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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 15, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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boxed into corners or play games. they make the hard decisions, they don't pass them off on others. they understand the buck stops with them. hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. what a difference a week makes. first the president is hell bent on a military strike in syria, but then backs off and decides to ask congress for permission. then he asks congress to delay their vote on giving him permission because john kerry made an offhand, offscript remark which even his own state department dismissed as rhetorical. and the latest, we reach an agreement with russia to force syria to give up chemical weapons. just like that, the washington two-step in full swing. russian president vladimir putin, now the new peace keeper
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in chief. the go-between for the united states and the people we were about to bomb. really? we are going to rely on russia to dissolve the chemical weapons dilemma in syria? for two years, mr. president, you said assad had to go. but you did nothing. a year ago you drew another make-believe red lines, but did nothing. despite over 100,000 people killed, last week you suddenly announced that as commander in chief you will order a military strike. the american public, understandably, is outraged. they don't want more american blood spilled. what to do? back off the commander in chief thing and outsource the decision to congress. but if congress balks, you say you'll go back to being commander in chief and go ahead with a limited strike. now mr. president, you are the
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leader of the free world. do it or don't do it. don't talk about it. it's your talking and ditherring that got us into the mess in the first place. i watch the west wing. isn't diplomacy don't in secret behind closed doors? what's with the macho man we're going to go in and show them balogna. every time you open your mouth you get in trouble. do you think of the consequences? don't you hash this out ahead of time? isn't that the what the cabinet and advisers are for? it's amateur hour in washington. you can't keep the scripts straight between you and the secretary of state and your state department. you have proved to the world we're not to be afraid of, not respected, and you don't say what you mean and don't mean what you say. why would anyone want to be the
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ally of the united states? and john kerry, congress, it would be an unbelievably small strike. which makes no sense to me. how would that eliminate chemical weapons or bring the civil war to an end in syria or change anything at all in syria? and to show you knuckle heads are not on the same page, you'd then disagree with your own secretary of state. >> the united states military doesn't do pinpricks. even a limited strike will send a message to assad that no other nation can deliver. >> and by the way, mr. president, how can you guarantee your tomahawk missile won't kill civilians and children? and don't give me that satellite laser thing. a thousand pound missile will bring down buildings and cause collateral damage well beyond
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your precise strike zone. but enter big bad vlad doing the putin pivot. a lifeline to assad and to the president of the united states. who knows that the american public and the international community is against him. mr. president, putin sees you as an easy mark, and he plays you like a fiddle. the president of the united states has been played, cornered. how? putin is the one supplying arms to assad and he wouldn't even hand over someone you consider a traitor after five weeks of negotiations. putin is the one offering the anti-missile defense system to keep us from hurtingsaw said. he called the secretary of state an outright liar. but today he's all ally. you rely on him to save face.
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and as putin rides high on his horse, he tries to sway the public in an op-ed piece other than his criticism than american exceptionalism most americans would agree with. i believe in american exceptionalism and kowtowing to moscow, i hate that, especially a former kgb agent for a resolution to a problem we should have been able to handle ourselves. cosince dentally, he asks things you can't answer. how is a strike against syria in the national security interest? and why would the united states to want enter a civil war that would spread beyond syria? putin is credible. russia is the patron of syria and iran. they have a vital interest in the region that obama talked about attacking. they drink their own cool aid,
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now says that assad was afraid of a military strike and it was only the u.s. threat of force that prompted assad to make these concessions. really? do you really think assad is afraid of us? he reads the papers. he knew that congress, the international community with the u.n., the e.u., nato and the brits were all against strike. and no surprise, the u.n. still hasn't issued its opinion on who used those chemical weapons in syria. so why are we letting putin be the intermediary, delivering messages from a guy who we say is in no position to set terms and we want to believe him just to save face. and mr. president, if you were serious, you would have gone forward congressional permission to show strength by the refusal
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to hand over all chemical weapons. mr. president, you have been played, caught flat-footed by a devil who doesn't wear prada. through your feckless and inept foreign policy, you have squandered the good will and the reputation of this great nation. you engage in diplomacy with your finger to the wind. the united states of america deserves better. the men who have made the monumental decisions that contributed to the greatness of medica america did it from a position of strength and respect. they didn't make these decisions on stage, but rather ee after consultation a consideration of the consequences. you sit in the same office where lincoln, fdr and reagan sat, but you are no lincoln, no fdr and you are no reagan.
