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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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on twitter on facebook and on our home page. we're back here next sunday morning, 11 eastern with the latest buzz. >> we start with a fox alert. it was a difficult sunday morning out west. colorado suffering from historic flooding. and it's another day with more rain on the way. that surging water now covering a vast span of that state, filling up rivers beyond capacity and devastating some towns. emergency crews frantically trying to save those who remain stranded but the back breaking work is putting a huge strain on local resources and now this morning there are fears the death toll and the growing count of the missing could climb. this is a brand new era of american news headquarters. >> we're also getting a look at the devastating toll this crisis
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is taking on the victims. >> it's like everything you know and love, you just see it get swept away in a matter of hours. >> one friend dead. no idea of when we can go back and what will be left when we get back. >> the governor is live outside of the flooded town of orchard, colorado. how it's looking there? >> it's completely swamped. but the number of people unaccounted for has doubled overnight. the authorities now saying at least 500 people unaccounted for. two of those officially missing in larmer county, people went back to help her. by the time they got back there, the house had been completely washed away. they are now assuming she and one other person is now missing. there are flood alerts and evacuations on the south platte river have close to where we
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are. nine feet above flood levels. here is what happened yesterday. they had three feet of water bursting out of the platte river. locals say it is normally just a little stream. debris rolled out. guess what? we are expecting another two feet of water to come back on this very point exit's just going to cast all of this debris back into the landscape and vanish. the national guard saying the people living on the banks of the river, thousands of those are going to be displaced today. they have been using air lifts to get people out from the front range. a short distance from where we're standing. this is how they have been describing that effort overnight. >> where they lower somebody down from the helicopter, the helicopter can't land but they send a soldier down there at the end of a cable and that soldier
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clips on to the person and they lift him out. the guys from fort carson have done over 20 and they will keep doing those. some places that is the only way to get to these folks. >> the authorities bracing themselves for the fall out of those rains. of course they are stretched thin is what the city authorities in boulder were telling us last night. this is just a colossal disaster now. all the way from the foothills of the front range and now on the eastern plains where we stand. although we have a dry week ahead of us, the fallout from the rains, it's just going to cause further complications. >> domonic, thank you very much for that live report there. >> two more feet of water is expected. and more rain on the way making rescue efforts more difficult.
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janice, what can they expect? >> it is so heartbreaking. we have one more day potential of flooding in this area where they could receive one to four inches. any more rain will exacerbate an already dangerous situation. we still have the moisture streaming in and that is going to continue for the next 12 to 24 hours. but as domonic mentioned as we get into the new workweek, a drying trend will start but we need to get through the next 12 to 24 hours. flood warnings are in effect there is a maroon saying we have a flash flood warning in fort collins. in denver area, a flash floot watch. and this stretches down to new mexico where we had a death yesterday. we have flooding and a potential for flash flooding in and around the southwest for the next day or so.
