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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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have a great sunday sunday. >> and we're going to be very, very thankful that there are people that are willing to risk their life and limb for us. >> hope in the midst of heartache as deficit stating floodwaters inundate colorado. four dead, a fifth presumed dead and staggering 500 people unaccounted for. first responders work around the clock. >> we're definitely in a better position. >> president obama welcomes the syrian disarmament deal but indicates strikes are still an option. this as his top diplomat tries to ease tensions in israel assuring america's ally that the u.s. will see to it that the agreement with russia goes through. we are live in jerusalem at the top of the hour. >> and september 15th, 2008, lee monday brothers at the lee monday brothers lehman
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man brothers the first financial crisis since the great depression. five years later president obama says no doubt about it there has been progress across the board. i will ask chris starwell if he agrees. i'm doug mckelway in for shannon bream. we begin with what some meteorologists describe as flooding of biblical proportions in colorado. dominic demon tally on the ground and janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. dominic, we will start with you. >> yeah. this is just incredible scenes we are seeing here today. we are here in morgan county, just outside this little town of where the plat river burst its banks yesterday. where i'm standing now is under an additional three feet of water. the river itself is normally a a little trickle. they say a second surge at some point in afternoon. and that's going to come in at about 2 feet. going to bring out well even more debris like you see here. i'm going to try to get out to the water it may not be
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classy. there you go. can you see this tree which is about 20-foot long. certainly double the height you see. broken off. just being swept across the landscape by the force of the river. part of the platt river is actually up to 9 feet above the flood level. and that is going to cause intense damage to thousands of homes along the river banks. the national guard is going to be helping people get out of that. we're here in the ravine, more victims to the rains. 80-year-old woman who got stuck inside a home after she was injured as the floodwaters came. in while neighbors came back trying to save her. by the time they got there, she was gone. and the authorities say it's situations like that where they expect an even greater loss of life. take a listen. >> fatalities could come because a house was completely washed away, but there is certainly a lot of other potential where somebody just got caught up in the flow. >> and with 500 people now unaccounted for i have got
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to say, doug, that is a surprising number. almost twice what the authorities were saying yesterday. we know about 2,000 people have been rescued by the national guard and the emergency services. we don't know when we will hear from those 500 people. very difficult for them to reach just whether it's relatives or whether it's the authorities or just been seen by the national guard as they fly with the which chinook helicopters overhead. we believe this afternoon we will see more rains, flood warnings in place to the eastern plains. they are going to be in place between 6 and 9:00. the news crew here on the ground where we are getting a lot of our guidance from the first alert forecast is janice dean who is in the fox news extreme weather center. janice, as we drove down here this morning. 65 miles. we just went through one shower after another. what are you seeing on the satellite for us today? >> we're going to see more rain, unfortunately as you mentioned dominic. and then a drying out period heading into the early workweek. we really have a crucial 12 to 24 hour span of time around your area. denver, colorado, boulder,
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colorado. taking a look at the radar within the last 24 hours, can you see where the rain came down, not the 15, 16 inches, the epic rain fall that we saw last week. any more rain, even half an inch to an inch of rain is going to exacerbate an already dangerous situation these areas. the ground is unstable. i'm afraid of more mud slides and rock slides and flash flooding in these regions. boulder, colorado, you are under a flash flood warning for the next several hours. as we are seeing heavy rain moving in to this region yet again. there is your radar estimated precipitation over the last 48 hours. and, again, east of denver, that's where we saw the heaviest rain. but even a quarter of an inch of rain is going to cause some problems in this already, very saturated area. so today, getting through sunday, 70% chance of rain, tomorrow, still a chance of a thunderstorm that could bring heavy rainfall. but tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a drying out period. i just want to make mention where we have flash flood warnings in effect for
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collins as well as boulder, that means flash flooding is occurring or imminent. and then we have flash flood watches and warnings posted for not only colorado, but in to new mexico where we also have if fatalities and a lot of destruction within the last couple of days. back to you, doug. >> janice dean in the extreme weather center. we will keep our fingers crossed as that this is not as bad as some people first alert forecast it to be. keep those people in our thoughts and minds. thank you very much. >>' you bet. >> we would not be at this point had it not been for the president's credible threat of a use of force. that's what brought assad to the table. >> i don't think this is a time for the white house to be boastful. i would exercise humility. >> differing opinions in congress how the white house should sell a plan brokered by secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart this as kerry is try to be to sell