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to most of us, 2016 can't come soon enough. and coming up, we'll have much more on syria and russia, and has america lost respect on the world stage? and vote in the instapoll, was president obama played by president putin? facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine. we'll read your answers later in the show. ♪
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the world will now expect the assad regime to live up tos
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it public commitments. >> secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart announcing a deal to destroy syria's chemical weapons. fox news contributor john bolton. good evening. >> good evening. >> is it realistic to expect the assad regime to live up to these commitments? >> certainly not. especially when it comes from russia which hasn't lived up to its obligations under the chemical weapons convention since it came into force in the 1990s. the russians most experts believe did not fully disclose the stockpile back then or working on the chemical weapons. the idea that russia is going to help with this deal is comical on its face. >> and there is a statement, i
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believe, by senator graham who said is that putin created a box canyon for the united states. do you think and agree that he's forced us into a corner? >> i think you have to look at it as where we stand right now. the president, our president, has not achieved his objectives. he is not exacted retribution for crosses the red line and killing incident civilians. and the absence of a strike has not created the deterrent affect on assad or anybody else for using weapons of mass destruction. president obama has not talked about giving up the chemical weapons, he's talked about deterring future use. that's not even in the picture. and russia's main interest is keeping assad in power. and the implementation of the agreement, if it goes forward, will help that objective as well. i think russia's in the driver's
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seat and we're watching the world go by. >> and with the identification of chemical weapons, as you know, the u.n. that was doing the investigating, hasn't even reported what its findings are, how do we know that we have everything? how do we know -- aren't they moving the stuff around now? how easy is it to take chemical weapons out of a country where they're in the middle of a civil car bombing and shooting each other? >> the assad regime is almost certainly moving the chemical weapons around and give a false declaration. i've worked with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. they have never undertake an weapon's destruction project like this, never. nothing close. all the predictions about schedules and how soon they're going to be destroyed are nothing but guesswork at this stage.
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i think this is a long trap. the russian objective was to buy time for the assad regime. i think they have succeeded in that. and for those -- i didn't agree with the idea of helping the rebels, but for those who wanted the rebel's help to destabilize assad, this is in the other direction, contrary to the president's objective, he said he wants assad overthrown. >> what about iran? as iran is watching this, watching its patron, russia, come to the, you know, you know, protection of syria, how do you think iran is looking at this in terms of its own nuclear enrichment? >> they're shaking their head at the obama administration's inability to follow through. they have said over and over on iran's nuclear weapons program all options are on the table. they have never believed the president would use force. here you have the use of a
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weapons of mass destruction, and even then president obama can't bring himself to use force. the objective or the end result of the u.s./russia agreement will be more negotiation. from iran's point of view, at some stage, and i'm surprised it hasn't happened already, they would love to get back? negotiations, the united states. watch the nuclear weapons proceed. they are counting this as another win for them. >> and the rest of the world, how are they looking at us? you have been in the rooms where decisions and negotiations have gone on. how do you think the rest of the world sees us tonight? >> i think in amazement. i just came back from a week in the persian gulf region this morning. and our friends in that region just have their heads in their hands in dismay at the vacillation, the flip-flopping, the indiciveness of the obama
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white house. they are worried about the iranian nuclear weapons program that's close to crossing the finish line. >> exactly. thank you for being with us this evening. and coming up, we're going to continue. is the u.s. still a superpower? you'd be surprised by what most americans think. and later, our wounded warriors should be treated like heros should be treated like heros when they return from battle. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can save money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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so how is the united states world standing been affected since president obama took office and? a new fox news poll shows nearly half of americans say we're less respected. what does the crisis in
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leadership really mean for our country? with me, democracyic strategist, and tony. mark, the president was re-elected less than a year ago. how do you mess up so quickly? >> look, let's be clear of what the poll is asking. asking americans what people overseas think about us. we're not sure. it's like the kid at recess that's insecure and wants a girl to like him. but he's coming up with the worst case scenario. if you look at international polls, polls of people in other countries. they think more highly today of the president -- >> you think the rest of the world thinks more highly of us? >> gallup tracked this. why don't we ask the source?
