it will work only with willing partners. >> the world will now expect the assad regime to live up to the public commitments, and as i said in the outset of the negotiations, there can be no games, no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the assad regime. >> secretary kerry will meet with the other international heads of state and continuing to push diplomacy for syria. chief washington correspondent james rosen is in sweatser land traveling with kerry. >> good evening from geneva. there is a long way to go before the syrian weapons are
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destroyed. if the four page framework agreed on by secretary kerry and foreign minister will homed up it will be done by next july. they agreed on the side and scopes and not the number of sights involved and they offered the language they agree on and any failure to comply will be addressed by the un security council and they will have the option of military force. >> there is a commitment to impose measures. that is the language. well, we will impose measures commen surate for the terms of accountability. >> it does not mean that every violation reported to the security council will be taken by word. >> the first test of the assad's seriousness for the agreement implemented on his behalf will come next friday when he will
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turn over chemical stock piles locations and facilities. the inspectors will be on the ground in syria by november. >> a programming for you. senator lindsay graham has his first reaction in the syrian deal. he talks with governor huckabee. we'll give you a sneak preview in the inside fox report. nright now, the injuries range from minor to severe. people air lifted from the side of an accident involving a greyhound bush. and disaster on the boardwalk again, a year after super storm sandy, fire balls over the sky in the jersey shore and erasing a big portion of the tourist attraction that we came to know. the plan to help some 50 businesses rebuild once again. stay close. rrn ♪
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>> a greyhound bus rolled off the highway and in to a corn fold in ohio. passengers were hurt. 34 of them. the bus left for cincinnati this morning and along the way the accident happen. the medical helicopters taken injured to the hospital. those escaped unharmed are taken back to cincinnati. one witness said the driver may have been asleep. >> i was on the bus and i was on my phone and i was sending a text to my wife and next thing i heard two ladies scream wake up and wake up. and the bus driver looked slumped over. >> police are questioning that driver in a local hospital. the bus company said he was a veteran driver 15 years with the company and had "plenty of
7:17 pm
rest". two lates of interstate 75 were closed as they looked into the exact cause of the accident. >> a new promise to rebuild after another disasterñi in the jersey shore. dozens of businesses in sea side park and sea side heights burned to the ground. we have shared the images and pictures for the last now days. and governor chris kroifty toured the damage and it is from thursday's fire that wiped out months of rebuilding after super storm sandy. he has plans to spode up demolition and recovery again and help anybody who wants to rebuild. >> we have two days to assess things but we have work to do. couple of days to mourn and now move on and get to work. >> brian joins from yous new york nows rom.
7:18 pm
ngovernor chris kroifty meet thee hours and reassured and announced a 15 million in government aid to help bring the shore back. a business orb in the meeting said christie and state commissioners are promising to spode up the rebuilding by cutting red tape and expedoiting insurance claims. the four is believed to have started at a froze ep custard shop. 25 miles per hour fuelled the raging businesses north over a four block stretch. >> people started to feel better about themselves and the season was disappointing as far as tourism and now this. it is just heart break. >> usingñi construction equipme to rebuild after sandy, the four fight cut a 20 foot trench in the board walk and saved homes
7:19 pm
ip+  resident said the fire department saved the entire ñi town. they douced minor hot spots and investigators say it is too soon to know what started the devastating fire. some speculated it was suspicious or arson. and the governor said it is irresponsible to come to any conclusion at this time andñi credited the people on the ground to assure a çóthorough investigation. harris. >> more than 1 billion of american taxpayer money, our money reportedly went toñi peop who got greed and didn't deserve it. the federal anxious who made payments to people who apparently didn't need help. celebrity chef paula deen in her first public partnerships. and where she chose to resurface after the controversy that
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>> so we are finding out from federal accountants a large part of our taxpayments are wasted on improper disability payments. that is what estimates the social security administration dealed out one.throw billion to people supposedly unable to work when in fact they may have been employed while receiving the cash benefits. the money was paid to 36,000 people in 2010 and this year. it blames it on part of the
7:24 pm
social security to police weaknesses in their own system. it comes) security program is facing a huge financial crisis. the trust fund could run out of money in three years unless congress does something to repair the short fall. >> we like to check in with our fox affiliates around the nation to so what they are working on and tonight, we go to texas, the queen of çósouthern cuisine is back. paula deen making her first public appearance since the controversy is not her in a free fall. here is theñi story. >> that is a ugly cry, mom. ñi >>ñr sobbing in a ñiçókleeniowad deen admitted to learn a lot about herself. >> this is my first time out in
7:25 pm
thr three months. (applause) and i am the one place to makeñ my first step back out was texas. (applause) >> paula deen's show on the food network got cancelled and she lost endorsements after admitting that she had used racial slurs in the past. that lawsuit was settled. >> i am going to lay one like that. >> now deen's fans hope she will settle back in another television kitchen. >> hi, i am back. >> and keep on cooking. >> it was blown out of porportions and paula was trying to honest. she got crucified for it.
