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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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breaking news on the fox report, i'm har ra faulkner, and fox news has obtained the draft on the report of the terror attack on our ambassador in libya. staffers have compiled it and among the findings, it shows how the state department panel investigated the attack, and several times it asks if they investigated properly, and if they were playing down items that came from top officials, and never fully investigated secretary of state hillary clinton's role in the investigation. and it is important to note that the chairman is darrell issa who is one of the most vocal critics
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of how the obama administration handled the killing of americans last year. this is a key look at the night that happened that night, and three more congressional hearings on benghazi are scheduled, including another one with congressman issa's committee. steven smith was killed and intelligence sean smith, and glen doherty and tyrone woods. we have been digging through the draft report since first obtaining it, and catherine is live in washington with the points that pop out that we need to know. >> well, according to the draft, harris, obtained by fox news and prepared for the investigators of the house chairman oversight committee chairman darrell issa, the state investigation into benghazi and said by the obama administration thorough and uncompromisi uncompromising, was flawed. the investigators say that the findings were impartiality, and whether there were conflicts of
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interest and whether the interviews were thorough. at one example, the draft says that the ambassador coach thomas pickering said that the team had the authority to conduct depositions and issue subpoenas, but those options were never used. instead, they relied heavily on the summaries of group and individual interviews. as for alleged conflict of interest in at least one instance, cheryl mills who was mrs. clinton's chief of staff was given advance warning that the questioning before the arb, or accountability review board would be rough, and it states that the state department's unwillingness to provide to the arb made an independent assessment by the congressional committee very difficult. harris. >> it does not just talk about the state department in totality, but names specific names and leaders of the state department, and now i understand that we have received a response from the state department, and what do they say? >> it is right here, and when the arb was released in
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december, it was promoted as an aggressive investigation with no stone left unturned and all 29 recommendations were accepted. today the fox news asked the state department to respond to the draft claims and to say that the blame was not properly af r affixed to the most senior people in the department including the patrick kennedy who signed off the investigation, and also for the arb in not fully explaining mrs. clinton's role in dictating the actions on the ground in benghazi. there was a source who said that to suggest that anything has been hidden or averted requires willful ignorance of the facts. the ambassador thomas pickering and admiral mike mullen said they had unfetter ed access to everyone, and including the government oversight committee will hold the hearings on the 19th where pickering and mullen will be witnesses and
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specifically asked about the question processes they used in the arb hearings. >> and catherine, this is called a draft and there are 100 pages in totality and we expect to see the rest of it when? >> probably early next week, we were told, because there not be fundamental changes to the language. >> all right. catherine, we will bring you back later, because you are reading all of it, and i am going through it as well, and we will break it down with the first guest of the hour. we will come back to you. and rick grin nell is responsible for four ambassadors to the united nations, and i'm glad you are here tonight, as well as a fox contributor. >> thank you for having me. >> if you have to describe what you have read in terms of what you been able to see in the draft report, how would you describe it? >> the most shocking thing is doug franz from the state department saying it is willful ignorance to think that there are still remaining questions on benghazi and that is offensive,
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and i know doug, and doug needs to be told that it is not willful ignorance when we find out through this report that top state department officials weren't even interviewed and hey, doug, guess what, secretary of state hillary clinton was not interviewed and how is it willful ignorance to suggest that we have serious questions about benghazi and what happened when no one has been punished? this accountability review board was neither a review and no one has been held accountable, and it is outrageous and for doug franz from the state department to say it is willful ignorance for us to raise questions about it, i think that someone needs to haul doug in front of the committee and ask what's so willfully ignorant about asking why wasn't hillary clinton or tom niz e, her deputy interviewd aggressively and why didn't we use subpoena power to get to the bottom of it.