12:23 am
>> i pulled the pew learn poll. >> okay. >> what you're arguing, and what democratic points are is that the rest of the world likes us more. how many countries do you think are in the world? >> there are over 180. >> between 194 and 195. >> yeah. >> this is based on 39, none of whom are people who are fighting and burning us in effigy. that's not true. >> all right. it's the pew poll, but let me say this, the united states is a symbol of prosperity and freedom in the world. that hasn't changed in the last 24 hours, two weeks or five years. we are and remain -- >> the fox news poll, throw that baby up again. >> yeah, let's -- >> go ahead. >> judge, i'm glad mark likes to cite pew. from a year ago -- excuse me, mark. in many middle eastern
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countries, the countries that president obama initially appealed to as president, the new beginning speech in cairo, they have a less opinion of the united states today than under george w. bush. >> i don't care what the rest of the world thinks, why do we think less? >> because it's an incore heernt foreign policy, not just since he was re-elected. and we see the one that kennedy and george bush and clinton go totally to the wayside with the chaos through weakness. it's incoherent. and especially in the middle east, cairo, we undermined them -- >> mubarak -- >> syria, assad never used chemical weapons with george w. bush. >> mark. go ahead. >> i'd like to talk about peace through strength.
12:25 am
i agree with tony that peace through strength is a smart strategy, it's been a deterrent through the ages, and the only reason that russia and vladimir putin came up with this solution was they saw barack obama flexing america's military muscle, about to launch military strikes in syria and because of that show of strength -- >> go to congress first. if you're a leader you do what you say and say what you mean. >> let's not forget congress was about to give him this authority. you had boehner. >> are you kidding me? >> john mccain, republicans in congress -- >> the a.p. did an analysis to opinion on military intervention, 226 were leaning no, and 188 undecided, and the leadership were about 30 in going to war, authorizing the use of force. that wasn't an option, and that's why mr. putin knew it
12:26 am
wasn't going to happen. that's why he moved in, saw the moment of panic and peakness on the behalf of president obama -- >> he -- finish my sentence -- >> much interesting. diplomatic solution nothing. assad is the president of syria, taken american military use off the table. that was the only point of leverage, and cemented russia's dominant over the middle east since 1972. >> you have the last word, mark. >> thank you. it was an important point about dithering and confusion. remember, republicans a year ago thought the president doesn't doing enough. he announces a strike, they get afraid we're doing too much -- >> the president and the democrats -- >> and say, oh, no, no, we're not doing enough again. >> an impact a year ago. >> you got the last word, mark
12:27 am
and tony, thank you. >> nice to see you. >> thanks, judge. veterans face the fight of their lives on u.s. soil. why is a government that gives so much money to foreign countries so cheap with its own soldiers? and vote in the insta-poll, the syria chemical weapons showdown. was president obama played by president putin? facebook or tweet me @judge pirro. [ male announcer ] has your phone turned you into a control freak?
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their flooded neighborhoods and into shelters. thousands of people have been evacuated in the affected area, fanning 4500 square miles. that is about the size of connecticut. and its potential trouble brewing near mexico ingrid becoming the second hurricane of the atlantic storm season packing winds of 75 miles per hour and could hit mexico on monday. those on the coast are being ordered to he vac wait. -- evacuate. now back to justice with judge jeanine. for latest headlines log on to fox faulkner, more news when we get it. now the judge. ♪ two wounded brothers and one says to the other you first ♪ ♪ we're a free nation because of them. why is it that the veterans returning from war get nothing but red tape from the government?
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more than a quarter of a million veterans are appealing disability claim decisions they say are just flat-out wrong, while others are waiting more than four years for an answer. the wait time increased 50% since obama took office. and a veteran affairs office employee who represents them, and john super who is appealing a denial of benefits for years. gentlemen, good evening. >> good evening. >> john, you first, you are seeking disability benefits far legitimate war injury. what has the process been like for you? >> well, it's a pretty long, drawn out process. i started the appeal process in 2011, and i didn't actually get an appeal hearing until january of 2013. >> and when you -- you made the decision to appeal, what do you think your chances are?
12:33 am
>> well, i was -- it's my understanding that it never should have had to have been appealed anyway. it should have been given a disability rating. it deserved one. it rated a disability rating. >> and do they tell you why think delayed it or didn't give it to you? >> there was nothing that i could understand as an explanation, no. >> what does that mean you couldn't understand it? >> i read the paperwork and there was nothing that made sense to explain exactly why i was not given -- i was given a disability rating at 0%. >> we're looking at your picture on the screen here. glenn, what can be done about what john is talking about? >> well, the v.a. has admitted that only 17% of their raters -- the decision-makers are adequately train, that received the mandatory train.