7:26 pm
>> i think she is fabulous and she should have a second chance. >> she will make two more appearances in relint in houston. >> the u.s. roaches the deal with a former cold war enemy all to stop-9 flexing military mig but can russia beçó trusted. let alone syria regime to cope the deal. >> and three years ago president obama signed the health care law in to law. back then big labor was a cheerleader. but not anymore. members say they did support it and now they figured out they can't afford it. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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7:31 pm
boulder in one county alone. it is spanning 4500 square miles and roughly the size of connecticut. heavy rains expected to continue for the next now days and moving on in head lines. in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry and russian diplomat agreed on a framework to destroy syrian weapons ca che. syria was absent. i spoke to the foreign ambassador to the united john bolton. what should the united states do if the assad regime backs out of the deal? >> this agreement will do i a death by a thousand cuts and assad is required to make the initial declaration. it will slip a few days or maybe a now more and the first declaration will not be full and complete and then a mended and a mended again. you can see the impact as time goes on and that is what the
7:32 pm
strategy is. >> our chief washington correspondent james rosen traveling with secretary kerry was the only reporter to ask him. he asked him in the response? >> we'll have to make him comply. it is time for the weapon's inspectors to move in before the regime makes those weapons disa pore. >> how do we get rid of those weapons? secretary of state john kerry thinks that the goal of ridding syria of chemical weapons isñi achievable even though syria is in a midst of the civil war and agreement. the syrian government took extraordinary pains to keep chemical weapons under its control and out of areas of the fighting and therefore, kerry said, united nation's weapons inspector should be able to find
7:33 pm
and move and destroy them. >> if they live up toñi the wor we should not have a problem achieving access to their sites. >> president obama said the international community expects bashar assad's regime to live up to the commitments. and syria is joining the chemical weapons convention on october 14th. >> interesting. reaction on capitol hill is broadeningçó as well. >> republican congressman king said it strengthens assad and vladimar putin. >> we've allowed putin to go back and inject himself as a major force in the middle east and given assad a grpt to stay in power. the russian is the protector and they will get rid of the chemical weapons. how can we move against assad or give support to the rebels. we have weakened our position.
7:34 pm
>> democratic senator carl levin said it is important for everyone. but especially for syria and russia to keep in mind as the president said, the united states remains prepared to act if syria does not implement the agreement. the first test will be on september 21st. one week away when syria is to provide a comprehensive listings of the chemical weapons stock piles. >> molly, thank you very much. one of the most outspoken law makers is senators lindsay ñiñ!% graham. he and septemberorfá mccain released a joint statement and called the framework worked out meaningless. you will see senator graham's first television interview. he argues stopping theñi syria weapon's crisis is a small part of the bigger picture.