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we have known that it was a joke, and this report shows it. >> you mentioned that secretary of undermanagement secretary patrick kennedy who is mentioned in the draft report and it says specifically the authorization of kennedy to continue operating the ad hoc compound in benghazi and to let the operations go on. you know mr. kennedy, and how do you account for the fact that he has not been talked with? is he important the sit down with? >> he is very important the sit down with, and i know pat kennedy and i know him well. i have served with him for a num b number of years. there is no opossible way that pat kennedy made this decision without talking to someone higher up. he either talked to secretary cl clinton or he talked to tom knives and i will state my life on it. pat kennedy did not make this decision alone, and that is not how pat kennedy operates, and so someone needs to bring him in and say, ambassador kennedy, who told you to continue the
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operation? because he did not make that decision on his own. >> and i want to make it clear that continue the operation after it had already been determined that they needed more security at our consulate in benghazi. and also, the people on the list, and you know them, thes s assistant secretary of state and secretary of state hillary clinton and the fact that they had the ability and the authority and reading through the draft report to sit them down to conduct the depositions but chose not to do individual interviews, but group interviews, and why is that significant? >> it is really significant, because they know what was going on and they know the process, and that ambassador stevens was asking for an increased security that others were saying that the situation is getting unsafe and we need to have more help, and so the process before the decision was made is really key. and let me say one other thing, there are, there's a classified
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compu computer on every single person's desk at the state department separate from the normal computer, and when you open up a cable like the cable that ambassador stevens sent asking for more security, anybody who opens that specific e-mail, it is recorded. we know exactly who looked at these cables. we can tell who the highest ranking official was, and someone in congress needs to say, let me see the record of who opened these cables, and so i know who read them, and who then passed on information to others, because someone is taking the fall here, and that is ambassador kennedy needs to talk. >> and that seems pretty basic. i want to remind everybody of where we were in talking with secretary of state then hillary clinton and what she had to say about this, and just to kind of replay the tape so that people know how we got to this point, and why the investigation into this has been looked at so carefully by the oversight committee. let's take a look. >> with all due respect, the fact is that we have four dead americans, and was it because of
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a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided to kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> and ric, as you remember, some people had a visceral reaction to those words, it doesn't matter. and what are the thoughts now as we forward, because this report is going to roll out and 100 pages of this report, and it was put together by gop staffers, but it is a bipartisan committee. >> as secretary clinton just said that the clip that we have to do everything that we can to make sure that it doesn't happen again. i would agree with her. that means making sure that the policy which is governed by those who make the policy, the higher ups, and we need to review that process to understand who made the decision so that we know it won't ever happen again. there are a lot of people, harris, who knew what was going on, and other people were taking
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the fall. we have to remember that we threw the blame on some mid-level staffers for a while, but now they are back at their job doing something else. so no one has been punished. basically what doug franz and the state department is saying is that we are ignorant because we are worried that this situation hasn't been resolved. we don't know that it won't happen again, and we would like to get to the bottom of it, so that it doesn't happen again, as s secretary clinton has said. >> and to put it in context, and you know it is a few weeks ago that we had on a alert, and emptied out the better part of embassies in the africa and middle eastern regions and we know that the consulates are under threat, and ric gren nell, it brings up more importance to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, and we appreciate your perspective and time tonight. >> thank you, harris. the lead leading candidate to head the federal reserve has withdrawn his name.
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larry summers says he is pulling out of the contest, and called president obama, and this is to succeed ben bernanke, and he says that i have reluctantly conclude ed th concluded that any confirmation process for me would be acrimonious and would not serve the administration, the federal reserve or ultimately the interests of the nation's ongoing economic recovery. and so more on what is breaking with benghazi and this draft report that is coming out later inside of the "fox report." but other news developing this hour. at the moment, the flooding crisis in colorado is becoming more dire. more than 1,000 people remain unaccounted for in one county alo alone. and today, helicopter crews trying to extract people from flooding that is the size of kentucky are grounded. and our journalists are
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helicopter crews are expected to expand the search for people in trouble in the deadly colorado flooding. rain is complicating the efforts. here is what we know. authorities say that 1,200 people are unaccounted for. an estimate puts the number of homes damaged or destroyed at 19,000. at least five people have died in this, but we have heard over and over the warning that the death toll will likely rise. in fact, a short time ago, the
7:16 pm
larimer county sheriff's office said that two women who were inside of their homes washed away are presumed dead. huge sections of the rocky mountain foothills are under water including boulder, and other areas. it has triggered mud slides and prompted evacuation and destroyed some, as i just said, 19,000 homes. and the national guard has rescued hundreds of people already. and they include two young women who say that crews air lifted them to safety after water and debris surrounded their home in boulder county. >> thursday morning, we had two inches of water in the housement. >> we were planning to hike out. >> we knew we were trapped up there, and there was no way to get down. >> yes, and from what i am reading it is happening to a lot of people, they were going the hike out, and then you need hip waiters and prayer to get out of there. forecasters in the fox weather center also say that they expect the rain to continue not just through the night, and maybe
7:17 pm
even intomorr tomorrow. and we have live weather coverage here from the fox extreme weather center, but first to don who is in the orchard county, colorado. >> yes, harris, the helicopters that they are using to rescue people have not been able to take off today, because of the rain continuing to pour down. they have identified now 1,000 people who need evacuating. 800 of those counted mostly today. and they are not going to be able to get them overnight, but it could be tomorrow earliest when we get dry weather. and we have seen the number of people who have been unaccounted for fluctuate wildly. at one point it was 500 and now down the 329, and in one of the counties, but that number could go back up again overnight, and here in orchard on this very road in which i stand actually, we have seen first hand how communities are getting cutoff.