12:34 am
right there, over eight out of ten aren't getting properly trained. so we're seeing many, probably two-thirds of all decisions have mistakes in them. and that needs to be -- that needs to be dealt with immediately. >> what is the average wait? >> on an appealed claim it's going around four years now. and, you know, two years ago we said when it was two to three years away, this can't get any worse, but now going on four years. and that's satisfactory. that's not acceptable. we don't leave our troops in the field, therefore we shouldn't leave these people out in the street. >> and what do you think, john, or -- what do you want to say to other vets going through the same thing. >> stay persistent. stay on them. call them. >> john, does it depend on who you talk to? >> it's hard to find somebody to
12:35 am
talk to that will actually give you answers. i can tell you, i've called the v.a., the appeals board, i'm sorry, the department that handles the appeals, and i've actually had them hang up on me. >> the they hung up on you? >> i was asking why -- >> you're talking money, medical, medicine, disability benefits. >> right. >> okay. and when you asked them, what did they say? >> i got very generic answers. one person would not give me a direct answer. when i specifically stated i want a direct answer, i'm just telling you what i tell all veterans. and i was transferred where i left my name and information and contact info and still waiting. that was three weeks to a month ago. >> all right, glenn and john,
12:36 am
thanks so much for being with us this evening. terrible story. don't forget to vote in the inthat-poll. was president obama played by president putin? and coming up, they were married for just eight days when the newlywed bride pushes her husband off a cliff. husband off a cliff. she we've completely redone the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, husband off a cliff. she and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it or have to come back and redo it. with angie's list, i was able to turn my home into the home of my dreams. for over 18 years, we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes.
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federal judge has ordered a montana newlywed charged with murder released from jail on her own recognizance despite the fact she admitted to killing her husband of eight days by pushing him off a cliff and trying cover up the crime. jordan graham is walking the streets, and friends and family of the man she killed, cody lee johnson can't believe it. joining me now is max roca, a co-worker of now-deceased cody lee johnson. you knew him, worked with him, he was a newlywed, some say he was warned against going through the marriage. what did you think about his wife? >> caller: you know i did not have an extremely large amount of interaction with jordan, she was never around. when we would get together
12:41 am
outside of work, it was very few and far between that i had ever seen jordan. and when she was there, it was pretty much the attitude that she had somewhere else to be. >> that she had -- in other words she didn't want to be there. >> caller: yeah, never seemed like she really interacted with us on a personal level. it was like she had somewhere else to be. >> and was that with respect to you or with respect to her fian fiance, soon to be husband? >> caller: you know, i think it was really difficult for me because when people are like that, sometimes you want to say in your head, they have a relationship behind closed doors. maybe the person that's not very, you know, they're not an extrovert, they kind of keep themselves and their relationship private. but it just struck me as odd that cody was always putting forth the effort that she was
12:42 am
getting what she needed, he was at work, communicating with her, it seemed very one-sided in my opinion. >> and when he spoke about her did he say anything unusual or anything you look back on and say it was a trigger? >> caller: when he said anything, it was a positive light. he want ed to make sure she was taken care of. that was priority number one in his life. i know there were several times where it was like we were going out somewhere to go, you know, hang out after work or what have you and bring jordan, just very normal, casual conversation, and it was either met with an immediate, you know, no, that's not possible, or he would attempt to bring her out and met with refusal. >> interesting. all right. thanks for being with us this evening. with me now are steve greenberg,
12:43 am
former prosecutor richard portale, new a defense attorney. is this a he said she said situation, richard, or do you think the prosecution has a case here? >> they have a rock solid case. >> why? >> the confession is rock solid. it's likely to be true. she lied several times -- two day was a she lied to prosecutors or at least to the law enforcement about a text message she said she received from mr. johnson. we know she lied because just after that, she sent another text message to her friending i'm going to see him. >> and the first text message was allegedly from him saying i'm going away with a friend and she doesn't have it. >> right. then she comes home and sees him getting into the car. the reason is to cover up for the murder. >> and then finds his body.