7:35 pm
he said the focus should be on iran. here is a portion of that. >> the mixed message and the debacle called syria can't be repeated when it comes to iran. here's cq i am going to do. i will get a bipartisan çó cocarcsalition put together and put a use of force and allowing our country to use military force to stop iran nuclear program to make sure all of the debacle called syria does not mean we are confused about iran. >> you can watch that entire interview on huckabee. >> october 1st, here it comes. top labor leaders are attempting to iron what they see a serious hurdle in the health care law. insurance exchanges are set to kick in on the first of next month and thatñr has union representatives anxious to resolve differences with the
7:36 pm
white house. they were a big supporter. the main issue, unionxd heu-! plans that are not eligible for taxçóçóçó subsidies under obama 9ñ elizabeth has more. >> hi, harris, after the organization argued theqñ affordable act will cripple union workers. the president richard sclumka went to the white house and seemingly upbeat but not giving a report to the media. >> is it an act of congress? >> it is a solution. >> he pointed to the damaging affects the law calling it highly disruptive and the labor union will not support the law unless changes are made toñrlp protectñi theiri xdñiplans. ó but the white house said members are not eligible for tax subsidies and in part it reads. the treasury department does not jeáu(sj
7:37 pm
ñiñ xdçh plans to receive individual market tax credits. >> one of the biggest supporters is displeased with the outcome. >> we know tá) bigçó labor is leaving on the president and want him to rewritqi the s(q law. and apparently he isw3 listenin to them. but what about everybody else? that is not in big labor. ñi 0 çrñ they urged law makers to e people a reprieve. regisótrationñiñr; line çóexchanges. çó harris, back toñi you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. >>ñi unions are not theçó only the president's national health care plan. they are a biggerñi part. %9%9 you on the saturday night.
7:38 pm
>> you say it is part of a growing trend of the push against obama care. let's start specifically the a fl- cio a huge supporter of the president and now looking at this and saying our members can't afford çóñithis. >>zvñr the president promisedñu like your current insurance plan and current doctor nothing willr change. apparently it is changing for a i think the administration has a ñrgood policy point. cadillac health care with low deductible and enormous range oó benefits probably shouldn't be subsidized. but the unions believed they would get preferial treatment and they are not. they are about to lose the cherished and hard- fought benefits that they won through collective bargaining. >> talk about the politics of this. the republicans are using their weekly address to focus on obama
7:39 pm
care. and we'll watch a little bit of the response and talk more. >> i can tell you things that patients and families count on. doctors and their plans and the cost of their care, all of this comes under siege in the president's health care law. it will not just fail to keep its promises, it will make things much worse. >> i should mention congressman black of tennessee is a nurse. that is her background. the political pick up of this from theñi republican critics o obama care now,çó they are gettg a lot of help. nwell, there is very disturbing delays in what the administration çóñipromised. ñ% remember, theyñr are going to ge remember, theyñr are goi subsid are notóñrçó ñicheating. ñi for the first year, youñi can p down any income levelñi that yo want? >>ñr is that true? >> they will not screen for it. >> and we were told the navigators and people hired to guide you through the healthñm4y
7:40 pm
careçóiçóexchanges. >>çó we'll need a lot of those. >> none ofñr them are going through background checks at least as far ss the federal government is ñiconcerned. >> what does that mean? >> in a age ofñi stolenñi idents and they will have access to the federal data hub. people are concerned on capitol hillñ.'ñxvq!q?iñiñr theñr secu healthñi records and medical records, your financialñi ñirec, might be ñijeopardized. >> what do"=u sayñi toñerñiñi f thatí6le of thinking. there areçó ways to check that d make sure your privacy isñi someone $uid i am fromvsaying, - government and i am here to help you. you trust and also verify. >> also democrats are backing away from this and they are vocal about it. >> they are concerned about the 2014 election. obama care is more unpopular now
7:41 pm
than when it passed. you exempted business from obama care for a xdyear. election? >> it would come after president obama is in office. >> it would be time shifted and wew3 will have a next president because of term limits will have this dumped in their lap. ççñ what party that person will be >> thank you. >> tonight a major recall from a car makers. r ofñrñiçóçóñiñiñi thousands of ñ police stormedñi a ñiñica feñi alleged offenders were a long way from home. ñi >> why this blast off couldñi urberb ini a new ñieraçó of ho putçóñr satellites in to space. i am today by luck.