7:18 pm
>> reporter: the south platte river here in morgan county have never seen it before. normally a little stream. but after the rains, this is what has happened to the main route out of the town, route 144. this is just half of the road. the rest is being taken away, and the yellow median line showing just how much damage has been done. fortunately, the community is being evacuated, but clearly, it is going to be some time before they are allowed back. and harris, this road, well, moments after recording that segment, the road beneath us started to crumble away, and we had to run for it. the local sheriff with us short ly after said it is going to be weeks before the people of orchard can get back. back to you. >> wow. i saw you a little while ago and you were setting up for the live shot and i could see water on the road and parts of it are simply gone as you say. dominic, thank you very much. we are also watching new mexico in part tof the epic flooding ad
7:19 pm
state police are reporting the first death related to the heavy rainfall. a man died when his vehicle was lifted and carried by rushing water into a muddy ravine near the elephant beaut dam. the problem here is that they have been in a severe drought for some time, and when the rain comes the earth has a tougher time to soak it up, and the rivers are overflowing and the fast-moving water is breeching the dams. we continue with our fox news with janice dean. >> i wish we had better news, but it looks like more rain in the forecast and into tomorrow for parts of the areas suffering great greatly. as you mentioned parts of new mexico up towards colorado still seeing the heaviest rain just south and west of the denver and boulder area, but again, overnight tonight, we could see the potential of more heavy rain, and not the 15 inches that we saw last week, but any rain. half an inch to an inch of rain is going to exacerbate an already dangerous situation. the ground can't hold anymore water, and i'm concerned that we
7:20 pm
will see more mud slides and rockslides, and take a look at the flood advisories and additional 1 to 4 inches in the next 12 to 24 hours and this stretches into new mexico where we have several flash flood warnings where the flooding is happening or imminent. obviously, a very dangerous situation as we head into the next 12-24 hours. there is the forecast satellite imagery over the next couple of days. a drying out period, harris, monday, but tuesday, we will watch the moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico, and it could eventually push up to the southwest. so forecast rainfall, and again, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch, but this could be devastating for this area that is so saturated. the ground can't take anymore moisture, harris. >> janice, thank you. well, it looked like something out of the movie, that giant ocean liner sinking awe of the italian coastline. and remember that? well, a year and a half later,
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>> there are a lot of new developments in the crisis in syria following the diplomatic deal yesterday. general of the u.n. ban ki-moon says he will issue a report after the chemical report that was issued. and also from the french prime minister francois elan said that the resolution could be voted by the end of the week, and it must include the threat of military strikes. meanwhile, the america's top diplomat stopped over in israel, the neighbor of syria, you know, and secretary kerry met with
7:25 pm
benjamin netanyahu, and s secretary kerry briefed the leaders on the deal for syria. >> it is a framework, and not a final agreement. it is a framework that must be put into effect by the united nations now. but it is a framework that with the russian and u.s. agreement, it has the full ability to be able to as the prime minister said strip all of the chemical w weapons from syria. >> secretary kerry says that the threat of force is still real if syria does not comply, and the deal calls for the assad regime to provide a complete inventory of the chemical weapons within one week, and that is this coming friday, and those weapons would then be eliminated by the middle of 2014, and we are also hearing reaction from washington now. many of the lawmakers are apg-- angry that russia took the lead on this. >> this deal which the president supports, a winner or loser in
7:26 pm
your mind? >> i think it is a loser, because it gave russia a prosition in the middle east which they haven't had since 1970. we are now depending on the goodwill of the russian people if assad violates the agreement, and i'm of the firm belief given his record, that is a very, very big gamble. >> the russians have now put this on the line, the syrians have put it on the line, and we have a clear objective. if they turn out the violate that, there are other ways that we can enforce it. >> and i nknow that -- >> and more than 100,000 people have been killed in the 2 1/2 years of war in syria. well, we can tell you that fox news has a correspondent in that country's capital tonight. greg palcott spent the day gathering first-person reaction from the people who live in damascus, and that is where the u.s. government says that the assad regime carried out the chemical attacks on the citizens. here is greg. >> we have been in damascus a brief time, but it is enough to get a sense of what is happening here. we are waiting for the detailed