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that plan to world leaders starting with a trip to israel today. conor powell from our middle east bureau on today's meeting. conor? >> doug, israeli officials are on board with this plan, at least for right now. it helps that secretary of state john kerry is keeping the threat of force at least on the table. saying today at this press conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu a a possibility of an attack on syria is real and that the assad regime must give up chemical weapons or face u.s. military strikes. israel, of course, is concerned about syria's chemical weapons. and the attack that allegedly happened last month. but netanyahu sees syria entirely through the eyes and the lenz of iran and its nuclear ambition insisting that the international community must take a hard line with assad to send a message to iran. if diplomacy has any chance to work, it must be coupled with a credible military threat. what is true of iran, or
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what is true of syria, is true of iran. >> >> now, as the fighting rages on in syria, for now diplomacy is the main tool of choice. kerry warned there are still a lot of details yet to be worked out. he stressed this is just a framework. not a final agreement. >> it is a framework that must be put into effect by the united nations now. but it is a framework that with the russian and u.s. agreement, it it has the full ability to be able to, as the prime minister said, strip all of the chemical weapons from syria. >> now, we'll know in the next few weeks whether or not this agreement is holding and it is working. syria must provide a full accounting of its chemical weapons and allow u.n. inspectors in in the next few weeks. so really by november 1st, we will know if this agreement is working. if it's not, clearly the threat of u.s. military
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force is still on the table. so we'll wait to see what happens. right now, there is a lot of sort of going on about what will happen. but, for now, the path is diplomacy with a threat of u.s. military force still on the table, doug. >> conor powell, the proof is in the pudding. we shall see. thank you, conor from the middle east bureau. here with more on the debate congressman ron whitman from virginia and adam schiff from california. thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet. >> good afternoon. >> what do you make of the framework of this agreement? congressman whitman we will start with you. >> i'm concerned. i'm highly skeptical of the framework. first of all relying on bashar assad to identify exactly where all these weapons are located. as you know, is he not very trustworthy. secondly, how do you control these weapons once they are identified in the midst of a civil war. and then rely on a u.n. force to be part of it? will boots on the ground be part of that u.n. force. to dispose of these by the middle of 2014, i think
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that's a tremendous expectation. i have deep concerns about being able to achieve the elements that are in this framework. i look for more details to see how this is going to be done. again, i have very deep reservations about this doug doug congressman schiff your reaction. >> it is a positive step forward it does have all the potential draw backs that my colleague mentioned. first, it's the first path that we have been able to z not only make sure that assad not use chemical weapons again but these chemical weapons stockpiles wouldn't fall into the hands of al qaeda, al. is it tough and in the middle of a civil war? yes, will assad try to it delay and office obviate and hide, absolutely. off we need to give this every chance to succeed. >> i would like to read to you a statement, senator
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schiff two statements from senator lindsey graham and mccain they put out yesterday afternoon they and they said quote what concerns us most our friends and enemy also take the same lessons from this agreement. they see it an act of provocative weakness on america's part. we cannot imagine a worse signal to send to iran as it continues its push for a nuclear weapon. what do you make of of that? >> well, look, your objective is to get the u.s. militarily involved to try to change the balance on the battlefield and decide the outcome of the civil war, then this is a bad deal. but that's not the president's aim and i think that's not where the american people want us to go. so, this is a limited agreement focused on the chemical weapons issue. had we gone forward with a military strike, it would not have answered the question about what happens to those stockpiles when the regime falls. so i think that if your focus is on dealing with the chemical weapons, it's a good proposal, a tough one. but if your goal and i think that may be true tore senators mccain and graham
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is to go beyond that and decide the outcome and you are willing to risk being entangled in a civil war then this is not the deal for you doug doug congressman wittman aren't we already intanks geld in a civil -- entangled until a civil war and the potential for it to spread further. >> we are. obviously involved in this diplomatic effort. we would have been involved in military action we are taking. my concern going forward is making sure, too. that this effort results in what it proposes to do. that is to rid syria of these chemical weapons. and to make sure that they do not fall into the hands of other folks in the region that would use the weapons against against other countries or against u.s. interest in that area. i think ultimately that's where we are. we have interests there. i want to make sure that we are at the forefront of protecting u.s. interests in that area and that includes making sure that those impacts that might occur with how we are perceived by other countries are also taking into account we need to be strong in how we deal with