12:44 am
>> there's a slip. she said to the park ranger, this is where he said he wanted to go before he died. >> that's amazing. defense attorney, steve, what do you make of this? this woman is denying that, you know, she had anything to do with it and then finds his body, how many days later was it? >> five. >> five days later, it was over a cliff that he wanted to go to before he died. >> she said and he ain't saying anything. all you have her description of the event. you can explain she was freaked out, nervous, scared. and look what happened when she told the prosecution what occurred. she got charged with the murder. >> what do you think she told police that you as a defense attorney would use? >> i think what she told them eventually was he grabbed her
12:45 am
and when he grabbed her and yanked at her, she turned to push him away. they were having a discussion. she was very open about the fact she wasn't happy about being married. so that's not contested. she went out and talked to him about it. he may have overreacted, grabbed at her, she turns around and pushes him. the post-death conduct can easily did explained by saying she was afraid. >> okay. so richard, the woman's married for eight days and now she's afraid. she pretty much sets it up and lies about the fact that, you know, he's with a friend when now we know that she was with him and pushed him over the cliff. how does that work with the jury? >> i don't think that works at all. his wallet, car keys are left, leave with strangers or friends at 10:00 at night and leave the cell phone and wallet and keys. he sent the text, deleted it and
12:46 am
jumped in the car and went. >> that's not the story she's going with. she says she was out there with him. who cares about that? what happened? did she push him over the cliff after telling people she wanted to get rid of him? >> she also contradicts herself, he reached out, and she shoves him in the back. they would be facing each other. js i have the of a day visit, and it says she was having second thoughts about having been married and needed to talk to someone about her issue. they also talk about the fact that, you know, she says that if a text message, if i don't show up, look for me. >> something happened sounds like she took things into her own hands. >> judge, why does she go out days later and find the body? she knew where it was. why do that? why not leave it there --
12:47 am
>> she knew they were going find it. >> some people aren't adds smart as you are. coming up, he goes on youtube to say he's ready to be punished to killing a man, but then he pleads not guilty. really? and this is the last chance to vote in tonight's insta-poll. was president obama played by president putin. send your answer on facebook or twitter. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can save money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ]
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and disz scourge discourage drunk driving after he drove druk on drunk on the wrong side of the street. but this week, his lawyers entered a plea of not guilty. some say it was a plea to get a more lenient judge assigned to the case. steve, i'll go to you first. the guy gets on youtube and says i did it. i was wrong. i was drunk. this is terrible. i'm gloioing to go and admit my guilt. he goes to court and pleads nolt. what kind of message is that? >> there ice no m's no message t guilty. maybe they do want to get a better judge. just because he's coming forward and wants to plead guilty doesn't mean he wants to throw the book at them. >> so what should they go? judge shop and just keep moving
12:52 am
until he gets the right judge? >> i think we should focus on what's important here. that is that there is a million plus views of this video and he begged people not to drink and drive. if he saves one life, i absolutely applaud him for doing it. he's not going to treatment which helps him. sel self-centered treatment. >> steve, the judge who arraigned him had already indicated what the sentence would be. so what's he balking about. ? >> i don't know that he's balking at anything. i agree with richard is that what he did is a good thing. if he would have done it silently and quietly and just gone into the prosecutors office, no one would talk about it. know one no one would know about it. there's not a defense attorney around who likes drunk driving.
12:53 am
>> what about the fact that, you know, at this point, instead of saying your honor, we're going to schedule it for a plea, as he suggested on the youtube video that you say got a million viewers, you know, what about the feeling that just played the system there. nothing was scheduled for a plea. what if that video saves one life? i guess it's worth the sentence, if that's the case. what i'm really trying to do is right his wrong. >> i agree. that you should get towards the minimum because he tried to right his wrong. if he said nothing and they came to hunt him down, that would be a different story. if you did something, take responsibility for it. here, we have someone taking
12:54 am
responsibility in a very public way sending a message to people. >> both of you guys are taking a side when there really was outrage. you know what, as far as i'm concerned, an arraignment is an arraignment. i understand how the public would be non-lawyers and say hey, walt a minute, this guy played the system. but here's the more interesting i shall shoe to me. do we now have social media being used as a way to confess to a crime in the hopes of getting a belter offer from the prosecution or the court. >> my position doesn't change. if people can use social media to affect positive change and potentially right the wrong, they're committed if they're serious about it. if you're trying to play the system, it's a different story. but if you can use it for positive change to try to fix something that you've done, i don't have a problem with it. >> richard, are we in a scenario where maybe if you do a youtube
12:55 am
video to get attention, then they might say i was really drunk, i was only kidding. i wonder if half of these people even know what they're getting themselves into on youtube and some of the social media. >> look how many cases there have been where people post things on facebook. we get cases all the time with guys standing there with guns and gang signs. it easterble. i don't like any social media. >> well, you're a good defense attorney. well, thank you, gentlemen. now, for our ins strksstapoll. the vast majority says yes.
12:56 am
putin is a chess player. obama is a pawn. grace says the community organizer is no match for the weathered ex-k.g.b. agent. martin says i do believe mr. putin took advantage of every aspect of this situation as would nid enemy. maybe, peter. but i'm going to give florence the last word. putin was a sly fox. isn't your book judged by the same title? well, yes, it is, florence. and you can buy that and clever fox at
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