7:27 pm
response from the government of the plan worked out between secretary of state kerry, and president lavrov, and so we went out to the streets to get an idea of what the people feel about the deal that has happened in the last couple of days. we are accompanied as we often are in damascus, a representative of the government. take a look at what we saw, and more importantly, what we heard. >> reporter: a busy weekend afternoon in central damascus with the u.s. military strikes lessened more people are out. war is not far away, because we can hear the artillery in the distance. are there new hopes for talks of peace? >> we saw that there was a pr problem and something wrong will happen in syria. >> i feel that we have to make peace in this area. of course, in syria. >> and again, the government presence there is constant, but also, a sound of war. we heard artillery and air
7:28 pm
strikes hitting positions held by rebels outside of damascus throughout the 24 hours we have been here, and also we heard one loud mortarhead fired toward the center. and there might be more talking, but the war continues unabated. >> thank you. we will have more reports on the ground, and when we get them, we will bring them to you. and it is breaking news tonight on "fox report." we have received a draft of the report of the terror attack on our consulate in benghazi, and it includes bold statements against our state department and former secretary of state hillary clinton. and what it says about the attack that killed four americans, and how the government responded to it. next. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp. t's as much as you like, any way you like.
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news report on benghazi, and including the draft of the report of the attack on our post in libya. we told you in the top of the hour that the report contains serious accusations against a state department panel. the one that the state set up, and appointed to review that attack. republican staffers have compiled a new report, this
7:33 pm
draft, that the chairman of the house oversight committee, darrell issa of and catherine harris has obtained it for us, and she is live in washington. catherine, what does this report say about former secretary hillary clinton and her deputies? >> well, there is this interim draft prepared by the majority of the house oversight committee and alleges that the state department investigation known as the accountability review board or arb concludes that none of the four state department employees who were discipline and reinstated by secretary kerry in august were responsible for the policy. the interim report found that december 20th actual memo prepared for the assistant secretary of affairs jeffrey saltman, and then undersecretary patrick kennedy green lighted
7:34 pm
the operation. this to run the operatn on an ad hoc basis was inadequate for the situation on the ground in benghazi. the interim draft also states that mrs. clinton wanted to extend the benghazi operation. in the summer of 2012, as security conditions unraveled a state department employee said that decisions about benghazi's future operation went through undersecretary kennedy who would then check first with mrs. clinton. based on a conversation between ambassador chris stevens and mrs. clinton, deputy greg hicks testified earlier in the year, that it was the former secretary of state's personal goal to have a permanent operation in benghazi, and the draft interim report concluded that the state department's unwillingness to provide the working documents from the arb made it difficult to have an independent assessment of the overall product, harris. >> and strong remarks from the state department that you brought us at the top of the hour, but what about the white house, and the obama administration and how are they reacting? >> well, we have only had a response so far from the state
7:35 pm
department, but just for some context, from the white house and the state department, when the arb was released last september, it was promoted as an ing a gr aggressive investigation that left no stone unturned and in fact, all of the reports' 29 findings were accepted. today fox news asked the state department to respond to the draft report claims and specifically that the blame was not properly affix ed at the mot senior levels of the state department including undersecretary patrick kennedy who signed off on the benghazi operation with the substandard security, and also the report fault faults the arb or the state department panel for not thoroughly exploring mrs. clinton's role in the benghazi facts. the facts show that the arb report was prepared by people of unquestioned integrity that the process has been transparent and open, and the lessons have been learned are now being implemented. the next week the house
7:36 pm