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over the next several days, getting into tuesday, drier conditions will start to help those out who are still in that search and rescue mode. there is your forecast rainfall. certainly not getting the 14, 15 inches that we saw last week but any more rain will exacerbate an already dangerous situation. and the forecast rain including al albuquerque, showers, storms, and more flooding. on monday we have a chance for thunderstorms to erupt in the afternoon but tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a drying out period. also watching hurricane ingrid as we will potentially see moisture from this storm move into the southwest. really trying time. we will certainly teep you
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posted. >> tuesday can't come soon enough. and people in colorado are in our nation's thoughts and prayers. >> thank you. >> the fox news alert, secretary of state john kerry now wrapping up a briefing. over the deals to strip syria of its chemical weapons. secretary kerry saying he believes the agreement has the fult ability to work but the threat of military force is still on the table. con nor powell live in jerusalem. >> well, it's clear that this agreement is being welcomed by israelis across the entire region. secretary of state john kerry and israeli prime minister clearly were not rushing out declaring discue ining success. kerry made a threat saying that the possibility of a u.s. attack is real and still on the table
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if the assad regime does not uphold its end of the agreement and give up the chemical weapons. kerry stressed this is a frame work not a final agreement. >> it is a frame work that must be put into effect by the united nations now. but sit a frame work with the russian and u.s. agreement, it has the full ability to be able to as the prime minister said, strip all of the chemical weapons from sir ja. >> we will know in the next few weeks if this deal is real. assad must provide a full accounting of weapons and must allow u.n. inspectors to catalog them in the next month or so. israelis former head of military intelligence says it is a win win for everybody in the region but there is a lot of skepticism
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about whether president assad will actually fulfill this agreement. there is a lot of fear that assad will back out as he has in previous times. >> we will see how this all unfolds. thank you very much for that report. >> an official for damascus. as con nor says, focus shifts back to the united nations. all eyes will be on what it found and if assad will keep his word. but is the agreement a victory for putin, too? the russian president is at the sender of the international stage, making him a bigger player in the policy. did this former kgb colonel --
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we are joined now. did putin hoodwink or president? >> i think he saw an opportunity to -- in terms of global leadership. and in a sense, while the burden is now on the russians to try and make sure that this deal was stick, it is going to be difficult to define. until ten days ago the syrians were not even acknowledging that they had chemical stockpiles. now they have to produce a list of everything they have. that is what we think they have
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got. this is a very -- frankly if the syrians are being honest and hard to know exactly where all of their chemical weapons are because they have had an opportunity to move so many of them. >> stirring around and hiding it all over the place. so on friday is the first deadline where they are supposed to come up with a list of materials. but if friday comes and they're like we're still working on it. >> it's a good question. >> i think it is dubious that you would accept that the united states were engaged in the credible threats to use force. given public opinion ranked against president obama on the issue. if you are assad, why exactly would you run this through the
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deal? why not try to delay the implementation of the deal? >> they have got this. >> you cited the official in damascus saying this is a victory for the syrian government. the rebels have their head in their hands. this is is a disaster. they argue a crime against humanity was committed on august 23 and there is going to be no accountability for it. if there is going to be accountability in the form of the chemical weapons being taken away from the syrians, we're having to put our faith in putin to deliver that deal. >> do you trust him? the former kgb colonel? >> the one thing you can say is that he has been consistent
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throughout his career. his role was to confound the united states at every possible turn and one could argue that over the past year, silence the fugitive on the u.s. on this issue. and now saying not just to his own people but to other world leaders, i'm a player. and one pundit says they are celebrating with champagne and vodka. >> and a deep recession here in the u.s. today, president obama said the economy is much improved but could be endangered again if a budget battle in washington comes to a head.
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live in washington. >> erica, president obama is pressuring congress to raise the deadline to avoid a government shut down and do more to strengthen america's middle class. >> today he appeared on abc blasting republicans threat to diffuse the debt crisis with spending cuts. >> never in history have we used just making sure that the u.s. government is paying its bills as a lever to radically cut government at the kind of scale that they're talking about. it's never happened before. >> the president said he will not negotiate on the debt
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ceiling. unless because of lacked conservative. >> someone possibly hide videos that allegedly showed two
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suspects. well, a federal judge has ordered a trial about the surge for these allegedly missing takes. denied the government's request to throw the case out of court. has the fbi done enough to find the missing videos? >> as you know, they were found guilty of the terrorist attack. but if these tapes do exist, why have we seen them. to show where they could be and what this upcoming trial could be in our fight against
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terrorists. >> meanwhile, a dark day in u.s. history remembered 50 years later, what has been done today to honor the four young victims of the 1963 church bombing in birmingham, alabama. >> there is is a massive undertaking about to begin off the italian coast. it has to do with the cruise ship remaining on the rocks. could be one of the most expe e expensive sol vaj operations in history. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>> a memorial service in alabama honored the victims. the pain and horror is remembered on that day. >> i remember i was at church getting ready to have sunday school or the worship service and one of our teen aged girls came up to me and had just heard about the bombing. and i remember we just stood together and cried.