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our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. spain, police storm the ca fe and wrestling the suspects to the floor. they are accused of smuggling more than 1,000 pound fz cocaine in the country. all four are canadian members of hell's angels and the u.s. justice department considers it an organized crime syndicate. poland, union members marched through wa rsaw. the prime minister taking heat
7:46 pm
after raising retirement age and cutting hours. >> japan, a successful rocket launch. after a two week delay, the model is cheaper and more efficient way of sending satellites in space. a previous launch was cancelled before liftoff. and south korea. the athletes made history. they earned a place in the podium. a chance to see the country's flag raised in a international sporting event in the north. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> suzuki motors is recalling cars and suvs or air bag sensors. they are made from 2006 to 2011.
7:47 pm
sensor maps measuring the passenger's weight can stop working and deploy the air bags. the force of an air bag can injure a small child or small adult. dealers will replace those mats for free. >> the irs scandal is back. what did she know and when did she know it? irs official lois lerner refused to testify when asked about the group on targeting americans. she was in charge. and now something that learner put in writing may come back to haunt her. the whole story played out this week and we'll catch you up, in case you missed it. [ male announcer ] house rule number 33.
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in case you missed it this past week, the woman at the center of the irs scandal is back in the news. lois lerner is still on leave before she refused to testify. carl cameron tells us that something she appeared in writing could come back to haunt her. >> e-mails from loweris learner,
7:52 pm
and an e-mail from learn every learn are wrote. te party is dangerous. and they should not have the case. she claimed to be unaware of groups targeted and claims that the problem was limited to a pair of rogue irs agents in the office. the house ways and means committee released it as part of the tax collecting agency. she was replaced as head of the irs tax exempt division. learner was notified of an irs inspector general investigation and acknowledged that improper
7:53 pm
actions were occurred. we have better educated our staff. we'll get dinged and took steps to make things better and we have written procedures so it is what it is. >> a year later she refused to testify before congress amid allegations that they had denied americans their rights. >> and flash flooding happening right now. people in colorado are living through a nightmare. more than 800 rescues. and the national guard and emergency responders. and police are standed and they have to try to help. and it is deadly.
7:54 pm
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>> you've heard the expression
7:57 pm
if it seems to be true it probably s. sadly it was the case for the waitress in missouri who thought she had hit the mother load of a tip. one of the customers wrote 200,000 on the bill's tip line. >> you see 200,000. and yeah, i wanted to be like that is my car payment and student loans and go back to college. yeah, 200,000. you want to let yourself believe it. >> unfortunately the tip amount was declined. a cruel joke or case of bad math. the waitress posted the picture of the receipt on a social media web site and now she is afraid she will lose her job. >> we'll do a recap. secretary of state john kery and russian minister cering cering
7:58 pm
-- la vror. they have until friday to tell experts ha much they have and where they are storing them and a fifth person presumed dead in widespread flooding in colorado. we'll check back withdom in boulder. >> harris in the last hour the colorado national guard expects to rescue everyone that is stranded in the next 72 or 92 hours. they are sending them out with night vision googles. and they have enlisted 1200 people and it is a monumental effort. >> what we have going on in the last 24 hours is the greatest number of americans rescued by helicopter since hurricane katrina. and that will continue. >> that will continue as long as
7:59 pm
they possibly can. the rain expected three inches is in the denver area. that will cause havoc in certain parts of the area. denver international airport is sprpsing delays of two hours and expected to get worse. boulder air hopefully they would be spared. it looks like the weather movement is hanging over river. with the river threat eping to burst, we'll know come morning. >>dom nick, what meteorologist janice dean said it is on top of areas of 15 to 16 inches and altogether it is a tremondayous load for the people in colorado. thank you for your live reporting in fox report tonight. that's it for us. on saturday 14th. 2013. im harris faulkner. and eli


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