oversight committee will be holding the public hearing on benghazi, and significantly the two co-chairs pickering and mullen will be the primary witnesses at that hearing and they will have to answer specific questions undoubtedly why the decision was made not the interview mrs. clinton about the policy decision and whether she had a direct role in benghazi. >> thank you, catherine harris and thank you for your reporting, and we may come back to you as the news warrants. and we are joined by a pulitzer prize winning journalist, and i am reading this draft report, and it says four or five paragraphs down, twisting the facts for a political agenda does a disservice for those who have lost their lives and devoted the past year to understanding what happens and implementing security procedures to make sure it does not happen, and i'm punching holes in the draft report based on politics. your thoughts? >> i think that the draft report
7:37 pm
raises again all of the questions that we raised in the beginning, that the arb was supposed to look at and answer for us. why is it that hillary clinton was never interviewed? why was no one put under oath? why were no stenographers in the room to take down testimony and be able to go around systematically asking people what they did, what they thought, and to whom they wrote -- all of the questions that we had at the beginning of the investigation about how benghazi happened. they are now with us again, because the panel that was supposed to answer them, apparently didn't do the job, and therefore, i think it is very interesting and important that congressman issa, and even though he has been a truly outspoken critic of this benghazi investigation, i think
7:38 pm
that the draft report is likely to have some resonance on the hill. >> you know, and in talking about what has come out of the state department, an assistant secretary of state douglas franz was the first to put it out and you know him personally, and you have a big question for him tonight. >> yes. i mean, doug, i used to work for you as the investigations editor at "the new york times," and you were the one who said something doesn't smell right here, and we have to look into this. and if benghazi came to you today, and if the allegations swirling around benghazi came to you such as could americans have gotten there to rescue these people in time, did the state department do everything that they were supposed to do to protect the people who were deployed in benghazi, and in the annex next to them, and are people really telling the truth when they talk about what they said and to whom they said it? i'm sure that you, as a former
7:39 pm
investigations editor would have put every reporter that you could have on this story. but now, you are wearing a different hat which is working for the state department, and being the state department's spokesman and we are not getting those questions answered. we are just getting platitudes about how what a terrific panel this was that looked into the questions. >> you will tell us if mr. franz calls you? >> i don't think that he will. >> and a couple of thing, and i tried to put it in perspective earlier as this was breaking off of the top of the hour of "fox repo report" because we had gotten it minutes before, a look at the draft report, and it is the fact that a week ago, in afghanistan right outside of the gates of the diplomatic post there, a bomb. i mean, our embassies, and the way we block out democracy is in these embassies, and so we have to get to the bottom of it as
7:40 pm
journalists, but also, because we need to know the answers. >> and the bottom line of the arb report is that there were systemic leadership and management failures. that was the bottom line of the report. and yet, yet, all of this time afterwards, there has been no accountabili accountability. the four people, the junior people who were put on a paid vacation basically are back at different jobs. and the senior people who issued the policy, which apparently was now responsible for the substandard security, they have never even been really asked about these things under oath. >> we need to know the answers, because it is our government. >> it is. and because we have hundreds of facilities all over the world that require protection. >> and real quickly, before i let you go, there will three hearings coming up, and congressman issa and his committee will be holding one and this is a draft resolution, but as catherine has reported tonight, not much will change about it, so we know what is going to come out on the 100
7:41 pm
page, and how do you see this furthering the investigation at this point, and really, you said playing a role, and how we get the answers. >> and the question i have is that has this issue of benghazi become so politicized and are the republicans and the democrats are so polarized by this that we will never really get an in depth, independent examination of this issue? i mean, i'm not sure that i on capel -- capitol hill, you can raise questions off what happened there without the political overtone, and that is a great, great misfortune, and i think that it does not help us answer the questions that americans have been asking about what happened that night. >> september 11th of last year. judith miller, thank you very much, and you are so connected that it was interesting to hear you talk about the assistant secretary of the state department and put a question fort, and again, if he reaches out the you, let us know. >> i will be sure to let you know. >> we appreciate your journalist. thank you very much.