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there was no other way to respond. >> these are the four victims that were killed. they range in age from 11 to 14. today attorney general eric holder and former secretary of state condoleezza rice are among another ceremony that will start about an hour from now. >> the most risky and expensive salvage operation set to kick off tomorrow. a live look now, there sit in italy. the cruise vessel has been resting on its side. good to see you, joe this morning, first of all if you could explain to us what exactly the engineers will be doing during this salvage operation.
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>> this is a culmination of months and months of work ourselves. they will be in a control room monitoring hydraulic units that will help pull the vessel over. they have other restraining units that will be monitored and they will hold the ship from going too far -- from trying to slide it off. it is a massive undertaking. largest in the world. and then the bigger problem has been the -- the engineering going to it. the government of italy wanted the vessel to be brought up whole and in tact. that is what led it to be power buckled. >> they wanted to bring it up whole. there are two missing victims that they are hoping to find in there. there are many risks, but is there something in particular that is riskier than others? >> well, the size of the vessel.
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these types of vessels are massive. they don't have the internal integrity and the military vessels would have. they have done everything right. you cannot do a better engineering job than they have done and this was the only way to do it because of what the government wanted was to power buckle it, rolling it over. but to do it with this kind of characteristic, everything about the -- above the main deck is is a structure like a cake, the way they put each deck above it. it doesn't have the integrity that it could and 21 tons of
12:24 pm
water is asking a bit for this ho happen. >> no, no, no. i'm going to jump in there and talk about what you were saying. the initial work began a year and four months ago. we are talking more than 500 workers there. and there are no do overs in this. they only get one shot in this and that is the other part that makes this so extremely risky? >> it is. you're right. there is no mechanism for it to not work. there is fall backs if it doesn't work but once the project starts. and he is on -- they are on track to start early in the morning. if it starts to come apart which would be the real problem. but once i starts they will have to carry it all the way through. with the damage on the side than they are going to figure out
12:25 pm
what to do next. the side that is underwater now. and then refloat that. but the floating will not be done until next spring. >> we talked about this $800 million project here. what are the odds of this working? >> well, in church this morning i said a prayer. we -- candidly, i would say a 60% that it will and 40 that it doesn't. if it does not, it has no reflection on the guys that are doing the job. they wanted to be rolled up. he got the job and they are doing an awesome job.
12:26 pm
mother nature and 20 odd months in the water is huge. it's a real problem. you have got a lot of aluminum god bless, it will come up. >> joe, you have lots of expertise to offer and you have offered prayers. here is hoping to get that thing salvaged and it does work. thank you very much for your time. >> all right. thank you for bringing it up. it's a big project. >> okay. we're looking forward to it. >> absolutely amazing. >> man oh man. the officials who headed the accountability board, that board that found massive security problems? they will testify. but their report did not blame hillary clinton or the white house. coming up, republican congressman on what he will ask, what they will say and if we are
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>> it has been more than one year since the attack on the consulate. to get questions about what went wrong that night still remain and no one has been held accountable for mistakes. we have a member of the committee. good to see you this morning, congressman. >> yes, ma'am. you, too. >> tell me what lingering questions you are hoping to get answered.
12:32 pm
>> precisely the same questions i had this time a year ago. why the lack of security? did hillary clinton know about other attacks in the months and weeks leading up to the attacks on our facility. if she did, why didn't she boost security. during the siege itself, what assets were enroute? did you ask the commander in chief, the president of the united states whether he placed a single phone call to any of our allies in the region saying can you help us in benghazi? and thirdly, today is the -- so i would like the accountability review board to me when you interviewed her, did you learn the origin of the false talking points? >> who do you believe holds the answers to those questions and do you think you will ever get satisfactory answers?