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iran in their development of nuclear weapons, also, as part of this continuing effort there in syria. doug doug congressman schiff, just 30 seconds or so left. while mr. putin was organizing all of this, at the same time, or at least last week he was sending new batch of s 300 missiles. i think it's s 300. very sophisticated antiaircraft missiles to iran and also offering his support for them to build another nuclear power plant. what do you make of that? >> what i make of it is our relationship with the russians is not going to be based on trust. it's not going to be based on a perfect confluence of interest. but where we can find narrow agreement that suits both our interest and the russians, as we have found here in riding syria of chemical weapons, we still need to pursue it, notwithstanding the fact we are going to vigorously oppose them on other issues. >> congressman schiff and wittman, thank you both for your time. let you get back to sunday football now. thank you. >> thank you, doug. >> we came, in stabilized the situation, we have now
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had 42 straight months of growth, seven and a half million new jobs created. 500,000 jobs in manufacturing. 370,000 jobs in an auto industry that had completely collapsed. doug doug tomorrow, to mark the fifth anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers president obama will point to what he calls steady progress in our economy. his speech is warned to congress self-inflicting wounds no negotiating on the debt ceiling and starting down a government shutdown path. dls us his chris stair walt. >> great to he so you. whenever i see a speech like this. it typically means he has got to shore up the base. if you look at the polls, they need some shoring up. >> he didn't do what he did about syria for nothing. he had a real outcry among democrats in congress, efforts by his political team to pin the syrian
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situation on republicans were unsuccessful. democrats, liberals were very upset with the president on this. one thing they are also upset about, though, is that no one was prosecuted on wall street that no one went to prison for the panic of 2008. and they remain upset about that what the president is trying to do now, stop talking about syria. he is going to call it a win. though it seems like assad is the big winner so far. the president is going to call it a win and try to move back to domestic issues and try to move back to dealing with his base which is not real happy with him. doug doug douglass aiken recently said that whatever recovery the economy we can see right now is largely attributable to the policies of the federal reserve, printing more and more money and keeping interest rates low. what we need to do is have a long-term growth policy and we don't have one. >> americans, i don't think particularly care about the fifth anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers. i think americans do believe that the economy is not in good shape.
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i think americans do believe that the financial sector is not acting in their best interest. i think americans do believe that big government and big business are not interested in helping regular americans. doug doug one of the strategies of good warfare of winning warfare whether it's actual warfare or politics is to divide and conquer one's enemies. it strikes me that the president doesn't really need to do that with republicans because they are deeply divided at least on the house side as it now sands when it comes to continuing resolution when it comes to the debt ceiling, ets. >> look at it this way. the president could have a win today on these issues. he could very easily have a win by saying you know what in the individual mandate on his health insurance law, we're going to delay that for a year, too. economically speaking, it doesn't make it that much worse. the president never want'ed it anyway. it would be a some to republicans and get them through. this he made it very clear on his interview to nbc you
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know what? this is a great way to crash republicans on the rocks. if he gives them anything. if he acknowledges anything. then he allows the republican leadership a way out of this term oil. instead keep the heat on them. refuse to budge on his signature law and see what happens. because right now from his point of view, with low approval numbers, frustrations with his government, he can hope that maybe a temporary government shutdown will cast him in a more favorable light. >> okay, chris. thank you very much. we appreciate your point of view as always. here is a must for you to do before tomorrow morning as it relates to chris stirewalt. sign up for fox news first, our daily political newsletter brought to you by one and only chris stirewalt. he brings works hard to bring you all the stories inside the beltway. go to fox news first. some sad news out of northeast ohio this morning where six people, five of them children were killed in a mobile home fire. that fire happened in
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tiffin, ohio. tiffin fire says that when they first arrived at the home, half of it was already engulfed in flames. a man and five children were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead. there is no word yet on the cause and no names have yet been released. the plight of an american pastor who has spent almost a year in iranian prison is not over. one viewer asked us for an update about pastor saeed. that's coming up after the break. newly released emails defy lois lerner's claims that irs targeting was not political. latest on the investigation. cory gardner being hailed as a hero by some today by helping to save victims of colorado's torrential flooding. we will ask him him about his incredible experience when we come back. must be the♪ ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪
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>> boxing star floyd may weather jr. rakes in serious cash after a make win against alvarez. may weather took in $4.3 million for the flight. that brings his winning streak to 45.