7:42 pm
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it began with the closed caption of the investment bank lehman brothers in 2008 as you remember, and according to the researchers in the brain room here at fox, in the two years that followed 9 million jobs lost and investments took a huge hit, as you know, and the s&p index part of many american's 401(k)s lost 40% in '08, and in the end, it cost american taxpayers $21 billion to bail out the banks according to the latest estimate from the congressional budget office. and a new pugh research poll shows that 63% of the americans believe that the economy is no more secure today than it was in 2008. this is coming as president obama is ready to deliver a speech tomorrow at the white house exactly a half decade after lehman brothers failed. we have steve live for us in washington, and what is the president expected to say? >> well, harris, he is going to argue that the economy is
7:47 pm
recovering, but the gains could be reversed if there is a government shutdown. he is marking the collapse of lehman brothers to pressure congress to do more to strengthen the middle-class, and trying to highlight progress in the economy with steady job growth, and rebounding stock market. and today he said that the republicans are refusing to agree and threatening to collapse the debt ceiling. >> never before in history have we made sure just that the america is paying the bills as a lever to radically cut government at the kind of scale that they are talking about. it has never happened before. >> the president said today that he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. harris? >> what about the republican lawmakers? what are they saying? >> well, even as the house speaker john boehner say ths th he is trying to find a way to avoid a government shutdown, some conservative republicans are determined to stand their
7:48 pm
ground. >> the president is the individual who is talking about shutting down the government. the democrats in the house and the senate are the individuals talking about shutting down the government. we want to fund the government, and protect the american people from to a destructive law as it relates to health care. >> and some republicans are asking for a one-year delay in the implementation of obama care, and not just for employers, but everyone. and in busy downtown manhattan, one of the busiest places to eat and shop, turned chaos today, as bullets were fired and people were ducking. it is one of the top stories as we go "across america." new york, a block from times square, and new york city police officers say they shot an emotionally disturbed man who was walking, and actually weaving through the traffic, apparently trying to get hit by a car. police say that the bullets ended up striking one woman and grazing another. they eventually tased the man to take him down.
7:49 pm
california, a u-haul truck hit a 60-year-old woman walking on the sidewalk. then smashed into the cvs pharmacy. authorities say that the woman is in pretty bad shape, but it is unclear how the driver lost control of the truck. texas, the official reopening of the texas giant, at the six flags amusement park in arlington, and that is where a woman fell out of the ride and died in july, and reportedly has the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster, and six flags saying that it has new safety measures and seat belts and a warning light to say if the lap bar is not snug. and nebraska, in the 2013 flying races, and in the crowd, several wounded veterans guests off a nonprofit organization, and they got the vip treatment with box seats and hit passes and a visit to the hangar, and that is a trot across america.
7:50 pm
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looking ahead at the upcoming week, salvage crews will attempt to lift the costa concordia ship off a reef. the concordia hit the rocks in january 2012. 32 passengers 'crew minutes died. now the ship's captain is on trial for manslaughter. not only is the size an obstacle, they are facing other challenges. james matthews with sky news is in italy.
7:54 pm
james? >> reporter: the first part is the hardest part when the chains begin to tense and pull. will she buckle and fracture or will things go according to plan? that plan is over the course of ten to 12 hours she must be righted on to the vertical. next spring she will be floated and then taken to a port an broken up for scrap. none thoof will happen with the search concluding for two many people missing after the tragedy in 2012. salvage crews believe they may have been trapped under the vessel when she rolled. this is an area rich in biodiversity. and there are environmental concerns. not from fuel on board because that's been taken off but water swirling around and rotten food, 18,000 bottles of wine, 14,000
7:55 pm
packets of cigarettes some concern there. salvage teams are not guaranteeing this will work. they say they have one go. there will be no second. attempt. there is no plan b in place. clearly no one wants to contemplate failure. they have already seen one costa concordia disaster they don't want to see a second one. >> james, thank you. grab your co-workers and start a pool. the power ball jackpot just got a lot bigger.
7:56 pm
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tickets. you have to be in it to win it. the odds of winning it all is 175 -- or rather one in 175 million. en this day in 1916 the british military deployed tanks on the battlefield for the first time. at that time the brits were deep in to world war i, fighting the germans in the bloody battle. hundreds of thousands had been killed a few months before. then tanks entered the picture. the iron beasts a far cry from the armored vehicles of today, they were slow, bulky and prone to mechanical problems. in the end, the tanks had little effect on the outcome of the war but the message is clear, mek cannized armor was the futur but tank technology rolled out 97 years ago today. we have had a full hour o


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