12:33 pm
>> it depends. the people -- what i think we will find on thursday, the accountability review board. just because you name something a catchy name doesn't mean any of the names are accurate. just because you call something an a. >> did you interview barack obama? did you ask him what he was doing during the siege? did he call any of our allies in the region and say can you help sn us? we're under fire. and did you interview susan rice and ask her if she had any preparation on the false talking points.
12:34 pm
if you or i had gone on to five shows and perpetuated a false myth on an internet video, we would not have been promoted to national security advisor like she has been. >> and if you -- i understand that you are saying you want to ask things specifically, did you interview these very important people? what if say say yes we did and we still sit where we are now? >> well, they didn't. and if they do say we did, my response to that would be did you ask the following questions. did you ask hillary clinton whether or not she was aware that our facility had previously been attacked and if she was aware of it, what did she do to boost security? i know the answer to the questions. and as any average or slightly below average prosecutor, you don't ask questions you don't know the answers to. i know the answers to these
12:35 pm
questions. the so-called accountability review board didn't provide any accountability and the level of review was not very engaging. >> let me ask you this. why do you think it has been so difficult to get answers to direct questions? >> let me ask you this question. when you have good news to share, you can't wait to volunteer it. we didn't have to pull that information out of the administration. it is when that information is going to be harmful to you. go back a year. we were on the pres fis of a national election. it is not helpful weeks before a national election to say our foreign policy is a disaster. with respect to secretary clinton, she, too, was auditioning for another job. she wants to be the commander in
12:36 pm
chief. how would this look on your resume when you presided over benghazi was killed. >> you know, those military strikes may be on hold for now. >> this week brings a reminder of war's enduring sadness. americans will march in silent parade by candle light as they remember the men who have been missing in action or prisoners of american wars. they mourn the invisible legacies of those who are long gone, mainly in world war ii, korea, the cold war and vietnam. men who never came home despite the traditional vow to leave no one behind.
12:37 pm
well over 83,000 souls command our thoughts. we think of those lost to the world in bombing runs over the pacific and mortal combat by the freezing frozen reservoir. these are not pleasant recollections and for those, be it a bag of bones or a certain dna identification. the gruesome -- remains a ritual of necessity and endless hope. it is something to think about in these days of red lines and loose talk about boots on the ground as though one couldn't be killed aboveground. a formidable armada lingers off syria's coast while the president struggles to prove his manhood, hurling missiles at people in war, not a pinprick,
12:38 pm
no matter what the white house says. so with the national recognition day officially next saturday, the wages of war should be seriously considered. our efforts have had a shameful history. just last july revealed that the agency and identifying the remains of missing men in dysfunctional incompetent and po tenlially fraudulent. the joint mia accounting -- tried to suppress the report until the associated press obtained a copy and lit a fire. backed up the findings with its own report and the inspector general is reportedly on the case. once more the weight of bureaucracy undermines what
12:39 pm
should be a practical investment of taxpayer's dues, not to mention a long standing promise to the nation's sons. the latest account of the missing 73,674 from world war ii, 7,938 from the korean war, and 1,655 from the war in vietnam. at the moment, we're on the brink of adding more names to the pow/mia archives. and in a bitter twist of history, two men who are star members of the -- are once more grabbing the spotlight today. john kerry and former pow john mccain. both vietnam war veterans. curiously, 20 years ago, both men belittled the select committee's effort to probe live
12:40 pm
sightings of pows, writing off activists as right wing crazy. in the end and in the harsh light of new information of other sources, there is little doubt that some men were left behind in southeast asia. what is calling? that to this day, the stars of vietnam's fated mission now influence our policy to make war in the middle east. can we expect them to stand up for those who don't return? general eisenhower made the case for an argument we might consider in these prewar days. in the final choice, a soldier's pack is not so heavy a burden as a prisoner's chains. we must remember this or risk forgetting who we are. >> you know, security videos, do they actually show the oklahoma
12:41 pm