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the many with at the center of the irs targeting scandal may be regetting some fateful words that are coming back to haunt her these days. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at emails from lois lerner just released investigating the scrutinizing of conservative groups. >> emails from lois lerner the former irs director of exempt organizations who invoked her right to it avoid self-incrimination rather than testify to congress suggest the irs's' admitted targeting to conservative groups was political. an email to colleagues in 2011 regarding outstanding request tea party groups lerner wrote quote tea party matter very dangerous. and went on to say crinszy, meaning the cincinnati office should probably not have these cases. the emails raised questions about lerner's public claim when the scandal broke that she was unaware groups were
1:23 pm
being targeted and claims by other irs officials who did testify under oath that the problem was limited to a irpath rogue irs agents in that cincinnati office. the house ways and means committee released these emails as part of the federal tax collecting agency. lerner has not been fired but has been replaced as head of the irs tax exempt division. in june of last year, after tea party groups complained their tax exempt requests were being denied or delayed unfairly, lerner was notified of an irs enemier general's investigation and seemed to acknowledge improper investigations had occurred and she would be called out. quote: we have done what we can to change the process. better educate our staff and move the cases. we will get dinged but we took steps before the dinging to make things better and we have written procedures so it is what it is. a year later she was refusing to testify before congress amid allegations that an out-of-control irs division that she ran deliberately denied americans their right to take part in american politics. a congressional oversight hearing will start again next week, doug. >> all right. carl, thank you very much. this week, when we started planning our show which
1:24 pm
stories you would like to see updates on. and one of our viewers donna requested an update on the american pastor who has been held in iran for almost a year now. just recently an iranian judge reaffirmed the pastor's eight year long jail sentence. saeed is suffering from internal bleeding and he needs medical attention. this week was his daughter's seventh birthday. it is the second one that she has celebrated without her dad. jordan who has been leading the charge for pastor's release will be here with the latest information on his efforts to bring saeed home. if you have more stories you would like to hear about tweet us at anhqdc. >> it will make things worse. >> strong words from diane black about obama care. next, she joins us live to explain why she thinks that the healthcare program opens the door a mile wide to fraud.