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or high blood pressure before taking advair. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. [ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at >> security camera video helped crack the boston bombing case but did similar security camera videos from the oklahoma city bombing in 1995 show two suspect fleeing that are missing? a lawsuit claims just that. that videos captured that terror attack in progress but the fbi says itd can't find the supposed videos. he says there are significant
12:46 pm
disputes and whether the fbi have a duty. he thinks it is astounding and the fbi says they are gone. >> i have proven they exist. i have witnesses who were there i explained to the court exactly how they operated. they were reported off site. i had a witness there that morning as part of the rescue efforts and was ordered out of the building by the fbi as they seized the cameras from the merrill building. i have records from the federal
12:47 pm
government describing the contents of that surveillance tape. and they basically say that the surveillance tape shows the truck bomb detonating 3:06 after the suspects existed the vehicle. -- this is exhibit three from your case and here is what seems astounding. it seems so specific. the security video shows the ryder truck pulling up to the federal building and then pausing seven to ten seconds before resuming into a slot in front of the building. security video tapes from the area show the truck three minutes and six seconds after the suspects exited the truck.
12:48 pm
he said they don't know anything about the tapes? >> i think the significant thing is they have never denied they had them. they just told the federal court for the last five years that they have looked and looked and they can't find that tape. which is incredible. no one would believe that given the significant of the bombing it was the first act of domestic terrorism in the country. you would have thought that that tape, the government says this is all hearsay. and they say that secret service time line has been disavowed. the trust worthiness of the statements. you can't even trust their own documents. >> it's interesting because those statements that went into that time line came from then director of the fbi. and that's not hearsay. when you have the director of
12:49 pm
the fbi saying it is so, it sure as hel must be so. >> he is not here to defend himself. what do you hope to show? a federal judge has been backing you ruling after ruling in terms of getting this to trial. what do you hope to finally show once this is in trial in salt lake city? >> the significance of the trial has not been said yet. as i understand the court's rule something whetherly be able to look for those tapes through a process called discovery. take depositions and maybe even do a search. that, i think, is going to be the issue tried. the significant thing about the tapes are they don't deny they exist. and they show more than one person getting out of that truck on the morning of april 19, 1995. that is significant because the federal government has always maintained, especially the fbi that there were only three people involved.
12:50 pm
we caught all three of them and tim mcvay was the only person in that truck that morning but that truck that morning but
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>> the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency now launching an unprecedent new move to help bust some of our nation's most dangerous criminals enlisting the american public's help. using the palm of their hand. brian yenis live in our new york city newsroom with more on this amazing story. >> operation predator smart phone designed by u.s.s. immigration and child customs enforcement to catch child predators around the world. first of its kind app. who oftentimes exploit children or post photos or videos of abuse online. this is how it works. once you download the app.
12:55 pm
read news releases on the most upto dated information on arrest or suspects. then there are the alerts find profiles and everything you need to know about suspected offenders. for example this 36-year-old shared 3700 images and 10 videos of child exploitation and sex acts. he was last seen in san diego, california. users can also submit tips 24 hours a day to federal investigators by filling out the tip form or calling the tip line. all tips can be anonymous if you choose. >> at the end of the day our goal is to get the bad guys. many times we lie on the public's tips to be able to pursue an application. this application is another viable tool to helps us go-to-go to where people are. reach out to people and help us put bad guys behind bars. >> predator include possessing trading child crime over the internet. traveling overseas or engaging in sex of
12:56 pm
children. according to ice arrests have increased from 200% from 2009 to 2000 12. predators can face anywhere from up to 30 years to life in prison for their crimes. currently the app. can be downloaded from apple's app. store or itunes, arthel. >> very interesting. brian llenas. thank you. and we'll be right back. crisp back for a limited time. see? you really do call the shots. ♪ yoplait. it is so good.
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