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rid syria of chemical weapons with. prime minister says he hopes the plan will work. while other israeli officials are skeptic cam. this as john kerry pays a visit to israel. we have more on that push to sell the plan to disarm syria to u.s. allies. first, peter doocy is here with the check of the other news making headlines today. peter? >> doug, colorado isn't the only state dealing with deadly flooding. flood watches and warnings are also in place for parts of new mexico. just one day after rising waters killed at least one person there. a man's body was found in a vehicle. martinez has issued a state of emergency. a mother is under arrest after leading police to her two dead children in a hotel room in santa ana,
1:30 pm
california. police say they found the woman after she crashed her car in a supermarket parking lot. it was then that she told police where to find her two children police are not releasing how those two women died. police say they are tracking a man weaving through traffic who they believed had a weapon so, they opened fire and they hit two female bystanders. both were taken to the hospital. both are listed in stable condition. and if you bought a power ball ticket for last night's 317-million-dollar drawing. you didn't win the jackpot. but you still have a chance. lottery officials say no one had a winning ticket so the jackpot will now grow to an estimated $400 million. those are some the top stories right now. doug? >> we need to start a newsroom pool in, don't you
1:31 pm
agree. >> i'm. in talk to you after the show. >> the house took on a hot spot for fraud and abuse in the president's healthcare law by passing a bill i authored called no subsidies without verification act. this legislation stops government from issuing healthcare subsidies until it has a system in place to prevent fraud. it's that simple. >> it's the no subsidies without verification act. it's the late nest a bipartisan effort to protect taxpayers from the president's costly healthcare law. but the white house has said the bill unnecessary and president obama would ultimately veto it. joining us now with her thoughts, a registered nurse and republican congresswoman from tennessee diane black. excuse me, congresswoman, good to see you. >> good to be with you, doug. >> let's talk about this rule. i understand it was issued over a holiday weekend which is not a typical. we see a lot of these documents dumps done when
1:32 pm
people are not paying any attention. you paid attention to this. tell us exactly what the ruling would do. >> well on page 356 on a 600 page document that you say came out over the fourth of july actually over a blog sight where i thought this administration no thought no one was watching. we found this in the middle where the president or i guess it was actually cath leone sebelius acknowledged that the systems are not ready and not be able to do what was provided for in the law that was signed into place by this president to verify people's income in order for them to it be eligible for subsidies. and we just feel that that is not the way to go. as a matter of fact, they said in this same rule that people could just self-attest it was an honor system. they could say what they made and they would be able to get a subissubsidy and we know by looking at other programs that the amount of fraud that is potentially in this kind of non-verification system is just staggering. some estimates of 25 billion a year over
1:33 pm
250 billion in a 10-year period. our country cannot afford it and neither can the hard working taxpayer afford to have their dollars be spent in this way. >> congresswoman black, the obama administration obviously differs with what you are saying right now. they say that this rule is being widely misinterpreted, that the flexibility only applies to a small subset of people it says. and that eligibility checks for those people will not be undermined. what do you make of that? >> well, i think if the president is going to say that then they ought to show by a real rule that is actually written that that is what they are going to do. but all we are hearing is a bunch of rhetoric about what they have as far as a system goes. look, i didn't make this up. this is what the president and his administration felt was necessary to protect the american taxpayer from fraud and abuse. and that was what was written in their law. the president can't just decide by rule what he is going to follow and what he is not going to follow.
1:34 pm
if they thought that this was a system that was necessary to begin with and put it into law, then we need to follow it if they are not ready, we need to delay it. >> so i understand the delve in the details of this thing, your concern is the administration eligibility determining by random sample and that anybody who is not in a random sample is, therefore, eligible? is that your concern? >> that's right. and the rule that came out, the final rule was that they would just audit. well, we also know that once subsidy goes out the door. it's almost impossible to it retrieve that money. i know that's one of their talking points that oh, well, we will just audit and there also $25,000 fine if someone breaks the law. that has not worked in other programs. there is already those kind of things and many of the other entitlement programs. all you have to do is sit in some of our committees and hear from the inspect everywhere generals of those other programs to find that this is not working. they don't retrieve the
1:35 pm
money. people are not held accountable. and i want to talk about just very briefly something else that could happen that is is a real unintentional. >> quickly congressman, very quickly if you could. >> sure. if someone thinks that they are eligible, and they don't have someone that is telling them sure, that by doing verification that they could actually be breaking the law unknowingly. and that would be a really sad thing for someone to be in that situation as well. >> i know there is so much more we could talk about regarding this rule. diane black, thank you very much for your time. good to see you. >> you are welcome. >> migrateddest fear when we moved here was fire. i just -- i never thought this river would do this. >> more than 500 people are now unaccounted for and thousands evacuated as the flooding in colorado continues. coming up next, an eyewitness account of the devastation from a congressman whose district is now largely underwater. he was also part of an amazing rescue. we will tell you about that when we come back. ♪
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people in parts of colorado are devastated by more flooding. joining me on the phone is cory gardner who just toured some of the areas hardest hit by the storm yesterday via national guard helicopter. thank you very much for joining us. i understand that you were also involved in a rescue during that flight. tell us about that. >> we had gone into a black hawk with the national guard, a black hawk, big thompson canyon to view the damage, highway 34 to essex park is just completely gone. areas for mile after mile. and governor hickenlooper and other members of our congressional delegates going down the big thompson when we -- many which have been lost. others stranded. [broken audio] >> torn up all of the
1:41 pm
roads. when i spotted several people who were waiving frantically at the helicopter and we kept going. did i not have a -- i was -- able to comiewb communicate with the pilot. head set on. so i had to type out a message on my blackberry hand it to the. guy who was flying. parking: >> i know those people are tremendously thank you very much. i suspect that we are losing your cell phone. flooding. if that improves we will try to get back to you congressman cory guardner. thank you very much. our hearts and prayers go out to the people who have been so affected by this devastation there. secretary of state john kerry visits israel today to try to sell the country's leaders on a
1:42 pm
diplomatic solution to syria's chemical weapons crisis. that, as syrian foirms are officials are claiming that the arms deal is a victory for their country that avoids war. does the international community really think that the plan could work. joining us is caroline glick the deputy editor of the jerusalem post. caroline, thank you very much for joining us. tell us about the reception of secretary of state kerry and israel. what do people there make of it it thus far? i know it's early in the game but what are your thoughts? >> people here are very accident it particular call of the agreement between the americans and the russians. i mean, it's pretty clear to the israelis that really what it amounts to is be a bow occasion in the middle east after it's very disconcerting. we are looking at this now. it's clear that the whole concept of syria in the middle of a sir civil war which n. which the regime is willingly murdering tens
1:43 pm
of thousands of people with conventional and unconventional weapons and having them disarmed from their chemical weapons is not going to happen. the whole thing seems crazy really. >> president benjamin netanyahu says if diplomacy is to have a chance, it must be coupled with a it were military threat it sounds like a basic statement. behind it are a lot of question marks. what does he mean by a credible military threat? is he talking about israel? is he talking about the united states? the united nations? what is he talking about? >> well, right now it doesn't like he could possibly be talking about the united states, because obama doesn't have a lot of credibility when it comes to using force against syria after what he did. last week that was so shocking to everybody watching, particularly in jerusalem so, i'm not quite sure what he means because the truth is that this
1:44 pm
diplomacy has no chance of success. what it allows is for assad to be rewarded for his massacre of his own people with chemical weapons. and so, the whole thing is essentially a farce. now, you are not going to hear an israeli leader saying something like that. both because it's impolite and also because it's dangerous israel per received by neighbors credible threat since 1973 yom kippur war just marked today in ceremony. united states' whole position in the region has been based upon in the fact that it resupplied israel at that time and showed that it was going to stand by its allies and defeat its enemies. that's when egypt said it would be better off -- we would be better off american column in the cold war and switch sides. that was really the part of the american hedgemoney in
1:45 pm
the middle east. israel doesn't want to talk about that because it's very very dangerous. now in the middle east in general and specifically because the american threat to use force doesn't have a lot of credibility towards iran or towards syria after what happened last week. were. >> caroline glick your thoughts have r. very very sobering. you are a a real list and pay very close attention to what you write in the jerusalem post. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you so much for having me on your show. have a great day. >> >> you too. a big part of losing weight on a much lighter subject now is a shift in your thinking. after the break. author tory johnson tells us how she had years of yo-yo dieting. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store.
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>> run secretary general bon can i moon is expected to brief security council on. the crisis in syria, of course, making waives worldwide and wall street is no exception to that. senior business correspondent brenda buttner here with a market
1:50 pm
preview now brenda. >> yeah, doug. wall street has been watching syria as the likelihood of u.s. strikes fell the market went up. the dow soaring 3% last week. biggest weekly advance in eight months. s&p 500 and nasdaq gaining two although not as much as the blue chips. now that the threat of u.s. military action in syria is not such a concern for investors, focus is on the central bank for wall street it's not september but september but septaper. ben bernanke and company are expected to signal whether they will taper the bank's bond buying program. even with recent economic data fairly weak, most financial first alert forecasters expect the fed will ease up on easy money policy that might shake the markets. the fed's buying binge has been a big boost for the bulls strong and economic growth is tepid. is the housing market cooling as well? we get a read this week on whether you are buying homes. purchases of existing homes
1:51 pm
likely fell last month as mortgage rates hit a two year high. rising borrowing cost could shake the foundation of the housing recovery. stock market has had quite a run. the s&p part of your retirement plan suspect 18% so far this year and only a percent short of its record set in early august. doug, back to you. >> all right. brenda buttner thanks very much for that appreciated it. >> thank you. >> tory johnson built her career on advising small business owners. despite her success she was struggling personally with her weight. after a string of failed diets. tory made the shift and a vow to end yo-yo dieting once and for all. shannon bream caught one tory johnson just last week. >> tory, where were you you when your life in your life when you decided to make this change. like many folks out there you had been back and forth on diet roller coaster. we could probably tell those stories. what made a difference for you? >> a very candid conversation with one of my bosses who told me that my
1:52 pm
clothes didn't do me any justice and she suggested that i go see a stylist. and i knew in that very moment, even though the words fat, lose weight, were never mentioned, my job was never ever threatened. i knew in that moment that it was not about my clothing. and what i interpreted, what i took away was lose weight or lose your job. it was the very best thing that could have ever happened to me. because focusing on my clothing would have been just another gimmick. just one of the things that i had done for the last 40 years rather than address the real problem. >> now how did you set about tackling that? because had you experience. a lot of us know the basic things about eating healthier, taking care of ourselves and exercising. how did it come together for you? >> so, for me, it was sort of like put everything on the line. think about all the failed diet attempts in the past. what worked in the past? what didn't. sort of start fresh with a new plan. i think you are right. everybody who needs to lose weight know what is to eat and what not to eat. i would say only 25% of my success was really about a
1:53 pm
meal plan. my meal plan was really pretty simple, cut carbs, eat a whole lot less. read labels. i don't eat things now when i can't even pronounce the words on the packages. but the big gist of it it was like eating a lot less, cutting carbs, then i would say 75% of my success, the huge bulk of my success has been very much based around a mental plan. i will give you a couple of quick examples. so, one is no cheat days. and for a lot of people that's like ridiculous because every diet is about oh you can treat yourself in moderation and you can sort of eat really healthy for a week and then on sunday eat whatever you. and that sort of mentality always derailed me in the past. i had this kind of ah-ha moment at the beginning of my journey where i realized there is something totally wrong with this. you can't sort of eat healthy and reward yourself with the stuff that got you in the place to begin with akin to an alcoholic celebrating a month of sobriety with a few beers. it doesn't work. no cheat days. like i don't eat the
1:54 pm
garbage that i used to eat. little tiny things like one night i was -- my weakness is definitely nighttime when everybody in my house is asleep. what can i get as a snack in the kitchen. one night i found myself sort of thinking no one will know i will get some chips or something in the kitchen. i grabbed a bottle of nail polish. i hadn't polished my own nails in years. i put on a coat of top coat nail polish. i realize when your nails are wet for 30 minutes you can't put your hands in a bag of chips. whether it's small things or big things. stuff that enabled me to be successful. >> the new book is called the shift. it's by tory johnson. we wish you all the best with that great tip. simple, but they work when you put your mind to it as you certainly did. tory thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> nice trick with the nail polish there. a new twist on an old favorite is coming to stores soon. would you try hot soda? that's coming up next. gry ♪
1:55 pm
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>> a dad's teach his daughter a lesson is one of the most popular stories on peter doocy is here with more on that. >> doug, it's the story of scott who asked his teenage daughter to change before a family dinner. she refused so he cut off his jeans and rocked a skimpy pair of jorts. >> at the beginning it wasn't supposed to go anywhere other than just in
1:59 pm
our home. i didn't think why were going to be going on the road with. this i think it is definitely something i will think about more. it means so much to my dad. he went to great lengths to show that to me. something i will think about. >> he loves his daughter but her shorts aren't as cute as she thinks. one more for you. coke coalla. japan is going to start selling the first ever hot coca cola says it's a season cinnamon and apple. the t. comes in a outs with water. drink. you can read all these stories at >> on the. >> not on our air doug doug that's all for me. "fox news sunday" coming up next. gf we go. check out this sketch of


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